Biden’s Handlers Fail: Creepy Joe Is Mocked For Posting “Real” Letter From Child

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Headline News

President Joe Biden tweeted a handwritten letter he allegedly received from a little girl asking him to “fix” the gender wage gap Tuesday. The internet mercilessly mocked him for it, with many sarcastically suggesting it was “super real” and “totally not fake.”

The ruling class continues to get more ridiculous by the day. And people still want to be owned, ruled, and controlled by others.

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Twitter users immediately began mocking Biden for posting this.

“Sooo, they have staff writing fake notes from children to Biden now… lol,” author and comedian Tim Young wrote according to a report by Fox News. 

“Which of your staffers held the pencil in the wrong hand to write this?” The Post Millennial photojournalist Beth Baisch asked.

“Are we sure Jill Biden didn’t write that?” The Federalist CEO and co-founder Sean Davis asked. “It’s written at the same grade level as her joke of a ‘dissertation.’”

Journalist Caleb Parke suggested that “Charlotte,” if she exists, will face male oppression in sports because of Biden, “poor Charlotte will be competing against men in any sports she decides to join or her parents put her in thanks to Biden. Let’s hope she doesn’t end up with a concussion.”

It’s up to you to decide if this is real or fake, but the consensus seems to be that it’s fake. Many Twitter users make great points too, such as the men pretending to be women, so they can compete against women, hurt them, and beat them in sports. Our society is screwed up in so many ways that a compete collapse may be the only way for logic to fight its way back to the surface.

This is probably nothing more than a distraction. While humorous, it’s been distracting people from the several toxic incidents and central banking failures that will likely bring people to their knees and get them to accept the chains of their own oppression in the form of central bank digital currency. Stay alert. The ruling class masters are not your friends nor do they care even a little about you. They need you to be an obedient tax slave and other than that, you are of no use to them.


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