Bizarre Obama Meltdown As Speech Dissolves Into Stuttering: “President’s Programming Breaking Down”

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 139 comments

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    Screen shot 2016-06-02 at 3.58.38 AM

    It appears that the president’s programming has broken down, as he was rendered unable to articulate the reasons that Donald Trump was such a dangerous candidate in the face of the “continued progress” that Hillary Clinton represents.

    The campaign blunder left President Obama looking like a wind-up toy gone haywire, and stuck on stuttered speech mode apparently blistered by the power of the blinding cult of personality trailing behind Trump, whose celebrity shadows the reality TV president already occupying the Oval Office.

    Check out this bewildering clip that proves something is going weird with the Prez in his final days in office:

    This may well have been Obama’s most bizarre moment in public yet.

    It seems that there was a teleprompter malfunction…

    Or perhaps there is a grander truth about who this president really is, and how he was created for the part. Who knows?

    The facade is starting to crack.

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    EPIC RANT: Fed Up American Explains Why Trump Will Win: “Somebody With Balls”

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      1. Bedeep, bedeep, bedeep, thats all folks….

        • eppe:

          Good one …

        • One can always hope……….

        • Stuttering Stanley


          “I’M NOT A RACIST”


          FUCK YOU, BOOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I share your anger and utter frustration Mr Acid. White genocide is a NWO concept. Rage against the establishment before it’s too late. Globalist lobbyists are running roughshod over federalism and democracy. Eradicate the enemies of our race by uniting for NATIONALISM. God bless America.

          • The addition of immigration is significant but the Free Trade Agreements eviscerating the manufacturing base along with the subsequent increase in people competing for the remaining jobs is the main cause. At one time Bob Marley got a job at Chrysler in Newark Delaware in the mid 1960s as good jobs were that plentiful. Fast forward four decades and that facility isn’t even there.

          • And our hope lies with millennials?
            Right on, Acid.

          • Acid, you wouldn’t like it. I would just lay there. [just kidding]

        • Sorry, I just can’t listen to the man, I can’t hit the link. I’ll take you at your word though.

          Proverbs 14:7

          “Stay away from a fool, for you will not find knowledge on their lips.”

          • I found the interview from Nov 17, 2008. Obama says he likes to get up on SAT mornings and cook pancakes, Michelle rolls her eyes and asks “when did you do that.”

            It’s been CUT, I remember that’s when I changed the channel. I been changing the channel to this day. Nothing more revolting in a women than one that does not respect her husband, nor a man that doesn’t correct her.

            B.S. Bingo

            • You mean Tranny……..

        • If Clinton is elected, Obama will be
          “the good old days”.

        • I realize that a reason for Obama’s stuttering is that Obama himself like many (half) blacks … does not really like Hispanics and illegals. Early on Obama could have easily passed immigration reform within weeks of proposing it but that’s why Obama waited until after … there were not enough votes to pass it! True.

        • Big deal. It’s what happens when you try not to call a f—ing idiot a f—ing idiot. Is that all you’ve got? Hahaha

      2. His prompter or ear piece probably broke down and we saw the REAL obama. A stuttering idiot!

        • ppod,
          I agree!!! always new he was a puppet and a idiot!!!

      3. When you’re out of lie’s and can’t tell the truth because it means you have been trying to spin the facts and the uninformed will see all the past lie’s you can’t tell them it’s because they are to stupid and yet they know something is wrong and damn you people just can’t handle the truth. I am the greatest and now you can see the status of the country and it is my will not yours…..

      4. In the full speech obama talks about how Trump is using the economy to whip up support and then tries to tie it to the Right Wing Threats that have been used during his 7 years as President , see here ,

      5. President Sock Puppet.

      6. Caught doing drugs?

      7. Must not be using Energizers! Sounds like his batteries are running low

      8. You know he lies when he shudders.

        • you know he lies when his lips are moving.

        • You know he lies when his lips are flapping.

          • He was having a Homer Simpson moment.

            • Anon, LOL. Good one.

            • Michelle ‘reamed him out’ just before going on stage, he forgot his Depends, and one came rolling out and hit the deck SPLAT!!! The IF< IF<IF<IF<IF<IF<IF was intended to covered up the "splat" is all.

              Shows you right there that the prez had no idea what he was going to say (as he has never read ONE briefing in his nearly 8yrs).

              Good. That's also to our advantage as "the slow wheels of the government" grant us ample time to "finish up", or even 'regroup' if possible.

      9. What i dont understand is why people think hitlery is so wonderful,,,,
        Not that any of these other jokers are worth a shit but wow, just wow, this country has really slid down the tubes.

        • Amen Kula… our country is in a sad state indeed

        • Wow! Where have you been for the last 7 1/2 years?????????

        • Kulafarmer! I do not get it either.

          Perhaps it is: Never underestimate the power of the press? Especially since they’ve been lying their asses off since Jan.1, 2016 and making full use of “subliminal suggestion” (which they emphatically deny even when it is stuck in their faces as proof, they categorically deny the usage of such a ‘vile thing’. Yeah …right.

          Seems that the closer we get to whatever is coming, the more we are learning about MANY things (none of them ‘good’ for We The People, but 100% against us, as usual, and 99% of it coming from the one who was “groomed” for the job. So, might I ask WHO around him is also ‘groomed’ and “all-knowing” of these things? (And what good would they be if exposed in full light …such as Hitlery is scrambling to avoid …like her IT “man” taking the 5th. What a crock eh?

      10. You know what they say, “garbage in, garbage out”.
        If this clown ever had an original thought, his fuzzy little head would pop.

      11. “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

        -George Orwell

      12. A frog will sit in a pot of cool water as it works to a boil without jumping out. Much like most americans are doing now.

      13. 8 years of on-the-job-training and the community organizer is still just a suttering sock puppet.

        • And you expected something more??

          “If you want a community organizer, you can have your community organizer ……… as long as you drop-kick the bassturrrd back to KENYA in 8 excruciating years.

        • Lurker, Obola sounds just like some people at my company.

      14. that was a “meltdown” ???

        not his best speech but hardly the worst speech I’ve ever heard from a politician

        try listening to “word salad” Sarah Palin when you need a good laugh


        more revelations coming out about the absolute FRAUD that was Trump University


        more scandal surrounding Trump’s “support” of veterans


        anybody who knows anything about energy,is totally trashing his energy “policy”,if you can even call it that


        don’t get me started on his healthcare policy

        he doesn’t have one

        the Emperor Trump truly has no clothes
        and that is becoming more and more obvious as time goes on

        the guy is FRAUD personified

        sorry America
        gonna have to look somewhere else for a savior

        • Satori.

          You’re right! That is why I am voting for Hillary.

          • For myself it doesnt even make sense to vote, our state and their electoral votes will go to whoever the democrap candidate is,,, at this point i just dont care anymore, i wouldnt chose any of the candidates running for any office and it is entirely a popularity contest rather than a reasonable event.

            • Kulafarmer.

              I have to say Kula that the way we correspond here at SHTF, is that we are not going to make it as a group. Might have all the gear and food and the know how but we are too diverse on many levels.

              I envy you being up a ways on the mountain. It is easier to throw shit down hill than up hill. Even if it is only lava rock.

              • Yup, who knows what will happen,,,
                Going to work on my catapult skills!

                • Kula ….AND “avalanching” as well? 🙂 Would it be safe to assume you could duck into a little known ‘lava tunnel’ (ancient one), and disappear in that manner? OR you know you can make nitrite (‘nitro’) from bat guano (guana?)? Surely it must be available to you. If not, ‘rust’ (iron-oxide’) is the best substitute that truly works.

                  I do believe we’ll all make it as a group, as there it is far harder to “tear down diversification” than a bunch of molds doing exactly the same thing “house to house” …Chin UP! We are still breathing, armed and ready …and save for a few (talking percentages), we’ll remain that way assuming nobody “gives it up” in totality. THAT, would be suicidal at best. I’d rather die free thank you.

                  • gray man

          • Well, Hellary, Killary, we’ll see. Look at this article about Billy (&) the Kid:
            “Husband Of Prosecutor Investigating Bill Clinton For Child Sex Charges Gunned Down”:

            How about this one:
            Is Michelle Obama really “Michael?”
            InAmerica you might have trouble getting this link though…:
            “Take a look at this youtube video, which has “Michael” dancing on the Ellen Degenerate show. If it really is “Michael,” he forgot to wear a jock, and his balls showed clearly:


          • In that case, be sure to save a bullet
            for yourself.

          • anon

            Assuming I could bring myself to vote for someone so hostile to the Second Amendment, which I can’t, I still can’t get by her support for NAFTA, China Free Trade and accepting $21 million from the financial sector.

        • Yeah, like Hillary or Bernie LMFAO.

          • Billy Hill

            Set your course. Choose a candidate.
            Damn the torpedo’s, full speed ahead.

          • Sanders is a far cry from Hillary. From Trade, Wall Street and the willy nilly use of the Military for TPTB they are polar opposites.

        • Satori, I think you need to get your facts straight before coming out and talking shit. You are the poster child for liberalism being a mental illness. You are completely delusional or are willfully ignorant. All of your talking points are false. Untrue. Lies. Go away.

          • so Trump U wasn’t a fraud ???

            and Trump wasn’t lying about his “support” of vets ???


            but the FACTS as we know them at this time say differently

            Trump is under heavy criticism not only from left leaning sources (no surprise there)
            but even Redstate is heavily critical of him
            and that group is about as conservative as you can get without being a neo-Nazi !!!

            • Facts? I don’t see any facts. Let’s see the facts.

              • Google is yer friend !!!

                • You should have tried using it instead of
                  just making up nonsense.

            • Just confirms a feeling i had,
              While trump is a big middle finger to the repubs he is no better than any of them,
              Like GMAFB would say
              Same shit different day

            • Trump just stood before the media and told them
              where every dime of the money went that he raised
              for vets. Apparently you missed the press conference.
              He didn’t dodge any questions about Trump U.
              Pigs like Bill Kristol are desperate to stop Trump.
              The more they sweat, the more popular Trump becomes.
              Apparently the FBI is to busy catching cowboy
              “terrorists” to investigate the death threats.
              What you want to believe, doesn’t actually constitute

          • …yeah, just another naysayer seeking to cause division, fear, anxiety and all the things we’ve long ceased to worry over. In fact, the “Prepper Movement” (with the addition of all the new gun owners across America), is a FORMIDABLE ONE that the feds are handling with ‘kid gloves’ (lest they make a spark).

            Bottom Line: Stay Armed or we will ALL go the way of the Do-Do Bird.

          • Dmonic, I’ve got to stand up for Satori on this one. Trump is turning out to be NOT what you think he is. I’ve had some skepticism about Trump since the beginning but it’s only recently that my suspicions about Trump have been confirmed by certain sources. No lies, delusions, or ignorance on Satori’s part.

        • Here is a real health care policy. 80% of all medical issues in this country are tobacco and obesity related. 19% are drug, alcohol, or stupidity related (kid stuck a screwdriver in the wall socket, etc). Only 1% is actually heath care related, such as coughs, colds, flu, appendicitis, etc. Take care of the 1% and let the other 99% pay their own damn doctor bills without help from the taxpayers.

        • Not having a health care policy is great. Nothing is far superior to the Obama Care boondoggle

        • Riiiight! Like you are going to find better material in KILLERY or the old guy (what’s his name again?) oh yeah, SANDERS.

          Buddy, you better hope TRUMP 2016 happens. If not, bend over and prepare for what KILLERY/SANDERS (yeah, THAT’S gonna happen) have in store for you and your rear end.

        • And the lawyers that are suing Trump U gave Hillary 650 thousand dollars to give a speech. Interesting, eh?

        • Satori, we already have a ‘savior of last resort’ and that’s the cartridge box.

          • “…we already have a ‘savior of last resort’ and that’s the cartridge box.”

            Dang! Jesus has a line of ammo? Gives new meaning to the phrase, Jesus is coming, and boy, is he pissed!

        • Instead of just running your mouth and trying to present
          your tripe as factual, try going to his website.
          Everything you said was your dumbed down jaded opinion.
          You are just a troll that gets paid to lie.
          I have no use for liars.

          • GH, who are you talking to?

            • Satori…..I don’t post often. I assumed my response would
              would coincide with his.

      15. I would love to see a third party candidate come on the scene

        Hillary v. Trump is really not a choice

        Trump is a fraud and a con man
        and Hillary ?
        well she’s Hillary,enough said

        The U.S.S.AMuRIkA is headed directly towards an ice berg
        instead of running around looking for a new captain to “save” us

        maybe we should just brace for impact ?

        • Good plan! That will ensure a Hillary victory.

          • Yeah, well that’s the plan.

        • What do you mean by “Hillary? She’s just Hillary?”
          That ‘the devil we know is better than…’

          Check out your news site for the story about $1.7 billion paid to Iran the day after it released our Navy guys. It’s on Newsmax now.
          Valery Jarret earned her keep with her Iranian handlers, as did Obama, as he was told.
          another payoff stunt the media let them get away with.

        • If you ask me they are all frauds,,,,,,

        • HARD TO PORT-REVERSE ALL ENGINES!!!! Target the ‘berg’ and blow her to hell. NEVER QUIT (dammit).

        • Great info. I’ll certainly keep that in mind.
          You have made my day complete.

      16. With a head cover with pubic hair…what did you expect?

      17. Obama is incredibly stupid.

      18. Looks like George Soros must have had itch or sneezed while he was operating his puppet.

      19. What this country needs is a good Rock and Roll band.

        • Yep

        • Zep, Aerosmith, Skinner, and skrillex rolled up

          • We need another Frank Zappa.

            • Agreed.

            • “What’s the ugliest part of your body, some say your nose, some say your toes, but I think it’s your mind.” Zappa

      20. Obama, as a transgender he didn’t know which side of his mouth he needed to lie from

      21. skeptical of such sites as HuffPo or KOS ?

        then try a little red meat for lunch today

        Trump Campaign Releases a Video Defending Trump University… that is Itself a Scam

        ht tp://…-scam/

        • Just reading about what trump u was gave me a scowl, if theres one thing i cant stand its all these assholes who have these self help self improvement systems that for 9,999$ you can learn our secrets to successs, yea, their secret?
          Defraud people of their cash

          • Kula, Trump U is no different from other ‘institutions of higher learning’.

            • trump U is a total scam, at least you can go to a university and get a degree,

        • Oh come ON! “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” NOBODY is perfect …it would be too damned boring, for one.

      22. I don’t know which is worse the bumbling fools that run this circus or the idiots that think they are free and give their consent.

      23. I’m sure this will not be popular but I don’t generally win popularity contests.

        I’m no Obama fan but I’m no Bush, Clinton, Bush fan either. One thing I’m grateful for, that he has done, and I don’t care about his motivation for doing so, but its backing down in Syria. McCain, possibly Romney would have escalated that with possibly WWIII as a result. I cringed at the debates hearing all of the candidates, with the exception of Rand Paul, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders boating Russia towards war. Christie was especially forceful saying, “I’ll shoot down Russian planes to enforce a no fly zone”. NeoCon Hillary’s position was identical.

        • gloating not bloating

          • There is no doubt in my mind that Mccain would already have turned us to smoking ruins by provoking another country, at least obummer is a chicken shit who doesnt want his social justice warriors to get nuked

            • “obummer is a chicken shit”

              When it comes to war that is exactly what I want in a President. If LBJ had more of that my cousin would likely be a grandfather now and retired rather than dying in 1967 at 19.

              • Just looked it up. He was 21, died 3 weeks after his arrival, was a medic, 4th Infantry Division.

                RIP Bucky

              • True,,,
                Cant we all just get along!

            • Perhaps he is awaiting his departure so as not to have the blood (directly) on his hands?

              In reality, one nuke would pretty much spell the end of everything, and since I doubt they are suicidal, nor want to live the next 500,000 years underground …they’ll not resort to nukes (except “tiny” ones of minor consequence as compared to The TITAN warheads.

              Putin would be the first to use one, in his own interests over there, but not here. Iran seems to have taken that ‘stance’ in ways we are still waiting to discover (prolly in the missing segment I would think).

              Saw a good bumper sticker today:


          • Kevin2, BRAVO! I don’t even care about popularity contests. Kula, don’t even get me started on that POS McCain. He betrayed our POWs in North Vietnam and his Dad was in charge of the coverup of the attack on the USS Liberty.

      24. gotta agree Kev

        both Trump and Hillary are war mongers

        EAGER to send other peoples kids to die in bull shit wars

        I’ll back them when I see Trump send HIS son Eric to fight
        and when Hillary sends Chelsea

        • Trump at least made reference to establishing a dialog with Putin and said let Putin destroy ISIS. He is at this point, from what can be seen, not in the firm neoconservative foreign policy camp. I have reservations regarding the discussion he had with Dr Strangelove Henry Kissinger. Hillary is 100%, and then some, behind the neoconservative, globalist, multinational, corporatist agenda.

          The greatest threat to the Establishment, TPTB, NWO or whoever they are is Sanders. The oligarchs want a domestic President to gain control internally and a foreign affairs President for their globalist ambitions. Hillary gives them both. Trump is somewhat unknown (See Dr Strangelove above). Sanders goes them domestic (but rocks the boat with Wall Street and Trade) and returns nothing for them in foreign affairs.

          Every bone in my body tells me they are planning for war. Not a bullshit small war but a stare down the barrel war that might get bigger than they want (they don’t desire armageddon). Trump can be brought into it with one false flag as his demeanor is “tough guy”. That meeting with Dr Strangelove was as much Trump getting informed as them feeling him out. I think his actions are predictable.

          • Kevin2, this is the first I’ve heard of Trump meeting with Kissinger. That one act alone speaks volumes.

            • Braveheart1776

              “…Trump meeting with Kissinger. That one act alone speaks volumes.”

              LOUD AND CLEAR

              You can’t get more NWO, TPTB, Globalist, Corporatist than Dr Strangelove Kissinger. He is at the apex. He, although an employee, unlike an owner (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, etc) is probably as powerful as one can get. I think GH Bush was rising with those credentials too. They are above mere hired hands like Clinton who is just a showman. Likewise Obama has no decision making capacity. I’ll bet the “dreaded N word” is commonly used behind his back by them.

              • If Trump gets Kissinger’s OK, then he’s got it made.

                • Kevin, right on assessment with Kissinger and the oligarchs, as always.

                  He and TPTB are WAR PIGS. Warpigs, one word.

                • This is an unusual time in history. TPTB intended for a Bush v Clinton race. The masses got in the way. I believe their choice is now Hillary, conditionally Trump (requires training). Absolutely against Sanders. Hillary is so wounded, such a bad candidate that they realize they might not get what they want.

                  This infers to me that “We The People” still have a lot of power. They, even at this juncture, don’t go so far to rock the boat too much, destroying the pretext of self government and facing the potential political ramifications to get exactly what they want. They’re still somewhat stealthy. They’re experiencing a partial awakening of the body politic that is like coming out of a deep sleep, still groggy but somewhat cognitive. The goal now is to placate the masses and put them back into blissful ignorance.

                  I think what the US is experiencing is occurring more or less world wide in nations that have some form of “representative government”. Europeans are seeing that their will doesn’t count. Austria almost, by the most narrow of margins, elected a gun toting, anti globalist, their Austria first populist.

                  Lincoln said:
                  “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

                  TPTB are having a close call. This awakening is not going away and they know it. They are faced with two choices. Concede or double down; they’ll double down, guaranteed. What is the greatest unifier of the masses not yet fully awake to see the treachery before them? War. What do TPTB want? Economic and political conquest. Connect the dots.

                  • oops……..correction Austria ALMOST ELECTED.

      25. Teleprompter broke. With out the puppet masters pulling the strings he has no idea what to say or do!


      26. Vote Hillary if you want war.
        Vote Sanders if you want a faster descent to Venezuela.
        Vote Trump if you want some entertainment without a ton of bloodshed in the third world.

        But ain’t nobody gonna “save” America.

        • “Vote Sanders if you want a faster descent to Venezuela.”

          Interestingly if the US put its tax rates, adjusted for inflation of course, along with the Financial Regulations and Trade policy’s we has in the mid 1950s it would be just about what Sanders has been advocating. The concentration of wealth is killing the US. Its unsustainable. The working man is being reduced to a serf, a dog. The disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street is destabilizing.

      27. Sarge, I can top that one. There’s people in my company who can’t speak WITH a teleprompter.

        • Brave
          Just got some info on some land in Tenn. In the right area at the right price. Just might have found the right place? Just hope it ain’t too late!!!

          Last week end I was at BOL#2 in Missouri. Everything looked great. Got to work with some of my family there. Good time and good just to be around them. You know when you get that Safe Feeling.

          To the person fears that if Hitlery is elected that there will be a civil war. One of the families told me that there are groups down in the sticks that are arming to the teeth, and if they don’t know you, you won’t last long there they will escort you out. I was told that the local Cops won’t go there. By the way these folks are Christians. Just maybe things are turning around!!!!


          • Sarge, that’s good to hear. The area where the BOL is located is the same way. I’m the only ‘outsider’ they allow in so everyone else stays the hell out. I’ll be leaving in an hour for home. got to get back to the old grind [SIGH]. But I’m going back in July just before the repub convention. I think it’s going to be an ‘interesting’ summer. good luck on that land.

          • Sarge D. 🙂

      28. Don’t kid yourself, Trump is a warmonger also, if not he would not be there. This US military police state will continue to do the same thing that is happening now no matter who is placed in office. As far as giving credit to Oliar for halting action against Syria, that’s complete BS. He is just using US proxies to carry the battle forward while moving battle plans towards building up NATO in eastern Europe. Trump has said he disagrees with the US-Iran accord recently reached, pure deceit. That places Trump squarely in the NATO US-Israel orbit to expand greater Israel, the NWO plan at the expense of all surrounding nations. The plan is as clear as a bell. On Oliar, the cia schooled latest plant utters nothing but lies all day every day. There is speculation that the scars around his head are the results of brain alterations. His past is completely unknown and sealed from public knowledge, though much has slipped out yet does not gain traction. He is protected from all negative truth to a wider audience. The peoples opinions have ceased to matter, I get it, yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do and die. I would like to believe that Trump represents possible positive change if elected, If the establishment despises him, is that for real or another hoodwink job. I plan to hold my nose and vote for him because the thought of the other is creepily repulsive.

        • Obama’s “Foreign Policy” has been and continues to be focused upon ONE THING ONLY …and that is IRAN. (The proof is in the aftermath of each ‘staged’ event).
          That was the subject of a Glenn Beck commentary about 10 EST this morning (2JUNE).
          Trump is telling the truth regarding IRAN. PURE DECEIT would be putting it VERY lightly. Sorry, but I haven’t any ‘solid’ to rest this upon other than what little I catch wind of from those ‘modestly’ involved in it.

        • aljamo, did you read that about obama on Natural News?
          Story titled something like he’s a muslime sleeper cell.
          Brain operations and all..

      29. I’ve really got to stop following this Trump U thingy
        at this point it is absolutely sickening

        State AG’s who Dropped Trump U. Fraud Probes Subsequently Got Big Donations from Trump

        h ttp://

      30. What progress? The progress of totally F—-ing up OUR Nation…

      31. Ketchupondemand… no I didn’t read it on that site, but is a good one too, not so much for politics but other interesting articles. I was going to comment further on Oliar and Moochelle, she being a he named Michael Robinson who played football at Oregon State before undergoing a sex change operation. The kids were adopted. Have you seen the pics of her in a tight dress with a bulging crotch? Odrama is undeniably the first “gay” president, but there are stories out there about G.W. Bush himself being a homosexual also and who he was involved with.

        • George H. Bush has been linked to young boys.

          TPTB prefer to hire and promote people with something to hide. It keeps them in line.

      32. Well, at least he didn’t start barking (unless he did & they edited that out).

      33. I am officially removing Old Guy and Copper from the agency ass clown list. If you two keep talking like that that around here you may find out there you are pissing off the cabal and NWO.. Your ban has now been lifted.. Not to mentioned the fact that your threat Matrix score has hit over 80»%. You are free to talk, just don’t phuck with me again..

        Looks like El presidentay’s teleprompter got hacked by anonymous..I have to phucking laugh. Shit is catching to these idiots that they are stuttering like idiots publicly.



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        Mac Salvo. The legend lives..

        • Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf. Your name is a legend throughout Great Britain… Long live Katy, the zombie apocalypse super moderator. ;¬)YEAH.

        • HCKS, Old Guy pulls his own teeth. Better not mess with someone like that, lol.

        • Thank you and although I have made several comments since your ban was in force, I really appreciate the gesture.

      34. Off Topic:

        Back at InfoWars there was the following headline to an article.


        Oh contraire Mr Kerry. The entire foreign policy is one huge business deal.

      35. Stuttering. So what. Who cares. He has done a magnificent job as a public speaker. My only objection is that he is a piss poor President. Other than the fact that he has been one hundred per cent there for his bosses from Goldman Sachs and AIPAC, this chocolate cupcake and his transvestite transhuman first man, has been a shining example of what happens when you allow the children of the devil to ascend to the ranks of power. They fuck you.

      36. I really like the back and forth of everyone today!
        Since I’m something of an Anarchist, I’d just as soon “kill” the entire Federal government, saving only the parts needed for national defense. Hopefully a SHTF event does that for us and as an added plus eliminates federal supporters.
        Any time you support any Democrat you are one step closer to becoming a criminal Felon. Democrats will outlaw all civilian guns. Only the powerful, rich, and Criminals will have them. At my age I don’t care and I will not comply, in fact I’ll get real military guns, if they outlaw the ones I have. I’d love to have a RPG-7, and an MP5.
        The state I live in was just one step away from requiring yearly back ground checks and psychological examinations in order to own a gun. Such a bill actually was submitted and passed first reading. Instead they passed one that relies on a Federal database( Rap-back) to determine if you can keep your guns. This is a State totally controlled by Democrats.

        Republicans aren’t much better. They will leave all laws intact, make the rich, richer and American worker wages will spiral down to some Global standardized wage. GOPe is not your friend.

        I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, there is too much emotion involved with the various politicians, I just encourage us all to do what is best for America and work to metaphorically kill the filth that infests the government. I consider that effort to be part of my SHFT preparations. Excuse this, “An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.”

      37. I do not believe this country can extricate itself from the bizarre bullshit which it has entwined itself.
        I have no words that can be positive for the future of this nation.

      38. No one does more to devide a nation over race isues than the american government and here in the UK all the homeless people are white because the dark ones are given special treatment but this is done to piss the whites off so that both sides are at each others throats and are going to fall for race wars when our elite rulers want to start them.

        Yes it’s true, blacks seem lazzy, they don’t make good debt slaves for the bankers and won’t play the “Mr Jones” game and are not so greedy as whites.

        What realy upsets whites that are kissing the bosses arse each morning is that immigration is pushing wages down so that large corporations can rake in more profit as they pay less and less taxes but lets all blame the blacks and not the bankers.

        They once said that the UK was a nation of shop-keepers but the USA in my eyes has become a nation of brown-coats and cowards that are much worse than anything from 1930’s Germnay.

        Half of the immigrants would not be here if we stopped bombing them at home and just left them alone.

      39. Kenyan Usurper: “Whey be de telepromptuh? Sheeee, mufu!”

      40. Between Hillary barking and O stammering…this shows the mental anguish these people live. smh

      41. Our buffoon in chief comes through again!

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