“Baizuo” Is The New Derogatory Term Millions Of Chinese People Are Using To Describe America’s “White Left” Regressive Liberals

by | May 17, 2017 | Headline News | 47 comments

After the last election, the far-left in our society became a laughing stock. The social justice warriors, the progressives, the regressive left; whatever you want to call them, they became a joke after Trump was elected. And it wasn’t because they lost the election. It was because of how they reacted to losing. We all witnessed what amounted to a nationwide temper tantrum on November 9th. And in the weeks that followed, it became apparent that these people aren’t just childish. They are freaking insane.

However, it may surprise you to learn that these people aren’t just a joke in America. They are the laughing stock of the world. They are looked down upon, even in countries where they don’t have a significant presence.

In China for instance, they have a word for these people. They are called “baizuo” or the “white left” on social media. Which is interesting, because even though China has its fair share of socialists and communists, they don’t have a direct equivalent to our liberal snowflakes. Most of the Chinese are still fiercely nationalistic and anti-immigrant, regardless of political affiliation. That country just doesn’t have a large population of politically correct, affluent liberals (presumably, they were all killed off during the Great Leap Forward). So what does this term mean to the average Chinese citizen?

It might not be an easy task to define the term, for as a social media buzzword and very often an instrument for ad hominem attack, it could mean different things for different people. A thread on “why well-educated elites in the west are seen as naïve “white left” in China” on Zhihu, a question-and-answer website said to have a high percentage of active users who are professionals and intellectuals, might serve as a starting point.

The question has received more than 400 answers from Zhihu users, which include some of the most representative perceptions of the ‘white left’. Although the emphasis varies, baizuo is used generally to describe those who “only care about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment” and “have no sense of real problems in the real world”; they are hypocritical humanitarians who advocate for peace and equality only to “satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority”; they are “obsessed with political correctness” to the extent that they “tolerate backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism”; they believe in the welfare state that “benefits only the idle and the free riders”; they are the “ignorant and arrogant westerners” who “pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours”.

Baizuo has basically become the go to word for Chinese social media users, who want to trash other people in online debates. It’s also frequently used to make light of what is viewed in China, as the inherent weakness of western democracies. So not only has the far-left made themselves into a joke, they’re making everyone else who supports Western civilization look bad all around the world.

It just goes to show, the people who speak the loudest in society often become the face of that society, even if most sane people aren’t taking them seriously anymore.

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    1. Traitor Hator

      One of the worst societies on the planet are calling the American left the worst societiy on the planet. And who can argue with that?

      • yep

        Progressives are Marxist=Communists

        It’s a family fight, sort of. Enjoy it.

        The Chicom’s are looking down the Communists in this country because they lost power and they lost their ability to tax and regulate.

        Watching the them have a tantrum over losing is like watching a small dog whine over not getting a treat. It whines, moans and pisses on the carpet and the Chicom’s is the bigger dog looking at the smaller dog barking uselessly.

      • Gandhi

        Hahaha yep

      • JustMe


        Like all self righteous leftists, they will reject their new name, call the Chinese “racists”, ad nauseum…

    2. Traitor Hator

      Kind of off subject ? Greek fire. Well hidden . Was a secret formula that is still secret. I read that it was quick lime, salt Peter and naphta. Naphta is Coleman fuel. Apparently the mixture would ignite when exposed to water. So when thrown on skin would ignite and if applied water would burn even more. Can anyone solve this mystery?

      • boyo

        The Greeks may have actually made rocket fuel which can burn hot enough to disassociate water into H2 and O2 and then burn the gases.

      • YellowPokaDotBikini

        Speaking about Traitors, get this:

        Rumsfeld Company Sold Nuclear Weapon Equipment to North Korea
        05-17-2017 • http://www.utne.com, Craig Cox
        Rumsfeld?s involvement in the $200 million deal with the Zurich-based engineering company ABB is seen as an embarrassment to the Bush administration, which vehemently opposed the deal during the 2000 presidential campaign, reports the London-based Guardian. ?One could draw the conclusion that economic and personal interests took precedent over non-proliferation,? said Steve LaMontagne of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

        Rumsfeld sat on the ABB board from 1990 to 2001, earning $190,000 a year. He left to join the Bush administration. Asked about the reactor deal, the defense secretary told the Guardian that he ?did not recall it being brought before the board at any time.?

        **And wonder why the US is in constant Perpetual war. Donald Rumsfeld is the same dickhead that supplied Saddam Hussein with WMD’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.

        How to these POS Traitors keep surfacing,. Like Hillary selling Russia which the Lefty’s claim Russia to be the worst enemy out there. Like WHO THE F*CK IS RUNNING THIS VOUNTRY WITH ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY?


        There Mutha F*ckers keep rotating in and out of Government, milking the cow dry from both ends for profit and power. Shoot the Bastards!!! Send a Message. And We Tax Payers get the friggin bill and debt for all of this. F*ckYou!!


      • Smokey

        Whatever it consisted of, the elements of Greek Fire were simple, not very pure, and pressurized. I’ve read where it was essentially a very impure White Gas and an igniter.

        It worked well against shipping, but weather and wind were not good conditions of use, which you kind of want for sea battle.

    3. rellik

      “After the last election, the far-left in our society became a laughing stock”. They have always been a laughing stock. Normal people are too polite to kill them. I’d love to see ChuckU Schumer in China, see Rosie O’Donnell in Chechnya, and Whoopie Goldberg in Nigeria, all living like locals, for a year or two.

      • Braveheart1776

        Rellik, good points. This article actually gave me a good laugh. The Chinese are actually criticizing people who think like they do. You can appreciate the irony.

        • Stopthelies

          I don’t think you would ever hear a typical Chinese citizen advocating for immigrant rights,,LGBT rights, etc…

    4. SmokinOkie

      Baizou… it has a nice ring to it! Let’s all start using it when speaking to liberals.
      Liberal college girl: “Excuse me sir, would you sign our petition to ban gasoline? We’re doing it to save the planet.”
      Me: “NO! You self-righteous, ignorant, narcissistic little hypocrite of a baizou! Now, shut up and get back to your Left-Handed Transgendered Hungarian Women’s Studies class before you flunk!”
      Student: “I don’t have to, I’m the professor.”
      Frantic caller to 911: “Help! Someone is breaking into our apartment! I think they’re gonna rob and kill us. Please hurry! We have no way to protect ourselves!”
      Dispatcher: “I see from your address you live in Berkeley. Are you a liberal? Voted for Hillary? Trying to save the planet?”
      Caller: “Yes! We’re very progressive and we always vote Democratic, but what does that matter? Please hurry, they’re breaking down the door!”
      Dispatcher: “You’re obviously a baizou. To truly save the world, many of your kind will have to go…. we’ll have an officer there in an hour or two…”

      • Braveheart1776

        SmokinOkie, LMAO! Damn good one!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        when seconds count, a cop is only DAYS away! we went from minutes away….to HOURS away,….soon to be DAYS away.

    5. B from CA

      Spelled “Baizou” – Pronounced “Beju”


      • B from CA


        Spelled “Baizou” – Pronounced “Be ju u”


        • B from CA


          Spelled: “Baizuo” – Pronounced: “Ka zoo” / Ka zu


          • That Would Be Right

            Baizuo….close enough to Bizzaro for me……

            Same world that the dems live in.

          • BlackMoe

            Spelled “Baizou” – Pronounced “Lib tard”

        • Mexicano

          Or spelled “Baizou” – Pronounced “Be gone B from CA”

      • PO'd Patriot

        B from CA, thanks I wasn’t sure how to say it.

        • Floridagirl

          Baizuo (pronounced ‘bye-tswaw’) is a Chinese epithet meaning naive western educated person who advocated for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. A baizuo only cares about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment; while being obsessed with political correctness to the extent that they import backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism.

      • Bite me

        Grandmother in law, hard core liberal, had a dog named beju, you can’t make this stuff up.

    6. Antibaizau

      Damn, even the commies are more sensible the western lefties. God now hates the USA and the EU more than China.

    7. Frank Thoughts

      I like the Chinese: they work hard, they are smart and they have no time for virtue signaling. They also have very practical views on race and ethnicity. They see people for what they are and hold no fairy tales. In particular, they have no time for blacks and their complaining. They see them as lazy, not very smart and only kept in the game by white liberals. In fact, white liberals are the only people who spend so much time worrying about what blacks think.

      The Chinese are basically placating the blacks until such time as they need to kick them off their land, or just get rid of them, for the resources, farm land and space. The Arabs are doing the same. They are basically quietly taking over Canada and Australia. At some point those countries will have Chinese leaders and you will see the welfare state that supports the lazy minorities and dumb whites taken away.

      Chinese women are also very hot: they dress very well, they have hot bodies and keep themselves in good shape.

      • Gandhi

        China bought amerika fair and square with fake money.

    8. Old Nam Vet

      So did the Vietnamese women, a little skinny but hot.

      • Anonymous

        And kind of short.

      • Frank Thoughts

        Asian women and white European women are the hottest in the world by a country mile. They dress well and take care of themselves and are smart. As for the obese junk-food eating ghetto queens, even black guys do not want them.

    9. boyo

      Out of the mouths of red diaper babes.

    10. Jim in Va.

      More hot and sour soup please!

    11. Brian

      The Chinese are buying up large areas of farmland in other countries with their eyes on the future. Future planning is also why they are creating islands in the South China Sea near natural gas fields. They do have problems with a large portion of their farmland heavily polluted. The crises in food, fresh water, and energy are expanding rapidly and they will be prepared. They are already challenging the USA in key areas.

    12. PO'd Patriot

      …and that woman screaming above in the picture as Trump was being sworn in, I believe the muzzles on the side by side barrels of that cool little 20 gauge I have would fit right in her mouth.

      • Just Saying

        If I was that fat and ugly I would screaming too………

      • Grekko

        To tell you the truth, I was anticipating the nice men in the white jackets to come lead her away for observation.

    13. watching and waiting

      Much of the talk to impeach President Trump by the left is much of nothing but if they keep saying it enough people will start to believe.

      I doubt his presidency is unraveling but the left would have you believe that.

      Much of it is to disrupt his agenda.

      I say full speed ahead.

    14. Patriot One

      The media, FB, Twitter, snow flakes, college students have all circled the wagons like a circular firing squad. Most of us have just tuned out there noise.

      Is it just me or do these people all seem to have mental illness?? Have you notices the libtard that go on TV all seem to have speech impediments and talk out of one side of their mouth??

      These are all the therapy babies of the 50’s & 60’s vs the ones who’s parents put a boot in their ass if the did pronounce words right.

      It rewards participation vs excellence. When I grew up you had to make the team and if you didn’t you had to work harder for next year. Very few couldn’t handle that reality. The ones that couldn’t became the towel or water boy. Does anyone relate to these experiences and people types??

    15. cranerigger

      The gist of the story is that these pathetic snowflakes are recognized for what they are – libtards.

    16. knobster

      I’m done with these libtards. Everything they think, say, do, stand for, etc annoys me to no end. I’m doing everything in my power to unplug from the system as much as possible. When the cities burn a small part of me will celebrate.

    17. Braveheart1776

      In my mind they’ll always be LIBTURDS.

    18. GrandpaSpeaks

      By letting the left get away with their antics baizou will define us all in their eyes. You can read it between the lines but you have to squint.

    19. Thot Police

      Lang said, “That country just doesn’t have a large population of politically correct, affluent liberals (presumably, they were all killed off during the Great Leap Forward)”

      Bezmenov said, “Idealistically-minded leftists…
      when their job is completed, they are not needed any more.” —

      Then, military parades.

    20. lena

      My word for them is parasites !

      I’d put the actual number of those people contributing money from a job to society at less than 5%.

      • Gandhi

        We are all parasite to them, we work only in industries that the bankers allow to be financed.

      • Thot Police

        si·ne·cure —
        a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit.

        (Speaking of parasites…)

    21. Edward Jude

      I would only add, that without the Baizuo-in-Chief and his minions around anymore (yeah I’m talking to you, Val Jarrett), the SJWs do not have a someone at the top legitimizing and propagandizing their pathetic behavior and looney positions. Very refreshing. Of course, the nuts still are embedded deep at all levels of government and academia, and it will take years to de-program (red pill) them, if at all possible.

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