Behind The Scenes: “A False Flag Event Is Just Around The Corner And These Marxists Are Setting It Up”

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    As of this writing, a very disturbing piece (of garbage) surfaced on the Internet.  Many of you may have already seen it.  Here’s an excerpt from it, because it is an “article” that is completely false, written by Andy Borowitz for The New Yorker and it appeared November 5th as The Borowitz Report.


    “The Russian President seemed to relish the warm response he got at his first Trump rally, in Tampa, Florida, where he led the crowd in a raucous chant of “Lock her up.”  While some in the media criticized the Trump campaign for allowing Putin to influence the outcome of a U.S. election, the Republican nominee’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, pushed back in an appearance on CNN.

    “This is just another case of media bias against Donald Trump,” she said.  “Jay Z and Beyoncé, who have no experience in government at all, are allowed to campaign for Hillary Clinton, but Vladimir Putin, who actually runs an entire country, can’t appear with Donald Trump?  Come on.”


    This article (as further evidenced by its e-mail address) is listed as “humor,” and The Borowitz Report is supposed to be comedic.  Andy Borowitz is a New York Times bestselling author who was the creator of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and has written for the New Yorker since 1998.  In 2001, apparently, he created the Borowitz Report that is listed in Wikipedia as being “a satirical news column that has millions of readers around the world.”

    I personally do not find one thing funny about it, but there’s plenty that is “funny” about it in another meaning.

    Andy Borowitz is a Harvard graduate who just happened to have worked for the Democratic National Convention in 2004.  His work is picked up by the Mainstream Media Marxist Monopoly (MMMM, my own term) by such notable Pravda-like publications such as the LA Times, Seattle Times, Philadelphia Enquirer, and the Huffington Post.  Borowitz also appears periodically as an NPR Commentator.

    The excerpted article is a deliberate attempt at disinformation, “covering” itself as “comedy.”  There is absolutely nothing funny or entertaining about that article.  As his column is described as having “millions of readers around the world,” Borowitz and his handlers and editors know exactly what they’re doing.

    This deliberate piece of disinformation, masquerading as “comedy/satire” and presented in a “news-style” fashion in large circulation is meant to confuse and sway voters.            

    A substantial percentage of the American public believe the crafted script of the government is preparation of a false flag operation to rig the election and blame it on the Russians.  They have set it up to convince people that the Russians are hacking into and manipulating our electoral process. “Humor,” it is labeled as?  What is humorous about it?  Absolutely nothing.

    About a dozen websites listed the title of Borowitz’s disinformation either whole or in part.  Never having heard of Borowitz or his “column,” I looked at it in horrified disbelief, then found on on a commenting thread that “The Borowitz Report” was not true news.  I’m glad the report is false, because it would be picked up and immediately pointed at to “prove” a “Russian connection” between Trump and Putin, and be used for further “justification” for the U.S. government to pin the coming theft of the election/sabotage on Russia.

    As it stands, though, Borowitz put out this garbage and really made it appear “newsworthy” to skew an already dumbed-down voting public into believing in the theatrics of its presentation, along with the “connection” to further substantiate claims of a rigged election by Trump with the aid of Putin, the President of Russia.  This is a pure Alinsky tactic of disinformation, as pure as you can find, and Borowitz can smile and say that it is just comedy, just satire.

    Just Borowitz’s “funny” way of trying to influence an election using his “comedic column” as a shield to protect him from any wrongdoing.

    The Trump rally in Reno, Nevada was “disturbed” the other day on November 5, 2016.  The disrupter was a man named Austyn Crites, a 33-year-old Republican who supports Clinton, an oxymoron in itself unless you consider George H.W. Bush and Colin Powell, Republicans who are voting for Clinton.  Crites vociferated his displeasure at Trump and the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him removed the man from the audience.  Authorities stated that no weapon was found upon him.

    Crites is listed in the e-mails of John Podesta in Wikileaks as being a Clinton supporter.

    It is quite obvious this man deliberately disturbed the rally in Reno.  It remains to be seen whether or not he is a paid operative of the Clinton campaign.  Whether or not he is being paid, he was in the service of Hillary Clinton and performed his duties.  He followed an Alinsky tactic of disrupting and attacking (either violently or nonviolently) a function or organization of an opponent to color it in a negative light and cause confusion and disruption.

    Finally, we come to some information listed on, with a video courtesy of Fox Business News from Cavuto coast to coast.  In this video clip of about 1 minute, Obama is being interviewed regarding whether or not illegal aliens will be able to vote in this election.  Obama (made of Teflon through and through) did not directly “bite,” but still managed to hint at if an illegal alien should vote in the U.S. election?  It probably would stand, as he said this on camera:

    “The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential.”

    President Barack Hussein Obama II

    When you see the video there can be no doubt that the question was meant to lead him into his nebulous answer to exonerate him from any potential “guilt,” because nothing will come of it yet his point has been made.  A sitting president of the U.S. has given assurances that illegal aliens will be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

    The Democrats and the “invisibles,” the controllers from behind the scenes will be pulling out all of the stops.  A false flag event is just around the corner, and these Marxists are all setting it up…facilitators of whatever is planned, be it a “fabricated” cyberattack blamed on Russia, a Trump victory that will be “nullified due to Russian influence,” or even a theft that can be detected.

    This last item?  Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline wrote an excellent article recently regarding such matters.  Susan’s piece detailed with great precision Obama’s ability to suspend the elections as authorized under the John Warner Defense Act of 2006.  She explained how he could declare martial law in accordance with National Security Presidential Directive 51 after classifying “civil unrest” and disruption of elections and the government as a “catastrophic emergency.”

    A Hillary Clinton “victory” and confirmation of election theft by Trump supporters will lead to a revolt, and civil unrest is the preferred emergency that Obama would use to declare martial law and suspend/nullify the election.  No matter who wins, there will certainly be unrest, and that will probably be coupled with other actions undoubtedly being set up by Obama and the Democrats as we speak.  Alinsky may be deceased, but his tactics are being employed by the Democrats in increasing frequency as we draw nearer to election day.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. If something does happen. Most of use will look twice at it and will figure it out if it is a False Flag.

        I wouldn’t dough for one second that a False Flag could happen. We had them before, and we will have more, Please just keep your EYEs OPEN!!!


        • There once was a congressman named Weiner.
          He had a perverted demeanor.
          He was kicked from the Hill, for acting like Bill
          Now Washington is one weiner leaner.

          Moral: If you text your meat, you lose your seat.

          I didn’t write that but I thought it was hilarious.

        • Hi Sarge – make any headway joining the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Assoc? They are a REALLY good group, and may be our last defense against leftist fascism. E.g. the sheriff in the largest district in NY (I think it is around Buffalo/Rochester) refused to enforce crypto-commie Governor’s gun bill a few years ago….

        • I think everything will be OK.
          Trump will win.

          Clintons will be prosecuted for their crimes once Trump gets in office. And gets settled in.
          Hillary gets locked up. National Security violation.
          Bill Locked up for pedophile/crimes against children/women.
          Both Clintons will be charged for Clinton Foundation slush fund.
          Maybe they can be charged for the Murders that were committed in their name?
          FBI director is out of a job and hopefully charged with Obstruction of Justice.

          Obama will go down in history as the absolute worse President that America has ever fielded.

          No one will even care about Obama or Clinton in ten years. They are “No bodies.” 15 minutes of fame gone.

          Trump will have good sense to make peace with Russia.
          Russia and USA should work together to colonize Mars.
          Working Together/Co Operative to Terra form the planet for human habitation.

          This is my Reality and Time Line. So Don’t mess it up HCKS.
          Look up ” Mandela Effect” on

      2. Martial Law..?

        LMFAO.. bring it!, man thats gonna be a blast

        finally we the people would actually have our true vote heard ,, and around the freakin world too

        come on O dumbo ,, you know you want to .. I hope hes that stupid

        • We can only hope they are stupid enough to declare martial law and become oppressive. It will mean the absolute destruction of the Democratic Party for 50 years.

          • lol if they were lucky to exist again in 50 years .. same goes for the republicans .. when i say clean it out i mean clean it out

            they can cry about their “democracy” .. and while they are sniveling over that we the people will be rebuilding our Republic and hanging every traitor who stepped foot in DC

      3. Time will tell,that said,as I have mentioned before,a few bottles of #7 in waiting.Any declaration of martial law is bullshit and just a final takeover move,at that point will say good bye to sobriety and have a few final drinks before the hard work begins.

        Anything like this happens,be as strong as you can,that said,do not become the monster you rightfully oppose,for then,all is truly lost.

        • Don’t forget the #9, you’ll need plenty of that too, just don’t confuse it with the #7.

          • Blackmoe,am a eds red kinda guy,can make a gallon for under 20 bucks,cleans/lubes and protects,do a search on it,good stuff.

      4. November 8th, 2016

        A day of infamy that will go down in History ??

        Regardless what the election results say, we know who won.


        • B, I heard the democrats stopped paying people to troll internet sites last week.
          That’s why no Satori…
          Had a weird feeling about him.
          Trying to play fair and balanced sometimes…he was possessed.

      5. These clowns couldn’t care less about the constitution. They have bastardized it for their own use and power. The general public has NO idea how dangerous these moves are nor do they have the willpower oe intestinal fortitude to stand up and defend it. It will be up to us to defend it.

      6. Are assassination campaigns better than revolutions? I’ve been looking for information for an article I’m going to write. It seems there would be much less structural damage if there was no revolution. On the other hand, info suggests that multiple assassinations would get better results. I’ve read many articles on Lebanon and Columbia, but I’m got a lot more info to go through. Any reading suggestions?

        • “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin De Becker

        • asassinations? PFFT! from the looks of those wikileaks emails, it’s got to be the whole damn democRAT party, and half of the republiCAN’Ts. hope you have an unlimited supply of ammo.

      7. This is a spiritual battle, no human being can save us now….”hell is empty and the devils are here”

      8. What would be really funny is if Borowitz shared the same jail cell as Hitlery.

        Now THAT would be a lark.

        • a rope//.. thats all they will have the “option” to share

      9. The person that is elected will be the difference between who is prosecuted, and those that will be persecuted.

      10. J.J. good points, YES indeed (((THE TRIBE))) has thought this out carefully . Be watchful, armed AND ready… Sgt, thanks for your ALWAYS good suggestions. AND the rest of you SHTF Plan family posters…God Bless us all.

      11. Sorry, don’t mean to curse, but Borowitz is an a**hole. Pure and simple. These people are a moral outrage and and offensde to basic decency.

        A**holes like Borowitz are truly ignorant, despite their degree in sociology from Crony U (hey, I could have got my grad degree from Harvard too… if I had had massively wealthy Learjet leftist parents who could foot the bill – instead I had to work my way through my grad degrees at U. of Illinois and also at U. of British Columbia, where – in contrast to our silver spoon leftists arzeholes – one year I lived in an unheated basement (window didn’t close fully, and one morning I woke up with a snow drift covering my sleeping bag and me – and yes, it DOES snow occasionally in Vancouver). Another year I literally worked FULL time at night and went to school full time in the day. You KNOW the fascist left NEVER would do anything remotely similar to that.

        Apologies for the bad words, but these people are truly evil. They are nothing more that Dr. Joseph Mengele and all the other “well educated” Nazis.

      12. Sadly, Clinton will be installed. At all cost. Soros and the pedophiles own this govt and media through cooption, blackmail, etc. Soros and his ops must be dealt with. We all know exactly what measures need to be taken by the people before change takes place. I pray that I am wrong and that those patriots deep in the govt are able to avert what is being done. It’s now or never. Something is brewing for sure. You can feel it. God Bless all Patriots and decent people. Trump/Pence 2016 MAGA!

      13. It’s all about the guns. That is what stands in their way.

        Over the past few days I’ve been sickened by the vandalization of Trump signs… seen on youtube and evidenced right here in my own neighbirhood. These people have no respect for private property… not your signs… your food… your water. The only thing standing between them and your property is your weapons.

        The absolutely vulgar and obscene language used at the JZ/Beyonce pep rally for Hillary was just fine with both the audience and her. She is a female but she’s no lady. A recent video shows her not knowing whether to get on a plane or get into a car.

        I know a lot of people have their heads in the sand… but, we are in the eye of the storm today. Stay safe. BTW, did you know John Kerry left the country to go to Antarctica?

        • Nothing at all, that we can find, has been publicly released, but there are far more government attorneys, justices and several “high ups” that have quietly “vacated the premises” with it being anyones guess where they actually are.

          Perhaps that, in itself, is telling us we shouldn’t be near the NE for any reason.

          Antarctica? There isn’t a damn thing there and they didn’t give any info on why? lol… This is too wild.

      14. Borowitz’ “news reporting” is about the same sort of spoofing as The Onion. Amusing but trivial. Just poking fun at the world we’re stuck with.

        Otherwise, JJ’s comments are credible.

      15. assassinations don’t really help. there are always someone just as bad waiting to take their place. What needs to happen is the liberal core concept needs to be given a additude adjustment. Assassination is kin to cutting off the head of a snake. Its only effective in the early stages bud nipping as Barney Fife would state. Assassinations would only make Martyrs at this late of stage in the game. The only reasonable thing is to go Galt.

        • In Columbia the cartels had big success with assassinations until the government started doing assassinations in retaliation. The disadvantage the cartels had was that the government knew who they were up against.

      16. Space weather solar CME threatens computerized voting systems and global communication satellites later this afternoon. Vote as early as possible and insist on a paper ballot to preserve your vote. Search “Election Day CME” for updates and spread the word quickly.

      17. On hold with the DuPage Bd of Elections for the past HOUR listening to their snazzy muzak. Simply want to ask HOW I can be assured my vote won’t be changed by George Soreazz.

        One possible take-away from this is that there is a LOT of fraud going on by the left. Y’know, their usual, as all this exists for these vile people is POWER (not truth, not God, not honesty, not integrity). Oh wait! Correction. Their other god of the left is money (think Hilary’s miraculous cattle futures trades, or her theft of MILLIONS from that Haitian relief fund (causing the former prez of their senate to call the Clintons “common thieves.”

      18. The country I thought I had growing up turns out to be just another Banana Republic with no equal justice under the law, unless you are a political elite class…..

      19. Once again what you people need to get through your heads is there is not enough people( police, feds, or .mil) to enforce a martial law order of the USA. No way in hell will gangs of idiots on both sides listen to a damn thing. Patriots or at least a few with balls will look for targets of opportunity on anyone who works for the corrupt .gov. Dammit people THINK!!

      20. These so called false flags are always ‘Just Around the Corner’. So much Bullshat, so little time.

      21. I remember from Boy Scouts . Be prepared. What special kind of stupid do you have to be to think the rains will alway come when they haven’t? How many died that we don’t know about during the Great Depression? Watch the Grapes of Wrath. Who ever thinks that can’t ever happen again is there own business. But has no right to seduce others into reckless complacency. If you want to stick your families neck out go for it. But to tell others that you can predict the future. And you are absolutely sure there will never be another great depression or major disaster. Or world war. What if your wrong .? Have you ever been wrong before?what possible reason do you have for telling people not to be prepared? Even the Boy Scouts know better.

      22. Seems to me that the absolute bulk, or ALL of “the G1 Solar Flare, has had time to impact us and afaik not a single fuse was tripped anywhere, unless THAT is what fried that transformer in Russia …which wouldn’t really make sense so I dunno… I just live here.

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