Biden’s Push To “Challenge China”

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    This news could give you a reason to stay up at night. Joe Biden’s administration is getting more aggressive against China. Biden has unveiled a Pentagon “China task force” to deal with the “challenges” China poses.

    As the Asian nation has over one billion in population, a war with the CCP would end badly for the United States. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that a war with China is already all but lost. Maybe everyone except Joe Biden.  Because he’s flexing muscle he doesn’t have toward the Chinese. Biden has launched a military task force to assess US policy toward Beijing, vowing to confront the “China challenge” as he continues his predecessor’s naval deployments in the country’s backyard, according to numerous reports. 

    In a move that amounts to ramping up military aggression dramatically, Biden announced the new task force during a Pentagon visit on Wednesday, his first to the department, declaring that his administration would “meet the growing challenges posed by China to keep peace and defend our interests.”  This decision has nothing to do with “peace.”

    Anytime the government talks about peace, you’d be wise to prepare for war.

    Led by Eli Ratner, who serves as special assistant on China to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the task force will be composed of 15 civilian and uniformed defense officials and will deliver its findings to Austin within four months, according to a Pentagon fact sheet, which dubbed the project a “sprint effort.” The panel is not expected to produce a publicly available report, however -RT

    Biden also said he would not “hesitate to use force,” against China.

    Biden’s first major foreign policy address took a combative stance toward Beijing, which he dubbed America’s “most serious competitor” while echoing rhetoric reminiscent of Trump’s on China’s alleged economic abuses” and “attack” on intellectual property. In announcing the China task force on Wednesday, the president went even further in his vows to confront Beijing, warning that he would “never hesitate to use force,” though nonetheless said military action should be a “last resort.” -RT

    If this escalates, this will be the final nail in the coffin of this country. Wake up.  These people (all ruling classes ad elitists) want war.  But they won’t be fighting it. They want money, but they won’t be earning it.  They want power, and they will be taking it from us by force.

    Remain vigilant.  Things seem to be coalescing behind the scenes. Put two and two together and use your discernment to come up with the answers, because we know we won’t get them anywhere else.


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      1. What a joke, JB is China’s pawn, a feeble poser, a court jester (remember recently his mic was left on and he said he didn’t know what he is signing). He won’t do anything and can’t do much. His threats and warnings will be little more than a public relations campaign to make the people believe he is getting tough. If his Admin. really wanted to reduce the threat of China against the US they wouldn’t be advertising on fact sheets what they want to accomplish. Besides, he’s trying to recreate the military into a more sensitive caring compassionate force who primary objective is to not hurt anyone’s feelings and protect politicians.
        It is interesting to note how Dem. Presidents talk peace though; a Dem. Wilson got us into WW I, a Dem. Roosevelt got is into WW II, a Dem. Truman put us in Korea, and a Dem. Johnson put us in Vietnam.
        There may be some tensions, but it’s highly likely there will be no big time mix up with them, for a few reasons. I’m confident there will be no big military engagements because there are politicians, billionaires, lobbyists, corporations, and influential others profiting in China grasp. It has been reported in many on-line articles there are thousands and thousands of their spies all across the land, with many given access to every type of public and private institution. They’d probably see if something is up.
        Another reason is that China’s “ally” Russia really doesn’t want any war, especially a big mix up with the US. The likely reality is Russia would rather have a good relationship with the US than with China. But neo-cons, who are highly bellicose towards a freer Russia (they despise Russia because it is Christian and won’t bow to Amer. or Isr. hegemony), are still butt-hurt that the USSR collapsed and isn’t communist anymore. Russia probably doesn’t trust China anymore than we do, but American policy based on the wishes of neo-cons keep chasing Russia into China’s arms, and it’s interesting neo-cons are all but silent on China.
        No, poor JB is not fooling everyone, in fact, he’s not even running this theater.

      2. Sooo…Trump gets tough on China and is praised by his cult. Biden does the same and the right freaks out. Politics as usual.

      3. we were told repeatedly that “sleepy” joe biden has dementia and is also a secret china-man communist agent. now that he is the POTUS we are being told that biden is planning aggressive moves against china.
        maybe the internet should make up it’s collective mind first and then inform us of something that has actually happened – that would be the epitome of news.

      4. Harris would be easier to impeach than Biden, for just her incitement rhetoric.

      5. ‘rhetoric reminiscent of Trump’s on China’s alleged “economic abuses” and “attack” on intellectual property.’

        We are supposedly the major funders of the World Court and globalist system.

        It’s patents are less cumbersome for stakeholders, than at national level, and would have jurisdiction in China.

        • So what, if currency devaluation results in a trade deficit.

          Use it to buy quality.

      6. Biden is no threat to China. The Chinese regime is dangerous. They have no scruples when it comes to humanity. They will fight and kill to the bloody end. No respect for human life. They are worse then animals.

      7. You could knock old Biden over with a feather. He’s NO threat to China. ?lol

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