Bernie Campaign Under Attack After Accusing Hillary of “Encouraging Islamic Extremism”

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 221 comments

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    Perhaps now we know what was behind the timing of the most recent scandal for Bernie Sanders – concerning improper access to a Democratic database by members of staff.

    Ahead of the Democratic debates coming up this Saturday, it seems that Sen. Sanders is now planning to take Hillary to the woodshed over all the destruction and mayhem that she caused during her stint as Secretary of State.

    The Madam Secretary was a driving force in the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and the attempt to oust Assad in Syria, as well as many of the Arab Spring events including Egypt. Hillary’s Department of State was also instrumental in fueling the rise of “rebel groups” opposing these regimes who proved to be anything but “moderate” and instead, led have overlapped with ISIS and other terrorist organizations now plaguing the region.

    Bernie Sanders has now accused Hillary over her role in the rise of ISIS, and intends to point out her dangerous and disqualifying flaws in the course of his campaign.

    The London Guardian reports:

    Bernie Sanders has accused Hillary Clinton of encouraging Islamic extremism in Libya, in a prelude to a Democratic debate on Saturday during which he is expected to go on the attack for the first time over the unintended consequences of the former secretary of state’s more interventionist foreign policy.

    [T]he senator from Vermont criticised Clinton for carelessly fomenting regime change in Libya “without worrying” about the ensuing instability that has helped Islamic State forces take hold in the country.

    “Regime change without worrying about what happens the day after you get rid of the dictator does not make a lot of sense,” Sanders said.

    “I voted against the war in Iraq … Secretary Clinton voted for that war. She was proud to have been involved in regime change in Libya, with [Muammar] Gaddafi, without worrying, I think, about what happened the day after and the kind of instability and the rise of Isis that we have seen in Libya.”

    Clinton has previously defended her role in airstrikes against Gaddafi in 2011, arguing he was a “murderous dictator … who had American blood on his hands” and there was pressure for US action from European and Arab allies.

    Hillary is, of course, infamous for her indifferent cackling about the death of Gaddafi, which she tacitly admitted to having “something to do with”:

    Less famous is the moment Hillary laughed and cackled through a conversation about ‘taking out Iran’ with former Secretary of States James Baker III and Charlie Rose (see a two minute excerpt here).

    Perhaps this has something to do with the real reason why Bernie Sanders is saying that the DNC is ‘trying to sabotage his campaign.’ Well, that, and the fact that Sanders has become a real threat to Hillary in Iowa.

    Here’s what a Bernie Sanders campaign official said in a press conference today:

    According to Politico:

    Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Friday threatened to sue the Democratic National Committee for suspending its access to the national voter database, saying the move threatens to undermine the Vermont senator’s presidential run.

    Even as the campaign admitted its staffers had inappropriately reviewed and saved Hillary Clinton campaign data made available as a result of a software error, it emphatically accused the DNC of sabotage and of blatantly favoring Clinton.

    “We are announcing today that if the DNC continues to hold our data hostage, and continues to try to attack the heart and soul of our campaign, we will be in federal court this afternoon seeking an immediate injunction,” Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver said at a press conference Friday afternoon, on the eve of the third Democratic debate.

    “The leadership of the Democratic National Committee is now actively attempting to undermine our campaign. This is unacceptable,” he said. “Individual leaders of the DNC can support Hillary Clinton in any way they want, but they are not going to sabotage our campaign — one of the strongest grassroots campaigns in modern history.”

    […] [I]t means he temporarily loses access to critical voter data just weeks before voting is set to begin in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he is within striking distance of Clinton. Without access to the voter file, on-the-ground organizing will become far more difficult for Sanders.

    Hillary and the Clinton machine, for their part, have never reacted well to criticism and often dealt very harshly with their accusers and detractors. Hillary’s closest and most infamous aide, Huma Abedin, is also related to members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a powerful political group that has been linked repeatedly to jihadi terrorism.

    Bernie has avoided direct attacks on Hillary up until this point, and went so far as to give her an out on the email scandal during the first prime time debate.


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      1. Title of article seems to say Bernie as if it’s his last name. You should correct it. That being said the DNC is fully invested in the Hildabeast and they’ll do what’s necessary to keep Crazy Uncle Bernie from derailing her coronation.

        • The dems are pretty much identical.

          Trumo is scary. Pubio is self explanatory. Cruz is lookin’ for a bruzin.

          Can we leave the office vacant? Taxation without representation does violate the constitution. But it should cost less.

          I was reading up on WW2 on wiki.

          When Hitler came to power he fired a lot of generals, kinda like Obama. I wonder if the secret service keeps cyanide on hand.

          • Hitlery is the pure definition of a psychopath.

            • Psychopaths use a lot of projection. And no matter how slick they are they always tell on themselves.

            • As are all her followers.

        • The best way to piss off a conservative, is to tell lies.

          The best way to piss off a liberal/progressive, is to tell the truth.

          • Conservatives do not want truth any more than liberals.
            Take Grover Norquist, the conservative powerhouse who makes Republican candidates put a pledge to him over their pledge to serve this country. He is running under the Americans for Tax Reform, sharing office space with the Islamic Free Market Institute which he counted with Khaled Safford and his sister’s hubby Majed Tomeh. All in Grover ‘ s little story are Palestinian Muslim Activists/ Terrorists. Norquist ‘ wife, Samah Alrayyes and her 2 sisters living in Chicago travel back and forth to Palestine for months at a time. The Islamic Free Market IInstitute was busted for financing terrorists, but only Abdullah Alamo u didn’t was convicted for terrorism and is serving 23 years in a federal pen. Grover started the Americans for Tax Reform (still shares offices with his Palestinian relatives) and almost overnight became the number one money man for the Republican candidates. He is a harsh taskmaster too… they dare not cross Grover.

            Be careful what you ask for. Does the Republican Party call out this terrorist financer who is embedded into a Palestinian family, even his sister?

            Truth… ain’t in the Republican Party.

            Americans have NO political party.

            • We now only have one party, the party of big business and corruption. There are some, but virtually no conservatives left in government.

              For any man to achieve such power in this world pretty much only happens if they are totally owned by the powers that shouldn’t be. They have been given over to a reprobate mind.

              • We have the ziofascist party!

              • We only have one party and it sure does not represent us. Trump and Sanders are independents and not favored by the One Party. If Trump can convince TPTB that he will obey… maybe. Sanders has a long record of disobedience so he is not likely to be authorized. The computer glitch was a hook to throw him out because no matter what they say… Sanders is pulling hundreds of thousands and can depose Hillary.

                • Please, Bernie Sanders is a flaming communist. History is full of people seduced by the promises of communism. The end result is always millions of dead.

                  The hope and change promised by Obama is a communist propaganda slogan. A vote for Sanders is a vote for more of Obama’s progressive rabbit hole.

                  • I said he could take Hillary down, I did not say I like socialism. When tptb get too greedy, socialism saves their behinds. They stay in power, and give middle class money to the poor to keep them quiet.

                    • The fly in the ointment is they have bled the middle class dry. There is no middle class only a growing poverty class, and a small but much richer super rich class. The super rich will expect ever more for their money. And they will start cutting off the government because their greed is limitless.

                      They are spending so fast, bankruptcy is right around the corner.

              • Yes, there are two sides to the same story. And the plot and ending are the same for both, and it’s not good.

            • Then take one of the party’s back.

              Impossible? So was the American Revolution.

        • Hillary =worst of Wall Street and more congressional gridlock
          Bernie sanders = well intentioned liberal who would accomplish nothing, again due to congressional gridlock
          Trump = the “Ugly American” the rest of the world despises and the real reason terrorists attack the US. Arrogant, obnoxious, spoiled and entitled. He would increase our violent presence in the Middle East. A foreign policy disaster.
          All other GOP candidates must pander to the worst of the far right to get the nomination and could never win a general election.

          Why the GOP didn’t back Ron Paul when they had a chance is beyond me.

          • they didn’t back ron paul because of his anti-war stance….the PEOPLE want war…it’s ingrained into our society now….that, and republicans have abandoned their constituents …they no longer represent U.S.,…they RESENT U.S…they aren’t conservative by ANY stretch of the imagination….all birds of the same feather now…and there’s no FIXIN’ it….not without a lot of heartache and misery anyway.

      2. At this point, what difference does it make?

        • Thats what she will be saying when people and their kids are dying because of the shi##y healthcare we have now. Along with the others.
          I cannot even imagine people even voting for someone who even said that ….no matter who it was. That is the true inner feelings for people like that. And others also….

      3. All the idiot Dems deserve each other. No difference between them and repubs anymore. Whether it’s Sanders promising free shit for everyone or Paul Ryan selling us all down the road with the spending bill, the political class can simply all be painted as a bunch of quislings. Go fetch the rope!

        • Lot of people don’t realize there really isn’t ANY difference in either parties. People I have talked to always say, ” my family always voted deomcrat, so I do too. ” Look where that got us. It doesn’t matter now anyway. They both are the just about same. They already sold their souls. Amazing.
          Can’t get a budget done because they wanna go home for xmas… like they deserve that eh? We are being deliberately broken apart. And they do not give a rats ass about it either.
          Long time ago, they would have been run out of town.

        • I hope democrats see this the same way republicans see similar establishment attacks on Trump – as badges of honor. IMO, Sanders just singled himself out as a non-establishment candidate. He is also exposing hillary for the filthy, lying bitch that she is. We already know the kind of dark powers that are behind her.

          Whatever it takes to keep that NWO puppet bitch out of the white house…even if it takes voting for Bernie.


          • Sixpack.



            Don’t spoil the fun. Hillary for PREZ.

          • I have watched Sanders for years. I do not believe he is owned by the Bigs. Even so… unless we kick em all out… how can a President change things?

            • Why did he gut the audit the fed bill, cunt?

              All of them can talk a good game. They are professional bullshitters. All lawyer vermin are. Do you really think lawyers are people of intellect? This is why we have a patriarchy. Dumb bitch.

              • Acid Wretch

                “quote..Why did he gut the audit the fed bill, c***?”

                Probably for reasons, similar to your inherent deviant swallow-reflex.

                You see, Bernie is a -[redacted]-, who covers for his fellow -[redacted]- who’re higher up in the Ⓤ food-chain, see fed-reserve owners, who are all -[redacted]-, for info.

                ..which takes us back to your deviant swallow-reflex…’tis an obligation-type thingy, per your types, yes???

                Same difference, per the -[redacted]-.


                Btw, back-off slamming Rebecca. She’s a decent female, she’s smart & worthy of courtesy/respect & her posting history has been consistent w/ one possessing intelligence.

                Since no-one else bothered to defend her…I will.

                P.S.) ..just a reminder faggot…dicks are for chicks only!!!

                • Hunter… you are a good man. Acid Etch is not a good man.

              • Whatsa matter? You didn’t get laid today? Your ass still too sore?

                • Is anyone else having internet issues?

                  • Yeah Genius, been stuck in posting purgatory for 7hrs now.
                    ..attempted to defend Rebecca @ 16:39hrs, from our resident queer.

                    …alas, I suspect it will never see the light of day…nor this post either, for that matter.

                  • My general internet has slowed. I get only 1/10th of what I pay for. The half dozen animated ads and pop-ups are slowing the pages so much, that it’s getting to be frustrating to surf the web looking for info. I thought it was just Frontier Communications in my area that was slow.

                    Apparently not.

                  • YES ESPECIALLY THIS SITE.

              • Acid, behave yourself. You’re sounding like a troll now.

        • Both Dems and Repubs can unite against Rand Paul. They love that bombing. I read each drone strike kills on average 37 civilians. We’re winning the hearts and minds of the people. We did do one really precise bombing raid against the doctors without borders hospital.

          • Yes, you are right than both parties seem to have an insatiable lust for War. Anything that sends billions to the oligarchy, the rights and freedoms of any peoples around the world be damned.

            Interesting read over – it appears that according to some of the honest intel people, Our Betters haven’t stopped with their desire to use Syria as a pretext to start WWIII – something they’ve been desperately trying to do since the Sept 2001 WTC attack. Back in 2001-2002, their grasping attempts to push an invasion of Syria were repelled by both the Pentagon and all intel services. Now? who knows, they may just get away with it.

            “US House Terror Report sets up Syria as fallguy for WWIII. A report review by Team Skiff” (retired military intel)


      4. Hey Bernie, the witch isn’t dead yet.

        • Karma is a bitch…

          • Didn’t ‘ol Bill “do” Karma over the Oval Office Desk?

            • Karma, dogma, quite a few others also…

              Thou shall not dip thy pen in the company ink…

              • Hey eppe, how you been?

                This just in from the See Inn Inn Knews Netwerk

                Clinton Pledges A “Wide Range Of Diversity” In Administration If Elected. Promises To Choose A Left-Handed Red-Haired Bisexual Hispanic Mormon Woman With PTSD For Running Mate.

                • Smokin, hanging in there.
                  Hope the family and grandson are doing well.
                  Have any good stories for us?

                  Keep it between the lines my friend…

                  • And Rosie McDonald is the closest one to think of…

                    Scary, is it not…

                  • Grandson is doing fine. He’s in remission and has excellent chance of a full normal life. Thanks for asking, and to all- thanks for your thoughts and prayers the past many months. Miles is six now, and the cutest, most awesome little boy in the world.

                    • I hope you are doing natural methods also! The big pharma is a death trap. If you really care (I’m sure you do) then look into alternates also PLEASE! has a big data base on alternate cancer CURES 🙂

                    • Smokin & G, great that all are better.
                      Getting back to nature corrects many problems humans have.
                      Having studied homeopathics for 40 years, there is a cure in nature, for most everything, we just got to figure it out.
                      Even says that in the 2nd chapter of that book that the last chapters seem to predict what is going on in the world today.

                      Be well all…

                  • whatever happened to BeInformed?…i miss his wisdom. i just happened across one of his very good pieces, so i’m reposting it…hope you’re doing well, if you read this B/I.
                    Be informed says:
                    Comment ID: 2922077
                    January 27, 2014 at 12:52 pmHERE IS SOMETHING POSITIVE TO JUST CONSIDER WITH PREPARATION FOR ANY SHTF EVENT :)When true chaos slams the fan, will you be ready?

                    Everyone hears of talk of war, new geophysical events and threats, deadly viruses, collapse of the economy, terrorism, nuclear contamination and much more. So what is the difference now between 10, 20, 50, years ago? This can still happen at a moment’s notice. We are in no way safer now than any previous perilous time in history. There are of course a whole list of other catastrophes that can end the society that we have become much too dependent on. Whatever mega disastrous event(s) eventually hits, which it will given time, how a person and group of people can be better equipped to survive it is what is all important.

                    There is much advice on preparedness that focuses usually on one set of people being ready for a specific widescale calamity. One may be the urban setting of surviving in the city. Another making it in rural areas. Still another living through a complex wilderness setting. This however does not change what a person and group of people usually needs to live and be prepared for regardless of the disaster.

                    With most prepper/survivalist you will hear the most important to survival is water, food, ammo, and shelter. Not to harp on what is necessary to and most important to everyone. There are still some other crucial considerations and an expansion of these customary needs to think over and understand that go into productive preparedness and are survival musts no matter the circumstances of what has happened and is happening.

                    Look at following 10 generalized priorites to survival that should be included in all survival plans:

                    1. Number one is staying hydrated. Being out of water will kill people very quickly and the last stages of severe dehydration are ugly to die from. People can store large amounts of water in cisterns. Others have workable wells and some have springs and streams. People stuck in urban settings must rely on storage of water within their homes or apartments, perhaps using cases of bottled water depending on size restrictions. Water filters and means of purfiying water are essential. Catchment areas using tarps for rainfall and learning dew collection is very important. A reliable source of drinkable safe water needs to be planned out before something terrible occurs.

                    Staying hydrated also means remaining as MOIST as possible. People lose tremendous amounts of water when it is hot and dry. Staying immobile as possible during extremely warm or hot days will help retain body fluids. Eating high protein foods during hot periods uses up more water. Loosely fitting clothes to light colored clothes all helps in minimizing water loss and staying out of direct sunlight. Many people in desert regions also breathe through a lightweight type of clothe to avoid the loss of moisture through the mouth and nose. Misting of skin with spray bottles not only keeps the skin from drying out too much, but helps cool someone through evaporative cooling as long as the relative humidity if not at the saturated level. Don’t get thirsty by trying to ration water, this will become a detriment in the long run to your body, have enough safe clean water by making this a top priority no matter what.

                    2. Avoiding hunger. No matter where your refuge is people have to eat to stay alive. What many people that prepare for emergencies don’t do is stock up with good quality food. We all need a certain calorie intake to maintain our weight and strength. This doesn’t mean high calorie food that has no nutriental value to it, especially high levels of sodium in it that requires a lot of water to balance it out in the body. People should when storing food to make sure that is quality food that they would eat during the pre disasterous times. Chemical additives in food simply mean that the food is cheap and the manufacturer is trying to hide the poor quality of it. Good wholesome food doesn’t require much, other than natural ingredients to make it taste good. If you can afford it, buy better quality food to store. During stressful times it is always nicer to have food that taste good. Something is better than nothing, but the better the food is you eat, the better off your body will be for it and the better your body will feel for it.

                    Every person should scout out their area before something happens to determine what they can look around for to eat because their food supply is likely to run out sooner than later. Urban setting are the most difficult because of lack of natural vegetation and game, but not impossible. Each place that a person lives has some form of food available to them outside their home refuge. The best time to go searching is beforehand, and to map out what possible hazards they will face in a post SHTF environment around their home.

                    3. Special needs. This is what few people would regard as third most important, but it can be life threatening without that special need. Many people need a certain something stay alive. It could be blood sugar levels, a certain type of medication or vitamin or mineral, or some other need to keep the body alive and functioning. Don’t assume that you can do without something that you need. Each person is different as well as others in any survival group, stocking up and finding alternatives to conventional treatment is paramount in survival. Address your personal needs now and the personal needs of others in your survival group that may depend on something to live or remain well and stock well for these needs.

                    Another special need is something that few people give much thought to after a catastrophe, this being something to bribe your way out of a bad situation or on occasion trade for something that you need. This should be considered in any survival stockpile, items to be used by desperate people to save yourself and others. Trading with an alcoholic is not such a good idea, but having alcohol (booze) available to bargin your way out of something is not a bad idea. Cigarettes are of course another item highly prized, as many prisoners have saved themselves with a cigarette or two. Another really needed item will be rock salt. People like animals become quite in need of salt to live, and this essential nutrient will become in short supply quickly. Rock salt in 50 lbs bags is cheap. Certain items you might not have use for should be considered to add to a stockpile that others may desperately have desire for them.

                    4. Protecting yourself from others. This is an absolute must. Even someone totally isolated needs good protection. While some people are opposed to firearms, it must be understood that the further you are away from an attacker, the less of a chance you have or being injuried or killed. This means having something that will project an object at enough force to stop the attacker(s). There is a whole school of thought of what someone needs from rifles to handguns to ever size of caliber. The main focus needs to be on the individual needs of a person and/or group. Any prepper/survivalist should also not limit themselves to ONLY firearms. Many other weapons offer protection and practicality such as stealthness and ease of use, especially hunting game. Bear spray is a lot more effective on a large attacking animal than a lower caliber firearm for example. Booby traps and other means of slowing down, impending, or stopping something is something to consider also.

                    One of the worst misconceptions of self defense is not understanding the stopping power that is necessary. Many people still rely on a baseball bat or other weapon that can be easily taken away from someone, especially by more than one attacker. People have to think about what life will be like after a severe disaster, it is not business as usual. There is likely no help from law enforcement or nieghbors, most people will be on their own. What do you need to stop someone, packs of hungry vicous animals, or many people from taking what you have? Realistic thinking of this needs to be contemplated before something occurs and acted upon. The willingness to do whatever is necessary to protect you and your family is something that all must be ready for. Someone is not being a Rambo type by being simply well prepared to defend themselves and their families with extreme force from harm and death.

                    5. Safety from the elements. We are all use to turning on the air conditioner when it is hot and the heater when it is cold. This luxary is something likely to be part of the past after a major disaster. Your home can become like an ice box or like an oven. This takes its tool on people and uses up more valuable supplies to stay warmer or cool enough. People should consider some sort of insulation scheme with their survival area before anything happens to maintain temperatures like the way a thermos does. Safety from elements also includes the wind, rain snow, and from the aftermaths of a SHTF event. This can include sheltering from radiation from a nuclear war, nuclear disaster, or terrorist incident. Protecting everyone from anything from the outside that makes life more difficult and trying, on the inside.

                    Another hazard from outside that needs to be kept outside is vermin. Many people will have blown out windows after certain disasters that let in the air and the pests. Rodents carry every type of disease imaginable, control of these animals must be a top priority. Proper waste disposal is one way of keeping these parasites at bay. Insect control is another consideration, as fleas, ticks, and flies have been the source of death throughout the ages. Many natural and man-made repellents work well with them. You are trying to keep your place as sterile and clean as possible.

                    6. Personal upkeep. There cannot be said enough of keeping the body as near to healthy and free of physical stress as possible. Personal hygiene is essential. This means some method of bathing, keeping your mouth as germ free as possible through daily dental care, and not allowing your body to have to highly regulate and repair itself. This goes with the safety from the elements and maintaining as near to what your body is most comfortable with. Too many people try to rough out a situation, and this macho attitude has its definite pronounced liabilities. The more your body has to cool or warm itself, the more fuel is needed, eating into your survival stash. The more physical stress someone has, the more vulnerable they are to succumbing to disease and sickness, and the overall shutdown of the body itself.

                    Many nutritional deficiencies of the past are seldom seen anymore such as scurvy, but will pop their ugly head as soon as the regular diets of people are no more. On top of a stockpile of vitamins and minerals, each person needs to understand all the basic needs a body requires. Books on mineral and vitamin counts of individual foods is the best source of information on this as people will eventually need to obtain their food through other means than the accustomed store brought supplies.

                    7. Germs are my enemy. Sanitation is something that everyone must practice. It is not just to keep the insects and other vermin away, it is to stop bacteria and other pathogens from getting into your body and into your environment around you. It should be known that anti-bacteria soaps and other disinfections have a limited shelf life. Bleach for example loses its ability to kill germs quickly, months to a couple of years depending on the brand and concentrations. This should be planned for by any prepper and these items should be rotated frequently. Fuel to boil water, sturdy containers to hold water, as well as to sterilize items necessary for cleaniness.

                    Too many people lose the hands awareness motto. Very few germs actually infect people through the air. Even the flu is mostly contacted because of touch, which is more concentrated usually than in the air. Throughly washing hands can save much grief from sickness. Proper cooking of food is something some people fail at to kill pathogens in the food. Use of cutting boards, knives, and other cooking instruments for items not cooked are another source of contamination. The nearly invisible germ is what will kill more people after a disaster than anything else. Something else to remember, when one becomes ill, many often soon follow.

                    8. Remaining civilized. This is something that many don’t think is that necessary for survival. This is a board scope of what it means to be civilized. People without light during the night are in a dangerous situation, it is depressing and mostly leaves people vulnerable and crashing over each other and anything left around. Just like maintaining temperature control, it is necessary for the well being of people to have some means of being able to properly cook their food, being able to go to the bathroom and use toilet paper, anything that helps someone to maintain what they and their bodies are use to. Change is difficult to deal with, drastic change can be life threatening. While the credo of any prepper/survivalist is adaptation is key to survival, people still want to have something they are use to and ease into a new world as well as possible. Remaining above the level of a savage or an animal must be maintained as much as possible.

                    Another thing to consider is that being civilized has its benefits in that people think with a clearer head when they can still remain logical and reason through problems. One of the worst aspects of someone that is no longer civilized is that they begin to act and think like a savage. This might work in some circumstances, but in most situations the one best defense a person has is their ability to use their brains and out think any opponent or threat. Losing being civilized and someone loses part of that superior thought process to outwit most problems and predators.

                    9. I can still fix it. After a cataclysm the regular world is going to be gone, and with it most of the most conveniences that people have come to expect. A person’s ability to repair what is left to make their world at least function is a skill that will take anyone far. Jerry rigging devices, being inventive and creating workable parts and machines, and regular repair will become a norm for the new harsher world. One just has to see someone without a proper tool just how much total misery they go through in the present day world. A tool that works makes all the difference to a task that is impossible without it. Everyone wants to obtain the hand, eye, and mental coordination to work with tools and fix items on their own and with others.

                    People can train themselves before a disaster happens by using hand tools to repair an item instead of modern electric tools. They can attempt to repair an item using only what is around the house. People can make useable items out of “good” junk or spare parts. It is training of the mind to think, create, and make repairs that someday will become more than routine, but a necessity to help them to survive. Also make such a person high in demand for any type of post end of civilization as we know it work force.

                    10. Mental stability. This is something that will play a huge part in many lives. People see the world they are use to come crashing down, and see a new world that is extremely frightening and even more threatening. Some people will opt out to suicide either through immediate means or slower and dragged out than face such an impossible world. This is why all of the above 9 priorites are so important. A person must have hope and that hope is so deeply drained away when times become so awful for them that they feel the only way out is death. Retaining some form of normalcy is a basic requirement for many to survive after everything is taken away.

                    One of the best means of retaining some mental stability is diversion and any sense of accomplisment and progress. The more someone’s mind can be taken off how miserable they are and how much despair a situation is, the better chance they have of not falling into deep depression or coming out of such despondency. While entertainment such as boardgames, cards, puzzles, etc. may seem like space taken up for no good purpose, much of this become a life saver to many. Books are something that have saved people from going insane in confined spaces such as jail. Boredom on top of despair are a really bad combination. Anything that can offer some happiness or distraction from the shear horror of what is going on is quite valuable. Positive feedback to others for chores and tasks and showing appreciate can go a long ways. Remember just because you are all right doesn’t mean someone in your family or group is.

                    There is another problem that many people fall into that prepare for emergencies from minor to the end of the world as we know it. This is not a clear focus on their personal immediate and long term needs. Each person has different and unique needs and no survival plan fits all in regards to what exactly a person needs to put away. Some people lose sight of what and how much they actual will need have, ending up with not nearly enough to survive even a couple of weeks. A false sense of security. While others go to the other extreme of putting away everything, including junk and useless items that take up space and send their survival organization into total disarray. This is what is defined as a “Pack Rat Prepper”.

                    Someone should always aim to become a ‘Practical Stockpile Prepper’ that utilizes their volume of space, their limited resources, and their supplies into a well organized and cost effective life saving cache of supplies. This means to balance what you need and not stock what you don’t need and you or no one else can realistical ever use. It often means quality over quantity. Someone needs to know, so it is not lost in confusion. Items that need to be rotated are done so. A person can get to exactly what they need rapidly, being time efficient. Material is clearly labeled and organized. Even items that require a lot of them, the more the better like toilet paper, are keep clean, dry and stacked orderly. The opposite of this can be very self destructive to everyone.

                    Like the common pack rat that see something and grab it and hide it, many people see items as someday valuable and pack them away for later. There are big problems with this as most pack rats are clueless what they actual have. There is no concentration of true need. Pack rats put all their eggs into one basket and that basket is consistant of utter clutter. Pack rat preppers will keep items that have become useful to no one. This might include food that not even a cockroach could eat, piece of broken plastic, broken tools, even broken glass. They see junk and litter as something someday someone can use. Screws, nails, and other spare parts have much value, but trash just takes up space and prevents any type of organization of real needs. They totally lose track of everything and only see the stacks of what they have as volumes of value. This is extreme, but is a downfall that many people that store up for tomorrow fall into in varying degrees of severity.

                    This is where a true skill comes in before, during, and after a calamity hits, being what is called an ‘Expert Scrounger’. Being able to forage around for useful items is a true art. Anyone can collect useless debris in a big pile that serves no purpose. It takes someone with an imagative and creative mind to see an item being put together that will work and be helpful to them and others. Many talk about after some monster cataclysm that we all will be reduced to an 18th century level of primitiveness. They don’t see all the potential of so much finished products out there laying around that anyone from the 18th. century would have relished having for the taking. People will also have to learn how to be the gatherer of food, herbs, and other medicinal plants out there in nature for the picking.

                    Another expertise that almost all people will need to learn and hone is living by their wits. Having what is called savvy will be necessary. A hunter needs this to be able to outthink what they need for dinner. A trader needs this to out master whom they are bartering with. A traveller must have this to not get caught up in a manmade or natural trap, and how to get loose if they do. A survivalist needs this know-how to be able to adapt constantly to the multiple changing world around them after the stability of the human civilization might not be around.

                    One other trait that most people don’t like is fixability. Sometime you may have to bug out to another location or do something that you might not have ever considered to survive. The old adage here is that sometimes beggers can’t be choosers. Even the catchphrase of grin and bear it might apply. The ultimate goal is to live and live as well and as long as possible. Common sense must take precedence here, whatever is best going to suit that goal of survival even if that means shallowing one’s pride to do what is necessary for everyone’s benefit.What anyone is aiming for is the ability of themselves and the people around them to be able to survive and make what they have left around them work to keep them alive and well. The more serious any situation is, the more someone and a group will have to pull from what they have stored up physically and from within themselves. A strong and well balanced level of storage of these needs that can be efficiently used and will be the difference between a likelihood of survival and a miserable difficult possibly fruitless effort at it.

                    • thanks. Nice repost

                    • BCOD

                      Thanks for the repost from BI.

                      Nice to do this from time to time because there is going to be plenty of political articles to distract us from prepping.

                    • Thanks! That was a great piece by BI. I miss him too. I hope he decides to come back and share his insights with us again. I miss JOG the sunflare expert too! Do come back friends!

                • Reminds me of a sign I saw on the jock dorm in college about 1980.

                  Said “Fuck The Unborn Gay Whales!”.

                  Back then, before life *tried* to become politically correct, the sign was laughed at.

                  I suspect that someone out there is muttering about ending a sentence with a preposition.

                  So I’ll be good; “Back then, before life *tried* to become politically correct, the sign was laughed at *asshole*.”

              • “Thou shall not dip thy pen in the company ink…”

                Especially when hillary already had dibs.

                • 6, never get your honey where you get your money…

                  BI was a bright light in a world of darkness…

                  Be an example to those you teach…

          • 2 rabid dogs fighting. Hopefully they kill each other.

        • The Pope keeps telling me Moose Limbs and I worship the same God.

          The Catholic church is the Whore of Babylon described in the Book of Revelations.

          Christmas, Easter, Lent, Sunday, and Halloween are all Pagan holidays.

          • Funny, even the Arabs answer to the pope. Now thats real power.

          • Ya know AE, I really can’t argue with that. I have always believed that the vatican is the seat of satan, masquerading as catholicism.

        • Sling, she and Sanders are both POS. Back in the 90s, it was rumored she ‘had affairs with both AG Janet Reno AND Secretary of HHS Donna Shalala. Both of those were known lezzies. No wonder Billy Boy cheated like he did.

          • Braveheart1776

            And those were the Good Old Days. Hahahaha

            • Sling, NO SHIT, LOL! The surprising part is we still had a good economy back then, the Red Clintons notwithstanding.

          • Brave….Thanks a million for making me nauseated right before dinner.

            • Stolz, my apologies for that one. I never want to spoil anyone’s appetite.

          • BH’76, the last time I heard about Lewinsky, she decided to switch to the Republican party, because the Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth.

        • Why are women allowed to speak in church?

          Paul the Apostle commands in Corinthians that women should not be allowed to have any authority over men, and that women speaking in church is disgraceful.

          • Sex.

            • Incorrect.

              If it was merely “sex” none of us would be here, as the human race would have died out hundreds of years ago.

              The correct answer is “males willing to screw each other over FOR sex”. Men are bad behavior enablers at this point.

          • my dad alway said women should be OBSCENE, and not HEARD….wonder what he meant by that???

          • Why do we allow Acid to speak? I know, I know…1st amendment!

            • No matter what obscene names Acid and others chose to use against posters here at shtf apparently they are not part of the “disparaging” rule here at shtf.

              Seems “disparaging” remarks that will get you banished from shtf only covers a certain group.

              So I don’t think the first amendment has anything to do with what does/doesn’t get posted up.

        • Democrats are mad the porkulus bill doesn’t include a financial package for Puerto Rico.

          • Let ’em cry, PR should be given their independence.

            • smokey, I protest that independence thing for PR.

              I think sometime way back, TPTB (or their kids) wanted a tropical place to play.Closer to home.
              The west coast has Hawaii.
              The east coast has PR and the US Virgin Islands, bought and paid for. Enjoy your vacation!
              And, its a great way to preview what’s coming to the mainland!

              • They can have Puerto Rico. Been there many times. The bad thing about PR is there are too damn many Puerto Ricans.

        • Judy Garland (Frances Gumm) was right.

          Ding Dong! The Hitlary is dead! The Hitlary is dead!
          Ding Dong! The Hitlary is dead! The Hitlary is dead!

          Must be about time for the Wizard of Oz to be on TV. I remember when it was black and white for the start of the movie. But then a candy bar cost a dime.

          • on right now 🙂

        • Spray water on the witch, maybe she will melt.

        • Bernie’s bucket of water wasn’t big enough. Maybe he can drop a house on her, like he did her sister.

      5. I just wonder how much longer her facial cream can cover the raisin look quickly taking over her skull. On a side note I think she would swallow without even being prompted. What a pig.

      6. If what happened yesterday hasn’t convinced you that voting is fruitless, I don’t know what will.
        There’s no voting our way out of this.

        • Most of the kids I have heard , amd a lot on the games online are crazy about her. A bunch said they were going to vote for her.Maybe they should do research online…
          Kids need to be educated..but im afraid its a lost cause.
          She will be brutal as a prez..and she will be. Mark my words. I’ve already been told by a good source. She already has been bought for. Just like him. I was right about him too. Twice.
          Might as well kiss our azzes goodbye. No one seems to do anything except sit around typing about all the bad stuff going on. Not to mention stuff fixing to happen. We haven’t seen anything yet. A lot of people are going to die. ( healthwise and other ways) Just wait.
          Bet those camps will be ready soon. Good place to lay your head people and dream about….the amerikkan dream. We will be no better off than the rest of the world.
          The giant snowball is now almost at the base of the hill….
          I don’t care if they get mad at me or not. This is not going away. I feel sorry for the kids and grandkids that will have to deal with this. Shame on us. We let ourselves be infiltrated by every direction there is.And everything is AFU.
          But “they ” wont have to really worry about it. They will be in their home sweet home..miles down, or out at sea. Having a fun life while others die. Think about that.

          • Cinderella

            Shame on us? I am done with the blame game. Screw them. It’s going to bite them in the ass because most would not listen to reason. NEW AGE Bullshit, Ha! Most can’t put their shoes on the right foot.

            They may be in for a Rude Awakening. ;0)

          • So, get out and do something.

            What, you say? Become a precinct committeeman.They are CRYING for people. Leave flyers on mailboxes. Get creative.

            Yes, I know, I hear you now. “Lotta good that will do.” Exactly what Grima Wormtongue told the king in Lord of the Rings, and everyone told Frodo. And let’s not forget Neville Chamberlain.

            There are the vile, disgusting leftists like Hitlery out there. But almost just as damaging are those that counsel despair and defeatism. I’m sure your forebears that fought in the Revolutionary War (which only had 1/3 of the population supporting them, no money, and no hope against the world’s greatest navy and powerful army) or WWII would be proud of you.

            Me? Ain’t buying it. The way forward (which is non-violent), is not patently clear. But I will continue to make my way to Mt Mordor, as Frodo did, even without my path completely clear.

            “As Frodo said to Gandalf when he realized he alone had been bequeathed the fateful ring: ‘I wish it need not have happened in my time.’ ‘So do I,’ said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.’”

        • the only thing worse than voting is your cynicism. For me, I am going to *try* the best I can to make a change.

          What people like you don’t remember is that the Bolsheviks only had about 15% or so (I don’t remember the exact figures), yet took over power.

          That is EXACTLY what is going to happen here, and is ALREADY happening, due to all the cynics here. There’s all kinds of things you can do to TRY to make changes. Become a precinct committeeman, for example.

          But no, a quarter of the posters here would rather just be cynics and surrender to Hitler(y). Grima Wormtongue lives on this board.

      7. the fix is in with the DNC
        Bernie won’t win the nomination
        even if he does

        • I think you’re right.

      8. Of course is the DNC supporting Hillary. They are the party establishment and Hillary is their prefered candidate.
        Sanders on the other side is an american Jeremy Corbyn. A fringe element from outside the machine, just like a democrat version of Donald Trump.
        And I can promise you this: The career politicians will not allow that Bernie Sanders gets the nomination. It’s all rigged.

      9. Hopefully Bernie goes Third party on the witch and the DNC.

        • We can only hope so.

      10. Who cares? Neither one are worth two squirts of owl shit.

        • Between the two of them you have a choice. Very vocal socialist or a hidden socialist. Both want total control by the government.

          • So you have to separate them by their probable intent.

            Bernie seems sincere in his misguided efforts to help the people. Whether you agree with his methods or not, there’s nothing “evil” in them.


            hillary IS EVIL. Her intentions ARE evil. She wants to dominate the world and bring in the NWO. She has already been told that it is HER turn and. SHE will be the one to bring this game to it’s final end. This is her reward for all of the lying and manipulating ans scheming she has done for the globalists over the decades.

            I believe she was groomed for this since she was a child. That her ‘marriage’ to bill was nothing more than a sham to get her foot in the door of politics. A stepping stone, if you will, to her true purpose.

            If there really is an anti-christ here now, we are reckless and mistaken to think that it has to be a man. Obama is a cover to distract us. The anti-christ is HILLARY CLINTON.

            I believe she will destroy us all and bring Armageddon…as planned. Tell me why I’m wrong.

            • Very true about Hilary. Dick Morris, who put Clinton into power for their second term, got $300 MILLION from energy firms. including $1.5 mm in direct speaking fees.

              No word from the BIG GREEN MONEY lemmings about that! And you KNOW the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting groups will have ZERO to say there, either. Intellectual dishonesty of the left never ceases to amaze me. How they actually live with themselves, let alone others, is a marvel.

            • Six, exactly right. Especially your next to last sentence.

            • Because Armageddon simply means unvieling/unmasking not total chaos and destruction 🙂

        • May I recommend “fermax” yeast nutrient. 🙂

          • Barley malt.

            • LOL I tried that and it was pretty good!

        • PO’d P, spot on. They’re both commie POS.

          • A good place to start is to look at Sanders/Clintons campaign funding:
            Clinton’s top contributors: Banksters

            Sanders top contributors: Unions

            Their “earmarks” tell the story of how they really stand. Of course, Hillary has already ben outed as PTB’s whore; but Sanders is a “Johnny come lately” to a lot of folks. Not hard to find out where he really stands.

            Lest any of us think either candidate will “play nice with the American people” know the PTB has already selected who that candidate will be.

            Wonder who Hillary/PTB’s choice of a running mate will be for her? Gotta be someone very nasty, for sure. Maybe Anthony Weiner would fill the bill.

            • MMD, I stand corrected on my post from the last article. Some are communist the rest are ziofacsist or flat out zionist.

              • Genius:

                I hope you take the time to look up K. Stephen Whiting, director of Institute of Nutritional Science on U tube.

                Anyone who is fed up with Medical/Pharma will benefit from his expertise. He even will give free advice to help someone get well. He is the real deal.

                  • Yes Genius. I mean that guy. Thanks for taking the time to look. He is the REAL deal if you are interested in alternative medicine or want vitamin products that are not filled with phony fillers.

                    Check out his oxygen therapy….Amazing!

                    • Whitings website: healthy information dot com is a treasure trove of info for prostate, thyroid, adrenal fatigue, candida, ADD, arthritis, etc.

                      I share this as a happy consumer; I have no financial involvement in this company.

                      Whiting will converse with you free of charge. I paid over $200 to get the same info from my chiropractor.

                    • MMD, thanks I will look into him. Always looking for natural cures 🙂

                    • I toured China in the 80s checking out their alternative medicine programs. It was interesting but…ultimately “the proof is in the pudding”, is it not?

            • Eeeuuuwww Anthony Weiner.

              • Erik Holder would be a perfect choice for VP if Anthony Wiener were ever to run for POTUS.


                • Nobama:


                • Nobama, LMFAO! Damn good one.

                • After laughing…. eeeuuuwww.

      11. Off topic I went into this lab business Thursday to make a delivery. Some nigger in the back tells me to take his stack of pallets so I said no. He was cracking on my pallet jack being bent and missing a wheel so I finished up what I was doing and he says again put those on your truck. I said I’m not taking your trash. He was a nigger and very ignorant. Definetly one of the black lies matter clan. I don’t give a fuck if he was Obama I’m the captain of this ship and I say what goes. But I have taken pallets for other people just not niggers. Not gonna start either. I’ve noticed this attitude at a few places that have all immigrants working. They get off on stupid whites following their orders fuck them I’d rather die than have a nigger tell me what to do. there are no blacks or women that work where I work just pissed off angry white guys.

        • Maybe you should have said “do I look like your nigger?” lol 😛

        • Good for you Asshat. I wouldn’t have either.

      12. Hillary is a p#ssy hound. That’s not very Islamic. She may or may not be aiding them but pretty damn sure she is marching to one tune, the tune of money. Bill also has two priorities: pussy and money. And in that, I totally agree with them. It is the essence of life.

        • FT, Hillary is a commie, a feminazi, and by some accounts at least a bisexual if not 100% lezzie. Back in the 90s, it was rumored she was involved with both Donna Shalala, Secretary of HHS, and Janet Reno who was Atty. General.

          • ♋Janet Reno♋

            Ah man … that’s just fk’n nasty & gross!

            Think I’ll be skipping dinner tonight on that thought 🙁

            • I’m with you buddy! Where’s my brain bleach?!

              • Brain bleach? I’m using a bullet…just can’t get rid of that thought.

                • or the smell.

            • FTW

              Her face could make a train take a dirt road.

              • Sling and everyone else, I wouldn’t have any problem sending one of the trolls on a blind date with Reno.

                • Acid would do her.

                  • He’d frig a bush if he thought a bird was in it.

                    • LMAO ….. Nice!

                  • Jim in Va

                    If Reno said to Acid. Do me.

                    Run Acid, Run!

                    • He’d run right at her….he lacks taste.

                    • Sling, I think even acid would run AWAY FROM her.

                    • Kaitlin Jenner is more AE’s speed, landing gear is supposedly still intact.

                    • Yall give acid a break.
                      He does post good stuff.
                      He may not be like most here, but his post is 1st A.

                      Yall behave…

              • There isn’t enough moonshine on earth to help digest that thought. I think Im gonna puke now, thanks a lot 🙁

                • Genius, I wouldn’t do that to any good people, but I would to a damn troll. I really have no use for trolls. They’ve really been getting to me lately, trying to blame me for the home invasion. Sounds like they’re actually standing up for black criminals. Just how do they live with themselves?

                  • Probably with a smug grin.

                    Janet’s explanation for the the Waco fiasco was that she was protecting the children. Wrong on several levels. I suppose she could ask the kids that burned at Waco or the kids killed in Oklahoma City.

                    • Manet Reno: We burned the kids for the safety of the kids….Anyone know where that bitch lives?

                    • Ok city was a hoax and Waco unfortunately wasn’t a hoax.

                • I’ll drink to that!

                  • PO’d I think I figured out what the deal is with lemon juice. Water that is slightly acidic 5.7-6 ph breaks down complex starches better. I learned that tonight on Moonshiners lol 😛

                    • Gotcha. Unfortunately chemistry class I never did do very well in.

                    • Genius! I have hooch! Without all the fancy equipment. Thank you. BTW I am making it with apple. I stirred it yesterday and tasted 1 tsp, it was mildly fruity with a delicate alcoholic bite. Working on my alcohol vocabulary 😉

                      I bought two 2 gallon jars. I can’t wait for elderberries come summer. I have one grapevine, need 2.

                • Hey Genius

                  I see where you posted 2 good jams, per the corp & our politicians watching us..on a previous thread.
                  And as one good turn deserves another, please review the following:


                  • Hunter, ha ha ha, the problem is their women are uuugggllyyyy! They can keep them lol. Thanks for the laff 🙂

        • That’s what it’s all about!

          You should be careful. Too much talk about the Clintons will get you on their Christmas card list. Next step is being a friend like Vince Foster.

          In fairness, the Clinton administration did put their best people on the Foster thing. Yep, Smokey the Bear and associates.

        • Frank, I think the love of money has passed out of Hitlery.
          They’ve got plenty now.

          It’s POWER she craves. Think about the love of power. Everyone sucks up, wants to be your friend, is afraid of you. It’s endless dopamine for a psychopath.

          • You are probably right: power is even better than money. I have had power twice in my career to date and right now I have a lot of money. Money is nice but, man, those power times were very fun. A big high.

            With power, you never have to try and go on dates, use some pathetic web service to meet women. Women will come to you on mass. And not just ugly women but the prettiest and smartest will come to you. I had no idea until I had the first power position. I was very naive. Before taking on the job, I had been working very hard and doing cool stuff but I did not really have power. I was paid well, had a nice apartment in a cool area of a big city but women in general never gave me a second glance. And then I got the power job.

            And it was night and day. I remember the woman from human resources who met me to do the paperwork. She tried to sleep with me. I was so naive I didn’t go for it that time. But within a week, I clocked what was going on and the opportunities opening up. The new species of woman I had not met before was the ambitious, corporate woman. Beautiful, razor sharp women who would come to you and mentor you. Crazy days!!

            • Ugh.

              The mere thought of it is exhausting and makes me want to go ugh. I got the same shit on a much smaller scale when I went from college student to working world person.

              Yeahhhhh these women would never divorce you and take all your shit! Noooooooo. Why would I ever think that???

              Jesus you want a quickie go to Nevada or Thailand and throw down $300.

              • True: there is an honesty to what prostitutes do; you pay your money and they leave after. But predatory, corporate women hunting for a hubby or a guy to tap? Watch out!

                I had not encountered such ruthless people until I got a management job. And these women are slick: finely tuned up: went to Harvard, super fit, driven, dress only in designer clothes, know the best restaurants etc. And they will manipulate you like a puppet master and a puppet. A friend married one and was divorced within a year, only she got the big house; he had to bunk up with a bud from university. He looked like a chump who was so finely played.

                Ever since, I treat them the way they treat me. Flings, yes, but never anything long-term. And it has been gooood!

                • Sounds like despair to me.

                  In contrast, I found a woman who is utterly committed to her Christian faith, and it’s now been 30 years. She is incredibly beautiful, intelligent, wise, funny and yes, very healthy in terms of her physical relationship with me (enough said).

                  Charlie Shedd once wrote, in Letters to Philip, about some guys in a barbershop in Des Moines, talking about the latest Hollywierd marriage: “If that guys wants what I think he wants,” said the barber, “I think he would be better off marrying one of these here Iowa girls.”

                  I get the physical, the intellectual, the emotional, and everything else all wrapped up in one beautiful package. But then, my wife is a committed Christian, and that makes all the differenc.

      13. ah yes
        fond memories of the good old days back in Arkansas-
        the days of wine and the Rose Law Firm, and shady land deals, Hilly playing emotional grabass with Web Hubbel and Vince Foster… (Vince wound up dead later- got in too deep…)
        Back when the Ark. State troopers used to score whores and cocaine for Bill (source: The Secret Life of Bill Clinton)
        Bill did so much coke he burned out some of his nasal passages…

        those were the days

        Can’t forget the dead kids out at the Mena airport, and all that cargo going in and out…

        good times

        • The Clinton Family (tune: The Addams Family)

          “The father is a sicko,
          the mother is a lezbo,
          the daughter looks like Fido,
          The Clinton Family.”
          (da-da-da-dum, snap-snap)

          • Eagle 71

            That’s good ;0)

      14. Alias, my Dad lives only 30 miles from the land at the center of the Whitewater scandal. A lot of people died under suspicious circumstances at the hands of the Clintons. some thing about being a friend of the Clintons….

        • “some thing about being a friend of the Clintons….”

          It’s bad for ‘ya health, … literally and permanently!

          … and to think, there are actually clueless morons in this country that support the likes of her?

          Liberalism is a Disease and it must be dealt with blunt force! Can’t talk or reason with self-induced retards!

          • Yea i know some people who will support her over the republicans just because,
            Its another season of picking the lesser of the evils for me, cant stand any of them but the loud mouth trump is the lesser evil in this run,,,,
            No matter what we re screwed, if Donald wins theres no way they will let him take office,
            The whole damn system is broken

            • Then I guess he has a good running mate. I wonder if they’d be inclined to assassinate Trump if his choice for VP was Rand Paul. (da-da-da-bump)

              • I meant “Then I guess he has TO PICK a good running mate. I wonder if they’d be inclined to assassinate Trump if his choice for VP was Rand Paul. (da-da-da-bump)”

                • The best protection Trump could have is Rand Paul as his VP. Rand unfortunately is not the top vote getter. So its a Trump / Cruse ticket to win. Cruse quits and becomes Sec Of State and Rand Paul is then appointed VP.

                  JFK made the damn mistake of having Johnson just sitting by waiting, drooling for that position.

                  If you want to be in a scary position have Hillary as your VP. Before its over you would be like Cesar saying, “Et too Hillary” and she would just smile.

                  • “JFK made the damn mistake of having Johnson just sitting by waiting, drooling for that position.”

                    Absolutely! And he got straight to work getting the commands implemented, didn’t he? LBJ was bought and paid for before the shots rang out.

                    In this case, Since they’d be in even deeper shit with Rand Paul in the oval office, TPTB would have to off BOTH Pres and VP, and that might be hard to explain, even for the gang that has gotten away with pretty much everything.

                    Doesn’t it make your stomach turn to think about this?

                • sixpack

                  Obama kept Joe Biden for similar reasons. Joe has been called out on the carpet many times for what he said and sent overseas on some BS duty.

                  • Yeah, Biden might be just stupid enough to think he could actually USE some of that presidential power, were he ever in the seat. I guess TPTB didn’t want to risk it.

      15. Cool- a demorat primary war. I hope they both find and expose many issues. I Love it!

      16. Bernie Sanders has spoke against the Free Trade Agreements and Central Bank aka the Federal Reserve. He could pose a problem for TPTB. They don’t like problems. Hillary will get the Democratic nomination.

        • Her brains will look good as a mural on a Los Angeles Ghetto wall. A painting of course. I suggest Wilmington district high school, or maybe Compton High.

          • Whatever, it can always be painted over…

      17. I don’t appreciate you trying to cheat Bernie Sanders and that if they don’t want to lose someone that has been following the DNC for a long time, you had better reverse this. I’m not tolerating your criminal activities and longer.

      18. The way I see it, there’s only one thing to keep her from being President.

        • Whats that? Obummer declaring martial law and invoking continuity of government?

        • A loose piece of lead with her name on it.

          • Six: You go that right.

      19. US | Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:44pm EST
        Related: U.S., UNIVERSITIES

        University of Northern Southeast Massachusetts to ban Handel’s Messiah

        Administrators at University of Northern Southeast Massachusetts, bowing to widespread student demand, voted unanimously Thursday to ban Handel’s Messiah from being played anywhere on campus, starting Dec. 25th.

        Led by the depart chair representing the 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology department, Dr. Stultus Indoctus, student protesters wearing Mao era Red Guard uniforms cited Handel’s Messiah as typical of white male micro-aggression, which left students feeling uncomfortable and constipated. UNSM administrators following the protest indicated that campus speech and thought police would be patrolling campus starting the following week, looking for violators, who would be beat on the spot, to protect students from microaggressions. Citing famous 1960s leftist radical Herbert Marcuse, Indoctus noted campus policy would adhere to Marcuse’s dictum that “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left… Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

        Indoctus indicated to the press that the ban was merely the first step, in which all Christmas music would be banned by 2016, and students caught humming Christmas tunes would be fined, with a second offense leading to banishment or burning at the stake. “Handel’s Messiah refers to a Judeo-Christian God,” noted Indoctus, “and this in flagrant violation of the school’s stated policy that worship only be given to Al Gore, Kim Kardashian, Che Guevara and post-modern humanism.

        In an exclusive interview by Rooters, the student leader behind this Piger Asinum, supported Indoctus’ statement, stating “Students should never feel uncomfortable – not only should Handel and Christmas music not be played, but indoor and outdoor temperatures should be kept at a constant 72 F, students should be provided free lunches, and the weekly “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-ins held on campus should be catered.

        The ban was welcomed by UNSM’s sister campus in Pyongyang, North Korea, the Univ. of the Dear Leader. Speaking from a prepared statement, UMIKS president Mentally Il Kim Sung noted that UDL had long banned Handel – along with free speech, free intellectual inquiry, free thought and plastic knives – and that once UNSM had completed construction currently underway on student gulags for dissident students, the proposed exchange of communist professors between the two universities could begin.

      20. Critical voter data? I think you mean criminal voter data.

      21. What is meant by the modern term referred to as ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’.. Although I consider myself fluent in English, that term was not in my vocabulary. Someone found this definition in 4 telegrams at the Truman Library and Museum in Independence Missouri. The following are copies of four telegrams between President Harry Truman and Gen Douglas MacArthur on the day before the actual signing of the WWII Surrender Agreement in September 1945.. The contents of those four telegrams below are exactly as received at the end of the war – not a word has been added or deleted!

        (1) Tokyo,Japan
        0800-September 1,1945
        To: President Harry S Truman
        From: General D A MacArthur
        Tomorrow we meet with those yellow-bellied bastards and sign the Surrender Documents, any last minute instructions?

        (2) Washington, D C
        1300-September 1, 1945
        To: D A MacArthur
        From: H S Truman
        Congratulations, job well done, but you must tone down your obvious dislike of the Japanese when discussing the terms of the surrender with the press, because some of your remarks are fundamentally not politically correct!

        (3) Tokyo, Japan
        1630-September 1, 1945
        To: H S Truman
        From: D A MacArthur and C H Nimitz
        Wilco Sir, but both Chester and I are somewhat confused, exactly what does the term politically correct mean?

        (4) Washington, D C
        2120-September 1, 1945
        To: D A MacArthur/C H Nimitz
        From: H S Truman
        Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!

        Now, with special thanks to the Truman Museum and Harry himself, you and I finally have a full understanding of what ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ really means…..

        Was sent to me by a friend.

        • Thank you! Now I know where “it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end” came from!

          • I guess all I’ll be doing is looking for the clean end, ’cause we seem to be standing in a big ole pile of it everyway I turn…

            • I hear ya.

      22. Even though I hate LIBTARDS I’m sure he has a legitimate beef against the Hildebeast. Hay Bernie why don’t you run as an Independent that would throw a monkey wrench into her evil plans. Fight fire with fire Bernie burn the evil witch.

        • Wouldn’t it throw a monkey wrench into everything if BOTH sides hatched independents? Carson AND Trump, then Bernie too? That way either side of the establishment could lose to an Independent. Screw then all.

          • Too many laws passed to keep independents off the ballots. That is why we just have D/R even though half of voters are independent.

            • I would sure love to dump both parties. Probably just a dream though.

              • No, not just a dream. It’s time has come… both parties are running an independent. Time to organize.

      23. Obummer gonna stay supreme leader the dominos are being set up to fall that way.

      24. She can laugh all she wants the laughing I an told will stop in 2016..why is blowback from a pissed off citizenry especially when everyone from the oil industry suddenly looses tier jobs ren the unemployment runs out. Does it mean and awakened pissed off unemployed metro types and masses of people loose all the cars and homes..we are preppers and pessimist.. we expect worst.. you oil employees are totally complete anally phucked..



      25. Letter to my representatives

        1. (1) Tokyo,Japan
        0800-September 1,1945
        To: President Harry S Truman
        From: General D A MacArthur
        Tomorrow we meet with those yellow-bellied bastards and sign the Surrender Documents, any last minute instructions?
        (2) Washington, D C
        1300-September 1, 1945
        To: D A MacArthur
        From: H S Truman
        Congratulations, job well done, but you must tone down your obvious dislike of the Japanese when discussing the terms of the surrender with the press, because some of your remarks are fundamentally not politically correct!
        (3) Tokyo, Japan
        1630-September 1, 1945
        To: H S Truman
        From: D A MacArthur and C H Nimitz
        Wilco Sir, but both Chester and I are somewhat confused, exactly what does the term politically correct mean?
        (4) Washington, D C
        2120-September 1, 1945
        To: D A MacArthur/C H Nimitz
        From: H S Truman
        Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!

        After reading the above, I have come to understand the basic republican-democrat misrepresentation. For the United States of America (a free America now myth) there is no political will or difference between the ruling two parties. With a “wink and a nod”, election time will come the electorate will walk around the chairs until the music stops and those without a chair will for the next go round or go be a lobbyist for a quadrillion dollars for big pharma. Vaccines for everyone!!!

        The end justifies the means necessary in the gaining of power. Power is the single most sought after commodity in planet washington. The ends are whatever it takes, no matter the cost to anyone except the electorate.
        The senate under paul ryan funded everything harry reid would have struggled, pushed and fought for. Had reid held the reins there would have been a big show of republican resistance and diatribe right up until the vote to pass the legislation.

        We are already, for all intents and purposes in a single payer form of government.

        The next time I vote (if I ever do) it will be for a third party Constitutional Conservative party or not participate in the lie.

        And don’t feed me the line that not voting will be putting hilliary in the presidency: what you’re seeing with hilliary is your own reflection in the mirror with you in a pants suit.

        • 1vet: AMEN, brother that’s says it all.

      26. Good Post buttcrackofdoom, as we approach its precipiss, its the little details and things that bite a preppers ass, when he least expect. If you all recall, my Bug our Bag failure almost costed me my life. Had this been a real calapse, i would have been dead and gone weeks ago. If i still am able to post on this website in 02/02/2017. It would literally be a miracle from God Almighty himself. No chance in hell that we are going to have a 2016 Election. They are going to do something Bad. Just see Hodges new post, looks like someone just got busted trying to pull a massive false flag.



        2016- Feb 2017. The end of civilization as we know it.

      27. If nobody voted nothing would change. Why bother. If everybody voted nothing would change. Why bother.

      28. The only voting that will work is speaking out publicly in public. Beyond that you are just ignored. The level of criminality of the controllers expands daily, all in the attempt to legitimize their evil criminal deeds without citizen’s questioning or input, all the while making you the terrorist to protect the lies from the truth.

      29. Nowadays with all the pollsters out trying to put numbers to public opinion it seems being able to change public opinion on issues. The democraps use learning institutions as a tool to mold public opinion. Republicans use the churches in a lot of cases. It’s hard to change the opinions of the public now with more and more people on the dole or other programs. All the democrats have to do is use the fear of program cuts to keep votes. They also use immigration to expand their voting base. Speaking out in public would be the best option but someone would have to organize people with the same view and it seems no one will stick their neck out. Plenty of people want their country back and the only way it will happen is folks will have to speak up.

      30. The debate is on now, I ain’t watching. Sanders speaks out solutions that attract mostly younger people like the income disparity gap. This is a traditional democratic platform, something for the people. Did you hear Clinton offer any idea’s about this problem? Even at this early date it looks like she is a done deal for president. She is the omnipotent choice, change we can believe in, part 2. All the big wheels of corruption want her bad, I say kill kill I wanna kill. The perpetual lying bitch witch. 28 years of Bush-Clinton counting GHWB VP. Add in Obomber’s 8 years of disgraceful treachery, 36 years of treason. You think voter’s are going to stop that streak?

        • No, the vast majority of the voters feel a duty to continue the status quo because they dont know any better, see this overwhelmingly in people i talk to, especially the older crowd,
          At this point i dont give a crap, am doing my own thing and know im pretty much screwed no matter what anyway.

      31. Oh yes, they call him The Streak. Fastest thing on two feet.

      32. We the people need a huge play pen in Leavenworth for the many clowns in WDC…including Hillary and the present buffoon occupying a white house.


        I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if our federal government borrows $85 Billion every single month.
        I vote Democrat because I care about the children … but saddling them with trillions of dollars of debt to pay for my bloated leftist government is okay.
        I vote Democrat because I believe it’s better to pay billions of dollars to people who hate us rather than drill for our own oil, because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.
        I vote Democrat because I believe it is okay if liberal activist judges rewrite the Constitution to suit some fringe kooks, who would otherwise never get their agenda past the voters.
        I vote Democrat because I believe that corporate America should not be allowed to make profits for themselves or their shareholders. They need to break even and give the rest to the federal government for redistribution.
        I vote Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies being aborted, so long as we keep all of the murderers on death row alive.
        I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if my Nobel Peace Prize winning President uses drones to assassinate people, as long as we don’t use torture.
        I vote Democrat because I believe people, who can’t accurately tell us if it will rain on Friday, can predict the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Chevy Volt.
        I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is not as important as preventing people from being offended.
        I vote Democrat because I believe the oil companies’ profit of 3% on a gallon of gas is obscene, but the federal government taxing that same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t obscene.
        I vote Democrat because I believe a moment of silent prayer at the beginning of the school day constitutes government indoctrination and an intrusion on parental authority ….. but sex education, condom distribution and multiculturalism are all values-neutral.
        I vote Democrat because I agonize over threats to the natural environment from CO2, acid rain and toxic waste ….. but I am totally oblivious of the threats to our social environment from pornography, promiscuity and family dissolution.
        I vote Democrat because I believe lazy, uneducated stoners should have just as big a say in running our country as entrepreneurs who risk everything and work 70 hours per week.
        I vote Democrat because I don’t like guns ….. so no one else should be allowed to own one.
        I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between welfare and the rise of illegitimacy.
        I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between judicial leniency and surging crime rates.
        I vote Democrat because I believe you don’t need an ID to vote but you do to buy beer.
        I vote Democrat because I believe marriage is obsolete, except for homosexuals.
        I vote Democrat because I think AIDS is spread by insufficient funding.
        I vote Democrat because I think “fairness” is far more important than freedom.
        I vote Democrat because I think an “equal outcome” is far more important than equal opportunity.
        I vote democrat because I would rather hide in a class room while others fight for my freedom.
        I vote democrat because I’m not smart enough to own a gun and I need someone else to protect me.
        I vote democrat because I would rather have free stuff than freedom.
        And lastly, I vote Democrat because I’m convinced that government programs are the solution to the human condition, NOT freedom.

        • Test.

          Good Post.

          • Don’t look sling… Too late! bwahahahahahaha.

          • TEST:

            If ok with you I’m gonna make some copies and pass them out to several people I know and a family member…

            • You can always copy anything I write at any time for any reason. The battle is one of education and information dissemination. However, in this case, this one is not my creation (virtually everything I post here is, but not this one)

              We either communicate, and communicate well, or we will lose this battle. While I fully support the 2nd Amendment in toto, this battle is one relative to the Fabian socialists, the Frankfurt School, Antonio Gramsci, etc. who advocated a takeover of the culture. Guns will have no affect on this type of war. Yes, guns are a final guarantor of our freedoms, as the Founding Fathers noted, but it is in the intellectual, cultural and arts community that we must engage, and win.

              We need to be clever. We need to be witty. We need to be engaging. We need to be cogent. We need to never give up. We need to take typing lessons… at least in my case. I can’t type worth beans, and my proof-reading is worse!

              Get educated on the Frankfurt School, Antonio Gramsci, Fabian socialism. Even a quick look at Wikipedia will do. The point is, the left cannot brook dissent because there absurd arguments can’t stand the light of day. Bring light, and their arguments scatter like cockroaches (that’why, and Ben Shapiro of Breitbart noted, they ALWAYS resort to force and ad hominem attacks.

              Point is, as Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev wrote a century ago, if God doesn’t exist, then man does not either. And thus you see the results of that – where people are just biological organisms to be manipulated, used, aborted (cf. After Birth Abortion by Dr Francesca Minerva Journal of Medical Ethics J Med Ethics doi:10.1136/medethics-2011-100411 and otherwise treated as George Orwell OR Alduous Huxley noted – either way, man no longer exists, just organisms that can be manipulated, propagandized and ultimately exterminated.

              Many decades ago, I was pretty neutral, even left leaning. Then, like Cool Hand Luke taking off parking meter heads, or like Armando Valladares (google him – will be an education in itself) the left (in this case, the radical feminazis) tried to destroy my life, simply for being a white, Anglo male. I started putting the pieces together, and in contrast to what they wanted, they have made an educated (I have two grad degrees), articulate, aggressive foe that will, as Churchill said, never ever, ever, EVER give up.

              FASCISM disgusts me. I had an uncle who waded ashore at every single major HORRIBLE battle in the Pacific in WWII as a marine (I, myself, and a dual US/Canadian citizen) except Iwo Jima. As I say, our battle is non-violent, but what? And I am to be a coward and back down when my turn comes. Not a chance.

      34. Test… I can’t argue with your post denouncing Democrats. The Republicans are no better. They are both corrupt corporate parties. Profit has taken ethics prisoner. In my opinion, the GOP has little chance to win the top spot. What has the Republican party done to help average American’s? Absolutely nothing! The talk is the low gas price guarantees a Democratic win in 2016. I detest both sides.

        • aljamo

          All you have to do is Vote Democrat.

          The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

          From Apathy to Revolution but first you have to make a lot of people pissed off at Government and that is, ALL THREE BRANCHES.

        • Neither one of these parties have ever done a good thing for the man on the ground in this country …EVER !
          There’s always something in it for them , party affiliation is just being in love with the lies from one of the heads , of the two headed beast

          Believing they would ever give a shit about you personally is the biggest lie they both tell
          And way too many sheeple eat it up
          It’s 90% of the resin we are at the crossroads we are currently

          • Reason

          • So… which party will do the least amount of damage. It was one of the Founding Fathers who said the gov’t that governs the best governs the least. Which one is that? Then support that one, ****realizing**** there is no perfection on Earth.

            And if you want, or expect, perfection on Earth, or in your candidates, you might as well become a leftist, as their whole goal is perfection on Earth… which led to, according to Dr RJ Rummel at Univ. of Hawaii, around 172 MILLION deaths last century.

            Again, while I respect what you say, yours is a recipe of obscurantism, solipsism and despair. And while much of what you say is true, ultimately this creed is nothing more than Grima Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings – what he said was indeed partially true, make no mistake – but still a creed of defeat.

            I don’t know the exact answer. And I’ll bet that the guys who landed on Okinawa or the Normandy beaches didn’t have a full game plan with each exact step and each hour mapped out to perfection. Rather, we need to take what opportunities present themselves, and advance where we can, when we can. Mac’s site is one of those steps. IMHO, I think Ted Cruz will be, ON BALANCE, a positive step back towards freedom (just think what fascist Hilary will appoint to SOTU once the vile Ruth Bader Ginsburg goes to her just un-rewards).

            Sometimes a partial truth is just as bad as a lie.

          • Yep. And your alternative is???? (and yes, we all get it that “big govt” is not the answer already)

        • Thank you, Aljamo. You always write good stuff. And, you are generally on track with your post. I would submit, tho, that there ARE Republicans – think Reagan – who can reign in the filth that, as you note, is also infecting the Republican party. However, I don’t understand why you find “profits” a dirty word. Indeed, the FIRST book Adam Smith wrote was The Theory of Moral Sentiments, before the Wealth of Nations, if I am not mistaken. Profits are not bad. In fact, they are a signal to do more of something that serves the public for the greater good. What IS bad is profits without ethics, or profits gained by stealing, not providing a service. And corporate welfare should go, too.

          What has the Republican party done to help us working stiffs in flyover country, you ask? Not a lot. But at this point, if you force me to choose (and indeed, that choice IS forced upon us – go ahead and sit the next election out.. maybe Obama will win a 3rd term… as they say the “only thing for evil men to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

          I do NOT expect paradise on Earth. In fact, that expectation is exactly what has got us to this point. But your obscurantism (we can know nothing, and can’t expect to know anything) I can’t agree with. Personally, I am supporting Ted Cruz, knowing that he is NOT perfect. But he is the closest thing I see where we can retain our liberties, as much as possible. If you don’t wish to vote, that is your prerogative. And certainly, if, e.g., they ran Jeb Bush, I would be very hard pressed, with my only concern being who would do the least amt of damage then.

          But if you don’t like things, get involved. Educate others. Inform. Write. Get engaged (I’m sure you are!) Become a precinct committeeman – they are the ground troops of each party, and led the way to the despicable rhinestone commie we have in power now to getting his office.

          In sum, you make good points; however, ultimately I think your creed takes the easy way out, and refuses to get it’s hands dirty. That’s not moral superiority, it is – if I may be so bold with you – cynicism and despair.

          Above, someone noted there is no clean end up a piece of $hit you can pick up. Easy truism. So, do you just abandon the battle completely? What do you do when, after abandoning the field of battle, later they come looking for YOU??? (And make no mistake, they WILL). James Stewart in the movie Shenandoah is instructive here. In the Civil War, he just wanted to stay neutral… and tried to. But the war come to HIM. That, mon ami, is our situation. I just want to live in peace and quite. Help the poor and the hurting (our church is heavily involved with helping the mentally retarded, e.g.). But, the fascist left has come after ME. In fact, in the Soviet Union, they came after 62 MILLION (after the Soviet archives were opened in 1992, they called them “excess” deaths!!!).

          The truth is, as Trotsky said, you may not be interested in war, but war in interested in you. So be it. Of course, in this case, the battle against Fabian socialism, leftist propaganda, Gramsci and Alinsky style lies is a non-violent one, one of information dissemination, not guns… and they have made a permanent, implacable, committed, all-in foe against their vile, despicable, anti-human, anti-science (see the global warming fraud) that will simply never, ever, EVER shut up.

      35. Slow News Day.

        • Mac took the whole weekend off. I don’t blame him. We’ll have a new article tomorrow, I’m sure.

      36. How do you boil it all down as to what your vote is worth.

        Do you believe it does affect the country. After all there is the electorial vote that can over ride.

        Does the person change after he assumes office? How much does that happen. Have to go along to get along.

        Your elected official likes his job and so does everything to keep himself there and forgets about the little guy. Does enough to keep himself in office but the Perks are fantastic for him.

        How Many politicians are bought by Billionaires. We can name a few, can we not? They don’t have to hide. Their names are in the News. Every one has to meet with Adelson. Hmmmmmmm.

        Wonder how that politician that got his head chimed by a 17 year old kid felt. Not so untouchable and invincible. He politician got his vote and felt it.

        Oh and Hilary calling for the TRUTH in the Debate.

        Priceless, simply Priceless.

      37. Asshat and Genius, Nigger rants allowed today. I just wrote the dred lock extintion level protocal..Bedies phuck me, this is a free country with freedom of speech.

        Hey Genuius, i followed your advice. I followed the advice and got all my contents in my bug out bag secured and sealed up for the end game.

        Take Notice Preppers:

        Anyone with a Bug our bag and your sh…t isn’t sealed up, your totally completly phucked if you jump in to water, get shot and drop into water, get submerged because you are hiding from other Dred Lock, chi coms, russins, jihadist, or other hungry preppers, then all of your batteries, food, etc, will be useless. It took me 3 weeks to get all this crap straightend out.



        2016 the Year of reckoning approaches.

      38. HILARY FOR PRISON, 2016!!!

      39. Actually Bernie Sanders is probably the most honest candidate in the race. He talks about things no other opponent will touch. Actual solutions that would make a difference. Do you hear any other candidate calling for a 15 dollar minimum wage, calling for reinstating of Glass-Steagall where most of the financial corruption fleeced the public upon it’s earlier cancellation. Sanders would defeat Trump if the opportunity arose. The MSM detest Sanders and give him scant coverage. Yet they give Trump unending coverage. I have no doubts Sanders is the best candidate for the job.

        • aljamo

          He is good for Gun Control.

        • they “give him unending coverage” because he says the things we want to hear….will he DO those things once elected?….i think he WILL do a bunch of them, if allowed by the powers that shouldn’t be…but congress JUST FUKIN’ SHOWED YOU! what THEY’RE all about…fuk you, america,….THAT’S what congress showed PROOF POSITIVE that we aint got a chance of saving this republic. it’s on to the bullet-box soon. meanwhile, y’all are partyin’ like it’s 1941, so, …..i’m doin’ the SAME!!!!!!!!!!! good luck to all my muthuhs from othuh bruthuhs here on SHTFPLAN!

      40. Slingshot… Who am I kidding, Sanders is corporate controlled, I know that. He has his warts and open sores also. Which candidate opposes gun control? If there are such candidates do you believe them? Sanders is an obvious insider by his long tenure in government. He is also a warmonger, name one that is not. He is an Israeli firster like the rest of the bunch. He sucks, yeah I know but the others are worse and are not ashamed to show it.

        • Ajamo:

          Read Rappaports funny/scathing article about the congress and the funding bill they just passed.

          nomorefakenews dot com

          Worth a looksee for sure!

      41. Its off topic boy are people stupid & gullible. There is a video of a deer that had fawns and one was defective bad leg and the mother left it behind. so the man (rescues) the baby deer and supposively later reunites the fawn with its mother. And its so touchy feely and wonderful. When in fact the guy and his dogs would have imprinted their smell on the fawn and the mother wouldn’t never have taken it back. It didn’t live happily ever after. The end result is the fawn dies. and thats ok because the fawns defective genetics shouldn’t be allowed to continue any way.

      42. Old guy this is how I feel about people some are so defective they won’t survive on their own and the ranks of these people have grown exponentially. These are all the free shit parasites these people are so weak that they can’t stand on their own two legs get a job and provide for themselves yet they are put up in section 8 housing and continue to multiply. This is what I mean about the bleeding hearts for every unfortunate human condition. I guess it’s my fault and yours they are doing heroin right. While I’m working 55 hours a week missing my kids sports games these losers are getting high and overdosing on shit. They get all kinds of programs and working folks get raped to fund all this. It’s nice to know the freeshit army is going to the beach while I go to work. I can’t tell you how much I hate these freeloading bums. They should not be getting help they will always be needing help just like the fawn the mother abandoned but stupid bleeding hearts decided it was best to help reunite the fawn and mother. Soon there will be human rights given to animals and we will pay for it. For the greater good.

      43. The Arab peoples overthrew “their” (the West’s) colonial dictators. Hillary and the rest of the Establishment didn’t help those peoples do any of that. The Establishment did the contrary and had their fellow authoritarians the “Islamists” interjected into the Arab Springs. They did that to subvert the fledgling libertarian societies from developing and forever banishing Elitism from a part of the world that has forever been in its grip. That’s why the West perfected “ISIS” to make sure that the real Free Syrians didn’t succeed in their Arab Spring. We see that attempt by the West and their fake nemesis, Putin, going on there now. The Americans are likely next. “ISIS” will be used on them the same way they’ve been used on the real Free Syrians. Any Americans who resist them and the Regime for whom “ISIS” works, will be denigrated by the Elites’ mainstream media as being “terrorists” (even labeled as “ISIS” themselves!) as have been the real Free Syrians. And the rest of the naive, fearful, slavish, dependent American public will chant for Patriots’ deaths, just like they’ve bleated the official Party line that the real Free Syrians “are ‘ISIS'” (and have accepted Putin’s and the rest of the powers’-that-be claim– whom he has always called his “partners”, because they are–that “ISIS” is the “moderates” with whom the West “can work” (to install as their fellow authoritarian replacements over Syria so that Assad can go into luxurious retirement).

      44. Yea,

        Breaking news on a happy note: Blue Bell ice cream will be back on the shelves tomorrow! I love their ‘Pralines and Cream’.

        Epp, I was watching the tail end of the ‘Miss Universe’ pageant and I was thinking about you and your daughter. Miss USA made it to 2nd runner-up, she was awesome but lost me when she stated that there should me more ‘gun control’. Miss Philippines was announced as the 1st runner-up but it turned out to be a major error and the crowned Queen ended up giving up the crown to Miss Philippines! I actually had chosen her as the most outstanding and was pleasantly surprised when she finally was give the crown, which she rightfully deserved.

        Take time to enjoy the ‘fragrance of the roses’ this holiday season! Merry Christmas to All! Peace!

        Louisiana Eagle

      45. The only Sanders that I would vote for is dead. Yep, the Colonel.

        At least he knew how to make good chicken. Not at all like the crap that KFC foists on consumers.

      46. How to fix the world.


        Why can’t ALL caucasian countries come together and wipe them off the earth.

        Why cant Russia and the US come together and annihilate every muslim?

        then all the savage black males under 40 (12% of population) who commit over 50% of ALL violent crimes and robberies would be too scared to commit crimes.

        because they would see that the whites have united and they will be next of they dont fix their problems.

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