Biden Pushes For China-Style Social Credit System

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    We all knew this was coming.  It’s all a part of the agenda. The ruling class is pushing for a China-style social credit system. It will be rolled into a central bank digital currency that you will have no control over, the rulers will make all the decisions and cut you off if you decide you don’t want your 109th booster shot.

    According to a report by the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, in televised remarks, President Biden urged private businesses and universities to institute a China-style “social credit” system whereby some individuals are denied basic rights and privileges if they hold “wrong” views on matters such as health and medicine. How far will this go?

    We should know how far this will go. As far as they can.  They are in a desperation stage where they are attempting to keep a grip on power. Anything is possible at this point, as many people have figured out government is slavery.

    China has been expanding its social credit system in order to keep tight control over its slaves. They do not have an illusion of freedom, yet, some Americans are still suffering from the delusion that they are “free.”

    Americans should not just shrug off these oppressive initiatives as something that could only happen in China. For one thing, a significant amount of the surveillance technology used by China’s communist government was developed and provided by American companies. These are names we know and recognize, including Seagate, Intel, and HP Inc., among others.

    If the technology can be used there, it can be used here for the same purposes.

    That should concern us, especially given other trends we are seeing here in the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have brought out the statist authoritarianism in many of our government officials — and much of the citizenry. Every day, we see more calls for social compliance on pain of sanctions. -Minot Daily News

    This will not end until people wake up and stop allowing others to have power over them. It starts with the mind. Once, the mind is free, slavery will end. Until then, we need to prepare because these sociopaths will not give up easily. Anything could be coming, at this point, and we should be prepared for everything.

    The agenda is in motion. Refuse to live in fear, refuse to be their slave, and keep using critical thinking.  As they roll this out, we should all be aware of what they are doing to us and why. It will never be about health. They don’t care about us. It’s up to us to read, learn, and use our discernment.


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      1. If these scumbags in office are not stopped we will all be marked as slaves and no where to go.

      2. Hmmmm, looks like I’m screwed…. (not).

        • Genius, you’re only screwed IF you let them. Showdown time is coming.

          • Hey DR, good to see yer still kickin. My social credit score is probably about like my regular credit score..0 lol. Finally got my pension and life is good. My personal stock market is full (liberty tools, metals, eats,) Now I gotta ton of work to do at the cabin. Fencing, gates, new security system, swamp cooler, new bypass road, sight a few new toys in. Damm I should have just kept working lol.

      3. Completely unconstitutional. Period. Paragraph.

        Time to remove this incompletely illegal federal regime from our country. All of it. Followed by trials.

        • Followed by hangings for all who have committed treason against the USA.

      4. As they say, elections have consequences.

        • @Anonymous, Didn’t someone change that quote to “Erections
          have consequences”?
          Either way America
          is screwed.

      5. The Democrat Liberal Socialists are losing control of the people, they will do anything to keep that control, …..bring on new variants that are worse than the last one, we are in for some VERY trying times ahead.

      6. Once they control the food and the money they will have YOU!

        The sheeple don’t even see it coming even though it has been coming for years one little bite at a time.

      7. If Biden and that whatever you call that VP is so wild about how good the chinese social credit system is, them maybe him and ol Karmelon should move to china.

        • Ya and maybe you should quit your job with the feds….

      8. When dollar is gone, none of this Bolshavik BS will mean anything. People will not work for nothing and that is what the worthless dollar is about to become!

      9. The Trump Vax
        Start referring to the vax as The Trump Vax. This is a military color revolution disinformation tactic and will surely work if enough people use it. It will need to infiltrate media and especially political and social circles. The more times it is referred to by more credible sources as The Trump Vax the more the communist will hate the vaccines. To further solidify the narrative, refer to anti vaxers as Biden supporters. Afterall, Trumpsters love anything Trump, right. Therefore they love the Trump Vax. Medical martial law will be unavoidable. The power players fudge numbers and revise them later for historical record. But they secure dystopian power in the meantime. They refuse to view their own science and kill rates or infection rates that would be laughable as to their response and dictatorial edicts of masks, lockdowns and mandated vax. This has zero to do with Covid or the vax and everything to do with Communism. Governors need to immunize corporations from lawsuits if people claim their employees got a customer sick. This would roadblock Biden’s Brownshirts from threatening all business to show support by self mandating the vax upon their employees.
        Furthermore, refusing to vax is protected under discrimination laws if employers try to continue their power plays upon their employees.
        As a 76 year old terminally ill former deep cover operative that has run campaigns all over the world this is my final give back to save our Republic. This is one way to fight back that would actually work. Godspeed.

      10. We already have many different elements of a social credit system. Have you seen the website Register with these people and get emails like this:

        1 New Reputation Update Found for Friends, Neighbors, Relatives & Others

        See NEW negative records & reviews below or automatically search all your contacts to stay safe.

        Friends & Others of Interest
        Search for other friends to see their Reputation Score & Reputation Profile Search Now

        Relatives & Associates
        Search for other relatives & associates to see their Reputation Score & Reputation Profile. Search Now

        Neighbors View All
        Firstname Middlename Lastname, age (all data scrubbed)
        street address, City, State
        Judgment Found
        Reputation Range
        2.31 – 3.75
        View Details

        Next neighbor

        Next Neighbor

        See Reputation Profiles or Reputation Scores for your classmates. Enter your school & year to see complete list. Search Now

        This is not the country I was born into. It has somehow morphed into an Orwellian, communist, fascist, hybrid nightmare.

      11. The BEAST is here people. Be aware of what’s going on around you and to you. Learn to be more self reliant. The psychopaths hate that. And stop the nonsense consumerism. Quit feeding the other corporate beasts. They don’t give a dam about us.

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