Begging WWIII? Western Pilots Get “Green Light To Take Drastic Action Against Russian Jets”

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 119 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden an originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Note: It is one thing for the West to sharpen their rhetoric in attempt to make Putin look bad in retaliation for his attacks on ISIS, which have left American and NATO forces looking inept and insincere in their duplicitious and phony fight against terrorism, as well as their unjustified mission in trying to topple Assad.

    It is quite another matter to instruct their pilots to engage Russian jets, treat them as enemies, and actually seek to escalate the war, and instigate a conflict with a rival nuclear superpower. This is highly dangerous, and cooler heads must show themselves among western leadership… and soon, or else things may become too far gone. WWIII looms dangerously close.

    Moscow Demands Britain Explain “Green Light To Shoot Down Russian Jets”

    by Tyler Durden

    The chances of escalation from a proxy war to outright war just went to 11 on the Spinal Tap amplifier of sabre-rattling. A day after British and NATO pilots were reportedly given the green light to take drastic action against Russian fighter jets if they come under threat during missions over Iraq, Interfax reports that the Russian Defense Ministry has demanded clarification. Senior defence sources say it is just a matter of time before our fighters are involved in a deadly confrontation with Russian jets.

    The Chinese, it appears, are wholeheartedly behind Putin’s efforts, judging by the following puff-piece from Xinhua (unofficially China’s government mouthpiece)…

    Russia’s recent military intervention in the Syrian war in the form of airstrikes and missile attacks aimed both at supporting the government of President Bashar Al-Assad in combatting the Islamic State (IS) has reaped initial gains.

    Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria, which began on Sept. 30, has strengthened the Syrian government, laying the foundation for a dialogue with all countries concerned to come up with solutions that could drag Syria out of the internal conflict that has lasted for more than four years.

    According to Russia Today, Russia started its bombing campaign in Syria with a goal to provide air support to the government troops in fighting various terrorist groups, primarily the IS.

    Russian air strikes hit 55 Islamic State group targets in Syria in the past 24 hours, the defense ministry said Saturday, as Moscow ramped up its military campaign in the war-torn country.

    Russia’s air force has attacked a total of 112 targets since the start of the military actions.

    On Thursday, Syrian government troops launched large-scale ground offensives under the cover of Russia’s repeated air strikes. At the same time, Russia launched 26 cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea and destroyed 11 IS targets.

    Syrian political analyst Osama Dannura said Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict has upset the initial planning of Western powers that have their minds bent on toppling the Assad government.

    The West’s strategic shortcomings were demonstrated by the disastrous 500 million-U.S.-dollar program to train and arm moderate rebels, which generated only a handful of fighters, many of whom surrendered or were captured almost immediately. The scheme was finally scrapped on Friday.

    The reason why the U.S.-coalition has failed to deal a blow to the IS, according to Syrian political analyst Maher Ihsan, is a lack of offensives by ground troops. Besides, while attacking the IS, the United States is also offering the opposition rebels assistance including weapons, most of which end up into the hands of IS fighters.

    In an interview with Iranian television broadcast on Sunday, al-Assad said a campaign of Western and Arab airstrikes against IS targets in Iraq and Syria has been counterproductive and terrorism has spread in terms of both territory and new recruits.

    Around 40 percent of the IS infrastructure in Syria has been destroyed in just one week, Syria’s Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad said on Wednesday.

    But the huge escalation in British and NATO rhetoric towards Russia – green-lighting direct conflict – has made the situation dramatically more dangerous…

    British and Nato pilots have been told to take the drastic action if they are fired on by Vladimir Putin’s air force during missions over Iraq.

    The move comes after British ministers warned Russia had made the situation in the Middle East “much more dangerous”.

    Senior defence sources say it is just a matter of time before our fighters are involved in a deadly confrontation with Russian jets.

    One source said: “We need to protect our pilots but at the same time we’re taking a step closer to war. It will only take one plane to be shot down in an air-to-air battle and the whole landscape will change. ”

    RAF pilots have been told to avoid contact with Russian jets at all costs and both US and British mission control teams will do their best to keep them apart.

    But the pilots have been warned they must be prepared to fire on Russian jets if their lives depend on it.

    One source said: “No one knows what the Russians will do next. We do not know how they will respond if they come into contact with a Western jet.

    “When planes are flying at supersonic speeds the airspace gets crowded very quickly. There could be a collision or a Russian pilot might be mistakenly shot down. “

    And then, as Reuters reports,

    Russia has asked the British defense attache in Moscow to clarify media reports that British pilots had been given permission to attack Russian jets if they are fired on whilst flying sorties over Iraq, Interfax news agency reported on Sunday.

    The British attache said he would submit an official response in the near future, RIA news agency reported.

    *  *  *

    One wonders just how far US, NATO “leadership” are willing to go to ‘expose’ Putin’s evil intent? Especially in light of China’s official mouthpiece (Xinhua News) reporting the following…

    “The Russians have shown a naval capacity that was not expected,” said Thomas Gomart, head of the French Institute for Foreign Relations, adding that Russia is “challenging the West’s aerial supremacy.”

    Moscow offered on Tuesday to resume talks with Washington to avoid any misunderstanding concerning its airstrike operation, as well as to discuss ways to avoid conflicts between the United States and Russian warplanes over Syria.

    Washington also said on Saturday that it would resume talks with Moscow to avoid accidents in the skies over the war-torn country.


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      1. If only we had a leader who had a spine. What do you really expect though? Former KGB vs community organizer, not much of a fight.

        • Gulf of Tonkin ver. 2.0

          • Sinking of the USS Maine 5.0 🙂

            • NOTICE THAT THE UNITED STATES IS STILL USING IT’S PROXIES. This time it’s using the british for Russian target practice — THEN when the brits lose one (as we all know they will), THE US WILL BE UP IN ARMS CLAIMING A ‘RIGHT’ TO ATTACK RUSSIA, which is what they really want in the first place.

              This usurped govt has to go, or we’re all dead.

        • He says

          “If only we had a leader who had a spine.”

          You looking for WWIII and what are you gaining from this? Are you being protected or endangered? Would you prefer John McCain who wants to bomb a Russian base and crater its runway? Why is that a good idea? Russia is legally in Syria at the bequest of the recognized government in according to International Law. If Russia bombed Italy and targeted Italian oil refineries and claimed it was because the Mafia was there would that be ok?

          Don’t you find it interesting that all of this started with the ostensible terrorism excuse of fighting ISIS and now becomes the real reason which is the US/Saudi/UK/FR desire to remove Assad from power? OBTW where were those “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” in Iraq and was the loss of 7000+ US lives and a multiple number of crippled worth it? Do you know why the US does battle or do you just like the battle?

          Its all about globalist international corporations and their financiers that couldn’t care about you.

          • Kevin 2,
            our country has been taken over for a long time, the puppets in the white house are just that ! PUPPETS, like many other counties anyone of those who either goes against the NWO or doesn’t do as they are told get taken over, there prsident or leaders removed! the new media are all owed by the same controlling people so the average JOE PUBLIC, is ignorant to the real facts. SOOOOO, in essence you have a good point. question is what and or WHO is going to remove all this scum from this world and try to make things better for ALL. never gonna happen but much better than what we are currently facing.

            • sorry for some typos. stupid auto correct changed some words, but you get the meaning. should of did a better proof read, but hard to do when you are swamped!!

            • apache54

              The US at the bequest of the NWO is creating terrorists directly by funding them to destroy previously stable governments that held Islamic Fundamentalists at bay. Libya is a prime example as it had the highest standard of living in Africa and now is a failed state with its treasury looted by internationalist bankers and its arms transferred to Islamic Fundamentalists. Needless to say Libya won’t consider trading oil for gold anyone and will stick by the good old US dollar to the last drop of their blood. For practical purposes Iraq is in the same boat.

              The NWO people are not doing to to clean up the trash but rather they’re leaving trash in their wake. They don’t want stable governments with oil. They’re doing no one a favor.

          • AHMEN.Damn, that was a great reply. Also now that Russia is also taking out a terrorist group that the west has failed to take out. The US has been “bombing” Isis for almost two years and has only supplied them with more arms and ammo instead if destroying them. That is the one if the main reasons that the US has its panties in a wad over Russia taking military actions in Syria besides Putin supporting Assad over the objections of the U.S. because Putin is interfering in the US’s attempt of overthrowing another democratically elected leader. You were correct that Russia is in syria at the request of Assad, while the illegally against international law by running bombing campaigns inside a sovereign state without the request of its legal government.


            apparently, they intend to take us all down right now.

            I have no idea what to do, since I don’t have my own personal nuclear arsenal. If I did, the first “big one”? would have a huge, royal blue “R” on it, headed for the house of Rothschilds.

            …guess where the one with the big “G” on it would be going…and it wouldn’t be Georgia or Guam.

            • DC, NY, Hollywood, tel aviv, doesn’t really matter.

          • I don’t want ww3. I want a president who stands up against anyone who’d belittle America.

          • Kevin-
            Although I agree with most of your post, “where were those “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”’ you ask? Chemical weapons are weapons of mass detruction by definition and he had them. We KNOW he had them- how? Because we sold some of them to him, to use on the Iranians, remember? So, yes, he had weapons of mass destruction he just didn’t have nukes. Don’t get caught up in the lib-parroting lie they LOVE to use.

            As for your assessment of the mess our community organizer’s created over there? I suspect you’re spot on, sadly.

            • walter middy

              Anyone with an indigenous oil refining industry has the ability to make those weapons. It was SOLD as NUCLEAR WEAPONS for the invasion. Once committed the chemical weapons took over as they damn sure knew that he had no nuclear weapons program. Once the shooting started the reasons why fall to the wayside; mission accomplished.

          • Only bomb if McCain is strapped to one of the bombs.

        • True, but saying Russia is “challenging” western air superiority is laughable. I guess it’s TECHNICALLY true…by flying there it is sort of a challenge. But the statement is trying to equate the two capabilities which is a hilarious propaganda statement. I really hope that both sides are able to maintain cool and not push things too far here. It doesn’t look real good so far

      2. I hope the first such action by the Zionist Pilots of the west will result in using tactical nukes by the Russian Freedom fighter pilots.

        BTW, The zionist pilots of the western armies don’t enough …….. to take on Russian’s polite since they are only good at bombing civilians.


        • you sir, with all due respect, are a gadfly.

          • Watchman – whats the matter, don’t know how to handle the Truth?

            Aren’t you tired of a country who claims that they can do no wrong, blames others for their misfortunes while playing the habitual victims in the world?

            Their closest neighbor, which can only defend themselves with sticks and stones. Once in awhile an alleged rocket gets launched into Israel, but does not destroy or kill anybody. Yet, the response to such an allegation with no Israelis killed or maimed resorts to bombing innocent civilians and infrastructure in Palestine.

            Israel is committing genocide upon the people of Palestine, and yet you appear to be one of many who support and condone this kind of activity.

            Thousands of Palestinians have been killed, yet .. you can not say the same about the death toll in Israel. Amazing … yet again, Israel can do no wrong and in their view, their actions are justifiable.

            • It sure would be welcome to end the kosher censorship of my posts.

              • Indeed JQP. It may be published somedays from today so no one can see the truth.

            • The ineptness of the current Administration aside, the West has a DISTINCT numerical and tactical advantage over both Russia and China in conventional weapons and will never be stronger against them than now; that is why the PTB are pushing so hard for war.

              Currently in a conventional war, both Russia and China could be defeated simultaneously, if necessary, but China would likely be smart enough to avoid confrontation now, when the real target of the NWO is Russia.

              In one or two years enough laser systems can be produced and deployed by the West to shoot down a Russian or Chinese First Strike and this advantage could remain until Russia and China develop and deploy similar systems; or steal ours.

              The rationale then is, “If not now, when?” for NATO Generals and Admirals. 🙁

              Push has come to shove and the Chinese will have to get in bed fully with the West and pull the sheets up, locking Russia out of the bedroom, or be locked out themselves; economically, and destroyed financially.

              As I noted early this year, we are already at war. Its in the archives. 🙂

              • DK

                And why do you believe that a shooting war between the US and Russia would not go nuclear? Curtis LeMay assured President Kennedy that such a thing wouldn’t happen if we bombed and invaded Cuba and JFK told him, “If your wrong there will be no one left alive to tell you so”.

                We came within a hairs breath of a Soviet Submarine firing a nuclear weapon then and only the vote of one of three Soviet officers stopped WWIII as it took all three to agree to fire under that circumstance accruing to Soviet Navy protocol as there were already two votes to fire.

                This is all madness, utter complete madness.

                • K2: I didn’t say that a shooting war would not go nuclear. I suspect that the probability of such an event would actually, or eventually, be high, as Russian War Game Theory presupposes using tactical nukes at the start of a war in Europe to pave the wave for their troops.

                  To Russian chagrin, that theater of operations is now EASTERN EUROPE. 🙁

                  • DK

                    No way TPTB desire a nuclear war. As bad as they are they have been at the forefront of its prevention post WWII. They’re policies and goals however flirt with this very selectively in their goal of global conquest.

                    • K2: I also agree that the PTB do NOT desire a nuclear war. No one in their right mind would. I am just pointing out historical Russian War Game Theory, the distinct advantage of the West, and the likelihood that the losing side would resort to nuclear weapons as a last resort.

                      Having said that, the DISTINCT advantage in conventional capability gives the West the confidence to engage the East militarily at every turn, anywhere on land, sea, air, or space.

                      The USA owns the high ground, despite fears to the contrary. 🙂

                    • The Russians are only interested in two places. The US has “Global Responsibilities”.

                      One thing I see is North Korea profiting greatly through all of this as they extort for peaceable behavior.

              • DK,

                Folks can call me naive and stupid but if fighting starts between us and anyone else, I will support our troops hands down.

                Many posters are beginning to sound like Chavez, the Castro brothers, Ahmadinajab, and the mullahs and ayatollahs and their true believers. There is a lot of agenda driven revisionist histories being touted as scholarly and legitimate. The test of time will tell and sort it out. I try to keep an open mind and bear malice to none, but please do not malign our troops.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • “I will support our troops hands down.”

                  “‘My country, right or wrong’ is a thing that no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying ‘My mother, drunk or sober.'” ~ G. K. Chesterton

                • laeagle: Never, anywhere, have I ever maligned our troops. 🙂

                  • DK,

                    The second paragraph was not meant for you. I appreciate what you write and the flak you take. Personally, I think your comments are insightful and supportable. I have never heard you sounding like Chavez but a lot of posters are now openly maligning our troops. I guess John Kerry has made it fashionable to do so.


                    Thank you for your quote.

                    GKC wrote a lot of good stuff. He also said:

                    “Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.” and “If there were no God, there would be no atheists.”

                • laeagle

                  “Folks can call me naive and stupid but if fighting starts between us and anyone else, I will support our troops hands down.”

                  Its kind of a stretch to say “us’ as you have zero say in the foreign policy of the US. Unfortunately “our” troops have become unwitting and unknowing de-facto mercenaries of globalist bankers.

                  Ever find those WMDs in Iraq? A war under false pretense costing 7000+ US lives and a multiple number of young men and women crippled for life. A war on terrorism that justifies the NSA spying on everyone and “we” create terrorist states like Libya and soon Iraq.

                  Rah Rah my team and old glory. In reality we’re all just spectators.

                  • Kevin2,

                    You make some good points, but, if you don’t support our troops and choose to oppose them what does that make you? Where are you going to stop? Are you going to try and form a fifth column against the troops that have sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution? Are you going to join forces with the Ayatollahs, the Hugo Chavezs, the Kim Jong Unns of the world? What are you going to do my friend?

                    Louisiana Eagle

                    • laeagle

                      I’m torn of course as one has to respect bravery but blind patriotism is blind. Germans had blind patriotism.

                      Well to answer your rant I just read write and talk.Too damn old and unhealthy anyway.

                      Most thought Vietnam was a mistake in 1968 and the war lasted five more years. If everyone should agree with your government Vietnam could have probably fed MIC for five more years beyond that catching me. News Flash, you have a right to disagree with your government.

                  • Kevin2,

                    How do you know I have no influence on foreign policy? Do not underestimate yourself! Does anyone here have a greater cause than protecting the Constitution and the country that was formed under its’ laws?

                    • They do what they want in spite of public opinion on more than just the use of the military. Who wanted to loose their good job to, “Free Trade”? Vote Rep you get it, vote Dem you get it. Deregulating the Financial Sector which was helping to pave the way to todays mess was not dome with the masses approval.

                      Something interesting. The above was being done world wide. Europe has strong unions and yet Free Trade was accepted. Coincidence; nope collusion from the global financial sector. I don’t think that there is country on earth that can honestly claim that, “The People” actually control their government. “The People” influence the pacification issues and they keep they keep them busy. Economics and War are far too important to have ignorant masses in policy making.

                      See George Carlin’s standup about it.

                  • i have a DUTY to disagree with MY GOVERNMENT!

              • “Currently in a conventional war, both Russia and China could be defeated simultaneously…”

                OMG… seriously? That sounds like something John McInsane would say.

                After 14 years of boots on the ground, the United States military hasn’t even managed to subdue a small force of lightly armed, sandal wearing, Afghan goat herders, but by golly they’ll whop two nuclear powers: Russia and China, simultaneously!

                Sheesh… whatever you’re smoking, send me some!!

                • Good comment…the guy is a legend in his own lunch box.

                • YMWW: “After 14 years of boots on the ground, the United States military hasn’t even managed to subdue a small force of lightly armed, sandal wearing, Afghan goat herders, but by golly they’ll whop two nuclear powers: Russia and China, simultaneously!”

                  Yes, because war with Russia and China would be all out war, unleashing the full military might of the USA, while the point of Afghan is OCCUPATION, CONTROL of its resources, and SUBSIDIZING the military Industrial Complex while decimating the male Afghan population over time.

                  Wrong Again !!! “Sheesh” (How fucking gay can you get?) LMAO !!! 🙂

                  • Defeated implies occupation and that will not happen to either. Therefore its more accurate to say, “Contained”.

                  • “Yes, because war with Russia and China would be all out war”

                    Q: Was Vietnam “all out war” or just a 19 year “OCCUPATIONAL CONTROL” subsidizing the military Industrial Complex while decimating the male population over time???

                    The American military left Vietnam because it’s “full military might” (short of nuclear) couldn’t best a 3rd world peasant opposition comprised of sandal wearing rice farmers!

                    Fast forward. The US military will eventually leave Afghanistan… bested by a 3rd world peasant opposition comprised of sandal wearing goat herders!!

                    Karma’s a bitch!!!

                    Advice to America… invest in sandals. The Russians and Chinese have the best.

                    Advice to young Americans… stay out of the military… banksters love cannon fodder.


                    BTW… What is your preoccupation with “gay” DK?

                    Is it a closet thing??

              • D.K. You obviously have not served in any of the U.S. military forces. Our military equipment is old and worn out and the new stuff just doesn’t work. The F35 comes to mind. I got out of the U.S. military back in 99 and even then our stuff was shitty. We couldn’t get funding to fix a damn thing and were told continuously “Do more with less”. Of course that phrase quickly became “Do everything with nothing”.

                While the U.S. military equipment has been wearing out and falling behind our men and women have been demoralized to the extreme. Many in the military have awakened to the reality of it all and realize they are nothing but fodder for the banksters and other criminals running the governments. People are leaving the U.S. military in DROVES! These days I would not wish any military service on anyone and let them know why.

                On top of all that shit the Russian military is very powerful and very well trained. While the U.S. government has been spending trillions to spy on American citizens and destroy the Constitution the Russians have become more of a Christian nation and taught morals, ethics, pride and truth to their people. Unlike the U.S. criminal government which apparently despises the People they steal from. If this war starts I can guarantee you the Russians will hand our asses to us and we WILL lose a conventional war. Russia won’t need any help to wipe out our military. If it goes nuclear then Russia will put a large percentage of it’s people in nuclear bomb shelters. That’s right. They have built thousands of shelters for most of their population while in the U.S. we have ZERO nuclear bomb shelters for us little people while the banksters and government criminals have stolen our money to build their lavish bunkers.

                Let’s get this war started and end this criminal government and criminal bankers. Those of us that survive are expected to find these bastards and take them out and never let a central bank be formed again in any country!

                • Will: I am an ex-Marine and Vietnam Vet. You do what you have to do with what you have to work with. Losers complain and look for excuse to fail. Winners find a way to victory.

                  If you think our military is poorly equipped you need to take a good look at the Russian equipment. The Russians need two years of production of their newest jet to compete with any volume.

                  Their navy is in shambles. 🙂

                  • ” I am an ex-Marine and Vietnam Vet”

                    You have also portrayed yourself as 54 years old on line (a fact you don’t deny)!

                    So, who knows what the truth is!!

                  • durangokidd said:

                    “Losers complain and look for excuse to fail.”

                    And winners call you gay!

                    “If you think our military is poorly equipped you need to take a good look at the…” Taliban’s equipment.

                    Poorly (understatement) equipped, but keeping the empire at bay since 2001!

                    Gotta get me some sandals!!!

              • Mate, you write such rubbish. I find it amusing. We are talking about NOW and not some son of star war wet dream.

        • Are you serious do your research you idiot… that’s all I’ll say.. how many navel vessels does Russia have? How many outdated military weapons Russia still has because there economy is crap…USA has 60 world partners with bases all over the world including Poland hmmm…how many bases Russia have by USA… hmmmm so stop with ur insane comments

      3. I sort of hope they just bust out the nukes. Im sick of nothing ever happening

        • boiled frog…Putin is smart. He is waiting for the enemy to fire first. I was really skeptical of the current Russian government at first but by each passing day I ma becoming more convinced that Putin has learned from his time as KGB agent working for the ZOG the nature of the beast and has surfaced as a freedom fighter.

          • If not a freedom fighter, then at the very LEAST, one leader who does not want to give up and become a serf, like the rest of the world.

            What people don’t seem to understand, is that in the NWO, THERE IS NO RELIGION. THERE IS NO STATE, COUNTY OR CITY GOVT. We will be ruled by a foreign body. We will all be disarmed and subjugated. We will do what we’re told, when we’re told. The former “ruling class” will no longer be needed. They will fall to serfdom with the rest of us.

            Except for the board of governors. They will be the new local administration of the New World Laws.

            The US government still thinks they’ll be governing someone…LOL.

        • So Frog – what you’re saying is you want to either die or have life as we know it a miserable hell hole. Is that correct? Because with a comment like that, you must have some kind of death wish.

      4. The pussy president named Obama would not, will not ever let us fir on a Russian jet. LMAO.


        • We may not fire on them, but if our allies do….

          • In that case Stewpedaso , we’ll see many places to glow in the dark regardless of who has fired on the Russians.

          • Of course stew, doesn’t this usurped govt ALWAYS let someone else do the dirty work, while they feign horror and outrage and rush in to “make it right”, guns blazing, of course?

            …that’s our fucking calling card!

            Lies, Deceit and saving the world at the barrel of a gun.

      5. IsraeliUN planes shoot russian fighter down”

      6. Tyler Durden my ass, it’s Mikey boy Snyder in durden’s clothing. This line of doom porn is getting way over played lately, how about a nice asteroid strike or maybe the eruption of a super volcano for some real end o’ the world salivating.

      7. This is completely disingenuous fear porn. The article clearly states the western forces are to avoid Russian aircraft and only to engage them if the Russians fire first.

        From this, how is it ‘getting a green light to take drastic action’ against the Russians?

        The article is not holding up at all. Complete and utter deliberate misinformation to evoke a response.

        • Moscow Demands Britain Explain “Green Light To Shoot Down Russian Jets”

          The above statement has been ruled to be a rumor … or is it? Actually, it doesn’t really matter because the link below is what was told for US & NATO Alliances to comply with.

          What the US and NATO/Allies should be doing is vacate the Middle East A.S.A.P. Their fake War On Terrorism has been exposed to the World.

          • Thanks for clearing up the fact that whether or not this article is truth or rumor doesn’t matter to you.

            You can resume unrelated ranting now.

            • Smokey – I did not say this Article is a rumor or had no truth to it – READ AGAIN ABOVE – I clearly state: “the above STATEMENT has been ruled to be a rumor … or is it?”

              What’s so difficult to comprehend here?

              What happens in the Middle East does matter to me very much.
              What needs to happen is the removal of US/NATO Alliances in the Middle East.
              What they have been doing is a violation against International Law, and it seems the UN and nobody else seems to care.

              • Yep. THE U.S. OWNS NATO AND THE UN. What part of that does people not understand?

        • I ❤ IT!

      8. So, what’s the deal? It’s the Big “IF”. I would tell my pilots to defend their self “IF” they were fired upon, or threatened in anyway by the commies (Russia). When Russia stepped up to the plate, America, and it’s NATO friends were already in the fight, Russia was not directly involved, and now that their friend (SYRIA) started losing, Russia wants to get in on the action, and take not just IS, but even America’s friend. I say, knock them out of the sky.

        • Russia WAS invited to Syria.

          The US NATO/Alliances were NOT.

          US NATO/Alliances has no business nor jurisdiction to be in Syria.

          Michael Arc Angel – continue to watch your CNN/FOX Propaganda News Source and post your thoughts on those sites where people will believe your side of the issue.

          • ditto, FTW…we are the UNINVITED in syria….and a whole BUNCH of other places….despised by the world…..God bless our troops, and GOD DAMN the sons’o BITCHES that sent them there!

          • FTW

            Your 100% correct.

        • Michael Arc Angel…….. Is your name Mohammad with a black Flag of the CIA/NATO head cutters on your T-shirt by chance? You are either a troll or a total uneducated jackass or both.

          • Stolz, last time I checked a troll can be a jackass.

            • LOL Brave. Good one and true.

              • Stolz, I wouldn’t have any problem with someone striking DC, NY, City Of London, etc.

        • The real St. Michael the Archangel is on God’s side, not on the side of Satan and his synagogue. (Apocalypse 2:9, 3:9)

          • and boy is HER network world wide or what? Lilith, so to say, is behind all this. Bitch gets her asshole punched in when I catch her! ” ) No joke.

        • lol…the Communist Party hasn’t been in power in Russia for many years.

          Capitalism defeated Communism long ago. Russia was gutted by the crony capitalist oligarchs until Vlad took over the helm and kicked them out.

          No more crony capitalism for him. Putin sez “I am the only oligarch allowed.”

          Much like the Donald might be, if he was elected and kicked the US oligarchs out.

        • Russia WAS invited to Syria, as they are ALLIES.

          The US NATO/Alliances were NOT invited, because everyone knows the U.S. is SPONSORING ISIS…the U.S. govt is in the wrong on this. Period. The U.S. govt is in violation of several International laws, including humanitarian laws.

          No magic trick they can pull will change those facts.

      9. Speaking of Russia, I recall the old USSR

        Quotes from Che Guevara… y;know… that guy on the T-shirt of your groovy campus hipster:
        1. “We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish Socialism, rivers of blood must flow.” (What happened to “All we are saying, is give peace a chance??”
        2. “These hyenas (Americans) are fit only for extermination.” (Sorry but all you “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters would likely get a bullet)
        3. “Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates. Instead, they must dedicate themselves to study, work and military service.” (Shut up you lemmings, and MARCH! No more free lunch welfarism for you!!)
        4. “I’d like to confess… at that moment I discovered that I really like killing.” (Reminds me of vile Bill Ayers –professor of education at U of I Chicago, buddy of gun control fanatic Obama who wrote: “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.” Cited from A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969.
        5. “Youth should learn to think and act as a mass. It is criminal to think as individuals!” (This one is pretty much in place and standard operating procedure on campus today; and if you object, the campus speech and thought police will pay you an (un)friendly visit, komrade!)
        6. “The victory of Socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims!” (I guess this makes sense, given that The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, says the left MURDERED around 100 mm last century
        7. “If the (nuclear) missiles had remained, we would have fired them against the very heart of the U.S., including New York City.” (What? And destroy Mayor Bolshevik Bill de Blasio’s Socialist Workers’ Paradise of NYC?)
        8. “Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. When in doubt, execute.” (Wasn’t he just a grand guy!!)
        9. “We must do away with all newspapers. A revolution cannot be accomplished with freedom of the press.” (Better idea Che: do as Former CBS News president Richard Salant said about the “news”: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” Quoted from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999
        10. “Workers have to start getting used to life under socialism. By no means can they go on strike.” (So… get off the dole, lefties, and GET TO WORK! Or it’s off to the camps for you!)
        Extra credit: (I also don’t have the exact quote saved, but this is very close, though I need to find the source still to have the wording exact. “I know the campesinos (peasants) support us; but when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.” (So all you students, for example, now know why all your “Yes we can chanting” only left you owning $1 trillion in student debt, no career or hope of one, and a room at 28 years old in mommy’s basement.
        Venezuelan student Alejandro Sosa describes what Che means to him, and how his legacy has destroyed his country.

        • Test,

          You did your homework! Thanks for the quotes and annotations. Those are keepers. Good old Che, he never did mince words. His wildest dreams are coming together on an even wider, more frightening scale. We all needed to be reminded of the alternatives offered by the NWO. Once we are disarmed, they will be the ones giving an ‘offer you can’t refuse’.

          Hero worship and the Cult of Che no longer is confined to the campuses but have prominent alters in many seats of power throughout the world including our ‘rainbow house’. Who would’ve ‘Imagined’! Even good old John Lennon would be shocked!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Laeagle, all the rock stars of that era also believed in Che and his message. That’s why I wouldn’t listen to rock music.

        • TEST, my wife and other Cubans who lost relatives at the hands of that SOB knew him all too well. He got what he deserved in Bolivia in 1967. The rest of the Castro regime is next.

        • TEST. my wife and thousands of other Cubans who lost relatives at the hands of that murderous bastard knew him all too well. He finally got what he deserved in Bolivia in 1967. There is still the rest of the Castro regime to eliminate.

      10. YOUTUBE


        • Why? Google owns and censors it.

      11. Before Putin Showed Up, 11 Other Countries Were Already Bombing Syria

        (Truthstream Media) Russia has struck over 110 ISIS targets in Syria in just two weeks. Over 40% of the Islamic State’s infrastructure has reportedly been destroyed already.

        We lost track somewhere (sadly), but it was recently noted by Putin that, by the time Russia showed up and started systematically destroying ISIS in short order, there were already 11 other countries bombing Syria.

        Eleven other countries…

        In fact, it has been over a year since America started an airstrike campaign over there.

        What does that tell you?

        It hardly needs to be pointed out how blatantly obvious it is that, regardless of how many billions the American people were told just had to be spent “fighting the terrorists” over there, this was never for one hot second about the West actually stopping ISIS.

        The only way that lie works is if the Western coalition is the most inept terror rescue team ever invented in the history of time.

        Further, instead of applauding Putin’s timely and efficient intervention in Syria, the West is protesting Russia’s involvement and bombing of terrorists.

        It’s as if they want the terrorists to win, isn’t it? If Assad gets deposed, then what? The terrorists take over? Yeah, that worked really well in Libya, Iraq, Egypt…

        Meanwhile, NATO has dusted off and thoroughly updated its Cold War plans like giddy children at Christmas. Sure took them long enough to get their pretext to drag Russia into war, didn’t it?

        • FTW, stupid, brainwashed people will never understand it. Me? I’m on GOD’s side, and I believe HE stands with THE CHRISTIANS against he jihadis AND their allies. At this point, THAT INCLUDES THE U.S.

          Don’t like being a terrorist? DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT, OR SHUT UP and take your medicine.

          • I didn’t mean that at you FTW. They know who I mean.

      12. The green light is one thing, this is someting else. My nightmares are slowing and gradually coming through rapidly. People think i am jumping the gun, getting exited. Petras Romanas, the final pope. Now isn’t this interesting. I had mentioned Economits V, a few times in the past, that the info he talked about JH15, etc, was going to commense according to his back ground sources. Now V comes back on, says that the insider sources told him, that by the time July 2016 comes around, thats when its going to Hit. Now i just got the New WEBBOT Report, the Brooms of History, Hard Edge of Time Sep 2015, then Weigths & Measures 2015. I am always supprised of the accuracy of the Webbots. Cliff High has it down. He has devoloped a system, that literally predicts the future. The scientist backs him up, says that he is the real deal.

        What V mentioned is adding up, now the Pope/Ceasar about to resign. Why? The pope is lucerfarian and will trigger the calapse to bring in the NWO. At least he can try.

        The pope announces his resignation to take place after the Argentian visit. June? July? what a coincidence? Looks like what my sciestist friend told us will happpen. Millions of people according to the webbots will die in the US, over the next few years. V said that within 90 dys after shtf, 25-50 million will be dead. I believe it. is is asking for a more massive killoff of 250,000,000, as a conservitive figure.


        As i add the government survival formula presented to me and my group.

        350,000,000/48states=50-100k/48=We are f…k…ed.

        This means that only a maximum of 5,000 total preppers per 500,000 Sq miles in the end result, since preppers according to him will be killing each other, because preppers know that preppers have prepps, so they will try to take them out to get supplies. The environment calapse hits us, because of Nibiru, the climate changes and oxygen levels drop to lower levels mimicking Hig Altitude, and Then Cliff High saw this in the webbots finding the exact info told to me months ago by my scientist friend. Now that the war has started in Syria, ww3 starts in Suria according to the good ole bible. Ed dames did mention, that 2016 election will be cancelled and martial law declared, that soldiers will be fighting all over the globe, including killing us civilians in our country of America, then suddenly the atmosphere will start to show iron Oxide, and change in color and appearance as the ion oxide from Nibiru’s star begins to force The soldiers to lay down weapons and hall ass, run and head home according to Ed Dames. Now we are getting something similar with more dire consequences from the scientist. He is prepped up and has all the free energy tech stuff that we need, to power up cars, so we will be breaking away at a Type One mode, versus, the other preppers who will go back to the 1800’s, not like this is a bad thing, but it gaurantee’s survival.

        The Earths magnetic will begin to shift, literally shifting the Earths axis, to a partial pole shift of 24′, then resetting the magnetic field resulting in the North pole located at the US, then the current north pole, goes to the equator and then Africa stays out of water. My scientist friend also told us, Africa has lots of Animals for a reason, because Africa has survied all pople shifts. So the elites have been trying to get Africa under control since they found out about this geological fact.

        The end results of people killing each other and self annilating, results will vary depending on location. As i watch and observe the day to day traffic in stores and grocery chains and see thug, derilicts roaming the streets of south Houston, Literally some of them walking in all cammo, all kinds of nationals that i dont even recognize. Cut off food and water, and you will literally have civil war in Houston, Texas, done deal. These low lifes and tons of them, since they are all over my city, will cause very serious problems. Barely over 100,000 and this is just a conservative number, will be left in Texas. Sorry, you army people will be extinct because the food that you have with you in your tanks, and the supplies chains of the military will suddenly cut off. Civilians will not be feeding you, because they dont like you and continued to kill them, rape them, execute them, shoot them. So it’s over. George Washingtons dream did not show soldiers rising up from the city outskirts taking back control, he did see the people, Preppers coming back to the city to clean out the filth of whats left, to rebuild as a Type One Civilization.



        No comment.

        • HCKS- I don’t agree with a lot of what you say, but you know what you are talking about when you say Houston will be a war zone. We lived south of Htown for over 30 years and watched as hurricane evacs became more and more difficult, with developments being built on former rice paddies down below Clear Lake. Katy/Cypress… lived there in a new Perry home that we rented from a nice lady who left a Koran for us in the laundry room. The word Bridgeland ring a bell? Beautiful community… they are set up for the rampaging hordes from nearby. Those types of communities are the places that the zombies will hit when the shtf. There are so many opportunists looking for a reason to steal… it is only the fact they get free government stuff right now that keeps them somewhat in check. They will drive up to the Woodlands and beyond to hit gas stations and people in parking lots. It took all my focus and energy to get out of that city- my daughter and grandbabies are still there in Katy. I fear for them if they had to evac

        • What was in that big block of print?

          • somewhere in there he disclosed where jimmy hoffa’s burried…but you gotta dig DEEP to find it. LMFAO!

          • He broke it up better than he usually does,, ya gotta give some credit when it’s due…

      13. To add fuel to the fire. It is being reported on “Beforeitsnews” which sometimes is rather accurate, that Israel has made a large oil discovery on The Golan Heights which was captured from Syria during 1967 War I believe of which Syria still claims.

        Strange isn’t it how one by one, nations are being dragged into that area.

        • Not strange at all.

          The final battle on this earth will be fought there with Israel along with the remnants of Christendom on one side and Islam and its allies on the other.

          I’m not really worried about it, I’ve read the back of the book and I know who wins.

      14. Something tells me that if we were ready to start WW3, Zero Hedge just might be the flipp’n LAST place I would find out about it!

        Does Tyler have a Secret NATO military orders decoder ring?

        So watch out fur them hogs

      15. Sorry hcks, you’ve already posted earlier that Niburu was going to start having a deadly effect on Earth in April 2016. Now it’s all being pushed back to a later date again. You have a lot in common with Mike Snyder, both of you predicting end of days doom and then have to explain why it doesn’t happen. Well, at least Snyder tries to, you pretend everybody is so stupid we’ll never notice. So which is it again, do we move as far north as possible, per your good buddy USAsecurityguard, or south to Texas to avoid financial Armageddon?

      16. F…..k you Mark.



        • Thanks hcks, with that kind of reply you have demonstrated for everybody that your game is over. You tripped yourself up telling to many stories and now you’ve been caught for everyone to see for themselves, you shouldn’t have made a big deal about USAsecurityguard and your many Niburu predictions for April 2016. I didn’t catch you lying, you caught yourself by posting too many contradictions to what you already claimed was coming before, it’s what always happens when people tell lies all the time, it was only a matter of time before you stepped in your own mess.

          • HCKS is a little short on oxygen.

        • Maybe you should have addressed what Mark said.

          Or maybe there is a reason you chose to curse him instead of doing so, one more related to yourself than to him and what he said.

      17. Don’t go away mad just go away.

      18. Something must be up, the government is set to announce that there will be no cost of living increase in 2016 for Social Security retirees and VA disability recipients because of no inflation and the low price of gas. That will piss tens of millions of people off. They need more money for the war machine. No inflation, Bullshit! This will be the third no cost of living increase in the past 6 years.

        • There is no inflation using government methods of calculating it.

          Which seldom coincide with the real world.

        • If they figured inflation in the things seniors spend their money on, there would actually be a COLA for 2016, but they’re using formulas with things like tuition, cell phone costs, deli foods, sneakers, that kind of stuff, that mostly younger folks spend their paychecks on.

      19. Ground all aircraft and let the Russians wipe out ISIS. Send Putin a thank you note.

      20. Most of you guys/girls in here are loopy as hell

        • That’s what all the trolls say about us so you’re in the wrong place if you don’t want to learn anything.

        • Don’t let the door hit ya on yer way out…

      21. What aljamo..said..yep its a economic Custer f…k..



      22. Folks, It takes all kinds of people! What is real? To whom is it real? iphones and iwatches were stuff of comic books when I was growing up! Submarines, space travel, ray guns, etc., were considered fiction at one time. DK believes in Nibaru.

        Perhaps some people do have advanced knowledge. We are blinded by our own stupidity and ignorance. We need to keep an open mind. I think we are the generation that will witness many mind-blowing events and contraptions.

        Aliens have been visiting us for a long, long time. People say ‘I’ll believe it when I see it!’ Or ‘seeing is believing’. Well, soon many of us, if we are still alive, will become true believers indeed!

        Don’t drink the swamp water! We’ve got better stuff (sezerac) but we do like that stuff from KY and TN and have a famous street named after it.

        Louisiana Eagle

      23. I wouldn’t doubt that the new generation neutron bombs that just fry people’s brains as the Russians recently announced that they had a zombie weapon. They must put out a huge microwave burst like putting your head in a microwave oven . They don’t destroy buildings or even break windows.Millions unemployed do wars reduce unemployment ? By reducing population . Look up shielding against neutrons .quick.

      24. The good thing is this: Muslims in the main can’t fight wars and win them worth sh#t. They dangle at the end of the Israeli puppet masters string, destroying their own countries, mostly killing fellow Muslims, then fleeing into the West, only to find themselves – when they do try and stir up the jihad – ending up on a mass surveillance spy grid and totally watched and programmed by highly sophisticated technologies. Half the ones in Europe can’t even get a visa and Esta to enter the US because they pop up on a zillion no-fly lists.


      26. They won’t use Hydrogen bombs Colbalt bombs EMP bombs they’ll use neutron bombs.Look up the effects and see it’s their only option.

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