Be Warned: GovSchools Threaten Parents With Armed, Militarized Raids Unless They Comply With Demands

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SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Nothing could be more terrifying than when agents of the government kick in your door to take your children, especially if you have done nothing wrong. But that’s exactly what school districts across the country are now telling parents is going to be done unless they comply with their requests. As you’ll see from the report below by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, we have now crossed into a very dangerous time in America, and one in which snitches in all walks of life, including our childrens’ classrooms, are using the power of the state to force compliance, even with non-existent regulations. They don’t care about your ideals, your beliefs, or the morality of what they are doing. They simply want total control of every aspect of your life, even your kids. And if you don’t do what they say, they will send armed agents of a militarized government to do their bidding. 

Make no mistake. If you fail to comply, they won’t come knocking nicely. The reality is that you will have police cruisers and anti-terrorism teams at your doorstep. They’ll be fully armed and prepared to kill you if you fight back. And they WILL take your children should they decide they want them.

We are living in a police state… that should now be crystal clear.

Police State Raids(Pictured: Militarized Boston police raid homes following the marathon bombing.)

Don’t Make Us Tell Child Welfare: Schools Insist on Forced Medical Exams for Kids
By Daisy Luther via The Daily Sheeple

What would you do if you received a threatening letter from your child’s school, demanding that you take your youngster to a medical doctor and dentist at the whims of the school administrators, or risk being reported to the child welfare authorities?

Parents in at least two states have gotten exactly such letters. Police State USA reports:

Under the auspices of keeping children healthy, the government has usurped the role of “parent” away from actual parents.  The state — not legal guardians — is determining when and how children should be subjected to outside business influences.

The provisions establish that the state has taken the final say in parenting matters, undermining parents’ natural role in the child’s life as protector and final decision maker.  The provision invades the privacy of the family by giving the government access to private medical results.

Then there is the inherent problem of forcing people into unwanted business contracts, with parties they may not agree with, for services that may not be needed or wanted.   The law states that the health certificates may only be signed by medical staff authorized by the state; meaning that parents’ alternatives to fulfill this mandate are limited down to allopathic, pro-pharmaceutical doctors.  Families who favor natural and holistic caregivers are undermined by virtue of exclusionary state licensing. (source)

First, the letter from New York:


Then the one from Michigan…

michigan letter

Let me emphasize the most important and terrifying line in this letter:

It is our intention to work with you in this matter to avoid any involvement with child protection services.

This letter is threatening the parents of this youngster with child welfare agencies if they do not comply with the demands of the school. So, potentially, at the very least, the welfare agency could investigate the family, and at the worst, take steps to remove the child from the household, all because a parent might have different ideas about healthcare than those of the school system.

This brings us to some very important questions about privacy and the right to make decisions for your own children.

  • If you are anti-vaccine, will the doctor refuse to sign the letter? What happens then?
  • What if the medical or dental visit is not in the budget at the time the school demands it?
  • What if you choose to treat your child’s concerns with natural substances and diet, but the doctor wants you to medicate with pharmaceuticals?
  • What gives the school the right to tell you that you must take your child to a standard physician instead of a holistic practitioner?
  • What if you refuse to have your child’s teeth treated with toxic fluoride?
  • Will your child be subjected to nosy questions, such as inquiries about firearms in the home?

The US government seems more and more convinced that THEY own YOUR kids. Just this week, a Tennessee dad was arrested for picking up his young children after school instead of allowing them to cross into traffic as the school’s policy demanded. Some schools won’t allow lunches to be sent from home, and if they are, the school insists on supplementing those lunches at extortionistic rates in order to control the situation regardless of parental wishes. This doesn’t even take into account the dumbed down Common Core curriculum, the absurd attempts to be politically correct, and the zero-tolerance insanity that causes kids to be charged with felonies for having loaded fishing tackle boxes in their vehicles or cutlery in their lunch boxes.

If you’re wondering why so many people homeschool, add this to the ever-growing list of reasons.

This article was originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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    1. waterislife

      You’ll have to kill me before I let you take my kids.

      I’m armed and they are my children. Go ahead, give it a try on taking them. You may kill me, but some of them will go out with me.

      • Fucking pissed

        I feel the same. I intend to live through the raid as I have planned for this for years and after all the intruders are dead I will go and kill the one’s that sent them. I so swear.

        • Swinging on a star

          HOMESCHOOL!!!! This has not become a part of homeschooling and if the homeschoolers are ever threatened with this, it will never come to pass. The homeschool coalition is like a Momma Bear, they have the power and the drive to stop this crap from happening to them.

          The average American public school parent seems to go along with just about everything, not too much fight when it comes to their kids. I guess they can do whatever they want with your children and most don’t even care.

          Wake up America before they only allow you to visit your kids when they aren’t in training for the brown shirt brigade.

          • Muddy

            “This has not become a part of homeschooling and if the homeschoolers are ever threatened with this, it will never come to pass. The homeschool coalition is like a Momma Bear, they have the power and the drive to stop this crap from happening to them.”

            As a homeschool dad of 2 kids with 8 years teaching I can assure you that your comments are naive. Just because you homeschool doesn’t mean there are not state or local district conditions that must be met. Failure to comply can result in spending time in court, having your children “visited” by child protective services, having them interviewed without being present, and even having your children taken away from you. Indeed, it IS a part of homeschooling. If it wasn’t there would be no need for Michael Farris and the HSLDA.

            • Swinging on a star


              I live in New Hampshire, do your homework, enough said.

            • Patrick Henry 2013

              Muddy is correct ans incorrect. Each state’s rules on homeschooling is different, some more liberty minded than others. Jusy be aware if you are in a tyrannical atate that controls homeschool to Muddy’s point, then leave to a more homeschool friendly state.

              • arizona

                COME ON you guys,the hand writing is on the wall,they plan to get your kids,THOMAS JEFFERSON warned you about this,GO BUY A CROSS BOW,and get three blade arrows,450ft.per second and START USING THEM,follow them home and discover who they are,where they live,who their family is, who their friends are,SHOW them NO ONE CAN PROTECT THEM,cause they won’t stop till their bleeding to death,JUST remember,the reason you have a problem is simple,THEY WOULD RATHER BE DEAD THEN STOP….LET their wish come true………

                • Arizona Fred

                  Just heard my neighbors outside with their fully auto AK…
                  Now me…I have no guns…;)
                  I do feel very safe from the brigade if they want to come to my hood.
                  Better bring a lunch boys and girls….you’re going to have a long day…

                  PS….when the cds’s collapse, then your bank,then your grocery…
                  Paul Volker, former FED chair..said it WILL happen in March of 14
                  I think most in the goon squads will be throwing their uniforms away,and looking for help.

                  Remember their faces…take photos for ID later…

            • Jamie

              I live in Indiana. The one and only requirement in my state is to have an up to date attendance sheet for each home schooled student. No health forms required. No curriculum forced on us. We are free to teach our child as we see fit. There is also no requirement to take state tests each year.

            • bobby

              Buddy is a teacher and can’t spell “they’re?” Too bad for your students. And none of you inbreds even noticed this?

          • watching and waiting

            Absolutely……They will turn your children against you
            and they will become informants for the state……
            They will be convinced to tell how many weapons you have, your political and religious views.

            In the future,your children will cause you to be arrested and perhaps in some cases,executed…….

            God help us………..

          • Gods Creation

            I recently had a CPS worker show up at my home. She was told to leave, and did.

            I concluded the school nurse had made a report because my special ed kid has bug bites he constantly picks so they will not heal very quickly, and he was sent there to get a bandaid on one because we ran out that morning.

            The school would not tell me anything, nor did the worker before being told to leave. We withdrew him from school the following day.

            The worker came back to the hose the following week, with a cop. We did not answer the door and they went away.

            The following week they went to his older brothers school, pulled him from his class and he was questioned by the counselor and examined by the nurse. The nurse tipped me off with a phone call about a “ringworm” on his back, which there was nothing there. She was a courageous woman who disagreed with what she was being forced to do and saw to it we were notified of the abuse.

            My older child is mentally retarded, but was still able to identify those who abused him, including the social worker, from pictures on the internet.

            He was also withdrawn the following day. Both are being home schooled now and will never go back to a “public school”. The CPS worker has not returned, and will be thrown off the property should she do so.

            Now I know my kids are safe, and that I can not protect them if they are in a “public school” even though an agreement between me and the principal was in effect that this would NOT happen without me being informed by her.

            The problem is that the school personnel are trained in violating the law, and they will not go against their training no matter what the law actually says when brought to their attention.

            Get your kids out of those schools, and remove them from any association with the corp. Change their legal name to something different from their Christian name so there can be no mistakes.

            My kids have never had a birth certificate with their actual name, only a name the state fraudulently placed on them at birth through a misapplication of the “law”. The fraud is well documented by the official idiot right on the mothers copy of one.

            My older kids school constantly referred to him and the other students as “their children”, and they apparently believe that to be the case.

            Now they are home where they belong, and will stay here learning that the state is not their parents and it’s officers are not their friends. That education will serve them far better than anything the “school” taught them.

            Get your kids the hell out of there while you still can.

            • figment


              are you kidding me?

              now ringworm is proof or evidence of some kind of neglect or abuse?

              anyone who has livestock or wood on their property can get ringworm. (just dab it with strong iodine or bluecoat and it’ll go away)

              i’d like to see them try this in our rural school district (where a higher percentage of kids come from farms)

              • Gods Creation


                It was a “fishing trip” for the CPS worker. She was pissed that I refused to allow her in my home or to see my child. I had already withdrawn the younger child from his school that made the “report” and she couldn’t touch him, so she abused the other one hoping to find something wrong.

                The school nurse just used the “ringworm” as a way to let me know that my child was in her office that day knowing (or hoping) I would want to know why. Her call to me was a “heads up” that something was wrong, not with my child, but with what the school was doing BEHIND OUR BACKS. She had to make up some reason for the call because she risked a lot making it.

                Had she not called, I would never have become aware of the unlawful “inspection”. She is a drop of clean water in a bucket full of slime.

                In this case, the “ringworm” was evidence of the schools abuse and neglect of my child’s rights. I am glad the nurse had the guts to call me and clue me in.

                • figment


                  must drink more coffee and read slower in the a.m. thanks

            • Mikey

              That’s lesson to all, we they come to the door DON’T ANSWER!

            • REB

              Kudos Gods Creation….you did good…my wife and I homeschooled ours and theyre now grown and respected people who do not trust the system and value liberty and self-reliance…we did what we set out to do!

          • mountain man 6-1

            @ Swing star…..And I agree ! I’ve said it for years , if you have kids , animals or crazy neighbors (or Spouse) , you had better be low-key or someone will take it onto themselves to report you to the Authorities ! Maybe neighbors don’t like you setting your trashcans by their driveway ,any excuse will do ! Anybody can justify anything they want to do and still feel good about it ! Even if it causes you a world of PAIN . Have an argument with someone at your house ,better keep it down ! they’ll drop a dime on you and swear that someone is getting Killed ! And TPTB will use ANY excuse to TAKE your GUNS ! … Timely Artical Daisy!

          • ScottyK

            If you want to homeschool your kids without government interference, we welcome you here in the great state of Oklahoma. We have absolutely no government interference at all. No required test, no teachers reviewing our lesson plans. Nothing. The local government school doesn’t even know my kids exist.

            Here is a summary of the homeschool laws in Oklahoma, as provided by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)


          • Nica10

            I’m a homeschool parent also. If you think this is not going to affect homeschool families you are sorely mistaken. We cannot live in a bubble. Do you intend for your children to go to college? Common Core is going to affect them for their SAT and ACT exams. Depending on what state you live in – some states require state testing every year or periodically – and THOSE tests also will be affected by things like Common Core.
            Homechooling alone will not save us! We as homeschoolers MUST take a stand and fight back against these things!
            I have signed a religious waiver against vaccinating my children BUT it is not accepted in every state. What happens if I can’t get a Doctor to sign off on a medical waiver? These are reasons we must not live in a bubble … these are reasons that we must fight back and take a stand against government involvement and government takeover.

        • Lost In The C.R.C

          Big talk people, You really think they’re going to take your chilren away while they are home with you?! Ha,Ha,Ha yeah right! They take them while at school, you’re at work and come home to a bumper crop of pigs on your yard, If they don’t pick you up at work to make an example of you first. Unless you roll in a APV 24/7 loaded to the teeth, you and your guns may as well be in two different timezones . The last your kids will remember of you is when you dropped them off at school and told them you love them. Thumbs down at will, there is a reason the overthrow of tyranny is still under the water’s surface, EVERYONE INVOLVED IS SCARED SHITLESS TO PULL THE TRIGGER, myself included. Stop frothing at the mouth and “Engage” the bastards, or shut up about it already! Until the electricity stops, lamestream media brainrot stops, or a mass extinction event occurs, we all are walking the line so as to keep alive and stay with our families. Let’s keep to reality, and stop fantasizing about events that will be at the very least, unlikely to bear fruit….

          • hammerhead

            lost- as i have said before, the people that come to your door have families too.
            never let them forgat it .

            • Lost In The C.R.C.

              That is a good point, but they have superior firepower, superior equipment, limitless re-supply, and the absurd excuse for what passes as Rule Of Law on their side, lest WE all not forget that. A decisive reminder directed to those in the shock troop goon-squads – they are not adhering to their oaths, be they regular military or civilian law enforcement is what is needed. They will be piled in the streets too – alongside those they victimized and killed. They know this, that is why they never openly assault larger groups of people with lethal force. It always ends up being a veteran and father who defends his family in Arizona, or a mini-van driving mother on vacation with her family in New Mexico that are out numbered and outgunned, who are attacked and killed.

            • km

              But they think their family is more worthy than yours!

              • Erick

                not enough of us, we are such a minority, what are we gonna do? they keeo us occupied with internet bitching and minor bs. this is what the masses want, this is what tthey are getting and they are happy as hogs, 95 % of parents obligethe ppublic schools EVERY request and that’s is without knowing the consequenceof “ddisobeying” .. we are all going to live and die as this gradually becomes worse and nobody is gonna do sqwat… no matter how much of a badass you are with yout gun and protecting whats yours, you are no match for time, and they have nothing but and they are kicking our asses. destroying the country. its will soon be gone and we will still bebbitching and moaning about when they come to our door.

          • spaky1115

            I agree with you, we are “walking the line”. I also am afraid to “fire the first shot” so to speak. I can feel it coming though. There is a lot of talk… I’ve been wondering when the “war” that everyone seems to be calling for is going to start. “We” have seemingly become very complacent. I plan for the worst and hope for the best. It does make me wonder though… how much more do we have to “accept” before it all officially starts?

            • Lost In The C.R.C.

              As Do We All Spaky1115. I loathe the wait, but also fear that which comes forth…

              • spaky1115


                I’m scared… I’ll admit it. I know what I’m capable of, I already know. But to have that be a part of daily life, in my “home” is a frightening prospect… especially with children… and to have to defend against people with the faces of friends; I completely understand why “we” haven’t yet fired the first shot. At this point I don’t know anymore which is worse, the wait or the impending war. “Proven under fire” means nothing anymore… I’ve never had to fire under these circumstances. When it does start I’m going to have to do a lot of compartmentalizing very quickly and with no hesitation. I reckon all that training is going to have to kick in again pretty gosh-darned quick…

        • Beowulf

          @ FP, That is going to be the key to winning. The people that send the swat will have to be destroyed. It is going to get ugly.

        • angrycitizen

          What an amazing coincidence…

          I was just reading these comments when my 14-y.o. daughter, who went to the movie last night with her friends to watch “Catching Fire” (a sequel to the “Hunger Games”), and she told me (while I was reading the comments to this article!..) that last night, while watching the movie, she thought: “If everyone in District 12 had a gun, I’d love to see them trying to get their kids for the Hunger Games!..”

          My thoughts exactly.

        • Jolie


      • John Q. Public

        Understood, but you might connect with politically sympathetic docs and dentists. Often, but not always, they can help you avoid the “worst case” scenarios.

        Proper prior planning…

        • sixpack

          Speaking of “worst case scenarios”, in Kommiefornia, they’re trying to make a difference in the wake of the 13 yr old who was shot and killed for carrying an airsoft rifle. Instead of trying to stop the “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality of their police, they want to pass a law to ban the manufacture “imitation guns”.

          Go figure—it’s the dems again…

        • Anonymous

          It’s already past wake up…’s too late.

        • lastmanstanding

          …prevents piss poor performance.

          “Worst case” is not far off.

      • John Q. Public

        Another tip to help you find a helpful doc:

        While there are many prepare sympathetic docs and dentists still working within “traditional” big-biz medicine, there are an even higher percentage of sympathetic docs within the medical cannabis industry.

        • John Q. Public

          Arrggh… auto-spell-correct turned “prepper-sympathetic” into “prepare sympathetic.”

          • BigB

            The NAZI show me your papers please phase of the U.S. Governments transformation is nearing it’s apex. Laws, Laws everywhere laws, blocking out the scenery and blowing my mind.

            It cannot be stopped at this point. People suggesting voting can cure these problems are now part of the problem. They are delusional at best. I know, that alone will get me a lot of down thumbs.

            Any vote will come down to Republican or Democrat candidates having any chance at winning an election. Anybody who thinks there is a difference in either party is again delusional to say the least. And that will get me more down thumbs.

            People who believe the system who got them into this situation can correct it? DELUSIONAL!

            I cannot advocate at this time, because they will come for me, that people stop paying taxes, I cannot for the same reason advocate armed revolution for the same reason. I cannot even speak ill of a lying cheating politician for fear of being called a racist or wore yet a racist.

            But Senator McConnell can announce that tea party members should be punched in the nose because they are bullies. Leftist commentators can suggest that people defecate and urinate in Sarah Palin’s mouth and in turn get invited to the White House today for a one on one talk with the President, off the record of course.

            Oh yeah all of this can be turned around in the ballot box but who would? The 90 something million people out of work who are collecting benefits from various government agencies? Yeah, sure they will. The unbelievable percentage equaling even more millions of American who are being fed by the government? Sure they will. Those numbers only leave about 25-30% of working American carrying the load. And that camels back is going to break any day.

            No, revolt in some manner is called for at this time to set things right. Perhaps letting the illegal immigrants on a hunger strike on the National Mall starve to death. God knows we wont arrest them and deport them. Why that would just be un-American. 11-12 million illegal immigrants taking legal Americans jobs? Come on that is just ludicrous.

            State of California health care exchange automatically signs people up for SNAP if they have reported a low income. It’s automatic just as they will register you to vote at the same time as you sign up.

            This has gone on long enough.


            • jerrytbg

              I can’t believe anyone red thumbed this…
              What the hell is wrong with you four?

              This comment sums it up nearly perfect the insidiousness that we face…

              • Swinging on a star


                There are a lot of mean and petty people in this world, they even show up on this site. Simply ignore them because they are complicit with the regime and want nothing more than to be drooling lap dogs for the dear leader.

                • jerrytbg

                  yea I suppose…can’t wait to see how they react when their snippet vanishes…
                  Fools they are.

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Swinging, your absolutly correct. There are alot of good people on this site that make comments, and just like family some say things we agree with and some say things we don’t agree with, so we just give each other an up or down vote, or maybe give a comment on our own thoughts on the subject. Then we have those that just want to stir trouble and make personal attacks, the best way to deal with them is just read what they say, and don’t respond or give them a vote either way. I know their are some like Braveheart, that want to come to the families defense, but it only emboldens them to agitate more. So just ignore. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

            • Yuri

              “People suggesting voting can cure these problems are now part of the problem.”

              I agree. Some folks say that if you don’t vote, then you have no right to complain. These days, I think it’s the other way around.

              • Anonymous

                How many vote in school board elections?
                How many attend school board meetings?
                How many stand up to these libtards and make them change their stupid rules ?
                Go to a board meeting , there will be two other people there , nobody shows up ,and thats why these fruitloops can get away with makin up rules as they go .
                DONT stop voting just because it seems as if it aint working , exercise your rights! be heard !

                • Anonymous

                  Those that do attend these meeting and dare to express counter views are arrested. but I agree, we should still express ourselves at the voting both and the meetings. one thing for sure, they may haul us off but they will know where they stand. sooner or later, the worm will turn!

              • hammerhead

                How many people show up at school board meetings to stand up to these people ?
                How many VOTE in school board elections?
                Cuz i quarantee the libtards show up .
                I have seen it , and have argued my case against them.
                Usually there are only two of three people that show up at these board meetings and they rubber stamp what the board wants.
                You can change policy , but you have to participate in the election AND the process .

                • Yuri

                  Fair enough. I was thinking primarily about Congress and the Presidency.

                  Perhaps voting in local elections is still effective. As well as speaking up in school board meetings.

                  We should tell Larry Small.

              • Mountain Trekker

                Yuri, I’m sure China and North Korea and a few other countries would agree with you. Trekker Out.

                • Yuri

                  Are you saying that those nations became communist by free and fair democratic elections? That they’re communist countries because non-communists and anti-communists didn’t turn out the vote?

                  Those nations became communist because the communists killed or cowed all of the non-communists. The anti-communists weren’t able to fight against and kill the communists who decided to take those countries by force.
                  The same may still, ultimately, happen here in America.

                  Once the number of communists and useful idiots reaches some critical mass, elections become irrelevant.

                  You believe that that critical mass has not yet been reached.

                  I disagree.

            • Anonymous

              good post BIGB –
              But dont stop voting , we have to keep trying.
              My personal plan is to vote them out after one term because after that they are corrupt.
              I realise this dont always work , but still i try.

              do you know that only a handfull of people ever attend these meetings? GEEZ , these libtards will run you over with these stupid rules .
              YOU CAN effect change by standing up at a board meeting, i have done so in the past with success.
              But you have to be there and speak up !

              • hammerhead

                i wondered where my posts were disappearing to.
                sorry for pushin it through three times sheesh.
                its maaajic………

                • Genius

                  I have been having issues posting too hammer, 4-6 hours to clear moderation. Is nsa really that slow? Mac is there anything you can do to speed up the moderation process? I know you hate getting emails all the time but it appears I’m not the only one with these issues. Thanks, Genius

              • PA farmer

                Anonlymous am going have Disagree with your point because going to meetings doesnt work. we have had five Perfectly good schools closed around here that the PEOPLE put up a hellva fight for and lost,and biult a maga school NOBODY wanted, now there Breaking ground for a maga, maga school that the people said no to with great numbers at a cost over a $$$$Billion, we have nver heard a number that big in our life’s around this Area. And they back doored it with some Congressman at a meeting nobody knew about just like Obummer does. The old cant aford all these taxes or myself. I dont like to say it but we need to make these board members pay dearly. You cant beat these people by Voice, or vote.

                • hammerhead

                  PA farmer-that was me , hammerhead, having issues……..
                  Anyway , my point is ya gotta keep beatin on the door

              • Vicky

                Be prepared to stand up and catch some flack, but it’s your duty for your kids. My husband and I have fought four pitched battles with our local school. We won three, lost one (important) and withdrew them from school. For such a police state, Ohio does pretty well for the parents in homeschooling. You always fight back with your pocketbook, and our school district lost 11,000+ dollars per student when we pulled our three kids out. It got easier to win the next two times around. A pedagogue is even harder to fight than a bureaucrat, so be on your toes. They already think you’re an idiot, so any sense you make will be a revelation to them. Two of our three home-schooled kids have graduated magna cum laude from OSU, and we have two more lined up.Fight and keep on fighting. Never give in and never apologise. ALSO, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, vote for an incumbent even if you think he’s okay. Get ’em in and get ’em out. They do less damage that way.

            • Calamity James

              This is exactly the conclusion I have reached. I received another in a long line of “probably” well-meaning letters about sending in money to help elect real conservatives to “take back the Senate.”

              No, I’m not going to send another dime to anyone or anything working within the System. If it has not been fixed within the System by now, the escalating crackdown is not going to make fixing from within easier tomorrow.

              My money is going on supplies, ammo, guns and info. My time is spent on prepping and more importantly, making myself mentally prepared for what must be done.

              NOW is the time to resist. We are at the stage that civil rights were in when African Americans were being lynched with zero consequences or having their homes and churches bombed by racists. They didn’t keep petitioning, they started resisting.

              Resist at any level you can muster. Every small resistance counts, everything you delay and don’t voluntarily accede to, even if you only make more work for the System, you have helped.

              If you serve on a jury and the law is unjust, refuse refuse refuse to be moved to enforce it. Make the jury acquit or hang it forever.

              I have started printing these words on a Avery package labels and putting them next to the credit card slot on self serve gas pumps:

              “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
              That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

              They peel off if they are unwanted. In the meantime, someone may read, agree and begin to RESIST.

              Do what you can until you are called on to do all you can. We stand on our God given rights and the truth and morality of our position without equivocation.

              • ScottyK

                I REALLY like this idea of pasting labels around gas station pumps. I can post the labels to cover the blasted “We accept EBT!” and “English/ Espanol” indicators.

            • gone under

              Big B…you spelled “ballot” box wrong.

              • BigB

                @gone Under, lol, I am sure I did worse than that.


                • gone under

                  @ BigB.. only the vowels are wrong. swap them for a “u” and “e”.

            • LRaven

              “People suggesting voting can cure these problems are now part of the problem.”
              Exactly correct BigB. Every word you wrote but in particular the above. I write for a very fine website. The other writers are wonderful patriots who have not yet grasped that we are being governed by evil. Not “bad” governance – evil governance. We have all seen bad decisions, bad choices, bad votes, bad laws – but to believe leaders of this country are evil, that is a concept most in America just cannot accept is happening. And so, many still insist we can change things at the ballot box.

              If there is any – dare I say hope – many writers, including those where I write, are beginning to use the word Communism.

              Another bit of light. I listen regularly to Mark Levin for the historical/legal knowledge he teaches. He too speaks of the coming election – but – last week in one of his monologs he twice used the word communism. He doesn’t know it but he saved himself one listener that day because for all my admiration of him I was about at my wits end with all the coming election talk when it is very obvious to this every day garden variety normal person that there will be no elections in 2014/16. “Period.”

              We must call this true evil by its rightful name, in this case Communism. It is a terrible moment when one gets it, but get it we must in order to combat it. And folks, the most important tool you and I have right now is our voice – don’t stop writing in places like this, talk to your family and friends. The more who understand, the more who will be willing to stand up when the time comes. Our voices are the last peaceful tool we have. What comes next is terrible.

              This piece by Danny Jeffrey is important in understanding how we got where we are.

      • Iowa


        GOD BLESS YOU.

        • durango kidd

          The problem with government is that our employees have forgotten who is the real government in America. Pointy headed bureaucrats and their minions believe that THEY are the government once elected or hired.

          This trend will continue until parents organize and communicate their displeasure, elect their candidates to their legislatures, and create citizen overseer groups to monitor their employees, and provide penalties for over reaching. send a few assholes to jail or get a lawsuit against them individually and this abuse will end.

          Engage your employees or be coerced and incarcerated by them.

          • braveheart

            DK, good evening and I WILL engage whoever comes to me with bad intentions toward me. We’ll have to aqree to disagree on the method, however. Working within the system has proven to be futile. The system is beyond repair or reform. 2nd American Revolution is the only way to save this country now. The system never has and never will ‘lend itself to reform’. braveheart

            • Daytona Matt

              Right beside you brother! Standing ready in Daytona

              • lower40

                +1 down south of ya in the big swamp

              • Oathkeeper

                + 1 for the Texans

            • Barterman

              standing by in south carolina

          • Oregon Mom

            Count two more here in Oregon!

            • fltdecker

              add a few more here in south Ga…

      • braveheart

        Waterislife, I’m with you. I lost my wife to a drunk driver before we could have kids, but if I had any, I would shoot anyone who tried to take them, regardless of who it is. braveheart

      • OutWest

        The police state has become the truant officers

        of the new forced indoctrination facilities for

        lower learning and minimal achievement.

        • braveheart

          Good evening, OutWest. The police state will fail. It will be defeated. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • OutWest


            I like your optimistic conclusion much more

            than my less than enthusiastic opinion

            • braveheart

              OutWest, TPTB DON’T have the numbers necessary to take us on. Think of the geographic size of this nation. 310,000,000 total population and how many out of that figure are LE and military? Maybe 2% at most, counting Obama’s personal goon army he promised to create. Even with foreign troops, there’s no way they can take on all of us. I don’t know exactly how all of this will play out yet, but I believe we can win. Short of nukes or pandemic, they don’t stand a chance. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Man on the inside

                Dead on braveheart… there are way more of us… stay safe in the midsouth….

              • Kulafarmer


              • M

                They don’t have too take you on. Shut off the logistics chains and utilities. You will have far more too fear from corn syrup zombies in your hood. Than any miltary force the assholes that be can muster out. Wait a winter , maybe two and mop up in the spring time. Or just flat out ignore the little settlements cause most won’t be around a few years post crash.

              • lastmanstanding


              • RickInOregon

                Do not underestimate them. Most of the 310 mil live in cities. A few blown up bridges, contaminate the water supply and they can cripple a city, put people on foot, sick and hungry. A much smaller force could easily reduce the size of the population and can isolate the masses away from the elite. Without the support of the military an uprising will be a culling.

                Back in the 80’s Speaker of the House Jim Wright of Texas was going through some hearings for corruption. While on the stand he made a comment “If the people knew of our contingency for an uprising, they would have our heads” He was blackmailing the panel to go easy on him. The hearing went into recess and the subject never came back up. He lived a happy wealthy life after leaving public office.

                Do not under estimate the ruthlessness of our government.

              • Genius

                BH, I believe that they know they are outmanned hence the 30,000 domestic drones. No need to pay you a visit just identify that you are against them and do a fly-by. Kind of like skynet, with the tech they have 1 person can inflict many deaths from the comfort of theyre chair. One good thing is a lot of the high tech toys can be disabled or misled by common easily obtainable items. Remember the missles they wasted in iraq shooting at microwave ovens? Go to your local indian reservation and stock up on fireworks then let your imagination run wild! 🙂

                • braveheart

                  Genius, those drones can be disabled by EMP, solar flare, or cyber attack, unless they’ve shielded the electronics somehow.

              • Lost In The C.R.C.

                Sadly, They Don’t have to take on 300+ million, only the 2-3% of those who willingly stand and fight for the freedoms they believe in.

                9,000,000 people who are a combination of skills, everything from retired ex-military / LEO, to the awake 17 year old girl at the local Carl’s Jr. that had the commie parents teach her nothing to be self-reliant, will only be as effective as the training to fight they underwent. The LEO and Military were trained, the variable there is the amount of training that stuck long term – in the people working of their side. It will be horrendous and overwhelming to say the least. I hope I can teach my children what they need to know before I am taken out of this earth…

      • yourmotherwaswrong

        “In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville

        USA… USA… USA…

        “Brother, you asked for it!” ~ Ayn Rand

        USA… USA… USA…

        • braveheart

          Good evening, YMWW. The police state will fall, one way or another. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • possee


            Perhaps you, and others, here could enlighten me on the subject of …the u.s. is a corporation and not under the jurisdiction of the Constitution..

            I read as follows..

            The original united States of America has been usurped by a separate and different United States Corporation formed in 1871, which only controls the District of Columbia and it’s territories, and which is actually a corporation (the United States Corporation) that acts as our current government.

            The United States Corporation operates under Corporate/Commercial Law rather than Common/Private Law.

            This fact was made clear by Supreme Court Justice Marshall Harlan (Downes v. Bidwell, 182, U.S. 244 1901) by giving the following dissenting opinion: “Two national governments exist; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside and Independently of that Instrument.”

            source..republicoftheunitedstates dot org forward slash history..

            Thoughts anyone?

            Is this factually accurate?



            • USCORP

              Posse, this is 100% accurate. The republic fell officially with the Act of 1871, as did the organic constitution. Research that along with the original 13th Amendment, the real purpose of the 14th Amendment, who Abe Lincoln actually was, maritime law, the strawman and corporate fictions, and a ton more. This little site below does a pretty good job of covering how the America we think we live in, died about 140 years ago.


        • Wolf359

          Have you actually read Tocqueville?

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            Wolf359 says:

            “Have you actually read Tocqueville?”

            Ya, have you???

            “I believe that it is easier to establish an absolute and despotic government amongst a people in which the conditions of society are equal (democracy), than amongst any other; and I think that if such a government were once established amongst such a people, it would not only oppress men, but would eventually strip each of them of several of the highest qualities of humanity. Despotism therefore appears to me peculiarly to be dreaded in democratic ages. I should have loved freedom, I believe, at all times, but in the time in which we live I am ready to worship it.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville. “Democracy in America.”

            According to Tocqueville, this type of governance “does not destroy, but prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to being nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is shepherd.” According to de Tocqueville, it would be futile to call on a people “which has been rendered so dependent on the central power, to choose from time to time the representatives of that power”. When people sink “below the level of humanity,” even voting; an act of free will; is meaningless.

            Tocqueville “got it” more than 170 years ago. Boobus Americanus still doesn’t “get it,” and for that, we will all suffer.

            “I told you so.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville. “Democracy in America.”

            • Wolf359

              Yo Mamma,

              It is easy to copy and paste other’s writings and pass them off as you’re own but it doesn’t validate you.

              If you had actually read Tocqueville you would know he viewed democracy as providential but warned extensively of runaway centralized power in the hands of a few who could create a new aristocracy like he knew of in France.

              He was mesmerized the American experiment was working and sought to understand the how and why it had been succeeding and in contrast how Europe with their aristocracy was falling behind.

              You take a few snippets of Tocqueville explaining the other side of an unchecked and undisciplined democracy and you promote that as his major view point when it is not.

              You are a FRAUD.

              “America is Great because America is Good.” Or better yet America Is Great WHEN America Is Good.

              Probably doesn’t apply nowadays but back in Tocqueville’s time that was the major theme around the world.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Wolf359 says:

                “It is easy to copy and paste other’s writings and pass them off as you’re own but it doesn’t validate you.”

                Ok, so you’re into Ad Hominem attacks… I get it, you’ve done it before. Attack the messenger not the message.

                “If you had actually read Tocqueville you would know he viewed democracy as providential… “He was mesmerized the American experiment was working and sought to understand the how and why it had been succeeding…”

                Tocquevilles’ view of democracy was not “providential,” he was not “mesmerized” by the American experiment and he understood exactly where the “American experiment” would end.

                “I had remarked during my stay in the United States, that a democratic state of society, similar to that of the Americans, might offer singular facilities for the establishment of despotism… This led me to think that the nations of Christendom would perhaps eventually undergo some sort of oppression like that which hung over several of the nations of the ancient world. A more accurate examination of the subject, and five years of further meditations, have not diminished my apprehensions. ~ Alexis de Tocqueville.

                Sounds pretty “mesmerized” to me.

                “You take a few snippets of Tocqueville explaining the other side of an unchecked and undisciplined democracy and you promote that as his major view point when it is not.”

                Tocqueville knew where “democracy” would lead. He was ahead of his time, and correct in his analysis! Spin it all you what, but history and reality have the final say. Look around you Wolf… on what path is your country? How’s that “democratically elected constitutional republic” working out for ya??

                I know your answer to that. “Probably doesn’t apply nowadays…”

                Grow up and get over it dude; Democracy sucks. And, deep down, you know it to be true.

                • clark

                  That’s too funny. I haven’t been here in a long while and I see some things are still the same, only now durango kidd is lashing at out at others while thinking they are me. Ha. He’s hopeless.

                  And, no durango kidd, you didn’t call me out on anything. You simply lack basic reading comprehension skills. …And have a mean fascist streak in you.

              • durango kidd

                Wolf: This is nothing new for YM/Clark. He use to take snippets out of Gary North’s writings and draw totally different conclusions than North did, until I called him out on it.

                He is a FRAUD and a TROLL working for the New World Order, I have no doubt. He’s been outed here more than once, and keeps changing his screen name to hide his presence, but the anti American rhetoric is always the same.

                In particular, he parrots the FREE TRADE propaganda of Lew Rockwell and tries to make US believe that FREE TRADE is like garage sale economics and a personal FREEDOM.

                Yet he never responds to the fact that the results are in
                and FREE TRADE has destroyed the economy and Middle Class in this country with the theft of the American means of production and its transfer offshore.

                His intent is to spread negativity, despair, and disillusionment, to break the American Spirit in each of US.

                YM/Clark is an AGENT for the New World Order and disdains everything truly American. Read what he says and it becomes painfully obvious that this individual is not who he says he is.

                Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  @the durango kidd

                  You are not attacking my positions, you are attacking me personally. It’s what people do when they can’t defend their own positions.

                  “He’s been outed here more than once, and keeps changing his screen name to hide his presence, but the anti American rhetoric is always the same.”

                  LOL… For the record DK, I have ALWAYS commented under this tag. I have no need to “hide.” You are flailing and desperate here.

                  As for “Free Trade,” I stand by it. The consumer should ultimately decide the winners and loser in economic activity. Not you, and certainly not the government. If people didn’t want “cheap Chinese crap,” they wouldn’t spend fiat on it.

                  “His intent is to spread negativity, despair, and disillusionment, to break the American Spirit in each of US.”

                  Lets flip this around: I think YOUR intent is to maintain the status quo/establishment and keep the American people under the boot because you are the establishment, and it’s in your best interest. And, if that’s not the case, then the only conclusion I can draw, is that you’re a brainwashed stooge.

                  You’re right DK, there are two Americas, and you and I are on opposite sides. You and Wolf are Statists. I’m a Libertarian. We can agree to disagree, but know this: Your State is going down. It’s not a question of if, but when. The USA is a failed state any way you look at it.

                  Why the pretence otherwise?

        • Wolf359

          YO mamma,

          We are supoosed to be a democratic republic. Study the differnces between pure democracy and a democratically elected republic. Our Founders certainly did.

          Get a clue…get a clue…get a clue

          • Adamantium

            I think you failed to understand…The “Republic” side of this country is quickly fading.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              The American “Republic” has essentially been dead for over 200 years.

          • islander

            thank you wolf , well said

          • Babycatcher55

            No, it’s a CONSTITUTIONAL Republic….big difference…

            • A.Martinez no not that one!

              I don’t know how it down voted, you are so right!

            • Wolf359

              Yes democratically elected constitutional republic.

          • Adamantium

            For the individuals who find it necessary to continue the “conspiracy theory” demonization, allow me to point out a few things. Through out the 80’s, if you claimed “Area 51” was a secret military base, you were a conspiracy theorist. You were laughed at and ridiculed, but you were right. Through out the 90’s if you claimed the government was spying on you, listening to phone calls…You were a conspiracy theorist, and you were laughed at and ridiculed…but you were right. So, the question left to be asked is, what other “Conspiracy theories” are true? Why do we continue to be called crazy when it appears that we are right? Conspiracy Theories aren’t so much the stuff of insanity as much as critical thought (some variations excluded.) So by all means, continue to call us crazy, insane, fear-filled lunatics…but remembers, as it stands right now, we have a more legitimacy then the federal government. The only thing I want to know, is if these “conspiracy theories” are true…What other “conspiracy theories” are true as well?

            • Adamantium

              Forgive typos…Type to fast for my own good sometimes.

          • USCORP

            Babycatcher is correct with the definition, however, this constitutional republic died in 1871,

            • Genius

              Yep, stinkin lincoln saved the day lol. This country has been slowly becoming a fascist dictatorship since then. But then most people think it’s only fascism if someone else does it. The JFK ordeal should prove that to anyone with a brain. Democracy is bullshit, The majority of people are and always have been a bunch of retarded sheep with no business telling others they must follow in theyre footsteps. Natural law is the only real law, the law of actions and consequences. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Morality=freedom immorality= slavery. Man has never and will never be free as long as democracy and immorality rule. The closest thing to freedom imo is anarchy (lack of rulers or masters) but then it appears we will always have psycopaths and those who seek control over others to f*&k it all up. The constitution was a great piece of work but not perfect. As long as mans law prevails there really is no hope of true freedom…

              • USCORP

                Could not have said it better Genius.

      • European American

        “You’ll have to kill me before I let you take my kids.

        I’m armed and they are my children. Go ahead, give it a try on taking them. You may kill me, but some of them will go out with me.”

        Dandy, just dandy. Get yourself killed and jeopardize the well being of your kids while “going down in a blaze of glory” and taking a few of “them” out, if you’re really lucky, in the process. Glory in that? I must say, with that kind of mentality, who cares about your bravado, It’s your KIDS we’re concerned about!

        How about just get your kids out of any indoctrination center that would behave in such a radical way?

        • Peterson

          People need a lesson in resistance for sure! Dying right away doesn’t do anyone a shit bit of good. All these commandos feel the need to jump out and start shooting so they can get killed right away.

          • durango kidd

            The history of successful resistance is “shoot ‘n scoot”…. from a respectable distance. Preppers should prep scopes, lasers, night sights, and SUPPRESSORS. Get yours.

            Engage your employees or have your rights eroded one rule, regulation, or law at a time.

            Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women. 🙂

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              The durango kidd says:

              “Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women.”


              No, politics is a con game where politicians (scumbags) compete to see who can convince the most people (suckers) to believe the most lies.

              Politics is a sick joke, and the joke is on us.

            • Cameraman

              Liberty should be practiced at 2300FPS….Folks its time to Bite Back….

              Semper Fi

        • HTJ

          European American—- people like the moron who made that statement are precisely the ones who’s kids SHOULD be taken and protected.
          He’s going to get in a gun battle with a SWAT team in front of his kids.

          Yeah…he;s firing on all 8 cylinders.

          Some of you people are exactly why there SHOULD be more gun control.

          • braveheart

            HTJ, f#$% you!

            • Barterman

              well said bh

          • lower40


            would you suggest that they just drop and give them a blow job when they show up to take there kids

            • HTJ


              Yes. And always swallow. They would be back ay my house every day after…

              and I would welcome them on my knees.

          • RickE.

            It’s people like you that will grace the grounds of FEMA camps! It’s sheeple like you that WILL DIE FIRST!
            It’s people like you that make it evident that there should be liberal control!

        • TheGuy

          Have you ever actually seen kids get taken away?

          Well I have.

          So for me this is second hand… but it is definitely not hypothetical in the least.

          Someone ever rang my doorbell and announced they were from CPS… that’s more or less all it would take from my perspective. Those… ahem… INDIVIDUALS only do one thing, much like the KGB only ever did one thing.

          As far as this being “over”… not even close. As far as it not being able to get much worse… anyone saying that lacks imagination. “Worse” is a concept with no lower bound.

          • European American

            “Nothing could be more terrifying than when agents of the government kick in your door to take your children, especially if you have done nothing wrong. But that’s exactly what school districts across the country are now telling parents is going to be done unless they comply with their requests.”

            Bottom line. Sorry, your are wrong, Mac, when it comes to your statement that they have done nothing wrong. If a parent is sending their children to a school district where the district makes life threatening, fascist rules as such, and the parent doesn’t take their child out of that school, is that “doing nothing wrong”? Who is sending their children to be indoctrinated in these brainwashing, dumb downing, institutions of lower learning, these prisons where, if you don’t do what we tell you to do, we’ll send a SWAT team to your home to get you on the program. Who’s the dumb Fuck in all of this? Certainly not the Fascists.

            All those who want to have their isolated “shoot out” that’s guaranteed to be a failure all the way around, are the one’s who will be the first to go down when the purge takes place. They’ll be dead, their children carted off to some sex slave camp and the fascist just get exactly what they want.

            Those that homeschool their children GET IT. THEY are the smart ones. They would never let their children out of their sight and into the bloodsucking, vampire clutches of these psychopathic school systems, whose plan all along is to fill the child’s mind with fear and the desire to give themselves to the collective of the hive, unconditionally.

            Those that send their children to these perverse institutions of lower learning will get exactly what they deserve; SWAT TEAMS at their doors, as the fascist, socialist, communist, mind altering, brainwashing indoctrination camps savagely, while repeatedly, rape their child’s minds.

            • Sheepdog

              Exactly right EA!

              If you don’t want trouble, don’t ask for it…

              Any time you call LE, you’re looking for it

              Live in a city, you’re looking for it

              Kids in government school, you’re looking for it

              Provocative stickers on your vehicle, you’re looking for it

              Open carry of weapons, you’re looking for it

              No vocal filter on your mouth, you’re looking for it

              Yea, yea, the First Amendment. Whatever. Wake up and see that the America you grew up in is history. Many times I act like a sheeple, think like a American. It is a bitter pill but I carefully choose my resistance. I will not give the System a reason to look my way. I will choose the battlefield if at all possible. I call it a form of OPSEC.

              The day will come when hard choices must be made. I want to make them on my terms if at all possible, not on those of the System.

              • Genius

                Sheepdog= smart man 😉

              • Any Mouse

                This is one of the smartest things I’ve read. Kudos sheepdog, well said.

            • Genius

              Well said EA!

            • HTJ

              You’ve got quite an imagination there, European American.

      • HTJ

        Oh, don’t worry. They’ll kill you if need be. And oyu little ones can watch. Think of the stories they’ll have to tell about it later.

        “These cops came and my stupid ass father pulled a gun on them…man I have no clue how many time they shot him… he was so full of holes, he looked like swiss cheese”

        Then a friend will laugh and say

        “Your father was a dumbass”

        • TheGuy

          What you’re not understanding here is the fact that his father was f*cked anyway.

          Again… I’ve seen this go down. Oh it’s all very reasonable. And peaceful. And they talk a lot of logic. And you never see your kids again and they grow up not wanting to ever talk to you ever again. To say nothing of the environments they get put in.

          So… would it look irrational to someone who’s never lived through the whole deal and seen how it turns out? It would. It would look batsh*t insane.

          Is it?


          I’m telling you right here and right now, he is DONE. As in… D. O. N. E. DONE. You push someone to that sort of limit, be it on your head when they retaliate.

          All CPS has going for them right at the moment is the fact that this sort of “follow up” “audit” as to what ACTUALLY happens is never published and no one knows. So, like all successful abusers… they come out looking like the reasonable ones.

          I have more respect for Nazis than I do for these a**holes. That there should tell you the level of contempt I hold them in.

          • sixpack

            I gotta agree with you, theguy. There is way too much indoctrination and govt worship for those people to make any rational decisions about other people’s kids. There is too much money involved for them to not be swayed by special interests. The cash bonuses and experimental incentives are too strong for non-principled people to resist.

            Yes, THEY ALWAYS DO APPEAR TO BE THE RATIONAL ONES. They themselves don’t get violent—they let the thugs do that for them and everyone thinks it’s okay, because after all, that’s what thugs do… they hurt people for a living.

            I would suggest it might be more prudent to skip the brainwashed workers and their thug contingent, and go straight for the idiots who passed the laws that allow this thing to happen.

            Skip the middleman.

        • islander

          so the state does this to your dad and you side with the state ? I guess the public school system is getting the job done . please dont have children

      • Man on the inside

        OK not a big problem… HOME SCHOOL OR PRIVITE SCHOOL. This is what we and the misses did for our kids from K-12. Yes it was hard (I worked three jobs and we drove crapy cars for twenty years). I have heard all the excuses. If your state is anti home school… MOVE!!. Texas is very home school friendly (my daughter is doing this there with Her kids), and Texas has plenty of jobs. We got it done. Why people continue to keep their kids in public school totally escapes me.

        • Lost In The C.R.C

          Texas has plenty of jobs – are you referring to the sub $10.00 per hour, part time only jobs that in order to keep, you must bust your hump? Or are you referring to the dozens of military installations you can work at, and be a part of the system we all love so much here? Perhaps the medical benifits are worth it – no, those almost killed my mother with the incompetence shown by the cancer doctors there. Let us remember, EVERYWHERE is a compromise to our lives and those of our families, and NOWHERE is a haven beyond what one must accept to put up with. Sure, Right To Work States are lower cost of living, of so too are wages, benifits, and worker rights within them.

          • gone under

            take the good with the bad. we have low wages here too. I do things to keep cost down such as fire wood cutting, gardening, canning etc. Low pay, Low taxes, and low (small) government. But this as close to freedom as it gets.

      • former_cps

        Ok, this is nothing short of outright tyranny. As a former CPS case worker, I can attest to the overbearing nature of the state. While I’m not condoning the content of these letters, it is important to recognize a distinct difference in the qualitative reason for the generation of these letters. The first letter cites NYS Education Law and merely requires students to get medical exams pursuant to Section 136.3 of NYS Education Law. Based on the general nature of the letter, it is clear that the state of New York has not filed jurisdiction on the child being referred to in this letter.

        When a state files jurisdiction on a child, by virtue of Child Protective Services (CPS), the allegations made by the state are indicative of child endangerment. Child endangerment allegations typically range from the child being exposed to domestic violence in the home, the child being an alleged victim of child abuse (physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect), and or the child being exposed to drug/alcohol abuse to such an extent that the caretakers are unable to provide a safe environment for the child.

        The second letter is generated from Fond du Lac Band Social Services; specifically, Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. This tells me two things: 1) the state has filed jurisdiction on the child in question due to allegations of child endangerment, for anyone of the reasons listed above and 2) the child falls into the category of The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). By virtue of the child falling under the ICWA category, the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa’s tribal leaders have a heavy influence (in many cases, the final decision), in the ongoing care and placement of the child. While it is typical of CPS to mandate medical, dental, family counseling, domestic violence counseling, drug/alcohol counseling and or psychological counseling for all clients, ICWA cases are unique. Tribal leaders can disagree with the service agreement put forth by CPS and recommend that the parent(s) and or child complete services within the tribal community. This appears to be the case here, as the letter references the Min No Aya Win dental clinic. In some cases, the tribal leaders will impose harsher measures for CPS clients than CPS would impose otherwise, it’s rare but I’ve seen it happen.

        If you think this is bad (and it is), just take a look at the “affordable care act” and it’s hijacking of the family using CPS, among other agencies as “enforcers”. This is very scary. Keep in mind that allegations of child abuse can be filed by anyone (a spouse looking to enhance his/her chances in getting full custody – while you are stuck defending yourself against fabricated charges of child abuse, a disgruntled neighbor, your adult siblings, your parents, etc.). I’ve seen it happen. Also keep in mind that the individual making the claim of child abuse remains anonymous to you. CPS knows who filed the claim – you don’t and the chances of you finding out are next to zero. CPS will go to your child’s school, interview them based on an anonymous allegation, and if CPS thinks the child’s safety is at risk, CPS will remove your child from school without your knowledge. You won’t find out about this until your child is in protective custody. I’ve seen this happen many times. As a gun-owning, God fearing, liberty loving individual, my advice is to homeschool your children. Take your children out of the state run brain-washing schools; form a community of like-minded individuals and homeschool your children. Just take a look at the viral video of the Tennessee father getting arrested for attempting to take his daughter out of school. This is insane! People, this is only going to get worse!

        • former_cps

          Another thing I should mention; once CPS has filed for jurisdiction on your child, they can enter your home at any time, without a search warrant – assuming you’re gullible enough to let them in. Be careful, as a CPS caseworker, I came across as rather innocuous and was a slick talker. We’re trained to offer open-ended questions that leave room for lots of ambiguity. We then use that ambiguity to verbally leverage our way into your home. All I ever carried with me was my state issued cell phone, my state employment identification card, business cards and the art of manipulative verbal communication skills.

          Often times, CPS and local law enforcement agencies, (LEA’s) work in tandem. What I mean by this is that many CPS clients have criminal records and associate with people who are actively sought out by local law enforcement. Law enforcement might have intel that links their suspect to a person residing at XYZ address, but are unable to obtain a search warrant and conduct a search of the home due to a lack of concrete evidence. To alleviate this legal hurdle, law enforcement will contact CPS and find out: 1) if there is an open case on the individual residing at XYZ address, and 2) if there is an open case on the individual, the goal is to determine who the case worker is for the client residing at XYZ address. If the person residing at the address in question has an open case (the state has filed jurisdiction on the child), law enforcement will request a “favor”. This “favor” entails the caseworker paying an “unannounced” home visit to their client at a time pre-determined by local law enforcement – they’ve been casing the client’s home and are parked across the street in an unmarked vehicle. CPS arrives at the client’s home and conducts a thorough search of the home looking for law enforcement’s suspect. If the suspect is identified, the CPS caseworker will ask the suspect for their name. The suspect will lie and give a false name (that’s a no-brainer). But that’s ok, because thanks to law enforcement, the CPS caseworker has already viewed a picture of the suspect and is able to identify them based on a physical description. Now there’s “probable cause”. As the CPS caseworker leaves the client’s home, a “nod” is given to the unmarked vehicle parked across the street. The CPS caseworker drives off and goes back to the office to write up case notes on the visit – leaving out the law enforcement collaboration piece. Meanwhile, law enforcement is back at the client’s home conducting an all-out raid on the joint.

          Now there are some caveats to this. If the suspect has a no-contact order with the client and the child, then the child is immediately removed – no questions asked. The CPS caseworker then requests an emergency Review Hearing with the Court regarding the violation of the no-contact order.

          Secondly, and this is even more diabolical. If the individual residing at XYZ address does not have an open case with CPS and is allegedly in contact with law enforcement’s suspect – and has children, a case will be “created”. Law enforcement, or one of their operatives, will place an anonymous, frantic call to CPS and speak to a screener regarding alleged “child abuse” occurring at XYZ address. The screener will request that a CPS intake caseworker immediately investigate these allegations. By virtue of this action, the CPS intake caseworker will conduct a home inspection and talk to all people at the home. If law enforcement’s suspect is there, the CPS intake worker will be able to provide a physical description of the suspect. The CPS intake caseworker will document the visit as either, “founded”; meaning the allegations of child abuse can be substantiated based on evidence and interviews, or “unfounded”, meaning allegations of child abuse cannot be substantiated. Since it’s a B.S. call, more often than not, the investigation will be deemed, “unfounded”. But the point of the call was to get the CPS intake caseworker to conduct a home search and investigate allegations of child abuse – right? Well, yes…according to the stooge CPS intake caseworker, that was the intent. However, as the CPS intake caseworker is leaving the home, she is approached by law enforcement and asked if by any chance she saw suspect ABC, as law enforcement conveniently pulls out a picture of the suspect and presents it to the stooge CPS intake caseworker. If the suspect is identified – bammo baby, there’s probably cause to raid the home. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

          • TheGuy

            Yes I’m familiar with how you slick talking bastards operate, and promise everything from help to temporary measures to the whole 9 yards, offering up false hope and open ended questions just to give the person on the receiving end enough rope to hang themselves with.

            You’re predators.

            The lot of you.

            Fucking scumbag pieces of shit, pardon my French.

            The fact that you people even exist is an insult to basic humanity. I don’t know how more loathesome a person can get.

            How’s it feel, being a worse piece of shit than the Nazi prison guards? Enjoy that, did you?

            • former_cps

              TheGuy, God bless you my friend.

            • former_cps

              TheGuy, I understand your anger. Trust me, I’ve been called much worse. I take it with a grain of salt. There’s nothing wrong with venting, that’s perfectly normal; in fact, it’s cathartic. Now let’s take a walk in my shoes.

              Have you ever seen autopsy photos of a 3 year old girl who was drowned by her teenage, meth addicted parents because she wouldn’t stop crying? I have.

              Have you ever seen autopsy photos of a 7 year old boy who was electrocuted by his mother? I have.

              Have you ever witnessed young drug addicted parents relinquish their parental rights to their 5 year old daughter because they would rather do heroin than raise their little girl, and then have to try and explain to their little girl that mommy and daddy won’t be coming back? I have.

              Have you ever had to deal with an 8 month old girl whose hands and torso were chewed up by the family dog because the dog hadn’t been feed in days and the baby was left unattended while the teenage parents went out to score some meth? I have.

              Have you ever had to deal with a baby who was a victim of shaken baby syndrome and as a result sustained permanent brain damage? I have.

              Have you ever had to explain to twin 8 year old boys why their dad’s girlfriend tried to drown them in the bathtub? I have.

              Have you ever visited a home that didn’t have power for weeks and as a result the contents in the refrigerator and freezer were rotten and infested with maggots and there was human feces and trash knee deep in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom – while a severely alcoholic mother lay passed out in her room as her young children crawled around in this waste looking for food? I have.

              The list goes on and on and on.

              So if you think that by being a slick talker and leveraging my way into homes like these, hopefully to prevent another statistic is so bad – then you are right, I am worse than a Nazi. But what does that say about the parents of these children?

      • lonelonmum

        waterislife – incarcerated or dead the state will simply assume protective custody. When it comes to protecting your kids you have to be SMART not defiant for the sake of it.

        Here in the UK SN kids whose parents complain of their treatment, or other parents who complain to the school about educational standards/targets etc are now frequently threatened like this in some areas.

        Social housing tenants are threatened with CPS if they fall behind with their rent (easy to do if you lose your job, for attending school meetings as benefits can take 3 months to process even for the best parents before anyone hikes up their judgey pants!). That cheap rent comes at a price!

        Sending your child to a state school now involves a real risk. One that parents NEED to be made aware of. There are many, many disadvantages of homeschool – the largest being that it restricts your earning opportunities.

        Lone parents are particularly vulnerable both to state oppression and to lack of earning opportunities if they homeschool. Parents of kids who refuse to drink the cool-aid are also at greater risk.

        It’s easier to demand your child is medicated etc than to tackle the fact they are not swallowing the BS curriculum hook line and sinker. It’s easier to blame the parents of a dyslexic for poor parenting than admit a child needs specialist tuition his teachers lack the skills to provide. Once CPS are involved parental rights and privacy disappear into the ether and the state can tell any lie they choose to about your family.

        With the advent of the internet homeschooling has never been easier, even for parents with no education themselves. There are online curriculums from all over the world, and opportunities to meet with like minded parents that just didn’t exist even 10 years ago.

        If you send your children to school at least have a plan in place for them to slip out of the line and come home in the event of an emergency that involves them being put on a bus during the school day.

        As preppers one of the most important things we can all do is remove our families from the sphere of state and corporate life as much as possible. Even then know a friendly source of legal advice just in case. Although I too would kill before I handed my kids over, I’d rather do everything in my power to avoid the raid in the first place.

        Our kids are our most precious treasures and for most of us the key reason why we prep. Include planning for this risk in your preps.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Posted before, but this deserves a repeat:

        “How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every police operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? If during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever was at hand? The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.”
        — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, who spent 11 years in Soviet concentration camps.

      • jc

        And the children are armed and know how to aim for the heads, extremities and hips…
        They better bring lotsa bodybags.

      • Gods Creation

        If they are in the “public school”, you will have no chance to defend them.

      • snake eater

        you wont know they have them ,,,,,,,,,they will go to the school and take them from there,,,,,,,,,,,,


      • Anonymous

        Wow! However I bet you are not letting your childs teeth rot out either. Or are you?

      • Anonymous

        there is nothing you can do, if you wanna do something, start attending your school board meetings, your township meetings anything having to involve you and your tax paying dollars and speak the heck up.. the only reason they are doing this is because many parents dont attend their council meetings, pta meetings etc.. get involved and know what they are doing to our kids…

      • Billy Idol

        Typical Daisy. The FDL letter references missed appointments and numerous other contacts, suggesting a welfare case anyway.

      • Jolie

        This is obaminationCare along with obamination Communist Core. The “health” of the “governments children” and the “teaching of brainwashing propaganda’ to “their children” is the goal of this islamic communist regime. THERE IS NO CONSTITUTION FOR WE THE PEOPLE ANY MORE! THIS ISLAMIC COMMUNIST REGIME IS VIOLATING IT, AND US!

    2. Be informed

      I was watching a pro BO anti-gunner, pro government control freak passionately defending the BO administration, especially on how BO SAVED the economy from ruin. 17 trillion in debt is sure saving it. I so much wanted to say to this monkey fool that was a white guy, “STUPID”, DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, STUPID?

      This is what you call a total CONFORMIST that is in love with BO like he is some God or something. Then this bona fide cretin goes on to compare BO care with Medicare as the epic beginning of no one ever again not having good health care and saving the country money. This was retarded beyond words and unbelivable that anyone could not choke on their own words on such utter SWILL. It made me throughly sickened in my stomach. I sent Mac an article earlier in the week, before what Brandon wrote, that so deeply describes the conformist that would blindly support that and ANY pure sun baked bull and horse crap no matter what. AND what it means to all of us when enough of these air heads support a rotten government. It is amazing how anyone could be so idiotic. I have seen insects with more common sense.

      Governments ALWAYS prefer conformists over sheep.

      Any government bent of control of its people must have a certain percentage of the population that are completely committed to them no matter how good or totally rotten they are. This segment of the people that will not only follow leaders, but will actually fully believe in “their” ruling factions no matter how wrong the path they take. Call them loyalists or by another name more fitting, conformists.

      Many confuse a conformist with a common name given to people that follow others around without thought, that being a sheep. There is a stark difference though between a sheep and conformist. With a conformist ANY head of state usually does not usually have to lead them around, they will blindly remain in their corner no matter what. A sheep on the other hand is quite fickle and will follow the rest of the flock or be moved around by something such as a sheepdog. Without a manipulating entity the sheep will gravitate towards what suits them the best, the greenest pasture.

      Their is little or no value of a person that is a sheep to a despotic government other than in use as slave labor, disposable soldiers, and beasts of burden. Since they are basically people without much purpose they are more of a commodity to the state or a cog in the nation’s machine. As many past and present dictators have found, a person with a sheep personality will turn on them the second that something better comes around.

      The conformist will stick with a reigning party of a nation, this is their nature and what an autocratic power depends on. The tyrannical government wants to reach a certain threshold of the population that will stick with them through thick and thin. A sheep will follow either a dictator or a dictator’s enemy to an overthrow of the regrime IF they know they can follow the winner. “Fair weather” citizens that are very changable are something no government power wants. This is why extreme indoctrinations and huge amounts of money (the citizens’ own money) and effort goes into the proper manipulation and reeducation of turning as many of the people into conformists as possible that are not already ones. Really what they do is buy them off and condition them, mind wash them enough to be good little conformists.

      It should not be thought that a bad government values conformists as anything but pawns to them. A conformist is simply way more deep-rooted in the obedience of authority. A sheep person needs the constant observation and command of a sheep dog, a type of special police force, to remain in line. Every wonder why there is such widespread surveillance on seeming meaningless everyday activities of unimportant people? They don’t care about the single individual, they are watching the collection of the many, the flock. There is much raw manpower to watch over and keep large numbers of people from straying from the group in mind and body. A conformist is a maintenence free robot that is easily “governable”.

      Even though the notion that a person is sheep and nothing but a mindless individual that is part of a swarm of flies, the term sheep has incredibly taken a more accepted defintion. Many now regard someone referred to as a sheep as being peaceful and part of a community with purpose. Being lead around on a leash is also gaining appeal because so many rather not think for themselves. There is however a rapidly growing number of people that must instead be classified as steadfast conformists that allow a government a high enough majority to secure itself as an oppressive establishment.

      Some will still agrue and say there is no difference between a sheep person and a conformist. The huge difference is shown in the mere perception of the two words alone by almost everyone. Even a conformist hates to be called one. This can be tried on a person and usually inflicts much upset and a feeling of being highly insulted by this get in your face term. People feel that all of them are unique and such a word evokes an extremely derogatory or belittling of their character. Few want to admit that they would blindly follow without question any ruling body no matter what. This being the epitome of stupidity. This is exactly what happens and is happening in any country when enough people willingly go along, become expendable pawns, and support a contemptible government and take everyone else down with them.

      Simply put, people that support a depraved government are as much at fault as those wicked “leaders” that exploit everyone. Without this mass public support, corruption and depotism cannot exist unless it is allowed. Words can be magic and have tremendous impact on lives. The powerful and grabbing word conformist needs to be used as lot more to describe those that contribute so much to an evil government. Weak people respond to negative descriptions of themselves and while a mere word will not change people’s basic personalities, it is a start to open up some eyes to what a conformist really is and how much catastrophic damage many of them can do to everyone’s freedoms.

      Enough is enough. Conformists create misery by allowing miserable ruling governments to pop up like cancerous malignant tumors. The following common descriptions and slangs used to describe what a conformist is that helps to give birth to a terrible government, that should have never had been allowed in the firstplace, helps to give a clearer picture to what conformists really are.

      – Gutless wonders
      – Worms
      – Sponges
      – Jellyfish
      – Zombies
      – Fools
      – Mindless androids
      – Spineless
      – Milksops
      – Shivering cowards
      – Marshmallows
      – Wimps
      – Doormats
      – Cream puffs
      – Mental weaklings
      – Imbeciles
      – Trembling rabbits
      – Crybabies
      – Craven chickens
      – Blind yes men/women

      Everyone’s freedom can be lost in a blink of an eye. It only takes a high enough percentage of the population to support and help create a totalitarian government. ONLY those too blind and ignorant can make this a reality. Being a conformist will help bring this about and why an awful government wants as many conformists as they can get and create. Closed thought which is conformity is exactly the idiotic thought that it can’t happen here. Those whom fail to learn from history are inevitably destined to live through the same mistakes over and over again.


      A conformist is a total BO supporter no matter what, no matter what race, is a supporter of crap.
      A sheep is one that says, “he/she is the president and I fully support my leader”, regardless of how bad or good that ruler is. In other words IF BO and his VP left office for whatever reason, and the leader of the house became president, a sheep would automatically switch alliance no problem. The reverse is true with a conformist that would still retain their worship of BO. The government looks for and hones conformists desperately.

      • Unreconsructed Southron

        The White House needs some deodorant for its BO.

        • TwinFatBoys

          And Washington needs an enema!

      • arco

        I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but I seriously believe its something in the water or the airwaves. One thing that everyone I know who has a clue has in common is the amount of time (or lack of) they spend in front of the tube. Another thing is water, the same people like me prefer purified water over the faucet or municipal supply.

        The idiots who follow blindly, are the same ones tied to their cable and lame steam media. They sit in the drive thru at McBarfs, and use their EBT’s to fill their baskets with crap. Ever stand in line at the grocery and look at the crap people put in their baskets? I think I would puke if I even tried to eat some of that stuff. But you can always spot a welfare cheat, their baskets are full of processed stuff that is allegedly food.

        I am speechless sometimes when I hear an obomobot spouting off.

        Not to get off topic, but try to discuss the ‘nuclear option’ with people. They just don’t get it. Its not how the system is supposed to work. What they have done is bastardized the constitution to the point it means nothing. The sheeple don’t even realize that this is the MO of a dictator.

        I said in previous post, they’ve convinced the sheeple that what are privileges are rights and what are rights are privileges. And it’s getting worse everday.

      • HTJ

        Yeah Be Informed. We were doing SO much better with George running the show!

        • braveheart

          HTJ, we’d be better off without you here.

        • TheGuy

          Sadly… as much as I loathe to say this…

          We were, in fact. As bad as it was… it was better than this.

          Foreign policy and domestic “war on Terra” policy wise… the only difference between Obama and George is that Obama shuts up about what he’s doing.

          But in addition to being a George clone… Obama just destroyed health care, and the middle class… and spies on fucking EVERYTHING… and bald-facedly lies about it.

          So, sickeningly, perversely… we WERE better off under George.

          • HTJ

            yes, you are right.

            I was kind of trying to make a point that they are ALL one in the same and ALL are fucking us.

            Next one will be no different.

            Once the power is in place, none will give it up.

        • Be informed

          @ HTJ. This country has been run into a chasm the whole 21st. Century. To me anyone that supports or is part of dismantling of ALL of our freedoms and the economic well being of the people of the U.S. suck and deserve no respect. They are ass monkeys swinging on branches unaware that when the country goes down so do they, ALL of them.

      • Genius

        Gteat post BI! I am curious, how would you classify police and military?

        • Be informed

          @ Genius. I have known some of the most PRO-Constitution that have been in the military and the police force, Just like any line of work, you have your total dumb sh$% conformists, your sheep, and those with their minds wide open with much common sense and decency as human beings. Hopefully enough military and police will support their fellow countrymen. This may be the reason why one of the heads of the beast and most useless organizations ever, the un, is being considered to do the work of law enforcement in the US during marital law. Because enough in the military and police will NEVER turn on their fellow citizens. Hopefully.

          • lonelonmum

            Look at the relevations now coming out about the behavior of the British armed forces in Northern Ireland during the troubles. Talk to people who lived through those times on the ground. NI is the closest many of us in the West have to being able to compare what life under martial law could be like.

            Then remind yourself of the leadership purge in the armed forces that has taken place under Obama. Most soldiers are the product of a state propaganda education system and are fairly young in years to boot. Military training is all about blindly obeying orders from your superiors. Only an idiot cannot see that if those superiors are ethically dodgy, then so will be the actions of those that take orders from them.

            Lastly research the suicide rates of these young men as they return home from the theatre of war. For several years now, more have died via this method than enemy fire. My ex is living proof of just how much a mind operated by a conscience can suffer long term damage from military service. He is a good, honest man who can no longer comfortably live with himself, (or others) even if he has been strong enough not to suicide to date.

            To assume that the military will not turn on its own citizens is at this point just plain stupid.

            • Mike in VA


              I am so sorry about your ex. War does horrible things to people. It changes all involved forever. I am remarried but have been a single parent. That is difficult too. Thank you for being so strong.
              I have served. My son is currently serving. I have many close friends and neighbor’s. I have had conversations with them about there feelings on fighting the American people. They have also had conversations with others they know about the same subject. All have said they would not obey an order instructing them to disarm the American public. They also said that they would come home to be with there family if the country starting collapsing. Most military men and women love this country. They are devoted to there familys as well. We are not trained to follow orders blindly. In fact part of the training goes over what to do if given an unlawful order. Any order that goes against the constitution is unlawful.
              I believe this is why the government is currently trying to create a private security force. Our wonderful leader has said himself that America needs a security force that is just as strong as the military.
              just like every other organization there are bad apples. I am sure some will obey the current regime. I also think that is why top commanders are being purged. They want those who will blindly obey. They cannot purge the low ranking officers and enlisted men though. If they purged all those people then there would barely be a military left.

              My prayers will be with you and your family. I hope and pray your ex gets better. I do not agree with everything that has gone on in these wars. In my opinion all of our boys should be brought home now.

          • BigB

            @BI, It’s that last word that worries me. “hopefully”


        • Anonymous

          Genius is just a dumbass loser. No more, no less.

          • Genius

            Now theres an intelligent post! Did you come up with that all by yourself?

      • the glimmer man

        Just remember; STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE KNOWS NO RACES! If you remember that, you’ll be fine. People need to remember; there are no democrats and republicans, sunnis and Shiites, etc. There are just haves and have nots. They (the globalists) have to create the illusion of choice but in the end, it is the same shit but a different toilet!

      • p.o.'d in colo.

        The conformists disagree BI. Here, they’re well outnumbered. In my neighborhood, not so much.
        Great post.

      • jc

        Wow, well stated! You should write a book on this difference. More truth needs to be exposed.

    3. Darkstar

      Thanks Daisy for another well thought out article. Even with my kids all grown I worry about how my future grandchildren will be affected. Keep up the good work.

    4. Be informed

      Police state is ONLY held up by the support of idiotic and committed population to the tyranny government. Without enough support of a certain amount of fools, a beast government cannot exist or even get a footing. Blame pro BO supporters for this, along with others that want martial law and control over everything we do. THEY ARE AT FAULT. Do you blame the chimpanzee with the machine gun that blows away a few dozen people or the fools that gave the chimpanzee and show him or her how to use the automatic rifle?

      • braveheart

        Be Informed, good evening to you, sir and once again you are on target. First, please calm yourself down. You won’t do yourself or anyone else any good if you have a stroke, etc. Second, I’m just as alarmed as you are over this development. My blood did boil briefly but it’s back down now. I had to force myself to be calm. you’re especially right about government always preferring conformists. It’s always conformists who help any out-of-control regime to function. You don’t know how many times I’ve gone off on a talking head on MSM in the past or any cheerleader for any particular politician; I know that feeling all too well. The sheeple who have blind, unquestioning faith in government will rue the day they ever believed in govt. they have absolutely no clue as to what they’re going to be blindsided with. When it happens the shock will be so great for some of them they’ll have heart attacks, strokes, etc. For others, they’ll end up committing suicide. It will be horrific and tragic. As I’ve said many times before, I dread what’s coming to this land. I’m not going to enjoy any of it. but I also know I’m not surrendering to evil. I will stand up and fight. i don’t know how long I’ll last, but I will fight. Anyone wants anything from me, they have to kill me for it. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • HTJ

          And kill you for it they will, Bravehart.
          Or do you prefer Mel?

          • Tactical

            HTJ, Any chance that Janet Reno is your mother?

            • snake eater

              nope his moms name starts with an N.
              last name starts with a P


          • braveheart

            HTJ, that depends on how bad they want something from me. I have always worked for everything I wanted. I’ve always lived right. I never go looking for trouble. I don’t go around having bad intentions toward other people. I don’t target anyone as long as I’m not given a good reason to do so. So why do you think someone would target me and NOT SHOW ANY LEGITIMATGE BASIS FOR IT? If you’re unable or unwilling to justify any action against me, if you value your life, then DON’T BE A FOOL AND TRY TO HURT ME. You’ll just lose your life for no good reason. braveheart

            • arco

              I was in New Hampshire this past summer. I loved their license plates; ‘Live Free or Die. You got that right.

              I’m with you braveheart, don’t tread on me and we’ll be just fine. But I’m ready to defend what is mine, the things I worked for and for my Freedom, because of the price others paid for that, I owe them that.

            • snake eater




          • braveheart

            HTJ, i’d really prefer that you just dry up and blow away.

          • Cameraman

            HTL you sure are Optimistic ! They will shoot you if you conform or Not! So what the Hell do you have to lose? I cannot fight a SWAT Team as One Man, but I can eliminate a few before I go Down, and That”s Less Thugs My Kids and Grand kids will need to deal with! I would rather Die On my feet than Live on My Knees, May your Chains Rest Lightly!!!

            Semper Fi

      • Realtime Prep

        Remember BI… It is the slow knife that cuts the deepest. The knife that waits years before it reaches your throat. Everything that is being done, is an attempt to undo 250 years of a truly free nation. Ladies and gentleman, the time for being awake and active is upon us. People who would usurp your ability for the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness are in 100% control. The voice of the people has been irrevocably drowned out by the loud minority who seek to dominate you. Just look, at congress they’re rewriting the rule book at rapid pace. The ability for the minority in the Senate to delay a lifetime appointment via the Fillibuster has been erased. Soon the OB AND The Fed will push for unilateral control of EVERY state. The board has been laid out and the pieces have been put in place. Soon the REAL game will take place, a game for our LIVES.


      • sixpack

        “Do you blame the chimpanzee with the machine gun that blows away a few dozen people or the fools that gave the chimpanzee and show him or her how to use the automatic rifle?”

        Well, BI, I guess it depends on which school of thought you follow.

        A LIBERAL would blame the gun manufacturers for making trigger guards big enough for a chimps fingers to fit into.

        A DEMOCRAT would blame ALL chimpanzees and want to arrest them all before they get a chance to do anything bad.

        AN ANARCHIST would blame the entire institution of govt for oppressing the people.

        A COLLECTIVIST would blame everyone for not being their brother’s keeper.

        A CONSERVATIVE would simply blame the chimp who committed the crime.

        A MARXIST would simply disarm the chimp and, blame the incident on a lack of laws to control the masses.

        Opinions are like assholes…everybody has at least one, and they nearly all stink.

        • Be informed

          @ sixpack. My simple little opinion is for the government to get out of everyone’s life and business and let people enjoy the freedoms that the founding fathers intended for ALL. Eventually ALL tyrannies fall apart because people get sick and tired of their nose ring and being lead around by it. Yet you have these imbeciles that fall right back into the same worship of the same despotism that people died to stop to be free over the millenniums. Failure again and again to learn from history. Unless humans grow out of their stupidity the human species is doomed and will go that way of passenger pigeon.

          • sixpack

            INDEED, BI.

          • sixpack

            Just reread it, allow me to clarify—I didn’t mean YOUR OPINION, BI. I was referring to the listed opinions and their differences. Yours was spot on.

            • Be informed

              @ sixpack. I know that, I was directing this to the trolls that don’t understand that they are being used by the elitists and these pawns are nothing to them. I wish that all people would wake up and realize that people on this site like yourself are in the corner of the good guys that want to preserve freedom for all of us. I just can’t believe that anyone would support a government that would destroy the Constitution because it affects all of us when we lose our freedoms. Though each generation there are attempts to trash something that has kept people and their ancestors free for more than 200 years. It is scary to see just how rampant this desire to urinate on freedom has recently become.

              • sixpack

                I’ll stand back to back with you guys any day—we’ll see who pisses on whom…

        • BigB


          Nice, well thought out and on point. Thanks.


        • snake eater

          six pack

          my friend not everyone has an ass hole some now days walk with a bag hanging off their side


    5. GuyinMidwest

      Is anyone else ready to say enough yet? Come for my kids… you will win… but you will remember me!

    6. Lake Monster

      Get your kids out of the public school now. Look into homeschool. It is has been very well worth the sacrifices I have had to make.

    7. Mike

      Ok, the second letter was from an Indian reservation. Reservations are sovereign.

      • daca

        Exactly about the second letter. And being tribal, the dental clinic would be free to the parents therefore no direct cost.
        With tribal health at some very low levels they are trying to get the parents to simply get the children in for the FREE exam.

        Like the man noted Tribal land Tribal laws.

        • sixpack

          …only until the govt decides to change that…again.

    8. braveheart

      Daisy, thank you for this heads-up on another illegitimate campaign being waged by public schools. Time to get on a roll again. these so-called ‘educators’ need only be concerned about what goes on at school property during school hours. ANY OTHER TIME, WHEN THE KIDS ARE NOT ON SCHOOL PROPERTY, WHATEVER GOES ON WITH THE KIDS IS NONE OF THE SCHOOLS F#$%IN BUSINESS! IT’S NONE OF THE SCHOOLS’ BUSINESS WHERE AND/OR WHEN THE KIDS GET CHECKUPS, ETC. This is another line they’re trying to cross. If they carry out with this literally, some social workers, cops, and families are going to get killed for no good reason. I would hope that LE would at least think twice before following any such order to help a social worker kidnap someone’s kids. that is an order that can get a cop killed no less than an order to confiscate guns. Everyone needs to stop and think about the ramifications of this before doing anything. It’s possible that some tragedies could be avoided and some lives saved if common sense were allowed to prevail. My wife was killed before we could have kids. But if I had any kids, I can guarantee you I would shoot anyone who came to my place to kidnap them. I might lose my own life in the process, but at least I’ll go out of this world knowing I made a good-faith attempt to protect them from evil. I don’t submit to anyone who has bad intentions toward me, ever. I don’t really care what they want from me, they can just forget it if they want to live. I hear thunder; there is a storm coming. MOLON LABE braveheart

      • KansasJohn

        Read the letter head and regards at the bottom. TRIBAL LANDS, TRIBAL LAWS. Top letter probably to a family the school suspects of neglect. This is the first step the school has to take before flat out removing the kids from their parents custody.

    9. Rod Folsom

      Never could I imagine this Country could go this far down!

    10. Paranoid

      Go over to Zero Hedge and read the article on Public Pensions. Looks like these Scum won’t last long. The taxpayer is running out of money to pay them. Can’t be to soon.

    11. pissinwiththewind

      Big Brother and the Holding Company.

      Big Brother/gov is wanting to “hold” everything you have worked for; including your children.

      We are in the last days of this earth age. It is evident by the way the majority of people are acting and behaving. The good book warns us that in the last days our leaders will have the minds of little children. A little child is mostly “selfish”. Feed me, make me happy, sing to me, be my puppet, or else I’ll scream and cry and pitch a bitch fit.

      Speaking of puppets; the followers of pc and liberalsm have drank the kool aid of stupidity and are following the left, and some of the right, all the way to the gates of hell. They just don’t know it yet.

      It is sad to say, but some of our own military and LE have drank it too. Who will dare turn on the citizens of this country and terrorize them? Some will turn and some will kill, but there will be hell to pay when the Father has His say.

      Thank God I’m too old and too close to going Home to worry about it. I’ll say a prayer for those that aren’t as ready as I, and hope they can find comfort in these trying times.

      There is One coming soon that will set the record straight.


      • Lake Monster

        It’s like this, if they can’t get us and brainwash us, then they’ll get the kids. That’s their last hope. I truly believe this.

        My sister just had a baby last summer. She was pressured like you would not believe by nurses to give the baby a Hep B shot. She had to tell them no repeatedly until she finally yelled. They act like the child does not belong to you and that if you disagree you are the crazy one.

        • HTJ

          When someones baby dies form HEP B, then it will be “why didn’t anyone do anything”

          Lots of people were “forced” to have polio and other vaccinations too, in order to attend public school. No one bitched and complained like you whiners. And anyone with Polio would have WISHED they were made to get the vaccine. Smallpox vaccine? Remember? Measles? Rubella? Chickenpox…..

          you people are over the top insane.

          I Hope most of you DONT have kids,,,,and those tat do probably DO need to have them taken.

          And trust me……. if they want to take them, you are doing NOTHING about it.

          • braveheart

            HTJ, since you sound sincere, I’ll ask you to visit Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s website. she is an expert on vaccines and you’ll find some information that will change your view of vaccines. vaccines are not the ‘safe things’ we were all led to believe. braveheart

            • Be informed

              @ braveheart. Someone like this that support vaccinating people to DEATH, and that is exactly what too many vaccinations to the immune system always bring up the most basic vaccinations of the past as proof it is safe. These monsters are shooting people full of vaccinations that most people will never come into contact with in their entire lives. Dr quack and dope dealing pharm companies poisoning people’s immune systems so if the heavy metal toxins don’t kill you then later in life cancer will.

              You look at the battery of vaccinations that are given in comparison to a generation ago and say WTF. Stick people with needles over and over again. I can’t believe that someone gets their yearly flu vaccines and then wonders why they still get sick with the flu anyway. One thing after another how these characters want to take away basic freedoms and choice of the individaul and turn everything into big brother knows best type of controlled hell on Earth.

          • sixpack

            HTJ, you’re simply an idiot.

            According to, Hepatitis B is spread by infected blood and other bodily fluids such as semen, vaginal secretions, and open sores, so unless your newborn get raped by an infected person or handled by infected people who got their open sores on the child, THE CHILD IS NOT AT ANY RISK OF CONTRACTING HEP B…except of course, if they get a live virus from the damn vaccine.

            You want to know the REAL REASON they are pushing this vaccine?


          • lonelonmum

            HTJ – vaccination should be a parental choice, not one of government.

            Personally I’m pro vaccination, but not pro-overloading a child’s immune system before it has had time to develop naturally. Breast feeding and decent hygiene and nutrition also have a large part to play in child health. (No disposables nappies or shop bought nutritionally empty jarred foods are used by our family when raising our young in my family – both contain noxious chemicals).

            I didn’t give birth to hand over the responsibility to someone else. Any jabs my child were given at the right time, by a doctor I trusted, after I’d researched it and read the label on the vial. The state is NOT my baby daddy in the final analysis. Neither am I the gubberments unthinking ho.

            Anyone who lets a total stranger jab an unknown substance straight into their newborn’s bloodstream has no business breeding in the first place imho.

        • Babycatcher55

          As a midwife and doula, I see this a lot….you ought a see what some medical people try to pressure clients to do…it’s insane! And not healthy! I always encourage the parents to do their research, second opinion, etc. some docs don’t like it, but these decisions are the parents’ to make, not the doctor! The baby/child belongs to the parents!

      • braveheart

        Pissinwiththewind, I’m with you. I’m standing up and fighting these evil bastards. It’s only a matter of time before the balloon goes up. Anyone want to come to my place with any evil intentions toward me? Before you do anything, I hope you’ll think very long and carefully first before making a stupid decision. If you decide to do so, make sure your insurance is paid up, your last will and testament is all written up, and hug your wife and kids one last time. Come on and force your way into my home. IT WILL BE THE LAST THING YOU EVER DO. I hope for your sake that you’ll decide NOT to do such a stupid thing like that. I don’t really want to shoot anyone if I can avoid it, but I will NOT submit to any POS that has bad intentions toward me. MOLON LABE braveheart

    12. Iowa

      Threaten their family with no options left off the table!

      • Iowa

        I’m gonna be judged by what I’ve said, forgive me God.

    13. Prepared Pastor

      Why I am not surprised to the two states are Michigan and New York? Because like an apple America is rotting from the outside in. It will take a while for these things to come to other states. By the time it gets to some there will be no funding to support it. Those are the states one should be living in today.

      • HTJ

        Yes, Michigan and New York are not SANE States like West Virginia, where sons stab their Senator Fathers in the head, then kill themselves.

        There is one family that should have had a little visit 20 years ago…

        Tragedy would have been averted.

        • sixpack

          That depends on why the son stabbed his father, a senator. I can think of a couple that could use some ventilation…

          • HTJ


            he was one of the “good ones” supposedly.

            Trying to make a point again that the logic here is nuts sometimes. These “good” states have as many kooks as the rest.

            Everyone says pick up and move to a “good” state..

            until there are no more.

            That is not that way to fix this.

            Unless you are a pussy.

            • sixpack

              If he was one of the “good ones”, them we’re probably looking at a James Holmes MKUltra type deal. My question is still…WHY?

        • Babycatcher55

          And West Virginia is not where that happened. It was Bath County VIRGINIA….near the border, but still….

          • HTJ

            Babycatcher and JIMinVa-

            you both are right. I was wrong.

        • jim in Va.

          Try Virginia,the guy was stabbed by his son in Virginia. this happens in all states by the way.

    14. Anonymous

      Daisey you stink , your so called articles are useless drivel that will never come to
      Any consequence. Go away , like that stupid organic prepper site.

      • braveheart


        • Facebook Page

          BH. Daisy has not been writing good stories lately. She has had a string of poorly researched pieces like the one above. Let see a nurse find rotting teeth in a child’s mouth when a child complains of pain. She had done a good job (the nurse) keeping the government out of it.

          I have seen the care many ebt and tribal family actually do for their children. I have a feeling this is on of those case where a kick in the ass is the only way.

          And again Daisy has been really been writing some real hack jobs lately. She seem to be reaching and can’t find her footing. She should of stuck work how to prep instead of trying to go to. Why and who fault it is. She was good with the needies. And she also does no follow up espeisally when she has been caught being wrong by not having all the fact before she writes about it.

          Just like the government does she only has been telling then part that help here cause. Not the real storybof both sides.

          • lastmanstanding

            …for a paycheck sitting at home.

            • HTJ

              LAST MAN-

              Yes…. for a paycheck to sit on her FAT ass, instead of getting a real job.
              Her writing sucks. Her website sucks. Her info is bad more than half the time.
              Profit off of fear and lies … great.

              She is a hack writer. And I choked on even calling her a writer.

          • HTJ

            FB PAGE- Exactly. She is in it for the money. She should be right on here defending what she wrote. She is looking for the ad dollars like the rest of the hacks.
            And you get thumbed down, just “because”

            Daisy Luther is a fucking fraud. From the time she stored wet firewood in her living room. ( IN CANADA) She is fucking CLUELESS and will be responsible for someone getting dead.

            • KY Mom


              Stop attacking Daisy!! She does NOT deserve to be treated like this. Is it no wonder she rarely comments here lately? Daisy is my FRIEND and is a very kind and honest person! She has never pretended to know everything. Daisy shares food storage and other information FREE on her website. She is a gifted writer and has written MANY fine articles.

              Thank you Daisy! I have shared articles you have written with others. You helped more people than you will ever know! So, please remember that when you read drivel from lowlifes like this, who have probably never written anything in their life. While they complain about others getting paid as a writer, they probably make their living trolling websites and spewing HATEFUL CRITICISM.

              HTJ, Freedom of speech does NOT give you or anyone else the right to speak maliciously of another person. With rights come responsibilities.

              • lastmanstanding

                KY Mom. You are one of the stalwarts here.

                DL’s “work” the last few months has been “thin” to say the least…poorly research, fear mongering crap.

                • KY Mom

                  You have the right to agree or disagree with articles and other comments. That said, I see no need to act like Neanderthals here and verbally ATTACK others with hateful comments…apparently for the FUN of it.

                  I thought the point of the comment section was to discuss issues and share information.

                  Do you think I enjoyed being referred to as ‘wh0ring’ by Peterson on last article? No. No one enjoys to be the target of hateful and vulgar comments.

                  The trolls here have become emboldened. Cyber bullies see ‘free speech’ as the right to say whatever they want…the more vulgar, the better! Like bullies on the playground, they thrive when they have an audience. If they are not stopped, they will continue and escalate.

              • HTJ

                KY MOM- so I see you are all for limiting the first amendement?

                How bout the rest, you sellout.

                YOu are not an AMerican.

                Can’t take it. Dont read.

                Daisy CANNOT write, does not know what she is talking about more than half the time, is not an AMERICAN, and could not handle living in the boons so bugged out.
                But SHE will tell US how to live and what to do, how to do it, and wha the govt is doing?

                She is delusional, and you are sounding anti constitution…. with your anti 1st amendment rantings.

                • KY Mom

                  You still don’t get it.

                  We get a drivers license. But, that doesn’t give us the ‘right’ to drive without regard to others on the street.

                  With rights come responsibilities.

                • Average Guy

                  Hey, KY mom. I like your posts. But I wonder if you’re a clover when driving?
                  Check out and find out?

                  If so, you could change.

                  Or maybe my perception is mistaken? Afterall, I did only read the last bit of this thread.

                  I like most of what Daisy writes.

            • braveheart

              HTJ, you’re the fraud you sorry ass troll as well as being clueless. Go f#$% yourself!

      • HTJ

        I think all these sites are just profiteering off of fear.

        Fear from all the insane people out there who think everything is a conspiracy against them.

        FEAR SELLS.

        • AnAngryJew

          I have come to a similar conclusion.

          However, there are some truths and reasonable arguments for many of these articles.

          The difference is making yourself aware of these possible truths or obsessing over them to the point of delusion and paranoia.

          Many of the prepper community do the latter and in my opinion, it is mentally unhealthy.

          Does anyone really think Alex Jones believes the shit he shovels? Nah. He does it for profit. No different than the million other charlatans in existence that use our vulnerabilities against us. The main targets being our ignorance, our anger and our fear.

          • HTJ

            ANGRY JEW-

            Yes! Alex is recling in a lazy boy, laughing his stupid ass off with Gerald ” the world is ending this year FOR SURE” Celente.

            THEY MAKE THEIR LIVING OFF THIS!!!!!!!!!

        • braveheart

          We have a new troll named HTJ. since he’s trying to justify the actions of an out-of-control government, what else could he be?

        • braveheart

          HTJ, that might be true with some sites, but not this one. Mac Slavo brings us true articles, NOT MSM PROPAGANDA. We are a community of independent thinkers. We don’t trust the MSM to give us good information on anything so the alternative media is the only place to go to if you want the truth about anything. If you don’t like what you see here, go back to the MSM and have another dose of that federal koolaid. we don’t have any use for trolls here.

          • another jim

            Unless to don’t agree with commissar BRAVEHEART…

            • braveheart

              another jim, who the f#$% are you calling ‘commissar’? I’m not some commie POS so go f#$% yourself!

                • braveheart

                  HTJ, no that’s not me, moron.

              • Anonymous

                The moment you disagree with the commisar braveheart he starts cursing and losing his idiotic temper .. what loser tool.

                • braveheart

                  Anonymous, I’m perfectly calm. I’m not a loser or an idiot. You and HTJ are the idiots being trolls for Obama. enjoy those govt. checks while you can. they won’t last.

          • HTJ


            listen…. just because it is written on a non “MSM” website, does not make it so.
            Are you willing to look my right in the eye and tell me there is NO ONE doing this for pure profit, and that EVERYTHING written on these sites is 100% true?

            If you can do that, you are a bigger dip shit than I thought.


            • braveheart

              HTJ, I’m about to shock the hell out of you. Over the years, I’ve found a lot of sites in alternative media that I’m skeptical of. No, I DON’T believe 100%, in some cases even 25%, of what these particular sites say. the sites I’m talking about I believe are just as bad as any MSM. In the world of alternative media, you have to research sites VERY, VERY CAREFULLY to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. I’ve been coming to this site since July of last year and I have yet to find anything even questionable at this site. I trust Mac Slavo without question and without reservation. HTJ, I’ll go easy on you this time because you did bring up a valid point. I’ll give some examples of what I think are unreliable sites. Infowars. com,,, etc. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture [I HOPE]. Yes, I’ll look you in the eye and say there are unreliable sites in the alternative media, but this forum will have to do. If you’re looking for ‘dipshits’, you’ll find a whole world of them at the MSM. They’re the ones who accept anything they’re told without questioning them or researching for themselves, NOT ME! I know how to think for myself. I’m not ‘dumbed down’.

        • Adamantium

          Comparative to what HTC? Fox news? Perhaps CNN? Oh I shouldn’t forget the federal government themselves. It’s funny to me that you would demean this site and others like it as “Fear” sites when the biggest engine of fear is your own government. Reinforced fear and anxiety of terrorism around every corner, constant political “urgency” from the dying political opposition, and a propaganda apparatus that fuels and reasserts the WORST kind of fear, fear of each other. Or have you missed all the DHS memos stating how just about all of us can be “terrorist” now…Terrorist…biggest misnomer is modern history, might as well call it “Anti-traditionalist”, at least that would be closer to the truth…but…These sites spread all the fear…

          Eyes wide open, right?

          • HTJ


            yes…..your right. And then that fear is carried over here for profit. Same shit on every site……
            notice same ad on every site too…

            and I get your name… here’s one for you!!


          • braveheart

            Admantium, way to go. Get him!

      • sixpack

        “Daisey you stink , your so called articles are useless drivel that will never come to Any consequence. Go away, like that stupid organic prepper site.”


        It attacks a specific person for her opinion. It is not generalized and political, it is well focused and offensive (I’m sure to Daisy at least).

        Here’s your chance…

        • Facebook Page

          It is his opinion. Here make chance to contuniue to show he does allow different in them. You are showing that you do not.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, by “Here’s your chance” I offered the choice to be either tolerant or intolerant, but thanks for the opinion anyway, FBP. I’ll try to be more clear next time…just for you, sweet pea.

        • sixpack

          Actually, by “Here’s your chance” I offered up a choice to either be tolerant or intolerant. Thanks for the opinion anyway, FBP. I’ll try to be more clear next time, just for you, swet pea…

          (third time trying to post this) Apologies if it posts more than once.

          • Facebook Page

            Thank you see my slowing thought process is having problems reading minds over the web. I was amazed to see a reaction from you like how I perceived it.

            I guess now the page has made 2 mistakes. The one above and that one time I thought I made a mistake before. No ones perfect.

      • Molly Pitcher

        Mouse malfunction, I clicked the red thumb…stop your name calling.

        • Molly Pitcher

          This was directed to a negative comment re Daisy Luther…I like her well articulated articles.

    15. Shooter

      Dig a moats around your house!

    16. SilverSax

      Man, there’s nothing worse than a petty bureaucrat. This reminds me of the “Party Officers” of the old Soviet Union.
      This country’s gotten too big for its britches. Time for it to be taught a painful lesson.

      • SilverSax

        “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.” – Ecclesiastes 5:8
        Come, Lord, and let your justice reign in this land of wickedness.

      • Be informed

        @ SilverSax. This is exactly what happened with Stalin and why so many innocent people died, tens of millions that even overshadowed Hitler. Stalin and other dictators had enough loyal support to pull this off. This is what is happening with this country right now, blind conformists are being conditioned to go along with these thuggery tactics like what Daisy wrote. It is disgusting because you have these floaters that are not loyal to anything, sheep. A bad government can’t depend on them, it needs enough conformists that will stick with them no matter how evil them become. This is how these tyrannies start and maintain themselves for years or decades.

        BO and his cronies and puppet masters know this that unless you have enough fools that go along with any set of atrocities you can’t have a dictatorship. The Nazi youth was an example of this. Look at how this government is targeting the youth to destroy the 2nd Amendment and trying to condition the young to hate self defense. I am still amazed at the shear idiocy of those students trying to petetion to outlaw pressure cookers. These conformists are exactly what a dictatorship wants, young people to head their “special” army of police and soldiers. Do you agree?

        • braveheart

          BI, you know I agree. braveheart

        • OutWest

          Be informed — agreed

          As the twig is bent, so shall the tree grow

        • SilverSax

          Yes, I do agree. The Left has known for years that the indoctrination of the Young was where their future lay. Now we have Revisionist textbooks in schools, leftist teachers’ unions and widespread leftist policies in the education system.
          Normal, traditional, conservative American values are largely mocked and the children who hold such views are intimidated and ostracized.
          Instead of feeling shame or defeat, the darker our society becomes, the prouder I am of my own beliefs and traditions.
          Hold your heads high, True Americans!

      • braveheart

        SilverSax, if I remember correctly, those “Party Officers” were known as “Commisars”. “Your papers, comrade.” “Yes, Comrade Commisar.”

        • SilverSax

          Yes, that’s right, “commisars”. I had forgotten. Petty bureaucrats who were eager to exercise their power over their neighbors. They were despised by the general public and well-known as informants.
          It’s a sad situation to see the rise of “commisars” in America.
          Thank Comrade Hussein Obama and his useful idiots, the Democrat Party.

          • braveheart

            SilverSax, I have something for those ‘commisars’ if/when I ever encounter any and it WON’T be what they would expect from me. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • JayJay

            Does anyone ever wonder what the results of disappearing ‘commisars’ would have been??

            • HTJ

              I do JayJay… a swift and BRUTAL end.

              That is why none of them disappeared.

              Same as what would happen now.

              YOU ARE BEAT.

              • braveheart

                HTJ, no we’re not defeated, @hole. We can and will put an end to this tyranny.

                • Lost In The C.R.C

                  So do it already! Stop bullshitting about it! Oh wait, you have too much to lose, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US! Without a precipitating event to set changes into motion, the current course heading for the reefs will stay. Status quo until the end of the show. Lets hope for rapid onset chaos, because if it is slow creeping, the tyrants have the win, as they do now.

                • HTJ

                  Yeah Bravehart…..bla bla fucking bla.

                  Let me know when you do it.

              • SilverSax

                @HTJ, dob you know for a fact that “none of them disappeared”, or do you just like being a jerk?

                • HTJ

                  SILVER SAX—

                  SOME may have been disappeared.

                  My point was that most were not. And would not be AGAIN.

            • Sigi

              Solzhenitsyn wrote something about that which seems to pop up on patriot sites form time to time.

              • Sigi

                *from time to time.

            • Slick One

              Jayjay I should think boundless joy and delight! 🙂

              • JayJay

                I just know if I saw my neighbors disappearing, if I knew these commisars were disappearing them, I would do something bad since I am a senior, have no children to care about, and I know my husband would do the same. There is another world waiting for us.
                ‘Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God’.

    17. Satori

      watch a couple of these videos

      this is the next generation

      people like this are simply incapable of maintaining a democracy

      Is There Now Any Doubt

    18. Ever Vigilant

      Remember one thing…….What a Sheepdog does

    19. Mountain Trekker

      Just as in past sessions Matt Mead RINO Governor of Wyoming has done all he could do behind the scene to shootdown pro gun bills now he intends to appoint a previous NARAL attorney, Pro Abortionist Kate Fox to the Wyoming Supreme Court. Mead may be a Republican, but he sure ain’t Conservative. And if you claim to be a Coservative and you say don’t vote, thats just the reason these RINO’s get into office. Primaries are when Conservatives lose out, this is when the Party Machine gets their man elected, whether Dem. or Republican. We sure can’t win when the Dems appoint Liberals to the courts and the Republicans do the samething. Matt Mead will be running again in 2014 so remember, you can make a difference. Trekker Out.

      • HTJ

        Trekker Out, WHAT?

        Of your MIND?

        Geez o man.

    20. KansasJohn

      For crying out loud. Read the bottom of the second letter. Its from a freaking reservation. The feds can’t and won’t make the red man do anything. TRIBAL GOVERNMENTS make their own laws and enforce their own protective services.
      The top letter makes no mention of CPS, but its from New York so do we really expect anything different?
      Anyone here ever been neglected? Beaten by a parent? Had a tooth knocked out by a drunk mother? Wouldn’t it have been nice for someone to notice? Not one soul on this thread has all the facts. These letters created a big ole’ what if scenario. What if the kid was being spoon fed sugar, shouldn’t someone step in and say lets get this kid looked at by a doctor before we accuse mommy and daddy of neglect or abuse?
      I enjoy this web site but crap like this makes me sick. Do you really think its in your best interest to go down in a blaze of glory over a letter from the school? Yeah really bright idea to go to the grave over some minor note from the school nurse.
      That passion to defend your proginy is needed in a newspaper article. The story of losing your children over a dental examine needs told on sites like this. Let the court of public opinion get weighed by fact and not speculation.

      • HTJ

        Kansas—–dont try to being logic to the criminally insane.

        How many shoot outs after Katrina when they were securing firearms? NONE.

        How many shoot out or protests after the Bosto Bombing when they needed to go into some houses to check them?

        Keyboard commando comes to mind.

        • AnAngryJew

          Exactly. It is nice to think that in terrible situations we would act to our will and go down fighting. But reality dictates that we want to survive. And when push comes to shove, if there is a way to survive without getting killed, we will take it to preserve our lives and the lives of our family and friends.

        • braveheart

          Delusioned, demented Obama-supporting troll comes to my mind.

          • AnAngryJew

            I hate this delusional mentality that you support.

            The mentality that anyone who disagrees with your opinion is a troll.

            If you disagree, point out what is wrong with my argument. Don’t make a blanket, insulting statement to avoid addressing my point. Provide reasonable evidence.

            The arrogance and narrow mindedness of people like Braveheart makes me fear for humanity as much as I fear for the sheeple. Both are extreme, but on opposite sides of the spectrum.

            • AnAngryJew

              Well it looked like Braveheart replied to me, but I guess he didn’t.

              Either way, I think that mentality is still inappropriate and childish.

    21. HTJ

      who wrote this article? A paranoid Schizophrenic?

      Are you for real? Go back to Alex Jones and get on your knees.

      • braveheart


      • another jim

        No, a blogger Daisey Luther wrote the article for PROFIT..
        Too bad some of these yahoos on here don’t get it..

        • braveheart

          another jim, that’s how Daisy makes her living. or would you prefer that she go on welfare and some of YOUR tax dollars would have to support her and her family?

          • Sheridan baff

            I agree and don’t care if the blogger is paid. Why would it make a difference. Bloggers have their slant and depending on the slant and the quality of the writing they can make some money. I don’t understand how she would be on welfare if she weren’t writing. There are other choices and she doesn’t seem stupid or the welfare type.

    22. Ancient Echoes

      All who visit here may be great caring parents, but what about all those that had no business having children. The drug addicts and irresponsible parents? Are we suppose to just allow them to raise citizens to become like themselves, if so, where does it end?

      • lonelonmum

        Communities have a responsibility to the children within their midst. I lost count in the end of how many young Mums I taught to scratch cook basic nutritious economical food for their children. Or showed them where to find nice parks and safe educational days out where they just needed a picnic in the city etc, etc.

        I do not believe in turning a blind eye, making a phone call to some authority and considering it my job done when it comes to the welfare of a child. To me that’s a key key reason why child abuse and neglect has become so rampant – everyone sees it as someone else’s reponsibility like Pontius Pilate.

        I strongly believe it takes a village to raise a child, and am so grateful to those pensioners who took time out of their day to help my son with his language therapy for ASD.

        I can only refer to the UK here, but when a child is taken into state care their future is not a happy one. There is rampant sexual abuse, educational, physical and emotional neglect of kids raised by the state. In all but the most EXTREME cases the child’s parents just needed a little old school neighborly help & education.

        Back in the day communities had HARSH penalities for peadophiles, now CPS itself harbours them & keeps them safe from justice.

        Grown decent men are frightened to pick up someone else’s kid from the path when they fall off their scooter lest they be accused of something heinous. Even 20 years ago almost any adult would have scooped up a hurt child, administered basic first aid and hollered for the mother.

        Mindsets need a reset. Somehow the very predators we fear with regards children have come to run whole whole damn show, while parents are frightened to reprimand their own flesh and blood for being naughty.

        • Emily

          @ Lonelonmum ~ I agree with you. I just read a horrific article in People magazine. It was called the White House Boys. These young boys, young men, were put in a place called Dozier School for Boys in Florida. They were flogged with a cattle flog, beaten half to death, raped, and some were outright killed. The State of Florida should be held accountable. The monsters jailers of these young boys, young men, should be thrown in prison, and die in prison. The State of Florida has blood on its hands. Right now there is an archeological dig going on, and they are finding Dozens of Remains of the bodies of those poor, mistreated victims. Some bodies were thrown in a swamp. Some bodies were thrown in the incinerator, and the ashes dumped in the field the next day. Monsters, animals, may those jailers rot in hell. Flordia, may you rot in hell. Just as the Nazi War Criminals were found years later, many old men, and sentenced for their horrific crimes, I pray that the same be done to the animal jailers that performed the hideous monstrosities upon these poor boys.

    23. Raider

      Should organized armed resistance begin forming now, or should we keep waiting and watching?

      • Night breaker

        Good things come to those that wait.

        There is a season for everything





        Semper Fi 8541

    24. aljamo

      The TPTB can force vaccinations on children before they enter school. The effectiveness and safety of these injections is disputed. Under the ACA, poor old people’s healthcare will be disregarded. The children will be drugged to comply with the emerging reality of corporatist dictates.

    25. AnAngryJew

      Many parents don’t deserve their children.

      And if a school is requiring you to get your children to the doctor for a checkup to make sure everything is okay, I say it’s fine.

      How is that a bad thing? Either you want the best for your child or you don’t. Getting your kids looked at by a doctor is the best way to determine if they are healthy.

      I get that many of you are ‘anti-this’ and ‘anti-that’, but that does not mean that your children are.

      Your beliefs could put your children in harms way. I have seen this first hand.

      Of course, ultimately, these letters are fueled by the greedy desire to have more butts planted in seats which results in more funding for the schools. After all, if your children are sick and dying, they won’t attend school.

      • Ghostrighter


        “”Many parents don’t deserve their children.””
        What about the parents that do?

        “”How is that a bad thing?””

        When another entity can dictate the medical needs of your child they will feel empowered to expand on this to include all aspects of your child’s life. Children could even be indoctrinated to kill…AnAngryJew.


        When you allow one little right to be taken away, you have opened the door for all rights to be removed. People on this site understand this. That is why we stand up for individual rights and beliefs, even if they don’t concur with our own.

        • AnAngryJew

          “When another entity can dictate the medical needs of your child they will feel empowered to expand on this to include all aspects of your child’s life. Children could even be indoctrinated to kill”

          This is a fallacious argument known as a slippery slope.

          It is irrational, because it relies on the assumption of possibility. Possibility does not equal probability.

          It is possible that tomorrow morning, I will die in an auto accident while driving to work. But does that mean I should never drive again?

          • Ghostrighter

            “”It is possible that tomorrow morning, I will die in an auto accident while driving to work. But does that mean I should never drive again?””

            OF COURSE NOT.

            BUT, to use your own analogy of:

            “”And if a school is requiring you to get your children to the doctor for a checkup to make sure everything is okay, I say it’s fine.””

            I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having a doctor check your health each morning and having a certified mechanic sign off each day that your car is safe for you and the other drivers on the road.

            And by the way your comment of:
            (Possibility does not equal probability.)
            Only applies if probability fails to materialize into fact, which can not exist without first being a possibility.

            • AnAngryJew

              “’m sure you wouldn’t mind having a doctor check your health each morning and having a certified mechanic sign off each day that your car is safe for you and the other drivers on the road.”

              And what makes you think that this would ever happen? You are jumping to a conclusion that is unwarranted based on a slippery slope argument.

              “And by the way your comment of:
              (Possibility does not equal probability.)
              Only applies if probability fails to materialize into fact, which can not exist without first being a possibility.”

              No. You misunderstand. What my quote implies is this simple law:

              The possibility of something occurring is separate from the probability (likelihood) of it to actually occur.

      • Swinging on a star


        Are you OK with a mandatory psychological exam on your child, without you present or even knowing about it? What if they deem your child to be psychologically damaged because you wouldn’t buy him a Xbox?

        • AnAngryJew

          “What if they deem your child to be psychologically damaged because you wouldn’t buy him a Xbox?”

          What leads you to assume that they would? They tend to be very thorough with their diagnosis, not all of them are greedy cunts trying to push pills.

          “Are you OK with a mandatory psychological exam on your child, without you present or even knowing about it?”

          Without knowing about it? No I am not okay with that. But I don’t need to be present and I don’t care if it’s mandatory if it can result in the better well being of my child.
          Nobody complains about mandatory lice examinations or spinal examination (to look for any abnormal curvature).

    26. Mike in VA

      I am going to change my name from Mike to Mike in VA. There are a few Mikes running around on this site.

      There seems to be a rash of government interference with children over the past several months. I have heard several of these stories. Glen Beck reported on a 15 year old being kept in a hospital psychiatric ward. The parents disagreed with the doctors diagnosis. The parents were kicked out and given visitation rights. I believe they were allowed to visit for one hour twice a week.
      Then you have police escorting people out of school board meetings because they disagree with school policy. We have seen the government shut Boston after the bombing. Obama care forces us to buy insurance. Now Obama care is telling private insurance company’s to reinstate the plans that they cancelled. We have banks telling people they can only wire transfer a certain amount of money overseas. The senate has now said that it will only take 51 votes to approve one of Obamas cabinet nominees. The N.S.A is monitoring our phone calls and emails. The F.B.I. will come knock down your door if you post something they don’t like on Facebook. All of this we have seen over the past two years. This does not even take into account the economics of this worthless government. They lie, cheat, and steal. They want total control Period.

      If anyone thinks we are not headed for severe trouble and pain then they are crazy. How can people allow this to happen in the United States and not be outraged. Just thinking about it all really tells me that it is too late for most people. They have either allowed there selves to be brainwashed by the education system or they are so dependent on the system that they take it. The education system preaches socialism and people who go through it think it is a great idea. The people who are dependent always vote for the person that will give them more free stuff.
      How did people become so stupid. They are giving away there freedom a little bit at a time. The damn thing is they don’t seem to mind.
      What has happened.
      Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

    27. Ugly

      Prepper Friends and Dudes.

      Let me explain, thus take a seat. Eisen, Joe, others, please take a seat. I’ll explain.

      Remember the game of Monopoly?

      The meek, timid, nice, honest, and common folk will never win that game. You have to be a Greedy Bastard to win.

      At first, we all have the same. Then you roll dice and move. The Greedy Bastard knows he must buy, and buy quickly. He buys, and you are nice and roll the dice and buy something once in a while. This is because at first you have cash in your hand, and you can see his is dwindling because he is buying.

      But, the Greedy Bastard keeps buying. He knows. If he owns 65% equity of the board, then he owns you too….

      You keep playing. He buys hotels and you laugh cause you got the ‘get out of jail’ free card. He keeps buying, and you keep rolling.

      Soon. No matter how you roll the dice in life, you owe him something. Suddenly, all that monopoly money is in his hands. You have some monies and some equity, but he knows that no matter how you roll the dice in life you will land on his equity and then owe him dearly.

      Then, to keep the game going you start to sell some of your equity. That is to get monopoly dollars and hope that he lands on your property to collect. He does, but you do more–much more. Thus, you keep owing the Greedy Bastard ever and ever more.

      In time, he controls the whole board. He owns all the assets plus all the monopoly dollars.

      The dollars don’t matter. What matters is that he owns the assets and also he owns you.

      In USA, they are printing monopoly dollars not to save you, but to save them. Those dollars are going to investment stuff such as housing, land, and farm ground.

      They are buying and investing on printed dollars, while we feel good about our ‘get-out-of-jail- free card.

      Soon, they will own the assets.

      Soon, they will be at your doorstep.

      How will we pay them back?

      • braveheart

        Ugly, your points are well taken, but you mention trolls like ncjoe and eisen. trolls will never understand.

        • gone under

          Eisen isnt a troll. He is just different and probably hears voices in his head. He doesnt constantly post to disagree with everyone. There are a few people here that he doesnt like, so he prods them a little bit. NCjoe might be a troll, but I doubt it. There is a person who occasionaly posts (about once a month) and is phishing for info on your guns and ammo etc. Some of you have given WAY too much info in that area. Everyone has guns, but to post how many, how much ammo, gensets, fuel, and food isnt good, as the gov knows who posts and where you live. There is no system they cannot breach. This is what they do.

      • Be informed

        @ Ugly. Kick ass analogy. This is why I enjoy this site so much, people like yourself and so many others are free thinkers that see what is really the case of everything falling apart in front of us.

      • arco

        Pay ’em back in PM’s; Brass and lead.

    28. Mike in VA


      Great illustration. We own nothing. Even our houses are not ours if we don’t pay our taxes. How do we pay them back. We must return to the original intention of the constitution no matter what the price may be. Maybe we need to add a few amendments as well to try to prevent this from never happening again. If there is a country left worth fighting for after all of this. Who knows we may end up a 3rd world country.

    29. Be informed

      @ braveheart and others. I got so throughly fed up with the shear ignorance and propaganda that is being spilled all over the airwaves about just how wonderful times are because the stock market just hit another all time high. I wrote this about conformist because I wanted others to see the difference between someone whom simply is like a fly looking for another piece of crap to fed on, and someone whom support the evil regardless of whom is “leading’.

      I have called people sheep and they don’t take this as really an insult, some have told me that being a sheep and chewing on green grass all day long sounds pretty good. Now you call someone a conformist and it is like calling a striaght person a faggot, or someone with a weight problem a fat ass. People hate this term conformist. Being a non-conformist or maverick means someone with a mind of their own, a free thinker to be respected.

      These idiots that support BO and the anti-gunner crowd are total conformists and true manure piles that will go right down to the end fully going on with the destruction of the Constitution and all our freedoms thereof. Examples of this are constantly showing up on free networks like this. Yet these miserable conformists are continuing to poison the whole internet and news sources, the whole spectrum with their political correctness toxins. It is not the sheep that are raping people of their basic freedoms, it is the conformists that are responsible for this. Sheep will simply stand around, the conformists are the ones will the torches and gasoline that are lighting up the Bill of Rights, especially the 2nd Amendment.

      Braveheart, I am angry, but not white knuckle heart attack raging angry. It seems like it I know, but I am okay just fed up with the garbage and seeing the country I grew up in going to the toilet. So I write when I am mad to express myself on one of the few sites left that allows this and doesn’t censor me or others or the dickhead premise of bashing something. Another example of political correctness gone haywire. That basic right of free speech is still around for all of us, but would not be if these conformists had their way. A conformist’s wet dream is that ALL speech is first filtered throught the political correct strainer. For that I say FUCK YOU conformists because your masters will turn on all of soon enough when they have no further use of you.

      • Genius

        enforcers=conformists when you look at the big picture…

      • Mike in VA


        Your mood is understandable. All the stuff on the airways. All the governmental red tape in our daily lives. The absolute ignorance of people around us who are the sheep. The absolute hatred that the conformist has for this country. The lack of morals and manors that most people display all around us.

        It is enough to make your head explode. I know this probably did not help in anyway. I am in a foul mood as well.

    30. Domari Nolo

      Mind you, when it comes to neglect, neglect, or medical neglect constitutes an imminent danger to the life of the child. If the child will die without a proper procedure or medication, for example, then that could fall under medical neglect.

      Does not taking your child to the Dentist when the school says so, fall under medical neglect as far as there being an imminent danger to the child?

      • Be informed

        @ Domari Nolo. I call medical neglect someone that is forced to over vaccinate their child and the child ends up with Autism. I have known parents that have gone along with the Nazi government and overly vaccinated their poor kids and later the child is a literal mental retard. I have told them if they go along with the government to at least space the dr. quack’s vaccinations to allow type for the body to recupirate from the toxins being pumped into their bodies. That is medical neglect, allowing your kid to have Autism because of being poisoned with too much poison in these virals of crap.

      • Mike in VA

        Domari Nolo

        It is a fine line you are taking. I agree that something should be done if there is abuse in the household. There are just too many of these stories taking place right now. We must always be careful how much control we give the government.
        I have custody of my two boys. One has cerebral palsy. He has a G tube that he is fed by. My ex had the right to pick up the kids every other weekend. For two weekends in a row she did not hook my son up to his feeding machine. He does eat by mouth but very little. I took her to court. The attorney I had said that it was neglect and not abuse. I got her visitation rights reduced from every other weekend to just daylight on Saturday. Now the court is going to allow schools to take kids because of a missed doctors appointment or not going to the dentist. It is a steady progression to the government being in control totally of the kids. Had the government been in control of my son I guess my ex would have never seen him again.
        Just a side note. My ex straightened up. Remarried. Can see the kids anytime she chooses because I allow it now. She still only see them 3 or 4 times a year. That is up to her though.

        • lonelonmum

          I think the problem is that people are confusing the verbs CONTROL and PROTECT.

          The state wants to control your children, child protection is not on their agenda, except that using the word in their propaganda makes you easier to manipulate.

        • Warchild

          Mike,am glad to hear things got better.I have had many friends get divorced but luckily both parents put their kids before their own arguments and have made things as agreeable as possible for the kids well being,sounds like you have followed the same path in putting the kids first.

          • Mike in VA


            I have always tried to put the kids first. I have never talked bad about my ex to them. My ex can see them whenever she wants. I had no choice when they were younger. There care was the most important thing. It takes too. I am bullheaded and stubborn I know. She got on drugs and started fooling around. I am just glad she straightened up. The good lord has blessed me. I have two wonderful boys. No parent should ever use the kids as weapons in a divorce. It happens a lot though.

        • gone under

          @ Mike in Va..YOU have your priorities correct.

    31. Be informed

      Many people have been asking me, not just on this site, about the jump in volcanic activity. Those wondering about the recent swarm of volcanic eruptions, here is the frequency of each size, plume heighth, and description.

      VEI 0 Every few minutes to few hours, less than 325 feet high, Effusive
      VEI 1 Daily, 325 to 3250 feet high, Gentle
      VEI 2 Weekly, 1/2 mile to 3 miles high, Explosive
      VEI 3 Monthly, 2 to 9 miles high, Severe
      VEI 4 Yearly, 6 to 15 miles high, Immense
      VEI 5 Every few years, 12 to 22 miles high, Massive
      VEI 6 Every few decades, higher than 19 miles, Calamitous
      VEI 7 Every few centuries, higher than 25 miles, Monsterous
      VEI 8 Every few thousands of years, higher than 31 miles, Apocalyptic

      As one can see anything VEI 4 or smaller occurs on a yearly schedule. Even 10 of these is not too uncommon, rare but not unheard of. To have a few VEI 5 eruptions, Mt. St. Helens size within a time frame would be like a swarm of very severe earthquakes, not something seen too often in thousands of years. To have a VEI 4 and a few VEI 3 eruptions is not yet anything to be overly alarmed about, like the end of the world is coming. Pure chance can be what is work here. Even the recent swarm of 9 major earthquakes all in different spots is not totally rare. This does show an increase of activity to be watched very closely however, especially since the huge number of precursor quakes occuring on all these outer plate boundaries that indicate huge ground movements still on the way.

      There are sure a lot of other concerns that seem to be manifesting themselves all at once that point to something awful is coming. Right now people should be keeping very close attention on Fukushima and the Middle East on top of the other issues such as geophysical. I think the issue of the economy is nothing in comparison to what is coming. Of course the economy could be one of the many catalysts that brings about the true hell. I don’t know about all of you out there but I am waiting for the total out of the blue event happening, like maybe a super flare from the Sun or something. It sures seems like everything is boiling over doesn’t it.

    32. Be informed

      @ Mike in VA. I deeply feel for children. They are exposed to pure preverted evil. You look at these instruments of the beast that they call entertainers promoting dope use and getting screwed by the time your 11 years old. Little kids with the influx of evil at every turn. Then these assholes try to make self defense out to be evil. Hey, they don’t want children or adults to be able to fight back against the demonic evil. Not even with use of words, again under the banner of political correctness. It is perfectly OK to let little kids watch miley siren seduce children by getting it on with a giant dildo and high on dope all the time, but it is taboo to use our First Amendment rights to speak out against anything that is we consider not to be moral.

      Mike explain to me what the hell has happened in the past 5 years other than BO. I mean has society gone on to meth all at once? I am still trying to figure out what has happened so quickly to the toe rot that has happened to the country, the world. It is like the world, human society has chosen to digress into vermin and embrace disease.

      • Mike in VA


        I think it is a combination of things.

        1- We are seeing the results of lost generations. Several generations of broken families on the welfare roles. That system just seems to breed immorality.

        2 Hard work is not taught in this country anymore.

        3 Respect and manners are not taught anymore. Not sure why.

        4 God is being removed further and further from our society.

        5 Race tensions are on the rise. I think this is what B.O. wants.

        6 I think there is a lot of anger over economic situations with people. This breeds anger and hatred towards other people.

        7 – I think most people have a feeling of dread or something bad on the horizon. Life just feels different. I think most people just don’t do any research to try to figure out what is coming. This one is hard to explain. Something just feels wrong. I have had people tell me they just have no joy anymore. Just hard to explain.

        8 – When I was a kid people generally were nice and trusted each other. Now especially over the past 5 years people don’t trust one another. They are rude and disrespectful. I guess this is because of point number one.

        9- Young people generally have no respect for life. Could be because of the broken family.

        Overall I think we are seing the results of years pushing God out of society, the entitlement programs, the brainwashing of generations by the education system, and just an influx of socialism into our society. I think people just feel despair and hopelessness. The middle class is dying. It leaves the rich and the poor.

      • Mike in VA


        Just thought of a couple more.

        political correctness. The minority seems to get there way over the majority.

        Terrorism and war. I think this is because we have a weak government at this time. Peace through strength always works.

        Pure Evil has been calling the shots over the past 5 years. I think that affects everyone and everything. I know you said not to bring up BO but he has a part in it. Not only BO but all of them. The republicans do not stand up for what they used too. They are evil too.

        I believe so many problems are coming together at once. It is like the world is going to encounter the perfect storm. That is why the world is turning upside down.

      • M

        I control the cable in my house. That is why there is none.

      • JayJay

        Ixquick ‘The Communist Goals of 1963’ and you will read what has happened. This nation was overtaken from within.
        The communist have succeeded.
        (remove ‘dot’ and insert .)
        This is all anyone needs to know.

    33. 1940--me

      maybe it’s time people got out of their dream world and got a look at the real world, about 50% of them are setting home living on their entitlements.playing with an I phone, watching a 60″ TV and whining about their rights. they don’t even realize that they’ve lost most of their rights

    34. phicrappazappa

      From reading the attached letters to the parents, I’d say that this article, while attempting to fearmonger, is a perfect illustration of parents that could give a rat’s ass about their children. The kids’ teeth are obviously causing discomfort and are a distraction to the child at the least. Children have to be taught when and how to “BRUSH YOUR TEETH!”. Shit parents.

    35. Agent Provocateur

      Well, I can tell you how this country got to this point: It’s because parents hand their kids over to the school system and say” Here-hold them till I get off work” imagine if the majority of parents withdrew their children from the schools system all at once-The school board would crap their pants . They only have the power THAT YOU GIVE THEM!

    36. Simplicity's Homestead

      Two words that would change the course of this nation, ‘home school.’ If you can teach your kids to tie their shoes, you can home school.

      • Ancient Echoes

        Yea, and think of the tax break we would all have if people who had children had to be responsible for their own kids instead of everyone else being required to take up the slack. Maybe less people would procreate and find something else to do with their time.

    37. TrxasScout

      My wife has been a primary grade teacher for 37 years. You would not believe the outright neglect and abuse of kids she has seen over the years. SOME PARENTS NEED TO HAVE THEIR KIDS TAKEN AWAY!

      I don’t like the government involved in our private lives either, but some people should be sterilized at birth.

    38. Warchild

      While I understand folks that say they will kill before govt. takes their kids am worried that in a fire fight of that nature your kids would be killed,really don’t care if the govt. minions die but that is a side point.I agree with home schooling/finding docs ect. willing to work with concerned parents,and mobilizing folks to fight this type of nonsense hopefully without violence.That said,if violence is the only reasonable response as nothing else works though have no kids of my own would be more then willing to help parents of children fight back with all options on the table.Let us try as a country though to avoid that,when that is the final option life will be very tough for the children.

      • gone under

        @ Warchild…posted a reply on the prior topic about the saw.

        • Warchild

          Cool,will give it a search,may your wood be abundant!

          • gone under

            Ive been married for decades, only need it on paydays.

    39. Be informed

      As stated in Comment #2849639 on the Fake employment article at 12:05 AM on 11-20-13, Fiji just got hit with a major earthquake. This is the 10th major earthquake since this ride of precursor quakes began about 6 weeks ago. This was the 9th out of the 10th major earthquakes forecasted in the danger areas mentioned, only the one in the Scotia Sea was not shown to be correct. This system of prediction works and the other areas on Comment #2849639 remain in danger until at least Dec.7 or other precursor quakes indicate somewhere else.

      • Thinker

        Bi,Mike& ALL; I would post slink to this article but they have been taking too much time in moderation,so if anyone is still the least bit confused on what is going on?? You need to read the article on called, “Zionist Plotting World War !!!”
        Most of the common people of the world is just as confused, we all need to come together to fight the evil that has taken over,and stop buying in to it!


      • gone under

        6.5 200 miles from land isnt major. 7.5 would be.

    40. Merree

      As a physician, I have both had to report people for child abuse and neglect and I have had to help people who were wrongly accused by spouses in ugly divorces.

      First of all, Child protective services is a horrible institution that is vastly out of control. In many areas, a child will be given a case worker (guardian ad litum) who will be paid a monthly fee for supervising that child. There is a huge incentive to keep children in the system and to acquire new children who become an income source.

      In one divorce, the drug using dad got custody because he always showed up in his military uniform. The guardian was totally fawning over him and always believed everything that came out of his mouth. The lesson here: if you are dealing with CPS and you have any military connection, play that to the maximum.

      The best way to handle CPS is to avoid having to deal with them at all. In another case, a child was in a household where the dad and his girlfriend were heavily using drugs. CPS came to the door but no one answered. After a short time, they closed the case files. Lesson two- do not answer when CPS calls.

      Schools are part of the system but it is important to remember that school officials, like health care providers, are mandated to report suspected abuse or neglect. They can lose their license/job for not reporting. Personally I think there is so much craziness about what might be considered abuse now days, I would not place my children in an environment where someone could make this judgment.

      I homeschooled my sons as a single parent while also working to support us. (They went to a private school through sixth grade.) I do not know how I did it because I was paying back school loans at the time but I managed because it was important to me. There is always a way if it is important enough.

      If you are ever faced with cps, take it very seriously. All it takes is one militant worker and they can make your life hell. Get the best lawyer you can afford to help you and never trust what they tell you. Just like when you talk to law enforcement, be cautious with every word you say because there is a huge likelihood that it will be used against you at some point.

      Professionally, I try to avoid reporting to CPS unless I feel that there is no option because, in my experience, they make things worse more often than they make things better.

      • Be informed

        @ Merree. The world is stuck on stupid, and the elitists are laughing at the way the masses are totally conforming to them and the “new world”. The new world in which we have no rights and freedom to even think for ourselves. A new world where freedom is dead and total rule is governed by a tiny number of people. Just look at the brain implants that these companies are getting patented that interlink a number of handheld devices. This is the new world in which all of our activities and even what we think is suppose to be reported back to some central data base that big brother approves or doesn’t. Times have certainly become ugly, and only to become much science fiction (fact) horrifyingly worse.

        • Merree

          It is true that evil appears to be winning right now. Sometimes overwhelmingly so.
          But I cannot live my life in the overwhelm. It would leave me unable to function.
          Today the sky was bright blue (no contrails visible). My dad baked fresh bread and gave me a loaf. My dog snuggled up to me when I was feeling cold. I had time to share with my friends and family. This little corner of the world was filled with blessings today and I expect to see some more of them tomorrow. I hope there are some blessings sprinkled in your life too.

    41. Be informed

      @ Mike in VA. You are indeed very wise and I appreciate your insight about the rapid decay of society we are seeing in spades. It sure seems like the end times are hitting all of us like a ton of bricks. You are so right about taking God out of the equation with anything. You don’t have to be any specific religion at all to have basic respect for God, which is lost. I myself don’t even use the word damn ever with God in, it is a total insult to God. Then I see this total jerk off little punk sticking his middle fingers up to the sky telling God to go f itself. This was sickening beyond words.

      This though is exactly what is accepted, people are allowed to tell God to go f himself, but we are not allowed to express what happens when God is taken out of people’s lives. You have that Gothic bitch lady anti GOD gada, whatever she spells her name drinking blood and giving alliance to her lord and master the Devil singing some pro Lucifer song. These young children see this evil and look up to this Satanic whore and mimic IT and start to live it. They don’t ban and censor this, yet they ban and censor talk and discussion about the 2nd Amendment. Ban and censor our Constitution in schools all over the country.

      These are children that when I grew up were protected from the perverts and weirdos. These are children that are now taught from day one to embrace the preverts because it is a different life style. Parents are losing their rights to whom their children can be around, even dangerous pedophiles because “they have rights” like everyone else. F’en bullsh$%. Evil has totally taken over. I am someone that looks at science first to explain the geophysical world, but I am also not discounting that God is totally fed up with what is happening down here. It seems like the cascading chain of events is unfolding more rapid each day. I think this world, not just the U.S., is in for a major league coring out soon enough.

      • OutWest

        Be informed

        I happen to believe there isn’t any insult

        or disrespect to God when damn is used in the

        context of God Himself damning anything that’s

        abhorrent or contrary to His teachings.

        Woe be to the jackals ruling this country if

        God decides to bring down the wrath of His

        damnation upon the heads of those who would

        do this severe injustice to His children……

      • Mike in VA


        You brought up several other points that were great. It is shocking to me how many things are taking place at once. I am sure if we all thought about it we could bring up another 20 things that are wrong and occurring right now. Evil just seem to be dominating all things right now. It is a scary thing when you realize all the things happening right now. Something horrible has to happen. From a human stand point it always does when morals decay. From a religious stand point there is always judgment when God’s laws are broken.

        We prepare because of the horrible thing that is coming. I fear that none of us are really ready though. I will keep trying. I just feel that what takes place will stun the world. It will be something so horrible the world has never seen it. How can you really be prepared for something like that?

        Just my gut feeling.

    42. Merree

      Tips on finding a sympathetic doctor.

      I know many people here are anti-doctor but some of us in the medical profession can actually be useful sometimes. I thought you might like to know how to find a doctor that will be sympathetic to prepping so here are some ideas.

      First, google the doctor for personal information. Every doctor has scores of entries about their clinic and even some reviews done by patients. (I went through ten pages of my profile before getting too bored to continue. However, some of the information about me was erroneous and had been replicated many times, so be careful and use normal discretion.) This can give you a general first impression.

      Look for a doctor who owns their own practice. In my experience, there are many practices that are owned by local hospitals and the doctors working for these clinics are usually very conformist. They often push medications, vaccines and surgical interventions.

      Talk to alternative practitioners, like chiropractors, massage therapists, and others to find out who they recommend. They can also tell you who to avoid.

      Check the American Holistic Medical Association to see if anyone locally is listed.

      If you have a local prepper group or even a shooting range or metal detecting group, ask who they recommend. You might even find a doctor in one of those groups.

      Before making an appointment, talk to the office receptionist a little. If they won’t take time to answer questions about the practice, they won’t take time with you during a visit either.

      Make an appointment. It might be expensive since it is an initial visit so find out the financial details ahead of time. Use this as an opportunity to figure out if this is a compatible relationship. It is better to have someone to rely on ahead of time because you never know what might happen.

      • Mike in VA


        Your advice and knowledge is greatly appreciated. I for one am not anti doctor. If it were not for doctors my oldest son would have died at birth. He would have died at least twice since. I greatly appreciate what doctors do.
        Doctors are no different than any other profession. There are good doctors and bad doctors. They have good days and bad too. My son was born premature 28 weeks. Has a ventricular shunt for hydrocephalous. Has a G tube for feeds. Has cerebral palsy and is in a wheel chair. He is truly a blessing to me. He is happy all the time.
        I have had many dealings with different physicians. The good ones listen to the parents about systems before diagnosing. The parents know the norms of there child better than the doc does.
        Over the past 4 weeks my son developed pneumonia. He was intubated and in the medical I.C.U. for 8 days. We were discharged 10 days ago. He is still coughing and runs a fever. The fever is not as high as it was when we went into the hospital. We were back at the E.R. Wednesday night about this. They said his white blood count was still slightly elevated. They said his body could still be fighting off the pneumonia. His chest x ray shows the pneumonia is gone.
        I am just losing my mind. I am unsure what to do. His is alert and smiling at times. He is not getting worse. He is not getting better either. I wonder how long pneumonia causes people to run a fever. I also wonder how long this cough will last.
        I know this was a rant. Thank you for your input and knowledge.

        • Merree

          You have my sympathy for all you’ve been through. Having a sick child can be one of life’s most difficult challenges.

          It is not unusual for a cough to linger after an infection, sometimes for months. The throat gets irritated and the coughing keeps it irritated. The things I find most useful for a chronic cough are lozenges especially ones with honey or sugar to coat the throat. Massive intake of liquids to keep the throat moist also helps.

          I try to avoid medications, but if I need something for cough, I usually use DelSym because it lasts 12 hours and is fairly mild. If the cough is severe, then a prescription for codeine is the best choice. If there is a lot of phlegm that needs to be brought up, guaifensin can help and it can also be useful to do the old fashioned technique of firmly pounding on the chest to loosen up secretions. Look up chest percussion to see how to do this. A last resort is to use a steroid inhaler or oral steroids like prednisone but I hate going that route unless there is no alternative.

          In Russia they get patients to hypoventilate to suppress coughing. They think hyperventilation stimulates receptors in the throat and causes coughing. I have tried their techniques and they do seem to help. I don’t know if your son can do this but if he is able- first encourage him to only cough with his mouth closed. Sometimes this will eliminate coughing without doing anything else. The second step is to take shallow breaths through the nose until the urge to cough passes.

          The ongoing fever is the more concerning symptom. The body usually creates fevers to eliminate invaders. The higher temperature kills microbes that survive better at lower temperatures. One possibility is that the body is still busy fighting off pneumonia germs. An Xray can miss a pneumonia if the infection is small so there might still be infection that he is working on. If this seems to be a possibility, then help boost the immune system with echinacea or colloidal silver and see how he does.

          The other concern would be that a secondary infection is present. Watch for other symptoms and, if anything is noticed, then take action fast.

          Being in an ICU exposes people to all kinds of hospital borne infections so keep a close watch for a week or two.

          I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and positive attitudes. Visualize him safe and well and recovering and I will too. Keep us informed on how he does. I’m sure others here would like to know too.

        • Warchild

          Mike,though not a religious person at least in the common sense hope to hear soon your son is doing better and that he is in my thoughts and prayers.

    43. Uzziel

      Kill all they send, and they’ll stop coming.

      No survivors.

      • Thinker

        Quote of the Day;
        Those nations who have gone in search of grandeur,power,and splendor,have also fallen a sacrifice, and been the victims of their own folly. While they acquire those visionary blessings, they lost their freedom. (Patrick Henry)

        No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual war. James Madison)
        Of all the the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps,the most to be dreaded,because it comprises and developees the germ in every other.


    44. Orlandocon

      Eight years ago, my husband and I were given custody of two children of relatives of ours, the oldest was 4 at that time, she has learning disabilities. When she entered 3rd grade she was having a lot of problems in school and was offered a “big sister” from the big sister/brothers program. I thought it was a good idea, the young lady they paired her up with was great and my daughter really liked her.

      Flash forward a couple of months, I receive a letter telling me the big sister’s supervisor had visited my daughter at school to see how the relationship was going and according to this supervisor, my daughter just put of the blue told her we had firearms and my daughter knew where they were.

      The phone conversation I had with the supervisor went about as well as you’d expect, I told her my daughter never discusses our firearms, as she isn’t interested in them, I know she didn’t bring up the conversation and I know it. I told her whether we choose to participate in our 2A rights is OUR business and she was out of line asking questions about what we do in the privacy of out home. Supervisor proceeded to tell me it was HER job to keep my child safe.

      I said NO, it’s OUR job, and do you know how I KNOW it’s our job? WE have a court order TELLING is it’s our job and her name appeared NOWHERE on that order. Stay away from my child and if you make contact with her again, lawsuits and legal charges WILL follow. I followed that up with an e-mail reiterating this and CC’d everyone you can think of.

      Never heard from her again.

      Put my lil ones in private Christian school and never looked back.

    45. No Brainer

      HOME-SCHOOL! Why are so many people still on the system? Look, we have to work together WITH each other to HELP each other get off the system.

      I homeschool and tutor other children in exchange for food, (yeah, even some food bought with FOODSTAMPS!) I’m helping other parents get their kids OUT!

      We MUST help each other to protect our children.

      • lonelonmum

        No Brainer – That’s my thoughts. No-one is an island and things have got so darn rotten out there that parents have to help each other or ALL our kids will go under!

        It’s too easy to criticise parents today, (indeed the MSM actively encourages this!) so much harder to get out there and DO. This is where senior citizens who have retired have some REAL VALUE in making a difference to society TODAY. Everyone on this board can help stop the poison infecting our young in some small way if they make the personal committment to doing so.

        Does it really hurt you to have a neighbours teen tag along when you can this years berry harvest? You are helping ensure that kid will survive what’s coming. Another parent may need help teaching their child arithmetic, (owing to they themselves having suffered through a state system that taught nothing). Can you spare a couple of hours a week to help out at Sunday School or Scouts?

        This kind of informal neighbourly tutoring/therapy/teaching is desperately needed this moment in time than all this armchair warrior talk. BE the change you want to see in the world. Even an hour helping a child develop critical thinking skills is valuable at this point in history. You have so much more to offer any child’s mind than an hour of more Miley Cyrus indoctrination.

        It doesn’t carry the glory of being an imaginary armchair warrior, and requires patience, understanding and kindness.

        • NoBrainer...

          Yes, we ALL count, we ALL matter–no matter the age, the color, the creed, we ALL have a power!

    46. RickInOregon

      This weekends homesteading project will be making a second brick of traditional cheddar and for tomorrow, slaughter our Thanksgiving turkey. I’ve got him picked out and I will not miss him on the backyard farm. He’s white breasted and weighing about 35 pounds. He tries to be a bad ass but he can’t get his feet off the ground to spur me, he tries to chase me but he’s only good for a dash of about three feet.

      I may have to build me a smoke house to cook him. A smoke house hasn’t been on my homesteading project list but it just might be now.

    47. jollyroger

      “Government is not reason. It is not eloquent. It is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and fearful master.” George Washington.
      Unfortunately there are far too many disinformed people in this country, who are the victims of the mass dumbing down from public schooling. This has been going on for a long time now and we are now reaping what has been sowed.
      It is plain, the government wants to take total control of all our lives even to the point of kidnapping your children and exposing them to indoctrination, dangerous toxic vaccines and unhealthy equally toxic foods.
      Home schooling is now the only viable alternative to what is actually nothing more than government indoctrination centers.
      Soon, children will be taught to spy on their parents and report anything they deem to be suspicious.
      Orwell is rolling in his grave.

    48. rusted spur

      I am kind of disappointed in everyone on this board. I hold everyone here in very high regard when it comes to research and critical thinking.
      But between all the battle cries not one person that I noticed looked up the area code on that second letter. I am sure there are people here from MI, WI and MN. They should all recognize this.
      To a certain extent we all become sheep when we read from our favorite media and will believe anything that is written or spoken.
      Now that said it is just detail, I don’t believe that it changes the message. But I would have thought someone would have caught that little detail.

    49. jim in Va.

      The final straw is messing with one’s family!

    50. Jane Doenut

      Q. What gives them the right?

      A. WE DID!

      It’s a beautiful thing, you fall in love and decide to get married. Just before the ceremony, you obtained a marriage license. By making application for marriage, paying a tax for the privileged and obtaining consent of the state, you grant the state 3rd party status to your marriage. Permission through a marriage license authorizes the state to oversee all decisions in matters of joint property, including your children.

      Some time later, you’re pregnant and well on your way to becoming proud parents. You’ve gone to Lamaze classes, read all the latest baby name and milestone books, buried yourself in chinamart baby items and the time comes to rush off to the hospital – don’t forget the camera and suitcase!

      When a child is delivered in a hospital, aka, a Port of Entry, you must again make application to remove the child from the Port of Entry onto ‘Amerikan Soil.’

      By registering a child with the state, ie, birth certificate, you are effectively giving the state control over your child. Congrats, you just handed the state your precious baby on a silver platter.

      So the cycle continues; chances are, your own parents had a marriage license, delivered you in a hospital and/or registered your own birth, making you a ward of the state.

      Until people wake up to this fact and do something about it, what right do we have to complain that the state is controlling the share we gave it? The state loves our ignorance. Hell, we love our own ignorance, apathy and futile ability to cry foul without foreseeable rectification.

    51. VRF

      Good luck with that !

    52. jimbo

      Obama’s first year they leaked out to police that vets and disabled vets as well as anyone patriotic could be domestic terrorists. This was no mistake because Obama knew what he and his czars are doing would make us become what they call terrorists. Maybe that is what we should become but in an organized way for i believe it is time to start hitting back at the police state and its owner the NWO!

    53. snake eater

      good job my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    54. Satori

      *****MERS CoV UPDATE*****

      MERS coronavirus: no need to panic, say doctors

      case now being reported in India
      how did it happen ???

      “Following the detection of a suspected case of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) from among the 450 Haj piligrims who returned to the city on Sunday, experts involved in influenza surveillance have advised people not to panic as the “risk of sustained person-to-person transmission of MERS-CoV is low.”

      one of the pilgrims who attended the Haj

      LUCKY as hell for us
      that person to person transmission is still low

      as I’ve said before

      the potential for a pandemic is there

    55. Satori

      more on China moving away from the petro dollar

      Federal Reserve and Wall Street Assassinate US Dollar

      few Americans realize how VERY CATASTROPHIC it will be
      if the dollar loses reserve currency status
      it is the only thing propping up our financial house of cards
      Ponzi scheme

      when it goes down
      we go down

    56. NC joe

      Expecting parents to actually take care of their own children. Oh the horror!

      You people really are stupid. I hope some unvaccinated kid gives your spoiled brat polio. That is exactly what you deserve.

      • Warchild

        Joe,believe vaccinations should be a personal choice as a contractor am warned daily about mercury,something contained in vaccines,any wonder parents should at least investigate before signing on?!

      • braveheart

        ncjoe, I’ll go easy on you this one time and give you a link to a website with information that will change your mind about vaccines. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is an expert on vaccines and has even written a book on the subject. Get a clue, for your own sake.

    57. Warchild

      Gone under,you SOB!I just checked out Highland site for saws,damn,as a carpenter am drooling over 1000’s in stuff they have!Thanks for the information(I think!),may push back the Ferrari purchase a few years.Those interested in hand tools would suggest giving the site a once over,perhaps a nice place for holiday wishes!

    58. VRF

      Stupid government , you wanna start some shit , this should do it !
      You don’t fuck with a bears cubs if you don’t want to feel the fangs deep in your ass!

    59. Warchild

      OK,cool story of the day: ,yes,I know that story will be on Al Jeezera and some may have issue with that but all I care about is the content,really don’t care who delivers it(nothing against delivery folks,thanks UPS for my recent purchases being delivered!).I have always believed in little can work,just need to end govt. that does not think this way,i.e. minimum square footage laws ect.

    60. MosinppK

      Maby now the other half of the country will realize the government has declared war upon us

      1776… take two

      I never thought I would have to say this about my guns AND my KIDS….

      MOLON LABE !!

      And btw.. If you try to take my kids (I let them read this article) they will shoot at you too

    61. Simplicity's Homestead

      Would Abraham have sent his children to be taught by the Sodomites? Would Moses have sent his children to be taught by Amorites? Would any of the Levites have sent their children to be taught by the Philistines? Why in heaven’s name should any conservative Jew or Christian think it’s ok to send their little ones to the socialist/godless, perverted public school system for 40 plus hours a week! Why do people think they can Throw their little ones to theses wolves and everything will turn out ok? No one cares for your kids as you do, but if you insist on putting them into the care of Philistines, you will end up with Philistines!

    62. Simplicity's Homestead

      It may be true that some parents don’t deserve their children, but that does NOT mean the State does either!

    63. rotten breath and crumbling teet

      Sorry guys but this is an (native american ) issue. Look up fond-u-lac band. I guess we should let this mother rot her childrens teeth away. Hey I don’t want goverment in my life any more than need be but you are all taking a look away approach here. I guess to each his own but in this case something needed to be done. P.S. no action has been taken set aside from the letter. – See more at:

    64. john q publik

      bacon, thats what im having. just waiting for the end….. lol……….

    65. Federalist45

      If you are going to put your kids into public school, then get REALLY, REALLY active in your PTA and in your community (school board?) to ensure that it is YOU, and not Barack Obama/Oprah Winfrey wannabes who RULE YOUR SCHOOL. Don’t piss and moan if you have your kids in public school and you are merely a bystander. Until you have done everything you can to control the situation, don’t whine. If, after you have run for school board and lost, and tried to become involved with PTA and been turned down, then you should proceed to either remove your child from the school or find another option for resolving the problems.

      • Sheridan baff

        School boards do not make decisions. They prioritize funding and work within narrow federal and state laws. The PTA typically resolves high level issue at the schools. Sometimes as high as organizing a school clean up or the purchase of playground equipment. The PTA is often a mean girls club that can’t do anything even if they had any power. In short, send your kids to a private Christian school that reflect your values or home school them. The private schools are cheaper than you think and often take the amount you can pay.

    66. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      This is onemore reason todisban the Dept of Education. Andleave this up to the States. All the Public schools are, is a big slush fun to divy up the funding to large corporations that are awarded hefty finaincial contracts to maintain the Kiddie Prisons (I mean the schools). Andon the other side of this debate is the private Jeb Bush type organizations that want this funding to go to private schools. Honestly nobdy gives a damn if kids get education except fot the parents, it is all about profiting from the system with a government mandated program. Let me ask you this. Remove all the finaincial funding from the public school system and lets see who is really fighting to educate children? Silence!!! Public school system is one big scam that fleeces the tax payers. When 51% of my property taxes goes to the Public schools, and I don’t even have any children whatsoever, I am being pilfered and robbed blind. I see the truth in this school scam, do you?

    67. Sheridan baff

      I am not a fan of child services or the education system. The letter in the article quote threatening child service involvement is a common threat. It also makes sense if the child has an ongoing and urgent need for care. The parents, although going to a public health dentist, are too lazy to get their kid(s) in to take care of rotting teeth and sometimes diabetes or other serious problems. The lazy and self absorbed sometimes need a kick in the ass.

    68. Fiftyone percent

      I luv u brown kunthole Barak Barry Barfpile and your bathhouse covermiggerpigger the Moomoo.

      Thanks for everything,
      51% of the American people.

    69. Chir

      As much as I agree with “Waterislife’s” sentiment, the hard truth is that child protective services would simply snatch your kids out of school and disappear them into the system. Then they would send the tac swat teams after you, and smear you as another “right wing christian terrorist”.

    70. Chir

      My parents couldn’t homeschool me, but they did give me another 3 hours of homeschooling when I got home. Helped me learn critical thinking rather than the pablum being fed at school. Of course actually thinking in class can cause you to question the teachers. They don’t like it when a student actually questions the curriculum. Makes you a “problem” student.

    71. Marsha

      I agree that schools are sticking their nose where it does not belong but the title of this article is a little extreame, over the top and false. Nowhere in the schools letters do they mention sending armed troups. The truth is bad enough….lets not make it worse.

    72. VRF

      **Very Important To All Those Here**

      Tinker VS Des Moines School District (1969)
      7-2 Decision
      SCOTUS- Students Do NOT leave their CONSITUTIONAL rights at the school house doors!

    73. Scott

      Sometimes we forget that at least some of the “child protective” employees are actually working FOR US. Dental care is critical for a prosperous life. Many lower income people, including kids, simply don’t get proper dental care, adversely affecting their entire lives. In my area, this is a sufficient problem to generate a “pro bono” dental program focused on “kids at risk”. It’s not widely advertised because the demand outstrips the availaBle resource. I know about it, because I have helped set it up. (I am a retired Plumber not a medical professional or bureaucrat)
      I hate vaccines because for the most part, they either don’t work, or are actually harmful. However, I am aware that some ailments become apparent in childhood, and if spotted and treated (or compensated for) become a functional “non issue” later in life. This fact may be behind the push for physical exams. Think before you react. Negotiate before you fight.

    74. HideAndWatch

      Doesn’t anyone read these things?
      Why does everyone believe anything that comes out in print or on the internet?
      The second letter clearly indicates that is is from the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa tribe. These are indian children on government reservations with completely different sets of rules and regulations. Plus, you know nothing about the child this was written about.
      The government isn’t coming for your kids. They can’t afford them. They will leave them with you and wipe you all out when the time comes.

    75. Norsky

      To clarify something:

      The second letter clearly states Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, which is a Reservation near Duluth, MN (not Michigan). They are considered a sovereign nation, and while there is likely substantial federal influence, the policy should be under the jurisdiction of the tribal government.

      • Average Guy

        “the policy should be under the jurisdiction of the tribal government.”

        Correct me if I’m wrong here, but doesn’t the FedGov dictate policy to the tribal government on things that matter most?

        Anyway, I’ll go back to laughing about this absurd comment:

        “some of the “child protective” employees are actually working FOR US.”

        As if.
        Unless, “FOR US” means to ‘rule us’ and be our god?

        Uh, Scott, do you know how dentist’s push fluoride, and do you know how bad it is for people?
        I wonder?

        It seems like you’ve been duped. Big time.
        Kind of like Marsha, she doesn’t seem to understand how gooberment operates, the threat is implied, and it’s real, the same as if you refused to pay a traffic ticket or go to jury duty, the goons with guns will come and drive the point home. That’s how bully thugs operate.

        And the winner of the statist award at the end of the thread goes to: Sheridan baff

        “The lazy and self absorbed sometimes need a kick in the ass.”

        And that kick comes from the military police state your words support.
        How very fine.
        Now go lick that boot, won’t ya?
        Maybe then it’ll feel less painful when the boot comes to you?

        • Marsha

          I really appreciate your comment. (No scarcaism). I understand where you are moving from. I homeschool my kids in SC and I think it is child abuse to send children to public school. As I stated, I do not like interference from government in any aspect of my life. I detest the fact that they mandate I wear a seatbelt. I wear one because I want to, but not because they demand it. I guess I did not think futher than the article, that even though they did not mention the armed enforcers’ role, there is potential for it. I think we are on the same page.

    76. Kenny

      I kind of find these threats to be bull crap, CPS can’t even do it’s job properly to check on children with actual home problems. Example the woman in Tennessee recently who left her two children in her car outside and went inside to take a nap in her house that was so filthy the kids didn’t even have beds, the children both died. There had been numerous reports on that family beforehand and yet nothing was ever done. So to tell me they have resources to go around kicking down doors over child well checks, but don’t have the proper resources for actually helping victimized and abused children makes no sense to me. It seems like empty threats that the school is using. And yes I agree, home school.

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