New Big Brother Cyber Weapon Can Turn on Your Computer’s Microphone, Take Screen Shots, Copy Data, Record Communications

by | May 29, 2012 | Headline News | 199 comments

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    To the disbelief of many of our readers, in a 2011 report titled Everything You Do Is Monitored, we noted that microphones and cameras on cell phones and computers allow interested parties (translated to mean your respective government) to hear and see everything going on in the direct vicinity of the device without the knowledge of its owner.

    That these monitoring features are available on cell phones was a known fact, as FBI surveillance networks already have the ability to turn on any cell phone microphone or camera remotely without tipping off the user. It’s believed that this surveillance technique can work even when the cell phone user has shut down their phone, with the only surefire way to prevent such surveillance being removal of the unit’s battery.

    Computers, however, were believed to be secure from these kinds of backdoors, and the majority of computer users believe their PC’s are protected from such intrusive technologies once they install virus and malware protection software.

    However, a new virus identified by leading digital security firm Kaspersky Lab, is reportedly capable of not only embedding itself onto computer systems without being identified by traditional anti-virus applications, but able to execute total surveillance and monitoring that includes turning on your camera and microphone, copying your data, and recording emails and chat conversations.

    Evidence suggest that the virus, dubbed Flame, may have been built on behalf of the same nation or nations that commissioned the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran’s nuclear program in 2010, according to Kaspersky Lab, the Russian cyber security software maker that took credit for discovering the infections.

    Kaspersky researchers said they have yet to determine whether Flame had a specific mission like Stuxnet, and declined to say who they think built it.

    Cyber security experts said the discovery publicly demonstrates what experts privy to classified information have long known: that nations have been using pieces of malicious computer code as weapons to promote their security interests for several years.

    Symantec Security Response manager Vikram Thakur said that his company’s experts believed there was a “high” probability that Flame was among the most complex pieces of malicious software ever discovered.

    Kaspersky’s research shows the largest number of infected machines are in Iran, followed by Israel and the Palestinian territories, then Sudan and Syria.

    The virus contains about 20 times as much code as Stuxnet, which caused centrifuges to fail at the Iranian enrichment facility it attacked. It has about 100 times as much code as a typical virus designed to steal financial information, said Kaspersky Lab senior researcher Roel Schouwenberg.

    Flame can gather data files, remotely change settings on computers, turn on PC microphones to record conversations, take screen shots and log instant messaging chats.

    Kaspersky Lab said Flame and Stuxnet appear to infect machines by exploiting the same flaw in the Windows operating system and that both viruses employ a similar way of spreading.

    “The scary thing for me is: if this is what they were capable of five years ago, I can only think what they are developing now,” Mohan Koo, managing director of British-based Dtex Systems cyber security company.

    Source: Reuters

    With a new National Security Agency data center coming online and capable of capturing, aggregating and analyzing every digital communication in the United States, cellphones and computers having in excess of 99% penetration across the country, and some 30,000 drones being prepared for domestic operations, we can safely say that a total police state surveillance infrastructure is now in place and fully capable of monitoring everything  – and we mean EVERYTHING – that you do.

    The Matrix has you…


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      1. Well Then….I guess I better get dressed and quit sitting at the computer half naked drinking coffee.

        • maybe…maybe not 😉

          • My wife griped at me the other day about seeing me sit at the computer in my boxer shorts.
            She was none too happy with me later that day…but I did address the issue.
            Now I need to disconnect my camera.

            • No you dont, just put a piece of tape over the lens.

        • Heh – Given that such things do not exist outside of Windows and can be easily blocked (even if all you have is a piece or two of electrical tape), I’ll continue sitting here half-naked.

          Just need some coffee now… 🙂

          • I’ve been doing that for years now. I usually use masking tape though as it leaves less of a residue. I also disable both devices in the OS by default when I configure a new computer. Another thing I do is name make sure my name is nowhere on the OS. I usually make up a name for the owner just to make it more difficult to anyone to figure out who I am. I won’t even get into how I configure my browser as that would take up a lot more space!

            • And no banking info, please! or SS# etc.

            • Irrelevant for me. Using Cisco firewall at the Internet edge and Ubuntu on workstations. Reading about viruses and malware from news only (no real experience for many years).

          • Sorry to break it to you, but Windows is not the only vulnerable OS on the planet. *nix and MacOSX are not completely immune. They merely present a smaller target for malicious software. In terms of a cross-platform virus, all that is needed is something that is coded in something like Assembly or other machine code. That bypasses the OS and can take FULL advantage of the coputer’s hardware.

            • There have been only a literal handful of viruses and/or malware that have taken on a Linux machine since 1995… and the last big one died in 2001.

              OSX virus writers have to be content with making trojan apps for the most part, and parking them on porn sites.

              The big n’ ugly that you’d have to worry about is something that can crawl into the UEFI/BIOS code.

            • Time to dust off the 480 and fire it back up!

            • You are assuming that this was accomplished WITHOUT the direct knowledge of the respective OS vendor. It is known that the source code for windows has been given to the Chinese govt upon request. I do not recall any stories about macOS. I also do not know if the US govt required the source code from either. However, i believe it is safe to assume that both are correct and that some, if not all, major governments have it for law enforcement and other purposes.

              With this it is trivial to exploit a back door with a high level of sophistication, given the resources at the disposal of the respective governments.

              I fully concur with Mac that the matrix has us and there is no anonymous way to maintain an online identity any longer. Note that I said identity and not anynomous usage. That is still possible but requires awareness, knowledge and discipline.

          • the electirical tape will do you no good unless you cover your entire screen in it.

            • Please tell me this is a blonde joke. Your screen is NOT a camera. But thanks for the good laugh!!

            • Telescreens anyone? (1984 reference for those who have never read it.)

            • Surely they’re not meaning the screen will take an image like a camera. Rather, it’s like ours at work and will take a capture image of what is on your screen at the time (work vs games). And, I believe the whole point here is not that we can just log off or password protect or cover video chat cameras, but that this is a blatant invasion of privacy and Big Brother Government controlling the masses.
              I know, and don’t call your Shirley. Right?

          • Yep, I keep mine covered up for instances just like this.

        • Oh no!..

          Now is the time to sit naked in front of the computer!

          Let them be intimidated by my undeniable awesomeness.

          Yo, ladies, here I come!!!


        • home made beer and cigs

        • I better let my 5 neighbors know to get dressed and know what is going to take place….

        • Fully naked here… and not just drinking any coffee, Kona coffee.

          • Puna coffee mo bettah brah.

            • Hey! I used to live in pahoa, puna bra!

        • haha! yep, and I hope they get grossed out watching all those people pick their noses and rearends and then sniffing too 🙂

        • Just put a piece of tape over your camera when you are not using it.

      2. All this..and we cant get to the bottom of 9-11 and this…

        ..>Donald Trump did not back down on Tuesday from his questioning of President Barack Obama’s birthplace, which, paired with the Obama campaign highlighting Trump’s remarks, served to keep the issue alive on the day he is to fund-raise alongside presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

        “I’ve never really changed. Nothing’s changed my mind,” he said on CNBC of his skepticism toward Obama’s birthplace.

        • VRF….”All this..and we cant get to the bottom of 9-11 and this…”

          YES….all this AND the trail of Roger Clements continues for the 6th week…..Give me a break!!!!

          • Who is rogert clements??

            I’m online hours every day…and I don’t know.

            • He’s a baseball player, I think.

            • Oh, disregard–baseball–should have known.

            • roger clemens was a great pitcher , though his career stats have now been tainted by steroids.

            • all things being equal though he is one of the best pitchers ever to hurl in the bigs.

            • JayJay, why are you trying to play dumb? Why would you post a comment (which could take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to post) asking about Clemens when it would take far less time to just open a new tab and google it? Do you just like to see your own post?

        • let me clarify,,no one in custody..and no one on trial

          you know the truth is on film.

 proof he is who he is supposed to be, yet there is more info on John Doe, and more personal info..than we the people have on our POTUS.

          • I totally understand. I just can’t believe that they are spending our hard earned tax dollars trying to determined if a baseball player LIED under oath.

            Isn’t that what our government officials do everyday….WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL. Leave the guy alone and stop wasting our money.

            • Oh now, Tina….be nice. Right now Diane Feinstein is pushing through a Bill that will provide National regulations on egg-laying hens. Apparently Kalifornia has it all figured out and TPTB want all the other states to fall-in-line. “We Must Conform!”

            • and after all this time and money Clements is aquitted on all charges…….good for him

        • Ponder this.
          If you have faith in God, you’re mocked by the left.

          If you DON’T have faith in the roots of their “man god”, your also mocked.

          Bill Maher, for example, writes books and makes movies ridiculing folks for their religious faith, yet mocks and ridicules folks for not “blindly accepting” that BO is who he says he is. In the face overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Obviously, these folks must be choosing to ignore what’s out there.
          I for one, determined to obtain information to settle this in my mind, am not swayed by the evidence that something at least stinks.
          I have come to the conclusion that the left, on this issue, is using “blind faith”.
          p/s, The term “birther” make me furious. ” They” had better cool it. This will bite them in the ass some day.

      3. Big Brother and Big Sis know no limits. And we are pretty much powerless to stop them.

        They are not elected officials – they are hired or appointed bureaucrats.

        Today’s Technology is the Governments Greatest Asset.

        I am sad for America.

        • We are a slave to our own devices…..

        • It’s going to end up as information overload. There is a balance that cannot be broken, between too little and too much information. Too little and you don’t know what’s going on. Too much and you can’t find the information you’re looking for.

          Currently, these feiglinger whores that reside within the criminal corporate enterprise known as the United States of America, Inc. TM, have crossed that barrier balance. Once they have every piece of information on everyone all the time, these morons will actually know less. Sure, you can write all the algorithmic shit you want to sift it, but at the end of the day, it comes down to time and human interpretation.

          For example, if I said over the phone, “That party was the bomb last night. I got fucking nuked on those shots and about blew my hand off with that flaming Doctor Pepper.”, the computer would most likely flag that hard. Which I’m sure it is right now. 🙂 (fuck you scumbags and your shit)

          Then, whomever I was talking responded in kind with further usage of keywords that could potentially mean something to the machine, then it goes even further down the scan line. So on and so forth, until eventually it ends up in a huge stack of papers on an analyst’s desk, where it waits for potentially weeks before sorted, analyzed and determined to be AWOFT (A waste of fucking time). It is at this point that the usefulness of intelligence gathering meets diminishing returns.

          Meanwhile, a very real and important piece of intelligence just a few dozen pages under the worthless one they had on me with a very real threat, becomes obsolete as the event already occurred, which could have been prevented if they were not wasting fucking time on harmless me. Just ask any honest analyst and they will tell you how overwhelmed they are with AWOFT information.

          Since the human mind will NEVER be replaced no matter how cleverly you program a computer to pretend it is alive and intelligent, you’ll never get the real thing. The human mind can read between the lines, make predictive calls and process data from an abstract perspective, unlike any machine, because WE ARE NOT MACHINES! If you want to track a human, use a human. The human mind is unpredictable and has the ability to act without a pattern that only another human can recognize.

          On that, I say fuck these megalomaniacs and their big brother horseshit. These idiots have failed many times in history and soon, the most grand failure in history will be upon them as their house cards collapses at their feet. Such an evil thing can never sustain itself. The universe has a real keen way of finding a balance in things. Sure, the pendulum swings back and forth, but it spends most of the time in the middle.

          • You are not think about this in the right way. Law enforcement is reactive. They might get lucky about a future event, that was not of their own manufacture, but that is not the norm. The huge dat gathering is also reactive. If, for instance, you blow something up in a terroristy kind of a way, they have the data to reconstruct everything about your online identity. That is where the shitstorm begins. Everyone that ever Communicated with you will also have their lives pulled apart by the system. They will intensively pull apart travel, online and purchases to figure out the degrees of separation to other actors and try to bag the whole bunch.

          • Yes, it does come down to time and THOUGHTFUL human interpretation. Instead, they’ll farm the work out to Indian folks in India or convicts in the basement of a corporate prison. The results won’t a very good job. If they gave the work to freedom-loving Americans, the intelligence would end up being given to the resistance.

          • What about this scenario – You say the phrase you just mentioned in your post, it gets flagged by a computer, which forwards it with your current GPS coordinates to a drone, which flies to your house and vaporizes it with missiles. Not that far fetched if you ask me, keeps the human element out of the equation, no analysis, no blame, no guilt.

            • It may not be a cure, but maybe the death of the host. These parasites have just about hollowed out the republic, there is very little left.

          • I doubt very much that people are waiting to hear us say “Bomb” and “Nuke”. Remember that this is a criminal enterprise and this “national security” crap is just a subterfuge and cover story. What they are really interested in is corporate espionage, rival gang intelligence, whistle-blowers and investigative reporters.

            Grow up.

      4. Good story, but this information has been somewhat know for a while. If you look at previous articles in which programmers went to court because they were forced to provide the backdoor or create the so-called backdoor to certain security application so the government could sneak in if needed. Bottom line, regardless of any elections, it WILL GET WORSE. I’m sorry to say, the only escape to freedom is Divine intervention or total collapse. The infection, we as a nation are fighting has gone untreated for too long and now it time to pay; the cure is going to hurt.

        • The scumbags infesting the federal government are not gods. They are men who put their pants on one leg at a time. They can and will be arrested and punished. I believe mass arrests and the virtual dissolution of the federal government was we know it is just around the corner. Listen to the middle hour of the “Drake interview” and see if you agree. I don’t believe it’s fantasy, I believe it’s plausible and realistic.

      5. Is there a good “how too” out there on anonymous web usage?

        • use

          • i’m sorry that is now


        • First of all buy or make a Faraday case for all mobile devices.

          There’s plenty out there but to be safe use the tor browser within Vidalia. Then do your research from there.

          Also, invest in a Secure VPN and lock down/silo your info. Practice comsec and encrypt with hidden volumes.

        • Look up “public proxy” on your favorite search engine. It’s a good first start. The rest will require that you use your head.

        • There is a plug-in for Firefox called “Do Not Track Plus” and it is free. The same company has a bunch of other tools as well, but that one is a must have for starters. There is also Proxy surfing which can be free, but slow. For faster proxy surfing with a service that wipes your surfing records, you’ll have to pay about $20.00 or more per month, depending on what you go with. There are many ways, some other have suggested. Good luck.

      6. Usually if someone is looking at you, you should also be able to see them. Is it possible for some good hackers on our side of the fence to be able to watch them watching us?

        But for the life of me I couldn’t imagine why they would want to do surveillance on me. The best they will get is my vacation pics and a good recipe for lamb.

        To the peepers out there. Stop jacking us off and get a real job.

        • Doesn’t quite work that way.

          for starters, if I’m eyeballing you via your webcam, but my computer doesn’t have one, you’re going to have a hard time seeing much of anything. 😉

        • Keep them busy!!
          –there were 3 words they look for( I!!) and that was posted and sent email everwhere..

          use them every post and every email…

          Keep them busy!!!

          • Actually DRUDGE REPORT had a link to the 100 (or so) “flag” words.
            Why not use them in every e-mail? Like DDOS

            • sure have millions of botnets running millions of buzzwords over and over for infinity until its an entire new reality of matrix consisting of only those buzzwords.

            • while you are at it, email all the names of the rulers to all, over and over, may it be printed in every language and be graffitied across every backalley in the world (club of rome)

        • I agree. They’d be so bored watching me, they’d be wondering what they did wrong to get saddled with my name on their watch list.

        • You’ll be up SHTF Creek 20 years from now when cooking lamb is considered a felony with the death penalty retroactive for twenty years applied on your first offense. lmao

      7. It’s decided, I am having a boob job and facelift. If I am going to be ogled I want to look good lol

        Seriously, all this shit, it makes you wonder when and if it will ever stop, we are spied on, logged, tagged and followed from cradle to grave.

        It is sickening. Truly sickening.

        Take care

        • Until WE see the photos Burt, its all talk! 🙂

          • Durango

            You need to trust me…I am all woman, a few creases here and there but not that bad considering the mileage on the clock…just not good enough for my liking, hence the face lift and boob job.

            I have been advised to put a photo on the blog but am too chicken shit to do so.

            Take care

        • Burt the Brit

          I’ll bet a dollar to a dime this stuff is being abused far above it’s already unconstitutional nature. It’s a big pervert party.

          Who is policing the police who police the police who police the police who police the police………….and so on.

          Regardless how much information is gathered at some point it requires a human element. Where are they getting these people? Regardless of the technology it would require one hell of a lot of people.

          • Were all Serfs, it has always been that way, and will continue till doomsday. Just go to Sams Place and get a box of good ol vaseline, so it want hurt so bad, when they put it in.

            • A semifree peasant of a low hereditary class, slavishly attached to the land owned by a feudal lord and required to perform labour, enjoying minimal legal or customary rights

          • Kevin 2

            I have no doubt you are right, scary stuff

            Take care

      8. Alternative communications may need to go to the top of the prepper list. Will this lead to a return to snail mail as a possibly more discrete means of staying in touch on some matters? At some point soon, we will be truly targeted, not merely monitored. Codes and communication systems are as old as treachery itself. Will this become a growth area for prepping? Mac has further opened this very interesting can of worms and I suspect we will all be compelled to give this some hard thought and action. Thanks, Mac!

      9. need to create special files when oprened realease viruses and trojans

        for their viewing pleasure


      10. OH Burt we are done if you change I like the sweaters and bushy eyes brows. If you keep this talk up I’ll move back to Big Birds, at least he’s true to himself…

        • No Ernie…don’t leave me lol

          Hiya mate, how’s it going? I had to morph back to female, partly because I am one and cannot talk bloke effectively.

          We are very under represented on here, not that I mind, I have learned a great deal. Pity there is nothing like this in the UK isn’t it?

          Take care

      11. Glad to see you posted this Mac. This is pretty scary stuff and I got a mixed review when I mentioned it here a few days ago. This deserves more publicity.

      12. Bugging out on a deserted island sound really good right about now.

        I want to “GO GILLIGAN”

      13. KY mom’s naked !

        • Oh no! Must use more tape.

          • Maybe they aren’t on the prepper sites to gather intel, but they’ve realized there are a LOT of women here…and coffee….probably lots and lots of coffee.

            and chocolate.

            • Just sayin’, I have a stash of 50 pounds of dark chocolate in case of emergency!

            • @ Daisy – did you can it? vac seal it? pleeeeeaaaasssse tell me how to store chocolate longer than a year or two. All I have is canned dum-dums and smarties…..

            • Kim ~ Mylar and 02 absorbers for some of it, and the other is must in the original plastic packaging sealed inside a large glass jar.

              Chocolate is NOT a luxury in my world. 😀

      14. I hate commies.

        • How about nekkid commies?

          • Depends…are they hot? I mean, I can fake Marxism for a night if it gets me somewhere!

            • I did it once. All it got me was crabs.

      15. Having NATO in Chicago was primarily to get tons of surveillance installed without question and to give law enforcement a chance to show the world what they’re capable of. Test run.

      16. Tina: The big money island owners are selling their islands while they still can, and while the islands are still above water.

        White ranchers are trying to exit South Africa too. Lot of farms and ranches there for sale.

        Learn Spanish, start with Panama (pronounce that with the emphasis on MA to sound like a native) and then go Colombia for a some high ground.

        Put your extra cash into RmB in that Chinese bank in PanaMA City and you should get a nice return every year over the next 5 years.

        Just saying. 🙂

        • Can you give me a link, I’m not finding any info or sure if I found the right one

          • loosescrews: There is only one Chinese bank in PanaMA and it is not easy to open an account there.

            You will need to visit.

        • Bank of China has had a branch in NYC (for at least 40 years).
          You can open an RmB account with a few grand US, as long as you have at least US$500 in another account. Both accounts are even insured by FDIC (yes, I agree, go figure). In one year the US$ value of my RmB account has gone up about 2.6%. It is still in RmB now.


        The have sound scopes infrared scopes the show you clear as day from space they can see the very color of your eyes , see through your roof into your bathroom sitting upon your porcelain throne , taking a shower , or in your bedroom snoogin’ the neighbors spouse. They have mobile vans and trucks with scopes mounted on them, that literally see through your houses thin walls hears everything. They can even give you heart attacks with remote pulses of electric waves and use those same waves to drive you insane. Lasers can burn you to a crisp in your own yard from their orbits in space even.

        Soon you will All be given the “mark of the beast” a rfid chip in your hand – forcibly implanted or you don’t eat and have no access to you bank. It will be used to track you , listen to you talk , hear what you hear , and even influence your feelings moods. They will control you with drugged fake gmo food and fluoridated aluminum water , if you get out of line they will simply shut off your bank account … as all monies will be digital electronic controlled only.

        All your media is already pre program mk-ultra mind brain washing illuminati influenced and controlled. It will just get worse as time goes on.

        Earth truly will be one big prison planet with no where to hide no where to be Free !!!

        This is only the beginning of our planet wide imprisonment.

        Only the beginning of our tax debt slave living hell !!!

        Welcome to the NWO !!!



        • you can only escape by just saying the hell with them and calling them on their truths and being so bizarre that they get scared. hi barack!

        • Club of Rome (Committee of 300)

          lizard queen + lizard pope + all freemasons + practically every rich asshole and royal (bankers over-represented heavily and a certain tribe/religion as well as english scum)

        • Yep! That sound like right now! Beam Me Up Scotty!

        • I just don’t believe what I’m hearing. Its like tales about the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause and a lot of you are 5 years old.

          This is all pumped up fantasy to make you think they can do things they cannot.

          Imaginary chains. Much like the “laws” that many of you obey when they aren’t even laws. But, its been passed down through generations that if you speed its a crime or if you smoke MJ its a crime and you can go to jail. The fact is, you all convict yourselves. Couple that with these super duper surveillance abilities and you all believe that you are in this imaginary prison.

          Tell me this, NinaO, if they can do all this stuff from satellite, why do they have to gas up a drone and send it off to take pictures of terrorists? Huh? why. why not just tune the sat in, get the gps coord and fire up a missle to land there?

          Surveillance Psychosis. Some people have it. Some people don’t.

          The secret is, they can only do what you allow them to. Don’t allow them.

          • @netranger … i have respect for you … they TPTB are 30 to 50 years ahead of you all , have these abilities and more … doubt them at your own peril … your ignorance is your weakness … electro microwaves frequencies do a heck of alot more than just radiate your jiffy-popcorn and give you cancer.

            do the research yourselves.

            i’m personally “busy” at the moment with my own “arch evil scientist” home grown terrorist lone wolf black-bible projects.

            to sit here and hold your hands showin’ you shit !!!

            *** watch movie “blue thunder” , “bourne identity 1 2 3 ” and “enemy of the state” !!!

            then start your research from there.

            haarp is a global radio electron microwave frequency atmospheric weapon. there are receiving towers for it every where around the world. it is a physical psychological microwave radio weapon.

            research tesla.

            other than that … you can all go puck yourselves.

            ya’ buncha ignorant blink sheeple pucks !!!

            ~the real NinaO of the mountain

          • Hello Net

            I have missed you, welcome back.

            Take care

          • @ NETRANGER—

            not to mention if they could do all this NINAO would be typing from Guantanamo.


        Using consumer drones as target practice, Alex Jones and the Steiner brothers tested out the best way to bring down the drones on the 10,000 acre Steiner ranch as part of filming for Brothers in Arms, a new show which focuses on firearms and the second amendment.

        WOO-Hoo!! Nice to know—easy peasy!!

        • THIS!! needs to be the next topic, Mac.

          • this ??? what where how ??? huh ??? ;0P pssszzt

        • Virginia’s Governor McDonnell is gung-ho over the drones coming here. He said they are very effective in battlefields. The only VA battlefields are marked with Civil War signage. And those folks in battle are reenactors.

      19. Well, i will now make sure everything i do infront of the computer will be done in the nude.

      20. This kind of surveillance was coming regardless of who’s in charge of the US, it was only a matter of time.

        A fair warning to those that enjoy any freedoms, you have about 10 years left.

        After that, your teacher, employer, parent, children, IRA agent, angry girlfriend/boyfriend will have the ability to track you down immediately.

        Playing hookey from school, work, avoiding financial or court obligations will be gone. I’m personally using my sick days now before my employer statarts tracking cell phones.

        • lets be serious. no they wont. i have come to the conclusiont that computers have been fun and somewhat useful, however it is nearing a time to end it all.they have essentially outlived their usefulness, its sad, but its true.

        • Respectfully suggest y’all live below the radar as much as possible. No.1 rule: PAY CASH!

      21. Free cloud servers at Amazon make great VPN/Proxy gateways.

        GPG does a great job on email.

        TrueCrypt allows you to create a hidden, boot-able OS on your encrypted drive.

        TOR is nifty, but wicked slow (and partially developed by the NSA if rumors are true).

        But the real trick is to simply stop working and generating tax revenue. Nascent police states need tax revenue just like any other. So kick back, take a year or two off (and ideally suck up some free government cheese to maximize the impact). Let the bond vigilantes do the heavy lifting.

        • OldBoy,

          The rumor has always been that GPG sold its soul to the devil (The DC Corp) upon its inception. Supposedly they back door crack it with keys only they have. Conspiracy theory, maybe. Still, I wouldn’t rely on it too heavily. There are other ways to hide stuff.

        • not the bloody kids again nina!lol

      22. SAILBOAT!!!!!! I think the drones are going after the nudie films,,, can someone point them to long beach

      23. If you follow the link on the Kaspersky website it goes to the Iranian site where they claim that the “Flamer”, as they called it,defeated 43 different virus applications. It was only found on Windows systems running Vista,XP and 7.I do not understand why anyone with sensitive information continues to use the shitty Windows platform. My opinion is it was the DC corp or the Zionists that are behind this when you look at the affected countries. They also list what appears to be some of the binary codes used.

      24. Watch the TSA episode of South Park from this season. A priceless response to too much surveillence.

        WARNING: Contains strong language.

      25. Use non-mainstream Linux…

        • I like your posts on this article,however I looked you up on another story, yikes be careful…isnt nina a girls name? no offense, you’re a brave one for posting anything at all, while the zombies drool and scorn

          seeyou at hushmail dot com write me if you are f ,,,how romantic huh, if you a male then keep up the good work , hope you watch your back,,,(club of rome includes all the players, unless theres some biggies Ive never heard of 13 years of this nonsense)

          • @f ;0) thanks … we do try don’t we … i’m a dude by the way NINAO = NINAORKET = TEKROANIN … the name was given to me by the hater folks here at shtfplan , not chosen by me. they All thought it was funny when they gave it to me , so i kept it just to piss em’ off ;0P pssszzt to the haters .

            i’m pleased too see not everyone is IGNORANT blind TO THE TRUTH !!!

            remember @f if 5 anti-gov patriots are in a room together , 1 is a israeli jew mossad GOAT SODOMITE agent , 1 is a fbi cross-dressing pillow-biter agent , 1 is a cia BEARDED bull-dyke on roids , 1 is a british gap toothed mi6 chester the molester pedo agent And then there is you the Lone Wolf Patriot !!!

            pls be careful contacting folks via the web.

            please protect yourself and yours from the very real midnight black hood baggers.


      26. I am what someone would call almost computer ignorant so I do what someone that does not know much about the computer world, K.I.S.S., keep it simple stupid. I don’t have a camera hooked up, or much of anything other than a monitor, a computer tower, two speakers, a printer that does not even a scanner on it. My other printer with a scanner burned out. Oh hey, and a surge protector. “That is it”. I don’t e-mail anyone because I have had two computers fried because of e-mail viruses. I am paranoid about getting another virus. I have a virus protector but still don’t trust e-mailing. In other words I am still stuck back in the mid 1990’s.

        When it comes to science, survival ideas, out of the box ideas and the world I can talk all day long, when it comes to computers my most common response it kind of like, DUH. I don’t know if THEY can see me through the monitor, but right now I am typing this out with one hand and the other hand is giving big brother the middle finger. Really I was typing with one hand and flipping the bird to big brother if they could see it with the hand.

        • be informed, as long as you have a screen , you are being watched. only way to stop that is to cover the screen, which i believe renders your computer useless. and as nina has pointed out, they have far more tools in their kit than just that.

          • @ eeder. I guess I just have to get a pair of statue type hands flipping off big brother and put them in front of the computer monitor. Maybe after awhile the government tard that gets his or her jollies from watching will get tired of seeing the double bird. You know who does this monitoring of people don’t you? They are butt ugly slobs normally with distorted faces that have to wear paper bags over their faces so when they go out in public so they don’t scare children and give old people heart attacks from the fright of seeing pure hideous ugliness. This is the perfect person looking in on everyone, someone that is never seen. Don’t want to turn to stone or gag on what we just had for lunch.

            Hear that government officials that are looking in on us? You are ass ugly and no amount of plastic surgery can save you from walking the Earth as someone so unsightly that you cannot even look into the mirror. To the state spies that enjoy looking in on people that do nothing to harm anyone, your parents and your brothers and sisters, even your uncles and aunts beat you daily with ugly sticks. Backsides of baboons look better than you do. Government wads that look in on us, go get some dough and press your faces into the dough and go make some really frightening Halloween cookies.

            • be informed, i know, i agree its vile, however you would be surprised whos watching you. not all fat ugly slobs either.

            • be informed, if you can see your screen they can defintiely see you. they can hear you regardless. they can also see you through your televisions and also can track you in your car, if its newer, a cellphone either text or voice, your home phone, as well as some of the bigger more sinister devices like nina described. the cia and fbi employ many people and use incredible amount of technology to spy on everyone all the time. it is bizarre, it is ridiculous but its fact and its become much worse under barack obama, but mainly because of the advances in technology. bush definitely started this and its been around for a long time.

        • malware bytes has saved my butt several times
          great piece of software
          beats the hell out of the standard anti-virus programs

          I’ve picked up two very nasty viruses in the last year
          malware bytes got rid of both of them

          free version available
          but I now run the pro version

        • Hey, BI..I belong to your dinosaur club..had an EMachines for 12 years…had to go to laptop 2 months ago due to slowness of my computer.

          • @ JayJay. My Emachine is actually less than 3 years and it does work well and it is not too obsolete. The old dinosaur club is not too bad as long as you have patience, something with many sites is difficult to handle. I am still upset about this article because I can see what these characters are doing behind the scenes.

            This surveillance is not really to catch anybody doing anything illegal it is to spy on attractive people that are not wearing clothes and satisifying their carnal pleasures. It is like these characters both female and male, most of them are ghoul ugly, wait and wait for some hottie to get up just enough to see all. It reminds me of the first “Revenge of the Nerds” movie in which they were waiting and waiting with their faces pressed up against the screen with sh&* all expressions on their faces. Then they all cheer when the person is all visible enough to see.

            Mac really put on an article that was a humdinger for me because I can see all these nice wholesome people that do nothing but live their lives without harming anyone, being gawked by a bunch of perverts. Guess we have to get use to, like the TSA that runs the best looking women over and over again through the scanners while these fat slobs with their hands down their pants have this Chershire Cat smiles on their faces. Sorry, it just really irritates me what the world has become.

        • You can go to text-only email which will make it impossible to get viruses. If you are using Outlook, go to for instructions. There is also a plugin for Firefox to have it show text only. You won’t be able to click on links, but you won’t be having code run on your machine. If you’re going to a site just for the text, it will be faster if you don’t receive all the graphics. Also, if you can swing it, get a cheap computer to access the internet with, and disconnect your good computer from the net. No one can access it then. There are other similar measures that you can implement.

      27. ‘AngryCitizen says:
        Oh no!..
        Now is the time to sit naked in front of the computer!
        Let them be intimidated by my undeniable awesomeness.
        Yo, ladies, here I come!!!”

        Ha ha – I reckon that’d be 50% plus of webcam footage at the NSA 😉
        The big questions is – who can we trust for AV software given that most companies like Symantec are in bed with the government.

        It’s fast getting to the stage of using secure VPNs for one’s “needs”. ie the internet will be a collection of secure mini-internets with no outside access to individual groups and therefore relatively immune to distributed viruses etc (assuming group containment).
        eg there’ll be a survivalist group inaccessible to anyone outside the group, which has already been established and closed off.

      28. theres really not much else to say. either let the bombs fly or let the arrests begin. anything else will be a letdown for me.

        • If the mass arrests don’t occur well before the “s-election”, I’m going full bore bunker, Alamo fantasy, shotguns tied to strings, and all.

      29. no more fake or stupid 9/11 crap either. and no fake arrests. i need to see real nukes or real handcuffs. whats it gonna be barack, stephen, angela, etc.

        • good luck with that

      30. Kool..

        So when I am Watching Porn.. Are the Actors Now aware of what seedy things i am doing with myself?

        Guess its time to use public phones and Adult book stores again!

        • Nope..haven’t had tv/cable since 2009.

      31. Just put a photo of someone’s penis up close to the camera and write a note and tell them to go chew on something…..

      32. sorry for the thread drift
        but for those of you who enjoyed ONE SECOND AFTER

        here’s another book about an EMP attack that looks interesting


        “Food supplies run out. Banks can’t operate. Transport doesn’t work. Water isn’t pumped. Society breaks down. Gangs of marauders roam the streets”

      33. One way to determine if you’re being snooped on is to download a copy of the free software-based packet sniffer “Wireshark”, load it on your computer and start looking at your outbound packet traffic. Filter on IP addresses and protocols to see what looks suspicious. Also use the TOR network to anonymize your web browsing.

        • heard Tor was started by air force and heard of someone getting busted using tor recently….i dont think there will be anywhere to hide, long term, if there ever was

      34. It sounds like it was developed by Israel. The virus that was used to attack Iran’s centrifuges gave them commands that damaged them while the centrifuge gauges showed them to operating normally.

      35. Fantasy, mostly.

        The Windows OS has bought and paid for security holes that allow outside entities to access data and devices.

        But, there are ways to keep it from happening.

        One of the best ways is to never use Windows. I purged my life of windows as best I could 6 years ago.

        Its like going off grid: There are some things you just can’t do. But, oh, the things you can do and the peace of mind you get when you do it!

        These big brother tools can kiss my big fat hairy ethernet port because they’re not getting into my machine.

        Its funny how silly some of the stuff is when they talk about this. Its like the general public are three year olds and they have them captivated with stories about the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. …or more like the Boogey Man!


        Did I scare you?

        I don’t mean to be insulting, but, really people, most of this stuff is certainly possible but you have to be dumb enough to install it yourself.

        • I submit to you: The Worst Virus Ever…

          Subject: WARNING! WORST COMPUTER VIRUS EVER! If you receive an email entitled “Badtimes,” delete it immediately. Do not open it. Apparently this one is pretty nasty. It will not only erase everything on your hard drive, but it will also delete anything on disks within 20 feet of your computer. It demagnetizes the stripes on ALL of your credit cards. It reprograms your ATM access code, screws up the tracking on your VCR and uses subspace field harmonics to scratch any CD’s you attempt to play. It will re-calibrate your refrigerator’s coolness settings so all your ice cream melts and your milk curdles. It will program your phone auto dial to call only your mother-in-law’s number. This virus will mix antifreeze into your fish tank. It will drink all your beer. (For Gods sake man are you listening?!?!) It will leave dirty socks on the coffee table when you are expecting company. It will replace your shampoo with Nair and your Nair with Rogaine, all while dating your current boy/girlfriend behind your back and billing their hotel rendezvous to your Visa card. It will cause you to run with scissors and throw things in a way that is only fun until someone loses an eye. It will rewrite your backup files, changing all your active verbs to passive tense and incorporating undetectable misspellings which grossly change the interpretations of key sentences. If the “Badtimes” message is opened in a Windows95/98 environment, it will leave the toilet seat up and leave your hair dryer plugged in dangerously close to a full bathtub. It will not only remove the forbidden tags from your mattresses and pillows, it will also refill your skim milk with whole milk. WARN AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN.**


          • Netranger,

            You, sir, are crazier than a shit house rat!!! LMAO!!!

      36. message to israel and aipac, GO TO HELL!

        • Just say: Go back home!

          Its sounds much less abrasive and it means the same thing.


      37. Put a small bandaid over the camera. Then there is no sticky on the lens.

      38. They have to hit 90 million gun owners at the same time for them not worry. If they don’t well enough said for their party.
        Live free or Die standing for what is right

        • If the mass arrests (and subsequent justice, dissolution of the Fed, etc.) doesn’t occur well before this years “s-election”, I fully expect to die with my rifle in my hands at a later point in time.

      39. “Blame everyone you want, it will do you no good”.
        It’s so easy for them now while your pants are down.
        Is pretending your cubical is secure your best option?
        Stop sipping the sweet poison you know so well.
        They own you more than you dream since birth.
        Mass pits don’t have forwarding addresses.
        It’s not getting easier with you helping them along the way.
        Stop typing. Time to leave the Rabbit Hole.
        Prepare. The Hunter is well armed and coming your way.

      40. I hear about this computer surveillance but I wonder how much is actually functional.
        I recently went to a medical conference where people were talking about linking medical records with hospitals, xray sites and pharmacies all across the State of Texas (as a model program). The government has been working on it for four years and still doesn’t have a single site with full integration of the outlying sites. These are sites that are trying to create links and share information.
        This gives me hope that these more ambitious projects will be equally slow in progression.

      41. NetRanger,

        I had problems with that Virus too and I got rid of it with Jack, hey watch this, Daniels!

        Y’all Beware! Just sippin!

      42. A honest man or woman has nothing to fear. I dont do anything illegal, immoral, or conspire against our gov..
        So their intrusions mean nothing to me..

        • You haven’t been around here much!!!

          Honest men and women have more to fear than anyone because those in charge are not honest and have actual hatred against those who are.

          Innocence of wrong-doing is no longer enough to keep you and yours safe. You have to understand that there are hundreds of “crimes” that never used to be crimes.

          In some locations, it’s illegal to start a compost pile for your garden

          In some locations, the cops will stop you just to LOOK for a ticketable offense.

          In some locations, the local health inspectors will our bleach all over your garden.

          Please learn more about the growing police state to understand how simply “being a good person” is not good enough to keep you out of trouble.

          • Daisy….that is like yesterday I went into a well named pharmacy store to buy OTC sinus medicine. I had to take the card to the pharmacy window and I was told that if I did not have a “prescription” filled there that they would not allow me to purchase the OTC meds. WTH?

            The last time I purchased it was about 6 months ago but since then the “store policy” changed. They made me feel like a crook…like I was doing something wrong by even TRYING to purchase.

            This place is getting crazy!!!!!

            • Tina, you gotta stop cooking the meth with that stuff! 😉 They’re on to you!!!

              “They” want you to feel like a criminal. It’s intimidation meant to “keep you in line”. OTC, last time I checked, meant no prescription required!!!!! That makes me so mad.

            • Tina…I have been buying OTC sinus medicine for about 25 years.
              Dollar General…day time allergy meds..$2.50 in a white box seem to do as good a job as any other name brand. I have them stocked with all my other meds.
              Hope this helps and I’m not a specialist…but have been troubled by sinus earaches and teeth/nerve pain for a long time and this helps as well as any other.

            • I agree it is just crazy!!

              Many stores make you “jump through hoops” just to purchase OTC medicine. The local Dollar General store is now putting more of that “behind the counter”. You can buy it, but have to ask for it at the counter.

            • Tina,

              find the small pharmacy, you know, the independent one and make your purchases there. STOP going to the big box stores, they are nothing more than conduits for big brother and his insanity!!

        • “A honest man or woman has nothing to fear.”

          Tell me, do you also say “Baaah” with the rest of the herd?

        • Do you really believe that tripe? Are you crazy? Have you not ventured out of doors in the past decade? The statement you have made is the exact statement made by such prestigious organizations like, oh let’s see, NKVD, KGB, SS, SA, Gestapo, and every other enforcement branch of every repressive regime in HISTORY!! Wake up and stand for your rights, stop rolling over for those who would enslave us all!

      43. I’m assuming that Apple and Microsoft have both left open back doors for the government. Every iPhone, iPad, iPod and most computers have built in cameras, microphones and GPS.

        Its no wonder that Bin Laden swore off cell phones.

        Camera fix…nail polish or tape.

      44. I say drop Microsoft in every way possible.

        You can get Ubuntu free, as well as LibreOffice Free

        Check out a web based online tour.

        I have a Laptop computer dual booting windows xp/ Ubuntu and a Imac running Ubuntu only.

        You can get Virtual box free and run windows or OSX

        I say cut the cord on MSFT. (and this is coming from someone who’s cousin is a director level position at MSFT)

      45. I heard from Manos and he’s not doing so well. He says he hasn’t been around here because he is not in his best mood and he feels he’d be poor company for us. 🙁 Here’s an excerpt from his letter that he asked me to share with you all:
        It’s like the clouds are all around and we wait for the storm to break upon us.

        The conservatives, the socialists, and the fascists, are organizing
        themselves into a big party.

        We fight and we try to awake the people. But little human souls are so
        scared, so depressed that they cannot forsee their real future.

        They still believe that those suckers will actually save us.

        We expect another salary decrease by the 18th of June. Another 25-30%
        is certain. The unions and the bosses found their golden rule i

        During the last 5 days, 14 billion euros fled from the Greek banks.
        Companies, people, large funds, investors, are withdrawing their last
        money before the Titanic goes down.

        Today we heard rumours that speak about a limit in withdrawals. In
        order to exceed this limit, one must hold all his legal documents and
        a sufficient DOCUMENTED reason of what his intentions are.

        • My thoughts and prayers are with him and his loved ones

        • Please let him know that if he comes ’round here in a bad mood, we’ll all try to lift his spirits! A sense of community and support may encourage him. Thanks for the update.

        • Coming Soon! to an area near YOU!

          NWO Productions Presents…. TEOTWAWKI.

          Now showing as small productions in various locations around the globe.
          We’re going on the road folks, get your tickets now to the “Greatest Show on Earth” Eat your heart out P.T.Barnum.
          Suckers one and all. Come and get fleeced. See your life savings evaporate…in milliseconds!
          Under our big top, 3 rings ain’t nuttin’.

          Oh, I forgot. It can’t happen here.

        • Daisy,

          Please let Manos know he and his family are in our prayers.

          Thank you!
          KY Mom


        Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mt.)
        Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mt.)

        stopped cold an ANTI-gestapo FDA BILL submitted by American Patriot RAND PAUL that stopped the UN AGENDA 21 GESTAPO FDA from bullying farmers and abusing its power. It also would have restored freedom of health speech by stopping the FDA from censoring the truthful health claims of dietary supplements.

        MONTANA’S TRAITORS are getting Rich Montana by selling you THE PEOPLE out to Monsanto and the Globalists !!!


        Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mt.)
        Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mt.)



      47. All I can say is…..WOW.

        One must prove what they intend to do with the money….it is their money….right?

        OK…lets try EATING for starters.

      48. You know, it just gets worse on a near daily basis when it comes to our government spying on all of us.

        Thanks for the wonderful, informative article that I never read on any of the mainstream media sites. To me, this is the real news instead of hearing about John Edward’s $400 haircut. Thanks!!

      49. I have it from a good source that they can view a quarter laying in a parking lot, (not knowing before hand what the item is) ..close enough to tell you that its a coin , and in fact a quarter.

        all with co-ordinates

      50. Remember when all the radios and broadcasting was shut down for a few minutes this year? Think about it.


        Sen. Rand Paul would have stopped the FDA from bullying farmers and abusing its power. It also would have restored freedom of health speech by stopping the FDA from censoring the truthful health claims of dietary supplements.

        traitor : Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mt.) = voted no against

        traitor : Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mt.) = voted no against






      52. Fortunately, I don’t have a camera or microphone hooked up to my desktop computer.

        Is there a Linux version of the Flame virus yet? Most Linux users, have not yet had to start using antivirus software,because of the lack of Linux viruses circulating in the wild. That might possibly be just because Linux does not have enough market share to be worth targeting.

        I am not suggesting that Linux is totally secure. The Kubuntu Linux that I use, does get regular security and other updates, much like Windows.

        As for my cellphone, I keep it in the other room, where I can still easily hear it ring, but they would probably have trouble understanding what I am saying. The camera is usually pointed towards the ceiling. When it is in the cellphone pocket of my shorts, the lens is covered by two layers of heavy fabric.

      53. Don’t connect to the internet and they can’t read your files.

      54. They are probably monitoring us and masturbating as we speak. Perverts. Well at least this will “get them off” and release stress and tension for them.

      55. If the government wants to pay someone to sit around watching me jerk off and pick my nose, then they are more than welcome to do it.

        • How can you type when you do both at the same time?

      56. notice,on memorial day,i was watching ceremony of wreath ceremony,in “Dedham, “124”Verizon cable provider,using fios system.watching this channel,i heard two audio signals at same time.the video was was military channel,”124″.one audio was commentary from show.the second audio,was clicking noise.the clicking sounded like TV series”star trek,enterprise series,in third season,encountered alien race called”Zindi”a one of race,was “Zindi,insect race.that was what sounded coming over cable station.take note”star trek”enterprise,Zindi wanted genocide whole human race.***

      57. OK…. so for my camera on my phone, I will just, uh…. put it FACE DOWN. Problem solved. To listen? Why not just get a metal box and put it inside?

        I must be missing something, but this seems to easy

      58. I’ve been under surveillance for over a decade by ATF, FBI, Pennsylvania State Police, locals and more recently, the Homies. For the most part, it has been so amateurish it’s been easy to spot. I’ve just learned to live with it. They don’t even try to hide the intercepts on my snail mail, so I’ve always assumed my e-mail and computer use was fair game. All the above mentioned scumbags know what I think of them, so using my cell phone and computer to spy on me, just reinforces old knowledge, they learn nothing new. Except they seem to want to know where I’m at 24-7. I believe it is for a preemptive round-up before the collapse.There will be some orphans made that day. In the meantime, I find it amazing that they like hearing that they are sewer rats, over and over, year in, year out. Must be they go no couth.

      59. What about the lennex operating system? Would that provide protection?

      60. All of this is pretty simple really. These people:

        …want as much of our tax dollars as they can get. It’s like the military industrial complex but expanding into security and intelligence. And some of them donate to congressional campaigns if you know what I mean (and I think you do) and because they are in the spook business, don’t have the same disclosure requirements for doing so.

        No oversight and absolute power. What could possibly go wrong?

      61. Welcome to “1984”.

      62. Big Brother will be taking no covert screen shots in this household. My febrile brain considered that possibility, or maybe Gatesian shenanigans, years ago. A simple postage stamp across the aperture thwarts such skulduggery. Strike back against tyranny. Postage stamp that aperture. grins

      63. Time to unplug. Go to a public library, while they are still available, get your info there and pass the info on by word of mouth. Screw the government infiltrators and spooks we may not be free physically anymore, but in our hearts we are still free.

      64. “… Flame and Stuxnet appear to infect machines by exploiting the same flaw in the Windows operating system …”

        Maybe it isn’t a “flaw” in the Windows OS. Maybe it is an intentional opening in the system for the NAS to use. Bill Gates runs with the CFR and Bildergurger crowd now.

      65. Once again, depending on your level of comfort, be prepared that anything and everything on your computer can be read by someone else. This being the case, just be careful what you are writing to whom and what information you are storing on your hard drive. Most items are innocent considering what Uncle Sam is looking for. As thei dat mining is based on key words and phrases, I suggest you think twice before you use certain words or phrases should your message or notes be of a questionable nature. It is real simple, like you don’t joke about a bomb on a plane when in an airport, you don’t create documents or store other data which would some lead someone to believe that you have some radical or terrorism related ideas. Blogs like these are studied by the govt. because it is legal for them to do so and it permits them to identify individuals who are serious about preparing themselves. No need for snitches when people freely identify themselves and their plans. The Internet is not private, never was. So don’t brag about your armories, weapons and God knows what other doomsday preparations you have made. You can still discuss everything and anything, just don’t advertise that which should remain private. Operational security extends into conversations and blogs.

      66. After our departure from Afghanistan you will that there will be a lot of veterans who have worked with drones and who are unemployed. The civilian agencies will grab these experts faster than you can think as they have the knowledge our local law enforcement agencies are lacking. While the Feds may be able to provide local law enforcement agencies with the hardware, they lack the know-how of how to operate these drones. These vets will be a highly desired commodity. Drones will be used for so many civilian applications that soon there will be a need for coordination with the FAA. England has already the most advanced surveillance program in the world. Their CCTV systems cover almost every part of London. It is said that an individual going to work in London is continuously monitored from the moment they leave their home to the moment they arrive at their place of work. Other cities in the USA will follow suit as it is less expensive to monitor cities via electronic means instead of police patrols.

      67. Next: Police Drones—Recording Conversations In Your Home & Business To Forfeit Property?

        Police are salivating at the prospect of having drones to spy on lawful citizens. Congress approved 30,000 drones in U.S. Skies. That amounts to 600 drones for every state.

        It is problematic local police will want to use drones to record without warrants, personal conversations inside Americans’ homes and businesses: Consider the House just passed CISPA the recent Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. If passed by the Senate, CISPA will allow—the military and NSA spy agency (warrant-less spying) on Americans’ private Internet electronic Communications using so-called (Government certified self-protected cyber entities) and Elements that may share with NSA your private Internet activity, e.g. emails, faxes, phone calls and confidential transmitted files they believe (might) relate to a cyber threat or crime (circumventing the Fourth Amendment) with full immunity from lawsuits if done in good faith.

        CISPA does not clearly define what is an Element; or Self-protected Cyber Entity—that could broadly mean anything, e.g. a private computer, local or national network, website, an online service.

        Despite some U.S. cities and counties banning or restricting police using drones to invade citizens’ privacy, local police have a strong financial incentive to call in Federal Drones, (Civil Asset Forfeiture Sharing) that can result from drone surveillance). Should (no-warrant drone surveillance evidence) be allowed in courts—circumventing the Fourth Amendment, for example (drones’ recording conversations in private homes and businesses) expect federal and local police civil asset property forfeitures to escalate. Civil asset forfeiture requires only a preponderance of civil evidence for federal government to forfeit property, little more than hearsay: any conversation picked up by a drone inside a home or business, police can take out of context to initiate arrests; or civil asset forfeiture to confiscate a home/business and other assets. Local police now circumvent state laws that require someone be convicted before police can civilly forfeit their property—by turning their investigation over to a Federal Government Agency that can rebate to the referring local police department 80% of assets forfeited. Federal Government is not required to charge anyone with a crime to forfeit property. There are more than 350 laws and violations that can subject property to government asset forfeiture that have nothing to do with illegal drugs.

      68. i disabled my laptop mic and like he said i just put tape over my camera and i i dont and nsa can see me getting dressed i encourage them but at least tip me haha

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