Bill Gates’ Latest Depopulation Scheme? Pollute Skies, Collapse Ecosystem, & Starve Everybody to Death

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, George Soros, Headline News | 46 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tracey Watson at Natural News. 

    Bill Gates has been hounded for years by allegations that he is a strong supporter of depopulation. Despite being praised by some as a philanthropist and humanitarian, the reality is that Gates’ actions have proved time and time again that he is actively invested in reducing the global population by whatever means necessary.

    As reported by True Activist, Gates has repeatedly expressed his approval for global depopulation and has funded sterilization programs; has pushed for widespread vaccination programs which have caused great harm; and believes in the implementation of so-called “death panels,” which would allow authorities to decide whether someone is worthy of receiving taxpayer money to keep them alive, or if they should rather be “allowed” to die.

    Gates’ latest scheme is perhaps his most daring – and likely most dangerous – to date. As reported by Big League Politics (BLP), Gates is funding a study by researchers from Harvard University which hopes to prove that dumping millions of tons of chalk dust into the atmosphere every day could dim the sun, thereby fighting climate change. (Related: Bill Gates to roll out remote control microchip-based sterilization of women.)

    Gates’ risky plan

    As explained by BLP, Gates and the Harvard team got the idea for their research from a natural disaster that hit the Philippines in 1991, when Mount Pinatubo exploded:

    The disaster killed over 700 people and displaced hundreds of thousands of Filipinos, but the fall-out caused ideas to spring about in the minds of scientists.

    A chemical cloud was left in the stratosphere following the blast, which resulted in the discharge of 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide. Sulfuric acid rained down afterward for more than a year and reflected sunlight, which resulted in the eventual development of SCoPEx [The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment].

    The Gates-funded plan will essentially replicate the aftermath of the volcano blast throughout the entire Earth if the Harvard scientists are ultimately successful in their climate-manipulation plans.

    The team’s plan involves using 800 massive aircraft to dump the chalk 12 miles above the surface of the Earth each day, claiming that the shade created would reflect the sun’s rays, thereby preventing global warming.

    The scientists are eager to start experimenting and plan to launch their first round of chalk-bearing planes in the New Mexico desert. The initial SCoPEx experiment will cost around $3 million and will involve dumping a small quantity of calcium carbonate dust into the atmosphere and measuring the results.

    Not everyone is eager for the experiments to begin, however, and authorities have called a halt over fears that the research could backfire and cause natural phenomena like droughts and hurricanes. (Related: Bill Gates and George Soros fund Monsanto and a world depopulation agenda.)

    Scientists are worried

    Eminent scientists have expressed grave concerns about Gates’ scheme. United Nations climate policy adviser Janos Pasztor warns, “If you make use of this technology and do it badly or ungoverned, then you can have different kinds of global risks created that can have equal, if not even bigger, challenges to global society than climate change.

    “Governments need to engage in this discussion and to understand these issues,” he added. “They need to understand the risks — not just the risks of doing it, but also the risks of not understanding and not knowing.”

    One clear risk of blotting out the sun is interfering with the process of photosynthesis, without which plant and food crops could not survive and all human and animal life would be endangered.

    But then, perhaps that is exactly what Bill Gates, depopulation believer, is hoping for?

    For more than 20 years veteran radio host Clyde Lewis has researched the strange the odd and the bizarre. His writings, featured in many magazines, have now become legendary on topics such as HAARP, the fake moon landing, the apocalypse and about everything you could imagine in between. Now some of his influential research into Chemtrails, GeoEngineering, and Climate Change have been collected into one book, GeoEngineering the Apocalypse: Geoengineering The Apocalypse: The Truth About Chemtrails and Climate Change. His theories are shocking and his conclusions are disturbing.


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      1. Brought to you by the guy that stole DOS and basically lied and cheated his way to riches.

        • Yep, no control/alt/delete for the Earth. Morals and technology these days seem to be mixing like oil and water. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Hope that makes things a little CRISPR for ya.

      2. Difficult subject matter. The world is reaching overpopulation status and in many places is well beyond that point. Carl Sagan theorized that if we do not continue our spirit of exploration beyond this planet, we will destroy ourselves. “Billions and Billions” An amazing read everyone should look at. It appears he underestimated government influence regarding redistributing such overpopulation in our lifetimes. Numbers USA, a popular migration reform website has the Gumball argument video, another important baseline talking point to be aware of. It turns out even though Americans were reasonably responsible with population growth, this did not effectively insulate us from the rising pressures and overflow of global initiatives to manage this. Imagine if those billions of destitute people could have all took off into space and were currently populating planets and such right now, bringing resources home rather than draining them and migrating. So much for stargazing. How does polluted air interact with 5g?

        • There is no such thing as long-standing overpopulation. We see it in the wild now where rabbits (as an example) thrive. Soon their predators thrive. Then the rabbit population is lowered. Due to no food, the predators numbers become diminished. With not as many predators the rabbit population again takes off. Earth will control the population, not us.

        • Uh, no. The entire population of the world can fit in Rhode Island. We are not overpopulated, we are not running out of water, and we are not running out of food; we are not even causing climate change. This is the lie the deep state pushes to spread fear so that people give up control of their lives.

          Stop being part of the problem, stop playing the fool.

          • No, if the population density was equal to NY then the population of the planet would fit in Texas, not RI. RI isn’t as big as many counties in the US.

      3. Tech Tyrants with AI-Robots-5g will try to murder all of us.
        It is coming to your neighborhood.

        But first, Politicians will take your guns by propaganda.
        They will call you and I, “white nationalist”. To demonize border security.

        Funny thing is, “I’m Black”.

      4. The DOJ is not going to Prosecute James Comey. So that it Bill Barr is a WUSS or has his hands tied. I knew nothing would happen and they all will get off scott free.

        • No surprise Old Guy. William Barr is the swamp. He started his government career at the CIA and was a legal assistant representing the CIA in the 1975 Church hearings. He also wrote up the defense strategy papers defending the FBI and Lon Horiuchi in the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife at Ruby Ridge. His whole family works in the swamp and he and his wife are best friends with Mueller and his wife.

          Swamp critters defending swamp critters. They all have the dirt on each other so no one goes down.

          • So in all likelihood, what you are saying is that Barr, Trumps butt buddy is likely not a whole lot better than the redhaired fair maiden (trump). As time has gone on with the trumpster in charge, there has been some fading on what he insured he could get done. Definitely watch what is finally settled on the second amendment. Without you’re firearms you are just another body to fill in that long ditch of a grave. Kapeesh?

            • It’s “capiche”, or more properly, “capisci”.

              Trump-bashing is so 2017. If you have not figured out the swamp critters have their own lives and agendas well beyond who we elect, you’re missing the whole point.

              Barr was first AG in ’91, so he’s hardly dependent upon Trump

              • Without complaining about who he is and what he stands for —
                let’s imagine an orange gamepiece, for a placeholder —
                it can be moved by an invisible hand —
                I still felt that all the work should have been done, on his campaign promises, down to the digital pen. We’re supposed to want this, yesterday, right?

                n said, “swamp critters have their own lives and agendas well beyond who we elect”

                I could agree to that. We keep treating the discussion as though leftists have sincere, heartfelt convictions — not as though they are crisis actors, and it’s just shtick.

                What about disarming the independent, non-state actors, though — one infringement at a time, each time some make and model is used in a fake drill, by a fake ideologue.

      5. No need to fret about climate change and overpopulation. Those worries will disappear when industrial civilization collapses because of too low net energy surplus. The Energy Returned On Energy Invested (EROEI) used to be 100:1 back in the days of Spindletop. That is, it took one barrel of oil to bring one hundred barrels of oil to market. EROEI is now down to less than 20:1. The tight oil producers are losing money hand over fist and going bankrupt. Industrial civilization cannot operate on much less than an EROEI of 20:1. It will collapse into a cloud of dust. Supply lines will break, shipping will stop, making delivery of food impossible and closing down production of everything. Power generation will shut down for lack of fuel. Nuclear plants will melt down. Billions of unfunded liabilities will be liquidated. Try not to be one of them. Gas up the sand rail and condition the assless chaps ahead of time..

        The planet will be OK, but people will be killing each other for the last morsels of food and water. Eventually it will be the Rise of the Roaches as humans go extinct.

        Time for me to take my medication.

        • JRS, if so that will be another breaking point to try to get around. They’re are a lot of “get arounds coming our way”. Some that our second amendment can rectify and some that our smarts can do.
          I feel that time is growing short. The best to those here.

        • I never found it plausible, that the ‘renewable’ electricity gathered by solar or wind power was adequate to mine, transport, and fuse those minerals, under high heat.

          Even where energy is supposed to be cheap, I have never been able to justify it, where money is in limited supply.

          Energy, food, and water would probably be unattainable, without mercantilism, odious debts, and subsidies, imho.

        • I look at energy in terms of Joules.
          There is plenty of energy here in North America.
          It is due purely to Democrats that we can’t exploit it.
          Nuke, Coal, and pipelines are examples of their obstructions.
          We have plenty of energy and were it not for Democrats it
          would still be relatively cheap.
          While America is the world’s third largest population we are pretty well self supporting even with the burden of Democrats in our society. The same cannot be said for India and China.
          They have a significant population problem and not enough resources. If I were Russia and Ukraine I’d be worried.

          • rellik

            Unfortunately with globalist de-facto control over the USA those resources have a world market value. The price of resources will be determined by “Tim-Buck-Two”. The problem is greater than democrats, the problem is that the USA, due to globalist influence bordering on control, doesn’t operate in the best interests of the USA. Trillions are spent and the blood spilled of our people across the globe, most often for globalist endeavors, are a glaring example.

        • Can it be used to make more of itself, or it cannot be depleted on a human scale, in your opinion of what is plentiful?

          I feel that a hidden factor in Cornucopianism is time.

        • JRS – Great point and I agree that the shortage/high cost of fuel will hit us like a ton of bricks, i.e. chaos followed by industrial civilization collapse. The sheeple are being directed to focus on “climate change” both as a distraction and to prevent the panic of facing a looming disaster. We may even have a financial collapse first because we are trying to buy our way to temporary energy stability.

      6. Eugenicists are usually, physically degenerate — if not trying to kill or stymie those with high vigor, then trying to enslave them with fools’ errands. He believes that your labor is chit for him to bargain, or an abstract number, in an algebra equation, as though you are a consumable resource, but not him.

      7. Howdy Kiddos,

        Well, regardless of what Bill Gates does I’m fairly certain that a major depopulation event isn’t very far off…and frankly speaking here, it’s long past due. Terra Firma is long past the point of being able to sustain the egregious requirements of 7+ Billion humans currently stripping it to the bone.
        It used to be the case that I thought that perhaps Mankind would learn and in so doing develop some semblance of restraint. However, once the Chinese rescinded thier ‘One Child, One Family’ policy I knew the game was over…and since then I’ve come to welcome the culling to come; with any luck that will remove about 6.5 Billion from the equation in short order.
        It remains though an issue that the basic fecundity of Man must be effectively curtailed lest the exact same thing repeat in a little over 100 years. As well, Mankind has not LEARNED the fundamental lesson underlying all the problems we see today everywhere around us that being that everything comes from the INDIVIDUAL and NOT the State.
        Until and unless Mankind takes full responsibility for it’s actions – and especially for it’s collective ovaries and testes! – then the outcome is assured…mass destruction on a scale never witnessed before.
        Currently, India has invaded Kashmir in violation of it’s own articles of Constitution…and Pakistan is on the verge of going ballistic over that (literally), the US is full on attempting the same ploy with China that it used on Japan prior to Pearl Harbor and the list of all else would fill a book just to list it all.
        All it takes is ONE country lobbing a nuke…or a hypersonic weapon at what they perceive to be thier adversary and hostilities will immediately spiral out of control so fast it will will all be dust in a weeks time.
        Preferentially, I’d really like to see the two most irresponsible cultures on this planet nuke each other to oblivion; China and India…who will NEVER learn to control thier pooulation growth, EVER.
        And all that would take is either India OR Pakistan throwing a single nuke over the LOC…where do you think the fallout would go?
        Here’s a hint…that county’s name starts whith a C and ends in an A…

        Bring it on…let’s just get the house-cleaning over and done with.


        • JOG, long time no hear from. I’m the former ‘braveheart’. How’ve you been? Do you ever hear from Be Informed or any of the other old timers anymore?

          • Howdy old Friend!
            Indeed it is good to be recognized again hereabouts…my thanks therefor.
            Much as I would like to say that I had found BI, I am very sirry indeed ti have to say that I have not…more’s the pity: that one’s contributions here were immense and I do very much miss that one (heavy sigh….)
            But enough of that…we are very well indeed Brother. I’ll not detail particulars here, but it should suffice to say that if it ALL vanished tomorrow we ‘here’ would scarcely notice, IMHO.
            Now, how are you doing? Were you able to permanently relocate to your BOL? I hope so, I think things are very close to the tipping point we have all forseen. FWIW, I will hereafter be around quite a bit more in the hope that others can draw on our real-world experience and profit thereby.

            Good to hear from you Brother!


      8. Boy … how many of you are leftist trolls working for China? Some comments are very absurd, wrong, and defamatory. Barr did NOT pardon Comey. I never heard that …. I heard he decided not to do anything right now about it. Allot of you sound like CNN or MSNBC. There is a much bigger picture going on. Get off your troll horses especially this Repr Slepr as he is ASLEEP and actively trolling with complete lies and negativity. And Concerning Weaver incident …. I was there and you don’t even know what really happened and who Weaver was and what his wife was doing and up to. She ran the show and was not so innocent. We who saw know what was going on.

        • Did she deserve to be executed while standing in the doorway holding her baby?

        • Sam Adams, no leftist trolls here unless one pops up and we make short work of him/her/it.

      9. ok Bill, LEAD by example… you first, show the way

        • Well said “tuesdayissoylentgreen day”. Gates is another hate humanity cultist that doesn’t want American ingenuity & genius to help humanity. He’s like Margaret Sanger and other population-reducer-cultists. Come-on Gates, humanity is not a virus.

      10. So if the rich are cutting back…..not good. everyone else cut back some time ago. That will slow the economy.

      11. Shamefull Infromercial with Amazon links.

        … wow man!! Give me some of that shit you’re smoking.

        Warning: The story on this page is 100% total bullshit.

        Where the fuck are you from [retorical].

        Common sense will tell you the white western world has been increasing their population since WWII. Haven’t you noticed the doubling of the population and the multiplying of new debt?

        Du Bist Paranoid. OH NO! She used 13 words in her story that means on the third Tuesday before the next blue moon the eight black cat you see will usher in the end of mankind.

      12. Excuse me! Did the earth’s population die and leave Bill Gates “in charge”?

        Since “evil is that which destroys”, Gates’ Plan needs to be stopped. He has no right to decide for me.

        Or YOU!

        To dim the sun is to suffocate all living organisms, especially humans.

        Moreover, Improving the quality of life of a country DECREASES birth rates! Gates and demographics experts know this. Don’t be deceived.

        Gates wants the world’s wealth to remain in the hands of a few instead of improving outcomes for God’s 7 billion children. Shame on you, Bill Gates. Shame, shame, shame.

        Saying no to Gates is saying no to what the fallen angel Satan wants: the destruction of all God’s children.

        God bless you all.

      13. Of things to come:

        Revelation 8:12
        The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night.

      14. Hopefully the death panel will find Gates worthless first of all.

      15. Gates needs to be told if there is turmoil created by his eugenics experiments that there will be people who will dig him out of his doomsday bunker so he can answer for his crimes .

      16. One day in the future he will virtue signal and pit his most ardent supporters on the death panel and like all altruistic virtue signalers they will convict him along with all big business owners/ceos and wealthy people that they are the ones most dangerous to society due to their excessive lifestyles and will be found guilty. Oh the irony would be thick.

      17. White people shouldn’t worry about pollution, etc. There aren’t going to be very many White people left on this planet in 100 years. Birth rate is way too low. 1 White baby for each White couple. That is an extinction event. Many reasons for this. Communist inspired feminism got women out of the family and into the workplace. Birth control. Unwed mothers. Government economic policies. (The dollar doesn’t buy very much). And many more reasons.

      18. Predatory capitalists ruin everything.

        • aljamo

          The predatory capitalist has been the greatest recruiting agent for communists. It’s no coincidence that the socialist, “From those according to their means to those according to their needs” fall on sympatric ears under these circumstances as Central and South America are examples.

      19. Not buying your premise

        • I’m not claiming the alternative is better but the motivation to reach for it goes without question however one can say that Cuba when infant mortality 4 per 1,000 live births, 8 doctors per 1,000 and 98% literacy run circles around their poverty stricken neighbor islands and Central America. This data is from the CIA World Fact Book.

          Certainly there is a significant loss of Liberty but in reality Liberty isn’t too common in that region. Catholic Priests were murdered by Death Squads because they were speaking about poverty in Central America and they were trained by the US at the “School Of The Americas”.

          Albert Einstein said, “An empty stomach is not a good political barometer”.

          Graduates of the SOA have been among the most repressive tyrants in Latin America, and their actions have been some of the most cruel and violent. In El Salvador, in 1989, a Salvadoran army patrol executed six Jesuit priests as they lay face-down on the ground at Central America University. According to the United Nation’s Truth Commission Report on El Salvador in 1993, 19 of the 27 officers who took part in the executions were trained at the SOA.

          In 1990, in El Salvador, populist Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated. Three-quarters of the Salvadoran officers implicated in the killing were trained at the SOA. Roberto D’Aubuison, the late leader of El Salvador’s Death Squad, was implicated in the plot to assassinate Archbishop Romero. He also participated in numerous murders, including a massacre in the village of El Mazote, where more than 900 men, women, and children were killed. He graduated from SOA as well.

          The U.N. Truth Commission’s statistics reveal the extent of the School’s murderous role in El Salvador .

          Romero assassination 3 officers cited — 2 were SOA graduates
          Murder of US nuns 5 officers cited — 3 were SOA graduates
          Union leader murders 3 officers cited — 3 were SOA graduates
          El Junquillo massacre 3 officers cited — 2 were SOA graduates
          El Mazote massacre 12 officers cited — 10 were SOA graduates
          Dutch journalist murders 1 officer cited — he was an SOA graduate
          Las Hojas massacre 6 officers cited — 3 were SOA graduates
          San Sebastian massacre 7 officers cited — 6 were SOA graduates
          Jesuit massacre 26 officers cited — 19 were SOA graduates

          There are no “White Hats”.

      20. And I suppose socialists are wonderful at everything?

      21. Advances in technology are rapidly making much of human labor obsolete, simultaneously governments by deception have significantly politically disempowered their respective citizenry. It doesn’t take a PHD from MIT to see the potential outcome.

      22. I happen to live in one of the most sparsely populate places in the USa that has water trees ect. and we have about thirty persons per square mile. And we would starve if forced to rely on what wild game and edibles are aviable. The Problem is not race , religion, politics ect. Its really simple Too many Parasite Takers and too few Producing Makers is never long term sustainable. a great culling of Oxygen Thieving Parasite Takers is overdue and has to eventually happen. Will it be uncrontrolled Mayhem? Will it be the earth changes brought about by the Magnetic shifting of the poles? will it be a disease? or nuclear winter caused by war? Or something we have no clue about. Only one certain fact. We have no way of knowing the volume of what it actually is and the scope of stuff we don’t know.Yep a great culling is needed. I wouldn’t care if every shit skin on the planet was culled.

      23. “Yep a great culling is needed. I wouldn’t care if every shit skin on the planet was culled.”

        Hitler couldn’t have said better. Beware what you ask for as the result would be a Stone Age existence. The educated professionals, city dwellers, not accustomed to hardship would disproportionately be “culled”. The other alternative is a Nero type emperor comes to omnipotent power and decides who lives and who dies. Better hope you’re not on pension and unable to work. I’m no fan of any of the above. I love freedom not tyranny emanating from individual or the masses.

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