Bitcoin $20,000: Dream Or Reality? ( Full Length Video)

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    With Bitcoin currently trading near $5000, the obvious question for investors is: how high can it go?

    The following micro-documentary from Wealth Research Group explores the technology behind the hype, its possible future applications, forecasts for its potential value, and the challenges that will be faced by the entire crypto-currency sector in the months and years ahead:

    Though the sector will no doubt run into headwinds, especially on the regulatory front, now that blockchain technology is out of the bag it cannot be stopped. Investment hedge funds are moving into the sector, dedicated mining companies are being established to build consensus networks, consumers are beginning to adopt digital currencies as mediums of exchange, and thousands of jobs that didn’t exist just a couple of years ago are coming into existence.

    Watch the full documentary: Bitcoin $20,000: Dream Or Reality

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      1. Using undiscovered evidence I will predict shitcoin to go to ZERO!

        • I would concur…

        • Genius – sometimes I find I disagree with you, sometimes not. This time – you’re dead on. Digital……. [warning to snowflakes, Facebook addicts, Twits, Snap-Chatters and the like…… the following may be disturbing and may contain graphic violence] …….. digital again…. is NOT real. It is a infinitesimally tiny piece of ‘doped’ silicon acting as a register – a switch if you wish to think of it that way – that is temporarily in one position or the other. On or off, a 1 or a zero. Copies may be made of that configuration, some power-supply free registers are available. But, all digital anything is but a fleeting electron condition. That’s it. It is NOT food. It is not a metal. It is not air, water, land, medicine. And it will not last. Man once carved in stone. A lot of those rocks so inscribed are still around. He moved to clay, then etched in metal, created ink and paper, onto paper computer tape and cards, to large magnetic disks and tape, to smaller ones, to optical disks, to banks upon banks of registers in servers around the world. Notice something? The progression is one of shorter and shorter lifespans for those data storage mediums. Our money used to be gold, silver, precious stones. To paper, checks, …. now to “Bit Coin”. The same progression towards lack of substance. And the same lowered lifespan. It really is that simple.

        • I predict it is some type of ponzi scheme that’s being artificially inflated.
          when that bubble/dream ends its going to be an interesting event!

        • Bitcoin shows how many crooks there are in the investment sector. Bitcoin has ZERO value. Bitcoin is nothing more than trading in Pyramid Schemes.

          The new investors are paying off the initial investors with expectation of new suckers coming in.

          I will laugh my ass off when Bitcoin goes to ZERO.

      2. It has little to no history. Gold and silver do.

      3. One EMP and Bitcoin will be gone.

        • One EMP and our entire civilization will be gone. Do you think your checking, savings, 401k, whatever the fuck, are anything more than 1’s and 0’s in today’s society? How would you pull “money” from an ATM? How would you get gas? How would you get food? All of you people who doubt Bitcoin and call it nothing more than a ponzi scheme are going to be so butt hurt when I’m sitting on my private island and you’re wiping your asses with used 100 bills because that’s all they’re good for.

      4. Gonna go with cash everyone wants it. Cash has never failed me. It has a good track record gonna stick with it. Who takes bitcoin anyway. Try payin your taxes with shitcoin and you’ll get laughed out of the tax collectors office.

      5. I think if you are over the age of 35 you probably don’t trust it too much.

      6. Bitcoin is called a fake unicorn.

        Which begs the question, how much value does the real unicorn have?

        • Shitcoin is a fraud. And the USGov allows real money Silver and Gold to be pounded into the ground Manipulated.

          Life is an illusuon. Today only crime pays.

      7. tulipcoin might hit 10,000 or might hit zero. I like investing not gambling.

      8. As with any pyramid scheme the only people who are going to make out are the people at the top of the pyramid when the base collapses. Those folks are quietly converting their shitcoin into real cash or real precious metals and hiding them in places where the U.S. doesn’t have an extradition treaty.

      9. Bitcoin is nothing more then another fiat currency only worse cause it’s digital only lol now let think about this :
        1.) What happened the last time the Petro dollar was threatened?
        2.) It’s supposedly anonomous?
        3.) How many idiots have sunk how many millions into it?
        4.) How many trillions were lost at a keystroke in 08 ?
        I’ve got a few friends that have out down thousands and they are “gonna be rich”
        The really messed up part is these are fellow preppers ???? I’m starting to wonder if stupid has became an airborne virus. Personally I collect Morgan’s Franklins liberties ect. (I get them for weight only )
        I recently figured out how to cut coin centers for knife handles Gunstock inlays.
        Anyway ya Bitcoin =bad Silver and Gold= Good.

      10. I’ve read about Bitcoin and how it was created and works. It’s a flawed system, that in reality isn’t anonymous (transactions that occur can be traced, even though they are highly protected, it’s just a matter of time of reviewing the records of the who and where and when). It also has many problems, like who decides how many bitcoin there is, seems to be uncontrollable, I’m sure someone will figure out a way of making fake Bitcoin (it has been tried but the attempts so far have been caught). Money is worthless in the first place, only thing backing modern currency is speculation. Bitcoin is far worse, kind of like a stock market. The fact that it’s value changes globally shows it’s worthless. It’ll fail, like every other thing man has ever done or is doing right now. Death is the only thing guaranteed in reality, it’s just a matter of time.

      11. I’ve read about Bitcoin and how it was created and works. It’s a flawed system, that in reality isn’t anonymous (transactions that occur can be traced). It also has many problems, like who decides how many bitcoin there is, seems to be uncontrollable, I’m sure someone will figure out a way of making fake Bitcoin. The fact that it’s value changes globally shows it’s worthless.

      12. If you bought it cheap, try selling this shit now…. Get back to me when you do….

      13. Tulip bulbs.

      14. as I say any day when asked about bit coin or not…F*ck bitcoin 😛

      15. They’re well into the frantic push stage now, with the talking heads squeezing the “Bitcoin” topic in everywhere, as required to keep this sort of scheme pumped.

      16. Bitcoin is a scam. Who owns it, Geo. Soreass? No, why trade one useless piece of paper (dollar) for another piece if worthless digital nothing……owned by some invisible schemers on a computer that will go dead anytime EMP happens or gets hacked by some illusive turd world hacker.
        Not just no…..but HELL NO !!
        Goverment already has power over us devaluing the dollar, how much you can withdraw, how much you can own while traveling, where and when you can use it. Now, they want to get rid of dollars and push plastic credit only. Can’t even use paper dollars for renting motel rooms anymore.
        No bank notes, no personal checks, no cash…….NO BUSINESS !!

        Maybe we need to go back to trading chickens and tv dinners!

      17. How can anyone be expected to sit through 16 minutes of that distracting and totally unnecessary background cacophony?

      18. Attention!! Bitcoin has shut down. In order to access your account please proceed to the nearest government office to receive your free RFID chip implant. The strange looking 5′ towers you have noticed being installed over the last 6 months are actually your new ATM’s with free scanners, no transaction fees’ apply. I’M OUT!!!!

      19. Who hoo!!

        I got in at $775/BTC, AND NOW ITS PUSHING $5000!!!

        Gonna cash out soon buy buying some gold from, which takes BTC as payment.

        Haters gonna hate, but I predict that you’re all just pissy because you didn’t get in before it rocketed up 700% or more.

        My phyzz Au stack will look just yours (only bigger) since I kept an open mind



        • I bought a load of silver when it was 4-5 bux and sold a bunch when it was 40-45, that beats your plan and I never risked losing my $ lol 😛

      20. I bet your as$hole has been puckered a few times, glad you got in and out but your cohorts won’t be so lucky. ;p

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