Before Debates, Trump Crowd Swarmed on Protester: “Light The Motherf@*ker On Fire!”

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 180 comments

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    Just before last night’s GOP debate, a rally for Donald Trump in Las Vegas – where the debates where held – appeared to go over the edge.

    It seems that a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protester attempted to interrupt The Donald’s speech with some points of his own, before being dragged out of a packed house by security.

    But it was on the way out that the unidentified protester was threatened by a raging crowd, with some even calling for the man’s death.

    Video shows the man sitting on the ground to avoid removal, while shouting something about the First Amendment, telling security to ‘get your hands off me.’

    It was at this point that some members of the crowd were caught on tape calling to “light the motherf@*ker on fire.”

    With the dirty tricks and nasty politics of this cycle, there’s no way to know if these were legitimate Trump supporters, or plants looking discredit the front runner’s bid for the White House.

    Reports also claim that some Trump supporters were heard shouting the Nazi salute ‘Sieg Heil’ and calling for the man’s death in other terms:

    Is this the voice of the post-Nixon “great silent majority,” or is this the next frame up to try to drag down Trump’s unwavering and unprecedented support by any means necessary?

    The spin of this incident is clear enough:

    But how differently would it have been played if the supporters were for Hillary, or any other establishment candidate.

    Meanwhile, here are some highlights from a debate that was so focused on Trump, that even most of the questions from moderator Wolf Blitzer included Trump’s name before asking other candidates to respond to his statements or positions:


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      1. There is nothing wrong with liberals that cannot be fixed by. Placing it into a herd of pigs and driving it off of a cliff!

        • Best… Answer… EVER!!! 😀

          • “People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over.”
            Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration.

        • redgypsy: I’ve always thought that was an odd little story in the New Testament. Since Jesus was in Judea and everyone there was Jewish (No Pork), where did this herd of pigs come from since wild ones don’t anywhere near groups of people and towns. Romans kept their own stock of animals penned up.

      2. Steve Quayle website down.

      3. Today Will Be A Watershed Moment For Financial Markets

        “We have reached the apogee of history’s greatest credit inflation. Now we’re hurtling into a prolonged worldwide deflation.

        You can already see this deflation in the plunge of oil, iron ore, copper and other commodity prices. We are in uncharted waters after nearly 20 years of madcap money printing by the Fed and other central banks.

        The world’s central banks are finally out of dry powder. They no longer have the means to inflate the global credit and financial bubble.

        That’s why today’s FOMC meeting is the most crucial inflection point since 1929.”

        • The rate went up and the world didn’t come to an end. Just sayin’. We will see as we march forward.

          • Why You’d Be Wrong in Thinking the Fed Just Raised Interest Rates

            “For the first time in seven years, the Federal Reserve has raised its target for the federal funds rate.

            Some news reports get this story right, but most repeat the standard line that the Fed has raised interest rates.

            This is wrong. The Fed does not set interest rates, and it’s more than just semantics.”

            “Interest rates reflect what people expect to earn on investments, and if they don’t expect higher future profits, rates will not go up much. No matter what the Fed does.”

            “The federal funds rate is the interest rate banks charge each other to borrow reserves, and banks negotiate their own terms on these overnight loans. Historically, there’s a great deal of dispersion in the rates banks charge for these loans.”


          • The Dow went down over 100 points at 2:00 PM today. That was not mentioned in the news.

            • Up 224 on the day

              • Down 170 currently today

          • Did you expect it to? One must wait and see what this rate hike will bring.

            Only a fool would make a comment such as yours.

      4. Meh

      5. This story is so lame. We don’t know that it wasn’t a set up including the stupid comments made when the thug was being removed. Anyone that would be happy with the same old politics of the past 20 years is a complex fool. My kids owe over $150,000.00 as their share of the national debt. Time for a change. Time we turn off all the welfare including corporate. Trump – Cruz 2016!!

        • You do know that Donald Trump fought for and received over $163MM in tax incentives (corporate welfare) from New York State for Trump Towers alone, right? The guy pretty much wrote the book on how to get corporate tax breaks.

          • Not corporate welfare– he worked within the laws to REDUCE the amount of confiscation that the greedy NY legislature could forcibly take from him.
            I write off my mortgage and farm credit each year–am I also receiving “welfare”.
            He renovated an old eye-sore of a building, created hundreds of jobs and homes which generate revenue for the state and increased property taxes on individual owners of the units in the towers—sounds like New York should be grateful.
            Unfortunately his 12 year agreement of reduced taxes from the government ends in 2016 and he’ll start getting reaped at the ridiculous, confiscatory NY rates next year…..good businessman and if we had dozens more than we really would have a true strength in our economy instead of phony job and growth numbers….

            • Yes, you are receiving corporate welfare. I have received farm credit. Welfare is welfare.

              • Welfare is recieving something for nothing. Trying to pay the least amount of unlawfully foisted taxes is just smart. If you want to talk about bullshit, unfair, communist, draconian, armed robbery look at the income and property tax system.

                1: I have no kids and niether does my wife yet we pay 75% of our property tax for schools and other shit for other peoples kids!

                2: Since we have no kids and no mortgage we get NO deductions or credits on income tax yet fuckers with kids get all kinds of write offs so again we pay for other peoples kids.

                3: A good portion of tax base goes to WELFARE for assholes that have a bunch of kids and keep pooping them out and then I get taxed again to fight the crimes these bastards commit!

                Wanna talk about bullshit taxation? There is just one example and a damn good one too!

                • Genius, AMEN. Tell it like it is. I wish I had you for a neighbor. I’ll bet the turds who broke into my home 3 weeks ago today were pooped out by some welfare bitch. I wouldn’t be surprised.

                • Genius, AMEN. I wish I had you for a neighbor. I wouldn’t be surprised if the turds who broke into my home 3 weeks ago today were popped out by some welfare bitch.

                  • Brave, yep, I wonder what the statistics are for criminals born of welfare mothers. I would bet 80-90%. We are paying for our own demise and other peoples shit and it pisses me off!

                    • I just paid off my house, but it’s still not mine and never will be. I miss ONE tax payment and the county starts procedures to take it. If there was a way to pay less taxes I sure as heck would do it. That’s smart, not welfare.

                  • Seriously, who do you think broke into your home…decent, hard working taxpayers. Not hardly! And what you lost is part of the welfare mentality in this country. You worked and did not receive, because it was stolen: They received by stealing, without working. Burglary, shoplifting, and theft should all carry the death penalty. Period.

                    • Taxed, you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know. And I know damned well they were black. Most of the crime in my area comes from black males with some black females in the mix. Only a tiny percentage of whites get locked up for anything in my area. Black males are more likely than any other group of people in this country to commit serious and violent crimes. Look up a study published at by their Bureau of Justice Statistics AND the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. They will verify what I’m saying. And, no, I’m NOT apologizing for my remarks, either. They are the TRUTH.

                    • Taxation is armed robbery. There is no other definition and it IS a crime.

                • Good post but some “fuckers” with kids are actually good parents. I was a single dad for many years. Got custody when he was 2 and he just turned 14. I have worked since I was 15 and from the time I got custody, I never took assistance. I could’ve, and seeing how whatever child support payments we did get were laughable, it would’ve been very easy to get handouts. But I just can’t do it. I work very hard, 10-12 hours a day. And never took a dime. I hope, more than anything else that this example that I set for my son, he takes hold of it and does the same.

                  • Ya I was just pissed because it DOES piss me off to be forced at gunpoint to pay for others kids. Scratch the fuckers comment. However I’m sure you got a nice deduction for your son and other related expenses where as I DID NOT. Do you seriously think you deserve a tax break for something you CHOSE to do and I get to pay a lot more for something I chose NOT to do?

              • Funny–I’ve never received a single PENNY of money my entire life that I did not earn–no government checks or even a single unemployment check, worker’s comp or disability–yet you state that I receive welfare? just don’t get it–I work for it, it’s MY money–if I can find a way to have the government forcibly take the fruits of MY labour–then I damn sure will!!

                • Edit–if I can find any way to keep the government redistributors from thieving my money–then I damn sure will.

                  PS: also, even though they forcibly make me pay into Social Security every paycheck, I’ll be damned if I will end up reliant on the government issuing me a monthly check in my old age to subsist. If they support your life, they OWN your life and you belong to them. I am doing everything in my power to make sure my wife and I retire FREE and unfettered of government dependency or obligation. I will cash that return of my confiscated funds every month, no mistake, but once I have equaled in return for what I contributed ( if I live that long) I will stop cashing the checks.

                • You called it a farm CREDIT. Perhaps you misspoke? Folks with ten kids get a CREDIT. Trump built a tower where the government wanted and got a CREDIT. All are welfare paid for by taxpayers. Heck, ask your freaking CPA.

          • I too try to pay as little tax as is legal. WTF? I can’t stand seeing where me fucking money goes when I send that check in every 3 months. Really pisses me off. What is your point?

          • NY has some of the HIGHEST taxes in the u.s. and so lots of business has moved out, what he did was NOTHING more than a good common sense. Trump and Cruz are our only hope, Look at what Ryan put in the budget bill, he is just another scumbag in office and THEY ALL need to be tried for treason!!

        • Jim Forbes. Even Wild Dogs in Africa practice a form of social welfare. They care for their sick, lame, old, and orphaned. Says a lot about the care system you have in place! If your children inherit your caring attitude you’re going to have one hell of an old age.

          Oh, I forgot, you’re going to live for ever and never get sick.

          Keep on stuffing your lardy face with big Macs and then have the same attitude when you get type 2 diabetes!

          • Fuck You!! Choke on your EBT Card!!

            • And fuck YOU too anonymous douchebag!!!

            • Was that the best you could come up with? No wonder the US of A is going down the pan with such a brilliant retort!

              The quality of repartee on this site goes from bad to knuckle dragging!

              • Well, don’t be bashful now, YOU can take a LARGE part of the credit for that YOURSELF!

          • i just LOOOOVE hot popcorn, with lots of butter spritzed all over it….and maybe a little salt too….mmmmmm…just thankful to have my popcorn….and a good seat to watch it all from!

          • I agree… all this hatred for everyone including family members is absurd. Hate the folks doing it not the people in your family. Corporate America’s welfare checks boggle the mind… the Pillsbury Doughboy got $11 million to advertise in South America. The party’s over.

            • Reb, You can choose your friends, you CANNOT choose your family. I have blown off the little bit of family I have left because I don’t like them. Nothing wrong with that at all. Why have a bunch of idiots and people you don’t like around just because they are family? Fook them I could care less.

              • Genius, the more comments of yours I read, the more I like you. I agree with brave, I wish we were neighbors.

              • Guess I like my family members better. They all grew up in the backwoods of Oregon. Handy bunch. Maybe my son can buy in Oregon instead of Washington. I cannot afford it.

        • Trump worship is utterly sickening.

          There will NEVER be a candidate from the R’s or D’s that will do anything except perpetuate the status quo, allthewhile tickling the morons’ ears with nothingness and his one trick pony show.

      6. Trump pretends to be a legitimate candidate with his shock value statements pulling in more whack jobs to back him. He is a fraud of the highest magnitude. Fits right in with the other total garbage running on both sides. The pick is already in, the American people conned again.

        • and you are an idiot.

        • You won’t find acceptance here of your view. You might as well take a hike and return to your liberal blogs.

          • Look to first comment

          • Looks like the short bus is here! Welcome to skool new kids 🙂

            • The Window Licker’s have arrived?

              “I LIKE APPLES ‘N BANANA’S”

              • Where’s granny pee pockets? She LOVES to hang her head out the window and roll her tongue out!

                • Yeah I miss POG and her posts. I can do without trolls.

        • dipshit

        • Aljamo, spot on. Remember that Trump is a close friend of the Clintons. It’s nothing more than more political theater.

          • And good buddies with Sheldon Adelson.

            • Woah Bro! You can’t say that kind of thing here … the format has changed to full out PC Mode!

              • FTW, uh, don’t know where you’ve been, but there’s NO PC here.

                • You read through my sarcasm, but then again … Sheldon Adleson is a Zionist … and even the “Z” word is frowned upon on this site.

                  I suppose my response to Genius is half sarcasm and half truth.

                  • Ha ha ha, yep 1/2 and 1/2. Adelson is the biggest POS I remember when he bankrupted the contractors that built his casino in vegas. If it wasn’t for his moosad guards he’d be dead!

                  • FTW, it’s OK. I did notice your sarcasm and I’m already familiar with Adelson. Another NWO POS.

          • Trump is a welfare candidate. He never made anything that didn’t come off the backs of taxpayers. He admits it.

          • TRUMP AND JERRY SPRINGER IN 2016!!!

            Actually I find Donald Trump sort of a refreshing change from the status quo but obviously no one can convince him to soften up his approach. I feel like he has set the course and can not now get more serious about policy’s. On the other hand Jeb Bush acts much like a spoiled rich brat–Oh wait!!
            If you are one of those that believe in voting, this is shaping up to be a real sad event.

        • The only sensible candidate was Rand Paul if you cab believe it.

        • I understand personality and I guarantee the shock comments are for real.

      7. I’m going on record to say that these types must be “plants”. The real people that support Trump are not of this ilk!

        • Roy., I agree. The whole affair smells like a setup.

          • where’s the like button?

        • Agreed, in fact almost every person I know who still uses the “N word” is usually a democrat union guy…the whole episode stinks and it shows how desperate the ESTABLISHMENT and Super PACs are getting…..
          Most blatant establishment shilling of the week? An “ABC POLL” supposedly shows that Trump is even with Cruz in the polls and Rubio and Carson are behind… “yet the poll shows that either Trump or Cruz would lose to Clinton, while Rubio and Carson have slight leads over Clinton among likely voters”
          Sounds like an attempt to scare us to endorse another dead horse candidate to keep from getting Hillary ( when of course it is Rubio and Carson who could never draw enough support to defeat Shrillary) Trump is the ONLY candidate currently running who could keep us from a Pres Hitlery..cold hard fact.

        • Almost everything that gets on camera I assume to be planned far in advance.

      8. ‘Sieg Heil’, ‘Light him on fire’. Really?

        There were eyewitness statements that Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown 8 times in the back, danced a jig, and draped a Confederate flag over the body lying in the street. Two networks reported this as fact.

        There was another video of 3 ‘workers’ shouting ‘He had his hands up, man’. Filmed some time later, however.

        The media had an agenda and nothing was going to get in it’s way.

        The media is terrified of Trump and nothing will stop them from saying anything they want to cost him a vote.

        • Yep–fake polls, fake scandals and now planted protesters—probably a big false flag coming if Trump’s momentum continues.

      9. Trump in 2016…..because nothing else is working

        • I prefer voting for a President that when taking the oath to, “Preserve and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America”, has actually read the document, and is highly likely to follow it.

          The above standard I’m using substantially reduces the number of acceptable candidates.

          • There you have it. I’m with you, brother.

          • Like this one–apparently not a single Repub candidate or the white house knows the law of the land::::::

            Introducing The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, otherwise known as 8 U.S. Code 1182, Inadmissible Aliens, passed by a Democrat controlled House and Senate, and signed into law by a Democrat president. This law states:

            “Suspension of entry of imposition or restrictions by president. Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may, by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

            Well now. Isn’t THAT special! Read it again if you need to. This is the law of the land, people. Given to us by the Democratic Party back in 1952. All immigration into the United States was shut down from 1924-1965. So why did the government pass such a law?

            Because of illegal immigrants sneaking into this country! It was written to allow the president to not only bar but remove undesirables from American soil.

            Interestingly, Jimmy Carter, the 2nd most deplorable excuse for a president this country has ever known, invoked and used this law back in 1979 to keep Iranians out of the United States.

            • That got changed by the 1965 Immigration act law.

              Maybe some parts remain still?…but a slew of changes got done in 1965 act bill and basically opened the flood gates to non whites and closed it for whites of european white decent….That 1965 act was sponcered and lobbied hard for by NY sen Jacob Javitz leftist dem dual citizen Taboo to name group member…

              Like it Always is a member of when the issues are destruction of america and of white folks..

              Ironic how like black voters make up 96% total black votes go to Dems….So also does the usa jewish vote go dems at aprox 87% every election.

              Yet the very folks who decry dem libs loudest and mostest are also the same folks that so unquestionably defend and support that other major dem voter base taboo to name.

              Maybe once that same taboo bunch parades their main man aka The Antichrist man for world to see…Maybe Then these delusional double minded folks shall awaken eh?

              How anybody can be so inconsistant when bashing dems and black voters 96% dem votes yet do a 180 degree turn around on that 87% dem voter group is mind boggeling no?

              Perhaps they are too confused due to sunday school propaganda based on scofield.

              • No, the 1965 Act did not change or repeal the 1952 law. The 1965 Act increased immigration and allowed masses of non-European immigrants into the country.

        • Trump/Putin 2016


          • I’d vote for that lol.

        • hillary for PRISON 2016!

          • BCOD, LOL.
            Rothschilds for impalement NOW!

            • I would not cry for a Rothschild.

          • BCOD, I say Hillary for pushing up daisies.

        • Exactly buckeye!!!

          Go Bucks!

      10. Americans look at all of this and accept it as a norm. If a very powerful foreign nation, at will, bombed, invaded or at the very least sponsored what would be described in the US as terrorism, such a nation would be vilified and rightful so. For individuals vying for control of that military, to advocate, quite proudly, a policy of shooting down aircraft that have a right by international law to fly where they are, would outrage the US public.

        How is the world looking at the US? Are we the solution, or part of the problem? Without peering through the rose colored glasses that seem to come with being an American, I think that answer is obvious.

        • I like to say the same. If you hate Obama, would welcome Canada coming in and carpet bombing your homes and neighborhoods to depose him? Even if they said you could live in Canada as a refugee after your family members were killed by Canadian bombs? I have seen 2 possibilities about why we are in the Middle East… Big Oil. The countries we attack don’t have central banks and get one very quickly after we get involved.

          I agree with Rand Paul on this one.

          • Rebecca:

            Your two possibilities are spot on!

        • I wish the rest of the world could see that the actions of the government do not reflect the views of most of the people here in the US, that we are just another country with an out of touch and out of control bureaucracy running the show.

          • Kulafarmer

            The point you make is kind of moot. It really doesn’t matter if “we” believe otherwise. Maybe many of the Germans that were shooting at my Uncle from Utah Beach into Germany were good people along with the German that set the land mine that wounded another Uncle. It doesn’t matter as they bore the brunt of a policy that they had no control over.

            That, “out of control bureaucracy”, is not some morphed accident of politics but rather a tool of what George Carlin called, “The real owners of the USA”.

            • Big difference military might vs military might,,,,
              I get what your saying but i am not the military nor the government and vis a vis they are not me

          • Couldn’t have said it better KFarmer
            Matter of fact I’ve said exactly what you have , in so many words
            And it’s amazing how many people that just don’t get it

        • K2, I know huh. Stupid people and their blind patriotism terrorizing the world waving a flag and holding a cross. Umerika fuck ya! We are a global force for good don’t ya know! They don’t bother to ask good for who…

      11. This is no time for political pussies.


        Get real you fuckin’ pricks… This all about a clash of cultures.

        Democracy or Sharia? Make your fuckin’ choice.

        • “Democracy”

          First we’re supposedly a Republic that both respects the right of the individual and rule of law. Obviously you can see why I put in supposedly in the previous sentence.

          Second if you find a real, not supposed, Democracy (possibly outside of Switzerland) let us know where it is. I’ve looked around and its alluding me.

          • Democracy= 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting on whats for dinner.

            • LOL I like that one a lot. Another good one is Truth to liberals is like salt to a slug 🙂

            • Liberty is a well armed sheep contesting the vote!

              —Washington? Franklin? Not sure who made the statement.

          • Look to Trump.

            As crass as he is, I’m convinced that he will put things right as best he can.

      12. I think they all suck! If Trump hangs on they will never let him be president. Our foreign policy is horrible, our financial system is about to crash. My nineteen year old daughter can’t find a job because all the entry level positions are held by senior citizens in my area. The head musloid in the white house wants WW3. And Acid itch hates everyone. Ol’ braveheart is getting more cynical and everyone seems testy. Ah the holidays!

        I woke up this morning and the sun is shining. I think I’ll live for today and not count on tomorrow. Some days you just gotta say fuck it.

        • Citizen, I’m nor more cynical now than when I first came here 3-and-a-half years ago.

          • Brave, been reading your posts for years and since you
            got ripped off a few weeks ago you seem more on the edge.
            can’t blame you either. Not picking on you. The BS is so deep in the world it’s getting to all of us. But hey… gunshow this weekend!!!

            • Citizen, message received and understood. Yes, I’m more on edge since the burglary. What more reason do I need? You say gunshow this weekend? Must be in your area. Just had one in my area this past weekend and got one of my 2 favorite pistols replaced already. will have the 2nd one replaced shortly, I hope. Just found out today I’ll have another gun show in my area Jan. 9-10. Gotta keep stacking.

          • Three and a half years??? Awesome and bravo gavehead. During the approximate 42 months of spewing wisdom, how many times have you said “it’s coming” or “I can feel it”? I would guess over one hundred. What did you do all day prior to 42 months ago?

            • Tunckuf, I used to stink up the MSM sites with my “opposing views”. I was banned from every one of them. The last one I was at was They’re are one of the worst. They’ll banish you faster than anyone else.

      13. “Time to set the night on, Fire”.

        Jim Morrison. The Doors.

        • C’mon baby light my FIIIRRREEE!!!

          • “Break on through to the other side”…..

        • Sling, if someone sets the trolls on fire, I won’t object.

          • I’m a fire starter, twisted fire starter… Yeahhhhhhhhh.

      14. If Trump gets elected America won’t be able to criticize Hitler any more.

        • Klud, your some kind of tard aren’t you lol.

          • Asstard.

        • If Hitler would have been the president. There would be no welfare, no foreign debt, no muslin problem, no immigration problem, no black lives problem. As a matter of fact, there wouldn’t be any blacks in the country. People would work, women would stay at home. Yes, all you lard asses would not be sitting at home all day, watching TV and drawing a government check.

          • Yes, that’s all true, but we never would have been able to enjoy it because we would have been totally destroyed, the country would have been in ruins, at the mercy of all it’s enemies and the cowardly lil fuck would have committed suicide again. Yes, what a great country that would be.

            • DTTN-

              Agreed, and its amazing how many on this site love Nazi’s and Russia… They can’t see the trees for the forest…

            • Yep. Hitler destroyed Germany and he hated everybody that wasn’t a real German. Crazier than a loon. Did not stop him from mouthing every vile piece of hate and destroying Germany. US as Babylon destroyed by the world? The Trump could get that going. Britain said he cannot enter their country. No Hitler.

          • I’m trying to find some negativeness in your post … but … I can’t find any.

            As Trump would say “Make America White Again” … or was that “Great Again”? … Idunno … I won’t be picky, they both sound good to me.

          • So true: he aspired to a higher society and culture. Hitler tasked Albert Speer with designing the future. He chose the most beautiful and classical architecture, some of which is still around (the rest was destroyed during and after the war).

            Hitler invested heavily in science, technology and engineering. He wanted a smart society, a place that went to the stars and took humanity to a higher level. There was no belief in welfare, wasting time, or degeneracy. Ironically, most of America’s achievements in the past 60 years were down to German scientists and engineers. Where would America be if it relied on its slaves and crackers to create wealth?

            A better world was possible …

            • Yeah, it turned out so great for Germany didn’t it? What was that the Germans used to do in Berlin, posted signs that said ” our walls may break but never our hearts” when the city was turned to ruins by constant bombardment. The entire country was nothing but ruins when this gifted genius gave the order to destroy all the remaining infrastructure, an order which the remaining military leaders refused to carry out. These are the ” heights” he aspired to shortly before committing the ultimate act of courage, taking poison and shooting himself. Yes sir, he was so loved by his people that some of the military tried to kill him in August of 1944, guess they just couldn’t appreciate real ” genius” when they saw it. Yeah, I’m sure the German people all LOVED him for what he did alright. One thing he said was true, when he said ” Give me ten years and you will not recognize Germany!” That was one he got abso-fucking-lutley right.

              • Oracle,

                I guess some people’s idea of a ” better world” is a heap of rubble and ashes along with a destitute population who’s fate was in control of their enemies. Yup, sure sounds like ” paradise” to me all right….

            • Germans have the best work ethic I have ever seen! And brains too.

              • Before all the migrants showed up to pollute the place, Germany was the best country in Europe in every category: infrastructure, quality of life, cleanliness, education, industry, safety etc.

                Now, they have a flood of people coming in from the Middle East and Africa who are reversing most of the gains. Watch the country get mired in ‘black lives matter’ rioting, endless gender debates, Islamic terrorism and other useless wastes of time that will kill off the prosperity.

              • Yeah, and germans are so EASILY brainwashed too! Just repeat the same bullshit over and over and they’ll believe anything!

            • So vote for Trump and wait for the same annihilation. You know you want it.

          • Right now i would rather have Hitler than what we have,,,,
            But then again I am German and could be related to his family somehow

            • Kula, I agree lol. Hitler would be better than the Stalin we have now.

              • Dear God you guys! The world is better off w/out either of them.

              • Another nutbag psycho.

        • ISIS, Saudi Arabia, The Dems, The RINOs and the estab Repubs all hate Trump. Must be a good sign. I will vote for him if given a chance. In fact, I won’t bother going to the damn polls this time if it is not either Trump or Cruz. I don’t give a fuck any longer.

        • Hoo-boy. Somebody needs to get a clue that Hitler was a National SOCIALIST.

          Here are the some planks of the Nazis, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:
          “We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”

          Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Was it just a name, as some say? Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?

          No the Nazis did not advocate public ownship of production, only that the govt oversee and run the economy, as they knew that legal ownship wasn’t what counted, but rather CONTROL. So, private citizens could hold title – as long as the state had the unqualified right to use their property. I.e., de facto socialism, the STATE still controls. Or, as Carl Limbacher wrote “Benito Mussolini’s Fascist economic policy, which he called the “mixed economy,” tried to combine Marxism with capitalism. What resulted was a dictatorship which allowed limited economic freedom to those favored industries willing to operate under government patronage.” The observant among you will note well the phrase “operate under government patronage.”

      15. When the lights go out and the water stops running, the dem’s phony baloney philosophy will last about two days before their pet hordes *eat them alive. (*money back guarantee)

        • Ya, not if, but when

      16. We are……..hangin’ by a thread

      17. Will there be More Bullshit or Less Bullshit, after the election? That is what it is all about. Vote for the Democrats and get more laws. A lot of laws. On the bright side. You might get a Civil War. Chances of that are good but not great. Vote the Republicans in and you get more of the same as what is happening now. Civil UNREST but not Civil WAR. We also get to Kick The Can down the road for eternity.

        So it is not the person or political party we are voting for, It is how much more Bullshit we can stand. Hahahahahaa!

        • George Carlin- American Bullshit

          Every time you’re exposed to advertising in America you’re reminded that this country’s most profitable business is still the manufacture, packaging, distribution, and marketing of bullshit. High-quality, grade-A, prime-cut, pure American bullshit.

          And the sad part is that most people seem to believe bullshit only comes from certain predictable sources: advertising, politics, salesmen, and lawyers. Not true. Bullshit is everywhere. Bullshit is rampant. Parents are full of shit, teachers are full of shit, clergymen are full of shit, and law enforcement is full of shit. This entire country is completely full of shit—and always has been. From the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution to the “Star Spangled Banner, ” it’s nothing more than one big, steaming pile of red-white-and-blue, all-American bullshit.

          Think of how it all started: America was founded by slave owners who informed us, “All men are created equal.” All “men, ” except Indians, niggers, and women. Remember, the founders were a small group of unelected, white, male, land-holding slave owners who also, by the way, suggested their class be the only one allowed to vote. To my mind, that is what’s known as being stunningly—and embarrassingly—full of shit. And everybody bought it.All Americans bought it.

          And those same Americans continue to show their ignorance with all this nonsense about wanting their politicians to be honest. What are these cretins thinking? Do they realize what they’re wishing for? If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, everything would collapse. It would destroy this country, because our system is based on an intricate and delicately balanced system of lies.

          And I think that somehow, deep down, Americans understand this. That’s why they elected—and reelected—Bill Clinton. Because given a choice, Americans prefer their bullshit right out front, where they can get a good, strong whiff of it. Clinton may have been full of shit, but at least he let you know it. And people like that.

          In ’96, Dole tried to hide his bullshit, and he lost. He kept saying, “I’m a plain and honest man.” People don’t believe that. What did Clinton say? He said, “Hi folks! I’m completely full of shit, and how do you like that?” And the people said, “You know what? At least he’s honest. At least he’s honest about being completely full of shit.”

          • A creed of nihilism, cynicism and despair. No, America wasn’t founded by perfect people. But it is the best the world has seen, and brought more good to more people than anything else in history.

            “…except Indians, niggers, and women. Remember, the founders were a small group of unelected, white, male, land-holding slave owners who also, by the way, suggested their class be the only one allowed to vote. To my mind, that is what’s known as being stunningly—and embarrassingly—full of shit. And everybody bought it.All Americans bought it.”

            Staggering. Last I heard there WERE elections. There were many and strident voices fighting against slavery, and it was only tabled to get the union effected. In fact, your “bullshit clergy” were the VERY people – led by William Wilberfore in England and his Clapham group – to lead the fight against slavery based on… get this… their Christian worldview. Eric Metaxes has a great book on this, should you be willing to educate yourself on the topic. Indians? A massive proportion of Indians died of diseases that were NOT intentionally brought to them (and puh-leeze don’t give me that “infected blankets” canard, ok as ***germ theory and Pasteur didn’t exist until a century later*** Besides, Indians were killing each other, and the whole Indian thing was not some simplistic issue as you make it out to be. Women? As one pastor said, his grandmother said about that that any woman who could not get her husband to vote the way she wanted was not worth his salt. So, essentially the vote was the man voting for two married people. And to be honest, the single women’s vote – which is disproportionately leftist – basically just votes for FEDERAL patriarchy. Big diff (no MAN is going to tell ME what to do… so let’s vote for BIG GOVT that is even more dictatorial, uncaring and impersonal than the most boorish husband. Brilliant)

            I found your post simplistic, full of the standard leftist narrative, ignorant of the nuances of history, and utterly nihilistic. Ain’t buying it.

            Dorothy Sayers has a comment about the over-arching ethos of Hell was cynicism. As noted, I am not expecting Heaven on earth. But we can have a country that the Founders envisaged, and that will do for me.

            • More bullshit lol.

              • Says the Hitler-loving psycho.

                Adolf thought he was a genius, too.

                • Where did I say I love Hitler idiot? I swear to god you are just like (or might be) old coach. Point out where I said that or smoke my helmet and shut the fuck up retard 🙂

                  • Hey lil weenie genie, are you THAT fucking stupid you can’t see your lips are always wrapped around hitler’s cock? You have no other reason for living.

        • I do not expect to find Heaven on earth. So in that sense, you are right in one certain way. But if we can just have government as originally envisaged by the Founders, that is enough.

          So I am no cynical, nor a nihilist like you seem to be. And I continue to believe, as Jefferson wrote, “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1816

          And yes, I *do* support Ted Cruz in that vein. Will he abolish death and bring in perfection? No. But if we can have freedom of conscience, the right of property, the right to be secure in our persons, and the rest of the Constitution, I am ok.

          • Test,

            Sorry but you can’t post anymore comments. You’re making ” them guys” cry every time you do!

            • And more bullshit.

              • Hey weenie genie, them guys called and says to hurry over tonight so you can wet nurse him again with your man boobs.

                • fung ung cung kung yung o ung fung a gung gung o tung!

              • Quod erat demonstrandum, Genius.

                • Demonstrate what test? I was talking to the nazi .

                • Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum”.

                  It literally translates as “which was to be demonstrated”, and is a formal way of ending a mathematical, logical or physical proof. It’s purpose is to alert the reader that the immediately previous statement, which naturally was arrived at by an unbroken chain of logic, was the original statement that we were trying to prove.

          • TEST-

            That is right. no one man is gonna fix all the damage that has been done to our country. But, Cruz is a great choice. He has shown he will take it to the DemoRats and Establishment GOP.

            The fact that these people and the liberal media hate him and Trump makes me like them even more.

          • You can’t vote for Ted Cruz if you believe in the Constitution. He was born in Canada. Oh right… only the parts of the Constitution you like this week.

            • He’s an American citizen, as specified in the Constitution.

              Used to work with a guy born in Capetown, South Africa. Dad was a ship’s captain and Mom sailed along with him. Both parents are US citizens, that makes him a US citizen born in Capetown.

        • What that sayin,

      18. Not enough that the vile, fascist left **murdered** over 100 freaking MILLION last century, per the Black Book of Communism (Oxford Univ. Press, Stephane Courtois, et al), now we go to the stuff I posted immed above, or this disgusting person in the article.

        Truth is, as Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev wrote many decades ago, “if God doesn’t exist, then man doesn’t either.” THAT, mon ami, is precisely why these vile leftists can do anything, including partial birth abortion, Kermit Gosnell atrocities or advocate “post-birth abortions” (what? You thought I was joking? Mais non! “post-birth abortions” at the Journal of Medical (Un)Ethics, by Dr. Alberto Giublini in the Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Milan, an Dr. Francesca Minerva at Monash Univ. in Australia. See

        According to Britain’s Daily Mail, a number of doctors and nurses interviewed by the newspaper said they had taken part in discharging sick infants and children from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices, as part of controversial “death pathways.”The paper said that, until now, it was believed that the end-of-life program administration by NHS known as Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) “was thought to involve only elderly and terminally ill adults.” However, the health professionals interviewed by the paper said that the practice of withholding food and fluids via feeding tube is also being applied to young patients and severely disabled newborns. One physician even admitted starving and dehydrating to death 10 babies in the neonatal unit of just one hospital. In a leading medical journal, the doctor revealed that the process takes an average of 10 days, during which time the infant becomes “smaller and shrunken.”

        I assume Solyent Green is next. Of course, just like Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama and her zillion dollar, carbon spewing vacations, the Learjet leftists will be exempting their own selves.

      19. So this Einstein shouted “Seig heil” at Trump?

        As with 99% of the ignorant left, he ought to look up what “Nazi” stands for. It’s pretty easy… that is, for anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty (not that the left ever could be accused of that – see also the Cult of Al Gore). Hint: Nazi stands for the National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party, and adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920.

        I continue to staggered how utterly ignorant the left is. Just when you think they have reached the nadir of ignorance, they go even deeper (again, see the anti-science Cult of Al Gore)

      20. I have hope for the first time in many, many, many years that the criminal New World order fascist monsters, who hijacked our government in 1963 and started the FINAL PHASE of the complete takeover of our country on 911…brave freedom and liberty loving patriots might finally be close to bringing the evil monsters to justice. If so, I salute the brave men and women in whatever Intelligence Agency is monitoring this site and knows what is about to happen, and any in Law Enforcement who will assist in the arrest of these criminal psychopathic monsters poisoning our people for their New World Order softkill de-population, and about to take us into WWIII. The brave patriots must of finally understood what is happening to them and their children.

        Here is why I have hope. I lumped Donald Trump in from the beginning with all the other Corporatist Fascist criminal genocidal monsters, for one thing he rarely talks about HEALTH, he only talks about making our country richer. You can have ALL the riches and useless shit you want, but if you are obese, disease ridden, gobbling Big Pharma poison daily, and sitting on your ass eating poisonous toxic GMO filled garbage while downing tons of beer and slapping your belly saying “fuck the six pack, I got a keg”, and all your disease ridden dumbed down friends laugh, because they are suffering cognitive dissonance about the country they live in and call “land of the free, home of the brave”. If that is you I just described, I know you are a VICTIM, but you need to WAKE THE FUCK UP as to what has been done to you, why, how, and who the criminal genocidal monsters are who did it, and they are coming for your children when you are dead early from their chemical attack on your body.

        This is not the time in our nations history for victims to let ego and pride get in the way of what has been done to them, without them even caring or knowing WHY. Their children’s future depends on it. I know most victims do not like to come forward for fear of looking “stupid” or being “easily duped”, human traits I learned about long ago. The Zombie victims of this GMO filled chemical poisoning and softkill genocide are human, and the criminal monsters exploited the human “triad of unconscious motivation”, the Zombies have NO IDEA what has even happened to them, thus they are dumbed down Zombies. Do your own research on the TRIAD OF UNCONSCIOUS MOTIVATION.

        The softkill genocide the criminal monsters controlling our government is all being done through your gut bacteria, which controls 70% of your immune system. The criminal monsters know all that poisonous toxic GMO and chemical filled processed fake food the American Zombies are addicted too, wreaks havoc on the GOOD gut bacteria, and flood your gut with BAD bacteria. The monsters also know how what this chemical attack on your body does to your brain, which is why America is in a dumbed down Zombie state of mind, again they have NO CLUE what has even happened to them. They have NEVER even heard or been given information on the what bacteria and dysbiosis does to your immune system. It is not hard to see why we keep getting sicker, you have been scheduled for termination early and you do not even know it, and it is all about getting your children and they got most of them already. You are being murdered, just like how the aliens were murdered in “War of the Worlds”, by HG Wells. These criminal monster filth also like to have fun with the American Zombies, by giving them things like the Georgia Guidestones and the Denver Airport mural. They are the most evil, mosnterous, criminal, genocidal, fascist monsters the world has ever seen, but they do have a sense of humor, especially when it comes to murdering human beings, poisoning them, and taking possession of our children and their future, as an Atheist I have said many times, I believe they are Luciferian Devil worshiping monsters, or Aliens possibly because they are not human.

        Back to Trump-this is a man whose family also only eats NON-GMO organic food prepared by personal chefs, those two factors alone turned him off for me. I believed he probably knew what the plan for genocide was, and he was just figuring screw all the serfs and peons below his status. I am starting to change my mind for several reasons, and I believe something very historic is about to happen and this is why.

        (1)Donald Trump went on Alex Jones, where NO CANDIDATE running for President would ever dare go near. Why would you go on Alex, alienating many and giving the press a field day like never before on your character??? unless his main so-called “conspiracy theory” he is known for is the 911 lie and takeover of our country completely by New World Order fascist genocidal criminal monsters????? You would go on there if you knew he was about to be vindicated.

        (2)Donald’s statement on Face the Nation on Dec 6th about the 911 hijackers families being flown out days before to Saudia Arabia is CLEARLY a shot at the criminal treasonous monsters involved in our government. I urge you to read and see the interview. He has never said anything like that before.

        (3)Again in the debate last night, Donald fired another shot at the treasonous group of NWO criminal scum who hijacked our government.

        (4)The FACT that Donald is still in the race and obviously in for the long haul, and not just looking for publicity means a whole hell of a lot more than most people think.

        I believe that Donald was leaked the 27 pages of classified documents from the 911 commission report by loyal freedom and liberty loving patriots in the government. I believe the gig is up and members of the US military are poised to begin the arrests of the fascist genocidal NWO globalist criminal monsters who hijacked our government completely after 911. They may even allow the treasonous scum to plan and possibly make an attempt to assassinate Donald, at which point the arrests will begin. They might even set up at look alike for them to attempt to assassinate, just to show the American zombies how far the treasonous murderous criminals are willing to go. I believe we may have a Christmas Present coming, and as an Atheist if the arrests are made on Christmas Day or eve, I will become a convert and follower of the Lord, so pray real hard for my dream to come true and for another member of your flock.

        • Ron Ahrens: I read at several places online that Putin has said he has the video evidence proof on 9/11 inside job etc…And that Putin has threatened to Expose said proof info and video supposedly video taken by Russian Satalites in space of the entire 9/11 events.

          If its true than he probably also has possession of even more proof or written materials or russian nsa version of phone taps etc….

          Such proof info could cause many corrupted ua officials and former officials to be taken down big time eh.

          ALSO: A few days ago and I now cannot recall which website I read it at….ITALY Govnt has just issued Warrents to have netanyahoo and aprox a dozen more Israel officials arrested and tried for various international crimes.

          Chenny and GW Bush already has been convicted in absentia by some other euro nations major courts for War Crimes for going into Iraq etc and beyond iraq…

          Sure like to see such evil doers arrested and strung up Publically for world to see eh.

          PS nice to see you finally write a longer and very swell posting Ron!!….Very exallant! Keep em comming.

          • Thank you for being a freedom and liberty loving patriot

          • Yes, Bush and Cheney cannot leave the US because they are war criminals. They should be treated as such here. Obama has followed Bush footsteps so closely that I wonder if he’ll get something besides the Nobel Peace Prize. If this country doesn’t quit invading others, we will face a coalition ready to come after this rogue nation. Rand Paul made sense in the debate but he’s not a Rep I can owned by the military-industrial complex.

        • Nothing this awesome could ever happen.

          LOL oh well…

        • Ron Ahrens-

          I go to the Throne of Grace and God’s blessed mercy for your soul.

          • thank you

      21. Wow! This is Trumps Amerikkka. His supporters are as vile as he is.

        Says the bitch that supports the candidate who’s all about making children State property.

        Take your village thing and shove it somewhere…

      22. Good: Stupid Son-Of-A-Bitch needs to learn all lives matter!!!!

        Didn’t hear or see this turd screaming about the Black on Black killings in Chiraq. Or the Black on white killing of the Pregnant Preachers wife by two black bastards!!!! F$%# him!


        • Damn straight Sarge

          … notice how security coddled this raving lunatic … they should of unleashed their billy clubs and took a whack at him … unwind the fire hose and douse and soak him into submission … then let loose the German Shepard as making him cower into submission some more!

          Sad – in today’s society, these tactics do not get used anymore.

          Society has become soft, much like it’s enforcers.

          [poking some fun, not to be taken seriously]

          • FTW
            Thanks I need a laugh.
            By the way Merry Christmas!

            • Same to you as well Sgt. Dale!

      23. Why get excited. Hillary is going to win.

        • Yeah that’s the sad part.

          And then you can kiss your economy goodbye. To say nothing of anything even remotely resembling parental rights. She’ll have CPS spying through your goddamned TV just like 1984.

          Yes yes, I know, to a liberal, the term “parental rights” is as inflammatory as “white privilege”. Let’s ignore the fact that the former is race independent (well… except perhaps in terms of enforcement because really now…).

          I think I just shat a brick when Trump started talking about shutting down the internet however.

          Everyone miss that part???

          Is there nothing in the usual playbook here that DOESN’T involve screwing over innocent people with more restrictions? Like goddamn it, it’s all of them doing this shit now.

          Novel concept, find the nationality of said terrorists, and threaten their home government, beginning with sanctions and escalating up to the real deal. But we can’t do that because it’s all proxy wars. Like if Russia proved for instance that they had 13 bombings and they were all Saudi or ex-Saudi citizens, would we let them roll tanks all over Saudi Arabia? In theory we should. In practice we can’t…

          • Trump was talking about shutting down the internet used by terrorists, just identify who they are and deny them access and use.

      24. It’s good to see Trump security throwing out dred lock thugs out of his rallys..even my black friends support Trump. Then again i am living on the outskirts of Red neck and anti dred lock zone. Its not a wonder what my entire state as closed in Red in the Jade Helm 15 Map..



        Shtf event horizon has now commensed..

      25. Let’s face it, we all may not agree who the best candidate might be; but I think we can all agree out of 315,000,000 people in this country why is there not better candidates. And especially a rehash of a Clinton or a Bush. Is this some bizarre joke? Why even bother to vote, it will not matter who is elected. The middle class has now declined to minority status, below 50 % of the population. What that means is the poor have greater numbers, and since the wealthy are enjoying wealth concentration they can buy officials and elected politicians, the middle class will be basically ignored. The middle class is actually despised by the political system and viewed only as a base to be used and manipulated. The state considers us a disposable resource. They have an insane obsession to strip the middle class of rights and to exist solely to serve them or the state.
        Regardless who is in office the economy keeps getting worse, and rights keep eroding; only their lying gets better (politicians and officials view the ability to lie well as a virtue). How in hell can more than 91,000,000 people between the ages of 18 to 65 not be working but the official unemployment rate is only 5%? Or the official inflation rate is about 1% but prices go up in leaps and bounds?
        Stop voting, do not give them the legitimacy of your vote. Let’s see politicians elected with only tiny numbers of voters. They won’t be able to claim a “mandate”. Turn your back on them and their institutions. Legally make yourself as poor as possible on paper to reduce taxes, home school your children or place them in private schools, don’t vote, don’t answer surveys, take every opportunity to publicly ridicule them, save your money (but not in banks) and stop buying junk you don’t need. Most of all, think for yourself, educate yourself. Opt out of the public sector as much as possible and try to convince others to do the same.

        • I am running in that direction as fast as I can. I want self-sufficiency as much as I can, started down the path around 2006 when I saw the crash coming. It was worse than I expected. So will the next one be worse. I am still moving that direction.

      26. Wouldn’t it be something if the reason why trump is fearless. Is because he is being fed clasified info buy patriots that he is saving for the KO right before the Ellections.

      27. If any candidate said he was for making america white again. He’d get my vote say no more.

      28. Well, well, well. Very interesting. Extra butter please. It’s going to get even better in the very near future. Love watching my SHTF Plan family. Thanks,


        P.S. I got nothing to add to what you all are saying.

        • BB.
          BWAHAHAHAHAHA… Love all the good E-kin bods mixed in together and slogging out their opinions.
          Makes for a informative & entertaining forum… Thanks be to Mr Mac.
          Stay BIG fella.

      29. I do not think our solution will be found in our current system. To many have found a way to work the system.

      30. I’d say people are about sick and tired of BLM.

      31. What a worthless, black lives matter typical fool…get out and get a job and stop being an a$$hole like the rest of you people….

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