BANNED: Iconic Dukes of Hazzard Car ‘General Lee’ Stripped Of Confederate Flag: “This is a new level of P.C. idiocy”

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Headline News | 334 comments

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    They’ve been pushing for it for over 150 years and this year the politically correct anti-Confederate flag movement may have finally achieved its ultimate goal. Following a racially driven shooting spree that left nine people dead at a church in Charleston, the governor of South Carolina is pushing legislation to have the flag removed at any government buildings where it currently flies. In Alabama, the governor has ordered Confederate flag “paraphernalia” removed from the Confederate Memorial Monument.

    Major retailers like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart immediately jumped on board and have now removed confederate flags from their listings. Paul Joseph Watson highlights the sheer ridiculousness of the move, noting that while Amazon has removed memorabilia featuring the flag of the Confederacy, they continue to allow the sale of items featuring Nazi emblems and Swastikas.

    But the idiocy, based on absolutely no logical reasoning except that this is the perfect crisis to not let go to waste, doesn’t stop there.

    Warner Bros. has announced that it has halted production of toys and replicas of the iconic Dukes of Hazzard sports car known as the General Lee.

    Dukes of Hazzard, a staple TV show of the early 1980’s, featured what may possibly be the most popular and most recognizable car in American history.

    As of today, that car will no longer feature the confederate flag on its roof.

    The Confederate flag may or may not be removed from government buildings in South Carolina, but the relic is definitely being removed from at least one southern icon. Warner Bros. today announced that it was halting production of toys and replicas of the General Lee, the car from the Dukes of Hazzard, which famously bore the flag on its roof.

    As recently as 2012 Warner Bros. quashed rumors that it was planning to remove the Confederate flag from toy versions of the General Lee. “We were not and are not planning to change design of the General Lee on merchandise,” the company said at the time, after a Tomy sales representative reportedly indicated production would cease in 2013.

    Ben Jones, who played good ‘ol boy Cooter on the show and had a crush on leading lady Daisy Duke, responded to the removal of the flag, echoing the general sentiment of many Americans who find the move by major retailers and political leaders to be overkill:

    Some unnamed genius at the company feels that the flag is ‘offensive to some’ and therefore it has no business on a classic TV comedy about a bunch of good ol’ boys and girls in the Southern mountains

    This is a new level of ‘P.C.’ idiocy. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being insulted by morons.


    Cooter (far right) poses with Bo Duke, Luke Duke and The General Lee

    We’re sure that the next crisis will lead to the complete removal of any references to the South’s involvement in the Civil War, including the removal of the very name of the vehicle, The General Lee, named after the man who led the South’s armies against the north.

    No proposed names have yet been put forth, but some politically correct replacements may include:

    • The General Grant
    • The General Sharpton
    • The General Obama
    • and, since the iconic car may now openly identify as being more feminine than masculine, The General Pelosi has kind of a ring to it.

    Listen to The General Lee’s racially divisive Dixie Horn before it gets removed from the internet forever:

    (Also read this highly informative article: In Defense Of The Confederate Flag)


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      1. What’s next? Daisy Duke short shorts???

        • “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

          Ronald Reagan

          • Crazy times we are living in. This liberal PC crap is going to be the death of this country! Anything that happens it is the fault of the white American male. In reality I guess it is. We have allowed this to happen and will continue to do so. I just don’t know why. I guess because we (the white American , men and women) is to busy working and paying taxes to support this craziness and not spending the time to try and stop it.

            The Stars and Bars are now considered worse than a crazy old cross dresser who so many want to emulate. The world has been turned upside down.


            • What hypocrisy, Mac.

              The censorship from the new SHTFplan kosher thought police are no less idiotic.

              • My only question is how much more of this shit are y’all gonna take? They are literally rewriting history in your face. I quit posting here, because it accomplishes nothing. Get out and do something. Most here are already of the same mindset, take action instead of whining and talking shit. You all should know the story about the big talkers.

                By the way TPP passed while y’all are rantin on about the flag.

                  • Those aren’t wings, it’s a giant, giant Confederate Flag fluttering in the wind. Well, at least freedom lives on somewhere. thanks

                    • Folks,

                      The PC police have gone crazy. It is time to get yourself a Confederate flag while you can and fly it high so everyone can see. Perhaps there will be a renewed appreciation for the flag and what it really stood for. Using the logic of these people, the cross should be banned as well since the KKK use it as their symbol. The Governor of S Carolina May not quite understand what she has stepped into but McConnell and his bunch do. Many southern boys died to defend that flag and what it stood for as a symbol of their cherished homeland, family, and farms. Honor and respect go both ways. The warriors and heroes of the south though defeated are due their honor, and their memories and accomplishments will be cherished and live on beyond this PC spat in the hearts of millions of fellow southern Americans.

                      Let her fly high again in the land of the truly free and brave!

                      Louisiana Eagle

                  • Not that fortunate my friend. Not due to lack of trying. Will be relying on my wits at this point. They have gotten me this far, not that thats sayin much. War has again been openly declared on me and my people. Will we take note and react accordingly this time?
                    Released today.
                    Maybe if I bitch on here enough the escalation of events will slow down and eventually reverse.

            • What hypocrisy, Mac.

              The censorship from the new SHTFplan kosher thought police is no less idiotic.

              • John, we’ve gone over this again and again. If the material is relevant then I am all for it — but as one user pointed out the other day, it is literally every other post sometimes.

                • Perhaps you’ll forgive the humor and irony in my observation (remarked upon by many others here) that “sometimes every other post” is the usual fear porn touted by the usual disinformation agents with a date changed. Reporting on the misdeeds of middle management, does nothing to weaken command and control.

                  Sure, “firefights” occasionally break out in the discussion section, but so what?

                  Why not let the posts stand or fall on their own merits/demerits? Unlike the faction that has nothing but bogus history and name-calling (for example, the person who, against all logic, insisted that the burning of a Catholic church was “anti-Jew”), an honest man would admit that I back up my statements with verifiable references.

                  Pax Domini sit semper tecum.

                  • It is obvious John, Mac is in fear of the tribe and rightly so. The tribal mob is the nastiest one on earth and they will ruin you if you speak out against them. Or in this case “allow” antisemitic (even tho they are those who say they are Jews and are not and have NO semitic blood in them) chat to appear in print forever burned into cyberspace. They are slowly but surely silencing everyone. Want to know who your masters are? They are the ones you are not allowed to criticize.

                    • I don’t think Mac has ever, I repeat, EVER mentioned “Jews” or “ZIonists” being the ultimate culprits behind our global, national, local angst. He has either been approached by mossad, and told to keep in line or else, or he believes that “they” are the “chosen one”, in the biblical sense, and therefore, are “untouchable”.

                  • I respectfully agree with John Q. Let the posts stand on their own merit.

                • Oh!We going with the “disparaging thing”again,I love that wordGgonna be a fun week posting,posters have been warned,Warchild is on the hunt for yet again for “disparaging comments”about other posters,what can I say,I am easily amused!

                • Oh!We going with the “disparaging thing”again,I love that word,gonna be a fun week posting,posters have been warned,Warchild is on the hunt for yet again for “disparaging comments”about other posters,what can I say,I am easily amused!

                  • Gots the double tap

                    • OUCH!

                    • zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzZZzZzzZzZz…… zZzzZzZzZzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….. zzzzzzzzzzZZzzZZzzzZZZZzzZZZZZzzzzzz…..

                      Same as it ever was…

                      The younger generations coming up after “Us” are oblivious… They’re already feminized, marginalized, ostracized, compartmentalized and sanitized to their surroundings… Game over…


                      Enjoy your golden years… Reminisce of times gone past and how sweet it was to grow up when you did for these are all you have left in this world…

                      “Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not really losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else.”

                • Having a prepping/survivalist website that doesn’t identify the kosher role isn’t being honest. Neocons in Washington are predominately kosher. Bush and Cheney are among them so no they are all not Jewish. The Federal Reserve is owned by Jewish mega banks. Neocons are behind the non stop wars. Main stream media is totally dominated
                  by Jews. The war on the Confederate flag isn’t being led by blacks. Kosher groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti Defamation League have been behind that. I’m not being anti Semitic I’m just stating facts. If I’m a bigot then so is truth.
                  OK. Go ahead and delete.

            • BigB, spot on. We’re the ones who are still working full-time and paying taxes to support the minority people who are lazy and refuse to do anything for themselves. They always complain about something but never have any real complaints. I get sick of all the bashing, i.e. black lies, slander, and propaganda about white people. If blacks really believe America is so horrible for them, why the hell don’t they just leave? There’s planes, trains, buses, and ships coming and going from this country every day. Some of them believe Africa is the place for them to be. They can go any time they want and let’s see how it works for them.

              • Hoorah Braveheart!

                I’m getting tired of being
                called a bleached out black.

              • AMEN–tired of lookin at my check knowing I’m supporting the likes of this welfare state the whorocrats are establishing (I don’t want any confusion here–the republipimps want your money for themselves, they don’t like to share) Tired of going to the grocery store seeing these inbred dolts pullin 3 shopping carts full of shit with 8 kids by 8 daddy’s that I’ve paid for. Christ, I can’t afford 3 shopping carts full of food AND I HAVE A GOOD PAYING JOB. At some point it’s got to reach a saturation level that we cannot recover from.

                Now–for the “disenfranchised BLACK populace”–get over yourselves–your not special–you–your mamma and your mamma’s mamma and your mamma’s mamma’s mamma were not slaves–you choose or chose the path you went down–WHITEY did not force you to be lazy useless shits. selling dope and killin each other over turf and other varius bullshit–BURNING DOWN the area you live cause some wanna be–soon to be convict got his ass shot by a cop. SMART move retards. Burn down the drugstore where gramma gets her meds–burn down the senior center where your elderly “USED” to socialize and support each other. Burn down and loot the businesses that TRIED to support your community–inner breeding at it’s finest as far as I’m concerned–there is no help for this portion of the populace–there is a cure but to put it in print is not “PC”. Wouldn’t want to OFFEND and bark munchers here. I fully agree with Braveheart and want to take it one step farther–take MY tax money and BUY them a ticket to their choice destination as long as it is NOT HERE–I hear AFRICA is SPLINDID this time of year–especially the SUDAN–they only occasionally like to kick up the genocide thing-Come to think of it–Can’t think of a country in AFRICA that CAN govern itself responsibly but hey–neither can Detroit, Flint or Saginaw MI. HMMMMMM–I see a pattern here.

                In closing–the stars and bars are nothing but a piece of cloth–a representative of a period of American history that whatever side you were on–was devastating to the country as a whole –period–that’s all it is–and the victors always write the history–be it good or bad — BUT keep in mind–those that DO NOT remember the real history or the perceived history based on the so called victors history are doomed to repeat it. We are fast approaching that. God Help us all for what is coming

                • OhSoTired, welcome, and I couldn’t have said it any better.

              • Braveheart, I know what you are saying,but there are plenty of white asses that don’t get off the recliner and go to work either. The entitlement mentality is everywhere, in every color or lack of color, civilian, military, both genders, and all churches. People work all day at two jobs and then apologize for getting in the way of deadbeats. This whole damned fubared country has without question morphed into the most stupid group of people in history. Stupidity is the author and finisher of evil!

                • Yup, plenty of “flavors” of the human race that are part of the gimme-dat group. It’s not only one kind.

              • “We’re the ones who are still working full-time and paying taxes ”


                STOP PAYING TAXES!

                • Maybe he has to pay taxes to avoid being put in jail, or maybe he doesn’t live at taxpayer expense in an insane asylum like yourself.

              • Why don’t they leave? It’s because this country is becoming theirs, piece by piece and gaining more ground each and every day at the taxpayers expense.

            • You are spot on. The powers that be will not be satisfied until a full-out race/class war tears this country apart. A symbol cannot kill. The attention focused on this idiocy takes away from the heinous act committed by a disturbed young man robbing so many of their lives.

              • Linda S., welcome to our humble community. Any PC censor tries his/her crap on me, that person will have a fight on his/her hands. Again, welcome.

            • I’m offended by the statues of MLK and demand that they come down!

            • the kid who killed those 9 darkies wanted to start a Civil War… well he might just get his wish before this is all over… think I’ll leave Baltimore for South Africa where it’s safe… lol 🙂

            • I live in Alabama, and though I didn’t vote this winner of a governor into office, I will again be voting against him. I also will not support anything Warner Bros produce. In the name of “politically correct” they continue taking one right at a time away from us while we sit idle and do nothing. What happens when the few rights we that still remain are gone? There is a bleak future instore for our children if we keep our heads in the sand. It’s time America stands up and demand what is our God given right…..FREEDOM! It blows my mind that the few standup and take what they want day in and day out while the masses stand to the side, wringing their hands and crying that there is nothing they can do about it.

              • Voting does not work.

                It’s time to start doing something else that makes an actual meaningful change to the country.

                Are you paying taxes? If so, your boycotting of Hollywood or anyone else is irrelevant, because you’re voluntarily giving your money to those who have you imprisoned.

          • That is a great quote by a great President. Thanks for sharing KY Mom.

            • DITTO !

            • FS, I agree with the quote, but remember that Reagan came out of HOLLYWOOD.

              • “Reagan came out of HOLLYWOOD.”

                And yet , unaffected and unafraid .
                Much like Clint Eastwood .

                Its also OK yer from Georgia , LOL .

              • He came out of the middle west, the heartland, and worked in Hollywood. Not the same thing.

        • Thems fightin words Eppe!

            • So are we going to ban half of country music too?

              • Just the country rap crap, and anything by little queenie Tater swift. ( the role model for your pre-teenie daughters ) puke!
                and.. oh yea, piley cirus shit.

                • PWTW, I wholeheartedly agree about the ‘country rap’ shit and Taylor Swift. They’ve all had too much of the HOLLYWOOD koolaid. I prefer all old country music from the pre-1980s era. When I was growing up we only had AM radio. I had one of the pocket-sized transistor radios that ran on a 9-volt battery. I used to listen to it at night with the earphone plugged in to WSM 650 in Nashville which is also home to the Grand Ole Opry. On Saturday nights I just had to listen to the Opry. Now, THAT was real music there. Still tune into the Opry on some Saturday nights, depending on who’s playing. I haven’t seen a new country artist come along since the 90s that I even care for.

              • No silly. All of it.

        • I hear ISIS will gladly volunteer to burn, smash and destroy all of Americas racist landmarks and they’ll even throw in a free stoning of Daisy Duke in her Daisy Dukes!

        • Eppe:
          Please don’t say that. It would break my heart!;-{
          On the topic. They may try to take the flag off the general but I have mine and the flag STAY’s!!!!!
          Also I don’t have to say which flag will be flying at my house a long side the stars and strips.!;-}
          And if you don’t like it you can kiss my grits!!!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • NR, al my family in GA have those flags and won’t give them up, period.

          • sittin here singing ” Maryland,My,Maryland” … just waiting on a call to arms…

        • That might be a good thing based on the growing girth of the typical Americ*nt

        • Y’all ain’t seen nothin yet. This is just for starters……wait until the beast gets really revved up and comes after His true remnant.

          Revelation 12: 15-17
          15And out of his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river after the woman, to cause her to be swept away by the river.
          16And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the river which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth.
          17And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to fight with the remnant of her seed, those guarding the commands of Elohim and possessing the witness of יהושע Messiah.

          The water/river are not an actual river of water. Oh and for those who are still in the western/hellenised greek/roman church system mindset, pay special attention to verse 17.

        • Eppe, I would bet the Bat Mobile is way more popular in American history than Gen Lee. One of my favs was Starkey and Hutch’s Hot Rod. Loved the pinstriping. Any other great hot rods out there? I fergit… ha.

          • Michel Weston had a pretty nice Charger in Burn Notice.

          • Well,Jim Rockfords Firebird a nice sleeper,Maxwell Smarts Sunbeam Tiger,the jeeps of Rat patrol,Magnums Ferrai,just to name a few,who.

          • WWTI, a guy in my area who owns a scuba shop has a 1976 Gran Torino all decked out with a Starsky and Hutch paint job. He also collects some other muscle cars from the 70s. Man, talk about going down memory lane…..

          • Wwti, good to see the bol is working out.

            Mine was American Graffiti’s 55 Chevy. One day I hope to have a 55 nomad…
            Another was “Kit” trans am…

            Was Ringo married to Catherine Bach at one time???

            • I think it is Barbara Bach.

            • I had a 1975 Trans-Am back in highschool. Wish I still has that race car.

            • Catherine Bach was hot. I think she was in that movie “Cave Man”. Or was that “Planet the Apes?

        • EPPE
          That could start a shooting WAR!!!

        • Oh, NO!

        • Those queer rainbow flags are so much more offensive than the historic Confederate battle flag. What are the libturds going to push for next? Replace the Stars and Stripes with a Rainbow Fag Flag?

        • Now they are waving around this dead senator on the capital steps while behind the scenes they fast track the TPP. Now do you know why they focused you on the confederate flag and this professional hit?

          Forget to watch out for the Kansas City Shuffle?

          The President’s trade agenda scored a major victory Tuesday when the Senate voted to advance a bill to allow “fast-track” approval of large international trade bills.

          The outcome of this key procedural vote had been in doubt as a group of 14 pro-trade Democrats weighed whether to continue their support of the bill out of concern that a related workers’ assistance package might not pass both chambers.

          Kids and Kiddetts, we just got sold down the rive again while the media had y’all bitching about a flag.

          How many ways does one spell treason?

        • Still no mention of pulling the plug on amazon and ebay for their actions. They must be sponsors. Sponsors that sell nazi flags/items,stalin items,che guevara items…..
          Oh….wait…those don’t offend the msm.

        • I have a rebel flag on my home an vehicle. I’ll shoot your ass off if you mess with either.

        • No. There is currently a little-known bill that looks likely to be passed by Congress and signed off on by President Obama which will require ALL women to wear Daisy Dukes when ever the temperature is above 60 degrees.

          But ya gotta admit, there are a lot of women who should never be seen in Daisy Dukes, but hey, that’s the Federal Government for ya. Women’s Lib.

        • I don’t know.

      2. Why in the fuck do you old people cling to that piece of shit racist flag?

        Get fucking rid of the thing!

        You don’t need to teach children racism. They’ll learn that on their own.

        • That flag represents history. It happened, good or bad. Get over it, and yourself. And you are right, kids will learn racism in the real world all on their own, no need to teach it at all.

          It is a symbol. For you, a symbol or racism, because you are a dumb shit. For others, a symbol or resistance against an over bearing federal government.

          The left has co-opted everything. You are part of the left. You are no alpha. You are a back of the bus gamma, stuck in your 2 sided view of the world. I almost pity you.


          • Townsaver, welcome back. I wouldn’t waste any time pitying acid. He’s not worth it. While I condemn the massacre in SC and the nutcase who committed it, why drag the Stars and Bars into this? The commies saw another opportunity to attack the flag and jumper on it. They’re mouthing off big time about the flag, but I don’t hear shit out of them about the massacre in SC. If the incident had been done by a black male instead, it wouldn’t have made national news.

            • Yep, with their line of thinking, let’s ban whatever brand of underwear he was wearing, the weapon manufacturer he used, the type of car, etc. Why does that asswipe murderer get to define what the flag means? This PC shit is incredible. It will be the American flag next up. Many already have an issue with it. And there goes the USA. No borders, no law for the elite, anarchy will soon follow. Then it will be game on. Watch it slide folks. Take pictures, because we are in the throws of historic change in this country. Right under our noses.

              • The governor should declare she will not bow down to political correctness and keep the flag. That is the most important principal in my opinion.

            • Hey there Braveheart!

              I know, I know, don’t feed the trolls. I couldn’t resist.

              Just coming back after taking a break. Good to see the diehards still plugging away.

            • Clive Bundy from the Bundy Ranch said it pretty good. And I paraphraise. ” Blacks were better off during slavery, they picked Cotton and were fed they worked and were happy.” Today they are jobless, hopeless and sit around.” Anybody got that exact quote, pls post it. Thx. ~WWTI

            • Townsaver,

              History is what it is! For me, the Confederate flag has nothing to do with racism but a lot to do with a major power struggle between the South and the North. Let the flag fly!

              • Yep, I wrote a paper for a college history class on this. I went to the library in Winchester VA and saw many original artifacts and papers. After tromping around various Civil War sites (battlegrounds, towns), I got to understand what it was about. The slavery situation was thrown in by the North; not that I agree with slavery at all, but the way it was done was not good.

                • Yahooie,

                  The flag is not the problem. People are the problem. Most southern boys went to war, fought and died bravely believing they were defending their families and homes, their way of life. The flag was and is still a source of pride and a part of who we are. Sherman and others destroyed the south with their scorched earth tactics and carpet baggers. We may have been defeated but we refuse to be subjugated. People have more reason than ever to proudly fly and display the flag as a symbol of defiance and freedom. Let freedom ring!

                  • Gone,I totally agree. One thing I learned in writing that paper is how history can be twisted. What I saw was not in agreement with what I was taught in high school. Writing that paper and having the opportunity to do in-person research was quite eye-opening. Kinda got me started on “what else is the gov’t doing?”

                  • Oh, and this CSA flag thing makes me want to get my own General Lee and drive around town. And I drive not just push the gas pedal and aim somewhere.

          • good points, Townsaver.

            I hope all my kids are racist/prejudice, against faggots and liberals.

            Two types that will lead a person right up to the gates of hades.

            • PWTW, I’m also against communism and sodomy so we’re all in good company.

        • Acid, you sound just like the libturds you rant and rave about on occasion. Just like on certain other subjects, you’ve been misled. The only flag I cling to is the Gadsden flag and I dare anyone to come and try to do something about that.

          • The Gadsden flag makes much more sense. I think a lot of people want the stars and bars to mean the same thing as the Gadsden, but it just doesn’t.

            • Braveheart: You’re obviously a little slow today. No one is suggesting the removal of any flags of any sort from private property. But the Stars and Bars will be coming down from government sites buildings. The only exception would be Civil War sites, memorials, and museums. But very soon, they will be removed from all other state run institutions. Get over it already-the South lost!

              • Professor Higgins

                And the British lost the Revolutionary War. Get over it already.

                • Slingshot: Really? You don’t even know your own REAL history. Americans are a naïve bunch. We made a deal with your leaders to cut our shared losses and agreed to let you act mostly on your own behalf as a junior partner. Purely a business proposition. As for the War of 1812, we were, as you Americans say “cleaning your clock” with a few small exception, we even burned your precious capitol to the ground as a reminder that you were just a “branch office” and not go and get a big head. The fact is that you’re still a colony of G.B., why else would you coming running to us “aide’ us in WWI and WWII. We call out the “reserves” and you come running. We decided long ago that it would be better if we made it appear that we were breaking up our monopoly when in fact we still controlled Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, America. We now call it the Anglo-American Empire. We’ve got Europe, The Americas, Asia, and the Pacific covered. It was what your Ma Bell did when they broke it up into Baby Bells. The power structure never really changed ,and neither did ours. Funny how America is becoming more and more like the rest of the English speaking countries (Democratic-Socialism) rather than the other way around. We’ve allowed you to have the illusion of freedom. If you really controlled your own country it wouldn’t be happening, now would it. Ta, ta old boy.

              • Not really, Higgy.

                When we realized that the yankees only wanted our negras, instead of our white women and white liquor, we just quit fightin’, and turned around and went home.

                • passinwiththwind: Is that why the South was burnt to the ground, your slaves freed, and your towns and cities overrun with Federal soldiers and carpet baggers; because you decided to quit? That was very noble of you old sport. To this day, the South has more crime, more poverty, and a poorer educational system than any other part of the country. The only thing the South won was the “Race To the Bottom”. Sorry old boy, but the facts win over your opinions. Why on earth do you think we (GB)didn’t sell our ironclad ships to the South; it was in order to keep you as a single unit. It was, and is, easier for us to manage you Americans when you’re one country, rather than two. I hope you enjoyed this little history lesson.

              • People are considering banning it even on private property. They are also considering demolishing all Confederate monuments. They are planning on burning Confederate flags on Saturday, including any they can steal from us.

                You can take your hatred of the South and stick it. I hope you’re not too ignorant to figure out where.

                • That’s so very Nazi-ish of them…

                • Archivist, let any of them come to my place to take anything and they’ll be turned into ‘Michael Browns’.

                • True enough, there are dozens of articles today about removing or vandalizing statues and sites in Austin, Huntsville, and other cities in the south far remote from Charleston. Renaming of schools and streets. Ending school requirements for southern history, etc.

                  • Let them do whatever they want in Huntsville. When that place inevitably gets nuked into a great big pile of radioactive ash, not one tear will be shed for them in the rest of Alabama. Same goes for Austin in Texas, I’m sure.

                    • Well, let’s hope you are in Huntsville when it gets nuked to ashes! I’ll bet there won’t be anyone shedding a tear over you!

                  • Not a whole lot different than the Ferguson and Baltimore rioters tearing up their own neighborhoods.

              • “Professor”, I am much more aware of history than you think. Yes, I do see it being removed from govt. buildings. You’re the one who needs to get over something and that is this; Your bloody Majesty’s government lost what you call ‘the rebellion’ in North America and we became an independent nation. So stick in that into your pipe and smoke it, you and your whole bloody Royal Family. BTW, are you aware of the TRUE history of your Royal Family? Do some research on that and then you can come back and tell us about it. With the blood that’s on their hands, I just don’t see how any British subjects can sleep at night or even look at themselves in a mirror.

            • Yes it does. Stop wasting your time trying to argue to the contrary.

          • I actually like the “Confederate Flag”. The truth about that flag is that it was the battle flag for Virgina. The only thing the flag represented was that the state of Virgina wanted out of the Union (13 stars represented the 13 original colonies, and the X represented cross us out of the Union). Hell, I make a new version with 50 stars in the X. Cross me out of this so called Union. The dumbing down of Amerikans continues at an exponential rate.

            • Sorry Kfilly, WRONG! The 13 Stars do not represent the 13 original colonies, they represent the 13 States of the Confederacy. Trekker Out.

              • I stand corrected on that part, but the rest of it is spot on.

                • I have a question regarding the total number of states comprising the Confederacy…On March 11, 1861, the Confederate Constitution of seven state signatories—South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas— replaced the February 7 provisional Confederated States constitution with one stating in its preamble a desire for a “permanent federal government”. Four additional slave-holding states—Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina—declared their secession and joined the Confederacy following a call by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln for troops from each state to recapture Sumter and other lost federal properties in the South. Missouri and Kentucky were represented by partisan factions from those states, while the legitimate governments of those two states retained formal adherence to the Union. Also aligned with the Confederacy were two of the “Five Civilized Tribes” and a new Confederate Territory of Arizona. Efforts to secede in Maryland were halted by federal imposition of martial law, while Delaware, though of divided loyalty, did not attempt it. A Unionist government in western parts of Virginia organized the new state of West Virginia which was admitted to the Union on June 20, 1863. So, if you count all the participants, you come up with a different number than 13…I guess for ease of flag production, the number was settled upon at 13…Who knows…BUT, we do know that currently there are 50 states not 57 as told by the criminal in chief…THAT, we do know…

              • There were Eleven states in the Confederacy. I had to look it up after your post. There are thirteen stars on the Confederate flag. That flag in all reality was the Battle Flag of Virginia. Virginia was one of the original thirteen colonies. Like I said, each star represented one of the original colonies that ratified the Constitution. The X on the flag represented Virgina wanting to leave the Union (aka crossing them off the list).

                • The X on the Battle Flag represents the Saint Andrew’s Cross on Britain’s Union Jack. The flag was originally designed to have the cross of Saint George, the other cross on the Union Jack, but Jewish Southerners felt it was too Christian and the X was chosen. The thirteen stars represent the eleven states that seceded when delegates to Constitutional Conventions, elected by the people, voted a super majority to become independent from the U.S. The other two stars represent Kentucky and Missouri. Kentucky’s vote was only provisionally recognized by the Confederacy as it was a grass roots vote and not state administered.
                  Missouri only gave 30% of its delegate election votes to secession candidates but would probably seceded if it had a later election. The people of Arizona Territory voted to secede as did the individual tribes of Oklahoma but they weren’t represented on the flag.

                  • People are Stoopid, whwn it comea to History. The Civil war was not over slavery or racism. It was about the South paying high fed taxes and not gwtting anything in return. The North used all the tax revenue to build thw industrial complex in the north. I pay a lot of taxes and get nothing in return either. Fly the Confed flag proudly this 4th of July.

                • The cross on the flag was a cross, similar to one of the three crosses on the British flag, nothing to do with ‘crossing off’ the union or such.

                  You can look up the origin and meaning of the flag in any encyclopedia.

                • Kfilly you are still wrong. The Thirteen Stars on the Battle Flag have absolutely nothing to do with the 13 colonies. And matter of fact Virigina was not even one of the first to secede from the Union. And this is how it stands ” South Carolina-Mississippi-Florida-Alabama-Georgia-Louisiana-Texas-Virginia-Arkansas-North Carolina-Tennessee and Missourah is represented by the twelfth Star and Kentucky is represented by the Thirteenth Star. Yes Virginia was one of the Thirteen Colonies, but so was Massachusetts and you can bet your bottom dollar Mass. ain’t one of the Stars on the Confederate Battle Flag. Trekker Out. Y’all Come Back Now, Ya Hear!

                  • trekker,kfilly

                    Look I think you guys are getting way too caught up in facts. None of that matters. All that matters is it is like super racist, and like hundreds of thousands of southerners gave their lives just so they could have like slaves and stuff, and like a million yankees gave their lives just to free slaves because all yanks like super Loooove black people, and honest abe Lincoln was like the best president everrrrr….

                    Seriously folks we are witnesses to the absolute destruction of a culture and the complete and total loss of freedom. I am so sick and tired of the damn media being able to force legislation over non issues. I cannot believe this “debate” has gotten this far because of some psychopath kid murdered innocent unarmed women and men and was in a picture with an unassuming CSA license plate or whatever the hell it was. God help us folks, where is this going to lead, when will enough finally be enough?? Thank God for fluoride or we would have all done killed each other a long time ago I reckon.

        • What was that you said? Let me get this straight, “bla, bla, bla, bla, I am a crude moron, bla, bla, bla, bla.

        • wish we could get rid of you Acid as easy as the flag. FU from an old person.

          • Amen to that Jim. Also get rid of his brother…no wait, maybe his sister(now) Caitlin Somebody. You know, I dislike getting crude but these folks have a sickness. Its a frigged up mentality. That flag did not rise up and shoot somebody. Neither did that flag speak to that kid and persuade him to commit that act. The people who have come out and jumped on the bandwagon to disparage the Stars and Bars are cowards and are only looking to make themselves shine in their constituents eyes. And its the same argument regarding gun violence. Always blaming the instrument/object as if it’s going to be the
            cure. As far as I’m concerned with this type of mentality is no different than what came about during the rise of Hitler. So Hillary, King Koon, and the rest of your ilk, go ban away, flags, guns, Christianity, and parental rights then see what happens.

        • TROLL ALERT!!!

          I suspect this acid etch is either a complete moron or a spam bot.

          I can’t fathom such an ignorant individual would even be on this website. I think you should jump on the BET network or better yet, The View….

          “You Suck, You Jackass!”

          I have to say Townsaver hit the nail on the head.
          Enough said.

          • 7.62x39mm, welcome aboard, and I compliment you for catching on to acid as fast as you did. Again welcome. You’re in the right place.

          • When trolls make comments like Acid just did he is trying to provoke radical comments.

            It make me think he is a federal agent trying to provoke anti-government racist talk that would then give them reason to check you out further.

            I don’t believe that he is just a moron, because they really don’t make morons that stupid.

            • He’s not a Federal agent. He’s simply a headstrong person who makes an ass out of himself sometimes. Emphasis on the sometimes. This is one of those times.

              • Right, he just doesn’t know enough to wait until people go to sleep for the night to post his chicken shit replies on the hit and run.

                • Do you have something to say to me, asshole? Post it under your own name so everyone can see who is saying what. Or do you prefer to post under a made up name, like the coward you truly are?

        • hey buckwheat….I’m an old white guy, not a racist but a realist….you sound like a watermelon snitchin kneegrow

        • Really. Why don’t we all just buy a bunch of hate whitey rap music and learn to get with the plan?

        • Acid;
          I hanging on to my racist flag, just like I’m hanging onto the other racist flag (considered by some) and that one has stars and stripes not stars and bars.
          And If those people don’t like it they don’t have to look at them.
          I don’t like a lot of those Rainbow colored flags or those ones with Arabic wrote on them or a hammer or cycle on it or a big red or yellow star or those flags from other countries fly above the U.S. flag. I’m not so small minded that I would limit some ones right to have them or fly them. So yes if I will fly my flag and If you don’t like, sorry but you are going to have to deal with it.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • NR, I’m right there with you on those other flags you mentioned. Acid can get f#$%ed.

            • Braveheart, I’m a little (lot) drunk tonight.

              I love the Gadsden Flag.
              I love the Confederate Flag.
              I love the American Flag (upside down).
              THE REASON IS TREASON!!!
              My new motto forward!!!!

        • Hey, Gomer Acid Etch, listen up. You are clearly not an American or you would not say something so utterly idiotic. Go back to whatever Third World sewer you crawled out of. EEEWWWWW! RACISM!!!!! Oh, the horror. Learn something, jerk. All the world´s people are “racist”. That is how different ethnic groups evolved, jackass. It is just that fools like you only see white racism.

        • There is nothing wrong or racust at all with the Confederate flag. Even Abe Lincoln was Ok with slavery, but he knew Emancipation Proclaimation was a tool to break the souths economy. BTW/ The Civil War was about the South paying unfair taxes to the North and not getting anything back in return, not about slavery. Kind of like today’s tax payers, like myself pay pay pay and nothing. Quit reading propaganda porno.

        • Acid: Why are you even here?

        • Even the Confederate Flag used in Hillary/Gore campaign ad from 2008?

        • Your an idiot

          • Hey Braddah,
            I’m not going to suggest
            you’re, but I really agree with you.

            • Yea my grammar aint so good at times

        • Piece of shit racist flag huh old huh I’m in my twenties and I’ve done actual research into the civil war and I’m from the north I used to think like you like I said until I did research and comments like yours are actually moronic you have no idea what the meaning of the flag is or why the war was fought how about what Lincoln did to win the vote in Minnesota or the Morrill tarrif tax or how Lincoln was in the process of sending former slaves to a colony in Africa or how it was called the 99%war because only 99%of the people who fought owned slaves or how only 2% of the south owned slaves or why dont you read about the slave trade in the north especially new england so the next time you call it racist do a little research or just use your brain

          • Thanks for that, Allan! May God bless you and yours.

            • Yes, thanks Allan! Now if you can just get into the habit of being a real chickenshit, I’ll welcome you with open arms!

        • I’m 45 and I have no doubt at all that I would beat you to death without a weapon. I can thank uncle sam for that one. If you live acidhead, you will be one of the old people to some punk like yourself later on.

        • Why do you like another man’s balls

      3. The PC Left, is seriously screwed in the head!

        • They have to rewrite history to fit the narrative…

          The demorats were against civil rights-check it out???

      4. Yeah bitches.

        I’m going to Vegas, Zion, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Bryce, and Monument Valley.

        • Not really, Higgy.

          When we realized that the yankees only wanted our negras, instead of our white women and white liquor, we just quit fightin’, and turned around and went home.

        • Praise God. That means you won’t be here for at least a couple of months, right? Hopefully? PLEASE???

          • Hammer, if acid stays off the internet for any length of time it would be a miracle. We can always hope.

        • Well, you got one thing right today AE, cause you are going to “death valley” unless you repent and give up being a faggot.

          or at least that is what my good book says.

          • Pass,though I love the women(dozens can’t be wrong!)am glad to not read your book.

        • Acid;when you get there…stay there!

      5. Yes, eppe, all hot young women wearing Daisy Duke Short Shorts should remove them post haste !!!

        • ….Boinggggg.

      6. I already placed my order for the rebel flag.

        Vote with your wallet. Local flag store says they sell 5 a week. Currently have orders for 200 this week. This is a good thing, and shows not all of America is completely fucked.

        Move against the herd, go against the current, shave up not down.

        • I’m hanging mine next to my Union Jack obama outlawed…

          Fu*k ’em!!!

        • 200 orders for the confederate flag. Glad to see how many are thumbing their noses at political correctness.

      7. Just canceled my ebay and Amazon accounts over this bs.Warner bros can bend over and k*** my flag.

      8. Cancel your ebay and amazon accounts for the same reason. They still have nazi flags and che guevara,stalin etc.
        If your going to get rid of one get rid of them all. Stupid pc cry babies.

      9. I enjoyed this show growing up. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I learned of the true history of this symbol. I’m actually a bit surprised the producers of the show didn’t find it in poor taste honestly. The swastika was around long before the nazis but we now associate it with them and pretty much everyone agrees it’s offensive. The stars and bars is pretty much in the same category. It’s existence and display was meant to convey the message that the bearers of this flag want to keep the system of slavery and black oppression in place. Is it historic, sure, but let’s acknowledge what it really means and realize what a racist symbol this really is.

        • The United States flag represents FAR more oppression and death world-wide than the Confederate flag ever has. When the Klan marched on DC, they weren’t carrying Confederate flags, they were carrying US flags.

          • GEE, I wondered WHO would be the first …….
            So , the US flag should be banned because it represents aggression all around the world .
            Right .
            Aggression against communism ?
            Aggression against Fascism ?
            Aggression against national socialists ?
            Aggression against women , homosexuals , blacks , browns , reds and yellows and OHH NOO muslims ?

            YEH, I thought so……
            Go bake a same sex wedding cake or sumthin.

            • BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

        • Steve, that was one of my favorite shows back when TV was worth watching. Interesting that Amazon and Ebay have banned the Confederate Paraphernalia but not anything related to the Nazis or Commies. But you’ve been misled about what that flag really means. It had nothing to do with slavery. You’ve had too much of that federal koolaid.

        • REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT MEANS TO THEM, THEY CAN’T BAN HISTORY. They can’t change that history, by banning things associated with that history. I have just as much right to have it, as they do to not have it if they choose.


          • By rewriting history they are effectively banning history.

        • It’s not a racist symbol, and you’re an ass for arguing such.

          Go fuck yourself, troll.

          • Yeah! You should just learn to be a fuckin coward like me instead, wait till after midnight to make your replies!

            • Right, because I definitely plan this shit out, coming on here only at specific times to make replies, for some unexplained reason.

              As opposed to the courageous heroes who post under made up names to troll people. There’s definitely no cowardice there whatsoever, no sir.

      10. The Blacks will not be satisfied till every White person is Kissing a Black Mans Ass!

        Turn the USA into a Damn South Africa.

        • And that Slingshot is why the flag must stay. To warn any and all that there is a limit as to what the givers will give before turning on the takers.


          • BigB.

            You know it and I know it, that skin color will be your uniform in the future. That is the way the minorities want it. I have been hearing it for 50 fucking years and have been to many a Race Relations class.
            I would hope for a backlash but Whitey would rather sit on his ass and do nothing. Till it is on his front doorstep.

            • I would hope for a backlash but Whitey would rather sit on his ass and do nothing.

              You call killing 9 black folks doing nothing? See how it works? This kid, if the media is true, decided to make a plan like white folks do and instead of dicking around with a knock out game or some such juvenile shit, he killed them stone dead in mass. THIS is how whitey operates and when the gloves come off the blacks are going to be running for cover in a stampede.

              • .02

                I may be screwed up at times but taking the lives of people in a place of worship is dead wrong. This heathen knows that would be picking a fight with God.

                If you are going to do it. Get out on the battlefield with your colors and do it right.

                • House of whoreship? Did God build that church/false religion? Do you think for one minute Satan is not inside the walls of these so called houses of worship? Religion is a man made control tactic just like government. Get a grip. If God was there, why didn’t he stop it? No, the 501c3 deserves everything coming to it. God is not mocked and this whore of false religion is going to be destroyed along with everything else.

                • Slingshot, I have to agree. That fruitcake of a kid went into a church and killed innocent people for no legitimate reason and has to be punished for it. That was murder, plain and simple.

                • Its called the political elite,,,
                  They are the ones who are the real enemy,
                  Not our dark skinned brothers and sisters,

              • Killing innocent people in a church is the act of the ultimate coward. This was just the act of a drug-addicted psychopath.

                Banning the Confederate flag is a knee-jerk response that makes no sense at all and is almost equally stupid. Taking down my American Flag and putting up the Confederate Flag, because it has infinitely more meaning to me now.

                Closing Amazon account too. There are alternatives that are not so stupidly PC.

                • After the professional hit on the pastor/senator (choose your master?) you cant have 2 as Jesus says you will love one and hate the other, the owned and controlled media plays the story of this lone kid nutjob, waving a confederate flag and all you guys in the chat THAT SHOULD KNOW BETTER believe this shit. WTF is wrong with you people? Did McVeigh really kill all those kids in OK city? NO! Did the boston bombing really happen they way they said and were those kids guilty like the media says,, NO!! 9/11 happen like they said? NOOOOO!!!!! Lies and more fvking LIES!! TWA 800-Sandy Hook_Bali Bombing.. more lies.. etc etc on and on. you stupid fvks! Now you want to believe this bullshit and focus RIGHT where they want you to on a stupid flag.. Idiots,, I am surrounded by idiots.

                  • Finally, someone else on this site that gets it.

                    • Outlaw:

                      .02 is spot on with his comments and there really are more than one on this site that agrees with his honest posts.

                      His reply to JQP above is “priceless” and spot on.

                • Hammer, spot on. I’ve only used amazon a few times, but I’m finished using them now. Braveheart never has and never will submit to commie PC shit.

                  • You know, Braveheart, I really liked Amazon until today. Great service, and only one company that can compromise our credit card data, rather than many. Nevertheless, they have lost my business. Walmart too, but been trying to avoid that place like the plague anyway because they’re destroying small town America. Shop local. I’d you can’t find it, give a local, family owned business the opportunity to find and order it. IMHO that is part of community, and taking care of our own.
                    We buy our lumber and tools from a local shop rather than Lowes, even if it costs a few dollars more. We shop at a family owned pharmacy. We buy local produce when in season. If everyone did that, across the board, the corporate fascists would not so much power to decide who wins our elections.
                    Done doing business with commies, libs, rainbow flaggots and anyone who sneers when I walk in the door with my sidearm in view, or with a no guns sign. Ain’t taking it off.
                    BTW, anyone see anything wrong with an administration that tries desperately to disarm the American people, while at the same time trying so hard to arm Iran?
                    Is it just me, or is something up with that…

                    • BTW, anyone see anything wrong with an administration that tries desperately to disarm the American people, while at the same time trying so hard to arm Iran?
                      Yes, we do.

                    • Spot on friend., im there

                  • Braveheart – You say you’re finished using Amazon?
                    I thought you said you never had a credit card? Ever!

                    • Camellia, I have a DEBIT card I use for online purchases. Those are accepted just like credit cards.

                • I just closed my Amazon account too. I’ve spent thousands on there over the years but not one. more. penny.

                  Told them I won’t do business with a company that play political games like this flag BS.

                  FUCK YOU AMAZON

                  • Hey Mac, what’s more important to you, ad click revenue or loyalty?

                    SHTFplan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,

                    Suggest you close your Amazon associates program if you are sincere about everything this site stands for…

          • BigB this is why everyone should start flying the Battle Flag, reguardless of whether your in the North or the South. So as to show TPTB your Rebellion against Big Brother. Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

            • Brietbart:

              “CHARLESTON, South Carolina — In an angry call to arms just a block away from the site of the Charleston massacre, former New Black Panther Party chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz told a group of about 200 African American Charlestonians that they need to “finish the mission” of killing “slave masters” and their families.”

              And it just doesn’t stop.


              • And that’s not racism. This shit pisses me off. They get away with saying this shit, and actually doing it and do the minimum jail time and are back out on the streets. Whites get hate crime statutes thrown at them. Folks need God in their lives…real bad.

                • NPPH

                  God in their lives?

                  The only way is to burn the hate out and that can only be done with a race war. When both sides have satisfied their Blood Lust, then God may come back into their lives.
                  Until then, no forgiveness by God.

              • “B.B”
                Too bad Root didn’t get a shot at that Moron.

              • Someone needs to inform Shabazz that all the southern slave masters are already dead and that most Southerners were not slave owners anyway. I guess he’s going to hire genealogists to determine who is a descendant of slave owners, or is he just out to kill white people indiscriminately, which is racist.

                • Also, I guess all the good Muslim names were taken, and he was stuck with Malik Zulu Shabazz. Sounds more like the name of an old-time sideshow cannibal.

                  • I will make things simple for y’all. If it is on the television it is LIES. Ok? get it? IF IT IS ON TV IT IS A FVKIN LIE!!! Is this so hard to get through your heads? A smidgen of truth to set up the total spin lies and deception that they have been feed the sheep since the fvking TV was turned on.

                    William J. Casey, a neocon Republican who liked to dabble in the intelligence world’s black arts inside and outside the country, and who helped craft the election of Ronald Reagan. After taking office, President Reagan installed Casey as head of the CIA in 1981. After his first staff meeting at the agency, Casey was quoted as saying:

                    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

                    Oh but NOW they a e telling us the truth? Right? Anyone> anyone? Bueller? NO kids and kidetts, they are not. After taking office, President Reagan installed Casey as head of the CIA in 1981. After his first staff meeting at the agency, Casey was quoted as saying:

                    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
                    So, what part of this do you idiots not understand?

                    • Well said .02. It needs to be repeated over and over again until people get it.

                      The REASON all these things like Confederate flags, lone gunman, etc keep happening, is they are TRYING to divide the people against one another.

                  • Archivist, spot on. If shabazz wants to act froggy, let him jump like a damned fool. Bullets work on ‘frogs’. He can be another “Michael Brown”.

              • Because this black panther is an idiot dancing to the controlling puppet strings. In my travels I have found the majority of blacks are none to smart. To call down the thunder of whitey on a dumbed down population like the blacks are, is calling for black genocide. Don’t think for a moment that the Hispanic and Asians have any love for these brain dead violent mental retards either. And truthfully, the blacks cant shoot for shit.

                • Watch Colion Noir shoot and tell me that again.

                • Yes, Jews were the ones who agitated for the NAACP.

              • BigB, when blacks make death threats against white people, they get a free pass because they belong to a minority group, and under federal law minority groups get special treatment. They don’t get held accountable or punished for their actions. But when white people speak their minds on any subject, regardless of what it is, they get all kinds of PC shit thrown at them. It’s race-based censorship. I challenge any of the PC crowd to come at me with their BS and they’ll have a war on their hands.

                • Man Braveheart I wish we had the thumbs up system in place. You would get a thousand!


                  • BigB, thanks for that. Mac, how about it, any chance of getting the thumbs back?

              • Nice huh, these are obammys peeps

            • I have been trying to find one online. Everyone is sold out.


          Not forever, but take a really good look at what the damned “elites” (that’s hopefully descriptive; not “cursing”) have done to it! We’re only just NOW piecing together the truth(s) of the last 2,000 years or so, AND learning that what went before THAT may be mostly so edited it’s another WORLD they’re talking about! Then there’s what they’ve done to science, to technology, to ..! *sigh* Even so, what does the VAST majority of America think of this knowledge, released or recovered (more and more) at last? Conspiracy Theory! They’d rather hold onto the lies; it’s more comfy.


          How can you awaken cowards who’d rather DIE – literally! – than look directly at the Truth?? Especially when it seems the more we look, the more there is to see! The so-called “elites” and their ancestors appear to have meddled with the Bible (that little project opened the door to all SORTS of minute but telling alterations!) Try to tell THAT to a Christian, though… Something that ALWAYS confused me, for instance, was the trading of the innocent blood and life of an animal for the “sins” of a human being. That has NEVER made sense to me at all. That’s a “loving God”? And… enough.

          I, personally, believe that whatever was done to the New Testament, some telling bits of the Old Testament have ALSO been diddled! Not, perhaps, so much of the Pentateuch, perhaps none – no; no I don’t believe that either, on further reflection. *sigh*

          What I AM certain of is that we have been MASSIVELY ROBBED, so minutely and cleverly LIED TO from the births of ancestors so far back in time that now, literal AGES after the Truth was cut-and-pasted and painted over, jigsaw puzzled and friggin SCATTERED (losing a few pieces as always!), and supposedly we’re to be PUNISHED for beliefs and for a lack of knowledge that 99.999% or more of humanity could not even BEGIN to trace or research back so far! And again – is THAT the Creator YOU know in your heart of hearts? All Mighty, All Knowing, All Loving..?

          *Contradiction! R E S E T

          Phew! See what I mean? Too much just doesn’t fit, and I DON’T buy that it’s all about how, since God knows everything, He’s got it covered, but we mere humans couldn’t POSSIBLY get it. Well then, THAT means that the Game is RIGGED and we’re NOT RESPONSIBLE! Oh, we have to go on Faith, right? Then WHAT is a mind like a human one FOR?? We have not just computational instincts, but incredibly complex pattern recognition AND “intuition” and MORE! But we’re not to use OR to trust those! Nope; we have to have FAITH in God (with no proof, one chance to get it right in very limited time (which isn’t real, we’re told)… We’re to Believe that HE will make it all come right somehow – IF we manage to Believe.

          So what’s all that reasoning, intuitive pattern-finding and recognition and so on FOR if we’re not to TRUST what our own Minds tell us?? Especially if it checks out in verification, at least as far as we can take it?

          I think… I THINK… *sigh* I think I need an aspirin, maybe add about 20 hours sleep. Making our OWN decisions on REAL information and not the “information chains” that remind me of a Tilt-a-Whirl.
          THAT would be good too. Maybe I’ll just watch an hour or so of the Double-Slot Quantum “experiment” (though at THIS point I think I’d have to call it more of a demonstration). It seems to prove that:
          a) There IS NO Time
          b) There IS NO Space
          c) There is no death
          d) We are FAR more than we seem, even to our Selves
          e) We are e)sub1 – discrete individuals AND
          f) We are e)sub2 – as much of “All” as is necessary, and/or as much or as little of that as we choose
          g)We are all of these things and more, all simultaneously

          NOTE TO READERS: All but a), b) and c) are mine, so those are far more likely to be wrong. Also I have a headache. About that aspirin…
          NOTE TO SELF: A migraine=interference pattern? (i.e. practical demonstration, distraction)?

          Take Care, Be Well, and Later!

      11. Why do selectively refuse to post certain comments.

      12. So if someone commits a terrible crime and they happen to be wearing a pear of Levi’s jeans at the time – does that mean we ban Levi’s ?

        I know, I’m being absurd to illustrate absurdity…

        Where does it end ?

        • How the hell did we connect the dots of a mass murder to a flag. As the left says…don’t waste an opportunity. Doing away with a flag won’t stop stupidity. They will go after the American flag next and try to replace it with a hammer and sickle next.

          • Are we going to do away with everything that offends people? There won’t be anything left!

            • The Cross offends people.

              The words “In God We Trust” is on money and it offends people.

              For some liberal reason, some people think they have a right not to be offended.

              • FreeSlave.

                Maybe in September there will be a whole new world on the horizon. Looking forward to it.

                • You are right about that slingshot.

                  Actually, remember the song about 9/11, about the day the world stopped turning?

                  Well, when the ruling comes down about forcing people to accept faggot marriage in every state of the USSAG, the world will stop turning as it has for the past 2000 + years.

                  It will begin new revolutions without the Mighty Hand of God protecting the masses. it will begin it’s spiraling climb into darkness of the abyss.

                  Don’t believe me? Just hold me to it and see where we are at financially and morally by this time next year.

                  If things have not gotten worse, a lot worse, then I will personally write everyone a letter of apology.
                  By request only.


                  • Pass,gave yourself a pass,as we all know economy getting worse and as the morals clause,well,if you are offended then no apology letter required.

            • That seems to be partly at least the idea: to GET RID OF everything familiar (i.e.”comforting” and “safe” feeling) possible! Keep people off-balance, wondering what’s next, if the kids are safe? They’ll keep as many people disoriented and AFRAID as possible! This is why Jade Helm intends to separate families, for instance: parents worry about kids and vice versa. So they’ll keep the parents worried about the kids, who are then hostages to the parent’s obedience, and again, vice versa. It’s sickening, it’s evil, and it’s the same evil Bankers who destroyed Lincoln, Kennedy and so very many others, the same ones who help Hitler make HIS plans, and no doubt to escape Justice.

              We are STILL fighting the same Enemy! We have a VERY limited time to somehow rid ourselves of them. If we don’t, then they’ll cut OUR numbers down to something they, or rather those working for them, can control – and then kill off 90% or more, per their stated plans. If everyone fought, all at once, there would be ZERO chance of them winning. The trouble is, I think, all the mind control, all the chemical that affect the mind, the drive of human beings. We’ve been saturated with it for some time. Have you noticed people are having a harder and harder time making decisions – especially those that require ACTIONS?

              No matter WHAT proof you offer, most Americans refuse to see the truth! The tension levels have been building long enough and are now high enough to be causing a fair number of psychological aberrations! I guess this is where it gets REALLY interesting.

        • Harrison Bergeron,
          Where does it end? With the elimination of all whites. The same tactics are being used to demonize whites as have been used in other genocides so that when the time comes to apply the remedy no one cares and those willing to pull a trigger are easily found . People better start waking and pushing back as this evil is about to reach critical mass.

          • It’s NOT JUST WHITES! We’re NOT the sole targets: EVERYONE is a target. There ARE some they especially want gone: the intelligent, the ones who admire the ideals of America if not the actualities, anyone with a spark of independence, people who WON’T bend no matter what. People who believe the Constitution is the highest Law in America (which it IS) and so on. The “so-called “elites” are about as white as it gets!

            You need to get over your paranoia and see the truth: they have SET a lot blacks against whites so that each “type” (it’s really just skin color; most of the other descriptors are just plain old-fashioned BS) will fight each other FOR THEM! What they WANT is the VAST majority of humans on the planet DEAD so that then everything – E V E R Y T H I N G BELONGS TO THEM: people (whatever people remain), animals, gold, food, the planet… WE are the very real danger to them. They’ve set it all up to LOOK like a population problem, but what it REALLY IS, is FEAR There are more than enough “ordinary people” to kill off every single “elite” on the planet with nothing more than our bare hands, and they know it! They also know that if enough of us knew the truth, that might be what happens! They have EXCELLENT reasons to fear. They’ve EARNED it!

        • we ban the levi’s and dockers are in…

          • Colonel mustard did it with a candlestick, in a pair of levi’s, in a denium shirt, while wearing a Texas rangers ballcap, with a bic flair tip marker in his pocket,while smoking a camel cigarette???
            Let’s get busy!!!!


      13. They are going to let one dumb fuck of a kid be the thing that gets a flag banned? One picture and now we have to apologize for 150 years of history? Where were the same people calling for the removal of the southern cross when people were stomping all over the American flag? I’m not going to apologize for events that happened 150 years ago, nor am I going to let a piece of our history be wiped out of existence. No, I’m not from the south. And no, the southern cross was never a sign of slavery or racism.

        BTW, the governor of South Carolina is not Caucasian. Despite having a very white name (Nikki Haley) and looking white, she is in fact 100% Indian. Not Native American, but Sikh Indian type. To me it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about your skin color. I just find it ironic that one of the three non whites to be governor of a southern state, that one of them has the flag banned from state grounds.

        • Its distraction

      14. Let’s just all be like ISIS–if we don’t like a part of a country’s history, let’s just OBLITERATE it and pretend like it never existed, yeah! How much more insane can this country get…

        • How much more inssane can this country get?!Oh,though I don’t want to know believe I will find out unfortunately.

          • Warchild – methinks we’re just getting started… Interesting times indeed are ahead for this country.

      15. Acid, even the word “racist” is an invention of the commies. Invented in the early 1930’s in Europe to intimidate Westerners” (white people) out of the political process. Every time you use it, you further the leftist agenda. According to the commies, the word racist doesn’t apply to anybody but white people. Since it was invented to oppress only white people. He who controls the lexicon controls the debate.

        • Prophet, the Libs are controlling the lexicon, the language (political correctness) and the media.

      16. By the way, the Confederate battle flag (square version) is not the “Stars and Bars”. The First National Flag of the Confederacy is the “Stars and Bars”. It had a field of blue with 7 stars in a circle. Then there were 13 stars in a circle. There were 3 horizontal bars, red white and red. Most people get that stars and bars thing wrong.

      17. Its not the Flag dummy. Its the people. Jeez. Kinda like banning guns, Liberals love banning shit. They think they know whats good for you. Yea right. The problem Liberals, Socialist and Communist is that they know sooooooo much that just isn’t True. . . .

      18. I am a northerner. But we all should keep in mind that most of the Civil War battles were fought in the South. The battle fields, and the cemeteries are in the South. Southerners see them every day. Southerners suffered under the “reconstruction” for years after the war. Some can argue that it still continues. Would you forsake your ancestors memory because some idiot tells you that your heritage is “racist”? This isn’t about the flag. All things western and white must be eliminated according to the leftists. Fight or die.

        • All things western and white get eliminated then those doing the eliminating will starve to death since they fall almost entirely into the category of those that can’t feed themselves.

        • “Fight or die.”

          i’m afraid there’s going to be a lot of both.

          When the SHTF and enough people say, enough; its going to be real nasty for a while until the traditionalists or progressives win.

        • Southerners also suffered under atrocities committed by the Yankees. Sherman burned and pillaged, affecting many thousands whose only crime was living in the South.

          I know of one Confederate soldier who was captured and sent up north to prison. When the war was over, they didn’t just release him, or take him back to his home state. What those people did was take him to another state further away to release him. He had to walk 500 miles to get back home.

      19. Remember these useless eaters when the time comes. There will be no mercy given. We have been pushed far enough!!!!

      20. Three card Monty. Watch the flag while we ram Trade deals up your rutlet. My guns are like the Mexicans, undocumented, un-numbered and in unknown locations.

        • Santa Maria, Madre de Dios!

      21. Well, question is what other flags will be removed? Remember that Africa flag people used to wear. I guess what Warner-Bros is saying is that it will remove all offensive symbols. Well, they have their work cut out for them.
        BTW, does anyone even know what that flag this is. Hint. It is NOT the flag of the Confederacy. Its the Battle Flag of Virginia flown under General Lee. Get it. That’s the reason for the flag. SC ought to take down the Battle Flag and put up a plaque talking about how the Union burned Columbia to the ground one year after surrender and the war was over! And about how the Union NEVER provided the 40 acres and a mule promised to black soldiers in exchange for warring on behalf of the Union. And how the Union took over many cities which willfully surrendered without fight and even after the war would not allow people back into their homes and kept the homes for the ex-Union soldiers. Beaufort, SC is one obvious example. Among other things to remember.
        More importantly, how many of us have done one single thing this year to stop slavery? At least the USA ended forced worker slavery. But we have lots of cry babies who don’t really care about the 12 year old kids being forced into slavery every day.

        • The Posse Comitatus Act was passed specifically to stop the corruption, rape and pillage that the northern army inflicted on the South during Reconstruction, and to ensure that it would not happen again.

          • And our first black President has reinstated slavery with his executive orders.

            • From what I read he was actually the 4th … but lets not let political thrusts be confused with reality!

          • Wow, “shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.” Real teeth in that bill for sure!!! LOL.

      22. Before this country became a republic it was a confederacy of states (countries). The articles of confederacy were only to be updated after the revolution but, some federalist founders decided to take upon themselves to eliminate the articles and rewrite the document into the elitist federalist constitution. Which provides us today with the oligarchy now present.

        Anyway, if I paint a US flag on my truck and drive down a busy sidewalk – ah forget it

      23. ISIS destroys all traces of past cultures it doesn’t want the people to remember and think about, why shouldn’t we?

        • And this is why mistakes from the past are always made again and we never seem to learn.

          “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

          Nuff said .

      24. Im so sick of this PC bullcrap, read this morning a city by me has a petition circulating to remove a civil war monument from the courthouse grounds, i mean WTF, havnt we put up with enough of this idiocy.. We just sit back while the change the meaning of symbols, words, hell everything…up is down, east is west, good is bad, ahhhhhhhhhh my frackin head is going to explode, lol

      25. Makes one wonder, how much longer till The Stars and Stripes are banned??

      26. Mac, you aint kidding, i see your new future conflaguration of generals, aint that the truth.

        These azzholes are wanting to mount islamic flags in America and are talking crap about confederate flags on cars. What is hell is wrong with this picture. And now soldiers, via Jade Helm 15 is massiing in where again? Texas, and they are now telling us what to eat, that GMO is what we are going to eat, take it and shut up they tell us. With the current environment, and i aint talking wind, Nibiru, volcanic eruptions, and other crap, it is ripe for the shtf clash of titans between the cabal and populous pending, via Novemeber 2015.

        One time i use to be scared sh…. t less about posting on blogs, then i found out that its all real, now i type with confidence. My grammar sucks azz, but gets the job done. I dont write papers or articles for popular magazines. Nor am i a CNN anchor, i write crap because this crap is real

        The south, isnt that interesting. Nibiru may be the long term problem. Lexington and Concord is the short term probabilty and a likely end result. The globalist muslim United Nation organizations goal is to transform America into and islamic state. These muslim ideots think that thats achievable in America is really living and Amercian dream, because they dreaming. I think the final confrontation will shows it ughly face in the Novemebet time frame right in time for planet X, to show up right in the middle of shtf manifestation via the SHTF EVENT HORIZON.

        The agency ideots are in trouble and keep attacking my crediblity, and they have failed miserably.

        Then again, the world is perfect and i am just a conspiracy nut guy, that is bored and needs to utilize my time more constructively. The fact of the matter is that i have and do so daily. What better place to vent and speak my mind. The last time i checked, the founders who wrote the Constitution gave that right., dont you love it.

        • You mean God gave that right. No man or piece of paper has that power.

        • ” the founders who wrote the Constitution gave that right.”

          NO !
          The framers of the constitution only affirmed in writing what god had already given you .
          This fact is gonna be real important to remember going forward .
          YOU were BORN onto to this earth with certain inalienable rights given by god that no man or regime can take away .

          It is very important to understand that the government and/or the constitution does not grant these rights and therefore cannot take them away .
          Please understand that the constitution and bill of rights do not grant rights to the people , but rather limit government in what it can do to the people.

      27. THE FUTURE:

        depending upon where you work, you can be fired for attending any conservative/fundamental church, for having extremist(i.e. rightwing books or displays) in your house or donating money to non-acceptable charities. (you will still be able to smoke in your home because the govt needs every tax dollar from cigareetes it can get).

        my suggestion is to become a minimalist so you need to be a part of society as little as possible.

        • Well,going Galt to best of ability,and,why the fuck would I want to work for/with a bunch of pc assholes,there are advantages to being single.

          • Amen

      28. “Makin’ thier way the only way they know how-
        That’s just a little bit more than the law will allow…”

        “Them Dukes… them Dukes!!!”
        -Boss Hogg

        That show was about two cousins that had thier firearm rights taken from them, so they adapted and used bows.
        They were constantly battleing with crooked lawmen.
        They loved thier family and would fight for each other.
        They had pride in thier morals and thier culture.

        • thier?their? -sry lol
          (& I will admit it was tough to watch that nice MOPAR go dirt diving sometimes.)

      29. This PC crap is what happens when the uninformed turn out in masses to elect an unqualified, race baiting community organizer as commander in chief. This guy never had so much as a paper route and he has been elected to lead the country with the most influence on the rest of the world. WTF were the masses thinking? Oh wait, that’s the problem, they weren’t thinking.

      30. I don’t think ‘pissed’ really covers it!!!!

        Alan Simpson, the Senator from Wyoming , calls senior citizens the ‘Greediest Generation’ as he compared “Social Security” to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats.

        Here’s a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana … I think she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!


        “Hey, Alan, let’s get a few things straight!!!!!

        1. As a career politician,

        you have been on the public dole (tit) for FIFTY YEARS.

        2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).

        3. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in ‘an interest bearing account’ for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of losers in return for votes , thus bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.

        4. Recently, just like Lucy and Charlie Brown, you and “your ilk” pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors nearing retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age, 67. NOW, you and your “shill commission” are proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN .

        5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into Medicare from day one, and now

        “you” propose to change the rules of the game. Why? Because “you” mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal our money from Medicare to pay the bills.

        6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why? Because you “incompetents” spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt.

        7.To add insult to injury, you label us “greedy” for calling “bullshit” to your incompetence . Well, Captain Bullshit , I have a few questions for YOU:

        1. How much money have you earned from the American taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?

        2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?

        3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?

        4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?

        It is you, Captain Bullshit , and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the

        “greedy” ones. It is you and your fellow thieves who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers. And for what? Votes, your job and retirement security at our expense,you leech.

        That’s right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing

        your political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it.

        And you can take that to the bank you miserable son of a bitch .

        NO, I did not stutter.

        P.S. And stop calling Social Security benefits “entitlements”. WHAT AN INSULT!!!!

        I have been paying in to the SS system for 45 years. It’s my money-give it back to me the way the system was designed and stop patting yourself on the back like you are being generous by doling out these monthly checks.

        • Copperhead, I take my hat off to that lady. she took some other peoples’ thunder, but that’s OK.

        • Bravo!
          Thank you sir!

        • @copperhead,

          Oh please, you’re daddy or your grandaddy’s generation were absolute fools for letting social security come to fruition.

          Just think, the government takes 15.2% of your earnings right off the top and makes you find a way to live for 50 years before you even get to touch it. With regards to your money, you’re like a greyhound chasing a rabbit around the track. 45 -50 years later, you might catch it.

          What idiot generation allowed that to happen?

          And no, it is not your money. Your money was spent the day it was taken from you. If it was your money…or anyone’s money for that matter, if one died before they could withdraw the money, technically, it would be part of their estate….but it is not is it?

          Social Security IS AN ENTITLEMENT. You are entitled to it if somehow, you manage to live till 62 years of age…. and not a minute before.

      31. My Stars and Bars goes up in the Morning so that the Sun can shine on her.

        The Civil was fought over States Rights “DAMN IT”. The South needed Slaves and Share Croppers to raise the food, cotton, and tobacco that the North needed. The South wanted to sell this to Europe and the North kept putting restrictions on it. That is what started the Civil War.

        Slavery didn’t come into the picture until the North started getting its ass handed to them in every battle. The north need to bolster their army so they had blacks put into it. These battalions were all black with White Officers. Even after the Civil war the black service men weren’t integrated into the common ranks of the military until Korea 1953, because the Chinese where kicking our asses, because of the overwhelming man power.

        Please people teach you kids and grandkids that the War of Northern Aggression was over States Rights.

        Slavery was on its way out before the war started and would have been over by 1885 at the latest. The North didn’t free all of its slaves until the Emancipation Proclamation was written and delivered, on Jan 1St 1863. The War of Northern Aggression started in April 12, 1861. Two and 1/2 years later.

        What is next the TURDS wanting to take down the Viet Nam Wall. It would be racist because we killed the little yellow man. How about the tributes to the US Cavalry, Look at the genocide against the American Indians.

        We had a NUT posing with a Confederate Battle Flag. This blaming everything and not the person is BULLSHIT! We are worried about this the Stars and Bars we should be worried about is the Black and White ISIS flag but nobody in media or government has the BAllS to say anything about that flag. The whole damn this is nothing but RACE BAITING.

        I’m white Anglo Saxon Cherokee, and damn proud of it. Some body would call me a racist because of my statement. If you do. I have a few words for you.


        • SGT: RIGHT ON!!!

          • SAME SAME SGT.


        • The ante-bellum federal gomt was funded almost entirely by tariffs. The Southern states sent most of their cotton to mills in England, because they paid a higher price. The south imported manufactured goods from England with the money they got for selling cotton. Thus, the South paid 70% of the taxes, while the Northern states took an almost free ride. Charles and Mary Beard pretty much proved that as long ago as 1927, but the Communist inspired education establishment that took control after WW2 suppressed the Beards’ work and pushed the “war to end slavery” interpretation to the fore. Even I bought that line of BS, (being as I never was told anything else), until I was out of college and reading on my own. It is true that there was a very, very vocal anti-slavery minority movement in the New England states and New York, but these people were regarded by most northerners as crackpots. Heck, they even agitated to secede from the union. Yep, that’s right, years before the South seceded, the northerners were trying to do it.

        • Sarge, I know I’ll catch some flak for this post but people can research it for themselves. The confederate flag was NEVER a flag of slavery. It couldn’t have been because it only came into existence in 1861, when slavery was dying in the Western Hemisphere. The TRUE flag of slavery in the US from the time we won our independence was…..OK, here goes it; THE STARS AND STRIPES, THE FLAG OF THE USA. Even before the American Revolution, the slaves were brought here from Africa on ships from NEW ENGLAND PORTS. NEW ENGLAND WAS WHERE THE SLAVE TRADE IN AMERICA ORIGINATED. NEW ENGLANDERS WERE THE ONES WHO GOT AMERICA INVOLVED IN SLAVERY, NOT SOUTHERNERS. THERE WERE NEVER ANY SLAVE TRADERS NOR SLAVE SHIPS IN ANY SOUTHERN PORTS. During the colonial era, the New Englanders brought the slaves here under the BRITISH UNION JACK FLAG. When the Revolution broke out, the slave trade was shut down for the duration. As soon as the Revolution ended and we won our independence, the New Englanders resumed their evil and illicit business under the NEW FLAG OF THE US. The New England slave trade continued up to the Civil War, during it, and even after the war ended. Although the war and slavery ended in 1865, where were the slave traders conducting business? IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Ever since colonial times, the NE slave traders were taking slaves not only to the future US, but also to the Carribean islands and certain parts of South America. Slavery continued in Cuba until 1868. It continued in Brazil until 1887. From 1781 until almost the end of the 19th century, New England slave traders brought slaves to the Western Hemisphere under THE US FLAG, STARS AND STRIPES. The confederate flag was never flown on one slave ship, not ever. All of the slave ships were built in NORTHERN ports, never in any SOUTHERN port. Even NEW YORK CITY was a slave port before it ever became a financial center. Just thought I would offer some food for thought.

          • Brave heart, with your permission I’m gonna copy and paste the above everywhere I can. That was the must succinct explanation I have heard to date. Nicely done.

            • Hammer, go right ahead with it. I don’t own any copyright on the post. What I posted is based upon my own research. I researched it the old-fashioned way before Google was even invented.

          • Brave:
            Why can’t this be taught in school instead of all the gay shit that they are teaching.
            I’m more offended with the rainbow flag more than I’m Offended hammer and Cycle of Communism.

            • The garbage they teach in the public fool system is exactly why we homeschool.

          • Thank you Braveheart this will make an excellent research project for our kids history curriculum.

          • EXCELLENT point, BH.

            One of the New England families deeply involved in that trade was the Brown family, whose ships sailed out of Rhode Island. One guess who founded Brown University in Providence?

            Also should point out that more slaves went to Brazil on Portuguese ships, and the sugar plantations in the Caribbean on French and Spanish ships, than ever came to the mainland colonies.

            Want to add that many if not most of the slave traders in West Africa who sold slaves to the shipowners were MUSLIM. And they are still at it.

          • BRAVE HEART


            HIGH FIVE BROTHER.

            THE TRUTH HAS BEEN TOLD………….


            • also worth pointing out that only around 10% of people in the south ever owned slaves. So, its not a black-white thing as much as a rich-enslaved thing. Remember when Clinton nominated that labor secretary who had a slave living in her garage in California!

      32. White people know more about Black History than most black people.

        • White people can read.

        • Agreed. They only know the talking points they’ve been spoon fed. This is an uphill battle folks, the left plays to the emotions of blacks.

      33. thank GOD I can still purchase a nazi flag, communist flag, che Guevarra garbage, and all sorts of that crapola

      34. Perhaps T Swift can add another verse to her song. “Idiots are gonna idiot”.

        • PF Fkyer, Swift was talking about herself and other commies.

      35. Oh my! I just sharted..

      36. The world has gone batshit nuts, NUTS!!!

      37. put the American flag on the car, no can’t do that either. that would be representative of the world’s largest terror organization

      38. Oriental Chicken-Fried Rice
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      39. Hammerhead, it was a type o on my part. It’s the framers, excuse my crappy spelling. Yes the rights were given to us by God and by our framers and also our founders. I am founding fathers lover and bible thumping Jesus lover.

        What the hell is going on this blog, I can’t even leave my office, drive home, oh no, I have to go back on this site. That’s what makes this site so bad azz, it pushes the envelope. I discover it under a bridge, while homeless..its comments and articles saved my life. I told my friend that I know what’s wrong..

        Friend- what’s wrong
        Me-8i am in the middle of shtf
        Friend-what, shtf
        Me- yes, shtf.

        Well you know how I got here, go figure..that was then, now I am running for the hills. Now I have a PhD in shtf, thanks to Mac and you posters. I have the out most respect for you fine gentlemen..

        Off course it’s the greatest shtf site ever. Hey acid itch, you need to tone it down, jesazz koverist, dude I taught I wa the one taking crazy sh….t around here..i can see Mac asking himself daily, what on God’s earth have I created when I built this site? no need to worry, your timing was non presidented.. and logical for the time and is with the current trends..for the ultimate power and excellence, I read the

        • NOPE ,
          Yet again ,
          ” Yes the rights were given to us by God and by our framers and also our founders”.
          The framers of the constitution and the founding fathers never gave you a damn thing.
          You were born with it .
          They only affirmed that in writing.

          “A lady asked Dr. Franklin , Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy. A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.”

          SOOOOOO , Maybe we should all understand what the hell we are losing .

          • Some of us do. Enough to fight those to the death, if necessary, to protect it. Sometimes this has to happen. When it comes to that, the vast majority, however, will die a horrible death from starvation or gangland terror. Those of us that are able, and willing to fight, and survive, will then rebuild it after it’s over.
            And the cycle will continue.

            • As Thomas Jefferson said, “Sometimes the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots”. Beginning to look like that time is drawing near.

      40. A shame they didn’t go after the Islamic flag after the Boston bombing they way they are going after the Confederate flag after this event.

        Even though the Islamic flag is actually related to the Boston bombing while the Confederate flag is not related to the Church attack.

        Go figure.

      41. Sarge, that was a good post. That’s what I call getting the point across laying down the hammer. Steve H, welcome to the board, I have actually looked it like that. What the hell kind of world are we really living in much less our county..the more we examine it the more variables keep cropping up.

      42. This is a part of Our Natural Born Caucasian History in this used to be great land and it is a part of Our Legacy and Heritage just like all races have their own Legacy and Heritage and for one race to Dictate the Factors of Our/My Heritage to be offensive then they should go home to the land where their Heritage began and stake their claim(s) and right(s) upon their Own Native ground and leave the Natural Born Caucasians to have their own Celebrations or be doomed in their next celebration of their Legacy and Heritage. Don’t Tread on Mine if you value your life!

      43. interesting
        and in a disturbing kinda way
        that this article gets twice as many comments as does the one
        on threats to the electrical grid ???


        Earth’s weakening ‘magnetic shield’ could see life wiped out as skin cancer levels soar

        ht tps://

        “Researchers have warned if it weakens further or were completely eroded away, radiation levels reaching our planet’s surface would double – leading to a huge spike in deaths from skin cancer. Solar winds could also slowly strip the atmosphere of ions, which would leave Earth unable to retain air and water, while a depleted shield could also speed up climate change. And, first, the global electricity supply would be placed at huge risk. Dr. Mona Kessel, a NASA scientist studying the magnetosphere, said: “The very highly charged particles can have a deleterious effect on the satellites and astronauts.” A group of Danish researchers found the Earth’s weather is being significantly affected by changes to the planet’s magnetic field.”

      44. How about we ban the Gay Rainbow Flag now it offends me.

        Oh I forgot the good old U. N. Flag. Boy the shit gets deeper every day.

      45. Piece of shit racist flag huh old huh I’m in my twenties and I’ve done actual research into the civil war and I’m from the north I used to think like you like I said until I did research and comments like yours are actually moronic you have no idea what the meaning of the flag is or why the war was fought how about what Lincoln did to win the vote in Minnesota or the Morrill tarrif tax or how Lincoln was in the process of sending former slaves to a colony in Africa or how it was called the 99%war because only 99%of the people who fought owned slaves or how only 2% of the south owned slaves or why dont you read about the slave trade in the north especially new england so the next time you call it racist do a little research or just use your brain

      46. History should never be forgotten, but this symbol belongs in a museum! From a great, great, great grandson of a survivor of Andersonville.

        • You do know Lincoln wanted ALL blacks returned to Africa don’t you? So how it just the Souths flag is offensive and should be in a museum?
          Maybe we should ban all images of ol Abe? Or does that not fit with your agenda?

          • Genlee, damn good point. I’m offended at the sight of Abraham Lincoln and demand his image be removed.

        • Y99, you are wrong, along with almost all Yankees and liberals throughout the country. The Confederate battle flag is not a symbol of slavery. It is a symbol of the South’s fight for states’ rights as guaranteed by the constitution. Slavery was just one item on a list of states’ rights issues, and was not the most important to the South, as everyone knew slavery was not as necessary financially and would have been gone in another 10 or 15 years.

          Northerners owned slaves until a few years before the war, and still pretty much owned them as servants for many years afterwards. The slaves in the South went on to become farmers and businessmen after the war. As an example, in my hometown, in 1915 over half the restaurants and grocery stores were owned by black people, as shown by the city directory of 1914-15.

          There were actually more slaves up north before the war. If the war were actually about slavery, Lincoln would have freed all the slaves, not just the ones in “enemy” southern territory. Read the Emancipation Proclamation and see for yourself.

          It was the Democrat party who stirred things up years after the war with the KKK and Jim Crow laws. Sen. Byrd from WV was a big officer in the KKK. The Democrats fought against the civil rights bill. Republicans finally pushed it through.

          You Yankees have treated the South like an enemy country for over 150 years, and we’re tired of it.

      47. Sounds like it is time to just change the color scheme on the Confederate flag and create a ‘new’ flag that is not part of Southern Civil War history — rather, the ‘new’ flag will become a ‘symbol’ of ‘rebellion’ against political correctness!

        • Word! Make it yellow, green, and black and with a big ole fist raised up! And a circle around it with white, black, red, yellow, brown, and gray. (don’t forget the grays!)
          🙂 Being a descendent of some redmen, I really feel injured that the redmen are not remembered. After all, SC+GA+AL+ more are really just the Creek nation of old anyways. The other colors are living on our land, to be honest! Not that we don’t love them — but show us some love too!

          • The “Red men” are remembered just fine. My 3rd great grandparents were both part Cherokee. This land is MINE.

      48. people its not about the show its about defamation of good ole boys from all around. i take offense or this i happen to be a good ole boy from the north. those duke boys did no such rasist stuff on any shows. im not from the south by my kin goes back to kentucky and they are good southern folk proud and fear the lord. to say the confederate flag is racist is an insult to hill folks that have survived through the carpet baggers and other scum. sure you got yur racists but hey you got them up north too i work with many guys that are proud white guys that would come off as racist. these guys arent going around hurting blacks they are entitled to their opinion and can express it with their suspenders and confederate flags if they want its still a free country. im offended by blacks with their du rags and pants falling down but they can do what they want. im gonna get a confederate flag sticker and put it on my tractor trailer right next to my two horse heads sticker.

      49. Secession, anyone?

        The time is ripe.

        • Hell yeah!!

        • Sounds good Ame, what’s the plan?

      50. i dont see how being white and proud makes you a racist. if you look out there you will see spanish people looking after their own people blacks do it too. but when whites do it they are racist why doesnt anyone point this out on media outlets. now the good ole boys are under attack by the leftists scumbags. this is the destruction of white selfreliant folks coming and when they come to disarm us are we gonna take it in the ass. that is the question. i say people will turn their guns in just because they are afraid to die resisting. you hear all the hard talking people at the range they will turn them in first its the people who keep to themselves and just enjoy shooting that will never be had.

      51. Charlie Daniels was right.

      52. Secession, anyone?

        The time is ripe.

        If you want to be carpet bombed with depleted uranium munitions.

        • Remember the Alamo…

        • As hammerhead said,








        KIND OF WHATS HAPPENING NOW !!!! ?????





        mmmmmmm FEMA CAMPS ?





        IS IT NOT ??????



        • I thought the det cord was pretty humane. It would look good with Pelosi’s pearls, Chuckies ivories, Harries new glasses, Obama’s big ears, and Bonners big boner tan. Launch that sucker Yeah!

      54. The little town I work for is having its annual festival.
        I just bought a Starts and Bars Battle flag for $8.00.
        Now I have two of them.

        • Just got done hanging my Starts and Bars!!!

      55. I was listening to
        An Der Schönen, Blauen Donau
        while trying to order a Confederate
        war flag from Amazon.
        It sounds better than

      56. Any society,which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history, and denies their symbols, has sewn the seed of its own destruction.


      57. “Any people,anywhere,being inclined and having the power,have the right to rise up and shake off their existing government,and form a new one that suits them better.This is a most valuable,a most sacred right,a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world”


        “yeah…..that Lincoln”

      58. Many of you call it “The Stars and Bars” That is incorrect. The Stars and Bars is the First National Flag of the Confederacy. What you are referring to that name is “The Southern Cross” Yes, there were 13 States in the Confederacy. You forgot Missouri (12th) and Believe it is Ky is the 13th. Check your facts. SC was the First Star. Survivor of Andersonville. Check your backyard to Camp Douglas. The worst camp and that was run by the Union. Americas Dachau. That was purposely done. Get the facts straight. Long may it wave. I dare some to get educated on this post. You know who you are.

        Long Live the South. Deo Vindice.

        • That would be with Two L’s. From the home of Bloody Bill, do you know Neil? Trekker Out. Deo Vindice

      59. Hammer, and Ame..your right I see what your getting at. Thanks for edging that in my thick skull. It is our God given right. Your Damn right about that..i get it..Texas prepper, you ain’t lying. After what I heard his part weekend, we are getting close the main event. I m told it’s going to go live in November, when the populous literally take their last stand..

      60. So… the US has become Europe in the sense that you are not allowed to show any sign that may or may not offend ‘someone’.
        The EU has become the US in the sense that corporations decide over your life and or freedom…
        we’re all screwed.

      61. Not against the law to refuse to sell an item….

        Unless it’s a gay wedding cake.



        OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES ???????????????


        • Hope you didn’t shit yourself while making that last post there granpa.

      63. If I say I don’t like Obama …. I’m a racist
        If I disagree with gay marriage …… I’m an anti gay biggot
        If I drink raw milk ….. I’m a terrorist
        If I want to teach my kid old fashion math …. I could be accused of child abuse
        If I have pride in my heritage …… I’m nothing but a white cracker racist.
        If I save my money …… I’m a criminal
        If I support the Military and gun ownership ……. I’m a dangerous threat to society

        This country sucks

      64. The book burners, word burners, and culture burners are at it again.
        The “tolerance” crowd and their infantile demands, should be answered with a simple “No”, and then ignored.
        You may not care about Confederate symbols, but sooner or later this bunch will target a symbol you do care about.

      65. I’m so glad my wife and me never had kids.

        At least I don’t have to worry that someday my grandson/daughter will come to me and ask, “Grandpa, where were you when America went to shit and how come you didn’t do anything about it.”

      66. R U telling me my kids won’t grow up to celebrate this symbol of a simpler time, when blacks knew their place and were coddled cradle to grave, and whites were accepted as the superior race?

        • That’s not what the flag represents, fuckwit. Try to keep up.

      67. So stupid while JOBs are being lost over something being slid in under our noses

        I’ve got my pop corn , beers being delivered

      68. We need to start playing the same game the radicals are playing. If a Christian baker can’t refuse to make a gay couples wedding cake. The A black baker can’t refuse to make a confederate flag cake. We need to swamp every baker around and order confederate flag cakes.

        • It’s not that simple. It is as simple as doing away with government. I think everyone would get along fine without this government. It’s out of control, insane.

      69. As a former Marine I despise those that burn the Stars & Stripes, an important symbol for those that have placed their lives on the line for this country. The Confederate flag is also a symbol with different meaning for different folks. The Bill of Rights, in the first Amendment, upholds the right of a lunatic to burn the Stars & Stripes. If you believe in freedom, then another citizen should have the right to fly the confederate flag. WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTROL EVERYBODY’s THOUGHTS. Get a grip and learn something about the Bill of Rights.

      70. Time to ban the fuckin’ koolaid

      71. If my rebel flag is banned because the negroe doesnt like it, perhaps some flags from Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s would be more to their liking!

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