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Biden Takes Trump’s Wall to Next Level, New ‘Smart’ Wall Will Spy on Americans Hundreds of Miles Inland

Matt Agorist
February 9th, 2021
The Free Thought Project
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This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

On January 20, in the minds of the establishment left, a new dawn was on the horizon with nothing but unicorns, a$15 minimum wage, and free health care and college for all. However, many on the left are already learning that their new messiah, Joseph R. Biden, is not that different from the right’s former messiah when it comes to wars, the police state, and immigration.

Though the right claims Biden is “going to open up the borders” so all the immigrants can rush in and “take our jobs and rape our children” that is not what will happen. For people outraged by Trump putting “kids in cages” as part of his crackdown on illegal immigration over the last four years, Joe Biden is not different, in fact when you read below to see what is unfolding, you will see that he is worse.

Remember, Biden was vice president during the Obama administration which aggressively deported more immigrants than Trump and who also put “kids in cages.” In fact, the photos used to first bring attention to kids in cages under Trump were actually taken during Biden’s tenure as VP and the detention facilities were an Obama era creation.

Sure, Biden used executive action to stop the construction of Trump’s silly wall that was easily scalable and could easily be circumvented. He also stopped new enrollments in the Migrant Protection Protocols program, which forced asylum seekers to wait in often-dangerous circumstances in Mexico for their US immigration hearings. However, this is little more than virtue signaling for which the media can have something to praise him. Behind the scenes, Biden and his advisers have something in the works that dwarfs Trump’s wall — a “virtual” or “smart” wall.

Biden’s new “Smart” wall will use advanced surveillance technology to patrol the border presenting a danger to immigrants and citizens alike. According to a report in the Nation, while the full text of the immigration legislative proposal Biden sent to Congress has not been made public, a fact sheet distributed to reporters contains a section titled “Supplement existing border resources with technology and Infrastructure,” which calls for additional funding to, among other things, “enhance the ability to process asylum seekers” and “manage and secure the southern border between ports of entry that focuses on flexible solutions and technologies that expand the ability to detect illicit activity.”

The smart wall will not be as obvious and physically offensive as an actual wall, but aerial drones, infrared cameras, motion sensors, radar, facial recognition, and artificial intelligence is far more ominous than steel and bricks. According to the Nation:

These implements have the veneer of scientific impartiality and rarely produce contentious imagery, which makes them both palatable to a broadly apathetic public and insidiously dangerous.

Unlike a border wall, an advanced virtual “border” doesn’t just exist along the demarcation dividing countries. It extends hundreds of miles inland along the “Constitution-free zone” of enhanced Border Patrol authority. It’s in private property and along domestic roadways. It’s at airports, where the government is ready to roll out a facial recognition system with no age limit that includes travelers on domestic flights that never cross a border.

A frontline Customs and Border Protection officer, who asked not to be identified as they were not authorized to speak publicly, told The Nation that they had concerns about the growth of this technology, especially with the agency “expanding its capabilities and training its armed personnel to act as a federal police.” These capabilities were showcased this summer when CBP agents joined other often-unidentified federal forces in cities with Black Lives Matter protests. The deployments included the use of ground and aerial surveillance tech, including drones, as first reported by The Nation.

This sort of mission creep illustrates the folly in complacency over the use of advanced surveillance tech on the grounds that it is for “border enforcement.” It is always easier to add to the list of acceptable data uses than it is to limit them, largely owing to our security paranoia where any risk is unacceptable.

One of the most minacious aspects of this smart wall is that it will extend the police and surveillance state tactics used at airports — around the entire country. Imagine you are checking into a flight at an airport, excited to go on vacation but when you attempt to get your ticket, you are told you cannot fly. Suddenly, you are surrounded by security and hauled off for questioning. You have committed no crime and you have no recourse to ask why you cannot fly. This happens every day in this country as Homeland Security enforces the unconstitutional No Fly List.

Experts like Edward Hasbrouck, a consultant with the Identity Project and writer at the affiliated Papers Please blog, say the new border wall will essentially implement a no-fly list around the entire country. Hasbrouck told the Nation DHS officials “complain constantly and explicitly about the fact that, unlike at the airport, where we know who’s getting on the plane before they get on the plane, at the land border anybody can just show up. They regard this as a horrible defect that they’re working assiduously to rectify.”

As the Nation points out, entire companies have formed to cater to these contracts, including Anduril, headed by crypto-fascist troll Palmer Luckey, who has close ties to mass surveillance firm Palantir (not coincidentally, both are companies named after objects from Lord of the Rings, by people who probably cheered the villains’ quest for absolute power).

They have already poured millions into this new surveillance state project.

All of this is happening out of sight of the general public who largely has no idea what is taking place. As the mainstream media praises Biden as their new savior, his administration is building a virtual TSA that will encompass the entire country. Imagine attempting to flee the future technocracy that America will surely become, only to be met by aerial drones and Boston Dynamic robot dogs. This could soon be a reality akin to the scariest Black Mirror episode.

What’s more, it is important to remember that all this technology the government has been implementing to keep people out can and will just as easily be used domestically to keep people in.

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    Author: Matt Agorist
    Date: February 9th, 2021

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    1. hmm... says:

      With everything we’ve been subject to for almost a year under the “virus” pretense,it makes one wonder if this “virtual wall” is really to keep the illegals from getting in or in reality is to keep us from breaking outta here?🤔

    2. just saying says:

      At the rate these fascists are going, pretty soon all of Amerika will be a “Constitution free zone”.

    3. Oh - Oh!! says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like they are locking us in.Once this “smart” wall is done ,so are we – as in done for.They are taking the lockdown concept to an entirely new level of authoritarianism.We are all totally screwed.Good luck getting out of here.

    4. New error says:

      So far,prez Bidet has been an absolute nightmare.Just one little question for those who “allegedly” voted for this guy – How’s that working out for you?

    5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Castor has obviously been bribed to make sure that Trump does not win, or he just hates Trump and wants to make sure that Trump does not win.

      This is SOP in the legal world. Nobody has told me, per se, but there is no other explanation for it. I have seen it too many times in nationalized cases, starting with the Starr investigation of Clinton. Starr was supposedly supposed to be the opposition, but it was obvious that Starr was on Clinton’s side, deciding to focus the impeachment of Clinton on Lewisnsky rather than the serious crime spree that the Clintons were guilty of.

      Or OJ Simpson, being aquitted for a glove not fitting. Leather gloves that were wet, shrink when they dry and will not fit.

      If the legal system does not work, nothing will work. The legal system does not work, and nothing works. During any trial, all involved, including the judge, the attorneys, the accused, the accuser, and the jury are essentially all on trial and whether justice prevails or not is up to all invloved.

      Andrea Iravani

    6. James says:

      Their are two kind of walls. Those that keep people out, and those that keep people in.
      Law abiding free countries have walls to keep undesirable people out who of course want in. Dictatorships have walls to keep their citizens in, as dictatorships have no popular support.

    7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Cease and Desist surveillance state! What you are doing to me is 100% evil and illegal which is why you refuse to admit what you are doing to me! I would rather die than have anything to do with you! Your lifestayles are evil, sick, and disgusting crimes against humanity! You have destroyed liberty! You have destroyed the meaning of life! You have destroyed intimacy! You have destroyed love! You have destroyed America! You have destroyed the American way of life! You have pissed all over the constitution! It does not matter if you are in the government or the other half of the InfraTard/ MICIMATT surveillance state! If you are not in the government, you are worse than the government! You are all from the same shit stained cloth of ass wipes! You have gone to extraordinary lengths to illegally invade my life! You are not entitled to be a part of my life! You are monsterous mentally incompetent frauds that the world would be better off without! Only mentally incompetent frauds that the world would be better off without would resort to doing illegal, unconsented brain surgery, false diagnosis, perjury, using vault 7 technology and DEWs and mind reading technology, chanting senseless babble through appliances and plumbing and anything with a motor, illegal entry into my home, stealing from me, vandalism of my property, hacking into my technology, stalking me, spying on me, gas lighting, parroting me, intimidation, and the many other crimes that you have perpetrated against me!

      You are useless, unwanted, and unnecessary! Kill yourselves!

      The world would be better off if you were dead! There is no way to deny it! You are sick, disgusting, grotesque, evil, monsters with cannibalistic lifestyles that cannot be justified in any moral, legal, or intellectual way! You exist simply to cannibalize anyone that is not one of you! Your existences are meaningless! Your lives are meaningless! You are meaningless! You do not deserve to live!

      Andrea Iravani

    8. Darth Skippy says:

      Rather than saying the parties are at odds, I have long held that each successive administration is a logical continuum.

      Trump said, “…we will finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system, which we need desperately. For years Congress has required biometric entry-exit visa tracking systems, but it has never been completed. The politicians are all talk, no action, never happens. Never happens.

      Hillary Clinton, all talk. Unfortunately when there is action it’s always the wrong decision. You ever notice? In my administration we will ensure that this system is in place. And, I will tell you, it will be on land, it will be on sea, it will be in air. We will have a proper tracking system.”

      The Democratic script would later call for a smart wall, in compromise for the physical barrier.

      Where rightists have peeing frog cartoons and VR headsets, the leftists have used ferret shots against our most gullible and tore social undesirables from the womb, in assembly lines — criticizing the rightists for their graceless manner of speaking.

    9. Anonymous says:

      Biden doesn’t make any important policy decisions, nor did Trump. It’s time for people to stop with the left versus right bullshit. The president is merely the figurehead that follows the cues given on the teleprompter. You don’t really think Trump or Biden was smart enough to write those speeches do you? They are both moronic puppets installed by the bosses.

      Policy is made behind the scenes by various think tanks and lobbyists that have parameters set by the MIIC and the banking bosses.

    10. Marcy says:

      As if Biden can stop all those poop dispenser migrants from coming into America. NOT! They know where the free food and housing is. They can sniff these things a mile away. Instead of fighting for their own country, they’d rather invade the US and Canada and become burdens. That’s the reason those third world women keep having all those babies, they play on the worlds sympathy. Then those kids grow up to be criminals.