Bill O’Reilly Warns: “We Are In The Age Of Disorder Now”

by | Sep 28, 2023 | Headline News

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    Author and conservative media personality, Bill O’Reilly has warned that “we are in the age of disorder now.” O’Reilly added that the American people are starting to figure out that the “fix is in.”

    During an interview with Tucker Carlson, a fellow conservative commentator, O’Reilly lamented about the dismal state of the world, and why he believes the progressive politicians are to blame.  “America has entered the age of disorder, and it’s because of the progressive movement,” O’Reilly said disregarding the fact that the rulers in general, regardless of their left or right leanings are the issue. All of them try to rule over everyone else, which is immoral.

    “President Biden, in my opinion, is diminished mentally, doesn’t know what he’s really doing from day to day. You can see that in his public statements,” O’Reilly remarked, adding that “the progressives like that because the people who control him inside the White House can tell him anything, and he’ll do it.”

    O’Reilly said that Ron Klain and Susan Rice were the original string-pullers, but since their departure from The White House, their assistants took their place “basically telling Joe what to do and say.”

    According to a report by ZeroHedge, he argued that Biden has harkened to an “age of disorder” which has resulted in the emergence of Black Lives Matter, higher taxes, lax crime laws, and progressive indoctrination of children at young ages. All tax laws are immoral considering taxation is theft. More or less doesn’t change the inherent immorality of stealing the means of someone else’s production.

    “The more money you take from people, the less power they have, and the progressives want to run everything, including telling your children what to think when they’re five years old,” O’Reilly said. “And most Americans don’t get it, because the press is working with the progressive movement and suppresses all this.”

    Another chunk of Americans don’t get it either because their brand of political masters (the right) insist they worship and obey the very people controlling them and making them slaves.

    Someone needs to get O’Reilly and Carlson the Jones Plantation movie. This is one that you cannot see. If you aren’t ready for your eyes to be opened and the game to be exposed, this is not the movie for you.

    “A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.”-Lysander Spooner


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