Beijing Goes Global: China to Expand Marine Force by 400%; First Overseas Military Base Almost Complete

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Headline News | 79 comments

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    For most of its recent history, China has largely been a land power with no significant naval capabilities. They haven’t been able to exert much military influence beyond their coastline for hundreds of years. In fact, one of the reasons why Western powers had no trouble bullying China during the 19th and 20th centuries, was because the Imperial Navy under the Qing dynasty was incredibly weak. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that lately, China has been putting a lot of effort into building an effective overseas naval force.

    Not only have they been busy constructing their first combat-ready aircraft carrier, the Chinese have also been developing new aircrafts to accompany it. Of course, a navy can’t really exert much military influence if it doesn’t have soldiers to deploy. That’s why Chinese officials have recently announced that they are preparing to rapidly expand the ranks of the People’s Liberation Army Marine Corps.

    Chinese media is reporting the People’s Liberation Army’s ambitious new plans following the announcement of a 7 per cent increase to $AU200 billion in defence spending last week.

    Among the details to emerge is a move to boost China’s marine corps — highly trained and well equipped troops intended for rapid deployment and offensive missions launched from the sea — from an existing 20,000 troops to more than 100,000.

    Chinese officials have stated this is to protect arterial maritime trade routes and enforce its growing overseas interests.

    “What growing overseas interests” you might ask? Well, China has been in the process of building their first overseas military base in Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa. And that base is expected to be completed this summer.

    Marine Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, commander of AfriCom, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he expected the Chinese base on the Horn of Africa to be operational later this summer.

    Without getting specific, Waldhauser said he recently met with Djibouti’s President Ismail Omar Guelleh “and expressed our concerns about some of the things that are important to us about what the Chinese should not do at that location.”

    The Chinese base would be about four miles from the U.S. base at Camp Lemonnier, one of the Pentagon’s largest and most important foreign military installations, where about 3,000 U.S. military personnel and contractors are assigned to Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa.

    Given that base’s close proximity to Camp Lemonnier, China’s intentions are obvious. They want what the United States has, which is a vast overseas empire, and an expeditionary force that can reach any coastline in the world. They want to compete with our current role in the global theater. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room in the world for two countries carrying out that role. We may very well be witnessing the first stages of a new conflict between the United States and China.


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      1. How can China be so foolish. They have more people than we do. The men in China don’t have enough women. We have no borders. All they have to do is immigrate.

        But let’s just keep that between you and me.


        • Immigration is a tool reserved for strategically herding unsettled sheep and their dogs. That is ongoing.

          War is for servicing something else.

          You’re not seeing the bigger picture. Start thinking like a Globalist.

        • Our peace loving muslim brothers have already figured that out!

        • Contrary to popular belief, there is NO shortage of women for Chinese men; except farmers, not unlike the USA. Chinese men do not want to marry, they just want a good time, like Western men.

          Chinese men are very prosperous. They can get brides in S Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Malaysia if they want them. Then there are the “LEFTOVER WOMEN” in China, identified as those over 25 and not married.

          In the main, these leftover women are beautiful, highly educated, rich, and want Western men. Thats a fact. 🙂

          • DK

            So there is an abundance of rich women in China? What is rich for a Chinese woman?

      2. Well let me see, one day it’s a story about a shadow government going to take over America. Then it’s the pending take over by Obama’s left wing movement. Next day it’s the world is going to stop using the US petro dollar, and all hell’s going to brake lose. Oh no, Don’t look now, but then there’s the story about all the left wing riots coming this summer. Today it’s the coming war with China, come on guys, it’s been the same doom porn for years. What’s that, In the next story you’ll be telling us we need to buy more gold or our family’s will all be doomed. I don’t know about other readers here, but its time for the writers to come up with some new story lines, because this same old doom porn is getting old. Don’t get me wrong, i really like this web site, but how about some story’s from time to time with some real hands on info that your readers can use. Rant mode off.

        • did the author not just inform you that the chinese are expanding their “sphere of influence” outside of china? that was news to me. if you can’t find “some real hands on info” on this site, then you’re in the wrong place. it “SOUNDS” to ME like you really DON’T like this site.

          • News to use:

            my cousin’s Officer son is in S.Korea as I write. Why, you may ask?

            He is Cav and has said time and time again-watch China! They are the ones to watch.

            I really appreciate any article on what China and N.Korea are up to.

            This site has been right on in the past week.

            Keep up the good work SHTFPlan!

            • Well golly gee, You mean we can no longer be the asshole police of the world with our military superiority? You mean someone else can have power too? You mean our broke assed bully NWO globalist conquoring machine has pissed off a richer country that they owe a shitload of money too? Well I just won’t put up with some other country standing up to our bullshit! I will tell all the young stupid fuckhead kids to join the military asap! Get over there and kill the gooks before they kill us! A 2fer! Kill off a shitload of stupid kids and teach those commies a lesson! God knows the new generation ain’t worth fighting for they are raised by retarded parents who need to be drafted too! Cleanse the planet of knuckledraggers I say! 😛

              • sooo… as USUAL, i guess….

            • thanks grandee…there’s a LOT of people/countries/religions to “watch”…especially the turd-world country called the divided states of america…..keep on reporting, please!

        • Colt
          MANY MANY other people here agree with you.
          “Doom porn gettin old fast.”

          But in defense. Sometimes it is what it is. We are in DIFFICULT TIMES.
          China is the biggest threat to America outside of our Own US Government officials.
          Mexicans and other Immigrants are also GREAT threats to jobs, freedom, and Traditional American Culture.

          Technology. The Fifth Column NWO Communist ENTRENCHED in ALL aspects of Media and Politics will destroy this country. They don’t have to launch nukes. If they just keep out breeding, illegally immigrating. And keep BRAINWASHING by schools, media, movies, TV. The USA alphabet agencies keep profiling, gathering associations, then eliminating any voice that says “NO and Hell No” to the NWO Communist HELL they are working towards.
          America is gone within our lifetimes. Without a shot fired.

          USA Law Enforcement Assets/Local Police are being used to quietly round up American citizens. If you are a Patriot then YOU are in EXTREME danger ANYTIME you are pulled over on an even minor traffic infraction:
          -Those computers know who has been naughty or nice.
          -Those License plate recognition systems know who you are even if you did NOTHING wrong.

          Police are rounding up Patriotic Americans:
          Police round you up. You comply. They make up reason to take you to jail. No bail. No outside phone call. No Lawyer. They drug you with food-drink in jail. They kill you. Your assets are confiscated bank, truck, credit cards. Your vital organs are cut out and sold on the black market, those are worth much money. Your identification is now up to be used for whatever purpose they like? Drug mule? Infiltration?

          Harvey County Correctional Facility in Newton Kansas USA is an example of the above. So are Black Op Jails in Chicago. Other places? Likely.

          There is gloom and doom you can Use.
          –Your Life depends on this:
          ** Call someone IMMEDIATELY when you interact with Police.
          ** Keep someone on the phone. No matter what Don’t hang up that phone while in Police Presence.
          ** Let someone know what agency has pulled over and WHERE. Family-Friend-Lawyer.
          If you don’t do this Then you can be DISAPPEARED. ***********

          • “China is the biggest threat to America outside of our Own US Government officials.”

            What do you see that has you formulate this opinion?

            • Umm if you can think about it….. The police ARE the end game of the govt. you all hate so much. Without them the govt. has NO POWER! Nobody with a penny of sense can hate the govt. and like the police! It is an oxymoron. So join the military or police and do your duty as a sworn officer and OBEY THE LAWS the fat man tells you to enforce….. you fat stupid retarded yes man asswipe hypocrite fuckface enemy of your country….

          • @john …and those are just the things we KNOW about….just imagine what’s going on we DON’T know about.

        • “The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.” Thanks Mac.

      3. To put it crudely, China needs two things if it is to survive and thrive: women and resources. It can’t provide the resources it requires from its own resources so it needs Africa and Mongolia to provide them. It is just pure economics. It also needs women to provide sexual services and breeding for its men. The Chinese are very racist so they will not be doing any of that with black women. What is their preference is the following: other Asian women and white European women. Those are the pick of the crop of the world’s women.

        This means they will need to become the dominant force in Asia and to boot America out of there. They will also need to harvest European women as well. They can do this by moving into Siberia from the Russian end and by economically taking over indebted and broke Europe: a breeding pen with the most beautiful women in the world and the finest breeding material. And I do believe China will be successful at this. They have shown great discipline and also great capability. When they put their mind to something, they do it, unlike 99 per cent of other ‘developing’ countries.

        • Frank, you’re right about the Chinese seeking Siberian women. According to a Chinese friend, the border areas between China and Russia are doing “land office” business in providing brides for Chinese men, many of which are well-off but lack suitable wife-opportunities back in China.

          • FT and Larry, The Chinese have long had their eyes on the mineral resources of Siberia. Although Russia and China are cooperating together on certain things, The Russians don’t really trust the Chinese as much as the West thinks they do. Africa has certain natural resources the Chinese are lacking at home, henceforth the reason for the growth in Chinese influence there. And the new Chinese base being only 4 miles from our base in Djibouti can mean only one thing. The Chinese will be in postion to interfere with our shipping and other peoples’ shipping in that area. That’s another area to watch in the months to come.

            • “he reason for the growth in Chinese influence there. And the new Chinese base being only 4 miles from our base in Djibouti can mean only one thing. The Chinese will be in postion to interfere with our shipping and other peoples’ shipping in that area.”

              Do you think its remotely possible that China wants to protect its shipping supply routes? So the US is the “Guardian Of The Seas” and anyone desiring to protect their own interests is a threat? The Globalists use the US to protect their interests, period. Think we been invading countries for the good of their people? We turned Libya from the highest standard of living in Africa into Somalia. Thats turning Beverly Hills into Camden NJ.

              • Kevin2, I know the reason the Chinese have stated for the establishment of that base, but please stop and think. Why locate that base ONLY 4 MILES from our base? I’m also aware of what the globalists have been using our military for all this time. I’d love to think I’m mistaken but I don’t trust Communist Chinese. I believe they have some other motive. We have been at war with them once before in Korea. Their hatred for us has not changed since that time.

                • No doubt that the area the US put its base on, deep channel,is ideal. The US didn’t pick a second rate area but rather, “The best lot in the development”. Its smart for China to tag on. That 4 miles is a two edge sword as advantage is also vulnerability. Which nation do you think has the greater Navy assets to blocked the other? Its not even a contest.

                  We were at war with China in Korea. Think if the Chinese were at the Rio Grand the US wouldn’t storm across the border. Hell if they stepped foot with evil intent anywhere in the western hemisphere its schools out.

                  I don’t trust anything powerful the US government included because its pretty obvious that its foreign policy is the globalist foreign policy.

                  • Camp Lemonier is next to the airport on the south side of the city, not on the water.

                    • Doesn’t matter. The USA no doubt picked the most advantageous area for whatever reasons in their criteria. China no doubt sees that as a prime area too.

        • Chinese men have small penises so unless they have big wallets they won’t woo many woman….

      4. China has been forced to tool up for war by the USA who acts as they worlds bullyboy and the same is also true of Russia and a few others.

        I don’t blame americans for this but i do blame them for not having the balls to stand up over 9/11 where building just fall down.

        Bankers and corporations own the USA Congress and TRump or no Trump they will continue to become poor until the day comes when they turn on the bankers who are pushing rents and land prices to silly hights.

        • Mr. Smith
          They own Trump too.
          Why wasn’t Saudi Arabia on Trumps travel ban?
          He said in 2011 the kingdom was the worlds biggest funder of terrorism.
          Fifteen of the 9-11 terrorist were from SA.
          The San Bernadino Bi+ch was radicalized in SA.
          Osama Bin Laden was born in SA and his fam was tight with the royal family.

          Victims/Survivors in return for 3000 dead were granted the right to sue SA .
          Well latte frickin dah.

          As of 2015 the Trump organization registered 8 companies in SA.
          From 2011 to 2015 SA was the top destination for US arms exports.

          So they can talk all they want about protecting Americans but nothing has changed.
          Money Talks and BS walks.

          • “Why wasn’t Saudi Arabia on Trumps travel ban”

            The ban nations have little government investigative ability to vet any immigrant. Its impossible to get any sold data from Somalia and the like. Saudi Arabia does have a functioning security service. That is the reason.

            • A CIA memorandum dated July 2, 2002, stated unequivocally that the connections found between the hijackers, the Saudi embassy in Washington and Saudi consulate in Los Angeles are “incontrovertible evidence that there is support for these terrorists within the Saudi government.”

              • And the proof of that was from? The unscathed passport? And a shitload of other evidence? Fuck man wake up! Maybe ask the celebrating israilies who did it? Or Jeb Bush….or? Are you people really that stupid?

              • No doubt that the fundamental sect of Islam practiced by Saudi Arabia is the core of Islamic terrorism. Its also a fact that the US use of its military post 911 has served Saudi purposes too and Israeli along with maintaining the oil peg.

                When something happens look at the effects, who gains, who looses. Then “reverse engineer” the incident to find the culprits and yes its always plural.

                “Nothing in politics happens by accident”. “If it happened it was meant at happen that way”.
                President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      5. China has one nearly operational Aircraft Carrier and at least 4 more are under construction.

        Some believe that they are following the old Imperial Japan
        playbook with a future expansion aimed at Australia.

        The Aussi’s have lots of open land and resources.

        Dateline 2025, Chinese Marines invade Australia!

        • SW,

          Probably not, unless we are particularly stupid and lazy.

          As our peace loving japanese brothers found in 1942+, moving and supporting a force with a line of communication about 10,000 kms long is the tricky bit, and when they get here they have to tackle a country that is about 80% desert. Very few roads or railways in the ‘Top End’ (just LOTS of sand) and every drop of water and fuel has to be trucked maybe another 3 or 4000 kms to the front line.

          Beat Rommel in 1941/2.

          • As I have been saying, LOGISTICS. Yep, having an Army is one thing, transporting it, arming it continuously in combat, feeding it, watering it, thats a task the the USA reins supreme at.

        • That won’t happen if Australia gets nukes.

        • China is looking to secure and protect its energy supply. Like the US where business goes the military follows.

        • Don’t need to. Our Very Wonderful Australian Government is letting the Chinese buy up the country. Fortunately, I know a fair bit of Mandarin, and I get on well with Chinese. Not everyone will be so comfortable.

          • RoHa

            All part of the globalist homogenization plan I wrote about many times. Your government works for the globalist interests just as ours does. Countries having separate names is false advertising.

        • Totally agree: same with Canada. The strategy is to have enough pre-planted people and owned assets in Australia and Canada that the invasion goes smoothly. They wil follow the model they established with Macau and Hong Kong. Basically, declare these places special economic zones, keep the existing British legal system (the Chinese know how to work with this after running Hong Kong since 1997), and let these two countries get back to making money and selling resources to China. The only difference is you will have a Chinese governor in charge of each country that the Parliament will be answerable to. He or she will do things like meet the Queen/King of England every once-in-a-while and give pronouncements on things like proper public behaviour and how to make money and build a good family. To be frank, the people in both these countries will welcome this when they see the stinking rat hole America will become in the next ten years.

          Chinese business energy and enterprise will be very welcome. Another plus point is hot Chinese women. White men already can’t get enough of Asian women so this influx of Chinese hotties is going to chill things out pretty pronto in Australia and Canada. Mediocre/obese white women will have to find Muslim mates to breed with in this brave new world. Good looking white men with prospects will mostly marry Asian women in 10 years’ time. As for black guys, they better get a few million in the bank or get a PhD if they hope to join the party. Asian women don’t dig poor and/or dumb guys.

          • Frank Thoughts

            The globalists are doing everything in their power to facilitate what you stated. They want blended everything, economic, cultural.

            “As for black guys” Chris Rock summed it up, “There isn’t a white person in this audience that would trade places with me and I’m rich”.

      6. There is a coming war with china.

        Part of China’s effort in The South China Sea is to isolate Taiwan in my opinion and the bases they are building off the reefs will extend their air space and install anti-air craft missiles and so we can write them off.

        keep prepping

      7. Just read at American Thinker that radio host Michael Savage got beat up by a bunch of commie snowflakes last night.

        Learned of a book for Christian Preppers called “Be Thou Prepared”.
        Also might be another good read ” People’s Republic” about a second American Civil war and the split up into 2 separate countries.

        Happy St. Pat’s

        • Everything is getting hacked. Look at this now Ladies!!! Do you qualify to collect the Sexual Victim Reward of $10,000?

          Screwed by sex toy spying? You may get $10k
          03-16-2017 •, by Ry Crist

          Users of an app-enabled sex toy cried foul after learning the device was uploading some intimate information to the company’s servers without their knowledge.

          Now the device maker will pay those customers up to $10,000 each.

          Standard Innovation, makers of the app-enabled We-Vibe sex toy, was facing a lawsuit alleging it improperly gathered and transmitted “highly sensitive” information about its customers. The company has reached a $3.75 million settlement that will send up to $10,000 to each customer who used the vibrator and its companion app. Customers who used the vibrator but not the app will receive up to $199. The agreement was filed with a federal court Thursday.

          • Take that $10,000, buy some explosives, see to it that the company goes out of business permanently. Money isn’t enough. Make them pay with their lives. Pedofiles, perverts, and pimps are the scum of the earth.


        • Savage had his little fu fu dog with him in the restaurant. I dunno, maybe it’s just me but why can’t people leave the damn dog at home when they dine out. I mean it’s a dog, right?
          In the bible dogs were treated like dogs. Fast forward to 2017 America. People worship
          their pets. No wonder people in other countries can’t stand us.

      8. O/T
        Peru is flooding
        Torrential mud slides
        Devistation on a huge level
        And it just keep raining where it’s been usually very desert like

        Check out YouTube videos
        If you have family down there , get with them

        I’m headed down

        • Enemy of the State:

          I gather from your post, you have family in Peru. Good wishes to you and yours.


      9. Here is your sign. Oct 1, 2016 RISE OF CHINA – China’s Yuan / RMB Joins Elite Global Reserve Currency Club

        Currency’s entry into IMF basket a milestone in long march to international acceptance Renminbi joins U.S. dollar, euro, yen, and British pound in SDR basket Change represents important milestone for IMF, SDR, and China Move recognizes and reinforces China’s continuing reform progress.

      10. The US military has 15 aircraft carriers, 30 submarines, 1000 military bases overseas and someone has a problem with what China is doing.

        • Fear and propaganda keep the military industrial complex churning. The reason China
          paid billions to the Djibouti government for the naval base was because PLA sailors were
          worn out over the long deployments at sea. They have lots of commercial shipping going thru that area and they keep a naval presence for anti-piracy. That base is not huge like
          Subic Bay or Yokohoma. China also has a naval base in Bangladesh or thereabouts. They
          have a strategy called “String of Pearls” which is all about keeping shipping lanes open
          for their commercial ships ( i.e.. cargo freighters, oil tankers ), should any conflicts or threats emerge. They are going to protect their interests just like we protect ours. They
          are expanding into a blue water navy because if you want to be an economic superpower
          you have to back it up by keeping your sea lanes open for commerce.

        • “The US military has 15 aircraft carriers, 30 submarines, 1000 military bases overseas and someone has a problem with what China is doing.”

          Ain’t that a fact.

        • Deadwing,
          You need to check your facts…The USA has only 10 aircraft carrier groups…. and around 500 military bases

          • The US has 10 Nuclear Powered aircraft carriers. The nearest rival is France with one Nuclear Powered Aircraft carrier. The US has 737 Military Bases outside of the US. Militarily the US has no qualitative nor quantitative peer regarding global reach, technology and firepower. The combined aircraft carrier combat fixed wing number approximately 600 first line strike aircraft. This can be deployed anywhere in the world. At the big end of the stick sit 14 Ohio Class boomers with 24 ballistic missiles with 8 100KT warheads each for a combined nuclear delivery of 3456 warheads in the most survivable system. Nuclear cruise missiles are on board both the 4 remaining Ohio Class submarines and 30 Los Angeles Class fast attack submarines armed with cruise missiles with nuclear capability and a few Sea Wolf fast attacks to round it out. This is just the Navy.

      11. China is increasing it’s defense spending even as their economy is slowing down. The US
        is increasing it’s own defense spending. As is Russia. Iran, Saudi Arabia and some others
        are ramping up as well. I think China has taken Reagan’s philosophy to heart. Peace thru
        strength. Make your military so powerful that no one would even think about going to war
        with you. Watch Japan. They are not taking China lightly. Japan is taking steps to make it’s
        own military more offensive in nature. Wars and rumors of wars.

      12. The great irony of what is spent to achieve control of the remaining resources of the Earth is that for what is spent on military aggression we could house, feed and clothe every human that breathes air. To turn human into humane takes more than an e. But these days spelling doesn’t seem to matter much. So we default to the literacy we know best. How to kill, which is a force of nature. Our Sun will get the last laugh as we pass into spacetime. There will be no human witnesses of that event, naturally. In the meantime we excel at infestation.

      13. I’ve been watching a lot of military movement lately. The US has moved troops into Europe in substantial numbers. Right up to the Russia borders. Russia is arming up. And the Russians are arming their own allies. Armenia and Azerbaijan are ready to go at it again. The Chinese are working real hard to get ready for a war with the US. Everybody is getting ready for the big one. History seems to repeat itself. Economies get real bad, go to war to cover up the mess. This war will actually leave a scar on mainland USA. This time we won’t escape the suffering.

        • Him

          “History seems to repeat itself. Economies get real bad, go to war to cover up the mess. This war will actually leave a scar on mainland USA. This time we won’t escape the suffering.”

          Oh how right you are.

      14. Kevin2 seems to believe that china poses no threat. No military builds up forces like that unless they intend to use them. I know and have talked to cops in person, who know and was told what taking place down in mexico. Trump attacked the jihadist battalion to let china know that the military will response. The jihadist were literally getting ready to cross into Texas when seals took them out in a secret war that took place just 2 weeks after Trump was sworn in. The situation was that serious and the jihadist and cartel military got the shit beat out of them really badly. Don’t ever fuck with the navy seals, they are good cleaners.

        As for you chi-coms, since you have a shortage of women and would like to try ours out in Texas. Lets see the response that you will get if you are able to taken out the State guard and our military thinking that your just going to come in here kill us men, and do a rape of nanking type of bullshit in Texas, your going to get your asses riddled with more fucking .223/5.56/308, .50 cal, 30-30, 30-06,.50 BMG. You fuckers have no earthly idea how vicious we really are in this fucking state. And I am not even talking about me. I am talking about the citizenry that I run into randomly all the time. All they talk about is that they cant wait till it gets started so that they can kill the soldiers. Yamamoto decided not in invade America, now the situation has escalated 1,000,000 time fold.

        When cops pull me over and ask me if I have a gun in my car, I tell him yes, and lets me go. Yes we are out of control aren’t we. A lot patriots are carrying AR’s with them in cars all over the city just incase a jihadist or chi-com attacks comes down and they have to take back family members by force when the Chinese take over the schools and business with the military. So there you have it. A tet offensive will fail miserably in Texas with your PLA SOLDIERS BLEEDING TO DEATH ON THE STREETS OF HOUSTON. Good luck when you come here.

        What to expect from the United States Red neck special forces.

        Here you go chi-coms, not sure if your generals showed you the video at your California base that Obama and Clinton gave you.


        kung fu versus GUN FU. you be the judge.

        • LOGISTICS

        • “Yamamoto decided not in invade America, now the situation has escalated 1,000,000 time fold.”

          The famous quote regarding a rifle behind every blade of grass is a falsehood. It sounds really cool however. Japan never had the desire to invade the US but rather to secure an impenetrable wall with resources of energy and food behind it. Japan never had the capability to successfully invade the US and resupply its expeditionary force. Invasions of this order of magnitude take thousands of ships, not hundreds. Once again D Day is an example of it done right, and it takes a tremendous effort, while Dunkirk and Gallipoli examples of it done wrong.

          Regarding a guerrilla force be it “Red Neck Army” or Viet Cong they don’t stop conventional forces but can harass the occupier to the point of non governance. This is relatively “easy” when the occupier are the same people as the occupied as they can’t seek punitive retribution without strengthening the opposition. When a foreign occupier with amoral cruel intention occupy they commit mass executions of such order to placate the indigenous people into compliance. The US armed guerrillas in the Philippines were told to avoid confrontation with the Japanese and seek intelligence only so as to limit the civilian reprisals. They attacked when the US invasion commenced.

          • Yamamoto said IF- underline IF, Japan invaded America, there would be rifle behind every
            blade of grass. He did not say they were going to do it.

            • The quote cannot be substantiated.

              • While its a great quote there is no known writing to supply it.

                You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
                It has been declared this attribution is “unsubstantiated and almost certainly bogus, even though it has been repeated thousands of times in various Internet postings. There is no record of the commander in chief of Japan’s wartime fleet ever saying it.”, according to Brooks Jackson in “Misquoting Yamamoto” at (11 May 2009), which cites Donald M. Goldstein, sometimes called “the dean of Pearl Harbor historians”, writing “I have never seen it in writing. It has been attributed to the Prange files [the files of the late Gordon W. Prange, chief historian on the staff of Gen. Douglas MacArthur]”.

          • Simply put an armed civilian population can thwart tyranny in their own government because of the potential of making areas ungovernable. Government reprisals only aid the cause of the guerrillas. A foreign occupier, if so choosing, is not constrained by brutal reprisals against the civilian populations because they are not vying for the support of the indigenous population. As active, and well armed as the partizans were in NAZI occupied Eastern Europe, and they were likely the most effective in the world, they never chased the NAZI’s out. The Soviet conventional Army did that.

      15. As history shows that nobody stays the #1 as world power for ever.

        China will not only move on Australia, but Russia and Japan first. They have to because they Hate and are afraid of Japan. If they attack the USA they will have to fight the Australia and Japan. Russians trust no one and they need part of Russia for resources. Don’t forget the Far east nations, and India. They are fighting with China on a off and on basis. Check it out China VS India, China VS Viet Nam. They have actual fire fights.

        So China can build but, will it do them any good???


        • Sure Sgt. It WILL do China good, as they have shown discipline, prudent planning, and intelligence in their economic and military decisions.
          We, the USA, have shown stupidity, greed, arrogance, aggression, and hegemony in our incoherent foreign policy and economic decisions.
          What happened to the USA?

          • Look at our leadership and the sick subcultures we have in this country. Observe the
            people next time you walk around in a mall or eat in a restaurant. Ride public transportation
            with some inner city high school kids. Look at the people walking around with hardware on
            their faces. People walking around with thousands of dollars worth of ugly ink on their
            bodies, and they don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Each passing
            generation is more sorry than the one that came before it. This is not even the country
            that it was 10 years ago. I think about the kids going to school that have ambitions and
            high hopes. It’s heartbreaking that they do not understand how badly their futures have
            been destroyed by the same people they look up to. These kids nowadays are all in a hurry to grow up. Instead of doing things that kids should do, they want to act ten years older than they are. Kids having kids. Getting on the public dole. Parents nowhere to be found.
            We lost this country a long time ago. It’s not coming back. Do not resuscitate.

      16. Pakistan and China against India. Russia and India have major defense deals. You need a score card to keep up with all the nonsense. What if they all get together and take out the US. Then divide up the world among themselves? Nobody knows.

      17. Good one Him, that’s exactly what I am talking about.


      18. China wants one thing, a secure source of energy to feed its industry. Having been dominated in the 1800s into 1900s by foreign powers they will not repeat it and become a vassal state of the US / Globalists. Their conventional military reach is short and their resupply is landlocked. If China can walk there they own the geography short of the use of nuclear weapons to repel them. They are, “The bottomless pit of Asian manpower”.

        I have little doubt that China will make a military stand to secure the oil resources in the South China Sea. A natural gas agreement has been made with Russia to supply China directly. Any nations independent action, regardless how vital, is a threat to what is the global BORG of Star Trek fame. The more vital the action required for the independent nation the greater this threat is considered.

      19. sooner or later, if we dont get the jews out of our country, it comes to blows

      20. I’ve heard the US has secret weapons that can ceate earthquakes and or tsunami’s?? If so ,why not let then build all their islands , militarize them and then just ” WASH them away
        How about that folks !! ??? NP

        • Maybe because once the wave starts it impacts Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines.

      21. Two of my posts from yesterday not up. Hmm.

      22. I bet they put low yield nukes on those islands….

      23. Made a post on Mar 18. Its now Mar 19 ( midday ) and still not up. This always happens when I reply to a certain persons posts. Seems my replies are always held back a day.

      24. It appears I have been censored at least twice, possibly 3 times in the last couple days.
        Of course, this will probably be posted.

      25. After Obama emasculated our Navy, stripped our Army and Marine Corps of any leadership al la Stalin, and then let the rag heads take back what took billions of dollars and thousands of arms and legs, things have started to look kind of bleak. The last thing we have to save us is, “the Nuclear threshold” that’s just another word for ‘nothin’ left to lose.’ Kissinger pointed that out in Gulf War 1, when Saddam was going to gas more Kurds, and then our troops. All they need is one more pissed off hat salesman, and that’s it. Game over. Might I remind the readers that Israel has only Neutron Bombs, so we can do a quickie wash-down, and be peeling figs again? Mess with the best, die like the rest.

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