Before You Liberals Freak Out About Trumpmaggedon: Hillary Clinton Called For Direct Strikes On Syrian Airfields Hours Before Trump Launched Missiles

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    With Russian warships now moving towards U.S. Navy Destroyers off the Syrian coast, liberal supporters of Hillary Clinton are freaking out about the possibility of a Trumpmaggedon nuclear war.

    Before pointing fingers at President Trump, however, it is important to note that just hours before Trump launched missile strikes against Syrian airfield targets it was none other than Hillary Clinton herself who said she would have done the same thing:

    Speaking to the New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Mrs Clinton said she believed the US had been wrong not to have previously launched such an offensive.

    She said: “Assad had an air force, and that air force is the cause of most of the civilian deaths, as we have seen over the years and as we saw again in the last few days.”

    “And I really believe that we should have and still should take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop Sarin gas on them.

    Source: Independent

    Let’s not pretend that Donald Trump did anything Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have done.

    If Trump’s Syrian strikes lead to further tension between the United States and Russia, or even widespread military conflict, it has nothing to do with a Republican or Democrat being in office, but rather, a pre-planned agenda.

    As Ron Paul highlighted this week, it’s the neo-cons who benefit most, and that includes Hillary Clinton.

    War is very good business for the military industrial complex, bank financiers, energy magnates and politicians.


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      1. I have no doubt Hillary would initiated the strikes on her INAUGERATION DAY if she had won…..

        Trump no longer wears the mantle of moral righteousness anymore….Assad’s troops didn’t decapitate Christians or kill kids or indoctrinate into being suicide bombers. Assad’s troops aren’t herding women into Planned parenthood for live baby dissections into a meat market.. Do those kids not matter? What about all THE KURD AND YAHZID WOMEN AND CHILDREN murdered by ISIS( ahem “moderate Syrian” rebels)? What about the rapes by Mexican drug gangs in America? What about the gang wars over drug trade on our streets where children are shot up? What no bombings on them? Where is the moral necessity of those battlefields where these people operate? The muslims rape of a disable child in North Dakota? Those kids DONT seem to matter much, but UNVERIFIED babies in Syria do? KEEP SCREAMING about “Its FOR THE CHILDREN”…Oh wait,how progressive is that phrase? I want to know why we are bombing because of “sarin gas attack” in Syria and no a lick of concern or ACTION to save ANY OF THE REST of the women and children I mentioned, but some shithole town in Syria “matters”….

        Cue up “Proud to be an American”….Retch….

        • The Wicked Witch of the East would surely have had us in full all-out war by now.

          • We blew up the wrong people. Again.

        • I hear people say that Assad is an evil dictator that does evil to his people.

          Well, lets take a look at his people, these are those muslims that moved to Sweden, France, and europe, These are the people that are raping and pillaging. These are the people that are stealing and killing.

          So, Assad seems to keep those people in line while in Syria. Apparently Assad is doing the job correctly, because those evil and sick behaviors are not occurring in the places of which Assad controls.

          I suspect this was a false flag, with the CIA involved. The pictures of the children with neuro toxin effects were the clue.

          The pictures we need to look at are the ones from Sweden, France, and other parts where these muslim refugees go and cause havoc,
          Then the liberals May get an idea that Assad is doing what needs to be done to control these people.

          The gas attacks are a typical CIA signature..

        • NJ, damn good points. The hildebitch would’ve pulled the trigger on INAUGURATION DAY and we would be just a heap of radioactive ashes by now. Neither the hildebitch nor the Kenyan nor any of their other cronies cared about the Christians, or Yazidis, or Kurds being massacred by ISIS, THE CREATION OF THE CIA. SO THE LIBTURDS CAN JUST STFU.

        • Amen. A caller on Rush’s show kind of hit the nail on the head regarding the hildebeast’s call to bomb, seemingly fortuitously just ahead of the bombing. There is a connection between a WH staffer on the National Security Council and Hillary. This staffer must have leaked Trump’s plan to bomb to Hillary. Somebody did. The physical connections in the Deep State are there. Trump is probably so embattled and near to losing his throne he has to throw the neo-cons wardogs a bone now and then. Just another day in the Game Of Thrones.

      2. New President

        Same drill

        we’ve seen this before people 2013 to be exact

        • They both suck. How bow dah?

        • In 2013 it was proven that Assad did not gas his own people. CIA false flag again.

      3. Rothschild central branch bank to be installed next ..and on and on and on..


      4. This won’t end well. Trump has joined the deep state. Why would Assad gas his own people knowing the sold would come down on him? It makes no sense.

        • Anonymous, good points. Assad, with Russia’s help, has the ‘rebels’ on the ropes. If Trump really joined the deep state, then all bets are off.

      5. Send in the clowns! oops! They’re already here…The colliope has started to play.

      6. Just because Billary would have done dumb twat things means we should ignore when we believe Trump has done dumb dick things?!

        We voted for Trump with him saying in race do we want to keep fighting in mid east among other things,i.e. we voted for him hoping he wouldn’t do dumb shit(though not surprised).We are really on our own excepting friends/families/groups/,keep prepping while enjoying the day!

        • We’ll know if Trump did a “dumb dick” thing after this plays out.

          So far, it seems to be a popular thing worldwide and is turning world opinion of the US and Trump upwards.

      7. What you meant to say was Lets stop pretending Donald Trump will do anything different that Hillary Clinton, right?

      8. BUUUUT…the Pentagon will back up their amazingly incredible and Unbelievable proof (a “flight map” showing the route a supposed Syrian plane flew that dropped the Sarin gas bombs..It brings back images of Netanyahu’s Wile E Coyote Bomb drawing he had at the UN with red lines on it) with follow up “intelligence” from the same agencies that are investigating and amassing proof that Trump and associates all had help from Russia during the elections…(which sadly they have produced no of either…..)
        Wading through deepening waters of IC and DoD “proof” we find that we are wading instead through yet another pond full of grade a B ULLSCHIT generated by the Swamp in DC…
        No surprise here, seen it now for 30 years…..the same lies never changed just re-stirred up by the TPTB deep state pursuing their CFR goals.

        BUUUT, you notice we are NOT talking at all about:

        What were we talking about now?
        Was it Susan Rice’s spying crimes?
        Was it the Intelligence committees investigations revealing the ILLEGAL WIDESPREAD IC spying on Americans?
        Was it the USA hitting the debt ceiling and shutdown?
        Was it nuclear option on Gorsuch and his confirmation?
        Was it the Chinese meeting with trump at Mara largo?
        Was it Kim Ill stupid and his threat of nuclear strikes?
        Radical ISLAMIC terrorism going on everywhere?
        The new tranches of Hillary Clinton email detailing her crimes?
        Was it the ongoing PEDOPHILE arrests all across America or Dr Phils show that is now cancelled because of his huge story?

        NOPE..None of the above….

        Nope, THE ONLY THING all are all talking about is the revenge bombings for UPROVEN White hat claims and activist video of “women and children and babies choking to death on SARIN GAS” that has not been proven….Ahh the “women and children fake story” ala (babies thrown from incubators” all over again..
        Congrats America, you proved to the WORLD yet again how stupid nutless and insanely easy to fool you are YET AGAIN. FOOL ME ONCE, Shame on me, FOOL me twice, I wont get fooled again…….(GW BUSH)…yep retarded monkeys.

        Cue up the Lee greenwood song, “Im proud to be an American”……or Toby Keith, we are so soundly phucked.

        • I understand the UN and international agencies confirmed the Sarin attack.

          And bomb fragments from a chemical weapon bomb identify its maker and probable user by extension.

          • ANYONE who is CBRNE trained in the military KNOWS this was not a Sarin attack. You know why? ALL of the “rescuers and all of the doctors who were exposed after the fact would be dead for lack of ANY BARRIER protective gear and promasks and NONE of the patients were properly decontaminated…None of the patients exhibited anything more than moderate symptoms of chlorine gas (or irritant level gases)exposure. You can kill people with high intensity chlorine gas exposure sure, but the survivors and the treatment you saw was FAKED and absolutely would not have been Sarin exposures. incidentally before some one goes and points at the Japanese subway attack and says that was Sarin therefore this could be….That was NOT Sarin gas at all. you cannot handle ANY Sarin product without barrier and promask protection, not even incidental exposure. The subway bombs used in japan were poorly formulated crude liquid ammonia and solid chlorine product bombs (generating hydrogen cyanide gases (custodial personnel make this common mistake FREQUENTLY, and while the gases are highly toxic they are also very dense and at breathing height from the floor, very low concentration and usually survivable if you clear out of the area quickly). You know why? because the perps triggered them and stepped off the train as the doors were closing according to OFFICIAL REPORTS. If it were Sarin, the bombers would have been found with the victims, Sarin acts within seconds of exposure, incapacitation from it is nearly instantaneous in ANY concentration.

            It is all a LIE, and America and you were NEOCONned, yet again.

        • Neal Jensen… ain’t that some truth! You say going on for 30 years, this bunch controlling everything, 65 years old and up old codgers stretching back to the jfk era in their younger days. That’s how I see it, that takes this current run of tyranny back 54+ years. Of course it runs farther back. The “strike on Syria” looks like a way to support the msmedia that Trump complains about, sturdying the official government mouthpieces lessened standing who are now Tefloned fake news.

          • The most massive (read that Pearl Harbor type event)agenda pushing false flag was 9/11 (GE Bush and cabal). The White Hats and activists have been shown time and again to be NEOCON operations since the Syrian war has been going on, ISIS included, another NEOCON creation.

            This gas attack was also yet another false flag attack proffered by the White Hats and activists in yria, every single other atrocity covered by them were later proven to be fakes, fakes that OBAMA pushed heavily, for his own agenda (pushing the rapefugee exodus from the ME into Europe and America (you know the Obama agenda to flood MUZZIE invaders into countries to ruin them from within ala Trojan warfare))

      9. The song remains the same.
        Different face, same policies.
        “We gotta bomb em to save em!”

      10. Mar 22, 2017 Well, Troops Are Awakening to The Deception

        It seems as if none of the other outlets want to report on the fact that troops are awakening to the mass deception.

      11. Hillary v Trump is that Trump needs a false flag, Hillary on the other hand would plan it. Thank God we got an Originalist now as a USSC Justice, otherwise I see no effective difference between Hillary and Trump.

        Rand Paul was by far my choice. Hillary was so bad that I would have been willing to randomly select anyone eligible in the US before her.I have been watching US and world affairs pretty closely for a tad over 25 years. I should have known to have no optimism.

        Nothing will change.

      12. You must know if any Democrap is supporting this move by POTUS, then it is the wrong move. The Democraps are nothing but self serving. They do not care about anything but making money anyway they can. It has been the Democraps over these last eight years who have been working very hard to bring these USA down to a third world country. Muslims kill Christians; Assad has protected the Christians living in his country. The Democraps have done nothing except to promote the Muslim groups they helped into existance. The Democraps have done nothing but make laws that have caused Christians to lose their rights to live and practice their religious beliefs…….namely laws that force us to serve homosexuals in an abomination of same sex marriage. If we refuse then we are sued and lose our business. My brother, who has a lesbian daughter and granddaughter, asked me “How would it hurt you to bake a cake or provide flower arrangements for their wedding?” I told him I don’t believe in same sex marriage and to contribute to it would be condoning it. And the Bible specifically states a man shall not lie with a man, nor a woman lie with a woman, or man lie with a beast. Can’t get any plainer than that. No symbolism to be interpreted or twisted around. Anyway, if the Democraps support it, it’s probably wrong for this country. Remember for eight years the Democraps have almost destroyed this country, and promoted Muslims and illegal aliens. Why now would a Democrap change and do anything for the good of the country? They’re out to make money and to kill people off. Also on their agenda is to detract from other issues, eg Susan Rice, etc.

      13. Remove Assad from power, question, who will run Syria after he has been ousted? Why, ISIS, who else? Next, they will take a big chunk of Iraq then Lebanon, then Jordan, then Levant will be theirs, what a cockup, STOP MEDDLING ! Let the Assad crowd and Russians get rid of them.
        Thought we would stop being the worlds cop, like killing someone with gas rather than bombs, bullets etc make such a difference.
        Trump has just shown he is as easily manipulated as Bush, we’re back on the good old road to no where!

        • Joe Schmoe

          When an act is repeated, obtaining the same results, the outcome is intentional.

          The goal is to have a fragmented, virtually tribal middle east, ungovernable in the conventional sense. This government by chaos is extremely fragile and capable of a successor at the drop of a hat. The CIA, MI5 and whoever else is permeated throughout it will both control and keep its disorganization going. There will be no more threats of using anything other than what the banksters tell them to accept for payment for their energy. No need for future invasion as a new government is just a revolution away all under the direction of the power elite.

          The above is the only logical explanation for what has occurred post 911. Stable governments not governed by Islamic Fundamentalists are overthrown with the direct and indirect assistance of the US and replaced by either a chaotic void or Islamic crazies.

          None of this is accidental, happenstance or unintentional. Its purposeful, organized and very intentional.

      14. Hillary would have shot at the wrong targets. Its easy for her to say she would have done this but she like Obama, would have fucked it up! Remember, she was Secretary of State when Obama had his turn to do this with his famous comment, I’m drawing a line in the sand. Hillary was accessed of the situation and probably concurred with Obama to “negotiate” it out with the Russians. They did and Russia became a bigger presence in the region thanks in no part to Hillary,

      15. Fran,Neal Jensen, and all that said” False Flag are correct, Sarin gas is a nerve gas. Anyone that touches any victim is also dead, without level A suit Period!!!!!!!

      16. The whole world jist got fleeced by Trump.
        Globalist is a globalist is a globalist.
        So many things dont add up.
        First responders not wearing NBC suits,
        Assad and Russia had pretty much destroyed or driven out ISIS etc, if they were losing a battle, why not drop a low yield Tacticle nuke? Why Sarin?
        Far too much does not add up with this Aussie bloke.

      17. Trump ran against the deep state. Now he does what they want. Reminder, get passport on Monday.

      18. Somebody is still leaking to Hillary. Find the bug and kill it.

        • That would b e Ivankas husband (the goldmensuks and george soros shill) whispering into the Donald’s ears. we voted against bankers and global fothermuckers! he needs to gtfo! Hey Donald we say u’r fired to yer son in law!

      19. What I see is what I expected. Didn’t everyone expect it? No one messes with the bankers enforcers. Peoples nonviolent revolution in America to start with, let’s see the reaction since the way things are going which end is worse.That would be a legitimate airing of grievances. Nonviolent is the key part. Show us who you are, like we don’t already the score.

      20. First casualty in yet another bogus war is always TRUTH.


        So if it were Sarin gas, why did none of the rescuers WITHOUT protective gear suffer effects?

        referencing an actual US ARMY military field manual used for CBRNE defense.
        See chapter 2, US ARMY FM 3-9 Nerve agents, effects, symptoms and Sarin specific information used by the US military. After reading this you will see that the video provided by the White hats was staged false flag “sarin” attack as the rescuers and anyone who came into contact with exposed persons would have nearly instantly become casualties themselves without proper protective equipment and proper DECONTAMINATION.

        Likely it was chlorine gas (NOT SARIN), easily made and has the choking symptoms that the children had shown on the videos…

      21. Non-violence is the way forward.

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