Biden Will Sign A Whole Bunch of Executive Orders After Inauguration Today

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Once Joe Biden is inaugurated as the president later today, he’ll immediately take to signing several executive orders. The goal is to reverse Donald Trump’s policies on many issues including those on COVID-19, the economy, climate change, and racial justice.

    It looks like Biden will sign 15 executive orders and they could already be sitting on the resolute desk awaiting him. He plans to issue a national mask-wearing “challenge,” stop the construction of the Southern border wall, revoke the so-called “Muslim ban,” and rejoin both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, among many other things, according to reports from The Hill. 

    Biden wants to “address” the COVID-19 scamdemic. His plan is to launch a “100 Days Masking Challenge,” asking Americans to cover their faces as much as possible and issuing an executive order requiring social distancing and mask-wearing in federal buildings, on federal land, and by all federal employees. He is going to do his best to make the ritualistic shame muzzle permanent for most of us.

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    Biden will end Trump’s effort to withdraw from WHO, making Anthony Fauci the top delegate to the international agency. Fauci will deliver remarks to WHO on Thursday.

    And Biden will sign an executive order bringing a coronavirus task force inside the White House and creating a position of COVID-19 Response Coordinator who will report directly to him. That position will be held by Jeff Zients, who will be responsible for managing the distribution of the vaccine, tests and personal protective equipment. The Hill.

    Biden will also ask the Department of Education to extend the pause on interest and principal payments on student loans until September. We are at a critical and precarious moment for our economy as the virus trajectory…is intersecting with an economy falling backwards,” said Brian Deese, the incoming director of the National Economic Council.

    Stay prepared for anything. Stay alert and use your discernment. That’s the best any of us can do right now.


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      1. This Biden truly is a nightmare impossible to wake up from.Just thinking about touchy feely Joe and Her Ass being in charge is truly sickening.??

      2. We must all be be prepared to witness the destruction of whatever is still left of this country.As bad as things are already, cadaver Joe and his evil cohorts will now make it their mission to ensure that everything gets that much worse.This guy will never be my president and I am sure many people feel the same way.He will continue pushing all the phony 19 garbage and the mask/toxic vaccine crap also.It is quite clear that things are about to get so much worse.The American people have absolutely nothing to look forward to under a Harris/Biden administration,nothing at all!

      3. Not.My.President.NOT EVER! Welcome to the Socialists States Of Amerika.??

      4. I didn’t watch this Potemkin administration being sworn in, didn’t have to. The whole recent election process from the beginning up to the inauguration today was and is a contrived show for the public to consume. You are not getting what you see, it bears no relationship to reality, it is theater. It only has some credibility because masses of people believe it. Belief in the State, however unmerited, unwarranted, or misplaced, is all that still gives it a veneer of legitimacy.
        Regardless of what is said in speeches today, or what is promised, you better realize it’s not about the citizens. The first order of business is to consolidate power, and to take measures to ensure they maintain power. The promises made to the citizens (that is, the agenda fed to the people) are valid only in how they fit in their State and party agenda (which is the primary agenda the public never sees). Every type of political/party interaction with the masses is calculated to maximize its support and legitimacy, not altruism and not fealty to the voters. As party and State situations and conditions change, so does what the people are fed. The party and the State does not adapt to the people, the people must adapt to the party and State.
        Without resorting to hyperbole, the real essence of American politics are – lies, hypocrisy, self promotion, corruption, entitlement, propaganda, money, power, secrecy, and frankly – hatred of the voting public.
        It is all just BS on a grand scale, it cannot be stated any more eloquent.

      5. Now that Biden is president,it will be quite interesting to see if the entire covid charade will all of a sudden come to a “miraculous” end??

      6. Prez JB has previously said:
        -fracking must stop,
        -is in favor of shutting down the Keystone pipeline (bringing in oil from Canada),
        -is anti-drilling in Alaska,
        -is anti-drilling off shore,
        -increasing fuel/energy taxes,
        -adding more oil drilling regulations.
        You may certainly assume there will be a dramatic increase in the cost of fuel and energy. And you won’t have to wait long to see it.
        The cost of transporting goods and services will have to increase much to offset the cost of doing business, this must be passed on to the consumer. The citizens of America therefore, will see higher fuel/energy expenses, higher consumers costs, and higher taxes.
        The irony here is that many, if not most of those who voted for JB will be the ones hurt most by these increased costs. The Dems have been trying the same economic model for decades, it didn’t work in the past, it will not work now. Unfortunately, my experience has been most Dems. don’t really care about increased costs because at a personal level they would rather see conservatives and working people, etc. adversely affected by gov’t policy, than see themselves benefit..
        The Dems. don’t really care about economics anyway, their focus is on political, social, and cultural issues. The only thing going up will be unemployment, taxes, and cost of living. OPEC is rejoicing, they’ll be glad to export us the oil we need, only we’ll be over a barrel, no pun intended.
        The Dems. idea of economy is not creating jobs and creating wealth, it’s handing out money and free stuff to the masses. What a bunch of truly stupid, non-thinking, successfully propagandized voters there are in America. Lenin called them useful idiots.

      7. Chi. Com. Joe will be a busy old demon. They’ll be pumping him full of meth to keep him energized. The quintessential fraudulent Bolshevik.


        Defy and Ignore!

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