Biden Administration To Use The Excuse Of “Third Party Extremism” To Spy On Everyone

by | May 4, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    As if we aren’t already being spied on. Everything we say and do is tracked and recorded with our cell phones thanks to the Patriot Act. But the Biden administration wants to take things a step further and is using “third party extremism” as the excuse.

    Those who no longer wish to submit to the ruling class and be slaves to the government (which is what government is. It is slavery) are now “domestic terrorists.” The audacity of calling the slaves that the masters rule over and command is unbelievable. If you cannot opt-out of the government, you are a slave, making us all one.

     Time to wake up, folks.

    As of right now, the Department of Homeland security lacks the authority to spy on dissidents, (those pesky slaves who do not wish to be slaves) but the Biden administration has reportedly found a workaround: using third-party researchers to snoop on so-called “domestic terrorists.” According to a report by RT, in the aftermath of the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill in January, the Biden administration, with the support of sympathetic mainstream media outlets and pundits, focused on the intelligence-gathering powers of the state inwards.

    Biden added members to a domestic extremism team on the National Security Council, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declared homegrown “extremists” a “national priority area,” the FBI called for expanded domestic surveillance, and a top Justice Department official last week asked Congress for new powers to prosecute so-called “extremists.” In all cases, the same targets are identified: right-wing dissidents – including militia groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys – who took part in the Capitol riot. –RT

    The goal is to make our enslavement permanent with no way out.  There is still a way out right now, but we are running out of time, and many don’t seem to want to face the truth. The left vs. right paradigm lie is just one more way they continue to jack up the control over all of us. Until we realize that having a master, red or blue, it makes no difference, we are slaves.

    Continue to use critical thinking and ask the questions no one else is asking. It’s time for us to all face the reality that the government believes not only that they own us, but they have the moral right to own us and treat us as slaves. And the longer we act like slaves and remain beholden in a state of worship to the ruling class on either side (left or right) the longer they’ll treat us like slaves.


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      1. The only extreme third party here is Cadaver Joe?

      2. Biden

      3. Biden and his administration are the ones who we really need to keep an eye on…..

      4. This might be somewhat off topic but recently saw this:
        “CUOMO SAYS TO
        THAT YOU DON’T
        KILL GRANNY”
        Ironic coming from him.

      5. I feel sorry for my kids and grandkids and great grand kids as they are going to have to live this Bull s— for another how ever long if not longer period of time. Another united soviet states of america U.S.S.A.

      6. I know, you wanted to play the martyr.

        But, the accused, third parties were Batman cosplayers, a bronie, and people wearing Hawaiian shirts.


          (One is saying, angrily, that it’s spelled with a y.)

          Taking Communion in a literal crypt is socially acceptable, so long as there are no crisis actors involved.

      7. The anti-abolitionist authors rationalized slavery as a halfway house or job corps, to rescue the undeserved from cannibals, idolatry, starvation, and squalor. All of this forbidden knowledge about darkest ‘Negro Land’ can be watched from your fav, digital platform, on a public wi-fi (ubiquitously). Not just the forbidden history of 1800’s Southern Baptists and Southern Democrats and their memory-holed books, but the forbidden present, can be watched at the McD’s and Starbucks, in color video.

        Private referrals to sweatshop labor are now made from subsidized ‘crisis houses’, in the burbs. Freedom of movement is controlled, but not disappeared. So, it doesn’t meet the legal definition of trafficking. Migrant resettlement and to enslave other at-risk people groups are business licenses, listed on your state website, in case you would like to own what amounts to slaves. In a literal convo, in real life, I was not supposed to call a grouping of fruit trees, adjacent to antebellum architecture, a plantation (above a whisper.)

        (In case your family history does not make a you a subsidy, the living wage jobs are apparently secured with a finder’s fee, nowadays.)

      8. It is no loss as we will only miss a bunch of rich and privileged athletes refusing to stand for our flag.

        If they actually wanted to stand for something and unite people behind them to achieve something worthwhile, they would not use divisive methods. Refusing to stand for the flag has been a hugely successful propaganda ploy to divide Americans. They do not care about their claimed purpose or they would do something that helped it.

      9. Here we go folks….EVERYTHING we feared and tried to sound the alarm on is now coming true. A group of thugs who have the support of half the country and is being reported that they will not have to abide by U.S laws, ie; search warrants, and will be able to investigate and knock down doors. Unbelievable. They will start with the easy pickings like the militia groups and branch out from there. We lost America and all that was special about our Country in the last election when we rolled over. We are currently taking the “scenic route” towards our final destination of complete government control. This can’t be stopped and very soon we will all pay the price. We probably won’t recognize our Country by end of year.

      10. The anti-abolitionist authors rationalized slavery as a halfway house or job corps, to rescue the undeserved from cannibals, idolatry, starvation

        • The same conditions exist, today, under Western charities and on the Dark Continent.

      11. According to Biden we are the 3rd party(public). We joined and didn’t know it.

      12. Why did our Founding Fathers & brilliant scholars of today (like Mark Levin, Clarence Thomas, Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, and many others) continue to discuss TYRANNY. Consider this quote.

        From PLATO’s REPUBLIC, Book 8
        First two sentences. “Come then, tell me, dear friend, how TYRANNY arises. That it is an outgrowth of democracy is fairly plain.”

        (In the Federalist Papers, John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton discuss concepts like the TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY.)

        These are the reasons for establishing the USA as a REPUBLIC.

        • “Socrates explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are actually not reality at all. A philosopher aims to understand and perceive the higher levels of reality. However, the other inmates of the cave do not even desire to leave their prison, for they know no better life.”

          The Republican model outsources personal responsibility to a delegate, who, for your purposes, has come from a higher reality.

          • A Democracy is two wolves & a sheep voting on what’s-for-dinner. The current American attempt at maintaining a Republic is broken as the fools in “D.C.” have failed to stay within the very strict limits on Federal Govt. spelled out in the Constitution.

            Regarding your comment on “personal responsibility”, it’s a good one. I think generations of lawyers (attorneys, judges, politicians) have corrupted the original intention of a JUSTICE SYSTEM. “A jury of your peers” originally meant folks from your region that knew you. They were likely to know of your proclivities to crime, or if none existed. The micromanaging of all evidence during a trial was not intended – jurors should decide.

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