Big Pharma Raking In MILLIONS While Fueling Superbugs And Selling Bad Drugs

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 19 comments

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    While Big Pharma uses disinformation to fight bacterial infections and the flu in the US, they could be fueling superbugs in India while peddling bad drugs. This is becoming a global epidemic that can only be resolved by actually sharing realistic information about the drug companies.

    According to ARS Technica, in August of 2016, doctors in Washoe County, Nevada, found that one of their patients couldn’t shake a bad bacterial infection. The infection had likely taken hold years before while the local woman was on an extended visit to India. While overseas, she had undergone multiple hospitalizations and surgery for a leg injury and eventually developed a bone infection. By the time she got back to Nevada, the infection had spread. The doctors in the United States isolated her in a hospital room and threw all the antibiotics in their arsenal at the infection. It resisted all of them—26 in total, tests confirmed. In early September, the woman developed septic shock and died.

    ARS Technica then went on to say that this highlights two very important points: that drug-resistant bacteria don’t stop at borders and that India is of particular concern in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections. While cases of drug-resistant bacterial infections are rising globally, recent data shows that India has among the highest rates of such infections in the world. The country is also the largest consumer of antibiotics per capita.

    But, new data is showing why India appears to be the breeding grounds for antibiotics resistant strains, and it’s all the fault of Big Pharma and their “money before people” philosophy. Drug companies (Big Pharma)are selling millions of dubious and unapproved cocktails of antibiotics in India. All of these could spur the development of drug-resistant bacteria and imperil patients. The finding, published Monday in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology by UK health experts, suggests that the country poses a risk to global health and undermines efforts to control drug resistance. But not because India is inherently unsafe, but because drug companies take advantage of India’s bacterial infections. 

    The study authors, led by Patricia McGettigan of Queen Mary University of London, recommend firm regulatory action within India to ban these unapproved drug cocktails. They also call for the multinational drug companies producing some of the antibiotic mixtures—such as Abbott, GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, and Merck/MSD—to be accountable for their products.

    Drug companies “should be required to justify the sale of products in India that do not have the approval of their own national regulators and, in multiple cases, not even the approval of the Indian regulator,” they conclude.ARS Technica

    When reading closely, it can be summarized that drug companies are responsible for the global outbreaks of the antibiotic-resistant strains of infections. But that’s not all. Dosages could also present a problem. The researchers found that drug companies sold 86 regular, so-called “single-dose antibiotics” and 118 “fixed-dose combination” antibiotics over the five-year period. Many of the 118 doses sold in India were “poorly considered,” the authors note. Some combined antibiotics that needed to be taken at different intervals to work

    But expecting drug companies to care about the health of their consumers is like asking the government to care about the freedom of their people. The more people Big Pharma hooks on drugs, the more money they make. The more communists the government hooks on their totalitarian programs, the more money the government makes. Putting two and two together to get four is now up to us.

    Read the whole report here.


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      1. No shock here. Scumbag pharma companies using the third world as a backyard (but not theirs) lab. Remember the Bhopal disaster, where big industry poisoned thousands.

      2. Back in about 1840 to the 1890’s the US Army killed about 50 to 60 Million Buffalo, killing off the food sources of the Native Americans to eradicate the people from the land so they could steal the gold in them thar hills. Today the Government and their fascist corporate partners just poison your kids with mandatory vaccines, GMO poisoned food on the store shelves labeled as food, and massive amount of Sugars in all foods which causes cancer, they allow cigarettes to fill your lungs with cancer, and hospitals are incubators of infectious diseases which is the biggest killer.

        Get far far away from all people. All cities and go live your lives in peace off their GREED and GRID.

        • Great idea you take off first well all catch up k

      3. For thoes of you who dont know google how a waterheater works then when the time comes you will have the knowledge to take it out and pull the outer cabinet and insulation off of it then take out the heating element and get all the lime out of it it will be like flakes peices about 5 gal bucket full you can utilize said lime in makeing water filter. Return heating element

        • Then you will have the start of your water distiller. The cold water line is connected to a pipe that runs down into the tank thats your fill. The hot water line is the one that the steam will come out of. You can fuel with wood ect to heat tank but will need plumbing to cool steam. And ability to block cold water intake

      4. News this morning – our local flu (West coast Florida) now coming in at least 4 distinct strains and anyone can now get the flu in various permutations more than once – one after the other… “running out of time to get the flu shots…. it’ll do ya good” b.s. They’re getting desperate for people to be inoculated with whatever the hell they’ve put in the drugs.

      5. The CDC is developing a nationwide “medical police state” program to track vaccine compliance; may lead to “medical kidnapping” of children

        Posted on February 6, 2018 by Lance D Johnson

        (Natural News) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is essentially the vaccine compliance and enforcement division of the pharmaceutical industry. Their newly developed program, Immunization Information Systems (IIS), is part of the roll out of a kind of “medical police state” which would allow the government to monitor and track the mandatory vaccine compliance of every citizen.

        This data is collected automatically; there is no consent. The database tracks your personal and family health decisions, even when you say NO to a vaccine. The database will identify areas of “under vaccination” and track citizens who are not in compliance with the current childhood and adult vaccine schedules.

        According to their 2013-2017 functional standards, the IIS requires the following information in their database: patient name, birth date, sex, race, ethnicity, birth order, birth state, mother’s name, vaccine type, vaccine manufacturer, vaccination date, and vaccination lot number. If a vaccine is refused, that information is collected, too. State vaccine registries are used to help compile the data.

        The data only becomes valuable when it is shared; this is why the IIS reserves the right to share your personal vaccination status to “healthcare providers, public health, and other authorized stakeholders” in all 50 states. The IIS also declares they can share the information with schools, daycare, and child camps, giving these institutions the data they need to enforce vaccine compliance. The language used by IIS is vague; the data could fall into the possession of any industry or government enforcement that has a financial incentive to see that you and your children are vaccinated as much as possible.

        ***And the head of the CDC was just fired for buying into the same Pharm Stock which is the same companies she requires mandatory drugs vaccines. The corruptions goes deep.

        • TSB, you’ve just got to be related to HCKS some how or maybe you have the same Dr??

      6. This is why people should say no to vaccinations – they are all about big pharma profits and they fund their junk science with ‘research’ to be used as evidence to support their findings and thus justifications.

        Big pharma are a member of the NWO like all the secret societies,(Freemasons and skull and Bones)foundations, energy saving trusts, charities, councils, political parties, pressure groups and media – all in it working together to create the New World Order. See agenda 21 too.

        Satay safe out there people.

        • Just tell your doctor “I choose to opt out of this vaccine” older people are being pushed by dr’s to get flu shots, friends and I just tell them. And rem. the Tuskegee incident (1930’s thru 50’s), wonder what they put in polio (if anything)shots, but whatever it was didn’t work.

      7. I read yesterday, 500,000 Indian/African?? women were sterilized from a vaccine given.

        • That’s good news! How can we scale that across Africa and India? We need to sterilize at least 100 million women in these places to put a dent in the overpopulation.

          As for India, they need to learn how to wash and not to poop outside. It is a very dirty place full of very dirty people. Hygiene is not a strong point there.

          • Frank Thoughts: Next should be the middle east, (also cities in S.Amer.) Muslims breed unabated, men have four wives as their breeder sows. India and some other places are real hell holes, poor hygiene.

      8. Trump said he would leave cannabis use and regulation up to the states while campaigning, an obvious lie. He knew exactly what AG Sessions was going to do. Trump is in the pocket of big pharma as are all politicians who take funding to be elected and then re-elected. Currently one big pharma company has produced synthetic THC which will be the only type cannabis drug that is legal across the medical establishment. The war is on for freedom of personal healing from the natural plant substance that actually works up against grossly expensive poisonous chemical drugs produced that sicken and slow kill millions of Americans.

        • Trump won on Free Trade. His secondary promise of ending foolish wars doesn’t look too promising. Immigration while highly emotional is not the demise of the nation as the other two are. Regardless Trump is not a Libertarian however the choice was him or Hillary, Boss Tweed of the Federal Government. My choice of those running was Rand Paul but given the reality choice its hands down Trump.

      9. Let’s not forget one other abuse–that of medicating the industrially farmed food animals. These animals receive “preventive” dosages of various antibiotics due to the conditions they are raised in. Most of us are aware of the story. (If not, please research what happens to these animals.) The end result is helping the bad germs become ever stronger.

      10. Antibiotics given to livestock contribute to the problem. When you buy meat, milk, eggs, fish that are full of antibiotics, you are risking two things. One is the balance of bacteria in your gut. The other is building up a resistance which renders antibiotics ineffectual.

        At the store, you control the situation.
        As a customer/consumer you dictate what goes into your body.
        Yes, the price of Pasteur Raised Chickens (eggs) is high, but the price comes down when more people choose them.
        Grass-fed cows make healthier milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese. I buy pasteurized milk products that are not homogenized.
        The cream comes to the top of the milk. Homogenization is an unnecessary process.
        Organic/nonGMO, antibiotic free, and local are all important.
        Wild caught fish is on the table at our house.


        • Pasture Raised Chickens (eggs) – refers to pasture land.

          Louis Pasteur discovered micro-organism’s roll in fermenting milk and alcohol.
          This discovery led to the process of heating milk to kill organisms, some of which
          make people sick. This process is called pasteurization.


      11. Before I retired 3 years ago, I started learning about herbal medicine and more precisely, wildcrafting as well as the use of essential oils and natural products. I figured there may come a time that I could not afford or would not have access to conventional medicine.

        I have been using herbal medicine and essential oils now for about 4 years. With the opiod issue and not being able to get standard pain medication, I have found that herbal preparations work nearly as well. AND herbal preparations are much less expensive.

        I have also been much more specific about what I eat and where it comes from.

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