Bay Area TV Anchor: “I Experienced Hate First Hand Today In Berkeley” From Antifa

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at

    After the media lashed out at right-wing extremists in the aftermath of the tragic violence in Charlottesville, the tide now appears to be turning against the all-black-clad “Antifa.”

    For the first time since the campaigns began late last year and protests broke out, The Washington Post unleashed this shocking headline.

    Their faces hidden behind black bandannas and hoodies, about 100 anarchists and antifa – “anti-fascist” – members barreled into a protest Sunday afternoon in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

    Jumping over plastic and concrete barriers, the group melted into a larger crowd of around 2,000 that had marched peacefully throughout the sunny afternoon for a “Rally Against Hate” gathering.

    Shortly after, violence began to flare. A pepper-spray-wielding Trump supporter was smacked to the ground with homemade shields. Another was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself. A conservative group leader retreated for safety behind a line of riot police as marchers chucked water bottles, shot off pepper spray and screamed, “Fascist go home!”

    All told, the Associated Press reported at least five individuals were attacked. An AP reporter witnessed the assaults.

    Berkeley Police’s Lt. Joe Okies told The Washington Post the rally resulted in “13 arrests on a range of charges including assault with a deadly weapon, obstructing a police officer, and various Berkeley municipal code violations.”

    But it’s not just WaPo that is exposing some truth. Well known Bay Area TV personality, Frank Somerville – KTVU anchor – took to Facebook this weekend to explain what happened to him when he took a day trip to Berkeley.

    Before he starts, he notes…

    My wife told me I’m going to get crucified by posting this. I told her I didn’t care. This is what happened. This is what I saw. This is what I experienced. This is the truth. Period.

    If people dont want to hear the truth thats not my problem. I have no agenda. Im just saying that this is what happened to me today, think about it. And make your own decision.”

    And judging by the 2800 comments and 10s of 1000s of ‘shares’, Somerville’s report (below) struck more than a chord

    I experienced hate first hand today… It came from these people dressed in all black at a protest in Berkeley.

    Ironically they were all chanting about NO hate.

    Some had shields and gloves. Some had helmets. Some had gas masks.

    I was watching them and taking it all in. I came there on my own time. Because I wanted to see things first hand. I was dressed in shorts and a tank top.

    At one point I took out my phone to take a picture. And that’s when it all happened. (And just to be clear they were playing for the cameras in front but I was toward the back. And since there were already so many people taking their picture I didn’t think it would be an issue.)

    I took these two pictures and afterward they started screaming at me. I thought for sure they were going to attack. I was just waiting for it. I wasn’t scared.

    But I stayed calm even though I thought this may not end well for me. Here’s how the conversation went (and as you’re reading this keep in mind that they were yelling at me and their words were filled with venom, anger, hate and intolerance.)

    There’s just no other way to describe it. I was stunned.

    Them: Hey! No pictures or we’ll take your phone!!! (At that point I’d already taken these shots)

    Me (In calm voice): You’re on public property and I can take a picture if I want to.

    Them: Oh so you’re a big man with a camera?

    Me: No I just wanted to take a picture and talk with you.

    Them (rushing toward me): We outnumber you and we will take your camera!

    Me: You’re not going to take my camera and you’re not going to tell me what to do. Why can’t we just have a respectful conversation. (I then touched one of them on her hand to say it’s okay I just want to talk)

    Them: Don’t touch me!!

    Me: I’m not trying to do anything. I just want to try to understand and have a respectful conversation.

    Them: We’ll block your shot!!!

    Me: That’s fine. All I wanted to do was have a conversation.

    Them: Now is not the time. (In fairness he was the one person who was respectful)

    Then as I started to walk away a woman started screaming at me saying: We’re not interested in talking to you!! We’re not interested in talking to you!!

    I walked away stunned. I grew up in Berkeley. I marched in anti-war protests during the sixties.

    Its one thing to read about HATE, It’s another thing to be right next to it.

    In my opinion, these people dressed in black are just as hateful and intolerant as the people they are protesting against.

    Afterward I was talking to several other protesters. (Not dressed in black)

    One of them actually stood up for me as the people dressed in black were threatening me. I was touched. They were just as disappointed as I was. They said that the people dressed in black represent a small minority and that they “hijack” the protests.

    And I agree. MOST of the people out there today in Berkeley were non-violent.

    They were there for the cause. They just wanted to come out and stand up against hate. I totally support them. But I do not support extremists, whether they are on the right or the left.

    Hate is hate. And I experienced it first hand today. It was sad to see.

    The commenters, as one would imagine, were very diverse in their opinions about Somerville’s story, but the cognitive dissonance seems immense…

    Niki D’Amore That’s not hate. They were prepared for battle. They’re fighting for your daughter’s rights, for my rights. They had a preconceived notion of the kind of man you are, based on your whiteness, and the way you were dressed. Is their presumption of you ok, absolutely not, but we’re in the midst of a revolution, at a turning point, and some people expect you to pick a side. This wasn’t hate. It was anger.

    Mileen Nahon I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually part of the Neo Nazi group and are dressed as counter-protestors to make the opposing side look bad. WHY wear so much disguise unless you are there to cause real damage? WHY are you there to cause damage if you are there to oppose these fascist morons?

    Tommy Salami That’s it. I’m done with you, Frank. Did you see Inglorious Basterds? Schindler’s List? Hell, Indiana Jones? Were you confused about who the bad guy was? You wandered into a literal battlefield dressed like a Summer tourist and tried to have a conversation? What on Earth is wrong with you?

    Bob Demello How do we know they were not far right hater’s there to make peaceful protesters look bad?

    Eric Anderson Surprising to hear you taking a political position and agreeing with our President’s statement regarding violence from many sides. Equivocation between fascists and anti-fascists is a core strategy of the alt-right.

    Somerville was careful to respond to each assertion, and summarized as follows…

    What’s so interesting to me about all of this is that I actually went there becausee I wanted to see if I could talk to a white supremacist… i was wondering what it would be like to be standing next to someone hates… instead I experienced hate by finding finding myself standing next to extremists on the left…

    There have been a lot of people leaving comments about me where they completely disagree with me. and that’s totally okay. to the discussion that’s so important. We all see life thru a different lens. What I described today was what I saw they MY lens. But I also want to see things thru your lens whether I agree or disagree with you. That’s how we learn. So thank you for your comments whether you argree with me or whether you vehemently disagree with me.

    Sticking your neck out and reporting truth is anathema in this new normal, we hope, as his wife suggested, he is not crucified; however, we suspect, given the bias in the Bay Area, he may well be.

    And as an aside, here is Somerville’s daughter with her two best friends…

    A couple of final thoughts…

    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at


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      1. this is the 1st time in his life he experienced hate ?

        dude how big IS that rock you hide under?

        • I invite these freaks to come on out to the small towns and rural communities in the south and start trying to rough up the local populations. It’ll be wonderful to see the blood covering their black outfits with many of them now headless from high-powered rounds. In fact I will take part in this justice and so will many others. The cops you leftist freaks hate so much would be the only ones that might be able to save your asses. And I know some that would look the other way as you are all being killed.

          • Why does anybody go to Berkeley to “rally” for any cause other than hard-left ideology? You’re greatly outnumbered, and the local government is made up of hard core leftists.

          • I am with you brother, let them bring it on in OUR area.

            • Almost any town in the Midwest is waiting for them. We kicked out BLM, so give me twenty yards and I’ll tattoo my initials in their forehead. .22 or 30 aught tattoo.

          • Semper Fi, got your six.

          • That’s why you only see this activity in socialist run cities. The mayors tell the cops to stand down allowing the thugs to run wild.

        • Sometimes people have to learn it the hard way. Looks like Somerville learned a little something. Better late than never, I guess.

          • the NRA should back legislation to ban guns for anyone wearing black clothes except for scumbag feds. why not? they slready support 1968 gun laws, gun free zones, lose gun rights for life for minor things like brady act, background checks, limits to sizes of guns, class III restrictions, ammo limits, local magazine bans, etc. they could just say it was responsible gun legislation.

            • Gandhi, you’ve been picking your nose too deep. Better put some of that stuff back–the GRAY stuff, that is. When did the NRA ever support bans on the size of guns? Ammo limits? Magazine bans? Gun-free zones? The did support the Brady Act, for which I upbraided them at the time. They have been fighting to scale back the NFA, so we can use suppressors.

        • I’m glad to see a member of MSM wake up and smell the coffee. I’m glad he didn’t get hurt. I hope he ‘continues his education’.

        • haha first time for everything. wait till he has to get a real job and his boss hates him and puts him on the fry cook line. there is only one thing to say when both sides are armed,”CHARGE!!!”

        • What you are seeing, is the first overt wave, of the marxist overthrow of the United States. They no longer hide their hard leftism. They may only make small gains at this time, but, they are gaining. They have a lot of support by people in this country, who hate it, or at the very least, hate White people. They even have the tacit support of the people who are supposed to stop them from becoming violent.

          What is also significant, that most people underestimate, is that this year is 100th anniversary of the bolshevik revolution in Russia. While, they went all out, hard corp in Russia, they have done the long march through the institutions here. This is no small issue, marxist apparatchiks are embedded throughout the country. They are squarely behind all the crap that normal people are roiling about daily. Their strategy has been “death by a thousand cuts”, and they are slowly winning. They are close to wetting themselves over the possibility of making the U.S., the next soviet union.

          The final play will probably go down this year, or next, as they strive to remove President Trump from his duly elected office. They may not even have to do it violently, though they will, if they can. His own party in DC will not even work with him, and openly work against him. Mid-term “elections”, will seal his fate anyway, as they are now only 6 votes from an impeaching majority. Cue up Joe Stalin’s vote quote…

          Oh well…

      2. ALL New Babylonian American cowards and their doomed children experience genocide, violence, and hate DAILY from their vile evil disgusting psychopath controlled criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government, which murders the dumbed down cowards through the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling, and poisons and enslaves the children the New Babylonian Americans whored out for booze, consumption of useless garbage, and violent “bread and circuses” sporting events.

      3. Those punks ain’t shit. Take them out of Berkeley and they start crying.

      4. Heck Im a racist. However I actually don’t hate anyone. Im not gonna give hate free rent in my head. I simply don’t have any use for taking parasites no matter what color their skin happens to be. I don’t care much for Yankees also. Its like this. I raise livestock and grow crops. The varmits like Racoons, opossums ect. Try to get a easy meal and destroy what belongs to me. So I trap and kill those varmits. But I don’t actually hate them. There might come a time when I have to kill human varmits. But It will be because of necessity not hate. leave me and mine alone and We will leave you & yours alone. I think there are varying degrees of Racism. Many blacks hate just because of the color of someones skin.

        • Old Guy, I wish you would stop calling yourself a racist. You are not racist. You are merely ethnocentric. The word racist was invented by commies around 1930, for the purpose of intimidating white people out of the political process. He who controls the lexicon controls the debate.

          • The Good News today is Gold Surpassed the $1300 Mark again and Silver is up .38 Cents to $17.43. Had a high so far today of $17.57.

            About time. Looks like Sept/Oct is the Month for Hell to break loose. Maybe Market correction as Billions are being sucked out of the market for more stable economies and emerging markets. The Hedge fund punks can’t keep the PM’s down any more, they run out of Ammo .. Back up the truck.

          • Him, it was a member of that disgusting ‘tribe’ who invented racism.

            • All I said was tribe and get moderated.

          • Darwin and his ilk of evolutionists supported and even encouraged racism, fueling fire for the left wing radicals who follow and perpetrate racism. They claim blacks are the least evolved, followed by brown, and the most evolved white.

            Race is made up, anyway, since genetics show all people are 0.2% different from each other in the same “race” as they are from “different races”.

        • Likewise, many whites hate just because of the color of someone’s skin. I’ve seen it in ALL races!! Stupidity comes in all different colors.

          I’ve encountered it in Hispanics, who think they are better than blacks. I’ve encountered it in blacks, who think its funny to put down a white person. I’ve seen it in whites– old, stupid women who think they are better than blacks. And I’ve seen it in American Indians, who think all white people are no good. Just very, very sad and STUPID AS HELL!!!! God made us All in HIS image!!

          • Hispanics are BETTER than blacks. Not by race, but by culture.
            Culture is the defining mark, not some race.
            I live in a place where I cannot figure out
            any persons race and I have given up trying to do so.
            We have a very rich culture here.
            Blacks on the other hand stand out like a snake,
            not because of their skin, but because of their actions.
            They cry ME ME ME!
            I have a neighbor that hails from Palau. His skin is black. His eyes are black. He listens to NPR. He has Tats. He takes care of and loves his kids regardless of his personal sacrifice.
            Show me a Berkley black man doing the same.

          • “God made man, but a monkey looks like him too!” – Mark Mothersbaugh, DEVO

          • To your point Anon, there was a song from the ‘60s by the funk/soul group ‘Sly and the Family Stone’ called “Everyday People”.

            “There is a yellow one
            That won’t accept the black one
            That won’t accept the red one
            That won’t accept the white one
            Different strokes
            For different folks
            And so on and so on
            And scooby dooby dooby…”

            In light of the hatred that the Antifa movement is pushing, it would be interesting to hear “Brother Sly’s” comments on their venom.

      5. All these people are, are Trolls in person. Just like Internet Trolls they have to hide how they are but in Person and with masks (and in a crowd) they can cause harm. Not just verbal. Start arresting Anyone wearing a Mask and the Trolls will go back in hiding. THEN you will be able to tell Hate Haters from Fake Haters.
        It is all just a Game to these ones in Masks.

      6. Black clad individuals! A target rich environment!

        • License to Carry folks need to pay attention. Also, lookup Disparity of Force.

          Basically, if you see someone wearing all black, understand that they might be part of a larger group who may come together to attack you. Stay alert, pay attention to your surroundings.

      7. There are no white gangs of hooded KKK attacking poor innocent black people. There are no fascists abusing poor innocent 3ews. This is the BIG lie.

        Anti fascist means anti-white.

        Anti-free speech.

        These groups are backed by hate filled groups under the umbrella of George Soros, provocateur.


        • The definition of a Fascist is Democrat Hillary Clinton and her Pay to Play Clinton Foundation / State Dept Position. These Anti-fa idiots don’t even know the meaning of what they are protesting for. But the pay is sure good. Being paid to be an idiot. Natural Born Losers, its their dream job.

      8. Dressed in black cause they don’t want to be seen supporting some stupid ideology but they want that $25/hr Soros paycheck. Beats working at a coffee shop I guess.

        • They want to be assholes but not have any consequence for being assholes,,,
          Ive got a paintball gun for turds like these, it shoots hard rubber balls, fun on full auto

      9. An innocent man beaten into a comma.

        Walking to the store while white.

        Will this be in the news all day for two weeks.

        Will President Trump say what a fine man he is/was and promise to prosecute the criminal who beat him unmercifully in the head??


        • 😉 reminds me of what they say about all the violence against blacks when stopped by the cops: their crime? “Driving while black!” 🙂

          • Anonymous, that’s a scam they try to pull.

      10. all those people will have to be shot and soon before things get more out of hand

      11. These thugs are the opposite of what they preach.

        • “These thugs are the opposite of what they preach.”

          Precisely right Jim in Va.

          If this group was actually a peaceful bunch, they wouldn’t be dressed to the hilt with helmets, batons, shields, and other protective gear.

          They are dressed that way for only one reason: to disrupt and create a ruckus.

          Shame on the Media/Gov, local government and law agencies for allowing this and other groups behave in such a manner.

          This goes above and beyond freedom of speech, when a group or groups entice in violence.

        • Jim, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie on that one.

          • Josey Wales (to the union troopers on the sidewalk): “Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?”

      12. Put a bounty on the ones wearing all black,they are our enemies.Why did the government send us halfway around the world to kill commies when all along they’re right here at home,doesn’t make sense.

        • My Pop and his buds from the Marine Corps are most likely all rolling in their graves with all this bullshit

          • So much for “winning WW2″…

        • Assume anyone wearing a mask has ill intent.

      13. If I were the Police Chief: Police to Protestors: If you arrive wearing a face covering, and carrying a weapon of any type, you will be arrested…if you resist arrest, you will be SHOT ON SIGHT. !!!!!

      14. The only reason I see them posting this headline is timing. The controller elites know that we have been watching them and now their bloodsucker media is trying to get the Right whipped up by showing the “bad” guys
        Meanwhile they just used the unwitting fools and now trying to get both sides involved to fight each other so the martial thugs can come in and clean up everything after the dust settles!

      15. If I ran into a media head. I’d advise them to think very carefully what they report. “If a civil war happens and you have been on the wrong side. Heaven help you. The government isn’t going to waste resources protecting you. Report the truth or get out.”

        • Amen.

      16. Off topic.


        If they take down the grid next, we may have a problem. I know for a fact that recking the infrastructure of Texas is top priority of soros, since the UK and BP, breached the ocean floor in the gulf to kill off the plankton life to contaminate the gulf to cut off oxygen levels on the coastal area of Texas to force mass evacuation of entire coastal cities. The gulf is literally dead, the fish I am told is literally swimming around and area the almost the size of Florida to avoid dying from lack of oxygen. HARRP, the weather warfare weapon, they got us good this time in Texas. I was told that you may noticed the inactivity of major oceans around the globe, that this one was done intentionally to take down Houston.

        I heard from a source that they are getting ready to cut off the entire Houston Water supply. Reason is that I may about to prevent future contamination of the water supply., it appears to be a legitimate concern.. If the water goes down, people like me wont be affected one bit. I have water supply and filtration coming out of my ass literally. I even collected a shit load of rain water just to piss off Eddie Lucio, the idiot working directly for the UN and Obama that passed a law making it illegal for you collect rain water. So be carefull Texans around youR yard, you just commited a felony when Harvey hit.

        the dude in the coma? Let me walk to and area of thugs like that and see how I handle getting my head bashed in, when the bone breaking starts. When a punch is thrown at me, I either dodge it, block it, or if a kick comes at me, I dodge it and block it. How I respond is the worry, when I fight, I take kill shots, I do not miss when I strike, and I hit very, very hard, and will cause injury from on punch, or kick. I am a literal fucking heath hazard. Every opponent gets a broken bone. People just let themselves get their asses kicked lay down until you get into a coma, I don’t get this shit. No me, I will hit back.

        About the black dressed antifa. If you people dress like that and entire cities and subdivisions dressed like that and attacking the American people, expect a bad response.


        • Everybody was kung fu fighting
          Those fists were fast as lightning
          It was a little bit frightening
          As HICKS belt was tightening

          • Fabulous! HICKS to the rescue!

        • OMG Katy…i believe every word you have said. I am sick to my stomach knowing “they” are doing this to people. I didn’t know about the oxygen levels being lowered. This is indeed Genocide! I hope you have a well Katy. I am glad you have water. Not only will the people die from lack of water, but all their pet dogs and cats too. What evil scum are controlling our planet. You have opened up my eyes to what i didn’t exactly know. More truth will come out soon i hope.

      17. I TOLD you’ll– once we voted for trump, he would turn on us just like Obummer. I knew this would happen because the exact same thing happened when Obama was elected. We had tears in our eyes when Obama was running for president because he promised to bring back our constitutional rights. All he did was to TAKE AWAY MORE of our Constitutional rights!

        Well, today I saw on TV where TRUMP IS ROLLING BACK THE BAN ON THE MILITARIZATION OF COPS@@!! Yep, I couldn’t believe it!! Obama said the militarization of police would “look bad to the people” and put a stop to the militarization of police. But TRUMP says it doesn’t matter how it looks to the people for cops to have military armament, tanks and dressed like the military– no, according to trump, this is quite OK because he said, it “prevents crime”.

        He’s turned out to be just another puppet like all his predecessors… they are all alike. Democrats/republicans, it makes no difference! Once in office they all turn their backs on us and support the elite’s wishes!! what’s coming next? Trump suspends our rights to own guns?

        • Anonymous

          My choice was Dr Rand Paul MD. We had Hillary v Trump and even now, post Syria bombing, 4000 deployment to Afghanistan he is still better than Hillary. Trump is an authoritarian. He however is somewhat a traditionalist not a progressive which tends to bode well for the Second Amendment in the USSC.

      18. Cops dressed like policeman= protection of our communities. Cops dressed like the military and driving TANKS= cops AGAINST us citizens… just that simple! and our dearly elected president (TRUMP!!) had decided its ok to have military in the streets of America. According to Trump, it “prevents crime”.., What a bunch of crock!! ITS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!

        • Release some of these military type cops on antifa. Let’s see how that works.

      19. The antifada thugs most remind me of the NAZI Brown Shirts in the 1930s. I wonder when they will start attacking libraries to get books to burn. This seems the obvious next step after destroying statues. I also think Soros and his minions are financing this thuggery. I’m really glad the Bay Area TV anchor spoke his experience frankly. I fear that I agree with JJ that we are heading to a very uncivil war in America.

        I do not believe this nation has been so terribly polarized since 1861. I also opine that most all “liberals” live in “echo chambers” in which they are never exposed to any data that would invalidate their world view.

        I note on Quayle’s blog a post from a grocery store worker in central TX warning of widespread grocery shortages due to the blocked interstates. I also fully expect a much greater rise in gas prices.


        Alex Jones had a source contact him telling him live on todays show how the Houston Mayor turner ignored Governor Abbots phone call before the storm hit Texas, as Abbott was working on plans for evacuation. From what I know so far, since my neighbourhood is flooded now, water is literally up a foot high literally on my street, and it would have to rise up about 3 feet to come into my house, I may not have to worry too much. The bayou’s are so full the water is backing up in my subdivision. So that piece shit ass black mayor, that liberal purposely ignored Governor’s Abbott’s request, phone call and did not handle the city situation properly. He did not set up shelters, blankets, food and water supply and left People, Patriots, whites, people like us, who rescued a lot of minorities all over Houston, and you idiotic liberals should be lucky that we rescued you un-prepped idiots in mass. The mayors job is to cooperate with the governor, but since Turner is a avid Obama supporter, and does not give a rats ass about Houstonians, there you have it fool, not you own liberals will be voting your ass out of office in the next elections. You did it buddy. Now your gone.

        I went out to check out the situation at the bayou’s. we are good and wont be flooding and the grid is still up.

        The environment, the environment, the environment. Did the scientist not tell me about this. Then again, nothing I have said has ever happened which proves me illegitimate does it not? Interesting results isn’t it.


        • My question to you is why do you stay where
          you are? Unless you work at TI or one of the hospitals
          there is not too many attractive things in Houston.

          I have the same Democrat problem,
          but we are so corrupt and stupid,
          I can easily work around them.

        • People need to quit calling them “liberals”, they are anything but.

          • Justme, you’re absolutely right. The last of the true liberals was Paul Wellstone and they killed him for it.

          • Lets all stand up and say what they REALLY are……

      21. Very simple… Anyone showing up to a “peaceful march” wearing a face mask or hood to obstruct their identity. Arrest. Anyone showing up to a “peaceful march” wearing a face mask or hood to obstruct their identity and is seen destroying property or attacking individuals with a weapon. Shot on site. No more problem.

      22. It is insane and dangerous that law enforcement continues to allow people wearing masks into these protests. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER these paid to start trouble, mask wearing cowards are violently injuring others.

        I understand violence can happen at these things and maybe that is OK, maybe it is part of the deal, but what is NOT OK is people wearing masks, cowards, hit and run criminals injuring people and never being held accountable for it. Never having to explain their actions.


        These mask wearing cowards need to be…. something. They are the worst kind of human.

        • In our city it’s illegal to appear in public in a mask.

        • The “LEOs” are on the leftists’ side.

          Where is it written that USA will stay together forever?
          USA will fragment like Yugoslavia.

        • It’s not just masks. These sick scum are carrying weapons like big sticks with NAILS on the end of them, and throwing balloons full of piss, and bags of poop at people!! These are really sick monkeys!

      23. And if mask wearing cowards jump a fence to get in, then law enforcement needs to detain them immediately, photograph their faces, finger print them and tell them NO MORE MASKS!!!

        I am sad that I even say that, I don’t like that having that rule in this country, and as I think about it, maybe this is a setup by the establishment to get me to want that kind of rule… so when real people come out later against the establishment that rule be in place.

        I understand in some countries people have to wear masks when going against law enforcement during protests… and that I understand….. BUT….

        But… these mask wearing thugs in Berkley were not going against cops or the establishment… they are going after and injuring normal people.

        The people paying these mask wearing thugs to start trouble must be quite pleased with how things are going. It seems to be part of a bigger plan which has been in place for 10-20 years to ruin this once great country… and they are now shifting gears to quickly get to SHTF.

        • “These mask wearing cowards need to be…..something.” That Guy, they need to be neutralized. Their time is coming. Bank on it.

        • But they ARE attacking cops i have seen video’s and read. And yet they are not dealt with. They carry the Communist flag with black and red colors. They need to be put down!!!

      24. Wow.. a liberal news reporter actually reported the truth..
        The sad truth is that when the libtards and commies get the fight they want so badly is that the they won’t survive it long. They keep pushing until people stand up and fight back.. How long can they last?

      25. Let’s be clear: the fascist-behaving Antifada is SOROS-BACKED, SOROS-TRAINED, & SOROS-FUNDED!

        The Constitution DOES protect Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly BUT NOT INSURRECTION!

        It does NOT protect HATE speech INTEGRALLY connected with VIOLENT ACTS/BEHAVIORS!

        Mr. Sessions should investigate if Mr. Soros has committed Treason or has broken any law by so inciting violence/riots.

        Stay away from haters and stay away from where the hate IS.

        Hate feeds on hate.

        Hold accountable any elected leader or Chief of Police who does not dispatch law enforcement to keep the peace for those who DO show up when the haters are there and all the hate of various groups is spewing forth.

      26. These black and red clad bastards are going to start something they can’t finish.

        There will be blood in the streets and they will be the ones that start it.

        Be ready it’s coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      27. Biggest H8TERs on the planet are the leftist brownshirts.

        Everyone knows this.

      28. One simple term captures these people:


      29. Read their manifesto…they are not allegiant to the dem party or anyone else for that matter. They are hell-bent on aligning with Soros to usher in socialism first, followed by communism and then anarchy. This is not a joke. Our war dead and all who served are counting on us to keep this Republic propped up. First step is declaring them a domestic terrorism organization, which should have been done at least 6 months ago. Who’s reading trends in the DHS…hmmm. Get after it or duty-bound patriots will be compelled to do so.

      30. I note a dearth of such “protests” in places like Hillbilly Springs, Arkansas. What about “equality and inclusion”? Some of these fools will believe their own bullshit and try this outside their ‘safe space”.

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