Bill Clinton’s ‘Son’ Slams Ex-President As ‘Hypocrite’ For Abandoning Him

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 46 comments

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    Danney Williams, who has long contended he is the love child of former president Bill Clinton says his alleged father abandoned him. “The same man that is sympathetic to the immigrant children….is indeed the same man that sacrificed me, his own son,” Williams said.

    Williams, who is 32, and looks oddly similar to Bill Clinton has claimed that he is the love child of his mother Bobbie Ann, a former prostitute, and Clinton who she met in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1984.  Williams also says Bill Clinton is guilty of hypocrisy after the former president showed sympathy for the migrant children at the border but abandoned his “son.”

    According to the Daily Mail, Williams tweeted about Clinton, who he calls a hypocrite.

    Of course, Williams didn’t stop at blasting Bill Clinton.  He attacked Hillary as well, for her hypocrisy.

    Williams had previously popped up on Twitter over the weekend with a Father’s Day message for the former president.

    Clinton has yet to respond to Williams’ messages.   Williams also used his series of Father’s Day tweets to suggest that Chelsea Clinton was a love child as well, born as a result of Hillary’s alleged affair with Webster Hubbell.

    Hubbell, the former Associate Attorney General and Chief Justice of Arkansas’ Supreme Court, was a lawyer who worked with Hillary at the Rose Law Firm. He served 21 months in prison as well after pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of tax fraud in 1994 for his billing practices while at the firm. -The Daily Mail

    Williams says that if the allegations are true that Chelsea Clinton is indeed the love child of Webster Hubbell, then Bill is even more of a hypocrite than he already is accused of being.

    Williams also said that Clinton would have a state trooper bring his mother seven $100 bills every month until he became president, allegations that have all been denied by the Clinton camp. A DNA test from over 20 years ago (using DNA of Clinton’s found during the Monica Lewinsky scandal) also proved that Clinton was not Williams father, but Williams has claimed that this is a false report likely designed to protect the former president.


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      1. All the Clintons are trash and while we’re on that subject I’d like to remind everyone what trash Peter Fonda and his sister Jane Fonda are. If they were broken down on the highway standing there I’d run them over.





          A MILLENNIAL

          • Eisenkrautz aka Acid:

            Grow up. Stop blaming your parents/grandparents for your lot in life, and a whole generation to boot.

            We were in high school in 1965 when the immigration act was passed, changing the demographics of the Country. Integration was forced on us. We were the victims of forced bussing, forced association, affirmative Discrimination against white males. The brainwashing we received from being the first generation raised on cia tv propaganda made us vulnerable. And even our religions were corrupted. For Catholics it was the Second Ecumenical Counsel. All these things effected us first.

            Your focus on a generational divide strengthens the globalists who work generationally toward their goals. We were taught by them not to trust anyone over thirty when we were the younger generation. Either you are a deceiving globalist posing as a revolutionary patriotic guy or you are a duped deplorable unwittingly promoting generational tensions and creating resentment when we need unity, a little empathy, and some semblance of compassion for one another.


            • Thank you for stating what appears to be no longer obvious. Younger generations are looking for a boogie man and have chosen Boomers. So much of what we see today was set in motion when we were too young to be clued in on things.

              Have you ever noticed it was the “Greatest Generation” that named themselves that? What a bunch of malarky that turned out to be.

          • Eisenkrautz:
            I’m in moderation. I wonder what I said this time.


        • HEY Peter Fonda:

          If you ever threaten my children, I will beat you to a bloody pulp with a baseball bat, starting with those buck teeth of yours which, if you survive the massive beating, will be coming out of your ass. I will crush every knuckle, splinter every bone, shatter every rib, expand your rectum, and beat out your eyes…and that is before I begin to get upset.

          I AM LIVID and am sick and tired of these F’N Democrats. There are those saying we are heading for another Civil War. Well, The “South” won’t lose this time.

          • Its not going to be the South thats going to win
            Its going tho be the Deplorables who totally eliminate the Liberals.

        • Menz,
          Do it carefully you don’t want to break your vehicle.
          I’m still cleaning hog bristles from under my car and fixing
          broken plastic from when I hit a hog 6 years ago.
          5AM, heavy rain, Black pig, ran in front of me when
          I was doing 55 MPH. Big Thump, Thump! My front license plate is still bent.

          • I have a very heavy duty custom guard welded onto the front and the undercarriage is solid. I’ll just have to hose off the blood, relik.

          • Years ago up in Michigan, a deer hit me while driving my old Chrysler Cordoba. His antlers tore off my rear view mirror and his body dented the driver’s side front fender. Yes, I screeched. That deer popped out from a small woods. Glad I was only traveling at 35 mph. Fender popped easily with a rubber mallet and the rear view mirror (dangling by a thread) was removed and replaced with an outrigger type mirror used when hauling a small travel trailer.

            Yeah, that car was comfy traveling but it had an awful drinking problem with a V-8 under the hood.

            • Cordobas were the most elegant car ever. The 77 model with “Corinthian leather” was soo cool. Vinyl landau top with opera lights, yeah!

        • The Clinton Village Idiots. Bill and Hillary need to be sitting in Max Prison waiting their firing squad execution for treason. Sooner the better.

          • Chelsea Clinton another corrupt Hag, who never worked a day in her life, and the Clinton foundation funded Chelsea’s wedding which is highly illegal for a Non profit to give a personal benefit such as millions of dollars as to pay for personal Wedding costs paid by a charity foundation. And yes she looks just like her daddy Webster Hubble.

        • Right on, Chelsea had a nose job as an adult, she had Bill’s nose (ugly), don’t think she is daughter of Web Hubble. Bill is a whore mongering breeder, just no telling how many bastards he fathered.

      2. Off topic and again I wish I could figure out how to post a link.
        Anyways I was reading in the paper about a 50 something grandmother that walked out of the house to get something or other when she spotted something moving around the car it was a rabid bobcat according to the story she licked eyes with it and it pounced for her throat. She managed to deflect the cat without serious injury pinning it to the porch she claimed she inched her hands up its back grabbed it’s throat and choked the life out of it. And all in absolute silence she didn’t want her your granddaughter coming to the door. I’m not doing the story justice please look it up it was a good story

        • Here’s a link:

          ANGRY BEAVER, to leave a link, just open a different window on your computer, track down the article, open the article and then “copy paste” the “link” from the very top of your computer (where you see the www stuff)

        • Found it on Fox. Good Granny!

      3. He looks like Charles Barkley.

      4. Menzo, seeing the 2 Fondas lying on the ground dead of ANY cause would be gratifying. 2 less commies to worry about.

        • Yes BH. All the low-life washed up celebrities are surfacing to trash Trump and the USA. Death is what I wish for them.

      5. Menzo, I forgot to add the same thing goes for the Clintons.

        • I don’t know why but I can see the clinton family being eaten by cannibals out in the rain forest somewhere. Tortured and beaten first of course, then the gruesome feast.

          • Once upon a time you dressed so fine threw the bums a dime in your prime “didn’t you”?
            People called said beware doll… Thought they were just kiddin you.

            • Very appropriate!

      6. It is such common knowledge that both Hilary and William are sick. Not just sick in political theory, but emotionally.

        I, for one, am convinced this negro is his son and Clinton will do EVERYTHING to shut this negro up. I am surprised the kid is alive. In one small way I feel a bit sorry for this negro, but most negro boys don’t even know who their father was or can not be sure. So, he is just another one.

        Remember when the Democrats and the Uppity White Liberals called Clinton “Americas First Negro President”? Well, they knew why. They knew this guy was a “Negro Lover”, as we used to say in the 50’s.

        I am also appalled that Hilary, and that ugly-as-hell daughter don’t speak up and help defend this fine young buck. Aren’t Hilary and Clinton “Negro Lovers” and will support those who need help? Don’t these 2 want to “bring families together” and be SO SO proud to have a negro in their family? What more could a Liberal, Democratic family want. Perhaps they don’t want a “negro in the woodpile”, as we used to say in the 50’s.

        Equality. Diversity, Inclusiveness. What a wonderful family for the Clintons. AND, if this negro is gay? Beautiful.

      7. If you have ever worked a job where you felt like a outsider
        Try to imagine working at the JD under the Clinton/ Obama regimes
        Yes some agents (maybe most) are throughly against tyrannical administration .

      8. You never know for certain. But its plasuable Chelsea is Web hubbles child and this inner tube lips crossbred is bills offspring. What he needs to do if forget the Clintons and get on with his life and become something by the sweat of his own brow. Show the world he aint a parasite leech. Quit trying to get a ride on the Clintons coattails.

        • Old Guy, good points. The Clintons’ coattails ain’t worth getting on. If he’s a producer, good for him. If he’s a taker then he can go to hell.

      9. Clinton likes popping those 16 year old cherries on his buddy Goldstein’s private island.

      10. Angry Beaver.. the bobcat incident you mention appeared here recently. On Slick Willy, his son should shut up before he joins the body count list. Billy ran as a Democrat but was a Republican through and through, same as Hillary Dillary Splat, cackle cackle. Anybody with one working eye can see Chelsea is Hubble’s daughter.

        • This is a real generalization,
          but sons tend to look like mom and
          daughters look like dad as far
          as facial features go.

      11. Will Rogers never met a man he didn’t like. Bill Clinton never met a woman he didn’t _________.

      12. Bill probably has kids all over the country and maybe others. Would not be surprised. Wouldn’t want em looking like Hillary.

      13. Bill Clinton always told his “dates” that he was sterile because he’d had chicken pox as a child.

        So there might not be any children anywhere.

        • probably a Democrat or Politician lie to get the woman’s guard down so he can rape her , or make them feel like it wont end up any further than sex , or this one time ..they are psychopaths

          and , if this was the case than why isn’t Bill giving DNA proof to prove this as all a hoax.. its so easy to shut this down ,, but yet still not happening..

          Occams Razor

      14. Can’t play my emotions for political gain cus my heart is stone cold. I don’t give a flying shit about others. why should I care about others struggles when I have my own. Think about this when you have compassion for hard luck cases. You are being played for a fool. Hard luck cases are democrat votes. Stop giving a shit about others that aren’t your family. I don’t care about illegal aliens I don’t want them here. If someone showed up on my doorstep begging I’d call the police and say they are trespassing remove them. I don’t care what the police do with them. stop trying to humanize aliens. Trump is weak he gave the demoncrats what they wanted. It didn’t take long because that was the plan all along.

      15. Pictures of Danny did look a lot like him in his younger years. Still favor some. Why would he pay the mother money every month if he wasn’t his child?
        A story awhile back said the money stopped when he became president because Killery stopped it. Some things never go away but I hope Danny can live his life a better person and know he is better off without him in his life.

      16. Distraction, misdirection of attention, subtle promotion of race mixing.


      17. Clinton’s hate Black people. I thought that was clear to everyone?

        • Hoser:

          Hillary was the attorney for the infomous Black Panther Party. Hardly indicates hate.


        • Hate is a vastly overused word. In reality it is just total disregard. Blacks are just a stepping stone to wealth and power for these people. They certainly don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

          As for this boy, what ever happened to a good old fashioned paternity suit?

          • All the kid would have to do is file a paternity suit, have the court compel Slick Willie to give blood for a DNA workup, have experts compare the two and enter the results into evidence. This is done all the time and Slick couldn’t claim “presidential privilege” since he isn’t the president anymore. Then we’ll know.

            Since the kid won’t do this and instead only runs his mouth, it makes you wonder.

            Of course, as was said earlier, maybe the kid doesn’t want to end up “arkancided” like so many others.

      18. I understand that JFK was Bill Clinton’s idol when he was growing up. JFK was famous for saying “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country!”. Clinton is famous for saying “I did not have sex with that woman!”. Both are famous for being grab-asses and Joe Biden puts them both to shame.

      19. I don’t know (or care) who is the winner of that janky, blue dress, but anyone could basically take the albumin reagent and a black light to anywhere Bill’s been.

        I bet it’s turned up, at dozens of creepy fundraisers, already.

        Do you need someone to tell you how to do this?

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