Big Tech Ramps Up Censorship: The People FIGHT BACK

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Big tech companies such as Google and Facebook are ramping up censorship of literally anything and anyone that does not toe the line and promote the official narrative.  They are attempting to hide the crimes of elitists and governments against humanity, but some are still determined to make this world a better and freer place.

    Remember, the tyrants want one thing: to control you. Whoever controls perception, controls the world, and big tech and the mainstream media are both going to be shouldering at least some of the blame for the enslavement of mankind.  It’s easy to sell fear to the public. But there comes a time when it’s possible to fight back without violence.  That time is now.  All you have to do is live like the free sovereign human being you were born to be. Stop allowing them to censor you. Stop obeying their commands. Stop letting the media tell you to live in fear.

    The elitists and politicians are losing control and pulling out their last cards. But the future is bright if we can get people to wake up and see it was all a facade.

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    London Real’s Brian Rose is one of those fighting against all odds to ensure freedom of speech prevails.

    But it isn’t just Rose.  Tucker Carlson noticed the censorship has gone too far and said so on a mainstream media account.

    What we all need to realize, is that this all ends when WE say it does.  We MUST start living our lives as free people and stop begging the tyrants for permission.  More and more people are realizing this every day and it’s panicking the government, elitists, and the mainstream media.  It’s time we turn the tables on them and make them fear us!

    The real question is are you willing to fight for your freedom? Are you willing to stand up and disobey the orders of tyrants? Are you willing to remove their revenue streams by refusing to be stolen from? Or are you going to let the mainstream media scare you into a timid shell of a human being? Are you going to blindly follow the orders of the government even though they are morally reprehensible and downright wrong?

    The choice is ours. We control our destiny, not the elitists barking the orders and it’s time we realize our power and take it back!


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      1. THIS website censors.
        THIS website shadow bans.
        This website redirects. To who? Fed honey pot?
        Why do you hide the views now? Why no real time communication/conversation like it used to be here?
        Piss on your “captcha” and other censorship tools.
        There used to be 300 comments on some articles. It used to be a community. Now all old heads gone never comment. Or was it just bots? People have a RIGHT to speak. Even if they are idiots. Even the nutjobs offered good ideas.

        Yes HCKS was right. There really were/are china camps in south texas. We saw them. Chicom CCP are a dangerous enemy that MUST be dealt with.

        Tech companies are TYRANTS that MUST be dealt with.
        You idiots that use the social media/phone Tech are the problem.
        Cut them off. Keep them off. Make them go broke.
        If they censor you. Stop buying from their advertisers.
        Stop using them.

        Yes. 5G is a weapon of war. 5G will kill you.
        This made up “crises” hoax is a weapon of war upon the people used by Government and Billionaires.

        • The CIA funded Google Maps. They can find you. I cancelled my Cell phone tracking device. Track me now Aholes. Even your smart meter on your house will rat on you, let them know when you make your coffee. I moved out into the Countryside and off the grid 5 years ago. I produce all of my own electricity. Fraudbook is a facial recognition device to track you. Get rid of the technology as much as possible. Do not get 5G or any vaccine full of poisons. Load and Lock, war is a coming to a neighborhood near you.

      2. In a couple of ways they do seem afraid, after having suffered tremendous narcisstic injury, which has a tendency to result in violence.

        They are affraid of the truth being told, and they are afraid of being confronted with the truth, to the point of shutting down the entire country.

        They should really just leave. They have done so much harm already. They are delusional though and not prone to rational thought and behavior.

        They are in denial and are in the bargaining stage of grief and acceptance.

        They are actually extreme narcissists, aka megalomaniacs.

        On the other hand, the policies that they have imposed on everyone indicates that they have no fear at all, or at least didn’t when they decided to impliment the house arrest for all, which has backfired catastrophically in every way possible, by design.

        What the outlier that none had anticipated was the truth getting out as to how overstated the severity and fatality of the coronavirus, as well as WHOs, Gates, the medical mafia’s Joseph Mengele on steroids, style history.

        • i know for an absolute fact that the people that are a bunch of brain dead fucking retards simply by the way that they choose to spend their time, exercise their free will, and use their technology by spying on me!

          As far as I’m concerned, it would be the equivalent of someone telling another that they can have anything that they want, and they say! Great! I’ll take a pack of gum!

          • U.S. “intelligence” agencies insist that COVID19 is not man made. Considering that these psycopathic retards have been consistently shy on both credibility, and intelligence, based on, well, EVERYTHING, please tell us why the Fort Detrich Bio-lab existed, and why it was shut down, if you expect anybody to believe a fucking word that you say, oh, and while you’re at it, prosecute the psychopaths that staged 9/11, or was that just another one of your “bright ideas”?!

          • The only logical explanation that I can arrive at for the insanity of so many illegally spying on me is that some psychopath is using me as a decoy.

          • The only logical explation that I can come up with for this insanity, is that some psychopath in the deep state has decided to use me as a decoy for some nefarious scheme of its. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to be spying on me! People indicate that they are spying on me, but, when confronted, they always deny it. It is crazy.

        • The Truth is their worst enemy as the truth does not fit their evil Agenda. That’s why they censor freedom of speech. Welcome to Agenda 21. Right on schedule. And BTW/ been prepping for a decade. I did not consider any pandemic. As we are finding out, the medical industry is not entirely honest are they. Some doctors are, but get censored. Look at how many doctors and scientists that produced cures for cancer and other diseases and were suicided. Its all a scam.

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