Ban Drudge Report And Infowars: “Information Equality Now… Stop The Hate, Regulate”

by | May 18, 2017 | Headline News | 94 comments

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    This report was originally published by Kit Daniels at

    Net Neutrality Activists Demand FCC Ban Drudge Report, Infowars
    By Kit Daniels

    Net Neutrality activists held signs declaring “Ban Drudge” and “Ban Infowars” while calling for the regulation of on-line speech outside the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday.

    “Information equality now!” read one of the signs. “Stop the hate, regulate!!!”

    Another sign claimed that Breitbart, the Drudge Report and Infowars represent “On-line hate media.”

    The protestors were taking part in a rally spearheaded by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) in protest of the planned vote to roll back the FCC’s regulatory takeover of the Internet by reclassifying Internet Service Providers as “common carriers” under Title II regulations developed in 1934.

    “Groups planning to attend include American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Media Justice, Color Of Change, Common Cause, CREDO Action, Demand Progress, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Faithful Internet, Fight for the Future, Free Press Action Fund and the National Hispanic Media Coalition,” reported Broadcasting Cable.

    They are demanding that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai keep Obama-era FCC regulations in place, but as we reported in 2015, the FCC had cherry picked existing laws for cable, radio and broadband to create a patchwork of “authority” to regulate the Internet and set the precedent to control on-line speech.

    Some of the existing laws were written decades apart and independently of each other, but that didn’t stop the FCC.

    Additionally, several members of the FCC under President Obama were members of a leftist organization called Free Press which advocated draconian restrictions placed on the Internet.

    For example, the FCC’s former chief diversity officer, Mark Lloyd, co-authored a 2007 report calling for the regulation of political talk radio by limiting free speech on AM and FM stations under the guise of “balanced radio programming,” i.e. a fairness doctrine.

    “While progressive talk is making inroads on commercial stations, conservative talk continues to be pushed out over the airwaves in greater multiples of hours than progressive talk is broadcast,” the report stated, oversimplifying politics into a false left/right paradigm. “These empirical findings may not be surprising given general impressions about the format, but they are stark and raise serious questions about whether the companies licensed to broadcast over the public airwaves are serving the listening needs of all Americans.”

    Last year Matt Drudge predicted the crackdown on alternative media in a bombshell interview with Alex Jones.


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      1. GTFOOH



          • This is getting rather tiring.

            It’s long past time to deal with these parasites and their tools.

            • Beat them at their own game. Get filthy rich?

            • This is the product of an increasingly authoritarian Left. The problem is there is no ‘push back’ from the sane people. ignoring these hystrionic leftists will not make them go away. The ‘Great Delusion’ mass hypnosis being pulled on the public by the MSM is having an effect. This mass hypnosis is a massive tidal wave type ‘event-tide’.

              The country is divided into thirds: one third support Trump, One third is thoroughly brainwashed into the radical Leftist agenda, and one third are in the mushy middle accepting whatever is thrown at them. Most of the latter third are retirees, elderly, etc.. Times are tough, you can’t refute it..

              The left is insane, if you don’t want them to win, you must get active, and oppose all who make up their voting blocks.

          • US will look like a tranny version of S Africa

            • the USA is a tyranny nation, what do you know about being African, being royal and loyal, or a South African, have you been there, do you know its people or destination, do you know yours, then worry my friend for the writing is on the wall, we will see.

          • You first. Go get em keyboard tiger.

            The headline will read: white supremacist nutter killed by cops during mass shooting.

            I promise not to laugh. LOL, I lie.

          • Eisen, cut back on Alex’s Super Female Vitality, you are PMSing.

            • Gandhi, Eisen still makes a valid point regardless of his habit of NO caps lock. You’re not saying ‘roll over and surrender to the left’, are you?

        • Make sure you lay in a big supply of “super male vitality” from Alex’s store so he can go from a net worth of $5 million to $10 million

          • Screw that. You can buy horny goatweed at the gas station. Just as good.

            • Horny goat weed ?

        • Hey, those “tip of the spears” are expensive.

        • There is little “progressive” programming because those outlets have a habit of bankruptcy.

        • Ban Drudge and Infowars! And next up from the fascist left: Burn all books that disagree with them.

          Plan on it. These people are *literally* brownshirts just moved forward in time

      2. Sure….do away with everything the left disagrees with. Their way or the highway. My middle finger to the left!

        • was the left the one who lied about weapons of mass distraction? was the left the one who said Assad gassed his own people? Was the left the one who said Iraqi solders took babies out of incubators and left them to die on the cold hospital floor? Was the left who lied Osamma Bin Alladdin attack uSA in 9-11?

          • Yes. Yes. Yes.Yes. Lying Commie Bastards. Like the Hilda Beast. Like her hubby BJ Clinton. The rule of .308 will solve all of these problems. I will not start it.. bur I will damn well
            finish it. Just keep pushing. I am reloading now.
            Standing by in Montgomery County Texas.

            • To the ‘progressives’: BRING IT ON, F#$%ERS. You want to try to hurt any good white people, you gotta go through me. Come ahead and start it and I’ll finish it. You’ll pay the ultimate price for your stupidity!

            • Amen, .308 lead injection
              Standing by in Maui county,
              Its not if but when

              • Nailbanger, from my “Book Of Resistance”, chapter 12-gauge, verses .22LR, .380, 9mm, and 30Carbine.

          • You must be referring to the neocon parasites who run the show.

            As for banning speech you leftists don’t like, well, suck it snowflake.

          • Whats your point troll

          • hoyeru, the Bush crime family is not conservative, it is Globalist. There hasn’t been a conservative in the White House in my life time. Globalists are anti-American. They are against sovereign nations. They are for open borders so they can loot faster.

      3. There is no one on television or the internet that I trust 100% to be telling the truth. This power play by the left to suppress alternative news is bogus. They want to be able to define what is hate speech. Whatever they don’t want said is “hate speech”. Matt Drudge and Alex Jones are giving their opinions.

      4. This solution by the left could be used against them also by a Fascist far right government if that ever happened. They are too stupid to see that they are shooting down their own rights. The left is now driven by nothing but contempt and hate. This will increase, and the US will Balkinize as states decide to leave the union one by one. The question is, is this the grand design? Is Soros trying to drive the states apart? Are Hillary and Obama intentionally trying to blow the USA to bits?

        • Absolutely ! The Commies want to destroy this country. Their mistake is they overplayed their hand. They needed to wait for another 20 years until this of us that understand the Constitution & the Bill of Rights are dead or too feeble to be able to put a stop to this crap. Ha Ha Ha Ha ! Bring it assholes. Never mess with people that think they have nothing to loose. I have had 60 good years. If I go down fighting…thems the breaks. At least I will have done my part to save this great nation for my kids & grandkids. I’m good with that. Get ready
          Ya’ll … it’s coming.
          Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

          • Amen! Standing with you!

      5. america brownshit nazis trying to kill free speech….time for a major chance in the usa today…..i smell revolution or a martial law coming….we must stop these leftwing nazis

        • The Neo-Con right are no better and unfortunately Libertarian Constitutionalists too few.

      6. The radio shows named are not the ones most feared by reactionary Commie haters. They never mentioned Dr. David Duke whose radio show is enlightening thee entire world. Neither did it mention Don Black at Stormfront who comes on two hours before Dr. Duke.

        Free speech is threatening when someone is desperately trying to keep up a lie. The truth is what these people fear, because they are liars.


        • Tune in at 6:00 am pacific time for Stormfront.

          Followed by Dr. Duke at 8:00 am.


          • Rense Radio can be dialed up on your cell phone at:

            (1) 425 – 585 – 1533 Stormfront & Dr. David Duke

            To be heard on the radio yourself, the Stormfront call in number:

            (866) 869 – 2944


            • “The truth is what these people fear, because they are liars.”

              and apparently you’re an idiot.

              • Well, he told the truth.

                And you seem to fear it being told.

                FWIW, I don’t like, pay attention to, visit or listen to those people.

                But I certainly don’t want to see them banned or otherwise suppressed in the public arena.

                • Mmmm, no. I done fear what imbeciles say, I prefer them to keep on opening the pie hole and remove all doubt so that when I recognize them by referring to them as imbeciles, everyone knows where I’m coming from.

                  Racism is the credo of the weak minded buffoon. The truth you were searching for is the 1st amendment right of association. Forced integration doesn’t work.

                • If you take the time to listen to David Duke, you will find he is nothing like the Kosher media portrays him.

        • Yea but if they shut down the cowardly shows like Alex jones zombie hour, then they could go after the good guys easier.

        • B from CA

          Your correct, its not hate speech that they wish to stifle, thats the ostensible excuse, its the dissemination of truth. When the system is predicated upon lies, exposing them threatens national security. This is only different in application not intent of the USSR.

          • “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” – George Orwell.

            • JustMe

              As I said, a templet.

              Good post.

              • Lots of wisdom from the past that is as relevant today, as when it was minted 🙂

        • …”Dr. David Duke whose radio show is enlightening the entire world.”

          Since he does not “enlighten” me in any way, I simply choose to turn him off and keep his mouth out of my house, car and RV.

          This way I am not poisoned by crude and racist ideology.


          • I’m betting you haven’t listened to one minute of David Duke’s broadcasts, but rather wish to virtue signal about something you know nothing about.

      7. Fuck Drudge & Infowars. Both are bullshit distraction sites, designed to keep you focused on the irrelevant . . .

      8. Sounds good, let the banning and book burning begin in psychopath controlled Corporatist Fascist Police State hell on earth New Babylon America. With the Constitution now dead and gone there is no need to stop the totalitarian slide into complete hell now-the drunken toxic dump bums of New Babylon who whored out their children and destroyed their health, freedoms, and future could care less anyway.

      9. I am offended that these idiots wish to shut down Free
        Speech, the First Amendment.

        ” First Amendment – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people to PEACEFULLY to assemble ( not barricade bridges with ambulances on it, not to cover up your faces and throw rocks and weapons at law enforcement, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        Fox news is in a freefall, beginning with the blond witch that attacked Trump during the Presidential debates. It’s a shambles.

        The women who wear the pink ‘vagina’ caps, do not represent me as a woman, and were raunchy, crude, and vulgar pigs.

        I have never seen the vitriol and venom against the current President of the United States.

        Has he done any impeachable offences??? NO.

        Will he resign. NO.

        Has he done anything right. YES.

        The only thing I can do is continue to pray for Trump and his family. I am a horrible person to pray, I know.

        On Drudge today, an article stated that the police are
        buying up more riot gear, as it will be a HATE FILLED SUMMER.

        Isn’t that nice? People are sick, and I am beginning to hate people.

        • @ Upstate New Yorker :
          Great Post. You are 100% correct. While the Left tried to make everyone believe that all women hated Trump….the after election
          results proved that the women with a brain voted for Trump. The LGBTQXRZ…what ever nut-jobs & the feminazzis are the ones that voted for the Hilda Beast…. All of the intelligent women in my family voted for Trump. The exception was the POS from Oregon that my son married….who is just another angry about everything looser. While I hate the idea of my Grand Daughter growing up without a mother figure…. in this case if they get divorced it would definitely be a positive
          Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

        • Upstater, it’s easy to hate people, I’m in the same boat as you, perhaps.

          He won’t resign, he won’t start a war, he’s not going to do anything childish.

          All we can do is bring our basic decency to the table every time, that throws them for a loop and they make mistakes,

        • Im already there,
          Theres not many people i would lift a finger for here.
          Was in the irrigation shop where i had been buying my supplies for the farm, one of the donkeys who works there was talking shit about Trump and the Russians bla bla bla,,,,
          Ill be taking my 4-6000$ per year to an online supplier and just wait for my pipe and such to show up rather than buying anything from them

          • i hope you SAID that to him?!!!

        • Megyn bet the farm on attacking Trump, convinced Hellery would sit in the oval office. Megyn lost. It’s doubtful that her new gig pays anything like what Fox was paying her.

      10. End the hate!! Segregate!!

        See, if it rhymes, its true!!!

        Be honest: ‘diversity’ makes free speech impossible

        Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’. Diversity just means White Genocide.

        Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity.

        • Spot on comment, Cecil…

      11. Book burnings start next with the fascist left.

      12. Stop the H8TE?

        OK, let’s start with those leftists who assaulted that prof at Middlebury College, sending her to the hosptial? How about all the violence leftists in Berkeley? How about arresting that guy with the Rape Melania sign?

        Truth is, the left is just a group of Nazi brownshirts. Literally. And they are too stupid to know how this story always ends. (Hint: Not well for THEM. But then, they are too arrogant and too stupid to read history, which is never covered in their 18th C Belgian Lesbian Musicology class.

        Oh yeah. The biggest H8TERS on the planet are the radical gays themselves. Fact.

      13. Alex Jones is a Globalist pacifier and genocide profiteer, so who cares what happens to the drunken treasonous bum. The criminal traitor sells supplements to dumbed down toxic dump New Babylonians who think they can stuff their fat faces with poisonous toxic GMO fake food garbage and take supplements to combat the damage caused by the glyphosate and EDC horror New Babylonians consume DAILY… does not work that way and the Globalist pacifier and genocide profiteer knows it, that is why his soul is damned. If Alex Jones actually cared about the New Babylonians being slowly poisoned to death with glyphosate and other EDC horror, the Globalist pacifier would be calling for the genocidal psychpaths arrest DAILY, but instead he just profits from the genocide and New Babylonians pain, misery, and early deaths from the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling.

        Alex Jones would of sold gas masks and flame retardent suits to the Jews at Auschwitz and other Nazi Death Camps if he was around during the last holocaust.

      14. RandomTangent1957 ]Damn stright. Right there with you. Standing by in West(BYE GOD) Virginia!

      15. Recently went to meeting about 80 miles from my home about how to make the lefts ideas come out. very informitive but poorly attended(9 gay libtard welfare cases and probably 20 others like me in a venue for about 400 people) the main thing discussed was internet false news and how to contact the proper people to complain.we are in for a war with these people – they don’t stop until their views are the only ones heard-heaven help us

      16. The leftists plan is to make the world one big safe zone for themselves. No more are we to allow ideas or ideals foreign to their manufactured concepts of right or wrong.

        welcome to the new Sodom where each does as dictated by the mob.

        • where will they get the wealth to parasitize?

      17. That’s why , If someone calls you a hater say yes , I hate traitors .

      18. This can’t be true. Every imbecile I’ve ever talked to that supports net neutrality whines that I don’t have a clue how the internet works and that the law couldn’t do this.

        BTW, I’m a software developer and I write business apps for the web, so I most certainly do know how the web works.

        • Well i dont have a clue how it works, and dont care,
          But it seems pretty straight forward what freedom of the press means, and what freedom of speech means,,,
          Just like its pretty clear to myself and the guys i associate with exactly what the 2A was written for and how it was meant to be interpreted,
          When they infringe upon #1, its tome to use #2 and use it without mercy nor discression.

          • But was freedom of the press back then about printing news paper propaganda or printing money? Franklin made his fortune printing money. Plus is the web=press? Hmmmm? I just hope one of Alex jones’ scams like the Charlie sheen video message to Obama that was fake finally makes him more money to cover the divorce costs.

      19. Conservatives need a Soros type person to act behind the scenes, provide organization, direction and structure, at this point resistance is all hot air, disorganized, no direction no coordination
        Until someone steps up and takes charge zip will take place, loony left are way more organized.

      20. lots of talk here and elsewhere about resisting the lefties.
        just how does an individual citizen go about doing that ?

        • day by day

          stay on message

          no profanity

          keep your cool

          it’s a thankless job, glad your willing to join in with some of us.

          slow and steady gets them ready — watch for the teachable moments.

      21. Nailbanger, you nailed it again. That goes for all the other amendments including #1 and #2. #2 is what takes care of everything else.

      22. Still not buying shit. I’ve withdrawn from the economy as much as I can and finding more ways to get out of spending $. I’m ready as I will ever be. waiting for the other shoe to drop to enact my plans. Seems it’s getting uglier by the day. I don’t even know why trump tries just let the shit go down already.

        • Shopping cart…check
          Extra socks…check
          God bless you anything helps cardboard sign…check
          $425,000 bank account…check

      23. Id love to purge these closet communists, time for camps, trains, showers….

      24. Potus can pull the MSM FCC plug through executive order and should do so immediately.

      25. Biggest H8TERS on the planet are the leftist brownshirts.

        Wanna stop H8TE? Stop the leftists hospitalizing that Middlebury College prof, the fascist leftists violence in Berzerkely, or that leftist holding “Rape Melania” sign.

      26. The alt-right is equal time — composed mainly of token, minority members, in case noone has noticed that yet.

        I guess, if we wanted to keep the same tit-for-tat going, conservatives could start calling themselves the alt-left, ie. “Where you goin’city boy.”

      27. Every reasonable individual can see with their own eyes the tidal wave of propaganda against main stream Americans. We are portrayed as hateful bigots. Certainly we are not. The left is taking part in agitation propaganda. An old Soviet tactic. Never give up your guns. Never. You are going to need them.

      28. If what little truth and free speech that remains on the Internet is erased and banned, then I’ll have no reason to read anything on it anymore. Simple as that.

      29. Free Speech is even banned here

        try to spell Beotch correctly

        try Gew.. spelled correctly

        let me know how that goes for ya

        EOTS ranted about this just the other day and left because of it

        • Well, um, this is a privately owned site.

          It’s not the street corner.

          I guess if the owner of this site wants to ban something, it’s his right.

          Isn’t it?

          • you think so?

            I dont , I bet Mac is being made to censor

            wake up to the world your in and the push of narratives in this country

            maybe some one should ask him specifically if thats the truth
            but if hes playing both sides of the fence , do you think you’d really get the truth ?

            Hillary dont lie , right?

            • I dont think a true patriot would censor ….shouldn’t IMO

          • And everyone that doesn’t like it is completely free to open their own site where it isn’t banned.

            But they won’t, they’ll just gripe and whine instead. It’s easier to play victim that way.

            • I think you miss the point

              Americans shouldn’t be censored , especially at this point in history

              I saw no one “playing any victim”

              you also miss the point that these are words in our dictionary , and used in daily speech

              • also missing the point of

                IS IT MAC or IS IT HIS WEB SERVER

              • No, you miss the point that this is his site and he has the right to ban anything and everything he wants to ban and the point that you have the right to start your own site where nothing is banned if you don’t like it.

        • how do you ban words like the true word for “Female Dog”?

          and a shortened version of the full word of a group of people?
          Wikipedia even uses the correct spelling of Gew on its website

          type the full correct spelling of Gewish and see what comes up in your browser

      30. As I sit here typing this the City of New Orleans just removed the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA, with Mitch Landrieu, the high-yellow mayor, talking about “now we can begin to rewrite history.” Yeah…”rewrite history,” as in, “pretend it never happened.” This is exactly what the SJWs want – total control of the narrative and a big part of that is rewriting history. Problem is, unless and until they control the Internet they will never be able to successfully rewrite history because the cannot silence those who remember the truth…and they know it. That’s really what all this is about.

      31. I find it highly entertaining that these same people that scream “…regulate.” are the same people that were screaming about being censored. They want to classify free speech as “speech they agree with” and all other is “hate speech”. Like that “Anti-Fascists” that are fascists, these people are that are for free speech are actually “anti-free speech”.

        I also find it highly entertaining that they completely allow the bashing of white men, Jesus, heterosexual people and all Christian symbols while at the same time screaming “stop the hate”.

        What a bunch in disingenuous lying bastards!

        This won’t stop until the body count rises. Mark my words. Nothing changes until the body count rises. Nothing.

      32. I’m afraid you’re right. Hate to see it happen but there seems to be no alternative. Just pray that, when it’s over, we don’t end up with a situation that’s a lot worse than what we have now.

      33. I believe the battle between good and evil has begun in earnest. Please keep love in your heart as we face the ultimate foe. Have Faith. Have Sisu.

      34. Don’t worry the bs will keep on coming. It’s all controlled fake opposition. The alternative media was created as controlled fake opposition to the msm. And the attempts to control the alternative media are also controlled fake opposition. It’s the alternative controlled fakes opposing the fake msm and all the offshoots of that game. And the conspiracy sites are all involved in it and just as fake as any of it. Suckers.

      35. Its worth pointing out the only sources here are two tweets. Attempts to google these images turn up mostly articles citing these two tweets and sites that have the image cached but not included in the page.

        Furthermore the second tweet attempts to imply that Senator Ed Markey agrees with the anti-Breitbart demonstrators using two photos, that while they both appear to be shot at the same location, show different demonstrations. It is noticeable that none of the people in the first photo appear in the second one. Furthermore the first photo appears to show a fringe group at the edge of a crowd.

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