Billionaires Kick Doomsday Prepping Into High Gear: ‘Something Big Is Coming’

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    This article was originally published by Susan Duclos at All News Pipeline.



    While preppers and survivalists have grown in numbers over recent years, preparing for everything from an Electromgnetic Pulse (EMP) to a zombie apocalypse, with sites catering to those prepping on a budget, and the U.S. government continues to stock their underground facilities for an extinction level event, another segment of society is preparing for ‘doomsday’ and how to survive it in style.

    Billionaires are buying up space in underground bunkers, luxury bomb shelters, paying up to $35,000 just as an entry fee to the Vivos Indiana facility, but  the price tag for the Vivos Europa One facility, described as a “subterranean Noah’s Ark” will run you $3 to $5 million, and according to Robert Vicino, founder and CEO of survival prep company the Vivos Group, his clients range from top surgeons to movie stars to U.S. miltary colonels.

    While highlights the man who “builds luxury bomb shelters for the billionaires afraid of doomsday,” with careful attention to detail in describing what these luxury bunkers look like and include, a few interesting points are made within the article, including the fact that “catering to doomsday preppers has become a multibillion dollar business.”

    Why is it is multibillion dollar industry? Because from those living paycheck to paycheck to those with more money than they could ever spend in ten lifetimes are all aware that something big is coming…. and are preparing for it.

    Public comments from some of the planet’s richest people reveal a strain of paranoia about insurrection. At the last annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, observers noticed elites growing more alarmed about the possibility of social unrest. Last year, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer published an open letter to his “Fellow Zillionaires” in Politico Magazine that summed up the growing worry among the wealthy: “What do I see in our future now? I see pitchforks.

    “This matches what Vicino hears. “They’re going to Patagonia, they’re going to remote locations of the world,” he says. “Their reasoning is more to be insulated from a revolution, rebellion, anarchy, or whatever, following an economic collapse.”


    (Vivos Europa One shelter)

    While the Pulse puff piece describes preppers, even billionaire preppers, as being in a mindset where  “paranoia meets narcissism,” the actions of the “elite,” as well as recent disturbing economic news and dire warnings from the financial industry experts, all support the need to prepare for another economic crash, which by all accounts will make the last one look like a walk in the park.

    With nuclear powers posturing and threatening end of the world nuclear actions against each other, mystery diseases popping up across America, the threat of gun control by fiat, food and medicine costs skyrocketing, historic levels of poverty and welfare usage still rising, class and race wars being stoked at every opportunity, along with talk of economic collapse, and much more….. the risk of an uprising and massive civil unrest increases by the day.

    Vicino provided Pulse with some anonymous quotes from his customers, with one writing “Like everyone else, I have a sixth sense that something may happen soon. It is time to prepare for a contingency on many fronts for my family. There are more possibilities of devastating events happening now than any other time in my lifetime.”

    Another states “The times speak for themselves and growing increasingly more dangerous. Where else can we go when the inevitable SHTF?”

    For years we have been warned the “elite” are preparing, with January 2015 reports indicating they  were “panicked” and buying up boltholes with private airstrips in order to escape if the poor rise up.

    SHTF Plan wrote in February 2015 “The Rich Are Worried and They Should Be,” and that concern has manifested into action on their part as they plan for life after the “event.”

    According to the Pulse report, since 2013, the country has minted 1.6 million new millionaires , and there are an estimated 3 million-plus preppers in the US.  The latest report available (2014), using numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau and the World bank, there are 318.9 million people in America…. which means there could be up to  315 million people that will not be prepared, most not even for the basic of emergencies such as an extreme weather event that knocks off power or when grocery shelves are empty due to last minute stockpiling of goods.



    Whether preparing for a catastrophic event or simply a severe Winter that could cause power outages or keep people homebound for any length of time, having the the necesseties to do so can very well be the difference between life and death and that is not a hyperbolic statement.

    Lets deal with the least catastrophic but still life-threatening scenario…. news that this weekend could see snow in Minnesota Arrowhead to northern Michigan, parts of Ontario, western and northern Pennsylvania, western Maryland, northern West Virginia, western and northern New York state and the mountains of northern New England, brings us to statistics on winter related deaths.

    USA Today in July 2014 reported:

    Winter cold kills more than twice as many Americans as does summer heat, according to a report released today by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Based on death certificate data from 2006-10, the report’s authors found that “about 2,000 U.S. residents died each year from weather-related causes of death.” The CDC report found that 63% of these deaths were attributed to exposure to excessive natural cold, hypothermia or both, while about 31% of these deaths were attributed to exposure to excessive natural heat, heat stroke, sun stroke or all. reported in March 2015, “800 die each year in US in winter driving crashes.” Granted some of those could be accidents while on the way to work, but how many are from people that didn’t prepare and decided to risk the roads to grab food, water or basics they should have already had by preparing for a harsh Winter? Even one death due to lack of preparation is too many.

    That is only addressing Winter related events and storms, but there are events such as tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes in other parts of the country and having witnessed firsthand the chaos that ensues after a hurricane, when people who were utterly unprepared  and couldn’t even get water, milk or food after Huricane Andrew hit Florida, I can personally tell you that the majority of people in the U.S. will not survive  the aftermath of a catastrophic event, whether it is a physical terrorist attack that knocks out the power grids across the country, an EMP or following a total economic collapse.

    Billionaires are preparing, the “elite” are preparing, the U.S. government is preparing for a catastropic even, moving facilities such as the FED bulking up in Chicago wary of a “natural disaster”  and NORAD and the Pentagon moving their communications equipment to Stargate Mountain, the cold-war era Cheyenne Mountain bunker that’s naturally EMP-hardened,   and according to statistics 3 million survivalists are preparing…. yet with all of this headlining in the news…. 315 million people across the nation are still not preparing!

    Who are they going to look to for protection? For food? For medical basics? For water?

    The answer to those questions are very simple… they are going to go after those not hiding in underground bunkers, those luxury bomb shelters, those not hidden away in the U.S. government facilities set up for politicans, certain U.S. military members, and the “elite” that pull their strings….. they are going to come after those that did think to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best and it assuredly won’t be pretty when those that refused to listen and open their eyes face off with those more than prepared to protect themselves, their supplies and their families.

    The time to prepare is now because after it all hits the fan…. it will be too late.

    As always, readers are encouraged to share tips, ideas, links to preparedness websites, etc… in the comment section below.

    This report has been made available by All News Pipeline

    For more news covering topics like economy, politics, current events, health, technology, and religion you can visit their web site.

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      1. I may not have a bunker like the rich do, but i have something they don’t, i have my faith in the Lord. So, should i leave this earth, I’ll that comfort in the fact i will see my family again in a better place.

        • Amen to that. One thing people fail to realize is that life is short, we all are heading to the same place and we leave all the toys we sweated over behind for someone else gets to play with.

          Eventually the rich have to surface and what a shitty planet we have created. With the environment in the shitter due to climate change and Geoengineering it’s going to be pretty rough for the survivors.

        • Nice post, Colt. Thanks

          • same same colt

        • Could you link to the study saying you guys are the only ones with faith.. and its the right faith?

        • Being wealthy doesn’t make a person a godless heathen. Faith is not exclusive to the lower or middle class. If brainless idiots with sloping foreheads and little money in the bank proves faith, braveheart would be god.

          • Tunkcuf,

            Congratulations! That was without a doubt the BEST comment ever made here regarding both of what constitutes being a good person, regardless of which religion you choose, AND the BEST, most accurate description of braveheart ever published. Many thanks to you for such crystal clear accuracy.

      2. Video ends with “Are you saved?”

        Interesting. Preparedness and self-reliance are important. I do it. But ultimately, all these people spending all this money will die. Even if they live a thousand years, that is just one speck of sand on all the beaches of the world, compared to eternity. By all means, be aware of the times, and prepare for it. If you have earned your billions fairly (that excluded Goldman Sachs employees and Hillary), and you are mindful of your neighbor, by all means, have your bolt holes. But if you confuse the good with the ultimate best, you will have made a serious, eternal meistake

        We need to prepare and be self-reliant. But to do that to the exclusion of one’s eternal soul? As Christ said, ” What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?”

        • Sour grapes. You can’t afford it so send them to “hell”.

      3. Well, what can be said, but us preppers are so ahead of the game…

        Be well all…

        • The only security an underground shelter provides is invisibility. If someone knows it is there you are toast. Just ask all the german and Japanese elite who perished in them at the close of WW2. Most weren’t killed by soldiers but by common everyday people who just cut off their air supply and waited for them to come out.

          • Ed,

            Energy efficent, quiet, almost hidden.

            My next house…

          • My mind flashes back to a BBC interview of three little old ladies scraping by in the basement of one of their homes in Ukraine. There was little left of the homes in the area, most were bombed out. This basement had a vaulted brick and reinforced concrete structure that was probably post WW2 reconstruction. Surrounding wood frame houses were death traps, even with basements. I’m not sure the basement was intended as a bomb shelter, more likely it was intended to be a wine/root cellar.

            Point is these ladies were alive, neighbors were dead.

            Air vents on a shelter can be long PVC runs, and it costs nada to add two or ten and run them in hundreds of feet in different directions, valves on inlets let you isolate and switch as needed. A good design would leave a couple vents that are alarmed, in plain view, and connected to nothing other than a little speaker that makes you think you got me…..

            And no I don’t own a bomb shelter, but if I was going to spend that kind of scratch, it would be defensible, and there would be plans within plans to make it secure and a fatal mistake to screw with.

            • Small is ok. Hidden. Not so important, not worth the effort to raid.

            • One more thing. I had a friend who lived in Ethiopia. Basements are rare there but he built one with a concrete roof hoping that it would help to keep his house cool. During the civil war in the 1990’s, He used his compound to store his materials for his plumbing supply business and when the battle was heading his way, he put all his stuff in the basement, burned the house down on top of it and headed for the hills for the next few years. When he came back after the war, his inventory was still there and worth 10 times what it was before the war.

      4. You’ll never survive a solar flare’s radiation…stay toasty!!!

        • I don’t prep for an extinction level CME event, the probability of that is about the same as winning the lottery five times in a row.

          Prep for likely events.

          When you’ve prepped for the stuff that happens all the time, earthquakes, tornados, blizzards, torrential rain, hurricanes, home robberies, civil strife, unemployment, food supply disruptions; then you can start prepping for science fiction.

          • Agreed. Prep for common occurrences like power outages, snow and other adverse weather before you prep for doomsday. Prepping for Sci fI doomsday scenarios takes more money and dedication than most people want/are capable of paying.

      5. Howdy, Eppe. The elitists can run, but they can never truly hide. Those underground shelters will never be the ‘safe havens’ the elitists think they’ll be, especially if/when earthquakes strike. My cousins’ BOL has all the comfort I’ll ever want/need for the rest of my life. 2 more weeks and I’ll be back in GA. Can hardly wait.

        • BH, amen to that, just spent 48 hours at my bol, deer hunting, i saw zero, but one buddy had a big doe 30 foot away, but it is buck only till 10/31.
          Keep me posted, we could still meet…

          • Eppe, will do. My trip is TENTATIVELY scheduled for right before Halloween. I’ll just play it by ear as always.

        • I want the blood of at least one of the evil bastards that are responsible for this fucking misery. The target must be realistically achievable so they will not see it coming and neither will their protectors. Guess who you are motherfucker!

          • OK, I will guess that you are not going to place any blame on yourself.

            • For this satanic agenda? Not a damn bit.

        • Somebody built those shelters, and when the rubber meets the road, and s truly htf, those folks know where to come looking for food,water and shelter.

      6. Had 5 bucks in the back yard plus 2 small groups of turkeys just the other day. Brave and Eppe, if your BOL is anywhere near the mountains of WNC and you are interested in a meet up, we could make it work.

        • Sat. 10-31, 9am waffle house north end of Blairsville Ga.

          • Btw, all are invited, public place.

            Be well all…

        • SR, the BOL I’m going to is in north GA. OPSEC prevents me from being any more specific. If I can arrange it, it would be great.

          • Blairsville is about 100 miles away. I think we are on track for a meeting.

      7. When driving to your bug out location or anywhere for that matter, the best day to drive, when the streets will be free from traffic, virtually deserted, is on Super Sunday Super Bowl Football. Christmas Day and New Years Day, or Easter Sunday are usually pretty good too. Never leave for your long trip on Friday. There are more accidents on Fridays than any other from my experience. I don’t know the statistics. Driving at night gives the advantage of less traffic but poor visibility. I personally would start early morning, three or four A.M., and drive no more than twelve hours, ten hours is a good driving time. After ten hours exhaustion sets in and an accident is more likely. You should prepare for the trip by getting up early for a few weeks prior to this long trip. You don’t want to be suffering “jet lag” (time maladjusted). See you on the way, or not.

        • B, I only have a 6-hour drive to get to where I’m going, and know several different routes, so I’ll manage just fine.

        • BUT remember the cops will be out thick as thieves on holidays, looking for drunk drivers to arrest, drugs to resell and stashed money to steal.

          • Sixpack, in my area that’s 24/7/365, unfortunately.

      8. The warnings of a “severe downturn” coming in the global economy grow louder.

        China Has Lost Control of Its Markets… Who Is Next?

        “ALL of the so called, “economic recovery” that began in 2009 has been based on the Central Banks’ abilities to rein in the collapse.

        The first round of interventions (2007-early 2009) was performed in the name of saving the system. The second round (2010-2012) was done because it was generally believed that the first round hadn’t completed the task of getting the world back to recovery.

        However, from 2012 onward, everything changed. At that point the Central Banks went “all in” on the Keynesian lunacy that they’d been employing since 2008. We no longer had QE plans with definitive deadlines. Instead phrases like “open-ended” and doing “whatever it takes” began to emanate from Central Bankers’ mouths.

        However, the insanity was in fact greater than this. It is one thing to bluff your way through the weakest recovery in 80+ years with empty promises; but it’s another thing entirely to roll the dice on your entire country’s solvency just to see what happens.”

        “Back in May 2015, China lost control of its stock market. Despite freezing the market, banning short-selling, arresting short-sellers, and injecting billions of Dollars per day into the markets, China’s stock market continues to implode…

        This will not be a one-off event. With the Fed and other Central banks now leveraged well above 50-to-1, even those entities that were backstopping an insolvent financial system are themselves insolvent.

        The Big Crisis, the one in which entire countries go bust, has begun. It will not unfold in a matter of weeks; these sorts of things take months to complete. But it has begun.”


        • K Y Mom.
          I’d rather sleep out on your porch being cold & wet as your guard rather than spend any time underground livin’ in luxury with a bunch of high fiving, fake laughing, back slapping money luvin’ plastic preppers from the city.

          • Skin, agreed.
            KYM would be an asset in any group.
            Luv ya Mom…

          • Agreed. KY Mum is excellent, every time.

            BTW, guys, I was talking with my wife about the Obungler healthcare dog’s breakfast. When I left my full time employment, COBRA was almost $1,000/month for just my wife and I.

            Solution? We turned to a **health sharing plan**. Basically same coverage, but $300/mo. The rub? No smoking, no drugs, minimal alcohol use, and most require church attendance. Thus, you are automatically in a low risk group, hence much lower premiums.

            We use Liberty Health Share out of Ohio, but there is Samaritans Health Share, Christian Health Share and others. Just google “health share vendors” and do your research. Liberty does free annual checkups, free mammograms and colonoscopies, etc. We are very pleased.

            If you don’t fit into the categories above, Oklahoma allows doctors to open their own hospitals, and one in Oklahoma City, e.g., would charge only $7k for hip replacement vs. a natl average of $35k.

            Also check out and Free Market Medical Association I am not involved in any of these associations, just an end user trying to help the good people here on this site.

            • KY Mom posts links to some very interesting articles we would otherwise miss. If it wasn’t for GA, I’d be glad to KY Mom’s place.

              • Correction; I meant to say ‘go to’ KY Mom’s place. Typing too fast again.

            • TEST.
              You’re a goodun too.

            • Thanks TEST.
              I know this service has been a God send for you & yours.

        • Thank you all for your kind words!

          Sometimes, I do feel quite alone in this preparedness journey. I wish I had more neighbors like you, whose eyes are open and are preparing.

          I say preparing, because it is an ongoing task. Food and supplies are used and there is always something to do and learn.

          Keep preparing, but also live for the day. Enjoy the sunset. Hug your loved ones. Spend time with your children and grandchildren.

          KY Mom

          P.S. I would not let anyone guarding my home sleep out on the porch in the cold. My home may not be a mansion. But, it is clean and we have extra room to shelter others.

          • You’re too good KY Mom.
            I would consider it an honor to sleep out on your porch.
            It’s people like you who are well worthy of fighting for.

          • Been reading your post since I first discovered this site yes ago ! Very informative each time. Thank you KY Mom

      9. Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye! What did the poor Indians do before white man brought them all the comforts of the Rez???? How could they have survived the insurvivable winters???? How did they get by with no goodies from Big Box stores????

        • Yup. Them there Indians are sure lucky that we saved them from their own savagery and heathen ways. We sure taught them real good, by stealing their land, taking their children and putting them in schools/indoctrination centers to be beaten and raped.

          We taught real good what it means to be a christian and assimilate to our ways.

          Us here christians are the salt of the fricken earth and dontcha know we are the chosen people. Gods A-1 representatives right here on planet earth.

          God bless America and praise the lord for all the blessings that he gives us.

        • American Indians were Stone Age people. They lived in small tribes that the land could support. If they became too numerous they fought tribal wars for choice land and women. Tribes would raid and murder each for food, land and women. They did farm, forage, fish and hunt. It was a brutal life.

          Indians were conquered by European farmers, they could produce vastly greater amounts of food, and thus children. The settler population once established, began to grow and outnumber the natives, plus farming allowed others to build industry and the age of steam.

          There is a reason that bears need several square miles each to survive. There isn’t that much food in a forest.

          Just like the bears, without intensive farming, large populations of humans can’t survive.

          In a total collapse, stored food can be a bridge to the point where society recovers, either by a reduction in population, or the reestablishment of structure. The trick, crossing that bridge alive.

          • Thank you for that public skool education lesson about those damn injuns. Now, why don’t you go to the library and research what the Indian’s life was really like. They actually did have gardens, etc which is why settlers chose _____ insert settlement name here for 10 points in the first place.

            Indians were conquered by European’s because the Indians were NOT the savages they were made out to me.

            Sure they may have been tribes that had issues with each other, that is the nature of the beast of humanity. Someone will always want to take what you have.

            The truth is never pretty and it is often filled with one sides truth, the other sides truth and the actual facts somewhere in the middle.

            • Never said aboriginal Indians were savages.

              I said they were simply beaten by European technology that was only a few hundred years ahead.

              Any Technology sufficiently advanced appears GOD like! Europeans had steel, guns and gun powder, plus farming and seemingly unlimited food supply.

              If I come face to face with liberal Democrats for my basic survival, that’s cool, they hate guns, and I don’t. LOL! Yeah after years of range practice I may just appear god like to them!

              • Don’t go forgettin’ about the fire-water.
                All the bestest injuns drank the pale faces fire-water.

                Hee-O-Wah-Hey-Wah-Hoow-Waaah-Hey… Hick!

                Old red-face sure loved a dram of the white mans Wikskee.

                • Lots of lessons preppers can learn from native Americans, both from how they lived, fought, and ultimately were overrun.

      10. Thank you for this information. Humans are now imprisoned in a stonewall of deception, isolating us from the beautiful, bountiful, benevolent and easily understandable cosmos.

        The whole universe lives and breathes because of opposing, natural forces:

        I. REPULSION between neutrons [compressed (e-,p+) pairs]
        II. ATTRACTION between H-atoms [expanded (e-,p+) pairs]

        Humans have been imprisoned in this stonewall of deception for ~500 years (1543-2015), since Copernicus reported the fountain of energy at the gravitational center of the solar system,

        The weakest stones in the wall of deceit are the standard solar and nuclear models: or

      11. God bless K Y Mom.
        The world needs more people like her.
        By the millions.

      12. The fellow Nick Hanauer says he see’s pitchforks coming. I see nooses too for some.

      13. Watch for something to happen that will permit the president to declare martial law and stop the sale of ammo and weapons. The next step will be to control food.

        • Jim, I’m more nervous about that now than I was at the time of Sandy Hook. These shooting incidents are really ramping up.

          • Don’t worry about that, if martial law is declared and guns/ammo locked down, that will be the biggest mistake the left ever made. The Democratic party would be gone in about 3 weeks.

      14. Well, if the monetary system collapses…I guess they won’t be ‘billionaires’ anymore will they?

        • It’s why the super rich have bunkers lined with expensive art work, and vaults filled with gold and jewels. They expect to always be rich. They own businesses and investments including land on every continent. Likely the super rich will continue to be rich.

          As I see it, the toughest problem the rich face, is getting out of dodge to their designated bug out location (BOL). The same dilemma any prepper with a BOL faces.

          I worked with a guy who previously worked in the World Trade Center. He was on his way into work via mass transit, but was late that day, he looked up before going inside and saw the first plane hit. He turned around and tried to go home. It took until 2:00 am the next morning. Much of his 30 mile commute he had to walk because everything just shut down. He walked into the house to his own funeral, they all thought he was dead. Yes he tried unsuccessfully to phone home.

          Point of this lesson is, in minutes the world can change.

      15. It’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get in heaven. And all this is supposed to be happening partly because of the inequity of man. We should all be glad we’re not so called rich. Maybe compared to the third world were well off but not really rich.It will be hard to justify billions when half of the world is living off 5 or 10 dollars a day. But I guess that’s their problem. If you were god what would you do with them. I guess they’ve created jobs . And taken the lions share. To profit in the billions gotta keep them labor costs down to make billions. Well thanks a lot . What are you gonna do with more money than can spend in three life times or more. Can’t get enough of that yellow stuff.

      16. I hope it comes soon.. An Apocalypse right now sounds like a nice vacation for me! Yes I really hate the people I work with.. not work for!

        • Euragone.

          Be careful what you wish for. Hahahahahaha!

      17. The big issue I see, is how are they going to get to their shelter once it happens. If they buy into some doomsday bunker in another state and don’t move to that location now, when something like a massive EMP hits, they will never get there. They would be better off, building their own shelter, where they plan on living. For $3 to $5 million, I could build on hell of a bunker and want for nothing. Just Saying.

        • But say the DO get there. So what ? A hole in the ground is only as good as the amount of food/etc you stock.

          Say they have 5 years worth. Then what ? If it got bad enough they had to hide out in a hole for years, do you think there is enough of a system left to provide for them after that ? I don’t. IMHO, all they’ve done is delay the inevitable.

          Lot of less wealthy ‘preppers’ are in the same boat. They are prepared for a small, localized clusterfvk, but if it is nationwide or worldwide, and runs past the stock of their supplies, they are just as screwed as the ones that put nothing away, only with a delayed time factor.

          The truth is you’ve got to not only put away stuff, but you’ve got to develop a place you can live raising your own food, providing your own heat/power, making your own tools/repairs, and so on.

          IF you really believe this is coming (and let’s face it, most people don’t), you better start getting a sustainable place together, raising most of what you eat w/o dependence on the feed/seed store, and figuring out out you’re gonna keep your neighbors from taking it away from you when they starve.

          • Hmmm, a five year supply of food?

            Many believe the economic crisis that is brewing could last 20 to 30 years. There could be multiple crashes, and multiple food supply interruptions.

            A five year supply may seem extreme, but after a six month interruption, you might feel home free if some normalcy returns. Then there could be another, and another, and another! Extra years in hidden food? Golden if required.

            Don’t expect it to be one big kaboom. This economic debt bomb has been building for decades, it is tied to the collapse of the the dollar as the world reserve currency. It will take decades to unwind. We as Americans, who’s currency, savings, retirement, homes etc will be destroyed, will take it on the chin. It will be devastating to Americans.

            Communist China appears to be the new world order reserve currency in training! A communist state running the global reserve currency, will not end well. It will likely add to the duration of the crash. Expect China to do to the US, what Europe did to Germany post WW1. It will suck to be American, the Chinese are world class racists.

          • TnAndy,

            If it gets that bad that the super rich, who can afford anything in the way of preparation and defense for themselves, what in the Hell makes you think that you’ll be left all alone at your ” sustainable place” to live in peace and prosper? You’re thinking like a child, that ” somehow” you’ll be able to fight off a roving band desperate to get their hands on what YOU have but will simply bypass you because you have a few guns and maybe some booby traps set around your place. C’mon man, do you REALLY think that’s going to happen? Do you REALLY think the rich are going to die before YOU do?

      18. “Even one death due to lack of preparation is too many.”

        And Susan thinks she is going to make me care???

        Looook… If the I-Crap, Fanasty football, Soccer mom on Valium, or just the idiots that can’t walk and chew gum at the same time don’t care. WHY should I!!!

        Mac, next… Maybe something with Unicorns and rainbows?

        Wish I still drank sometimes. 🙁

        • This is all about culling out the above idiots so you shouldn’t care or try to save them It defeates the purpose. And is against his will.

      19. Something big is coming ? Isn’t it obvious .This is the end of an age and the new beginning .This is the greatest event in all human history. Remember there will be miracles as in the days of Moses. And then the new earth and new bodies unageing and perfect. How many things were ounce believed impossible. We have know idea of our situation in this universe .How could we. With all we know and have seen how could anyone be sure of anything.We will experience what every generation had hoped to see. The greatest event in human history.

        • Amen. I think I’m a gonna wrastle with some rattlesnakes tomorrow to get them there miracles started. Praise be. I sure am gonna make them snakes my bitch.

          • I never thought I would agree with an atheist acting and somewhat of a smart ass at times; but here goes.

            You are correct to make fun of the idiots that “take up serpents/snakes, as part of their religious ceremonies”.

            That is the most ignorant thing anyone can do in the name of God and the Holy word. The bible in this context is meant to be taken spiritually/symbolically; concerning the ability to “tread on serpents”.

            The verses mean that if one is covered by the grace of the Almighty via the blood of Jesus Christ, then one has the power to keep demonic spirits away, and also turn away from evil easily.

            The poison rattlers did not read the scripture and they will bite the piss out of anyone shaking them.

        • People who saw the Spanish Inquisition thought it was signaling the return of Jesus.

          People who saw Neapolitan thought, he was the antiChrist, and it was a sign of the return.

          People who saw Czars of Russia thought it was a sign of the return, then Russians that saw the Communists, wow! That was ten times worse.

          People that saw WW1 thought it was the end, as did WW2 witnesses.

          Point is The Lord knows, there may yet be lots of tribulation between that great and wonderful day, and now. The sins and lust of men is no indicator of the will of God.

          Prep for the worst and pray for the best. The Lord will come in the appointed time, and not before. Just because you or a I are suffering will have no bearing on the Lords timing. There is multiple scripture that simply says “be prepared”. If you can, be prepared, if you have been blessed and can, care of others, do it.

          • Not people thought. People hoped. As we hope now . Even so come. We know it will be a very bad time but even so come. We know that two thirds of the people will die but even so come. The great tribulation will be the worst time in all of history . But even so come.And in those times people will be hoping it happens. No matter how bad.And that’s us hoping for it to happen. Destroy all evil regardless of the cost. Collateral damage ? We don’t care come now.

            • I believe we are in the great tribulation, and have been since the year 688 AD.

              The Christian world, in unity, accepts the prophesy: Daniel 9:25-27 “Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto, Messiah the Prince, shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks” as meaning 69 weeks, each with 7 days = 483 days (Conversion factor handles Jewish lunar calendar to solar years is 360/365.24 = .9857) so, 483 x .9857 = 476.068 of our years. Therefore, according to Daniel there will be 476 days that represent solar years from the decree of Artaxerxes I, to the Cross (-444BC +476 = 32-34AD). Thus the whole Christian world knows exactly when Christ would die and rise again. This prophesy is clear, and acknowledged by the whole Christian world. Check the foot notes in virtually any well written Bible!

              I believe in applying this logic that the seven years of tribulation represent seven years of days i.e. 7×365.25=2556.75 years, that started with the second temple. This means the seemingly rapid fire dire predictions that look like a near extinction event in Daniel and Revelation aren’t if they are spread over such a long time. It also means the temple doesn’t need to be rebuilt, the false prophet is known, the abomination of desolation is sitting on the Temple Mount right now, the religion of the antiChrist is already revealed, but no one will admit who it is for fear of getting their head chopped off, and best of all, we are almost done. I don’t expect the rapture, I believe it will occur after the coming millennium before the world is destroyed by fire.

              Ellis Skolfield of Fish House Ministries does a far better job explaining this and you can google to see free books and videos on the subject.

      20. NRA Reacts to California Lieutenant Governor’s Proposed New Gun Laws: ‘State Will Be Next Australia’

        The Daily Dignal

          • KY Mom, thanks for the link. EVERYONE needs to check out that story. Remember the old saying, “As Cali goes, so does the rest of the country”? Gun owners in Cali need to resist and defy these proposals any way they can. Stock up on ammo while it’s still relatively easy to do so. if those proposals become law, your only option left is online buying.

        • Liberals have a struggle on the second amendment.

          They are really pushing that it is states rights to regulate guns, because they think states can? The second amendment guts the right of the Federal government from touching citizen guns. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Yeah that is in the bill of rights. Sucks for liberals!

          The civil war was fought over Federal vs States rights. The Federal government won, then how can they claim control over guns, a states right, but they are federal, subject to the limitations of the constitution?

      21. Yep, a bunch of rich elitist who can’t plant, build, hunt, defend, or anything else the rest of us can. So the way I see it that’s job security or an opportunity to pour concrete on the blast doors after they close. Something “big” is always coming. Do you know the problem with that? Problems are all about perspective. When you’re little you fear the bogeyman, the basement, the dark, etc. As you get older you move beyond those fears by immersing yourself in them slowly. The problem the rich will have is the same as the clueless sheeple; they’ll fear for their lives, their wealth, and all their crap. Immerse yourselves in the dark now if you’re not already prepared. It’ll save you a lot of money and time.

        • White Wolf,
          I posted a comment further down before I saw your comment. The goal of the elite is survival over YOU. The doomsday survival seed vault in the Artic comes to mind. Many of these individuals live on estates with a water source, wildlife and orchards. The Queen is a perfect example. She has even rigged some type of power source for her property and supplies a nearby town. These people are also obsessed with organics but they want the sheeple to buy their tainted products. They are big on hunting for sport so they do know how to handle weapons. They don’t just hunt because it’s a generational family pastime.

        • Hmmm, five years of food, and a super bunker means, you ain’t doing shit. Can you get through five inches of steel with Stone Age tools?

          Why are you so preoccupied with a few thousand bunkers belonging to the super rich that you haven’t a clue to the location of, or the means to break into to?

          Are you really ready to murder people in cold blood for a few weeks of food?

          • Plan Twice,

            I can’t agree more with your position on this subject. There are people who think that ranting about it and making silly, idle threats towards those with these bunkers makes them feel superior by beating their chests like a jungle gorilla trying to demonstrate it’s strength. They don’t realize what they are in for when the big reset they’re all clamoring for actually happens. truth is most of them will die but they can’t bring themselves to stare the truth in the face so like children they all talk bigger than they ever could hope to be, it’s easier to pretend than accept the truth.

            • I for one would love to learn more about the shelters and supplies found in bunkers of the super rich.

              For all the crazy expensive toys they have, there are often low cost alternatives that the average prepper can use.

              A bomb shelter may not be for everyone, and I don’t have one, but if I lived in Tornado alley, you betcha, I would probably build one! There a shelter has multiple immediate uses, and it would add to resale value of any home in tornado alley.

              What I’m most put off by is the anger of those who call themselves preppers, who speak openly about attacking the shelter of another prepper who sin is being wealthy. And no not all wealthy people helped to destroy America and cause the crash many now expect.

              I see the reason for this article as a call to become prepared. When even liberal Hollywood types start prepping, it’s time to take notice. That is the value of articles like this one.

              I for one find the anger of some comments quite bizarre. Though I will admit if the SHTF in a big way and I knew where the bunkers were that belonged to a certain few bankers and politicians, I’d be sorely tempted to install public toilettes above their bunker air intakes, for the free use of the hundreds of hurting refugees that might pass by!

              • Plan Twice,

                Yes, I hear what you’re saying. I’d love to have one of those bunker things myself but I don’t, so I’ll have to do my best without one. You’re right about the simple jealousy portrayed by so many here, especially those who claim to be ” good” Christians who would have no problem killing people for committing the simple ” sin” of having more than they do. Since when did having money or being wealthy divorce people from God? To read some of the venomous comments here you would think anybody who earned a decent living somehow has to be in league with the devil and has no chance of getting into Heaven. I guess THAT’S why they call it the green eyed ” monster.”

      22. After 2015 years why won’t the words of some carpenter go away and be forgotten. Some nobody construction worker . And that constitution is 200 years old .Its old and out dated .The world is different now.Were more civilized we don’t cut people’s heads off and burn them alive. what do you need a gun for . The government will protect you. They’d never lie .cheat or steal.So chill out .Everything will be just fine . The media just said so. And they would never lie.Watch a ball game or some porn. Conspirousy theories are rediculous and inflamitory . The supermarkets will always be full and the power and water will always be on. Trust us were the government and we’re here to help.

        • Love the sarcasm! Well played.

        • +10,000 points

        • I see what you did there 🙂

      23. He turned water into wine when they ran out at a wedding so I think drinking is ok.

        • It is not a sin to take an alcoholic beverage drink on occasion.

          But when that drink is repeated many times within a couple hours and turns said drinker into an obnoxious asshole, then it becomes sin.

          Everything on a moderate scale.

      24. B driving at night is where it’s at. A lot of truckers run at night because it enables them to cover a lot of ground with minimal traffic. It’s only dangerous if your not used to staying awake and alert at night. Your 10 to 12 hours driving assesment is right on as well. All you need to crash is to take your attention off driving for 2 seconds to pick up the cigarette that fell in the floor or something like this. I’ve driven my car over 30 hours no bullshit with a cat nap in between its dangerous for sure. I find if I leave just after the evening commute I can drive till about 11 pm the next night. By morning I stop get a good meal and have my second wind. I’m a day person but I can make it through a night without sleeping and when I arrive to where I’m going I will get a good nights sleep. If I had a Bol far away I’d watch closely for my window of oppertunity to leave if you make a bad call on this your time in the car sitting in traffic will greatly increase with hoards of people trying to do the same as you. It’s best to have alternate routes planned and to estimate the extra miles and hours it will take to arrive. I’ve had the police shut down the interstate on me and had to take a 100 mile detour. In a shtf traveling long distances will likely be the most dangerous plan because there will be a lot of people in the road. I had the police shut down the highway and had to sit in one spot with the engine off for a few hours. It made me nervous because other motorists were going car to car trying to bum cigs diapers drinks because they had no idea how long we were gonna be stopped. Now imagine these people desperate for stuff to get through the crisis. I was stopped in the middle of the highway in the middle of two fields with no exit within 50 miles of me. I never forgot this I had my son and wife with me and felt vulnerable. I’m always evaluating the human situation around me. My opinion is if you could not get to your Bol within a few days walk no matter what I wouldn’t try to get there. I’d stay at my current location and only if I absolutely needed to leave I’d do it with resupply caches along the way if possible. I’d start with a fully loaded bob with the understanding I might be ditching stuff along the way to make the trip. I’d try to hide the stuff I left behind and map it so I could go back later possibly if I needed it. I feel this would be a plan that wouldn’t leave you too vulnerable. It’s not perfect though.

        • You’re a good fella Asshat.

        • Most truckers that drive at night, do it out of necessity to make an early morning appointment at the receiver, or shipper. Mostly the receiver, because many of the shippers are within as close proximity as possible from the last receiver.

          The terminal to terminal drivers, are totally locked into their regular shifts, no matter what time of day or night.

          It has very little to do with ones desire to drive when there is the least amount of traffic.

      25. I didn’t read the comments, just scanned the article, it’s NORMAL to see snow in northern Minnesota in October.
        ( I live in central Minnesota)
        Lots more to be concerned about than snow in northern Minnesota! I kinda like the “cold in the winter states”, less people:)
        Just need to be prepared for it.
        Have a nice night. STU OUT.

      26. You wanna talk about getting trapped somewhere two weeks ago I took the family to Florida now I always watch the weather before I go and South Carolina was bracing for epic flooding. So I was gonna call it off but my wife said your already off for the week lets just go we will be fine. I said hunny it doesn’t look good for us to make it through the flooding and said we could get trapped. Finally I decided to make the trip knowing full well it could be a mistake and having my kids with us too. It rained the whole trip almost. When I got to exit 132 on 95 south the police shut down the highway and sent us back north to a detour i20 west so I went about 50 miles or so to find the highway shut down again by the Columbia police who made everybody exit into the city streets which I don’t know at all. So I asked the cop how to get back to going south to Florida so she told me a series of left and right turns to get to the highway well when I got back to where the highway ramp is another cop was there and said the bridge is closed so he told me another series of turns to take letting me know he didn’t guarantee I’d get out of the city it was bad flooding. Well it worked out I got to i77 then to I26 and back to 95s the whole city was shut down and they were imposing a curfew so I would’ve ended up in a Red Cross shelter with my family. I told my wife this could’ve been ugly for us. I was pissed I let her talk me into doing this trip. I leaned my lesson and told the wife this won’t happen again she didn’t argue with me after this experience. One time we almost drove into a tornado and the wife said to me pull over it doesn’t look good the sky I said I just want to get where we are going but she put up a stink so I stopped and I’m glad I did it turned out to be the right call later we went through there and there were trees down trucks overturned that were riding down the highway with us prior to us pulling over. Its rough traveling sometimes you cannot predict a tornado befor you take a road trip. You have to make fly decisions sometimes and could make a wrong choice. I’ve been lucky to make safe choices. I never seen flooding like I saw in sc and I’ve lived through a 100 year flood in my area which I never seen in the 39 years I’ve lived there. If the authority’s activate the ema and say key words like epic or never before seen or a direct impact in the area I’d follow their advise to leave if your in a flood plain area.

        • A seasoned OTR Driver, would have gone down 81 to Knoxville and picked up I-75 south and gone around Atlanta to Florida to avoid such problems and keep his family out of harms way. The bad weather and floods were 95% in SC only.

          Just sayin’. It is better to think things through and not put the blame on the “hunny”.

          I made the ole ” I don’t need to ask for directions”, thing, one time before i got into otr truck driving. My first wife chided me over that getting lost and loosing a couple hours of driving time for years, until I made damn sure I always had my maps and trips planned out, even before truck driving years.

        • My advice is stay off I95 period.

      27. My reaction to this underground preps by the rich is, it’s all fine with me. As long as they stay there. I don’t really want to hurt them if their money was not knowingly and purposely made on the misery of others. But those who have ruined lives so they could live in luxury.
        They better stay below ground.
        Like that man on the airliner insulting people. The peasants would have his head on a pike.

        I am still working on force multipliers and deterrents. Urban Warfare tactics will be extremely useful. Hard to tell how long before people react when food distribution stops. The escalation curve of death and violence has to rise till it peaks before it falls and bottoms out. Then we will have a good idea what our world is going to become.

        As with Katrina, how many people will take the items that have short impacts to the problems of survival. Items like 60 inch T.V. and sneakers. How much of the merchandise like camping gear and tools will be left on the shelves. What will people leave behind?
        How bad would you think the Home Depot and Lowe’s will be impacted? Rat traps anyone.

        With that in mind. How many preppers will attempt to investigate these stores after it calms down.

      28. Just remember this:

        “The essential component of a prepper is not how much food he has stored, how many guns or how much ammo he has acquired, where his bugin/bugout location is or how well it is stocked and hidden or defended. The essential component is the prepper mindset that will handle any deficiency and amplify any advantage to survive and continue.”

        I wonder who could have said that?

        Millions or billions. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend. If you don’t have the brain to use it properly, you’ll not make it long.

        …of course none of us will make it long. 80 years? 90 years? Ultimately survival fails. Or does is? I’m gonna live forever. How about you?

        • NetRanger, my wife said something like that to me when she sold me on the idea of prepping. Best decision I ever made in my whole life.

          • It’s all in the balance.

      29. Asshat:

        I don’t think bugging out makes sense unless you expect a flood or the like. The trick is to get out before the rush. If you are living in a place like Luisianna where the threat of a flood or Florida coast where there are dangerous hurricanes, I would move. But that’s just me.

        Your experience getting stuck was a blessing as it woke you to the stark reality. I have had my own awakenings. Walking, not safe either. If there are hordes of hungry people, unless there was a pandemic and they stopped flights or quarintined the area, I would keep cash and credit cards and a pass port. Time for a vacation far from the maddening crowd.

        • B of Ca.

          Why do so many people stay in California? All the fires, drought, crime, gun laws, earthquakes and asinine politicians. ;0)

          • Slingshot:

            Have you ever had a kid or a spouse that was a real pain in the behind, but you stuck it out because you love them; well, that is why so many people stay in California in spite of all our problems. We love our home, our State, our Country.

        • Never heard of “Luisianna”.

      30. I guess these elites that are buying into shelters never played the game Fallout?

      31. so many times we see this, they are in full on going into hiding mode. Every one with a sense of mind knows that when it happens it will happen without notice. They sure as hell will not give you a heads up. Just keep doing what you are doing and always know that it can happen at the flick of a switch.

      32. Folks, you don’t need any of these expensive options to survive an EMP or whatever. My new Faraday Commodes have a special material that will block all harmful pulses and send them to ground. They are large enough to fit one person in the bowl and their stuff in the tank. If you bury them down to lid level they are completely safe. A family of four could buy 4 Faraday commodes complete with instructions for just 950 USD. Invest in your future as a commode dweller today and survive the coming collapse of the whole 9 yards.

        • Only a philistine would dwell in one of your commodes, sir, whilst I on the other hand dwell in a luxury dumpatorium.

      33. Agreed b I’m not bugging but it is still a possible option on the table. It will be an absolute last resort for me. It is about choices and making sound decisions. $ don’t have anything to do with this. If you make a bad call like I did to drive through a flood area you need to be smart enough to figure out how to pull yourself out of it. This ability is a blessing that can’t be bought it’s not a rich or poor thing. being able to endure hardship is another cant buy thing. The poor excell at this because they don’t have a choice mostly. Underground mansions don’t ensure survival your wits endurance and guidance from the highest do. We are all on the same playing field in this. Getting out before the rush is what I call the window of oppertunity. I try to squeeze vacations as much as I can befor the shit house goes up in flames but I think your right about the maddening crowds

      34. The GOAL of the elite is survival over YOU.

      35. It’s the end of the world as we know it & I feel fine

      36. Mighty interesting article above! I’m just wondering if the little hamlet of Rothenstein, Germany has had to take in their share of refugees? That’s off topic, and I apologize.

      37. 1.Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.[a] 6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you. James 5:1-6
        15 Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us[f] from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of their[g] wrath has come, and who can withstand it?” Revelation 6:15-17

        Still want a bunker??

      38. I mentioned the Artic Doomsday seed vault in an earlier post. I just learned the doomsday vault has been opened for seeds for Syria. I was curious to know about the heirloom seeds in the vault. MONSANTO AND PIONER HI BRED
        GMO pushers are among the investors.

      39. i wonder what apocalypse could possible be the one that takes us out?

        it will probably be lightyears away from a complete collapse of the biosphere because of the millions of a tons of nanoparticulates of heavy metals they’ve been spraying over the planet for decades.. it’s probably very unlikely doing this would deplete the ozone layer allowing deadly radiation to bathe every living thing with devastating mutagenic results.. the layer of heat trapping haze wouldn’t melt the ice caps faster releasing a thick blanket of methane to cap our atmosphere quickly being depleted of oxygen as the plant life suddenly flashes out and dies, burning hotter and faster out of control what with aluminum particulate fueling the flames like an industrial additive.. the oceans probably won’t acidify and create dead zones surrounding the continents like a radioactive leak from an uncontrolled nuclear meltdown.. oh wait, that’s fukushima but don’t worry about it they say it’s contained, but radiation levels are globally rising weirdly enough.. a zombie apocalypse is highly unlikely even after food can no longer grow, and what’s also unlikely is the hoardes of withdrawaling drug addicted population ceaselessly and mercilessly sweeping from town to town destroying everything in the search for a fix.. the military probably wouldn’t try to contain the mobs of parents turned criminal searching for food to feed their starving children.. the concentration fema camps rounding up more people than they can possibly house definitely wouldn’t use lethal force against any refugees who step out of line even the slightest bit because if they can’t keep order and control believe they’ll get killed themselves.. the UV radiation probably wouldn’t be so intense as to cause burns within hours of exposure, or a solar flare dumping a massive load of radiation so intense it penetrates deep into the ground of even those preppers who thought they were safe living in converted missile silos.. well jokes on them.. so if none of these scenarios are probable because the government and media would for sure let us know if those things were going on and possible, then the only option for extinction would be an alien invasion.. not as if the elite could fake one of those or anything, i mean, those lights in the sky reported since the 1940s in an accelerating evolution of shapes and sizes from the exclusively disc shaped craft at the start, i mean, those must be aliens in those craft because UFO technology utilizing electrogravitics is so far advanced beyond what i actually understand or can even imagine possible, therefore, my uninformed perception must be the best logical option, i mean come on, what would jesus want for me? he would want me to just die and be in heaven with him, i hear it’s the best there , but don’t kill yourself to go to heaven, that’s bad, you have to suffer through a life of squashing you and your children’s natural curiousity and questioning nature’s, because asking to many questions is what happens when the devil gets a hold of your heart and wants to reveal the logic to you of how god can’t possibly exist in the ways religion claims he does, and that’s an uncomfotable experience to go through when one bases the major foundation of their identity on having a blind belief in something there is no evidence for.. besides, i’ve made it this long without questioning anything, if i started doing that now i may find out i’ve been wrong and wasted my entire life living in ignorance, and if that happened, i would really actually kill myself, because wow, i’m a fucking idiot, but that’s no gonna happen nope, i’m just gonna watching some news because that chick is super fine even though she can’t hardly string a sentence together without reading it off a prompt, she has kind eyes, so she cant’ possibly be lying so that she can feed her children without ever actually contributing to society, because she knows she wouldn’t be able to do that without this job, so did she sell her soul? no, she never grasped one to begin with which is why she has zero integrity to stand up for what’s right and to even grasp at the truth, whatever that is, the deception runs deep, a little too deep for me to spend much time educating myself, besides, that’s for smart people and smart people are nerds, always talking that fag talk using big words and shit, OMG, so annoying when they do that, like they’re talking down to me or something , i mean they must be, i don’t understand what that word means they just used, therefore, they just a shit talking like bitch who i’m gonna hire someone to kill because i don’t have the balls to just tell them i don’t love them anymore and move on with my life, besides, i just took out a life insurance policy and i’m gonna be rich bitch!

        i can feel the anger of fucks like this satircal piece is about already raging inside them because they literally can’t decipher between literal communication and subtext, the fucking trucks that they are, i hope you get mad, and i hope you don’t understand why you’re mad, and i hope you continue to live an empty life for as long as it takes for the truth of our reality to unfold right in your dumb fucking face and explode just slowly enough for you to want to kill yourself before they do it for you, and you know what, you’re the reason they have the conspiracies, the slow kill exotic weapons, the poisons in the food and vaccines and in the air, because you won’t wake up so you deserve to die.

        love, peter pantheist

        • Good post, but would have been a lot more readable with paragraph breaks. I skimmed because of that. Too bad you could not edit this to include.

          The matrix system in this world is designed to keep people from ever knowing what their true purpose is. Perhaps to even realize that we serve no real purpose at all. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the teeth?

          But for most their purpose is procreation, getting saved, working the best years of their lives to finally retire and relax in old age.

          Once the cycle starts it is hard for most to ever deviate from it. After all between school, work, taking care of the kids, who really has time to research alternate theories taught in our matrix from birth.

          We rely on the education we receive from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Some go to college (many more now that they can just take out student loans and rack up the debt). We are taught what they want us to know. Nothing more. Nothing less.

          Even college is a joke and a continuation of the mindless regurgitation that we learned in elementary, middle and high school.

          No one is encouraged to think. To learn new things. To really challenge yourself. To challenge your belief system. To challenge what we are taught are the keys to success.

          What is true success? The safety and security the matrix system imposes on us is a path of servitude, not success.

          The best slaves are the ones who are in chains and do not even know they are in chains. And we are all in chains.

          Especially in America. We are in a cage gilded with patriotic rhetoric, religious rhetoric, societal pressures that will kill anything that does not conform and that is different.

          We mock what we don’t understand and fear anything that threatens to pop the bubble we have created in our own minds.

          This planet will cease to exist eventually. Not because of a religious second coming, but because people will continue to destroy the very things that are needed to support life on this planet.

          Good stewards of what was given to us, we are not.

          • The planet will never cease to exist for those of us that believe the words of our Creator.

            Now all you atheist, best have on your asbestos undies if you are still around in …say…about 17 years. it “is” the final countdown, unless…..

            • Please, you’re a silly, useless old man with no clue as to how or when the world will end. Just go back to saving your 50 cents a can on Dinty Moore Beef puke and let those with more brains than people who think they know everything have a meaningful exchange of ideas, try jumping into your molten lake of fire, we could use a good laugh.

              • John,
                You are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, you have not breathed your last breath and entered into eternity. When you enter eternity you will find out if that old man is right or wrong.

                • Anon,

                  You’re right, I can’t say for 100 per cent certainty if he’s right or wrong, but I will tell you this. Having to go to a Catholic school for the first 14 years of my life taught me a great deal. About how people lie and smile at the same time. About how to not trust the guy who prays the loudest, or the guy who says he knows what God is and wants from anyone, about how the guy who always rails against the ” sinners” when he turns out to be the biggest one of all. About how ” God” does NOT love all his followers equally, how sometimes the biggest advocates he has get treated the shittiest, I could on a long time, trust me, but I won’t. The last thing I’ll tell you is I don’t blindly believe everybody I read on an internet chat room either.

        • “Dumping a massive load”….

      40. It’s amazing how everything is coming true. How could anyone deny it The king of the north is now allied with the king of the east and Persia.And Damascus will become a heap of ruin .The Capitol of Syria .The elements will burn like the sun.Uranium is an element and it burns as bright as the sun WW3 .

      41. I wish I didn’t live on a giant slab of rock…

      42. InAsia we see more and more Government preparing for something big,we don’t know what but,Internet and media control is really harder even proxy’s are not working as before.Food supplies are disappearing,in Thailand the rice scheme was really a hoax to hoard 1000’s of tons of rice.And all they have the best medicine not available to the public like AllViroL that is made in Asia for epic Pandemics.Only one company is still selling it after the factory was blasted in China,that is they are up at the moment bet have been down sometimes.Don’t know if they sell to US.

        • ThaiPrepper.

          Keep the news coming.

          Welcome aboard.

        • I hear Thailand is a dangerous place, even more dangerous than Venezuela. Basically, if you live in Thailand, you stand a pretty good chance of getting murdered. They like to throw folks from tall buildings then the cops show up and call it a suicide.

      43. I live in a wealthy neighborhood favored by people working in financial services. Pretty well every block has a couple houses with the basements being dug up and new ones being put in. People are prepping.

      44. Its coming alright. I was at the range on Saturday watching muscular chi-com communist PLA soldiers firing AK’s 47’s. And in fact i dont know why the range keeps allowing muslims and chinsese PLA to practise at that range. I am talkin about the one on Westheimer and Hwy 6 Heading West, and i dont need to name the location.

        My friends and i have i are sick and tired on watching our backs on that range. Watching each others back incase they decide to shoot us. Alot of nationals with strange accents are all over that range, and i was so sickened to my stomock and decided not to practise near them incase something happened. Some of the patriots at the range have voiced thier concern to me several times in the last 4 months. According to the said range, is that they cannot discriminate. The mere fact that AK’s are in the possession of muscular chinese males in my city, is very concerning. I believe that those guns will be used on us, and our families. And as for you chi-com f….ks that like to come on here and read my post and threaten me, lets see you do in my face in public. This will untimately lead to diciplinary action. Less see how china crap works against my Pinjac SI Lat.



        • Yeah, sure, right, whatever. Now go take your medication, it’s past time for it.

      45. To those that survive whatever long enuff remember,they will crawl out of their bunkers someday.My guess is it will first be minions ect.,wait for it!

      46. Thai prepper welcome to the board.. yes you r correct. China is one of the biggest ones. Plan ahead. Your government is just as corrupt as ours. Get ready for all hell to unleash itself in the near future. it’s great to hear from someone in your neckada..woods. Let us know if you hear anything, because I sure as hell have heard this that made me almost sh….t My drawers.



      47. Homesteading is perhaps the best bunker:

        I recently read about how free range cows, steers, and other livestock can end the desertification of the planet, which may be humans greatest challenge. The animals droppings fertilize the dirt and large and even smaller animals walking keeps the top layer of soil from blowing away.

        Living with nature, not always trying to dominate.

      48. I am unsure as to why anyone would desire to “live” here after it all falls apart. Christ has already prepared a place for me in paradise. Why do I need a fancy hole in the ground here on Earth?

        • There are many on this site who believe as you do but will fight, kick, scream, scratch, and cling to the very last breath of life they can. Now WHY do they do this if god has a place in heaven all ready for them and it’s a paradise better than anything else imagined? Could it be that MAYBE, just MAYBE, they really don’t quite believe what they tell themselves? There’s a guy on this site who plays self appointed preacher, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about, who claims that he ” hates” this world and is ready to be ” called” into heaven anytime. Well, if this is the case, why the Hell does he spend so much time, money and effort ” prepping” to stay alive as long as possible after even AFTER some kind of apocalyptic end of the world event? Shouldn’t he be ” welcoming” said event so he can go to heaven as he claims he wants so much? Perhaps he doesn’t have as much faith as he claims to have, maybe he does it because he’s hedging his bets ” just in case”. You see this all the time here, people who claim they ” know” that they’re going to heaven but are scared to death that it will happen at the same time, hence the need to ” prep” so they can live here as long as possible. Simply put, it’s called being a hypocrite, preaching one thing but doing something else entirely. And hoping people are stupid enough not to notice.

          • Prepping is not necessarily hypocritical, and doesn’t translate to a fear of death. There is no guarantee you’re gonna die when shtf, so why suffer anymore than necessary?

            • Pity,

              I’ll grant the fact you DO make some valid points here, prepping is indeed NOT hypocritical. On the other hand, we DO have some armchair warriors and preachers who always talk about how they’re going to do this and that against the ” machine” but always stock up on everything for their ” BOL” when the shtf. Now, how can you fight against ” evil” and stay safe inside a hidey hole at the same time? Also, you’re correct, there’s no guarantee you will die when shtf, but if you REALLY believe you’re going to heaven than you have NO fear of death at all, you should be leading the charge against those who would destroy what and whoever is left instead of trying to hide and doing your best to avoid them. That said, you do make a good argument and sound, logical points are ALWAYS welcome. Thanks.

          • We live in a culture that is preoccupied with death. Living as long as possible, even when you quality of life is nonexistent is the goal for most people.

            I too have often wondered about the christian mentality of wanting to live as long as possible. Most times the reasons given are: god has a plan for me, he wants me to stay on earth as long as possible, etc.

            Some say that it is the survival instinct we all have, but I am not quite sure I completely buy this theory. As if this was the case then suicide would be nonexistent because this genetic trait would override our own desire and will.

            If you ask a person would they rather have a life where they only lived until 25, but in the course of that time did the most amazing things you could ever do on this planet and lived a life that was full of risk, excitement, etc. OR Would you rather live to be 95 having lived a mediocre life of going to work, school, raising a family, but never really taking any risks or chances. Most would choose to live to be 95.

            Longevity VS quality seems to be another matrix program imbedded deep within us. This is done through religion.

            When I am old and unable to care for myself. I will not do everything possible to prolong my life. I do not want to spend time waiting to die in a nursing home. If I cannot live life, then the only point in prolonging it would be to keep the medical industrial complex machine alive and well. I for one will not support that system.

            • Well said.

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