Biden Wants To Steal More Of Your Laboring Energy

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Joe Biden has proposed a tax increase of $1 trillion. After giving the peasants a pittance in stimulus money because the ruling class destroyed the economy over a scamdemic, the master is now demanding you pay them more of what you earn.

    Taxation is theft, it always has been and always will be. if anyone has a higher claim over your life, property, or laboring energies, they are your master and you are their slave. Now that that’s out of the way, master Biden is proposing stealing more for the ruling class, which hasn’t suffered in the least under its oppressive policies.

    According to a report by Market Watch, the White House will propose $1 trillion worth of new taxes, according to Sarah Bianchi, head of U.S. public policy and political strategy at Evercore ISI and the former director of economic and domestic policy for then-Vice President Joe Biden.

    Have you wondered why Biden wants the minimum wage raised? Not only will it put people out of business, but the extra income for those left employed will also go right into the pocket of the state. The rulers win either way.

    Officials including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have started suggesting what will be in the White House plan. Bianchi says hiking the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%, establishing a global minimum tax, and raising what’s called the global intangible low-taxed income rate to 21% will be in his plan. The plan will probably include nearly doubling capital-gains taxes on those with income over $1 million, and likely will include taxing unrealized gains at death, ending carried interest, and raising the top individual income tax rate. –Market Watch

    One more step towards the New World Order of slavery and totalitarian control is in the works.  Unless people wake up en masse and refuse to pay these tyrants this year, we have a rough 13 months until tax time approaches in 2022. Luckily, some of the rulers know that raising taxes too much (stealing too much from the slaves) forces them to wake up to the reality that they are being ruled over and controlled. That’s what they cannot have happen.  They need people beholden to the state and on their knees in servitude for as long as possible.

    Bianchi says Congress isn’t likely to swallow the whole proposal — she suggests it will only agree to $500 billion of new taxes. For instance, Congress may agree to increase the corporate tax rate, but only to 25%. She says Congress will agree to end carried interest, and is likely to approve increasing the top individual rate of taxes, but won’t be as eager to increase capital-gains taxes. The global minimum tax that Yellen has floated also is considered unlikely to pass. –Market Watch

    Taxation is theft. Government is slavery. Democracy is mob rule. This is undeniable and becoming more clear by the day. We need to stand together and peacefully refuse to pay the master any longer. There are more of us than there are of them, and they know it. Once we stand together, it’s over.



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      1. Increasingly clear that

      2. Hey Joe,that $1400 won’t
        even cover these tax hikes.
        Come on man!

      3. I also have always shared the belief that taxation is theft.
        Government/IRS puts us through so much bullshit just to get back a “tax refund”.
        Acting like they are so very generous when the fact is we’re just getting money back which was ours in the first place!

      4. Might as well not bother spending my stimulus check when I get it. I’ll just mark it “return to sender” to cover these latest tax hikes.?
        Thanks a lot Joe.

      5. Less for the slaves and more for the Masters or in other words – business as usual in Joe Biden’s Amerika.

      6. I don’t think old shuffling Joe is proposing anything,he’s just a dementia stricken meat puppet they parade around for appearance sake.The poor bastard belongs in a nursing home or hospice care. My dog has more cognitive ability then he does.

      7. “Once we stand together, it’s over.”

        You had your chance to show solidarity. You let it slip through your hands. Didn’t see all y’all standing up for the “patriots” that invaded the capitol on January 6.

        All talk and no action. Unfortunately, the bosses have won and you have lost. No one will refuse to pay their taxes. No one wants to end up like Irwin Schiff, dying in prison.

      8. You’re absolutely right. The last President who thought that he could really in charge was JFK. Since then, all others have just been puppet actors on their master’s strings with the sole purpose of dividing and deceiving the people. Pretenders in Chief. Biden is by far the most blatant case of all. I believe it’s just a test by the owners of the system to see how succesful their program of dumbing down the population has been.

      9. Don’t forget that Obamacare was to be administered by the IRS. What does the IRS know about medical administration?

        Americans have been desensitized to TAXATION. Kind of like the frog in water that slowly rises to boiling temperatures.

      10. We are not slaves to any one.

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