Bank of America Warns of Imminent Recession: “Market So Fragile… It’s Downright Scary”

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 74 comments

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    An official wave of “recession” is nigh, and the potential for financial fallout and further hard times is perhaps imminent.

    The Fed’s disastrous rescue plan after the 2008 financial crisis has left the U.S. economy in a fragile and vulnerable state.

    Unlimited quantitative easing, or easy money for those at the top of the heap, have redirected investment into sectors that can’t or won’t stimulate the real economy that affects “everyday Americans.” No jobs. Frozen wages. Mounting living costs. And an exploding debt bubble in several areas.  You know the drill.

    Now, even the banksters steering the system are being forced to admit that central bank efforts have failed to “stimulate demand,” and that a contracted and dried up economic landscape is giving way to another step backwards – a recession that no one can sweep under the carpet.

    via CNBC:

    “We are seven years into a full-fledged, all out, central bankers doing everything they can to stimulate demand,” Bank of America-Merrill Lynch’s head of U.S. equity and quantitative strategy Savita Subramanian recently warned on CNBC’s ” Fast Money .”

    “We looked at all of these indicators that have been pretty good at forecasting recessions and we extrapolated that if they follow the current trends they’re on, we’re going to hit a recession sometime in the second half of next year.”


    “What scares me is the market been so fragile. So, remember what happened in January? We got a whiff of bad news and all of the sudden the market is at 1800,” she said—a move that augured poorly for the near-term.

    “I think that speaks to the reaction function of the market. There are a lot of itchy trigger fingers. There’s lot of violent trades that can really roil a fairly complacent environment.”

    Not only are the markets ready for disaster, and essentially only waiting for a flashpoint to initiate crisis, but the shift in investment that has been directed by QE3 has rendered the private sector, job-creating economy doomed to fail.

    Bank of America isn’t the only Wall Street bailout recipient to warn about what is coming. JP Morgan Chase has signaled a volatile crisis and the end phase of the Federal Reserve’s failed stimulation experiment, and Goldman Sachs went so far as to warn that we are entering the a “Third Wave” of financial crisis, of which 2008 was merely the first chapter.

    The head of the investment banking firm Macquarie Group went even further, cautioning that we are witnessing nothing short of a terminal economy… one which they very well might not be able to put back together again:

    Sadly, the forecast is much darker, and the next financial collapse much deeper than almost anyone has prepared for. The outlook from this global strategist at the Macquarie Group is beyond doom and gloom – it is a literal existential crisis.

    via the Epoch Times:

    Enter Viktor Shvets, the global strategist of the investment bank Macquarie Group…

    Global central banks with their easy money policies of negative interest rates and quantitative easing are working against a debt deflation scenario, with limited success, according to Shvets. “That was the entire idea of aggressive monetary policies: Stimulate investment and consumption. None of that works, there is no evidence. It can impact asset prices, but they don’t flow into the real economy,” he said.


    “The private sector will never recover, it will never multiply money again,” he told Epoch Times in an interview. His main theme is the “declining return on humans,” which means that in today’s digital world, normal humans don’t grow productivity fast enough to justify more jobs and higher wages as the machines are taking over.

    “There is no productivity on a global basis. Secular stagnation, technological shifts, monetary policy, all are suppressing productivity growth rates,” he says.

    So much for the recovery.

    By the time the corporate news feeds, politicians and central banks admit we are officially in a “recession,” chances are that the majority of Americans will already be coming to grips with the extreme downsides of a prolonged depression where nothing flows easy, and everything becomes a struggle.

    Prepare yourself for the worst and divest in your dependence upon the system as much as possible.

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      1. Im already broke , so no worries .
        Been living like its a depression for years now .

        • Bank of Amerika is by Faarrr the shittiest bank ever! That bank is soooo fuckin shitty I am amazed they even have 1 customer! They need to be just thrown in the garbage disposal and sent down the sewer. I have never had an account ther but I know a lot of people that have and wow are they ssshhhiiiitttyyyyyyy…. fuck them!

          • Yeah, we just switched from BofA to a local credit union.

            • I like my credit union. No monthly fees. Better than the big bank.

          • I changed banks seven times once without changing buildings. Bank of Amerika finally took over the building. I then changed banks and buildings just as fast as I could.
            Spot on: “Bank of Amerika is by Faarrr the shittiest bank ever!”

          • All the King’s horses and all the King’s men,
            couldnt put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

            With Trump, the Wall just got 10 Ft Higher folks. “So Humpty can’t get on the effin’ Wall” in the first place,.. to fall.

            Like at Disney; Sure go let your toddler play in the murky pond water and splash around. See what happens next.

            -WWTI…btw/ REAGANS Deregulation of the Banks in the 1980’s got us to what the banks are today. 5% Public lending and 95% Wallstreet Casino Derivitives gambling. So just let all the Banks Fail, and erase all debts, private, commercial, Government and foreign. Wipe the slate clean. Replace the Dollor controlled by our Country, not by a family tribe corporation of predator loan sharks.


          • I used to bank with them and I hated them the entire time. Their policies are crooked, their service sucked, and they were part of the fraud fest that led up to 2008. I call them Bank of South America, since they courted criminal illegal aliens so much. When I closed my account years ago, they secretly kept it open and started charging me fees, let them accrue for a while, THEN told me to pay up, or else.

          • Wells Fargo is next

      2. ALL is GREAT!! all you have to do is listen to the democrappers and all is good!! don’t worry!! the current government says ALL is OK!!, LOL, LOL, what a bunch of scumbags!! too bad lots of people believe them and will become statistics because of it!

      3. I want to see dead bankers.

      4. Apache54

        In 1970 just before his death in a suspicious plane crash the UAW Leader Walter Reuther toured a Ford Plant that just received first generation robotics. Henry Ford III (or IV) said, “Walt, bet those robots won’t go out on strike”. Reuther replied, “And they won’t buy any cars either”.

        Technology has improved the lot of humans so far in history. It has been incorporated at a pace that has contributed more than its detrimental effects. That gap of gain verses loss is reversing and the rates are accelerating. At some point the traditional employer / worker relationship will no longer function for society. I don’t know the answer, or even if there is a workable answer, but somehow people must be employed at a rate of compensation that is considered livable. If technological innovation creates ever increasing massive unemployment, and by the math of supply / demand working against labor lowering the value of what jobs remain, then society becomes a textbook example of becoming, “A victim of its own success”.

        Technology isn’t the problem, its the rate at which it occurs.

      5. Almost all mr Shvets is saying is already written in The Capital by Karl Marx, 150 years ago, with the crucial difference that Shvets foresee a war as a solution, a counter-revolution to restart with capitalism again (but billions of men will be wiped out in the process), while Marx instead proposes a revolution, with the demise of capitalism, a transitory communist phase (dictatorship by workers to prevent the rebirth of capitalism) prior to real anarchy and freedom.

        • Well, ALL of these “games” have been brought to us for a very long time by (((the juden))). Through control of the world’s money, news media, entertainment / pornography industry, bribing / threatening politicians AND all of the wars (((they’ve))) fomented, it’s no surprise that we are where we are.

          • Very true Mr. Chauffeur!

          • Chauffeur –

            You speak Truth … not sure if such a thing is tolerated here.
            But it is very much appreciated ツ

          • Sir Chauffeur……. Amen again. I am just hoping and fantasizing about a place on this planet with the population of free souls, high intellect, truthful minds such as yourself , Them Guys, FTW, Genius, Braveheart, B from CA and many other true patriots on this site and this world.

            The day of reawakening is coming and we’ll be the victors.

          • Rothchild, Morgan, Rockefeller weren’t juden…

      6. I don’t know about you, but we are in a DEPRESSION.

      7. On the upside, silver pushed under my “buy” barrier of 17.50 today.

        • Yep. Picked up 20 ozs today.


        ___GRAB IT BY THE P***Y & F*CK WITH IT___

        WINE & DINE & 69 THAT FURBALL!

        • Careful you’ll hurt the ivory tower dweller’s ears.

      10. Mustang sales were off 32%. Ford is shutting down its Flat Rock, MI assembly plant next week for one week. There have been other layoffs announced here in S.East Michigan today.

      11. Crash it and let the games begin.

      12. Did Drudge just crash out..?

        • I can see Drudge now.

      13. “Socialism (lit. ‘gouvernement in Fr.) is the great fiction,whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And the corollary of that is “Hilary is the great fraud, whereby every Hilary crony at Goldmun Suchs endeavour to live off of every regular American.”

      14. The msm is talking how bad Trump is doing in the polls after losing the debate????What debate did they watch?!!
        I guess if they keep saying it, it will be true!!
        Go Trump! Hillary for prison!
        Be well all!
        Maniac –out

        • Do yourself a favor ‘bro … stop watching MSM … I used to find “entertainment” as in humor … watching MSM … I actually broke away from the sideshow/soap Opera theatrics over a year ago …

          It is truly disgusting … what MSM claims to report these days as … fk’n NEWS … sad … fk’n sad indeed … MSM ratings have dropped … lower than ever before … and there is a reason … because nobody … nobody is buying the line of shit …. that they dish out to the public …

          Want to believe the Poll #’s like Satori does … “keep watching MSM”.

          Want to know what is going on in the world … “keep watching MSM’.

          Curious about the Kar’Trashiens’ ? … keep watching MSM.

          This post is not a direct attack towards LaManiac – the point was for those like Satori … & those like him.

          Keep watching your MSM … and keep your thoughts to yourself.

          In Essence: Your MSM … has no place here … bugger/piss the fuck off!

          • It’s not just the MSM…it is FOX News as well. Of course, I have come to the conclusion that FOX is simply part of the MSM as well.

            Now that the Internet has been lost, it is only a matter of time before the last vestiges of real free speech and journalism will be lost.

            The options for peacefully turning this ship around are being eliminated.

          • FTW, I agree about MSM.

              • Most people on this site would love this guy. He shoves it right up the nwo ass! Do yourself a favor and watch it ^^^.

        • The latest batch of wikileaks have given undeniable truth as to the degree that the MSM is in the back pocket of the globalists.

          Of course, we all knew this….but now there is undeniable evidence proving it.

          I have paid very careful attention to the the last three Presidential elections….and I’ve noticed how they have done the following every time.

          1. During the primaries, they provide extreme positive coverage for their candidate of choice from each party. I noticed this particularly in the way that candidates like Ron Paul get almost no positive coverage. In fact, FOX New’s Chris Wallace completely ignored the fact that Ron Paul placed second in the 2012 Iowa Caucus. He was completely ignored.

          In this election, the MSM also destroyed Democratic Representative Jim Webb. He couldn’t get coverage and he was almost completely ignored in the first debate between Clinton, Sanders and Webb. He dropped out shortly thereafter. Of the three Democratic candidates, Jim Webb was the most conservative. The MSM and the Democratic Party will NOT tolerate a conservative Democrat.

          2. Extremely positive coverage will be given to the Republican candidate of choice for the MSM during the primaries.

          3. After the party conventions and the nominees for each party have been selected, the MSM will then seek to destroy the Republican nominee.

          If you will think carefully about this, and remember the past three elections, the MSM followed this same game plan every single time and was successful on each occasion.

          The corruption in our political process is so deep, I really do not believe that it is repairable. It is FUBAR.

          I sense a civil war coming. I believe it is inevitable.

        • The fact that Trump won the debate is really almost irrelevant.

          The “low information voter” bunch probably didn’t see the debate. They were watching Greenbay beat the NY Giants. What little they heard of the debate was in the form of sound bites that showed Hillary in the most flattering way.

          Most of the people in this country get draw their conclusions from little snippets of information that they pick up, and through popular culture.

          They’ve been pre-programmed by the educational system to reject anything but collectivism. Of course, they don’t even know what that is….but no matter.

          I fear the fix is in on this election. Who knows what “bombshells” the MSM is going to drop on the low information crowd in the next few weeks?

          When you have lost the educational system, popular culture and the press, you have pretty much lost the country.

          • For sure they didn’t show the best parts of the debate, that is, the fly landing on Hiliary, twice. Flies land on shit all the time. Old news I guess?

          • The Giants would have lost even if Green Bay didn’t show up…

      15. A recession … hahhahaha we have been in a Depression for 8 years or more!! give me a break!

      16. They fucked up, got greedy and killed the host… AMERICAN JOBS!!!

        Oh and on a side not…

        Fuck you Robert Di Nero you sell out piece of shit… Never did like your sorry ass anyway.

      17. FTW, No offense taken!I’m a political junkie,msm doesn’t do News it’s entertainment for the masses!But watch to see how they spin stories!Will listen to NPR for minute,till I get to pissed.Like to see how the other side is thinking,or not imho,lol!Still can’t understand how libs think,makes no sense!
        On topic,stash all cash you can,bail in,ain’t for me !
        Maniac –out

      18. The rise of the deplorables

        By Jon Rappoport

        Something is happening in America.

        Against all odds, people are seeing a coming dawn. In the darkness, new hope. And this hope is not being manufactured. This is not Obama hope. This is not sly wickedness. This is not wretchedness in disguise. This is not hate and revenge wearing a mask of share and care.

        This is what happens, rarely, when millions of decent people have reached the end of their rope. When their common sense about what is being done to destroy their country and their lives will not be denied. Will not be denied.

        The Clinton bandwagon of evil is coming apart. She, the one Clinton, is sputtering vapid generalities for all to see, as the programmed machine in her head is running down. The batteries are failing. The archetype of the android with a forever smile is a ghastly mechanical sight.

        He, the other Clinton, is taking bitter, bitter medicine. There he was, on television screens across the world, rammed into his seat, frozen in a cold stare at his enemies, who are longer so afraid of him they huddle in anonymity. The remaining shreds of his self-constructed dignity are being torn away from him in a cyclone of accusation.

        They, the minions of the press, are raging in their own nightmare. Dedicated to the Clinton apparatus, and the crimes for which it stands, these mob foot soldiers are running a high fever. Whoever this outrageous businessman leading the charge is, they must destroy him. And time is running out. They have sold their souls, and the balloon payment is coming due.

        Herds of so-called progressive Americans, who would take psychopathic murderers into their homes if it would prove their virtue, who are terrified of discovering their own bankrupt pretensions—“oh I am good, I swear on my life I am good”—are trembling. What is happening to their cartoon world? The bubbles are exploding.

        Evil money from lizard scum is being poured into an effort to start a civil war in America. To rip America apart. But suddenly, there is the prospect of the center holding. Men and women of good will are finding their footing and their voices. This election is just one milestone along a road that is being shaped day by day.

        America is not a lacerated piece in a board game of global control. America is still its own. Is still a living dream.

        The ghouls who recoil in horror at glimpsing this dream are moving to the edge of the pit, where they seek power from the abyss. But the abyss is remorseless and has no pity. It swallows whatever and whoever comes to it.

        Once, America’s grand poet, Walt Whitman, sang of the open road, and the freedom that blossomed along its endless course.

        These songs never die.

        There is no final curtain.

        Against all odds, the deplorables are rising.

        • Rabbitone, thank you for that article. I will rise and do my part. No surrender on my part. If I don’t make it all the way to the other side, then so be it. Better to die standing up fighting then kneeling like a coward waiting for that bullet to the skull. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” MOLON LABE

        • This article is a must read it explains the big plan and where they plan on taking us. pass it on -

      19. In twenty eight days our country will finally cross a demarcation line that will change the course of History for this nation. I will be glad when that day comes as it will be the end of the dog and pony show.
        Then the march towards the New World Order will begin even if Trump wins. His own party does not back him. Rest assure they have plans for him if he wins.

        What we don’t realize is that we have no idea on how bad it will or can become. A simple rise of the interest rate. A miscalculation in Syria.
        How long before the “Internet Scrubbers”, begin their work?

        To the women Who would vote for Hillary.

        You wonderful nurturing creatures who have cared more for their fellow human beings then any man, will decide, in my opinion, this election. I believe that there is no fault in voting but whom you vote for. There are those who would say you shouldn’t be able to vote.
        If you vote for Hillary because you want a Woman elected as President or that Trump has made terrible remarks and even did not pay his Taxes. I hope you will own up to your choice should our country goes go south by staying the course on which it is now on. You have read the warnings both National and Global.
        We have a chance to remove the Dynasties of the Bush’s and Clinton’s and the Establishment. I agree Trumps, political/diplomatic
        communicational skills are wanting but with Hillary, you get what you pay for. Or is that, vote for.

          • Very good article, thanks for sharing.

            Managing Director of the IMF, Madame Christine Lagarde;
            “We believe that cooperation and globalization work for all. You will have seen my Global Policy Agenda. That is what we call for …we are calling today for inclusive globalization, …”

            This fight is just beginning. After Trump is elected, we will have to ramp it up, as the power hungry corrupt globalists will not go away quietly.

            The entire NWO establishment is mustering forces against only ONE person in America’s election! Thank God Trump has a spine of steel and is delivering knock out punches to the globalist ‘elite’. They can’t take him down. His dirt has already been layed out in front of the public; theirs is just now beginning to be exposed, and is diabolic, not common to mankind.

            This election is not about someone with a big head wanting to win, no matter which candidate you may want to apply this to. It is about the complete subjugation of the West by the globalists for their one world govmnt, vs. Freedom and the Sovereignty of America and our allies.

          • gottaluvit

            Do you think that LaGarde and Clinton are licking each others twats.
            Both look like old hags.

            Good article.

        • In actuality, we are living in occupied territory even today. It will take more than just an election to set things straight.

          A vote for Killery Klinton will guarantee war with Russia, a war which the US would NOT win, since the Kenyan has neutered our military and dismantled our defenses.

          Donald Trump is not the savior of America, but he will be able to stop the NWO door from slamming shut in our face and locking us up in the globalist agenda. That alone will give us a fighting chance to reclaim our Land.

      20. No one will ever find a way to fully replace humans. I can eat my own food for far less than eating out. But my waitress sat down at my table and told me how tired she was. She was working a double shift. No machine can do that.

        My neighbors are working twice as hard nights and weekends after their 9 to 5’s. The rain will start soon. Right now it’s really beautiful. The summer heat has softened and is turning to warm rather than hot days. The moon is as big as it ever gets. People are relaxed and friendly. I feel that everyone knows we are at a turning point. There is tempered hope in the air, and I think more people are getting themselves squared away.


      21. LaManiac, way back in the day, sometimes I would tune in to NPR to help me go to sleep AND IT WORKED. LOL! This was way back in 80s and 90s before I ever became interested in the internet. Used to listen to shortwave a lot. On occasion, I even used the old Radio Moscow World Service or Radio Havana to fall asleep and THEY WORKED. Say what you will but commie radio will help you get to sleep if you have trouble falling to sleep. I still listen to shortwave to some degree as I’ve kept it as a backup for whenever we lose the internet.

        • Brave Heart,20 years ago that might have worked.Now I get pissed off at the dumb shit! These people,our “leaders” are running us little people off a cliff,and don’t care!
          I have kids,have to get them through this shit storm that’s coming!Just keep prepping the best I can!
          You did make me remember,had a radio by my bed when I was a kid.Remember”Mystery Theatre” ,lol
          Be well!
          Maniac — out

          • LaManiac, you just brought back some more memories with “Mystery Theatre”. I used to really get into those old radio shows.

      22. We know already!!!!! We know its falling apart!!! We know the time is at hand!!!! Maybe? I’ve heard this for 40+ years now.
        Bottom line what to do? Sit in the corner, and worry about it, or prep like its 1999. The Gun safe is full, and have my PM’s. My basement is full of food, Ammo, water purification equipment, Solar panels, Medical gear, Grain grinders, Spotting scopes, Night vision. So on and so forth. Just When Do I Get To Use Them??????????

        As of January 31ST. I’m stopping on Prepping. I’m only going to stock up on P.M’s. If we are in the same shape we are now I’m going to start selling things off. Over 40+ years, and five days a week of putting things back and prepping I have had enough. I’m not giving up or giving in I’m just stopping on the Prepping.


        • SGT Dale

          Going to be a definite slow down for me too.

          • “A”
            Right now I can feed 8 people for 2 years, Have enough Ammo to supply the US military for 3 weeks. Along with enough gear to set up a small town. I’m out of room, and I have a 40X28 foot basement. I have a well pump, and Water softener, and a Furnace down there, and YEP everything else is PREP!

            Enough of the living in fear of tomorrow, I’m ready for tomorrow, and what MIGHT come. Time to set back after January 31St and watch the grass grow.

            Like my father-In-Law always said. Low I walk though the valley of Death I fear no Evil. For I’m the BADDEST M.F’er, in the Valley.


            • Does anybody really think they can shoot over 1000 rounds without ever being shot back? 1000 to one odds is wishful thinking.

        • Sgt. Dale: I read Shtfplan everyday and enjoy your comments. I want you and others to know not to give up on prepping because I too, have been doing it for a long time but this week the shtf for me and my community. I live in central NC and the floods and drownings, power outages, lost homes, are all around me. You would be shocked at those who still do not prep. Driving through neighboring subdivisions of military families and noticing hundreds of dark houses, I saw/heard only one generator. At the height of this storm and even on Sunday and Monday, people are still trapped in their homes, cut off by flooded roads and downed trees. Even our local grocery store running out of foods because the trucks having difficulties completing their deliveries. In my sixty years I have never seen such destruction, and when the Trump tapes came out, the msm forgot about the hurricane and the millions of people it affected. FEMA is just a few miles from here, military out in the rural communities, and I am surprised how quickly they got here. My point is , my shtfplan friends, is that all your prepping will sustain you when you least expect it. So hang in there!

      23. Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad

        “According to Russian media, Russian state officials and government workers were told to bring back their children studying abroad immediately, even if means cutting their education short and not waiting until the end of the school year, and re-enroll them in Russian schools.”

        ht tp://

      24. To be fair about it all.

        To the Republicans who do not support Trump.

        Just switch party and join the Democrats. The Majority of Republicans voted for Trump in the primary’s.

        This election will not be lost due to the overwhelming votes of Democrats but the failure of the Republican party to support their candidate.

        • I’m not an R anymore. I was, then a populist won the nom, so I started looking for a party that actually matched my values. I found it in the Constitution party. If voting for Castle means I’m somehow voting for Hillary or throwing my vote away, so be it. I’m done playing the two(really one) party game.

        • Just switch party

          Apparently, you are young and haven’t realized that this is standard operating procedure for most gullible Americans.

          Just switch to the other party which will do exactly the same lying bullshit the other one did last time.

          Repeat. Ad Nauseum.

          As for me:

          Never an R or D Again!

      25. I firmly believe in xenogenesis

        We as a human race were seeded on this planet by an advanced ancient race of sky men.

        The gods of the Bible were the pilots of u.f.o

      26. My opinion is we are in a long recession as long as deflation doesn’t hit. The reason for low interest rates us to keep the U.S. from falling into deflation. Once deflation comes in, 2008 will look like a row boat sinking compared to the titanic.

      27. Jitters in the stock market has always made us vulnerable. The economy is like a house built on sand. Bad news of any kind can cause massive drops in the indices.

      28. Imminent recession down right scary?What is scary is boa says this,when we have been in a recession for years!They know that,just playing with the people(again!).

      29. Ha ha, they steal 80% of the world’s wealth and then say the market is scary. #BofAisScary

      30. The heads of all these Banks need to be EXECUTED for subversion, robbery and murder of the American People. SNAP the bastards necks. Treason and murder have a due.

      31. Shvets is too negative. We humans aren’t defeated that easily.Thousands of years of history show that in spite of many big messes we always progress.

      32. It’s honestly a wonder our system has held on for so long. I went through a different school of survival. While some of you were fighting in iraq I was in a different kind of fight. I’m one of the seemingly pandemic asperger autistics that have been popping up at an alarming rate. As such I underwent the gauntlet of homelessness that many undiagnosed mental cases run silently through. I came out the other side with extreme survival skills living in a sailboat fully prepared to go to mexico, the knowhow to do it, and essentially a PHD in how to find, catch and preserve fish. The more I read, the more I realize that arsenal aside: an intruder first has to get to me, I live on solar power, use a type of heater that can burn fish oils, have a wood capable stainless BBQ, and have extensive knowledge of what seaweeds are edible. This is better than investing in gold or stockpiling food. I stockpile hooks and spectra. I know how to make nets. How to build a crabtrap. My point is that in the long run, having access to a multiple nutrient resource like the secrets of the deep that not every gun toting joe can take a crack at might be a winning ticket. Knowing how to sail to gain access to that resource when oil is gone or unobtainable can also prove precious. When the shit hits the fan, all I need is access to salt and I can keep my community fed. We have others who are accomplished and active handtool farmers in our amphibious community. Digging a salina would take a few days of hard work. We also have ditch options as most of us are accomplished sailors with sailboats. I am not going to be a fool and say where I am or even what coast I am on. My point here is that when the shit hits the fan, a little 26′ sailboat with pre-electronics age navigation equipment aboard and a healthy bluewater attitude and education could serve very well in maintaining not only health but also maintaining a comfortable lifestyle in the uncertain times to come with the nice addition of the bailout option.
        Fair winds.

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