Biden Rally At Middle School Implodes: “Don’t Touch Kids, You Pervert!”

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Entertainment, Headline News | 5 comments

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    Former vice president and presidential candidate, Joe Biden made a campaign stop at a Middle School in New Hampshire.  It’s safe to say that the Democrat’s rally didn’t go as planned, as people yelled things like “don’t touch kids, you pervert!” at the former VP.

    The Sunday event, which was held at the gymnasium of a New Hampshire middle school, was interrupted by two protesters, who assailed “quid pro Joe” with accusations of being a “pervert” and making money in Ukraine.  It is ironic that Biden and his son profited from the Ukraine deal while Trump is being punished for it…

    Creepy Joe Biden Insists We Should Trust His Corrupt Son, Hunter

    Joe Biden Says Hunter “Did Nothing Wrong” While Sitting On Board Of Ukrainian Gas Company

    According to a report by ZeroHedge, one man shouted: “You’ve touched kids on video, and women!” The man added: “We don’t need another old white man running for president – time to have a minority candidate,” to which Biden – who likely didn’t hear the guy, said “I agree with ya man. I agree. Nice talkin’ with you.

    Irrefutable Evidence: 10 Videos That Show Creepy Joe Biden Touching Women Inappropriately

    “You don’t touch kids ever again!” The man continued saying: “Don’t touch kids, you pervert!” to which Biden only shook his head.

    The rally further descended into chaos when things turned toward the Ukraine corruption committed by Biden and his son, Hunter.

    As ZeroHedge pointed out, on the bright side, Joe was able to avoid calling either of them fat or “damn liars.”

    “Creepy” Joe Biden Tells 10-Year-Old Girl: “I’ll Bet You’re As Bright As You Are Good Looking”


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      1. You are watching the accidental departure from the intended political narrative. It’s still just simply political theater though.

        Poor lemmings, now calling for race based presidential choices. It is appropriate for the president to represent the majority.

        Who we need is another statesman, and what we do not need, is yet another career politician.

        Dang internet got away from them. They’ll correct that soon. Better support paper publications while you still have a chance to get them on board with relative ease.

        The best and most effective protest is not grandstanding to get 40 seconds of fame on youboob. But rather, the most effective protest is to vote with your wallet.

      2. Could not agree with the protestors anymore than they have expressed. Creepy Uncle Joe should just go home and enjoy his retirement.

      3. “We don’t need another old white man running for president – time to have a minority candidate…”

        Snail races and that party, where you bring the ugliest chick, is like betting on ni99ers and their enablers.

      4. laughing this morning. This is funny schiff. Biden and his pedo ways, yet he doesnt understand any criticism, thinks his actions are ok and normal

      5. Two options were given to you, here. Exactly, two:
        1. Minority candidate
        2. Biden feeling-up tacky, immodest, disloyal women

        Why don’t groypers like him?

        Then, a woman in the crowd shouts “quid pro Joe” at Biden. In other words, let’s make a deal, art of the deal. Your “white-lash” candidate is still ceding sovereignty to the UN. National resources are sold-off to cover Boomers’ mostly fake makework and their minority pets. Then, strict rationing is scheduled for us. Both candidates were fake alternatives, on the same regimen.

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