Bankers Preparing for Final Phase of Looting: “You Will Soon Lose Everything You Own”

by | Sep 26, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 234 comments

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      1. We’ve already lost everything that really matters. Now we lose the money.

        • The Table Is Set For The Next Financial Crisis

          “The apologists for the warped ideology that has resulted in $10 trillion of additional debt being layered on the original un-payable $52 trillion, argue subprime lending is lower than the 2008 peak, so all is well.

          They fail to realize the system is far more fragile and will collapse once the next Lehman moment arrives. The country is already in, or headed into recession.

          All economic indicators are flashing red. The stock market has fallen over 10% in the last month.

          Virtually every new car owner you see driving that fancy BMW, Lexus, or Volvo is underwater on their auto loan.

          Home price growth has stalled at record levels. Mortgage rates are poised to rise from record lows. We all know what happens next. Look out below.”

          “Part of the reason the Fed found it so difficult last week to justify a move away from zero interest rates is that the Fed seems incapable of recognizing, much less admitting, the speculative risks it has created.

          The strongest reason to normalize monetary policy was to reduce those risks, but the proper time to have done that was years ago. At this point, obscene equity valuations are already baked in the cake on valuation measures that are reliably correlated with actual subsequent stock market returns.

          At this point, hundreds of billions of dollars of low-grade covenant-lite debt have already been issued at risk premiums that are next to nothing. The bursting of this bubble is no longer avoidable.

          If history is any guide, policy makers will manage the resulting disruption by the seat of their pants, since they seem incapable of learning from history itself.”
          – John Hussman

          • Dave is an idiot.

            I REALLY hate to defend JP Morgan but lets get the facts straight ONCE AGAIN. JPM didn’t steal the investor money. Nor, even, did Jon Corzine. He did make grave errors in judgment and these judgments are the risk you take when you invest in the financial markets; as even the Chinese discovered.

            The more risk, the more reward or loss. Corzine made a bet and lost his investors money, with their permission I might add.

            These “investors” were not small fry. These investors were very wealthy Hedge Fund Managers trying to leverage their money through Corzine, 40 times. And their “accounts” were not individual accounts with JPM. These accounts were aggregated in an MF Global corporate account.

            These very wealthy investors gave Corzine the right to “rehypothecate” the funds they invested with him; meaning they gave him the ability to pledge their collateral (funds) for corporate activities.

            Such ability to rehypothecate their funds by Corzine was necessary to leverage their money 40 times. Notice that these were not “mom and pop” investors. These were very sophisticated money managers and financial insiders whose INDIVIDUAL greed caused them to authorize Corzine to rehypothecate their funds.

            They knew, or should have known the risk that they were taking when they signed the STANDARD investment AGREEMENT.

            There does appear to be problems with the SEC and The Comex who operate under rules and regulations different from, and other than does JPM; who failed these investors.

            That said, yes the new rules allow the banks to “bail in” the cash in the bank above the current maximum FDIC insured amounts. I have encouraged folks in this community to remove their excess cash from the banks; or buy short term treasuries.

            In a bail in, your excess dollars may be frozen or replaced with a bank promissory note, or converted to stock or corporate bond. 🙁

            • Durango, if I could wash your mouth out with soap for all the lies you tell, I would, if it wasn’t considered assault!

              If I steal ten bucks by holding up the local convenience store, I’m doing ten to life.

              When Corzine and the Wall Street people STOLE from the taxpayers, they did not do ANY time!

              Instead, they got bailed OUT, in effect, rewarded!

              And us taxpayers footed the bill!

              How silent you were about that.


              But that’s ok, you’re always welcome here for a meal to wash out the soap taste.


              – the Lone Ranger

              “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschylus

              “Those that THINK they know it all upset those of us who DO!” – unknown

              • Lone Ranger: LMFAO!!! You said: “When Corzine and the Wall Street people STOLE from the taxpayers, they did not do ANY time!”

                To what specific crime are you referring? Certainly not the example under discussion. I explained that thoroughly, even you should understand my explanation.

                The meme that Corzine stole investor money is patently false. Is QE 1-10 theft ??? Yes, but that is not the example given by Hodges or discussed in my comment.

                And you call these Hedge Fund Managers “taxpayers” ??? LMFAO!!! Even Trump has said that they should pay additional taxes to be fair to the real American Taxpayers.

                You are a perfect example of the idiocy of the financial midgets on this site that don’t have a clue about how their financial system really works.

                You probably should subscribe to my monthly newsletter to educate yourself. 🙁

                • @Durangokidd

                  Jon Corzine misappropriated (stole) customer funds to cover his bets on European debt. When his position blew up, MF Global blew up. Jon Corzine is a criminal and should be in prison.

                  DK, I guarantee you if you had blown up a company and illegally used $1.6 billion in customer funds the way Jon Corzine did, you would be sitting in USP Tucson!!!

                  Jon Corzine does it, and he’s living it up because his political connections leave him unaccountable. He’s even considering starting his own hedge fund. You can’t make this shit up!

                  The bottom line is this: Jon Corzine is to big to jail. (see Hillary Clinton, G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, et al.)

                  Two sets of laws people. One for us, and another one for them. It’s no different in a Banana Republic.

                  • YMWW: You are wrong again. All investors with MF Global signed the STANDARD investment Agreement. That Agreement is a CONTRACT which gave Corzine permission to rehypothecate their funds.

                    Read the fine print. The devil is always in the details.

                    Again, these investors were hedge fund managers and/or financial insiders. The average investor did not have access to MF Global.

                    I have NO sympathy for hedge fund managers making 300 million to one billion dollars a year from their fees, seeking to leverage their money 40 times.

                    Why do you ??? 🙂

                    • YMWW: Learn to differentiate between apples and oranges and you can change your moniker to: “My Mother Was Right”. 🙂

                    • Nobody from MF Global’s failure has been prosecuted!

                      The transfer of 1.6 billon dollars belonging to its clients, not the firm, were misused to cover debts owed by MF Global/Jon Corzine.

                      How a top Obama bundler broke a never-broken law of commodities trading.”


                      “Most investors have their accounts at either a bank or a traditional brokerage house. Banks have offered deposit insurance for the past 80 years, and brokerages have done so for the past 40. Since such institutions can dip into investors’ funds at any time, they pay fees to a government-operated insurance fund for protection in the case of bankruptcy. But no such entity exists for commodities brokers such as MF Global, because they are not permitted to use clients’ funds in this way.”

                      The Commodities Exchange Act of 1936 says: “Customer funds to be segregated and separately accounted for.”

                      Nobody has been held accountable for this crime!!


                    • Yourmother

                      Terrific research. As I suspected Corzine had no permission and did break the law.


                    • YMWW: “The Commodities Exchange Act of 1936 says: “Customer funds to be segregated and separately accounted for.”

                      And they were (digitally) for accounting purposes. When the investors signed the SIA they contracted away any “rights” at the outset.

                      These investors were sophisticated financial insiders and hedge fund managers who knew, or should have known, what they were doing.

                      They gave Corzine PERMISSION to use their money as corporate funds. No one has gone to jail in this example, because no crime was committed.

                      They are responsible for their own loss, just as Michael Brown jr was responsible for his own death. 🙁

                    • DK

                      “The CFTC charged former CEO Corzine and former assistant treasurer Edith O’Brien with illegally using segregated customer funds in an effort to cover losses incurred on bets tied to the European debt crisis.”


                      “illegally using segregated customer funds”

                      This is civil. Illegal is still illegal. The difference is the burden or proof with civil being “Preponderance of testimony” (call it 50% + 1) verses criminal being, “Beyond a reasonable doubt”.

                      If Corzine had permission there would be no charges.
                      Corzine broke the law.

                  • K2: “If Corzine had permission there would be no charges.
                    Corzine broke the law.”

                    Charges are not evidence of guilt. Charges are ALLEGATIONS. 🙂

                    No he didn’t. Charges are filed every day against people in America. Grand Juries issue INDICTMENTS every day. Mostly because the prosecutor has to reveal his case in a GJ while the defense waits for the Court date to spring the defense.

                    When the GJ hears only one side of the case, an indictment is rendered against the defendant and the case moved to Court. This process actually is advantageous to the Defense.

                    A Federal Judge once commented about the GJ system in America: ” … you can get an indictment against a ham sandwich …” 🙂

                • these people rigged shit ,changed the laws to bail them out and you are condoning thme ? fuck you , end the fractional reserve banking system and the PRIVETLY owned central banks and the attending ex post facto laws they proscribed and stuff it up your fucking ass , when I can create currency out of thin air and change the so called laws to make it ok , it doesn’t make it right numbnuts

                • Is your monthly newsletter suitable for framing and/or wrapping fish/lining birdcages/wiping ass? If so then sign me up.

              • Dave Hodges is a such a tool. What happened to all his perils of doomsday theories and leaked stories about Jade Helm? Where are we in the wake of that? Need I go on?

                • EXACTLY

                • Dave Hodges is a tool. I don’t pay much attention to him anymore.

                  Durango Kid, I hate to have to agree with you, but I know a gal who works in the financial markets and I asked her to explain the markets to me. She approves many of the large financial transactions and she told me point blank that the markets are nothing more than gambling and to think of all the funds as giant casinos. Everyone is betting that they can predict the highs and lows. When you sign up to let someone like Corzine to play with your money, you are giving him (basically a gambling junky) permission to lose your money too.

                  Then we have Gerald Celente who lost all his credibility when Corzine lost his money. He tells everyone “if you don’t have it in your hands you don’t own it” and then gets taken by Corzine. He didn’t practice what he preached and is a shill and charleton as far as I am concerned.

                  Buuuuuuutttttt, the QEs are giving the banks and Wall Street free money and they are buying mortgage backed securities with it. So, in essence, they are using money printed from nowhere to buy the titles to homes, mortgages and businesses so if and when the system collapses they are holding the titles to real assets bought with free money given to hem by the fed reserve.

                  We will see how it all turns out, but Dave Hodges is a fool and I don’t know anyone who takes him serious…..

                  Keep your powder dry,

              • Looks like I’m gonna need TWO bars of soap!

                You seem to be an Eternal Apologist for The Powers That Be– not just in this post, but over and over and over again.

                My friend, look up the Commandment, “Thou shalt not steal”.

                When you fully comprehend that Commandment you will see that stealing occurs regardless of whether or not there are laws on the books that permit it or forbid it.

                When your newsletter speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I might consider subscribing. Until then, I’ll keep extending my invitation to you to leave the dark side and come into the light of the truth.

                Until then, I will subscribe to Gandhi who said, “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.”


                – the Lone Ranger

                • LR: You too should learn to differentiate between apples and oranges. Deal with the facts. Get your emotions and personal bias out of the analysis.

                  It would make you look so less stupid. 🙂

                  • Had an eye exam lately? lol

                    My vision is perfectly fine.

                    I guess you enjoy stealing like some of the elite do.

                    Very sad.

                    – the Lone Ranger

            • durangokidd said:

              “I REALLY hate to defend JP Morgan but”…


              But you did!!!

              Hey kidd, when are you gonna admit central banking is THE root problem???


              Q: What would you think of me if I printed my own money (paper) and FORCED you (at gun point) to use it?

              ???Any thoughts on that question???

              • YMWW: Check the archives. I am one of the original Gangster Bankster Haters here. OWTFH !!!

                Kill the FED !!! Death to the New World Order !!!

                Still, the MECHANISMS of central banking under the US Treasury, (where it rightfully belongs), are necessary for a sophisticated economy. 🙂

              • YMWW: No one is forcing you to use the dollar. Use whatever you can ….. if you can. Transactions require a counter party willing to accept your collateral for payment.

                Stick with the barter system Its what you know best. 🙂

                • durangokidd said:

                  “No one is forcing you to use the dollar. Use whatever you can… if you can.”

                  Oh really!!! “No one is forcing you to use the dollar”???

                  This bit of news must have escaped your limited attention.


                  “Transactions require a counter party willing to accept your collateral for payment.”

                  Q: What happens when the government outlaws your collateral?

                  A: You are forced to use the USD/government approved methods of exchange… or else.

                  “Land of the free” is a sick joke in the USA…USA… circa 2015.

                  Only the dumbest of the dumb believe this country is “free.”

            • durango = sheep

              • Gary = dumbshit. Obviously another financial midget scattered among the population of the community. 🙂

              • Gary,

                DK is not a sheep… He’s a shill!

              • YMWW: You are free to leave the country if you do not want to live by the conventions of American society. One of those conventions is an official currency that is fungible all over the country and around the world for that matter.

                Use sea shells and accumulate your wealth in them at your own risk!!! 🙂

                • durangokidd says:

                  “YMWW: You are free to leave the country…”

                  Only with a government issued “hall pass” aka a passport, which can be denied and revoked at any time.

                  “Land of the free” is joke!

            • DK – Tip of my glass to you DK ! Superbly explained as to events and “investors” therein.

              • Juliet6: Thank you Sweetheart. Its nice to know that my attempts to educate this community do not always fall on deaf and dumb ears.

                There are enough egregious acts by the GB’s to complain about, and demand justice for, that we need not spin our wheels and waste our energy on erroneous ideas, and spurious slander.

                It only diverts our attention from the real issues. 🙂

            • DK

              “Nor, even, did Jon Corzine”

              Corzine’s investment group did not make, “errors in judgment”. They took money from accounts that they legally had no access to for the transactions.

              In essence forging a check to remove money from your account. Felony theft, no one charged.

            • DK

              I never read one that Corzine took money with the investors permission. Have a m=link to that?

              • K2: The Standard Investment Agreement, required to be executed by all investors, allowed for rehypothecation.

                That is SOP throughout the securities industry for financial insiders seeking to leverage their funds 40 times. MF Global was not the run of the mill retail security firm, like say, Merrill Lynch.

                MF Global was designed for and funded by financial insiders and hedge fund managers seeking to use their insider status and knowledge to enrich the Uber Rich.

                Corzine ASSUMED. Corzine assumed wrong, his bet went bad while he was highly leveraged, (40 times) and he could not escape the falling knife.

                Do your own homework. Your fingers ain’t broke. 🙂

                • DK

                  I’m sorry as my BIL has an MBA and is a CPA and we just talked. Separated accounts are legally separated. In his opinion Corzine broke the law.

                  • K2: AS I noted above, individual accounts were separated at MF Global and accounted for digitally. IE Some investors had more money at risk than others.

                    Profits and losses would be accounted for based upon the individual account amounts. It was not, say, a limited partnership where every unit was a specific and the same amount, and everyone had the same number of units.

                    Bottom line, when they signed the SIA, they gave Corzine permission to use their monies as corporate funds, (rehypothecation) in the hope of leveraging those sums 40 times.

                    As sophisticated financial insiders they knew what they were doing.

                    Your CPA might be a great bean counter, but he is a poor lawyer. The Court said otherwise. 🙂

            • DK

              From Business Insider in 2011.

              “Nonetheless, there are now reports from sources close to the investigation that customer assets from segregated accounts were indeed used by MF Global to meet margin calls.”

              Corzine had no such permission to touch these accounts.

              • K2: Business Insider or not, that is HEARSAY. HEARSAY is not fact.

                Let me explain to you one more time. ALL investors were required to sign the Standard Investment Agreement. The SIA allowed MF Global to rehypothecate the monies in their individual accounts.

                Those monies were placed in the MF Global JPM Corporate account, however they may have been annotated in and allocated to, their individual account at MF Global.

                Corzine’s bet went the wrong way. He was caught with his pants down and the 40 times leverage on these corporate funds disappeared them in an instant. 🙁

                  • yourmotherwaswrong

                    Everyone I know that is educated in these matters tells me just want you did.

                    • @K2:

                      Corzine should be in prison. Period!

                      Anyone arguing to the contrary is either dumber than dumb, or a paid prostitute for Corzine’s cause.

                      Take your pick.

                  • YMWW: Read the SIA. It is a CONTRACT that specifically gave Corzine the authority to use account monies as corporate funds. 🙂

                    • Q: Why would a so-called self identified conservative/patriot defend a top level Democratic tool scumbag like Jon Corzine???

                      A: I’m a political scumbag tool too.

                    • YMWW: I am not defending Jon Corzine. I am just stating the facts and addressing an incorrect internet meme.

                      The primary FACT is that the investors of MF Global executed a SIA giving Corzine authority to rehypothecate their funds and use them as corporate assets.

                      Their signature on the Agreement is why the Court did not find Corzine guilty of a number of felonies that would have landed him in jail.

                      These investors gave Corzine PERMISSION to use their funds as corporate assets. Its that simple. Why can’t you wrap your head around that SIMPLE FACT ??? 🙂

          • When they try to take your home blow their lackeys f u cking brains out. Enough people do that, the banksters won’t be able to pay enforcers enough fake money if they know they’re gonna die. There’s got to be a line in the sand. That’s mine.

        • My, my, my; Jade Helm 15 came and went without so much as a whimper. No take over of any states or of even any towns. No round-ups of dissidents whom everyone was so sure would end up in FEMA camps under the nearest WalMart. And now this “Shemitah” nonsense and more TEOTWAWKI on or around September 23/24. Nothing! All these phony prognosticators falling flat on the faces and hardly anyone calls their bluff. Well I have and will continue to do so. It must be terrible to live in constant fear of the unknown.

          • I have yet to see dozens of videos of all those tanks, trucks, humvees and equipment being moved out of where they were positioned. Just saying.

            • That’s what happens when people take pictures and video of the Reserves annual training and claim it’s something it’s not. They do it every single year. Sad, really. And I love it when people who have NO idea why the Eisenhower Interstate a System was built b1tch about seeing military vehicles on them.

          • There are known knowns.
            These are the things we
            know that we know. There
            are known unknowns. That
            is to say there are things
            that we don’t know. But
            there are also unknown
            unknowns. These are the
            things we don’t know we
            don’t know.

          • The lord said their will be many false prophets in the final days

          • Jade Helm was simply about re positioning hundreds of billions of dollars of US military hardware on us soil to be used against Americans whenever the collapse occurs. The “drills” were cover for moving thousands of tanks, apcs, helicopters, etc so when people posted train convoys of these vehicles, and people saw black hawk helicopter drills practicing on entering cities and “rounding up” people they can say “it’s all a drill”

            now the “drill” is over… and those thousands and thousands of tanks, apcs, helicopters, etc are STILL at their NEW LOCATIONS…. I dont’ see any videos of these strategic military assets being moved back to their bases… do you?

            The first step of EVERY war is moving your assets into position…and the path of LEAST RESISTANCE is always preferred. (like telling peopel it’s a drill so nobody reacts as their cities are literally surrounded by military hardware!)

            there are only 2 reasons why the US army would station TRILLIONS of dollars of military equipment around major US Cities

            1) they are expecting an invasion of a hostile foce via War.

            2) they are preparing for widespread unrest WITHIN the USA.

            This is not “Conpsiracy Theory” we know they moved the military hardware via “Jade Helm”… we don’t know WHY… but in reality… there are only 2 logical explanations. Which one sounds more likely to you? The USA getting invaded a la “red dawn”… or a widespread financial collapse like we are seeing occur in multiple countries in Europe while our debt to GDP ratio sits at over 100% and the US Dollar is quickly losing World Reserve Currency Status.

            I’m not an “alarmist” or a “conspiracy theorist”…
            I’m simply a realist who looks at the writing on the wall and can recognize the big picture.

            • Locals have seen the trains loaded with military equipment moving through town. October seventh will be the day to remember.


          Worked out so well in the Balkans, Belgium, Sweden, India, USSR, Ukraine, Pakistan, and fucking everywhere else it’s been tried.

          • And failed.

        • Hodges is a dime store psychic! How the hell can this guy go on and on and on? What the hell happened to Jade Helm??? Where is the military take over. He even claimed that the military were going to use Blue Bunny Ice Cream trucks to preserve all the dead bodies!!! I am still laughing at that one!
          These web sites are like the cheap magazines at the supermarket check out line that have fuzzy pictures of UFO’s on the cover. Pure entertainment!

          Hodges has “JUMPED THE SHARK!”

      2. We’ll lose money and they lose blood.

        • Right beside you, Stolz.
          Let’s do this.

        • Stolz, while I may lose some money, someone will lose their life before I lose anything else.

          • Well folks,really hope it doesn’t happen but likely it will or something equally bad or even worse,if so,fuck it,I’m in!

            • It’s a pity y’all ain’t immediate neibors.

              Better still… My neibors.

        • Look around the field mate, you are suround by sheep and turn coats who will do anything for a chew on the dogs bone that the farmer throws into the field from time to time.

          We are so rich that we cannot afford to buy a roof over our heads and as debt slaves are even worse off than all the black slaves that the jews imported to our country 200 years ago.(most slave traders , if not all were jewish)

          70% of my income goes in one form of taxes or another and the rest is screwed out of me by big pharm and corporations but whilst we act like sheep we will remain poor and in debt to our un elected masters.

        • Stoiz

          “We’ll lose money and they lose blood.”

          Many blue collar people lost hundreds of thousands of dollars complements of the larceny in the Finance Sector. They pissed and moaned, cut their standard of living and took on two jobs. They’re inherently law abiding. Conversely a street thug will murder for $5 because the code of the street demands it; he’s doing 25 life now.

          The fact is, “The Poop Hits The Fan” when the people are hungry. Prior to that they might not be happy but they don’t commit violence.

      3. White women have made a choice. Career over family. That choice spells disaster for Western Civilization. With a birth rate of only one child per white couple, we are looking at our white population being cut in half in just one full generation. If the trend continues beyond the first generation, we are looking at our extinction. Assimilation by the other races will speed up drastically. The bankers taking our money is the least of our problems.

        • this is the dumbest shit i ever read, forced immigration was the agenda to destroy america while the banking cabal and politicians stole you blind, you are worried about women working when 280K muslims are being brought into the country every year, millions of illegals from all over the world cross our southern border, several million hispanic criminals allowed in the country, drug and crime gangs allowed in most major cities, and now how many isis members will be among the so called syrian refugees that are going to be brought here, the media and entertainment industry destroyed the minds of americans with their filth, and you dipshits keep voting for it, screw you, suffer what you have created with your fing voting, you are getting exactly what you deserve.

          • Charlie2dogs & The Prophet – IMO, I really think you’re both right. It seems to be a combination of ALL of those things that lead to where we are today…not one, but all of them.

          • Aiiiieeee… auto-spell checker “aborted” that post 🙂

            1 million babies are surgically aborted in the USA every year.

            It is difficult to estimate how many are chemically aborted by the post-fertilization effects of “the Pill,” Depo-Provera, and IUDs, but it is certainly far more than are surgically aborted.

            The nation is aborting and contracepting itself into oblivion—and suddenly Americans notice and blame immigrants. Go figure.

          • Only non-white, non-Christian “immigrants” or “refugees” need apply. Pope Francis has happily delivered Christians to the muslime beheading cult.

        • Prophet you are a brainwashed tool. The elite thank you for your idiocracy.

          Your sense that white people should keep having kids so the race does not become extinct is primitive. Yet many people feel the same way you do. These are the exact people that should not be having kids.

          People are just food for the machine. If religion was not force feeding the whole — breed, breed, breed mantra. I wonder how many people would have decided not to have children.

          Know that those who eventually become the majority, will one day be the minority. It is a never ending sphere of pain that keeps on giving, generation after generation.

          Sometimes you are on the upside of that sphere and other times you are at the bottom. It is the luck of the draw when you are born as to what end of the sphere you will be on.

          • Actually you are a brainwashed fool and to ignorant to realize it. You’ve swallowed all of the BS that has been force fed to you. You’ll make a good slave. You’ll go to your grave with a goofy grin on your face still thinking, “I’m the voice of reason”.

            • No I am not ignorant in regards to this world and the way things truly are. Far from it. The problem is that you believe that you are not a slave and think that your freedoms are close to being taken away, instead of realizing you never had freedom. Only the illusion of it.

              You are the one who continues to swallow the bull that the elite churn out. You are the one who has underestimated the lengths the elite will go to in order to keep the wool pulled over the eyes of the general populace.

              This even includes allowing fake rebellions/revolutions to happen periodically.

              It is not about being the voice of reason. It is about seeing clearly the spider web all of humanity is trapped in. No matter which way you move, left, right, up, down, you are still trapped. Though the view maybe a little bit rosier depending on your perspective.

          • Gosh RJ , You have been brainwashed by your professor.
            Its about culture , right ?
            So enough white American flag wavers get extinct we can have a multi cultural utopia , right ?
            Dont be an idiot.

            • There is no such thing as utopia and there never will be. Most people were OK with things the way they were in the good ole USA because for the most part they did not experience the true reality and nature of this country and the government.

              Now that the worm is beginning to turn and they are getting a taste of what it was like for others they are upset and want things to go back to the way they used to be.

        • You know,,,,
          The last thing on my mind is what the demographics will look like in 10, 20,30, 40 years,
          If i can make it through the rest of my life without starving or ending up homeless i will be good,,,
          Who cares what color peoples skin is? Where i live we have an incredibly diverse mixture, the sky isnt falling, people arent mutating and theres a lot of nicely taned smiley faces around. Its all perspective

          • Kulafarmer

            You said,

            Who cares what color peoples skin is? Where i live we have an incredibly diverse mixture, the sky isnt falling, people arent mutating and theres a lot of nicely taned smiley faces around. Its all perspective.


            You don’t have an interstate to Hawaii that lets people drive from New York, New Jersey, California and Maryland. That is why there are so many smiley faces.

            • SLING –
              Personally i dont care about color or whatever.
              But if your gonna live in America , BE an American .
              Assimilation is the problem , they shouldnt expect Americans to change their culyure to suit them , they came here.
              F it , we speak engilsh and party on the fourth , Dont like it ? Hike it out .

          • Not only do you not have the interstates with hoardes of liberals floating in, but you also have the highest paid welfare recipients of anywhere in the world.

            A mother of two can receive nearly $50,000 annually from the federal.state, and local programs.

            One article reported……..
            “Tanner said there are 126 separate welfare programs funded by the federal government, 72 of which provide either cash or in-kind benefits to individuals. That’s on top of state and local program to help those with lower incomes.”

            There are not many people actually working for wages in Hawaii, comparatively, so I guess with all that good weather, and non-natives like you, that actually work and provide their food, why wouldn’t they walk around smiling all the time.

            I sure as hell wouldn’t grumble if i lived in such an isolated and tropical environment with rich resources, like good soil and rainfall, even if I didn’t suck off the taxpayer’s teat.

            That’s the perspective from nearly half way around the world.

            • Well, im definitely not a teat sucker and my choices in life are leading me away from enabling and helping to finance the suckers,,,
              Plus the only person i have any control over is me myself and I, so really could care less what anyone else is doing,,,,,
              KISS works for me

              • AMEN, Kulafarmer. All that matters to me is my continuing efforts at prepping. Making another supply run to the BOL in 3 weeks. Come on October!

              • Kulafarmer.
                More fool you.
                You need to wake up and see what’s really going on.
                Not everything in the garden is rosy!

          • AMEN, Kula !!!

            • “Have you ever sat in a room and couldn’t figure out why people were laughing? They laughed and laughed and laughed as your curiosity grew and grew. And then, suddenly, you realized they were laughing at you!”

              NO Dave, I haven’t, but I’m certain that you must have.

              “The globalists are preparing to steal everything you own, they have rehearsed for this day, they are on a timetable to carry this plot out and they are laughing at our collective stupidity!”

              I’m sure you’re right about that, Dave, but in my case, the last laugh will be on THEM—because I have nothing left to steal!

              • Sixpack, I’m in the same boat as you on that score, but the last laugh won’t truly come until they’re all dead. Dave Hodges is a real piece of shit, I mean, work.

            • Kulafarmer,

              You are much more of a Christian than the pretend charlatan preacher who is a liar and deceiver could ever hope to be. His words drip with hate and reveal the sham that he is, book and all. Your accounts show that you’re a human being with compassion for people, not just white people from the south. Of the two of you it’s you who are the one I would listen to and put mu trust in before God, certainly not the liar and pretend Christian who exists on this site to pretend people are actually interested in his endless parade of make believe stories.

              • Thank you,

              • Hypocrite.

          • “Who cares what people’s skin color is”. One of the most blind and idiotic statements ever uttered. Can you name a predominately non-white country that’s not a shithole? I for one care what kind of world I hand off to my children and granchildren.

            Prediction: Affirmative action will be completely scrapped and deemed totally unecessary when it’s white people who would be the beneficiaries.

        • Im Black. Not white. I fear the loss of my culture rather than my race. Race changes over time. Sooner or later everyone will be the same. But my culture is here and now and that is what is subject to forced destruction by the invading muslims. I have some friends who are muslim. They also fear this invasion. They live in the states because the government is supposed to allow anyone to live their life how they see fit. However the invading muslims don’t think this way and want to change the USA to just what they had back in the middle east.

          • Why not strive for a new culture? Young people don’t care about these things. And maybe that is a good thing. After all why not start something new for the new generation instead of keeping the same ideas, etc from the past?

            At the core people of all cultures, races, creeds, religious affiliations have the same common dreams, hopes, fears, etc.

            It is the elite that seeks to divide us all and keep us from coming together and unifying.

            And they are doing a damn good job of it. What with catering to the ego of each and every one of us. Conditioning us to believe that forgetting the past is a bad thing, when in fact it is the past the keeps us all in chains.

            And we fall for it. Passing it down to our children, and they pass it down to their children, and it never stops.

            An ongoing cycle of enslavement that traps us all in our own bubble of reality.

            • I believe Joe is right, ethnicity and ethnic culture, like the Irish with st pattys day or the Hawaiians with their culture that was all but wiped out but is now seeing a resurgence, many of the African Americans are trying to reconnect with their ethnic culture, be it from the African continent or Caribbean, or wes Indies, nany are searching for their roots as it were and connecting with that, it is a good thing, the world has a plethora of very vibrant and deep culturally significant customs, dress, songs etc that tell of where they came from, personally i find it interesting.

              • Kulafarmer.

                I do agree with you on experiencing different cultures. I try to at least learn to say Please and Thank You in various languages of the countries I have visited. But I do not want to have other’s cultures FORCED on ME BY Government, Or because it is the P.C. thing to do. Same with Religion. I can imagine the War Dances of the American Indians also the War dances of the Islander’s in the Pacific of long ago. If You heard the drums, you were soon to be in a world of shit.

              • Kula,

                I like what you are saying. You are sounding like the Pope in Philadelphia yesterday. Different people with different cultures do bring unique gifts to this country and expand the gene pool to boot! Diversity is a good thing.

                We don’t want TPTB to force their thoughts, values, religion, politics on us. Before God there are only children, and everyone is unique and different and to be embraced.

                As to the descendants of Adam, a hierarchical relationship exists from the first to the last not just in a vertical direction but in a horizontal direction as well making relationships much more complex. These are the unique gifts, giftsets, experiences, knowledge, talents that are being brought to this country by immigrants that have arrived on these shores. It is a good thing. Can we welcome each other as brothers and sisters and share the unique gifts that each one brings to the table?

                Some one once said that ‘you are either at the table or on the table’. Which one will it be? Many here feel that they are on the table set for the Zog elite, but what is the problem with this picture? Aren’t there more of us than there are of them?

                • “We don’t want TPTB to force their thoughts, values, religion, politics on us. ”

                  Too late they already have. You just don’t know it. Everything you think about America is because of them. Every patriotic expression, etc is because of them. Nothing happens without their approval or consent.

              • My Culture is American. Not Muslim, Not African. American.

                • Amen! We do have an American culture, and foreign invaders who want to live here need to learn and follow it….

            • The other side of that is our American culture, is diferent than ethnic culture but similar to regional culture, American culture is one aspect of what originally made this such a great country. That is being obliterated from all sides.

              • Spot on Kula .

              • Kula,

                Agreed. As the population has grown there has been less assimilation, more diversification, and perhaps more polarization along ethnic and linguistic lines. Perhaps this can become a strength if an overarching sense of loyalty and unity can be found in the mere fact that together we are Americans. Use of derogatory appellations based on ethnicity, race, skin color, education, wealth, religion, culture are not appropriate in a multicultural country such as the USA. We have people of all countries here in Louisiana, white, black, brown, yellow, red, Creoles, Choctaw, Cajun, Caucasions, African American, Hispanic, etc., a little microcosm of greater America. Our governor is the child of Indian immigrants and he has done a pretty good job of assimilating into or culture and politics here. America is amazingly unique.

            • One word RJ , asimilation , As an American i have my culture and plan to keep it , i dont need some slack jawed leftist to tell me or JOE that we need to change to suit a bunch of illegal immigrants , refugees or green card holders.
              Nope they came here for a reason , lets keep that reason .

              • Exactly what is the American culture to you?

          • Joe: wise words.

          • Joe, welcome aboard, and I totally agree. We are ALL facing the loss of our national culture, customs, traditions, etc. I reject political correctness and fight it every day. I call everything like I see it. again welcome.

          • The musliume invaders want one change from “the old country”. They want all infidels to be their slaves and want to be able to do whatever they wish to them. And yes liberals, that includes YOUR children.

            Look up the ‘dancing boys’ of Afghanistan or the Afghan ‘Tea Boys’. This is their envisioned role for your children.

            Europe may already be lost. At best, they are embarking on a struggle of epic proportions. I forsee a dramatic shift in European attitudes. Merkel et al will go into hiding or end up hanging from an overpass (Is a dangling corpse considered a traffic signal on the Autobahn?).

            USA is not far behind. The muslimes don’t even hide their intent. Look up the story about the school district that would not close for muslime holidays “We will soon be the majority!!” Such incidences are becoming commonplace.

        • I’m not much at prognostication but I do have a good memory. When the U.S. went to war in 1942 many families were left without a male leader and the wife had to either go live with her parents or get a job. The propaganda of the day made the job seem like the best deal. Hell, I remember my mother as a welder in a Kaiser shipyard. Once the war was over, the ladies found they had to keep working so their husbands (if he came home) could go to college (where many found new wives.) Women have been working ever since.

          It has been suggested that our entry into the war was purposely designed as a way to destroy the strong family unit America was famous for. While I don’t KNOW that to be true it wouldn’t surprise me. The downfall of this country and way of life has been a goal of globalists for about 239 years.

          • Oldfart

            Most women were tired of mans work and with the US holding all the economic might a single income was sufficient to raise a family for the two decades post WWII. Competition created and fostered by a globalist strategy changed the economic dynamic by about 1970 and two incomes became the norm. Thats actually the good news. The bad news is sooner or later we will regress to a time and day when the kids brought their pay check home to help make ends meet.

      4. Theses times will be the most important for some people. God is allowing judgement which will bring many people to His Son Jesus Christ.

        John 3:16

        • do you really believe this crap

          • If it isn’t true then nothing really makes any difference, nothing is of any consequence.

            Why do you find it necessary to reject it without considering it and what it means for you?

            • Anon,

              I agree. St. Paul said something similar concerning the resurrection. Of all humanity we are to be most pitied if the belief in the resurrection turns out to be a false hope. There is no greater cause or hope than that offered by the one who said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

              In my younger days I considered myself to be an agnostic but …. Francis Schaefer and many other great people helped straighten me out. I even went to the L’brie, in Switzerland in my search for meaning and hope. It has been said that ‘without vision the people perish’.

              Many times I have witnessed where a patient’s terminal condition accelerated when hope was taken away. I cannot imagine life without hope, hope of the afterlife in harmony with God!

          • Oh yes 2dogs, it will come. Be prepared or be scared.

            • Amen brothers.

            • I don’t know what kind of arrangement you’ve made with the guy who runs this site but all I will say is fuck the both of you and your loony ass religious teachings. This site masquerades as a prepper site and is nothing more than a forum for religious fanaticism, fuck the both of you.

              • Believe it or not Anon, many Christian preppers would kick your ass.

              • Anon, if you don’t like what you see here then move on and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

                • (Slams door)

          • C2dogs- all you can do is bash Christianity. Not the scum muslim trash, or buddists, hindus, etc… I’d bet you have a deep hurt from something bad that has happened in your life to illicit so much hatred for the Lord in whom you once believed. Hope you can get past that or you will probably die from a friggin heart attack. Either way, you will met Him someday. You probably should talk to Him now.

            • Hey, it’s a Damn good place to start. Sanctimonious Christians have fucked up the world for a long time with their idiotic bible babble and Nazi fanaticism about the white race always being superior. Like they say, payback is a bitch.

          • I believe.

            • And so do I.

      5. Poll: Most U.S. Muslims would trade Constitution for Shariah

        From the article…
        “Quran should be highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion.”

        thought of this article…

        “You have already seen it in Madrid, Spain, London, England, and Paris, France with train bombings, subway bombings and riots.

        As their numbers grow, so will their power to enact their barbaric Sharia Law that negates republican forms of government, first amendment rights, and subjugates women to the lowest rungs on the human ladder.

        We will see more honor killings by upset husbands, fathers and brothers that demand subjugation by their daughters, sisters and wives. Muslims prefer beheadings of women to scare the hell out of any other members of their sect from straying.”

        “Multiculturalism: what a perfect method to kill our language, culture, country and way of life.”

        • Frosty Wooldridge is spot on with all of his articles. Borders, Language, and Culture defines a nation, as Mike Savage says. Muslims don’t have any damn business coming in here to tell us what our country should be like. They need to go back to whatever sandbox they came out of.

          • What’s the best way to help them do that??

      6. Wonder if all these people clamoring to buy a house with borrowed money realize that, for all intents and purposes, Communist China owns their mortgage and therefore their roof.

        Communist China owns a huge chunk of FNMA, and therefore owns the mortgages financed by FNMA.

        And now that Communist China is, for the first time in history, getting directly involved militarily in the nearby Middle East (by sending troops and “aerial assets”) to Syria in coming weeks, according to a senior Syrian government military officer, they are getting practice at deploying troops and equipment well outside of their borders and in areas completely foreign to their troops. This is a far, far more significant development than what many realize at this time. And it means that there will only be a fine line between deploying to Syria and deploying to our borders.

        Most Americans have no concept or clear understanding of how many PEOPLE are at the disposal of Communist China’s leadership. Their current, trained, active duty army ALONE is 2,300,000 — 2 million, 3 hundred thousand. Do the math if you want to envision 46,000 Communist Chinese troops per U.S. state. Not saying it will come to that, but Communist China’s capability for commanding human resources at the beck and call of the Communist Party boggles the mind.

        There are currently about 300,000 Chinese from Communist China in the U.S., pretending to be students, etc. There are another 40,000 or so who are here illegally and who Communist China refuses to take back even though we want to deport them. Guess what? Communist China doesn’t want them back because……fill in the blank yourself.

        And now, the Communist Chinese President Xi announced that he and Obama would like to have every American student learn MANDARIN!!!!!!


        Ever heard about what goes on in the classrooms, right now, of American public schools that teach Chinese? It’s a veritable Communist Chinese propaganda love fest, and the dumb American parents who allow their children to take these classes are tone deaf to what is actually taking place: the direct and unapologetic brainwashing of little Suzy and little Billy about the wonders of Chinese culture, world standing, societal attributes, economic might, etc., etc.

        Russia ain’t the threat that should keep us awake at night…they’re on the ropes and slipping. Communist China, which has grown wealthy and well equipped thanks to having our manufacturing base handed to them on silver platters, IS. Along with what they have stolen from us, or have been allowed to purchase courtesy of Billy Clinton, they have become a military power not to be ignored. And they are every bit as obnoxious, bullying, stubborn, lying and cheating about their military activities as they are about anything else.

        Their economic statistics have been lies. They have garnered the money to build up an offensive military capability, thanks to getting our manufacturing base. And now they are ready to start testing it out…in Syria, with the help and support and protection of the Russians, their best buddy fellow communists.

        Pay close attention to what is happening in Syria, and for pete’s sake, get the roof over your head out from under the control of Communist China. If you are in the market, seriously and irrevocably, for a house, find one that you can buy without borrowing from FNMA and owe nothing to Communist China.

        Durango Kid: Please, tell me I’m wrong.

        • Anonymous, damn good post about Chicoms. I’ve never met one MAINLAND Chinese that DIDN’T send up red flags in my mind. I’ve known some Chinese from TAIWAN that are BETTER QUALITY people. I’ll take a Taiwanese over a MAINLAND Chinese any day.

          • Braveheart,

            I have known many ‘mainlanders’ who were devout Christians and had gone through the ‘fiery forge’ of the Cultural Revolution and reeducation and slave labor camps and remain strong and vibrant in their faith. They put us to shame. There are some estimates that up to a tenth of the population are believers in many parts of the mainland. They are the true ‘salt of the earth’.

          • Braveheart, I completely agree with you. Being Taiwanese myself, you can clearly tell the difference between Chinese who come from China and ones who come from Taiwan. The mannerism, etiquette is very different from one another.

            • Char,

              Great to hear your comment. Aren’t most ‘Taiwanese’ the descendants of the mainlanders who fled communism and were able to keep the old ways and traditions once practiced on the Mainland. The Cultural Revolution changed many things in Chinese society.

        • That was brilliant synopsis of the state of affairs today! These fucking chinks are everywhere in so Cali and these fuckers don’t assimilate either! They are buying community by community out here especially the San Gabriel valley!!! I can’t stand those morherfuckers!!! Plus I can’t prove but I think they are being seeded by the chink government! Because all these fuckers are loaded??? Wtf? They are involved in everything even military contracting!! Seen it personally

        • More people speak English in China t h an u.s.a

          • Yes!

            • Shi de

          • Yeah but judging by the instruction manuals that come with the crap you buy from China – they don’t speaky english so good.

            • “Please to insert Tab A into Slot B. Thank you very. See down page to Step numbered 2.”

              • that was good, smokey.

          • Ha! Hen hao le!

        • In high school during the early 70’s Chinese language classes were being heavily promoted. The future of doing business they claimed. Not many takers, should have listened to my guidance counselor.

          • Well, American businesses have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting….for 30 years to “do business with China” and they still do not get the entre to the Communist Chinese population that has the money to buy U.S. goods, which amounts to less than (at last estimate) 400 million Communist Chinese.

            In the meantime, Communist China has demanded, and received, all kinds of American business designs and other inside info as the price of just allowing American businesses to get close to selling in Communist China. And still, the contracts that Communist Chinese businesses sign with their American counterparts are reneged on before the ink is dry. American businessmen who come back from Communist China and tell the truth about business conditions all say the same thing: it is impossible to conclude a valid, reliable contract in Communist China because the Communist Chinese renege and renegotiate the terms before the inked contract even commences. Many American businessmen have given up and washed their hands of trying to do business in Communist China.

            It simply hasn’t panned out for American businesses anywhere close to what was expected or promised.

      7. Money is NOT wealth. It is a means of transferring wealth. Wealth is your family, land, home, prepper supplies and such.

        • There ya go, rellik…..exactly on point.

          If the bulk of anyone’s ‘wealth’ is tied up in paper promises (no matter who issued them), then, yeah, they likely are ( or already have) going to steal it all from you.

          But if you were prudent, got yourself a piece of land that produces much, if not all, of what you need in the way of food, water, fuel, etc, and you have some stored supplies, and you have a means of keeping someone from walking off with any of it, and you have some REAL, physically held ACTUAL money….you know, the gold and silver version….then the odds of them stealing it ‘all’ from you go way down.

          If nothing else, ‘they’ are going to have to sent SOMEBODY to do the actual taking. And I don’t know how the rest of ya’ll feel….but the first guy that shows up here with that intent is gonna be in a world of hurt. Now I ain’t superman, and his replacement might succeed…but not that first guy !

        • I have made it my life’s mission to teach high school kids this kind of thing as an Econ teacher. Most of them are bewildered and frustrated when they begun to realize the land has been stolen right out from under their feet. Sad but true.

          • Kinda like the native americans. Got thier land and everything stolen and sent to prison camps and murdered. I guess what comes around goes around. Why does no one ever mention that or think about it? This aint your fookin country to start with. Your ancestors stole it and now the banks are stealing it from you.

            • No replies? Didnt’t think so hmmmm

              • The europeans conquored this nation “stole it by force” and now you bitch about it being stolen again? Just like our military steals other countries resources and occupies its land and govt.? Fighting for the govt. and the bankers conrol? Don’t be a fucking moron, If you fought, you fought fot the bankers (or haven’t you figured that out yet?”). The magnet stickers should say ” FORGIVE THE VETS FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO” But no, just keep on licking the NWO’S balls and see where that gets you. If you are proud of your service then you are a moron and have no critical thinking whatsoever. I say fuck you and if you are a real patriot, then teach others what a bunch of shit brain washing the military really is! Oh but you will never admit your WRONG! Vote republican you fucking asswipe retard they will save the day! 🙂

                • OK bedtime, please tell me your stories of how you saved Amerika and made the world safe. Please post in detail the facts of your mission. And don’t leave out the reason you went there 🙂

                  • Genius… The white man has raped, stolen and murdered his way through history, like you say in America and ongoing around the world. It makes the people who fight the battles look dumb. You can tell much about people looking at the collective look in their faces, like American’s who fought in the civil war. The look to me is blind obedience. The people then as now are not that smart and were and are easily manipulated into fighting for causes that don’t benefit them. Some people’s military experience’s are the highlight of their lives and are expressed as such. Warmongers abound, why? I think people are mostly just easily brainwashed.

                • @Genius
                  The territory knows as the “New World” was going to be conquered. Period. Be it Spanish, French or English it was going to be “conquered”. Turns out the English ended up with it. Even considering all of the atrocities, the indigenous population is much better off with whitey ruling the country.
                  After a few wars and some purchases, the land became known as the United States. As it turns out, the founding fathers set up some rules that when applied and accepted by the population, guided this country to being the most powerful county in the world. Period. We have utterly and completely dumped the tenants that made this country what it once was. Which is why we are in the position we are in.
                  Don’t dump on the Vets. They are doing their job. As defined by the policies and agendas of the admin. Dump on the policies and agendas all you want.

                  Do you really believe the agenda’s of the socialist left will ever work? There has never been a successful socialist country. Never. Vote Republican if you want any semblance of order to return to this country.

                  • Yep and then we were conquored by the bankers and now we are helping them conqour the rest of the world for they’re benefit and our death.

              • Native Americans, as you call them, were ethnically diverse nations that had their own agendas and policies towards one another, some of them fantastically cruel. The idea that they were all living in a paradise until Whitey showed up is as ludicrous as us saying Earthlings lived together until the aliens came. Did Europeans commit horrible atrocities? Yep, but that’s called life on this Earth in the second millennium.

            • Genius,

              What do you propose be done?

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Nothing can be done it is what it is. Expect a giant war like no other to trim the population back down. Although I hate the NWO and crew I do agree with the 500 million population agenda. This planet will not tolerate the gigantic human population much longer.

        • RELLIK:

          Very important but seldom understood concept. We need to repeat this message until every man, woman, and child understands.

          If people understood this, I believe the practice of preparing by accumulating necessary items for future use, would cease to be an activity of the perceived fringe of society, and become mainstream, accepted, popular activities.

          When we are the norm and not the crazie doom and gloom paranoid conspiracy theorists, we will have to be relegated to the less exotic, more mundane spectrum of normalcy.

          And no one will know that we saved them from catastrophe, just one more unsung hero.

          • B, Fuck them! If they haven’t figured it out by now they should eat shit. There are way to many people here anyway, might as well get rid of the idiots! Survival of the smartest not survival of the over breeding, resource consuming zombie, moronic 70% of the population. Let them die we will be a lot better off.

            • Exactly!

            • Social Darwinism at it’s best. The SOBs who are causing the problems don’t think anything is wrong. They’ll figure it out when they and their children are starving.

          • Prepping takes patience.

            In a world of instant NOW, NOW, NOW!! if there is no instant gratification the sheeple want nothing to do with it.

            The farthest they can look into the future is when they are programming their DVR.

            The majority of Americans will have to fall on REALLY hard times before the mind set of saving for a rainy day replaces the culture of easy credit for depreciating items.

            I fear that the only way to save them from the catastrophe they created is to put them out of their misery.

        • I agree! Wealth is what u make of it not money itself. My wealth is my land, supplies, and family!

      8. “Much anger I sense in you….”
        – Yoda

      9. Thanks,charlie2dogs says,you saved me time reading.I jumped right to comments because I know that Hodges is a Disinfo agent in cahoots with the Hagmann Quayle Gang of False “profits”.Hope his readership wakes up and dumps him.

      10. That doesn’t even take into account the fact that your mortgage has been sold and resold so many times it will be impossible for you to know if you’re paying the right bank. There have been cases during the last few years where banks successfully foreclosed on homeowners who didn’t owe them money and they were forced out of their homes.

        Expect after we lose World War 3 that we’ll be forced to give up Hawaii to China and Alaska to Russia. Most likely mineral rights across the country as well.

        • You mean whatever mineral rights our politicians haven’t sold them already…

          • We need a state motto on the license plate like,

            “We’ll Beat you Ass”.

            “Live Free Or Die”

            No, we are going to beat your ass first.

            • Slingshot:

              How about State Motto-on license

              BACK OFF

              FREEDOM FIGHTER



              KILLER ON BOARD

              DRUNK WITH POWER

              SECOND AMENDMENT


            • Or maybe like:
              Pay for your own fukkin kids or

              support the troops/idiots or

              I am a great slave or

              how has the last 100 years of voting worked for you? or

              the federal reserve, spreading death and debt since 1913 or

              moron on board or

              I drive slow in the fast lane because I’m a asshole or

              the passing lane belongs to me or

              please shoot me and put the rest of the drivers out of their misery or

              if you pull me over you had better have more ammo than me! 🙂

      11. The Ultimate Collapse will be Friday, October 16th at 11:07 a.m. Eastern.

        Haven’t we all had enough of the full-of-themselves morons presuming to predict the exact day or even month when something monumental is going to happen?

        Jade Helm 15 turned out to be … nothing, except a payday for the fearporn mongers.

        The World Is Going to End in September fearmongers have today and 4 more days to be correct. Let’s all run in circles, scream and shout.

        Predict that something unpleasant WILL happen and someday you will be correct. Keep on with the fearporn mongering a dozen times a week incessantly … you lose your credibility fast.

        I stick around because I learn more from the comments than I do from the articles.

        • In the past 61 articles only 6 managed to get over 200 comments and only 2 of those were over 300 comments

          • That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, quite a few comments are nothing but petty insults or childish drivel, we can get along without more of that.

            • yep

      12. But even the elite will be betrayed.

        Many of you quote scriptures when you post, which is a good thing. Scriptures also say

        New American Standard Bible

        ‘They will fling their silver into the streets and their gold will become an abhorrent thing; their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their appetite nor can they fill their stomachs, for their iniquity has become an occasion of stumbling.

        The day of the wrath of the Lord is a future event.

        When I read a posted story on the internet, and the writer belittles his intended audience, I tend to distance myself
        from that persons future postings. It is almost if he intended to incite.

        Just my opinion.

      13. Bean storing, penny pinching losers. Demography is your destiny. If you don’t care about the future of your people, what the fuck do you care about? We’re all going to become one big mixed race and that’s good? And I thought you were all for diversity. So long as it doesn’t include those white people, right? Fuck you, choke on your beans. Filthy wogs.

      14. Yet there was little public uproar when the free trade agreements were put into effect stealing our nation’s jobs to further enrich greedy corporations, nobody cared unless it cost them their job. Like a silent coup, the majority of citizens have been reduced to poverty with little future prospects to escape their plight. Predatory capitalism obviously leaves an expiration date on the host population’s ability to prosper. The poor have one thing going for them, if you don’t have much, you don’t have much to lose.

        • yep.

        • Aljamo:

          By the time the free trade agreement went into effect, the dumbing down was already in effect. I remember thinking that it didn’t sound like it would be good and wasn’t sure what it all meant. Most Americans are like me. Reasonably intelligent but not well informed. Most people who have understood what is really going on are so frustrated that they have developed an attitude of contempt toward ignorance. A little explanation will be read by many readers who do not comment. Where I have heard numerous high ranking officials differ from the poor and uneducated or minimally schooled is that successful people talk politics and current events around the dinner table. They take this opportunity to instruct the younger generation, often expecting them to espouse their views and to support their views with facts. I view this site as that type of environment. If I am wrong and I get called out, so much the better, it enlivens the debate. The definition of argue comes from Latin. It means “to make clear/to clarify”. It is what philosophers and politicians have done since ancient times. It amuses me that so called “trolls” do not know that there is a correlation between current events and prepping. If I started a site perhaps I would call it “Current Events and Preparadness Strategies”.

      15. Read the headline and thought there might be some good intel. Then saw it was that retard, Dave Hodges…..

        • Well,seems time for a sick/tasteless joke!

          A young /attractive women is getting upo the nerve to jump off the edge of a cliff.A homeless man walks up and says”Hey,if your gonna kill yourself,want to have sex with me first?”

          The women replies”Get away from me you sicko”

          The homeless guy wanders off mumbling”Fine,see you at the bottom”

          • SOOO Bad dude 🙂

          • Dang necrophilliacs…

            ht tps://

            • War, match ya…

              I found a young homeless girl hidden out by the bins last night. She was dirty and didn’t smell too good but, underneath the grime, I could see she was pretty and had a good body.
              I brought her inside and gave her a bath. As I was towelling off her naked body, I became aroused and one thing led to another. Before I knew it, I was making passionate love to her. I was banging her so hard that a couple of times you’d have sworn she was alive.

      16. Very accurate timeline: I am impressed. 15 years ago I took a course with some of the brightest kids destined to work in the City (London). We were told to get into derivatives because that was where the whole system would be controlled from. Watch the derivatives: when they go the whole system will go. They have already passed all the legislation they need to grab pensions and accounts. They have beta tested fro collapse up the whazoo ad they are very advanced with the digital currency system. Now for the engineered collapse in five, four, three…

      17. I’m They will not steal people’s $ from accounts till they ban guns think about it people they are not looking to die. We all think we can avoid the system by living off grid or whatever. Not gonna happen. I have a bank account I’m not gonna go empty it because hodges says they are gonna steal my$. I’m gonna play shit by ear and follow my instincts. All you can do is pinch pennies and hold onto your $ live frugal and maybe have something when your old. You can’t take $ with you when your dead someone will get it if you don’t have a will and a probate judge will decide it all. I would just put some food and things you need back just in case the economy goes to pot. The way people comment it sounds like shtf has hit for them. If your broke just get a job there are help wanted signs everywhere I’ve seen them. It may not be your dream job but its$. Quit chasing dream jobs that are few and far in between. Come to the realization that your college degree is useless you were duped with all the hype and positive talk about professional careers like x Ray tech or physical therapist. I know a woman that is a bartender with a degree and she said she makes more $ tending bar. I’m sure she doesn’t want to be hit on by guys everyday but puts up with it to make a living. Your cake job dreams are not gonna happen I’m sorry folks. It’s not realistic to think they will. Come back to reality and look at what you need to do. Competition is stiff for the few jobs out there you have to know what the hell your doing. There is no easy $ anymore all the low fruit has been picked. I think a lot of bitching about $ in comments is due to people’s own faults having unreasonable expectations. Look my job sucks they all do but I keep getting a check that is sufficient so I’m gonna work and all the bitching by other guys isn’t gonna stop no matter what.

      18. You can’t get blood out of a turnip!
        I don’t keep money in the bank so are they coming to my house to get it??????
        Better bring body bags, Several for them an one for me. If you get my drift!

        • Sgt. Dale.

          The revised edition is that we an asteroid strike near Puerto Rice on the 28th of Sept.

          “Push it. Push it real good”.


          • Better not the 29th is my wife’s birth day.

        • My grandpa used to say “you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip but you can stop the hell out of the greens”….something to ponder

      19. This is on a global scale. The Bible calls this the Time of Jacobs Trouble, or the Time of Tribulation. Some silver and gold would be nice when everything falls apart.Some food and water and a good place to hide will be priceless. On a global scale, most of us are not getting out of hear alive. This is it. If you connect the dots, this is the picture you get.

        • This is off post
          Nobody gets out of here alive. Only one man has done that and he was the son of God. I’m not going to preach to this community. I’m not qualified. I’ll argue tribulation and what ever thing religion wise you want to. God made you in his image. Be very afraid. We are the scariest things in existence, if left to our own devices, and if we have no moral guidance.

      20. Everyone that is preparing should diversify- land- seeds- food. Don’t count on the cash savings, that is part of being truly prepared. In proverbs God talks about spreading out your money in 7 different directions, for we do not know what will happen on the face of the earth. God put that and other things like it in his word so His people would be prepared.

        We call it prepping today, out Grandparents called it common sense.

        • Connotation is important and it is used against the people. The term “prepper” is much easier to vilify. Actually, the term we used was self sufficiency. Being hard to vilify that term, it has since been eradicated from use. The only common sense I have seen lately was a hand written sign on stores yesterday. “Debit is down, CASH ONLY”. I watched as 9 out of 10 people did a 180 at the door. I guess those people go to the woods to rough it, not smooth it.

      21. Does anyone have a collection of links to articles that shows the progression of how the financial events and bank moves have put everything in place to where they are all set up to just swipe your money?

        i’m trying to wake up a good friend but i need the irrefutable evidence.

        Thanks so much.

        • Just tell him the bank lets him withdraw his money only because they don’t have to cover all their bad debts with it, or use it to loan to another bank for the same reason. One day, they’ll need to do that, and he’s out of luck.

        • Just tell him you are not hanging out with retards anymore and find a smarter class of friends 🙂

          • Quit with that phoney fuckin’ smiley will ya.

        • takethis > A darn good starting point is the excellent ‘Frontline’ episode called “Inside the Meltdown” on PBS. Go to the PBS site and do a search for the episode; or, assuming this site will allow the link, just go here:

          This is a horrifying look at how key government positions are so thoroughly seeded with private-industry insiders (in this case, Big Finance) that the very thought of politicians and bureaucrats “serving the public” is laughable.

          Anybody with the slightest interest in how policy-makers use The System as their own private playground, or who wonders uneasily just how corrupt the whole rats’ nest really is, should watch this. I found it completely gripping and very, very sobering. ~ Karl

      22. Pensions ha ha they’ve raided the fund on me I’m never getting out of the work force. Save for your own retirement don’t put your $ into some investment scheme. Old folks were right about stashing $ for later. Once you put it into a scheme it’s not yours. So far a bank account is safe unless bail ins are proposed. Bank of America is the worst I think. They are the only bank around here that has an armed security guard that wears a bullet proof vest and looks like a swat cop. This leads me to believe they will be the first to do bail ins.

      23. The same people that are destroying the economy, also fabricated the multi trillion dollar hoax known as the war on terror. It’s the same people that control the media that influences public opinion. But ooooooh it’s anti-Semitic to point that out. Death and slavery obviously trump reality.

      24. Beheading is painless. It is the kindest way to execute/kill/murder. I have watched love ones die slow painful deaths. Do not fear beheadings. I am not afraid. I am not afraid.

      25. Beheading is painless. It is the kindest way to execute/kill/murder. I have watched love ones die slow painful deaths. Do not fear beheadings. I am not afraid. I am not afraid.

        • I’m sure people feel nothing at all as the muslime saws off their head. They don’t worry about a quick beheading for us infidels. They take pleasure in the suffering of an infidel.

          Sorry, ‘multiculteralist’ idiots. They hate you as much as they hate me. Does anybody have video of a ‘tolerant’ infidel being spared at the last moment? The same applies to the ‘African American’ gangs looting and pillaging. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard “Get the conservative white bitch!”

      26. Well what are you waitin for? Get yer head in the guillotine and get it over with!

        • Oh. That is just what I tell myself when I’m chasing a chicken before I grab it and twist it’s neck.

          But thanks for the advice. I have a machete and gave my friend instructions to finish me off when the morphine stops working.

      27. They will tell you that it’s for the greater good when they take your$. Socialism is forced compassion for useless eaters. I’d bet if the useless eaters were eliminated crime would just about disappear. The pope wants forced compassion for the weak while he’s walking around in hand made slippers. Let him take them in to the Vatican or whatever it’s called and feed them since he thinks we should all be equal. We are not all equal some people are exceptional and some bums. The whole message of socialism is that we are all equal. So sacrafice and get a degree and use it to help the greater good while the useless get the same as you and do nothing. I don’t know why anyone would vote for this crap.

      28. Could someone advise about the possibility of investing your money in Panama? I’ve heard that Panama is one of the safest places to bank. Does anyone know if this is true?

        • Yes put all your money in Panama. Good luck with that!

      29. Breaking.

        French France launches aerial attacks against ISIS.

        Viva la France.

      30. The swindlers are going to play deathly ill and vanish!

      31. “Money means Power and Power means More MONEY”! The total thought process of the rich. Their struggle for the almighty dollar will without a doubt be their demise. Live poor, but above all; FREE and GOD FEARING.


      32. Unfortunately. the whole current system is based on fraud. We are no longer governed by common law, we are being governed under contract law.

        Rest assured, the banks are lawyered up, and they make sure the “Tees” are crossed and the “Eyes” dotted when they sign a contract. I have said this before, if you don’t read and understand the fine print, it’s your own fault. The banks and their lawyers will not explain it to you. They make sure the laws they want are passed by your corrupt .gov.

        The whole of corporate government, from the CEO in DC to the local code enforcer, have been corrupted by greed and the “do as I’m told” to preserve the paycheck. There is no such thing as ethics or morality anymore and you will be crucified by the enforcers of Empire should you dare speak up.

        You don’t even own your land unless you have an old time Land Patent. Your deed, even if paid off, is merely a copy. The original is held in the corporate tax office. This is more “color of law” governing, whereby there is a distant connection to Constitutional law, but with ongoing statute and code, it no longer resembles anything the Founders would have approved of.

        Everything is done over generations…the boiling frog…so as not to excite the peons into revolt and clamoring for someone’s head. The Empire has successfully brainwashed the masses into accepting their edicts and even embracing them. Look at some of the LEO that post claiming “but the Supreme Court ruled it legal”. To them, any law will be enforced…they are the ultimate statists and you can bet they will stand up for Empire and their paycheck and you will be the loser of that confrontation.

        Starve the system as best you can. Stop paying taxes where possible by participating in the underground economy. When the tax base falls, surely some of these statists will lose their jobs.

        Grow your own food and stop buying crap food and plastic junk. Sure, this may accelerate the collapse, but I sure wish most of .gov and it’s enforcers would disappear. None of them care about your right to life or liberty, and they especially hate your right to pursue happiness.

      33. Aborting children is wrong in my opinion. I have three kids and love them. The problem is people that do not have the means to take care of them are having them as a way to get programs support. A lot of women are getting abortions as a method of birth control irresponsible behavior. Gay couples adopting kids and calling this family what kind of message does this send to kids. I’ve taken my family to places and got an attitude from people because one of the kids got a little unruly. They are kids and do not always behave. It seems modern singles and couples that don’t have kids view kids as a pain in the ass. Sure they are but life isn’t about self all the time. My wife was told she had to leave a hair salon that said family hair care on the sign. This is not a family business. I was pissed and called the franchises headquarters to complain and got dismissed. Believe me on this family’s are looked down on nowadays. If immigrants can have big family’s why don’t whites I’m not talking about those duggars that’s rediculous.

      34. We have been flapping our gums and nothing is happening that I can see. Might be happening behind the scenes but it is hard picking the fly shit out of the pepper. Banker looting, car loans, mortgages, National debt, Comex, Gold and silver, Dow and much more is swirling in a big storm. It is over the horizon and where it has landfall, who knows.
        I don’t think we all could agree on what is our biggest threat. It’s all blurred. Date and times mean nothing.
        All the prophetic mumbo jumbo.
        I am going into a Stand Down. More reading and less typing. I am sure bad things are headed my way so the need to know why is not as important as it was before. Can’t trust nobody and can’t trust nothing.

        • sling ~ Some time ago, I read a statement that said something like “These things happen slowly; and then they happen all at once.” One of the best examples of this is the sinking of the Titanic; for quite some time, passengers gathered on the deck to gape at the iceberg; they picked up ice chips to put into their martinis while they laughed and chatted. Far below deck, the ship was filling with water, but almost none of the well-off people in First Class was aware of this. A similar attitude existed for years as Rome drew close to its final days — people grumbled about various troubles, but the Empire had stood for centuries and the citizens had become complacent. Few actually pulled up stakes and left, or made any serious preparations for a crisis.

          It’s easy to get burned out on rumors and fear and deflated prophecies. The important thing is to draw back and look at the big picture: a staggering National Debt; unfunded mandates of over 100 trillion dollars; a gutted manufacturing base; rampant criminal gangs feeding off a huge population of addicts; overwhelming applicants for any good job (and much of the time, ditto even for crummy jobs); hundreds of new laws allowing citizens to be observed, tracked, and recorded constantly; laws that can strip you of everything you have without you ever being charged with any offense (let alone convicted) (e.g. “civil forfeiture” and “eminent domain” laws); growing ‘capital control’ laws to prevent citizens from leaving and taking their money with them; and on, and on.

          It’s hard to convince the sheeple that there is anything to worry about because they can cruise down to the bank, the supermarket, the big stores, and everything seems pretty normal. But those of us who are listening carefully can hear water pouring into the compartments down below the water line….

          “When civilization ends, it ends fast”
          — Tobias / ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

          This article is only amusing because the lights are still on and nobody is trying to kill me. (It really helps if you’ve actually seen the show) >>>

      35. This is what happens when you grow the population of “gimme dats” on welfare in urban areas:

        Personally, I would never open a business in these areas because the local population tends to be losers who will never appreciate the wealth you create: they will just resent you and lash out violently. Look at Detroit, the Bronx, etc. The best that can be done is to flatten the place and move all the welfare bums far away to another place with little in the way of transport options so they can’t afford to travel and hassle everyone else.

      36. Disgusting liberalspeak: The poop has granted amnesty to immigrants/illegal aliens I guess. Cats don’t really understand the rule of law apparently. Especially when they are guiding millions of future voters into the US.

        From Aljazeera:
        The 78-year-old Argentine pontiff toured Independence Hall in Philadelphia before addressing a crowd estimated at more than 40,000 outside the 18th century red brick building where basic US liberties were proclaimed and where independence from Britain was declared.

        “Do not be discouraged by whatever challenges and hardships you face,” the pope told the many Hispanics and other recent immigrants in the crowd on Saturday, adding that he felt “particular affection” toward them.

        During his first visit to the country, the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics on Thursday had urged Americans in a historic speech to Congress to reject “a mindset of hostility” toward immigrants.

        He expanded on that issue in his Philadelphia speech, delivered in Spanish.

        The pope said immigrants “bring many gifts” to their new nation.

        “You should never be ashamed of your traditions,” he said to a round of applause. “I repeat, do not be ashamed of what is part of you.”

        The pontiff noted that US history includes ending slavery in the 1860s and “the gradual effort to eliminate every kind of racism and prejudice directed at successive waves of new Americans”.

        “Remembrance saves a people’s soul from whatever or whoever would attempt to dominate it or use it for their interests,” he said.

        Liberalspeak: The rhetoric of failure.

      37. The banks are preparing for looting the system but we are prepping for them. I hope they don’t push to hard..

      38. September 27 – Rare Super Blood Moon Total Eclipse: How to See It

        “Skywatchers across eastern North America will get to see all the phases of this special sky show as the moon rides high in the eastern sky, while observers in the far western parts of the continent will see the moon begin to be gobbled up by Earth’s shadow as it rises in the east, just after local sunset.”

        “The first part of the eclipse will be the partial phase, when the moon enters Earth’s dark shadow (umbra) beginning at 9:07 p.m. EDT.”

        “From that point, the dark umbral shadow will spread across the moon’s disk from left to right.
        At 10:11 p.m. EDT, totality begins—when the moon is fully engulfed in the umbral shadow and turns a shade of orange-red.

        Totality will last as long as one hour and 12 minutes, with the rest of the visible eclipse ending at 12:27 a.m. EDT.”

        National Geographic

      39. Reading this just boils my blood. I have several close contacts within the financial institutions ( and no, they aren’t tellers), that when I ask them about the possible confiscation of retirement accounts, etc, they simply blow me off and say that that cannot happen!
        So….my question is: where can I get trust worthy information about this scenario? I don’t want opinion links or blog links. I am talking about fully accredited information that points out the process and execution of our retirement accounts being confiscated.
        Thank you in advance!

      40. The emperors of China used the knowledge of astronomy to trick their people into submission.
        The Cesar’s of the Roman Empire proclaimed themselves gods most likely because they could effect/predict miraculous changes in the sky such as the one we will see tonight.

        If we are not responsible. If we do not teach our children/grandchildren the realities of such astronomical events, such as the one coming tonight; future generations, our progeny will fall prey to such manipulation.

        Enjoy the show. If you miss it there won’t be a rerun for seventeen years.

        • Is it tonight or is it tomorrow??????

          • Tonight.

          • Sunday night.

      41. So, reading through several of the reports of a switch in EBT/ SNAP vendors in Indiana and NY this weekend, it seems as though JP Morgan Chase wants out of the welfare biz there, and is handing the fun over to Xerox.

      42. And this is why I a prepper. more specifically.

      43. The largest threat to the United States is communism and they are using feminism to bring it in.

        Men are scared of women and the power they have through the courts.

        go to.

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