Bad Economic Signs 2012

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    In January of this year, I wrote an analytic financial piece entitled ‘Baltic Dry Index Signals Renewed Market Collapse’:

    In that article I discussed the record breaking low hit by the BDI and its implications for the global economy; namely, that it signaled a steep decline in true demand around the world for raw materials used in the manufacture of consumer goods, and that similar declines in the BDI’s past have almost always prophesized a crisis event in financial markets.  The mainstream media attempted to write off the implosion of the BDI as a fluke, tied to the “overproductions of cargo ships”, instead of a warning sign of deteriorating demand.  Of course, the past 6 months have proven that assertion to be entirely false.

    Manufacturing has tumbled in the U.S., the EU, and Asia simultaneously as orders drop back to the dismal levels last seen in 2008-2009 after the credit crisis first took hold:

    Despite the astonishing amount of manipulation that goes into our fiscal system by major banks, there are still a few fundamental rules to economics that never change.  The bottom line?  Demand around the world is derailing, hinting at a broad spectrum disintegration of public buying power.  Where demand goes, so goes the economy.

    As I have pointed out in the past when explaining the importance of the BDI, crashes in the index are usually made visible on mainstreet around 8 months to a year after the event.  That is to say, the economies of multiple nations move into a widely felt crisis event around 8 to 12 months after the BDI crashes.

    There is a strange delayed reaction between the initial exposure of weakness in the financial system and the public’s realization of the truth, sort of like Wile E. Coyote dashing off a cliff in the cartoons only to continue running in mid-air above the abyss below.  It is a testament to the fact that beyond the math, there is an undeniable power of psychology in our economy.  The investment world naively believes it can fly, even with the weight of endless debt around its ankles, and for a very short time, that pure delirious oblivious belief sustains the markets.  Eventually, though, gravity always triumphs over fantasy…

    In May, I also discussed the impending disaster in the EU in light of elections which would obviously lead to a clash (or engineered clash) between proponents of austerity and proponents of endless stimulus spending.  I suggested that this clash would trigger a possible remodeling or complete breakdown of the European Union in the near future: 

    Today, I do not think that it would be outlandish to suggest (even to the casual market observer) that the EU has indeed been fractured, though the establishment still strives to maintain the façade.

    Spain and Italy have both requested bailouts from the ECB, finally exposing a problem which alternative analysts have been warning about for years.  While the mainstream media has been bicycle-kicking the long dead horse of Greece, the much more detrimental problems of the rest of the EU have been completely ignored.  Only now are investors beginning to understand that there is no such thing as a “Greek Contagion”; the whole of Europe has been quietly suffering through a debt malaise that surpasses the Greek issue.  Still, central banks pushed the idea that Greece was the gangrenous toe of the EU, claiming it had to be cured or amputated, or the infection would invade the entire body.  The truth is, Europe has been host to a systemic disease from the very beginning.  Greece is just a side-note.

    The UK has openly admitted that it has “returned” to recession.  Mass credit downgrades have been issued by S&P and Moody’s in primary EU economies, including France and Spain.  Italy’s credit rating has been cut only two notches above junk status and its bond sales have turned to Jell-O.  Spain has declared austerity cuts which include the confiscation of employee pension funds.  Does this sound like an economic body near “recovery”, as was the rhetoric spouted by the MSM a year ago, or, does it sound like the EU has gone off the deep end?

    In the meantime, China continues to court their global trading partners with bilateral trade agreements designed to remove the dollar as the world reserve currency, and recent events appear to be hastening this process.  With American and European demand faltering, Chinese manufacturers are threatened with an even more severe export breakdown than they saw back in 2008, and so, it is only a matter of time before the BRIC and ASEAN economic blocs fully solidify their trade partnerships outside of the West, and away from the dollar.

    The year of 2012 has proven to be the most startling as far as financial news has been concerned.  Vastly more startling to me than 2008.  In 2008, the illusion of bank coherence and government action was carefully molded for the consumption of the masses.  The intimate connections between government and corporate fraud were glossed over with expert care.  There was an active and methodical effort to make us believe that the problems of 2008 were peripheral, and that the system at its foundation was sound.  This time around, the corruption has become utterly blatant and disturbingly nonchalant.  There is no attempt on the part of central and corporate banking interests anymore to hide the fact that the entire edifice is a cheap magic trick.  In fact, they now parade their distortions as if they are “helping” the country, instead of destroying it.

    When criminals are no longer concerned with hiding their crimes, it is time for the rest of us to start worrying.  That is to say, the current behavior of the establishment leads me to believe that a new phase in the crisis is about to arise.

    Three recent events in particular (on top of all that has already happened this year) should be noted by those who wish to gauge the acceleration of financial hazard around the world:

    Multiple Central Banks Issuing Policy Changes Simultaneously

    Only a week ago, the supposedly independent and sovereign central banks of China, the UK, and the EU made multilateral policy changes including cutting interest rates to zero and reinstituting stimulus measure all within the SAME HOUR of each other:

    This is a disturbing and open admission by central banks that they not only dominate the economic structure of their host countries, but they do so in a coordinated fashion.  In the past, central bankers have made a point to at least pretend that they do not work in tandem with each other and are not centralized around a global methodology or hierarchy.  Today, they do not seem to mind if the public is aware of how they really operate.

    Some might argue that central banks of individual nations have cooperated in the past, and that this is nothing new.  Partly true.  Central banks have enacted policy initiatives in tandem with each other before, but usually only after absurd levels fanfare and summits galore.  The pageantry of G8’s and G20’s and Davos and any number of other global meetings were a fulcrum point which central banks used to buy political capital with sovereign populations.   They had planned to institute these multilateral economic actions anyway, but the pageantry and theater came first.  Today, private central banks are taking joint action without ANY public meetings, even fake meetings.

    I feel that this is the start of an expedited trend towards full centralization of sovereign economies, and that soon, central banks will act as if single broad spectrum global monetary policy measures and global economic governance are legal and “commonplace”.

    Trade Volume Collapsing

    The S&P has now generated the worst market volume in over a decade.  Small market investors are fleeing in droves away from stocks, leaving only the big players to dominate the field:

    This extreme lack of volume will facilitate a return to volatility, and we are about to see the same kind of massive stock spikes and drops that we tasted three years ago.  I would like to point out that the Fed, almost religiously, waits until stock markets go into cardiac arrest before announcing new stimulus measures and quantitative easing.  They delay until the investment world begs for printing, and then, they give it to them, with a smile.

    The Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) Scandal

    Like the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros. that heralded the credit crisis, the Libor Scandal has the potential to rock the pillars of the banking world like nothing I have ever seen before.  The average person needs to understand three things about Libor:

    1) The manipulation of loans and credit swaps through the Libor interest rate mechanism has allowed big banks to hide the true extend of their incredible debts since the 2008 derivatives implosion.  Some mainstream economists are actually calling this a “good thing”, because, according to them, the lie of Libor fooled investors into supporting the markets where they may not have otherwise if they had known the truth.  They say the lie “averted Armageddon”.  Frankly, this is idiotic.  Libor has saved nothing, and the lack of transparency and honesty from corporate banks has only postponed an inevitable calamity which will be even worse now because it was allowed to continue on for years longer than it should have.

    2) Barclays and other institutions have claimed that they “had to use Libor fraud”.  Why?  Because every other major bank used it!  Their argument is that they had to lie in order to remain competitive.  Even if you buy this rationalization, you have to acknowledge the deeper problem here:  Barclays is essentially pointing out that EVERY major bank uses Libor to hide the fact that they are in dire straights.  In 2012, the system has openly confessed its own insolvency.  You do not need a fortune telling gypsy to predict a major collapse for you; the banks have just told us exactly what is about to happen.

    3) Finally, regulators and central banks on both sides of the ocean, from the U.S. to the UK, from the Federal Reserve to the Bank Of England, relent that they KNEW about the Libor fraud being conducted by numerous banks as early as 2008, but kept their mouths shut.  This shows not only that central banks have been complicit in financial criminal activities, but governments have played along as well.  This fits right in with what I have stated for years:

    The economic collapse could not possibly be a “random” event.  Its culmination requires the collusion of so many corporate and government entities that it would be foolish to call it anything other than conspiracy.

    So, what comes next?  According to the path which I predicted back in January, the economy is near a climax event.  Perhaps an announcement of QE3 leading to ugly dollar devaluation, perhaps another bankruptcy by a “too big to fail” conglomerate leading to a firestorm in stocks, or perhaps even the exit of certain countries from the EU.  Maybe all of this and more.  The point is, keep your eyes fixed on the financial sector as we move into fall and winter.  There is a bleak harvest on the horizon…

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

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      1. Here we go again! Time after time you people say it’ll happen, just wait! It’ll happen just wait. You dont see that the world around you is awesome and only look for signs of despair. your purchasing all the garbage and stockpiling food is making the price of everything go up.

        Just like that peanut butter shortage. It was the people in the grocery stores buying 3000 pounds of it to stock up on. Is peanut butter still for sale and the peanut butter industry doing ok? YES it is but in your actions the cost went up. Same goes with gas, food and other supplies.

        you people are sheep .Wake up and be productive toward society. Pay your bills and we wont be in the mess.

        Obama is not at fault. He can only do so much. We as people need to wake up and take responsibility. All you people need your guns taken away. You are slightly insane.

        I’m voting for obama. He didnt do that bad as a president but I know he can do more next election. spread the word!

        • Nice try, Joe Biden

          • 49er…I don’t think even Joe is that silly.

            • I suspect it is the Vice President, as Joe is the only person in America to have gotten a job because of Obama.

            • I totally agree with the OP. You people need to get your guns taken away and your heads out of your pooper. The world will continue to go around. Obama2012….They should change office terms from 2 to 10….O..O…O..bama twothousandtwelve in da house.

            • Obama12, if you managed to graduate Elementary School you would have learned that the presidential term lasts 4 years, not 2. I would expect nothing less from an illiterate social reject.

        • Hey are you from The Financial Experts? Yes the world is awesome but you can’t just go walking around the wilderness and not worry about a wild animal attacking and killing you. Nor could you walk around some of our city’s and have the same problem!

          You are telling me that 1% of the population buying a little extra in making the prices go up? You are a joke. And gas, it’s our fault? Seriously? If I went to the ocean and took a bucket of sea water home you would say I was draining the ocean.

          You and your kind are the sheep, all my bills ARE paid. I have no debt. This is the problem with you welfare types. We have to pay our bills so your sorry ass can get paid.

          B HO is definitely at fault along with all the others before him the last 40 years.

          I take it you are against guns. I think you should grow some balls and write that on a sign and put it in your front yard, or should I say on the wall of your public housing that we paid for.

          I don’t think you need to worry about voting for B HO, I’m betting on martial law and no election.

          I wish you a lot of luck when it falls apart, you’re going to need it.

          • If you think about it; if you were in their places how would you play it? Probably the exact same way? They can’t kick this entire thing over all at once. They don’t want to see a bank run; the chaos would be formidable and unmanageable. They might get hurt in the fray as they’re at work. Can you imagine what a food riot looks like? (1994, the LA riots instance.) They’re chipping away at us a little at a time. A little catastrophe here and another one over there, a couple more over there, they think we will get use to the little things and not see the train wreck coming. To tell you the truth; they’ll be right in a lot of cases. They want to suck all of the money out of the system first and then drop us, then go run and hide while people kill each other in the streets.
            OR; are they in some sick way warning us. Get ready it’s going to happen!
            OR; are they pulling a Barney Frank, you know the fat little round guy that swore up and down the housing market was stable and not to long after the whole fucking thing blew-up.
            Pick a scenario, I don’t care, aint none of it good. I would say if you can look to survive past the initial chaos and look how to survive past that point for at least a couple of years.
            This aint going to be pretty, kids!

          • Are you kidding me? Obama is not at fault. he is trying to help the people. Healthcare, obamaphone and making it easier for people to get on medicaid and medicare is awesome. You need to realize that people need help. Obama has done nothing bad. All the other politicians are ruthless liars. Obama had nothing to do with fast and the furious like Ron paul did.

            I am against guns. The 2nd ammendment applies to the national guard. A well regulated militia is not the people. You should not have guns. If you want to play with guns then join the military or the army where you can be responsible about it. I hope you dont have kids. I hope none of you “preppers” do. You are the reason children are shooting schools. Teach your kids not to be like you. Thanks!

            • funk is a govt troll.

            • Finx;
              you poor pathetic little protozoa. Shortly after your usefulness has been determined to be no longer needed your worthless remains will be picked from the teeth of the machine that will devour you, the one you tout and espouse that will be our savior. Its sole purpose is to train and utilize the ignorant and impressionable. IE; YOU! Once feeding you out weighs your usefulness you will be readily discarded. You and others like you are not an important component in the machine. BUDDY, you are nothing more than a little bit of grease on a cog, to drop off on the ground and never to be thought of again. It must SUCK to be you, pitiful!

            • You are a big reason why I need a gun. You will be one of the people fighting to get into a FEMA camp. If you want these things for yourself, don’t try to impose it upon me.

            • @ finx. So you are against guns? I guess this applies to the feeling you have when someone breaks into someone’s home and is going to kill or rape their wife or daughter, that the people living in the house should just allow themselves to be tortured? I suppose you might feel that some 95 pound four foot ten women should not even be allowed to carry pepper spray, TASER, or a stun baton to save herself from the 6 foot 6 250 pound pervert that is going to brutally rape her? I suppose you would rather the police take care of it, the police that respond after 30 minutes to an emergency call?

              I get so sick and tired of individuals that think that people don’t have the right to defend themselves against an attacker. That the attacker that will commit rape after rape, and murder after murder should not be stopped. I suppose you might even feel that no one should have any firearms and let the terrorist mow down dozens or hundreds. Several times in Israel because citizens had firearms, terrorists were stopped before killing scores. I guess those that are alive today because of a citizen using firearms should not be?

              I wonder about all those that oppose gun rights were put into a large cage with either a pack of hyenas, a threesome of vicous chimpanzees, or a very hungry bear, and a loaded firearm was put at their feet how quickly their higher than mighty values about firearm restrictions would go right out the window. How quickly they would use than “evil” gun to save themselves from being ripped apart and eaten. I wonder what their excuse would be if they actually were able to use that firearm to save themselves, which I doubt because most anti-gun individuals would probably shoot their foot off. Might scare the animals enough though. I wonder when someone is put into a life and death situation how quickly they shallow their own words and “values” if that is what they can call it and reach for a firearm.

              One another thing, preppers practice with firearms and every single one out at the shooting range practices more safety than those anti-gun individuals that drive around in their Volt cars do. I sure would like to see the electric bill from a Volt car being plugged in most of every night. Preppers have more a sense of safety and responsiblity than 99% of the population that won’t even consider storing up for their families. They rather watch their children and their old mother and father wait in the hot sun for hours for FEMA and Red Cross handouts. Preppers are the true fiber of what is left of when most of the American people were strong. Preppers have more common sense in their their finger nail on their smallest finger than 10 non prepper anti freedom individuals have in their entire bodies.

            • The people are the militia the 2nd amendment refers to. It’s there to thwart being terrorized by a standing army and so that we have a means of defending ourselves. Not to mention I hunt and fish. Are you against fishing poles too? I could probably take a fishing pole into one of your schools that teach incorrect information about the constitution and do some serious damage with the hooks!

              “All the other politicians are ruthless liars.” You have to be kidding me if you think POTUS is the exception. All politicians these days are just that. They don’t know how to fix anything, they just know how to get elected. Especially congresspeople.

            • # 51 down thumb for the dumb dumb. Finx you stinx. If it were not for our forefathers knowing we needed to protect ourselves, guns would have been outlawed 100 years ago by the libtards like yourself. Look how defenseless the Brits and Aussies are. Do they have less crime? No Do they have less murders? No Are the single women/moms any better off for not having a weapon for protection? No The only way to fend off a rapist with a knife is a bullet between the eyes. Criminals will always have guns and find ways to get them.
              Anyone that believes POTUS & Flotus are out to help anyone but themselves is nucking futs. These two ghetto libtards arent’t even on the same side as americans. They want us to send all our $$ to the muslims in Israel and Africa. Your way of thinking is a big part of the problem.

            • @finx


            • Funx you. What are you doing to improve yourself and help others?

            • There was no National Guard when the 2nd Amendment was written you fool. Who was the militia? Every able bodied citizen you dope.

            • Either finx is making an ill received attempt at irony, or he is a poster child for successful media manipulation, paired with a public school education. So, our choice: laugh with or laugh at.

              I read finx post as a lame attempt to paraphrase 1984. Theft is help. Politicians are good. Self defense is evil. Liberty is slavery. Slavery is liberty. Only the government can protect you. The OTHER guy is the liar. Bankrupting states and the country will give people medicare. Inflation is good. We are just, they are bad. LMAO.

            • You are wasting our time with your worthless whining. Go practice your freedom of speech in front of someone who cares. Maybe Washington DC…….

          • I don’t wish those f*ckups any luck. They are the shallow end of the gene pool ( that needs to dry up ) that I was talking about. I heard some dumb bitch today on NPR say most Americans want ” assault weapons ” banned and Nancy Pelosi is a great woman all in the same sentence. I have never heard any regular person ever say either one of those things. There are idiots planted everywhere. Don’t let them bother you. Maybe one day they will wake up and take care of their own families. Until we will just have to feed their kids, pay for their school, school supplies, clothes, housing, medical, cell phones? ( WTF is with that one? ), and any other needs while those poor kids f*ckup parents buy smokes, drugs, tattoos, booze, etc. How long is it going to be before we have to go over to their government housing projects and cut their f*cking grass for them? Don’t think it’s not coming!!!

        • You’re a douche. Anyone who votes for Obama is a DOUCHE.

          • Anyone who votes in the corp is a douche.

            • Exactly.

              finx is deluded and damaged by the massive dose of MSM intellectual toxins he/she has taken in. Let him/her vote for the idol. It matters not.

        • Sfinkter, for godsake man get a grip.

        • Finx; is a poor thing, he is infected with Obamatitius, that poor boy needs a shot or a drug screening.

          • No, im not blind. I just know the facts. I bet you think that obama is really a muslum or obama is not form the USA. LOL Did we land on the moon acording to you? Go do something constructive with your time.

            Voting for Obama is voting for change. I believe he can do it. I was proud when we elected him and I wont change my stance.

            • Oh look – Finx got another trolling tactic in! I hope he/she gets the bonus he/she so strongly deserves.

              “17. Change the subject. Usually in connection with one of the other ploys listed here, find a way to side-track the discussion with abrasive or controversial comments in hopes of turning attention to a new, more manageable topic. This works especially well with companions who can ‘argue’ with you over the new topic and polarize the discussion arena in order to avoid discussing more key issues.”

              from “The 25 Rules of Disinformation”

            • Finx, just keep drinking that sweet Obama flavored Kool-Aid. In no time everything will be right as rain. Hopefully you don’t live in a city when the SHTF.

            • I should apply for SDI because my back is broken from carrying finx.

            • you MORON !! has to be the dumbest thing i ever read in my LIFE .

            • Bravo Daisy, very well said.

            • Obama is a gay illegal alien Muslim out to destroy America. Give it up, you Muslim savages. You are 1/5 of the world. The other 4/5 is not going to allow themselves to be dragged back to the 7th century. I can see why Muslims are all so angry. They have been told their whole lives how superior they are, and when they get a look at the rest of the world, they see what a line of BS they have swallowed. What has Islam created in the last 1K years (the car bomb and suicide vest don’t count)?

            • drop dead

            • The ONLY “job” his Idol Big-O is qualified for is to be the Monky with a small tin cup with One nickel in it to rattle for atten. While the monky begs passerbys for change/cash as his Master Jepetto the Organ Grinder plays a tune!

              PS’ Make CERTAIN MonkyO has a strong Leash around his neck so as he dont try and Bite the passerbys.

              After a few yrs on job training as cash tender monky perhaps he can graduate to Head Chimp of a Ghetto!

              As for your antigun crap…Every time I see online pictures of the Latest gang of 6-subhuman apelike, baboons who got busted for B&E-Gang Rape and then Murdring some poor 90yrs old White woman, I cant Wait till americans get fed up enough to go BACK to Cowboy Frontier JUSTICE Pal!….If your buddy is a sucess and tries disarming us all?….That wont take so long to occure I rekon.

              As A Christain I must show mercy to such enemys and use a quick-kill shot to head so they dont suffer….Thats reason I kinda Hope an Atheist gets em First!!!

              Calling all atheistic Babboon whackers!

        • Peanut butter might be on the shelves still, but its alot more expensive.

          While you are buying at todays prices, some are eating peanut butter at yesterdays prices.

          • I can’t get my wife to stop eating peanut butter at yesterday’s prices. She needs to buy more and rotate out the old, not just consume it.

            • yep, cost average!!!

            • It is bogo at Publix. I got free soap at Kroger last week.

          • Only in America can we go from kill shots to peanut butter. Anyone for peanut butter shots? Sorry, but we need a comedy break. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program….

        • Take your blindfold off and see the reality around you! “You dont see that the world around you is awesome and only look for signs of despair”. Have you seen parts of California, Detroit, Chicago, Ohio and New Jersey? Our country has cancer and is in the hospice ward right now. Obama is partially at fault as POTUS. He is part of the 1% and so are his puppet masters. Wake up Man!

        • The most obvious government planted troll yet!

        • funx, you is a silly lil’ troll.
          listen to yourself-if people
          were Not buying extra food,etc.,
          the economy would have collapsed
          ya want, we could send our joke
          of a surplus to n.Korea,so they
          can feed their troops? God knows
          the civilians won’t see it.

        • Why do you care how I spend my money, you act as if you are entitled to my money? Oh wait a minute you’re a BO supporter so you do think that you are entitled to my money. If you don’t want to prep that is your business but don’t tell me how to spend my money.

          • When BHO said “You didn’t build it!”, he was revealing the end game, which is that the government should own the means of production. It worked out so well in USSR.

            Barney Fag said that the government should take over all housing, and be the landlord.

            Socialism appeals to:

            A) Slackers who think they will get something for nothing.

            B) Sociopaths who think they will be running the game and thus living large above the misery.

            I suspect finx belongs to group A.

            • exactly sir. They think if you are doing well in society then you owe it to someone else because you was one of the fortunate ones. Libs dont believe in earning anything by merit but only out of luck do we succeed, but they pull a two face by taking over student loans, apperently another way of owning you. I have worked hard for what I have, made my mind up on what tech field to get into and how to do it, it has worked for me, I have flourished and I owe no one but my parents anything for it. Now after it has all passed and I actually own property not some bank and I look at all these people who are content in living in a building owned by someone else, eating food bought by tax payers and I see that the world is full of parasites.

          • how come i did not see any whities in that video, or would i be considered ratial profiling? with that coment?

            • uh, the same reason you never heard about criminals, murderers, rapists, and hustlers in pro sports until
              about 1970s…guess what race joined then??

          • A large number of yoots.

            • Not hard to envision how THAT segment of society would react to a real crisis. Any majority black city would quickly degenerate into Mad Max if faced with a large disruptin in the existing paradigm. Call me a racist hillbilly, but you know it’s true. Know of a majority black city/county people are moving TO?

        • good luck in the future, you’re going to need it.

        • @ finx. ANYONE that expands the debt of a country is a babbling fool, it NEVER has worked before and led powerful empires into ruin eventually. I am not saying that BO did all of this, the leaders before him were true fools also by for one thing allowing free trade. When you allow free trade to a country that is much worse off than your country you lose jobs. Jobs are what drives a country’s economy, NOT cheap goods from slave labor. BO has not helped this problem, especially by allowing that money printing imbecile helicopter ben to stay at his post.

          I try to be fair, and I just cannot honestly say BO has done much of anything. So what that a leader can make it appear like everything is fine by flushing, and that is exactly what is happening, loads of money into the economy while running up debt that is unpayable. Someone with unlimited credit can do this by charging all sorts of expensive items and hiring all sorts of labour to upgrade their home. On appearence it looks like this person is successful until you see the blimp of a what is owed.

          BO has taken phantom money and flushed it into a sick economy to make it LOOK like everything is going well. Someone has to pay for this influx of money someday or default on it. You NEVER heal an economy by flooding it with fiat currency. You heal an economy by bringing in revenue from more people working. Each 1% of extra people working means 100-150 billion extra dollars of tax revenue if the jobs are good quality and REAL jobs. Fake jobs are hiring people with credit that you cannot afford.

          On the surface to some people it appears like BO has helped the economy, but this is hardly the case. More free trade agreements have been signed with BO and thus more jobs are lost so we can all get “throw away” cheap manure type products from other countries. This deception is a way of getting someone re-elected while sacrificing the country in doing so. The other alternative to the economy collapsing is a desired war to kind of phase out all those numbers in the mega trillions owed. Happened before, as war is the leaders’ true BAILOUT option that BO or any other leader would and will do. I don’t feel romney would do much better, maybe a little better, probably not because he would not be a job creator.

          By the way I use the BO decription instead of obama because BO refers to someone that has failed to bathe in months. In all honesty the BO leadership and what BO has done for the well being of the country, STINKS, it REEKS, it is a STENCH.

          • be informed you are dead wrong! wtf are you talking about not! Good job you said that so perfect and it’s so so true what you said. You could of not said that any better my friend! Good job explaining the truth. I just wish the news would explain this just as you did. I thank you and finx go to hell you POS. You do not honestly have no balls, no self esteem, no ideas or direction and are clueless. I would like to know what you really do just to prove a point that you are probably a divorced idiot who got screwed by a business and went liberal and now enjoy handouts and taking things from people. Would not suprise me if you are the pan handler who takes money on corners and got shot with a pellet gun and your hooker just dumped you. Have a great time in hell when it does collapse and nobody comes to help you.

            • @ clint hospo. WHAT? If you read what I said I am completely pro-AMERICAN jobs right here in this country. Good jobs grow the economy right here. Outsourcing of jobs to the enemy (China) so they can grow their military to be used against American citizens is TREASON. I cannot stand to see one single job go overseas that cost one good hard working American their income and their security so some elist can further their bankroll. I cannot stand to see all the crap from China and not made in the USA. I cannot stand most politicians that have allowed the United States to be raped of all its productivity.

              WHY would you put me into some pro BO group that only wants to rape us of any remaining freedom left that we have. I don’t think anything of romney because he helped killed good American jobs. I think even less of BO. I understand fully what is happening to the economy because of what past countries have done, allow their infrastructure to crumble and allow rampant printing of fiat currency. The debt can be paid off without raising taxes with a strong revenue base from people working at good paying jobs like 2 generations was the case. I am completely pro-gun and pro-gun rights. Please never put me into the category of these characters that want to turn everybody into mindless conformists.

            • BE INFORMED! Read it closely friend, I was being sarcastic just the first line I said you were dead right! I just said at first your were dead wrong and then completly switched it to you were dead right!!!! I got all thumbs down it meant you were completly right be informed meaning you were dead right lol. then I went into beating on finx 100 perecent brother. sorry I should of wrote that more clearly. I just wanted to see if people really spend the time to read things before they judge. I should of broke the sentence better but read again it gives you 100 percent thumbs up then finx gives him a place in hell.

            • @clint hospo. That’s okay, we are all on board here and understand what is going on. Fellow preppers are all right in my book. I just didn’t understand that is all. When someone like finx comes up with this that this person loves BO (obama) it is very upsetting because everyone that is willing to, like the good people on this web site, see what is really going on. When BO was first elected I was already highly skeptical on him, then as stupid decision after another and the fact that he wants to destroy personal freedom I knew my first impressions about him were right, obama stinks like the worst smell imaginable.

              This is why I call him BO, because I am hoping it will catch on and people will start chanting BO at some of his rallies. Anyone that would allow that moron helicopter ben to remain that wants to print up money like some pre-Hitler days Germany stinks like someone whom has not taken a bath in months. Notice how I leave the name Hitler in capital form with a “H”. With obama I leave his name in small case “o”, that shows how much I think of him. By the way when I respond to people on this site I copy it as I see it, and if you would like me to put down Clint Hospo instead of clint hospo, I will gladly do it. As with BO his name remains small case “o” when I refer to him as obama.

              It is really sad how anyone is fooled by these idiotic financial bailouts that is just charging for labour, the same as someone that charges on their credit card a bunch of work down on their home. Eventually it has to be paid for, unless something like war erases all the numbers. Most people just see that products are cheaper, and much worst quality, at the expense of good honest hard working dedicated American workers. I can remember when most everything was made in the USA, and boy did those products last, you got value for the dollar. Now, repairs are closed up because instead of fixing an appliance, TV, whatever, you just throw it in the dumpster and get a new one. Chinese and Indian made junk. It sickens me to see the same industrious American worker that 25 years ago was part of excellent made in the USA products working for 1/3 what they got in 2012 dollars at walmart. It makes me ill, just plain sick to my stomach.

              Today is the new moon and the skies are the darkest, which means the best time this month for Israel to strike Iran. For the next 5 days it will be dark enough, then next month the next window is August 12-22. I try to give this heads up to everybody because there will be a window for preppers to get out while everyone else is in shock to finiah up their shopping for supplies. This is true also with a collosal earthquake in california or the New Madrid Fault region.

              One thing that can be easier to store up fuel is to of course keep gas ready to go, but to have empty containers also that you can go and fill up after something happens while the gas stations are still open. Like someone can have 50 gallons of gas and another 10 five gallon containers that are empty ready to fill up. It is just not safe with all the heat and everything to store up too much gas, and it can be expensive having to use gas treatment when it gets over 6 months old. Some people I have talked to have a lot of gas stored, but have 30 or more empty containers ready to go because they don’t want to store that much gas at one time. Empty gas containers that have not had gas stored in them also make wonderful water containers if someone has to bug out quickly to somewhere.

              I just cannot understand why with everything that is happening why more people don’t at least have a week’s worth of food and supplies. This is another horrid point of BO is that he has not encouraged the public to put away for emergencies. Then BO would not be able to make everyone blindly come into FEMA camps to get their handouts and to be tagged for future slavery when a catastrophe happens.

              Prepare and prepare more, it is coming from somewhere.

        • finx, go ahead and think like that and when shit hits the fan people like you wont be around to beg for my food, ask for me to protect you with my guns or ask for a drink of my water. you can see by the low content rating that your view of life sucks and when we come out the other side of this mess we are in right know things will be alot better for the rest of us because people like you will have perished along with the rest of the dumb ass people that think like you. the soldiers at cannae did the same thing when they were surrouded by hanibal, they dug a hole and stuck there heads in the hole to escape what they knew was coming, they own destruction.

        • Sorry Brandon, good stuff because it is all about demand, but QE3 (and 4 for that matter) will not be a “climatic event” that will send the dollar lower.

          QE3 (and 4) will be instituted to protect the banks as the next foreclosure tsunami engulfs the nation.

          The $25 billion settlement that the GB’s made with the US Government has allowed the foreclosure process to move forward on 8 million homes.

          As these homes are foreclosed, FRN’s are destroyed and bank reserves are decimated. QE is designed to protect the banks not to stimulate the economy.

          Another 12-15 million homes beyond that are underwater. This process will continue for many more years, until demand picks up from consumers. Where does the new demand come from?

          From the 97% who become preppers pushing up the demand for seeds, food, flashlight batteries, ammo, generators, etc.

          I predict MRE’s will become the new stocking stuffer for Christmas. Just saying … 🙂

          Engage your employees my peeps, or be impoverished by them.

        • finx you gotta be joking, you may or not be right about a collapse but you gotta be the dumbest person to even think about voting for obama. why should we have our guns taken away? Have you be violated by some gay guys or something you prick. I hope you go to hell literally because your type are leeches on government and do not care and keep a open mind. I hope when it does collapse and you have nothing and when you go and ask someone for some help they tell you to fuck off and you starve to death. I really mean that.

          • @CLINTHOSPO— see a shrink man and get a pill. Your screwed. And YOU own firearms? Great. Another moron with a gun and a huge ego. I don’t see a whole lot of thumbs up on your psychotic ramblings.

            • inon I guarantee im better off than you physically ,mentally and security. I help people and never taken a handout, say what you want but if you ever met me you would feel stupid. i have nothing to prove to you, I doubt that. Did you misread another line above when I was talking to be informed and formed an opinion, read in again. you need a pill.

        • Finx ~ does this sound familiar? Did you take a class on this at Troll School?

          1) Avoidance. They never actually discuss issues head-on or provide constructive input, generally avoiding citation of references or credentials. Rather, they merely imply this, that, and the other. Virtually everything about their presentation implies their authority and expert knowledge in the matter without any further justification for credibility.

          from “Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist”

        • finx: OMG, there’s a peanut butter shortage, why didn’t anybody tell me !! You can cut out the kidding now, you’ve pissed off a lot of folks who don’t know you’re joking. I know it’s funny to play the limp-wristed lefty douche-bag but you need to get serious now, o.k. ? We are in big trouble. I know just enough about economics to know we are in for a bigger problem than 2008. I saw the problem of 2008 back in late 06, early 07, and got out of stocks slowly and into bonds a few months ahead of the crash. I made a little money while I watched my friends and coworkers get soaked and lose up to half of their money. I’m seeing many of the same things I did the first time and some other stuff now that looks even worse. We are headed for a giant shit-storm so you all better get ready unless you like swimming in it.

          • Gregory, we did the same with a retirement fund. My wife called in 2006 and told them she wanted the fund switched to a fixed rate account, 4%. The chump she spoke to told her she was studid. He really used that word. He told her she would be missing out on income from the rising stock market. It wasn’t long afterwards before the market crashed. The account has been earning 4% since.

            Next month we will be able to liquidate the account. It is primarily in municipal bonds. Time to bail from that, too, while the funds are there. I expect we will be subjected to scorn again.

            The article refers to smaller investors pulling out of the stock market. I bought GM stock when it was cratering. I knew the govt. would not let GM fail and thought I would make a killing. I never anticipated the govt. would totally disregard the law when they “saved” GM. Lesson; it is foolish to invest in the stock market when the game is rigged and the power players are not bound by the law. The fed is pumping money into the banks, the banks are purchasing treasuries and stocks, propping up the system with liquidity produced from thin air.

            • Obtuseangler: Yeah, the rest of the folks were standing on the tracks and couldn’t see the train coming becasue of all the lights and noise but it looks like you and I did along with our wives. You’re correct, it’s time to get out of the markets because along with libor, we now know the whole game is rigged and the big boys are just hoping to squeeze a few more dollars out before it all goes south. Good luck!

          • I cant stop. look what I’ve created.

        • Hey finx,

          You never fully know a person, nor what he is capable of. Much less if you know them personally. So please refrain from saying “I know so and so will do…”

          Below is a previous post and you should read it, and don’t act as if a dramatic and big change in your life is impossible, I mean we are all human, and it’s not like there is any one in charge of the ones in charge of us. The human race is on its own here, nothing stopping them from doing good nor bad decisions.

          Many people don’t know any of this because the MSM (Main Stream Media), aka, CNN, BBC and all these media outlets are supported and receive large amounts of “donations” from the government and corporations. I can’t believe people still think about buying a house, that’s the last thing they should worry about right now, because they’ll be in deep doo doo soon with all their debt. Many people a month or two ago were saying, “it’s getting bad in the middle east, let’s prepare a bit.” Damn right you should. We are never going back to the good times…ever. We’ve already past peak oil, so we got an oil problem (just about everything is made of oil, check the charts, our population exploded when oil was discovered), and so, oil is going down but the amount of humans are still going up.

          Everyone should prepare food, water, weapons (many have “no gun” policies in their household, that’s okay, the best alternative are crossbows, just get some for the family, show the kids safety, and then keep it out of their reach until the time comes, it silent and you will be able to hunt for food as well, or have at least some sort of ranged weapons, slingshots and regular bows come to mind), plans and safe locations, the last place you’ll want to be in is in heavily populated areas, aka new York or Miami, and have a look at the LA riots of 1992. Imagine that, just all over the place, many strangers, so that’s why you have to be able to protect yourself and your family. Flashlights are a must, check out and you’ll know what a flashlight is. Not cheap LEDs or mags, you need good, durable, +300 lumens at least, waterproof and regulated. BTW, I don’t own this site, I just wanted to refer my fellow preppers where they can get reliable lighs, I myself have owned some maglites and terraluxes, but now I have a few better ones coming in the mail:) never had a higher than 300 lumen light, but figured at least that amount to have decent lighting in situations. CPF is an online forums with members from around the world, from USA to Europe to even Israel. I have even met some “unofficial” preppers.

          If you have kids, or even young adults, talk to them, chances are, they will be willing to listen and prepare. Or, they might even prepare themselves and you’ve never knew about it:)

          I would stay safe and train tactics with them, like build a sign language, exchange methods of hiding and stealth, and just be prepared to cover each other’s back effectively.

          Try giving them adult responsibilities, such as firearms, as back then, that’s what many parents would do, like dad giving me hunting rifles for my birthday or stuff like that. And when a parent does that and teaches a kid the concept of “with great power comes great responsibility”, the kids would grow up to be mature and responsible adults. Not like the monkeys with guns you see on streets now, they’ve never probably had to be responsible for anything but for shooting other monkeys with guns too. Note – by monkeys I mean gangs and stuff, not actual monkeys:) Nowadays, parents just want to protect their children TOO much, and they grow up…I can’t even describe it. Lack of self discipline and having to learn what being responsible means at the age of 18.

          Have backpacks, familiarize yourselves with the geography, like dangerous animals like mountain lions or scorpions. Here in north America, there are a lot of thing you have to look out for, both in the wilderness and in “civilized” areas.

          You might be saying, oh, my job is secure, maybe they’ve fired a few, but I was “saved”. Ha, there’s no such thing, the day you and your buddies get laid off, how are you going to support your family? There are 3 types of people, those that see, those that see when shown, and those that refuse to see at all. The third seems to be everywhere these days. They think it will never happen to them, huh, but when it does…

          The point is, it’s no coincidence that the NDAA and the ability for Obama to call martial law whenever he wants for whatever reason and cancel elections, and countless of other executive orders regarding the effects of an economic collapse and horrible civil unrest were signed this year. Everyone seems to be prepping, but ironically everyone seems to be fooling around at the same time. You should read the causes of the great depression, the same thing is happening right now and it truely is scary as it is happening almost word by word. It really opens your eyes, and makes you think how could I have never knew about this? Makes you think how little time you got left…well, don’t just sit there, START PREPARING, OR IF APPLICABLE, WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

          Cheers, while there’s time…

        • NDAA wasnt obamas fault either…..after ndaa i dont need to say another thing !

          • Whats wrong with the NDAA? Its a budget on our military. The clause about detaining anybody who is a terrorist is a good thing. Why wouldn’t you want terrorists detained? They dont deserve a trial in my opinion. Obama signed it and thats a good thing in my book.

            • Yeah? Why not? Innocent until proven guilty. If they are clearly guilty, then a trial will take care of that, simple. When someone says “they don’t deserve”, that is subjective. Don’t dare call it a fact. I could say you don’t deserve to eat pizza because you forgot a period at the end of your post (an example:)), but for someone else that’s just riduculous.

              And it doesn’t effing matter anyways, the constitution, no, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, states that everyone has the right to a fair and speedy trial. Note, it doesn’t say it gives a sh*t what you think. How about you accidentally get mistaken as a terrorist, and since you get no trial or nothing, you just wait and rot in your cell. I mean, humans make mistakes right? Oh wait, but you said it yourself whoever gets detained through NDAA doesn’t deserve a trial…

        • yo man or finx or what ever the hell you are….you have no fucking clue. You sound like a freaked finx that does not accept reality as it is.
          Either screw your head on right or don’t try and shed your pitiful attitude. your jargon is not welcomed here.

        • finx and Obama12, you two can sit around all day agreeing with each other if its suits you, but know this: you will be the ones who will be scrounging for food when the shelves go bare because you mocked instead of used the gift of forethought. ‘May your chains rest lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were once our countrymen.’

          • What I don’t understand is if you don’t support prepping (which is fine, if that’s how you truly feel), why would you post on a board the supports prepping. It sounds like this board would just be a huge waste of your time.

            • The same reason I go to the Huffington Post site from time to time. It’s fun to stir people up. I suggest you ignore them.

            • I stumbled across this website when my friend told me to prep for the end of the world. After telling her how crazy this all was, I finally convened her to stop the nonsense and invest her money in mutual funds and stocks. She hasnt made too much money but she is on the right track.

              I would like to see food and ammo give back in investment. LOL. She is now an obama supporter like i am. I was hoping to stop the madnes with a few of you too. Sounds like you people are jsut too hateful. You people are the type of people that the NDAA will protect me from. Thank god

        • YH….you can only be President twice (Twenty-second Amendment)<<<<Learn it…. So get off your high horse. You gained nothing with your fail comment. Zombie clowns from outer space will invade Earth before the US would collapse. Pay your bills and taxes and enjoy this forever stable country. Now if you excuse me. I have Obama12 bumper stickers to put on. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Search NDAA. Read the document. Search Obamacare. Read the document. Read history. Don’t repeat it. He just told all the buisness owners that they didn’t build what they had. He is all for murdering unborn children. THE GUY IS A MARXIST/SOCIALIST WITH A BLOOD LUST FOR AS MUCH CONTROL AS HE IS ALLOWED TO GET. His loyalty is to the UN and the Mafia banksters that put him in power. If you don’t get your head out of the sand, a drone will shoot you in the butt. Fair warning.

          • You think OBAMA is the cause of this?????? What PLANET ARE YOU ON? this is a banking system and economy OWNED by rich corporations such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, etc…OBAMA< couldn't stop this if he tried. This is Ben Bernanke, its qualitative easing, its bail outs, its BIGGER tahn OBAMA. Whats going to be left if 99% of SERFS, and 1% of rulers…Obama's not even a part of that scenario.

      2. I love bad news.

        Don’t know how anyone can deny, or claim they didn’t have access to this information.

        Keep prepping.

        • On the positive side, my wife’s $1.25 Million DOE grant to pay high school students to think about going to college was just renewed by the Obama administration.

          • Glad for you. But its really sad because with $1.25 million they could probably see 500 homes get properly prepped for what they are about to cause.

            • I think it is a total waste of money, but like they say opposites attract. The students would be better off dividing up the money than preparing for jobs that do not exist.

            • Its too bad that gov spending isn’t used to teach high school seniors a basic preparedness class; you know complete with mastering the use of an Beretta 9mm and AR15 M4 plus gardening, evasive skills, meat prep of live animals, self surgery and foraging 🙂

      3. uh oh folks….looks like there was just a terror attack in Bulgaria involving a bus load of Israeli youth…and guess who Benjamin Netanyahu is blamming? The Iranians of course…the exact country they are dying to attack…what a coincidence huh?

        get’s coming.

        • Methinks it was a mossad job. As it is imperative for Benny Nutin’-yahoo to convince the ‘murkin Christian-zionist to fight, bleed and die in WW-III, for the benefit of his elite tribal cretins.

      4. Bad Moon Rising…

        • Bunch of haters out there.

          • I alsways do my part to stimulate the economy by injecting money into it. Today I just bought 500 rounds of 5.56 and 3000 rounds of 22lr. Make sure you do your part! 🙂

            • I see you investing in precious metals. That’s a great idea.

            • 22,000 and growing

            • That’s what I’m talking about Willis! 😀

            • Good stuff, pepper!

          • First!


        • Sorry for the off topic.

          But as I thought the gun show in Washington (WAC) was vacant of most private sellers. Of both guns and used item sellers. There was only 2 and they were having fire sales. There was some floating around with many with collectable only stuff just in disgust of what they will do with all the old stuff. This Tax issue is starting to take hold. Many are just mad and many are starting to see where this can lead.

          The board members that were responsible for this are no where to be seen. And I would hide too. There is some very upset persons in the gun community right now. But in hind sight they were never really around anyways. It a shame this large fine club turned into the crap it has.

          Some are asking how to fix it. Some just are giving up and some have come to the realization that the cat out of the bag. And all we can do is punish the ones that allowed this to happen to our club.

          The issue for my SHIF preppers is This will spread. Get what you need now. Also I have been being offer huge collection for prices that I would believe they were stolen if it wasn’t a fact I knew where they are coming from. Collectors are starting to run in fear they will be stuck with there items. Especially the ones that are only traded for there collectors values. The usable/modern one are still going up (Glock,AK,AR). But the private supply is only so big that people are going to sell. Even in this foreclosed culture, people still keep there last usable ones for just in case.

          Because it is summer and people are out of money the powers are hoping this is why there is a slowdown. But they are just acting like our US Congress and Hoping for the best and preparing for nothing.

          Gun collecting was very important to me and I was an extreme collector but it is time to see the writing on the wall. As in economics the one who sees it first is the most likely to survive. We as a group have our eyes open. Please as preppers look hard at the private issue in your area and act on your findings. I believe many who want A gun have one for the SHIF. But the one that are just starting to wake up may be stuck with government track ones.

          I rambling Thank for the vent

          • Please take your pointless long winded rambles somewhere else.

            • And are you comparing it to your rambling pile of crap you put out.

            • @page- The person impersonating people is back, that is not gods creation.

            • My post are always on topic and well written.

              You should think twice before posting anything that requires an apology for posting it and a recognition that it is out of place as the first line. This one looks like I have actually seen it before posted out of place at least one other thread if not more. Or maybe your ramblings all look the same.

              Judging by the thumbs down, people must like reading your rambles more than they do my request that you stop putting trash like that on the board. That doesn’t make the request bad, but my wording could probably have been better. For that I apologize to you if you took offense. but I stand behind my point.

              To each his own, but if there were as few as 10 of you this blog and forum would become useless and help no one because of spam overload for the off topic posts.

              There was nothing of interest, no valuable links to help us better ourselves, only whining, about what I am still not sure.

              To those 26 thumbs down so far, encouraging such postings will do a lot to tear down what Mac has built for us to use. All it will take is a few straggling spammers to lock on to the site as one that takes off topic postings as normal, and it WILL be normal.

              Other than that, I have nothing to say.

            • Ooops, I guess that is GC.

              Do you really care about red thumbs GC?

            • We need the open forum badly. e need a place where we can talk about plans and maybe find each other. We keep hearing about it so do it.

              Mac wouldn’t you like to be the one who started the form that save the USA by bringing the power of the preppers together.

              GC You are a very pushy person when it starts to go against you. You say the thumbs down don’t bother but I think they do. Try using some honey instead of the foul way you do things. Yes I ramble and some may not understand what I am doing but at least I am doing not just typing.

            • Who made you GOD? How the hell do you know his “ramblings” don’t help at least one person. Once again, getting nasty on this blog SURE AS HELL doesn’t help anyone! Write something USEFUL! How about why you disagree with him! Noone cares if you disagree with someone as long as it’s intellegent.

              Personally, thumbs up FB, I can understand your “ramblings” and have similar experiences.

          • FB Page I was intrigued by your rant, but find it quite different. In fact I post often and read the “Cal Guns” forum which is a “right to keep and bear arms” community in California that is really pretty darn big. Its market place is HUGE in terms of private sellers/buyers. Its very active right now. Its no different than last year. One thing I notice is the hype on ammo; terrible time to be needing to buy right now. If nothing happens it will be cheap in our market place next spring 🙂 I bought a lot there on the last sell off. I just don’t see any connection to the way you described the show you attended – not in our forums there anyway. Its as robust as ever.

            • Jim believe right now that is quite true. Even the other shows have not been hit yet to the extreme of WAC. First please remember ALL shows in CA are FFL Strip Malls. And at all the shows that I have had dealing with there all table holder are required to have a business license or the show carry it for them. But tax is collected and turn into the state there. Our show until now were private sale when was the last time you purchased a Colt Gov model Blue label with 10 30 round mags at a show. I do often and it wasn’t an issue to anyone. Now the state has convince the show to track official who and how many time a person set up at a show.

              When Oregon close the “Loophole” the Portland went to shit. Became a flea market of junk. It has taken many years for them to turn it around. (Yes there were other issue too) But in the end it is a mobile strip mall. What is worst is most of the items at most show are cheaper though the Internet. The only thing that was good was you could pay cash.

              The show here are different the the ones there. And not to insult CA hasn’t had a really gun show/Club since the 80s.

            • FB I don’t have any experience with shows. CA you can’t transfer anything but a long gun over 50 years old not considered an AR at a show. It must go thru a licensed dealer and wait period so the shows here are just accessories, reloads, and milsurp goods at show prices.

              I was referring the the Cal Gun forums online which is run by a state right to keep and bear arms group. This site has a very very active market place. I believe the count is over 500k postings in the market place alone for private sales – in what time frame IDK but there are hundreds of guns listed there and traded daily.

            • Jim Exactly it had to go to the Internet. We have the same and it is a hive of questionable sellers and the undercover ATF. Please remember here there was no need for a FFL in any private sale. So they just found a way to push it underground.

          • Kevin, the comment ratings are for the raters. Some stands are popular, others not so much.

            Now, already, we have the paid posters for Obamacorp like finx and a couple of others here that are already beginning to ruin the the board. While Facebook may not be of that class, or may be, it opens the door. Given the similarity of the writing and general lack of value adding content shown by each, one may be all.

            It starts out with a couple of obvious idiots making the most ridiculous posting an intelligent thinking man can imagine. Well meaning people try to “help” them by talking sense to them. Before long, the entire thread has been hijacked by these paid posters who are here for one purpose. To ruin this forum as an exchange of ideas while trying to dissuade new visitors from coming back and getting prepared because of the crap being posted by the few.

            This board is what we make it. The number wanting to ruin it is small (I count 3 for sure and a couple of maybes). But believe me, all it takes is a couple of paid posters to ruin any blog or forum.

            Consider these paid posters as the banksters trying to get a foot in the Republic. We can keep them out, or let them in and allow them to ruin it for their own profits on a per post or comment basis.

            Click no to this one and send a strong message to those people that you support off topic and trolling post on your forum. I am sure Mac will thank you for encouraging the biggest problem he has to face. Spam Control.

            • I now honestly can say you are insane. I Believe you are one of the preppers that my group stays away from and do not want in our group. You always seem to be on the dark side. I have decided you are past that into the area of the unknown. I never see anyone agreeing with you. So the question is why are you here.

            • You can’t honestly say anything about me. You know nothing about me other than I hate spamming posters and paid trolls as much as I do the corp.

              You are a new troll here. Many people agree with MOST of what I say, and have for a LONG time. It is likely NOBODY agrees with 100% of what I say. That is to be expected.

              Having been fighting spammers and trolls for over a decade, I know when I see one or a group working together.

              You, finx, hopso, and at least one other are trolling spammers, probably not even located in the US. English is NOT your first language, and your posts ring of trolls located offshore working on a pay per post basis.

              I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I’ve seen your type too many times before on my own blogs and forums. Finx and the rest of you are out to make the SHTF blog an irrelevant spam hole.

              And you seem to have the support of many in doing it. In the end it will be their loss when there is more spam here than relevant conversation from people seeking knowledge. I just hope that Mac doesn’t end up paying a price for it.

              I have to go cry now because you said I am insane and not wanted in your group because I am on the “dark side”.

              Just like your trolling rulebook says, if you can’t defend yourself from the message, attack the messenger by name calling and other childish tactics to draw attention away from the message.

              If you are left unchecked the S will HTF at the SHTFPlan blog. I am merely doing my part to help prevent that for all here who may not understand how spammers and trolls can bring down a community.

              I hope you and your accomplices fail at your task.

        • The perfect storm has been brewing for a long time. It grows stronger.

          There are so many factors in the mix now – financial (bank scandals), economic, weather extremes and drought conditions affecting crops, increased earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, etc.

          At the same time, we see in our society a breakdown of values (religious, morals) and families.

          TPTB may be able to push the can down the road longer. But, for how long? At some point…the SHTF.

          Good quote: “God did not take Noah and his family OUT of the flood. He took them THROUGH it.”
          – Walt Kowalski

          Be strong! Keep praying and prepping!
          KY Mom

          • “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their Land.”
            2 Chronicles 7:14

            • They won’t. They will continue to ordain women (1 Tim 2:12) and homosexuals until the smack down.

              “If God does not judge America, He is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” – Billy Graham

          • KY Mom, agree. This article reminds me that all along, Enron, Madoff, etc.. have only been shields and deflectors from the banks and gov’t. Thieves by another name is a banker or politican.
            Stay in His Grace KY Mom.

        • What’s next?

          How bout stringing up some banksters, a so-called president, and 534 congress critters so they will not be able to restart the whole thing with a new fraud they call “money”, which only allows us to buy back what they have stolen with the current fraud and continue paying them tribute for being such outstanding criminals?

          Really, there’s no other way for the People to win. Take away the private money monopoly and the monied elite become paupers while the People prosper.

      5. I know that this is off topic but this “UN Arms Transfer Treaty (ATT) on Small Arms: Gun Grab Gradualism” have truly been bothering me. i have already lost a lot of faith in the government ability to hold up what is right. but if this treaty is signed and passed i will no faith in any part of the government. i know that this have already been covered but i talked to a cop that is a friend of mine and i asked him about how hard it would be to enforce that law and he said that it would be impossible. he also said that if they tried the wars would no longer be over seas but right here. i know where i stand. i will stand for my rights under the constitution and bill of rights. i will not recognize any treaty that goes against that. i truly hate having to think about what this not might lead too but will lead too. if this treaty is signed prepping will take on a hole new meaning. and those that stand for the constitution and bill of rights will most likely be deemed a terrorist. i know where i stand. it is time to truly and honestly ask yourself where you stand and will do. wither it is bug out, fight, or give in. time to decide.

        • Truth be known you are already deemed a “terrorist” in their eyes.

          I brought up this U.N. small arms treaty yesterday. It has been bothering me too. It bothers me so much because you do not hear anything about it. Nothing. There is an intentional calm about it. Total silence.

          It will be signed on the 27th by Hillary and nobody will be the wiser. The news media will keep reporting like it never even happened.

          • In regards to Law, it can not happen. But only YOU can enforce it.

          • The opening ceremony of the Olympics is also the 27th. Some have speculated of a false flag event there. I’ve read articles about how poorly trained the security force is at the Olympics. Is the timing a coincidence?

        • Just to nit pick a little, but your rights are inalienable. They don’t come from the Constitution or any other document. You have them because you are a human being. There is nothing in the Constitution about the Fed Gov outlawing drugs, providing health care, regulating business, or bailing out corporations. You cannot depend on the Constitution or the Fed interpreters of it for your rights. They are yours no matter what. Just keep in mind that you are most likely going to be dealing with superior firepower when you try to enforce those rights.

        • Good. I hope they take all the guns away from you people. Some of you said that you’ll use guns to preotect your rights. Yuou shouldnt have guns in the first place! 2nd ammendment? keep and bear arms only applies to the national guard. You think that people are the militia? The national guard is!

          you dont need guns. You need medicine, you people make me scared for this country.

          • Finx is taking his/her trolling lessons right from the guidebook.

            “18. Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents. If you can’t do anything else, chide and taunt your opponents and draw them into emotional responses which will tend to make them look foolish and overly motivated, and generally render their material somewhat less coherent. Not only will you avoid discussing the issues in the first instance, but even if their emotional response addresses the issue, you can further avoid the issues by then focusing on how ‘sensitive they are to criticism.'”

            from “The 25 Rules of Disinformation

            • And many on here are falling for it…puh–leeze, folks, we’re waaaaaay smarter than these trolls…or I thought.
              Guess I’m wrong.
              Why would anyone with an IQ above 90 interact with these idiots?????
              Stop it..and they go away.
              End of lesson from a former first grade teacher.

            • JJ , I enjoy imagining finx’s head explode when he/she reads the replies. One can only imagine his/her blood pressure level.

          • Your momma’s calling, so go finish your coloring book while the grownups do the talking 🙂

          • @ finx
            Your momma’s calling, so go finish your coloring book while the grownups do the talking 🙂

          • If you do not like or agree with what is said here then why come and read it? Please quit being rude and go stir drama up somewhere else. I do not need to be judged or criticized by you.

          • Moron.

          • finx, you’ll wish you had a firearm when the criminals come pounding on your door for food. You have no clue what you speak of. You are a good little new world order sheep.

            FYI, police paperwork will not protect you.

          • Finx: when You starve after shtf, be carefull cause you may get so damn skinny you fall thru your own ASS and Hang your sorry self!

            If you do survive I know some guys will Pay ya a few dollars to be a professional Bullseye Target Holder downrange.

            Do you wear those cool sneeker shoes that got small led lites which light up brightly as you run or walk?

            Thats the best invention yet so we can spot em as they run away at night from crime scenes!…Just aim aprox 4-5ft Above blinkin lights.

      6. A general post:
        As I sit here looking out my office window, I ponder, where will “it” all end? When will “it” start, or even will “it” start? What will “it” be? What is “it”? Fukushima (poison food and water), hyperinflation, de-inflation, EMP (terrorist or the sun), some other unknown I have not even thought of? My overwhelming desire to make sure my family does not suffer if the world goes awry has occupied my brain and thoughts to the point of, I question is it all worth it.
        Maybe the best option would be to sell everything, go live large, buy lot’s of toys and consumer type stuff on credit, get on the government tit (to whatever extent I can), keep my .357 loaded, and if and when “it” hits the fan, take the easy way out. One quick pull of the trigger and my problems end, I call it my “final option”.
        I have always said I am willing to die to protect me and mine, so is it so out of bounds to think that if there is so little hope of emerging on the other side of whatever “it” is unscathed with the ones I love, might it not be a more humane, dare I say compassionate, to go” whole hog crazy” now and just take the “dirt nap” as the hordes decline into the sub-species they will become due to their lack of preparation?
        I will admit, I got caught up in the Y2K hype, and though we could barely afford it, I convinced my wife that with 3 young children (6 / 8 / 10) we needed to prepare for all hell to break loose (yeah I drank the Kool-aid). I spent around $7,000 (a fortune to us) on freeze dried food, tp, gas cans, water cans… etc, etc, etc thinking / believing we would ride it out. You can imagine the ribbing I have taken over the last 12 years by family and a few close friends who were aware of my heroic effort (in my mind) to protect my family.
        I went through a short term of embarrassment and complacency thinking OK, I am an idiot who reads, and thinks too much, so just go out, live and provide a good comfortable life for the family. But in 2002, I started to worry again. 9/11 and then the dot com bubble collapse hit. I began to read the tea leaves and it seemed to me we were on a course that didn’t seem to match up with what we were being told by the main stream news. I buried the fear(s) and figured OK, everything happens in cycles, and there will always be ups and downs, so go with the flow.
        The sales business was booming, bought the boat, camper, big SUV, mini-van, trips (Mexico, Hawaii, Bahamas, cruises) living the American dream. In 2003 we purchased a small 5 acre parcel right on the edge of town and built our dream home (3 bedroom, brick 3400sf). Moved in the winter/spring of 2004, and I went to work harder than I ever had, to cover the increase in house payment and the maintenance cost of an acreage. In the back of my mind I still had some anxiety, but just kept chugging along grinding out a paycheck, living large. Making more money than I ever dreamed possible!
        Then September 2008 hit, I see my 401k nosedive, and my investments (mutual funds) lose about 45% of their value. My business is still good, in fact great, and everything is fine in my world. I am listening to Dave Ramsey tell me “everything will be OK”, “this is what the market does”, “don’t panic”, “don’t sell”, “just sit tight and keep on keeping on”, but in the back of my mind, I start thinking something about this whole thing smells fishy, and I better start getting educated and a more diverse point of view.
        I continued to work hard earning a higher than average income, and started reading alternative media and relying less on Fox news (O’Reilly / Hannity) for my news content. As an over the road sales rep, I listen to a ton of talk radio Rush, Ramsey, Sean, Colmes, Gibson, Levin, and found them entertaining and somewhat informative. Politics are not my thing, so I just listen for the distraction and pleasure of the conversation. Then one day by accident flipping the dial I found Glenn Beck (pre CNN / Fox). He was funny, and was saying things I was not hearing anyone else say, except Chuck Harder, Alex Jones, and Derry Brownfield pre Y2K. I would listen as I drove, and it caused me to question everything that was my bell weather. The more I dug, the more I questioned the whole house of cards.
        Then just by chance surfing around, I found Chris Martinson’s web site for the crash course. As I sat and watched it, my brain went into overdrive. I had to quite about half way through it and go outside, and smoke a cigar. I couldn’t even sit back at my computer the rest of the night. That evening I shared with my wife the information I had seen so far and asked her to sit down and watch it with me. We had been discussing the economy and the world situation, but neither one of us was willing to accept the reality aka the normalcy bias.
        Still smarting from the whole Y2K overreaction, we were both unsure “what do we do now”? As we watched the “crash course” and dug deeper, it just seemed to make a lot of sense we are headed for significant change. We discovered people like Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Mark Faber and others talking about the whole system being rigged and the disinformation we were being fed. It made Chris Martenson’s argument that we will be facing unprecedented change, and we better prepare very real.
        Where to start? What to prepare for? How much time do we have? Are there priorities? What is the urgency level? I started to panic! The more I read and dug, the more urgent I felt we had to do something, anything to get prepared. As I was surfing one evening getting my “gloom and doom fix”, I stumbled across Survivor Blog (James Rawles) prepper sight, and started reading all the different entries and the archives. It seemed to be a very thought full approach. The writers offered good DIY information, and there seemed to be a resolute calm in the attempt to provide information and insight.
        The site offered a nice mix of “here is some advice”, “How to do this” news of the day that reinforces the need to prepare, and even a comment by MR. Rawles now and then to help keep he information accurate. As I learned more, and prioritized, so we dug in with both feet.
        I could go through the steps, lists and stuff we have acquired to date, but I like many understand and know you don’t need a laundry list. We have invested an incredible time, treasure, a lot of sweat, and a little blood getting prepared to where we are today, but for some reason this morning it hit me, is it all for naught?
        Am I wasting my time, money and energy trying to weather a coming storm that in the end I will find myself putting my “final option” into effect anyway? To be frank I am wore out and tired. I sit looking out my window and just think “Screw It”, let’s sell it all and play until the bottom falls out and worry about it when the rest of the sheeple have to deal with it. I guess I need some sign that we are not reliving Y2K.
        We know we are not taken seriously by our families, and they laugh behind out backs. We are beginning to doubt our wisdom and resolve. The mental fatigue of knowing what we think we know, and then being able to do the things within our power to make an impact on our future has us beat down.
        Are we alone?
        Are there others who feel like we do?
        Help talk us off the ledge…
        Jumping looks easy from here!

        • Help me understand, I would like to address the Y2K overreaction. I live on the gulf coast, we prepare for hurricanes. When one looks like it’s coming our way we prepare. Then we pray it misses us. A lot of people do get tired of prepping. A lot of people got tired in New Orleans. Katrina set them straight. They’ll do the right thing next time. In Y2K, did you waste your money? Did you throw anything out, or did you eventually use it? I say you should prep for this. Better safe then sorry. Don’t lay down and die, fight for your family even as they make fun of you for it. Good luck and best wishes friend.

          • In 1999 my county spent thousands of dollars of my tax money to a consultant who held meeting throughout the county telling us to hire a plumber to dig up our sewer lines and install backflow preventers (4″ check valves) because on 1/1/2000 the sewer plant would go offline causing sewage to backup in everyone’s home that had not installed said devise.

            I believe that could be characterized as an overreaction and as far as I know, no one who installed said devices has used them once in the last 12+ years.

        • Grasshopper and the ant

        • as I have said before
          life is ALL about balance
          it is possible to be a “prepper”
          live your life
          prepping for me isn’t about getting ready for some catastrophe
          in the future
          its about a way of life
          spend less,live well within your means
          don’t buy crap you don’t need
          be as self sufficient as possible
          learn new skills that will enable you to do so
          recognize that there are threats out there
          and you need to be prepared for them
          that’s just plain common sense

          now as soon as the weather cools off a little more
          I’m going to grab a book
          and go sit out under the big oak tree,with a glass of iced tea
          and get caught up on my reading

          and tomorrow afternoon
          I’m going to the movies

        • Dont give up, it will all be worth it in the end.. or beginning, depending on how you look at it.

        • Don’t give up! Hang in there! If you’re worried about what your family and friends think about you, just tell them what they want to hear. Tell them that you realized how silly you’ve been and that you’re no longer prepping. Act and talk like a sheeple – to them. This will serve two purposes. One, they’ll love you for telling them what they want to hear and will stop ridiculing you, and two, they won’t bother coming to you when they get desperate. Listen to your instincts. And give it God if you believe.

        • Sometimes it is difficult to see things as clearly as we do. It is easier to turn it all off. That is what most people do. Most don’t know or don’t want to know but with that said….we all need a break sometimes and moderation is the key. All work and no play isn’t good for anyone. You have to have some pleasure in life or you get burnt out quickly.

          God has given you the gift of knowledge…use it wisely

        • @helpmeunderstand
          It is too late for you to take the blue pill at this point.
          I will step out on a limb with some confidence when I say,
          Many to most of us on this site have suffered in our personal lives,
          As well as are careers because we have refocused some of our presious energy
          Trying to be prepared for what we
          See, and “feel” is coming.
          That is the curse.
          Being prepared when it happens is the blessing.
          The more knowledge we accumulate on how to thrive when the shit hits, the better.
          And for god sakes,
          Pull yourself together!
          I hate seeing a perfectly good prepper go to waste.

        • …helpmeunderstand; you sound a little more than discouraged. Don’t allow despair to overwhelm you. As a person of some faith, I recognize when satan is whispering in your ear and telling you to throw in the towel. Persevere, the race wasn’t won overnight and neither is preparing for what is coming. It is more than economic, more than earth changes, more than military conquest, war and all the terrors that they bring. We are in the midst of the end times that Jesus said would come. Hold fast to the family that you love and if you have faith, just trust in God and you do your part. Never mind the naysayers and those who laugh; I’ve had my share of putting up with those as well. Your family need you, not toys and luxury holidays.
          Thank you for reaching out. I hope I helped a little.

        • One thing to keep in mind. Many people survive disasters. We bombed both Germany and Japan almost into the stone age in the 40s. Millions died. Guess what? Millions made it. Same with Katrina. Some died, most didn’t. Tough times for survivors, but the ones who prepped did OK.

          Second thing to keep in mind is that no matter how prepped you are, sometimes the tornado hits exactly where you’re standing and you’re dead. When the laws of probability drop the big one on you, there’s nothing you can do. However, those same laws of probability also say that the odds of it being you are actually pretty small. So if you don’t get killed by a random event, the odds of you and yours surviving are monumentally increased by prepping. When TSHTF, the die off will be rapid. If you can make it through the short time it takes to get rid of the unprepared you’ll do OK.

          Everyone questions themselves. At least those with a brain. Don’t let it get you down.

          The last thing to keep in mind is that the 357 to the head is final. You can keep that option open for as long as you want, but once you use it, you’re done. Save it until life isn’t worth living. Until then, keep living and keep prepping. So come in off that ledge and make sure your wife and kids have someone around they can depend on. Until they stop needing you, you have something to keep living for.

        • To Helpmeunderstand:

          Proverbs 27:12 The prudent see danger and take refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” This comment is not directed at you per se. However, there is a saying:”if you throw a rock in a pack of dogs, the one that hollers is the one you hit.” Now that that has been said, one thing that I’ve noticed and has ultimately brought me back to my roots is the bible teachings I learned in my youth. I’m three years into my research about the NWO, illuminat, freemasonry, chemtrails,GMO foods,FED RESERVE on and on. The running theme I’m seeing here with all the corruption, and covert culling is that the true END GAME will ultimately be about worship. The END GAME is about worship its Lucifers(The devil)game. Yes the corrupt are control freaks who want a one world government, and a one world currency but what is being left out of the loop is that there is to be a ONE WORLD RELIGION. One of the devil’s best tricks on humanity was getting humans to think he didnt exist. He exists and so does Jesus/GOD. Jesus deserves worship, the devil DESIRES worship. There will be a collapse because its our destiny, there will be surviors who have made their peace with GOD and are prepared in all ways possible. This is just the beginning of whats to come. Ultimately we will be faced with worship of Lucy or Jesus. ‘Toys’ have their place in our lives but Matthew 16:23 says: “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? The so-called elite have in some cases openly admitted to selling their souls to Lucifer. That is not our fate we are to fight evil not side with it. Christians are strong not weak like the main stream media would have you to believe. Example:Luke 22:47 “He [Jesus]said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag;and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

        • @HelpMeUndertstand-

          EVERY SINGLE PERSON you mention in your article is selling something. And they are selling it using FEAR. Rawles blog brings in MEGA BUCKS on the ads, which is probably what MAC would like here. I do believe this site is different in that effect, but still have to say money comes in from the advertisers, and I would imagine he would LOVE to have the advertisers Rawles has. All that aside… Prepare for a short term “outage” because if the things happen that some of the kooks here shout about, NO ONE is going to make it. If you need a years worth of food…. or TWO years worth…. you aint makin it even if you got it!
          REMEMBER— EVERY single person you alluded to in this post has something to sell…. from Gold to Newsletters.

          • fear ???

            if your prepared
            what is there to fear??

            thats just not a concept I am familiar with

          • @inon, wow, you must really know a lot about managing a website. You must know that the articles write themselves, the graphics and the layout put themselves in place, and no one has to do anything to maintain it.
            What a moron you are: do you think these people like Mac and Rawles don’t deserve to be compensated for their time and investment?Don’t you think they bring value?
            If not, then go the Heck away!
            The people that advertise on these sites choose to advertise there and pay for that opportunity in order to reach their desired customer.
            Most of your comments are inane and fatuous.
            (Yeah, you probably better go look that up).
            I read this site everyday along with all the comments. I have yet to see you contribute anything worthwhile.

        • I am not a prepper: I am an American. I live by the old Scout motto of Be Prepared, because you never when bad shit is coming, you don’t know how long it’ll last, you don’t know what form it will take. In the end, I simply want to live as freely and self sufficiently as possible. To this end, I don’t gather preps so much as I acquire skills and tools to help me live that way.

          I’m not waiting for something to happen: I am living life, confident that no matter what, I will be fine. That’s why I have all this stuff

          I hope this way of looking at it helps

          stand strong until freedom dawns

        • Not ONE of the preps I have acquired will be wasted.
          Not even one. And every piece, whether it be for the BOB, food, supplies, oil for the car, rolled newspaper logs, alternative lights, heat, cooking…everything was done by me in many forms of sacrifice.
          So, guy, your story is just one of ‘the’ stories we read daily.
          One question though…Do you really deep down in your soul believe this nation can continue shelling out checks to the 45% non-productive from the 45% tax payers that are producing and balance a budget??
          If your answer is yes–you’re screwed and all your sacrifice is in vain.
          But, I’d wager that little voice is still nudging you and telling you, “you did good, father, husband, and friend–you did good”.
          Though I’m no father or mother, or much of a friend to any–I am a great wife…and that voice reassures me daily…”you did good, wife, you did good”.

          • Does he really call you wife??? Back in the 60’s my dad called my mom “woman” just to irk her. It always caused a dust-up.

            • Oh, noooo..but even if he called me wife’ it’d be better than ‘my better half’…which was always said in jest..

            • JJ, I always always tell people “Don’t bother trying to get on my good side, because I don’t have one”.

        • I have yet to throw out any food. Store what you eat, eat what you store. Most “prep” items don’t just “go bad”–candles still burn, etc.

          re:Dave Ramsey–He makes a lot of sense in some ways, but a point of fact is that he didn’t “go crazy paying off debt”. He filed bankruptcy, but at least he didn’t jump right back onto the debt ride. I think he is wrong about the 401(k)/mutual fund thing. It works for a while, but in the long run, do you really believe that trillions in savings are going to lay about unmolested for decades? I can’t imagine that Ramsey doesn’t own something other than paper. Remember Suze Ormon? She caught grief over not following her own advise with her finances.

        • During the large tank battles of wwII most casualties were from suicides, the stress of waiting for the shell to land on your head was too much to bare for most. Sad thing is they could have walked out unscathed shaken for sure but alive. The fear of the unknown and lets face it all of us preppers are trying to predict the unknowable, we know something is comming just like the tank shells, but we dont know when if or where. The trouble is the stress of waiting is exactly that, stressfull. Hang in there we are gonna need folks like you when this all blows over.

        • Help Me Understand:
          I could have written your post (not about taking a bullet, but all the rest). I feel the exact same way. I was just tellling my hubby the same thing just last night. I have a hard time implementing many of these changes myself, when all around me people are living their lives like any other day. For example. I bought my first 100 lbs of wheat; delivered this wk. I sat and look at the bags and wonder what type of world do I really think will we be in where I’m grinding my own wheat??? It’s too much to wrap my mind around….but then another day I wake up and fill some water bottles and buy a dehydrator. It’s all good. It will somehow work out in the end. And I pray a LOT. I know that “all things will work together for the good” so I take one day at a time.
          But you are not alone. Very few people know what I do at home to prepare. I would be ridiculed! But I’m doing what I need to do. As are you.

        • The issues we face today are much more significent and actual then the threat of Y2k ever was. Learn self-sufficiency. You are not alone. I have lived my entire life under the threat of some ultimate desaster or total global extinction. I have never felt a need to prepare more than I do now. Simply do what you can, like you have before. You already know what to do and how to do it.

        • Nice confession! I absolve you from all your sins; say 10 hail Marys and hug your wife and kids. You are now in the right frame of mind for judgement day 2012. Peace be with you.

      7. Brilliant article Brandon….you sound EXTREAMLY well informed and are 100% spot on. I also think we are about to see the next level of this thing rear it’s ugly head…it won’t be pretty. These banksters couldn’t do a better job of wrecking everything if they tried. It’s almost as if they are doing it on purpose ( sarcasm intended ).

      8. just got another delivery from the LDS cannery minutes ago

        gonna be a LOT more of those in the near future

        as this article illustrates
        our whole financial system is based on debt
        as this article shows
        major fraud

        and now the risk of hyperinflation is rearing its ugly head

        • Quick question (off topic)

          When they ship from the LDS, are the boxes labeled or plain? Have thought about picking up some things from them, but I don’t care to have UPS or neighbors know what I am getting in the mail.

          • When they ship from the LDS, the boxes are labeled.

          • Some vendors will turn the boxes inside out if you ask, but I do not know about LDS.

        • @ SATORI- A RESERVE CURRENCY CANNOT hyperinflate. It is impossible. The whole world ends if that were to happen, so it is in the WORLDS best interest that it doesn’t.
          HIGH inflation yes…not HYPER.

      9. Power doesn’t corrupt. It’s the immunity from accountability for the abuse of power that corrupts.

        This just goes to show that the money powers of the western world have been operating with no accountability for their actions for a long time now and the system is not surprisingly completely corrupt. The time to pay the piper will soon be at hand and it’s going to be a bumpy ride for all at best and at worst will be a complete disaster.

        Keep prepping people, I give it a year before TPTB crash this whole thing on all of our heads whether they intend to or not.

      10. In a way, I feel sorry for the millions of people that rely on the mainstream media for their information. This majority seems to be completely ignorant of the fact that the media’s goal is to disseminate obfuscated information to the masses and because of this, millions of people are going to be completely caught off guard when SHTF. We live in a society where cognitive dissonance is reigning supreme.

      11. As Ross Perot used to say. “It’s that giant sucking sound, La-La-Larry”.

      12. Many people don’t know any of this because the MSM (Main Stream Media), aka, CNN, BBC and all these media outlets are supported and receive large amounts of “donations” from the government and corporations. I can’t believe still think about buying a house, that’s the last thing they should worry about right now, because they’ll be in deep doo doo soon with all their debt. Many people a month or two ago were saying, “it’s getting bad in the middle east, let’s prepare a bit.” Damn right you should. We are never going back…ever. We’ve already past peak oil, so we got an oil problem (just about everything is made of oil, check the charts, our population exploded when oil was discovered), and so, oil is going down but the amount of humans are still going up.

        Everyone should prepare food, water, weapons (many have “no gun” policies in their household, that’s okay, the best alternative are crossbows, just get some for the family, show the kids safety, and then keep it out of their reach until the time comes, it silent and you will be able to hunt for food as well), plans and safe locations, the last place you’ll want to be in is in heavily populated areas, aka new York or Miami, and have a look at the LA riots of 1992. Imagine that, just all over the place, many strangers, so that’s why you have to be able to protect yourself and your family. Flashlights are a must, check out and you’ll know what a flashlight is. Not cheap LEDs or mags, you need good, durable, +300 lumens at least, waterproof and regulated.

        If you have kids, or even young adults, talk to them, chances are, they will be willing to listen and prepare. Or, they might even prepare themselves and you’ve never knew about it:)

        I would stay safe and train tactics with them, like build a sign language, exchange methods of hiding and stealth, and just be prepared to cover each other’s back effectively.

        Try giving them adult responsibilities, such as firearms, as back then, that’s what many parents would do, like dad giving me hunting rifles for my birthday or stuff like that. Nowadays, parents just want to protect their children TOO much, and they grow up…I can’t even describe it.

        Have backpacks, familiarize yourselves with the geography, like dangerous animals like mountain lions or scorpions.

        You might be saying, oh, my job is secure, maybe they’ve fired a few, but I was “saved”. Ha, there’s no such thing, the day you and your buddies get laid off, how are you going to support your family? There are 3 types of people, those that see, those that see when shown, and those that refuse to see at all. The third seems to be everywhere these days. They think it will never happen to them, huh, but when it does…

        • I am not trying to nit pick your post(very good post).

          I have a VERY big problem with flashlights in a shtf situation.(I have to admit, I have a head lamp BUT it has a red filter on it, but I will ONLY use it if life depended on light).

          Remember the song- the freaks come out at night. You NEVER want to give potential enemies your location.

          My favorite example is in that movie dances with wolves, when the warriors say- “only a white man would light a fire for all to see”.

          • I try not to use them myself and did not allow them outside of tents when I ran a high adventure camp for the BSA. We did have one lantern with the first aid supplies. Once you get used to working in the dark, flashlights will blind you.

          • @Kevin——It’s HIS website. Everybody cashes in on the fear… yeah use a million CP light in that kind of situation… cant you people see who is who on here? Geez…about only guy that does is that moron Gary or whatever.

            • Actually, it’s not my website. I’m not cashing in on anything, I just wanted to refer people to a site where there is high end flashlights you don’t usually see in stores. I myself have a few pocket lights, not even as bright as 300 lumens as I said, but I have a few ArmyTeks and Eagletac lights coming in the mail.

              Heck, I think what Kevin said makes sense, so I would only use it if you need to, for example, searching a building for supplies or whatever.

              I had a few magpies before, but that site changed my whole view of flashlight technology.

              Best regards, 7amps (I got the name from the soda, 7up, but figured I should change it to something else just as simple BTW, LOL)

            • Inon- I knew that was a possibility when I posted. I know how comments on amazon work, and how know how the world works, so I’m cool with blogs.

              @7amp- I would not use a flashlight in a building either.
              I would sneak in, and sit motionless and silent in a hiding spot for hours listening.

              When I would be satisfied that no one was there(and my eyes adjusted) then I would proceed slowly looking for supplies(and boobytraps)

      13. I have been wondering to myself lately if the banks are just doing what they have always done, and it only appears like they are doing their criminal acts in the open, due to the spread of info on the internet. Hell 30 years ago we only had the newspapers and the tv.

      14. Bottom line, get your house in order and prepare for a turbulent end to 2012.

        • @Ohcumgache-
          Ya mean like the turbulent end to 2009……..and 2010……….and 2011…. Celente called the ends every year too. Maybe you should team up with him. Fear mongering helps no one.
          Back up your shit or stay quiet…. vague statements are useless.

      15. The DOW has soared 306 points in two days. While all economic indicators, including the Baltic Dry Index, show the world economy headed south, never underestimate the power of the printing press. It has kept us afloat since 2008, when it all should have went down. Everyone I know is scratching their heads in amazement how printing money has sustained us. Artificial, but sustained.

        • @Swift they can keep printing and pulling this “weekend at Bernie’s” routine, but in the end, Bernie is still dead

        • The dow is up. Lots of companies… Walmart, Target, Disney, GAP etc having great profits right now. But if you watched CNBC at all yesterday all they talked about was the fiscal cliff. They even brought in a “human lie detector” to see if Ben B was lying in his report. Seems TPTB have sold off their stocks while high and have paid off MSM to undermine the market so regular folks will get nervous and start selling. The market will soon be taking a little tumble. Then TPTB can buy stocks again at basement prices.

      16. ky mom, its only a question of when, not if. the federal government proves to us more and more with words and actions that they have dishonorable intentions toward the american people. the day is coming when they will declare war on us and then it’s game on. as for me, i no longer feel any obligations towards government. anyone who attacks me better be ready to die regardless of if you’re wearing a uniform or not. i’ve always done for myself; never depended on government or anyone else for anything. take care keep prepping

        • Braveheart,

          Agreed! It is not if, but when.

          Be safe! Keep prepping!
          KY Mom

      17. The more can kicking they do the more time to secure more beans, bullets, and band-aids. OMG J Lo is not on American Idol anymore! It’s all so FUBAR.

      18. Goodbye Babylon. Hello 7 years of hell.

      19. What a shame, they have done everything to cause this, their greed is so great they will do anything that profits them. They are willing to see 2/3 of us die off and they feel they will not be touched.

      20. .
        Camouflaged Residence Discovered in California Park
        By Alon Harish | ABC News – 4 hrs ago.

        arrested the occupant and found 4 weed plants now this guy that was self sufficiant is now in jail with a 30,000$ Bond…the dude was fuckin hes going to be able to pay any of that, so effectively he’s in jail until trial.

        • Glad to hear that Cali has solved all of their problems and only has to worry about a bum with for pot plants.

      21. I think alot of people miss the big” WHY”are they doing this part. Its not chance we are on a rock floating through time and space. Do you really think our reason for being created is so we can just be born,work,grow old,die and our kids continue the pattern. God does not intend to let us live forever in a state of hopeless sin. Gods deration of time for the earth is coming to a close.And what your seeing take place is what will usher in the judgements of God on the earth.The Real Clock you should be watching is Israel. Everything revolves around it.Daniel’s 70th Week
        The 70th week of Daniel, which becomes the 7-year Tribulation, is a judgement and curse determined upon Isreal, not the Church.

        Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.
        Dan 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.
        Dan 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
        Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ your only way to salvation.

      22. Greetings Everyone!
        Now that Bankers “backroom dealings” are “outed”,what will the Washington Folks do?I’m guessing little or nothing(a few hundred million fine or two,perhaps)Meanwhile everyone else will suffer from the worldwide fraud committed.The bankers(can you really call them Bankers any longer?)More like well heeled con-artists plying their crimes at big,well-appointed buildings.(sorry,I digress)still robbing us everyday it even while the game coming apart.Personally,I’d say we’re now nearly at the time Jesus warned his disciples when telling them about the “last Days”. at Matt.chapter 24:36-39 Jesus said:“Concerning that day and hour nobody knows,neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son,but only the Father.For just as the days of Noah were, so the presence of the Son of man will be.For as they were in those days before the flood,eating and drinking,men marrying and women being given in marriage,until the day that Noah entered into the ark;and they took no note until the flood came and swept them all away,so the presence of the Son of man will be.
        Those “days” are what I’m seeing more and more all around us,whether it’s the utter wickedness of ALL the Governments,Bankers,Corporations(multinational or local) or any other large organizations we have around us.So it’s little wonder things are getting to be so critical for the 98% folks.Without people like Mac S. running sites like this,we would be “sheep to the slaughter” like so many others who refuse to take notice or “refute” the evidence around us.
        The BDI hasn’t been wrong yet,to my knowledge.
        Just my thoughts,
        Best to All,and hope you can keep cool and have food this day.

      23. In all there are 34 U.N. treaties for 2012.

        Do any of them include a “seven year peace treaty with Isreal”?

        Just sayin…..

        • I was hoping more for a “get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US” treaty for 2012, but no such luck. Dang it!

        • @ Tina. There already is a 7 year covenant with Israel. It isn’t a UN treaty though. It’s called the European neighborhood policy or ENP. It is being strengthened for the 7 year timeframe 1-1-2007 thru 12-31-2013. We are still in the ‘midst’ of it so anything can happen.

          • @ F…..Gotchya

      24. sorta related…if the lack of common sense contributes to collapse we are damn close. Example: so there is a big push recently in the local parks to “Not feed the animals” We’re talking posted cops, tickets with whopping fines, commercials, newspots, for the love of God, DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS! It’s for their own good! They will grow dependant!
        Then….the very next news article, my state has spent three MILLION dollars on an advertising campaign encouraging people to go on food stamps.

        • @ MLG……. ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! you nailed that one 🙂

      25. You really don’t have to go ape shit to prep. I just buy an extra 5lb. bag of rice 2lb. bag of beans and 5-10 extra cans of canned veggies every time i grocery shop and it just builds up(rather quickly too). I have a wife and three children and i have no intentions of letting them starve. My only thing against storing up buku food is unless you are very secluded to where no one in the world knows you are there you may just be feeding the horde that shows up at your house. In my opinion it is very important to learn as much as you can about living off the land and figure out a way to be mobile and incognito. My main concern personally is with three small children we will have a hard time being mobile and incognito so my planning has to involve being able to defend my position and just kill anyone that tries to get at us. It will be hard to last that way for long. I’ve been preparing to get laying hens and some small animals to help sustain us as meat products are harder to stockpile so keeping them live is much better albeit harder to keep our property looking uninviting 🙁

      26. Just glad to see the news keeps getting better and better as the days go by. Glad I started preparing years ago, I just hope my neighbors did the same.

      27. The hell with all this shit…. going to the river and drink some beer.

      28. With the corn problem that food maybe need this winter.

        I been spending hours reading what happen to the Farmers as one article said from Canada to Pan handle. Not sure how much of Canada been effect but I know one area has.

        And with no crop to ship I say the business of shipping will get hurt lot.

      29. Good post! The events that have taken place this year are unprecedented in America’s history, and we have 5 months to go. There are so many contributory factors that are feeding into the inevitable economic collapse that, when enumerated and analyzed, can prove the destructive course is intentional. There is no other rational conclusion that can be drawn, given the numerous events we are now witnessing (or have seen in the recent past).

        Listening to Bernanke for the past 2 days was revealing, as were many of the pointed questions from our Congressional Leaders. Two days worth of magic shows, paid for by US taxpayers, with nothing to hold onto when the curtain closed.

        What is in our not-too-distant-future is a man-made, deliberate economic collapse. (This would be a sure-bet if the USD would have value in a year.) There are powerful and influential people who have deviously calculated and planned for this collapse but only a minority of people understand the complexities and the outcome.

        I’m convinced there is nothing that the average person can do to stop the collapse — but we can prepare ourselves to survive it. The time is now for an ‘attitude adjustment’ because serious is getting serious-er. Do yourself a favor and get out of the rat race. Get out of the banking industry. If you have retirement funds, get them before the Feds take them from you. Walk away from the Wall Street insanity. Get out of the USD except the small $ needed to pay bills for the time being. Invest in PMs and keep junk silver. Stock your shelves high and double-deep. If you already have plenty of the B’s, get more. Quit trying to convert others — it zaps your own energy and gives you nothing in return (& it’s just blown your OPSEC). Use your extra money now for resources that will be critical in the future. Buy now before the USE loses more value (or has become useless). And dump worthless crap from your life — you won’t have any need for it in the future. Preparations include the right attitude to deal with as much “S” as necessary. Most of our society will be blindsided. Make sure you’re not one of them.

        The more active you are today, the better prepared you are tomorrow.

      30. You know the conversation is getting close to the truth when antagonizing idiots make an appearance.

        not sure if bored teenager… or paid DNC lackey

      31. Yeah it’s bad out there

        You folks in firearms take heed.

        Ammunition and firearms are in such high demand that the manufacturers are in full production mode and can not meet quota.

        Here are some quotes form out local major gun retailer.

        All models are on backorder at this time
        Call us for current availability
        SOLD OUT AGAIN. We are looking for more.
        We also sell the #2, #2TL, #6, #8 and the new 3G when we can get them.
        PLEASE NOTE: We are temporarily not accepting any more orders on the KRISS rifle until we catch up with the orders we have pending.
        Call for availability. They are hard to keep in stock.
        We are very low on this ammo and we are trying to get more.

        Out of stock. Lots more on order.
        Ammunition availability is starting to tighten up due to the current high demand. We are doing everything we can to keep the flow of shipments arriving.
        Black Hills is way behind on their orders due to extremely high demand of their quality products.

        We are hoping to get restocked on Black Hills ammunition soon.


        • Note from Carl: Although the major manufacturers are at full production capacity, there currently is a shortage of firearms to sell. We are working very closely with our suppliers to keep the store stocked.

          I get this message across all major arms retailers across the country.

          Best bet…

          Buy some used firearms

          They are selling fast and cheaper.

          Just purchased a 40 cal carbine luckily and nearly impossible to find anywhere..

          All the local dealers are saying the same..

          Tighter inventory…huge demand

          Lock and load and keep stacking folks

          on all your precious metals especially lead based, canned and dried long term..

          It is real..


      32. The debt and unfunded liabilities are just to big. There is on way out. In 2008 I felt that if the governments around the world would stop sucking the life out of private business and get out of our way we could produce our way out. Today I realize that the monkey will never get off our backs. It’s going to be up to the citizens to replace the politicians, but the problem is the entitlement crowd has control of the ballot boxes. Just look at France, Greece, Italy and Spain. I’m afraid the same is about to happen in America.

        If we collapse and have a full public / private bankruptcy we can rebuild a financial system and be on top of the world within 36 months. What ever you own you keep, what ever you owe is wiped out by the collapse. I hate to say it but if we don’t do it now, the banks and government will continue to kick the can down the road for 5, 10, 15 years of absolute misery.

      33. friends make sure you have access to water people that do not prep, a pump, water purifier etc. you wont be able to shower if the pumps go out so when you wake up and you feel oily, you will start to smell so you gotta stay clean and many will get disease and die. so try to have water and stay clean and always make sure you have a backup weapon to rock and roll once your main weapon is empty or misfires or you run out of shots, you wanna always be putting lead down range or on the bad guys, so carry a pistol and practice senerios in your home with different guns. My biggest help to some. When you shoot a gun without earplugs it causes hesitation for many and that can effect your speed to shoot and be on target, so have earplugs in and you will shoot much better. you get the idea and think about the earplugs with and without when shooting. I think that will give you a slight advantage even if the police throw in a teargas container and a flashbang which is like 160 db and some have pressure. I would get some smoke gernades to fill the area that you know well with smoke and when they inter there will be mass confusion on the guys at the front door that are in a swat team. Or imagine they kick the door in and your behind a 1 inch steel barrier, they would be confused and their .223 or 6.8 spc round will not penetrate. Or set up clutter like marbels all on the floor and or boxes filled with junk, they wont be able to come into the house quickly and confuse them. you got the idea, you could have your front door boobytrapped with gasoline anything. get creative. have a great day preps and friends

      34. Regarding …Facebook Page says:July 18, 2012 at 9:40 pm

        What you are asking is not that easy.
        I have been searcing for preppers for almost 2 years on prepper forums.
        I finally found two that wish our families to meet for coffee.
        Both are 40 miles from me–not much help when the fall happens.

        • I live in west virginney and these people are a joke when it comes to preps. I gave up on them.

      35. Money in the bank will be devalued? That means we should take those $$ out and buy a long term food supply. With corn, wheat, barley, oats, soybeans, rice, pork, beef poultry all going up at the mkt. . . . Stock up now.

        Buy more ammunition and don’t wait for that special firearm to go on sale, buy it now.

        Remember you money is more valuable if it feeds and protects your family. You can’t eat it and soon no one will want it.

        • Any gun you have does a better job protecting you than the perfect one you were going to buy.

      36. “lock n load”

      37. Yes, things are bad. Yes, the current crop of pols, both repub and dems are not helping, but who elected these jokers? Yes, the problems we are currently facing have been decades in the making. However, when I read these posts, I see mob psychology and mass hysteria at work. I am not sure which is going to aggravate the situation more, our incompetent leaders on all levels and in all parties, or the mass hysteria I see here. If you people are really concerned about the long-term health and survivability of your families, you would be working to prevent this collapse many here seem to actually looking forward to and in some cases actutally trying to bring about. Also, if the collapse does come, I suspect many self-righteous preppers will become nothing more that murderous thugs, randomly killing anyone whom they deem to be unfit simoply because they think they can get away with it since there is a great of mass hysteria and mob psychology at work here.

        • We are too few to make at difference>>>at this point in time<<<…so we prepare.

        • Never been suggested as a ‘mad hysteric’ before… Your assertion that ‘self-righteous preppers’ under a collapse would become murderous thugs is lunatic in the extreme, utterly tin foil hat stuff.

          So called preppers should be appreciated, as they are the ones who shall not be a drain on what would be rapidly diminishing supplies of most anything. They prep for their families and survival. There are growing wordlwide signals that these months ahead, and next few years, – will in all probability be unlike anything modern developed societies have ever experienced, most have simply taken lessons observed from events like the great depresson, and they know that in the modern context, that event could well be serene by comparison.

          However, most of us of sound mind certainly hope ‘nothing’ comes to fruition in which case we have excellent stores of food to consume, and renew in stock!

          Preppers are in many countries, as many see the signals. Study life in Greece as it is now, and you can see the mere start of the unravelling.

      38. @finx…you don’t see the world around you going straight to hell? Have you ever seen anything like what is happening now? The flash mobs robbing stores, the face eating zombies, the pedophiles at penn state running a giant child rape ring (I promise you thats not the only university doing that), The insane weather caused by extrordinary sun activity that is causing a drought the likes of which we have never seen. This drought will lead to massive food shortages that will be noticed right away. How about our massive debt? Does the 1.5 QUADRILLION derivatives bubble worry you at all? You think we can pay that off? Lets not forget the national debt that the liars claim is 15.8 trillion when the real number is 76 trillion+. You must be aware the only way we can even pay the intrest on these massive debts now is because the intrest at or near zero…when they raise the intrest rates ( which they will have to ) it will be mathmatically IMPOSSIBLE to pay even the intrest on the massive debt. Cities all over america are BANKRUPT. The postal service will default August 1st. War with Iran is on now due to the bus bomb attack in Bulgaria of Israeli youth. Of couse we haven’t yet seen any evidence it was Iran…but who cares about evidence right? Just bomb the shit out of them.
        Finx…after reading your posts there are only 2 possibilities……1) you are a disinformation agent that comes here and you yourself don’t believe the garbage you post or 2) you don’t have the intellect ( which lumps you in with most of the american sheeple ) to see whats going on or maybe you can’t face whats going on like most can’t.
        You might want to take a look at the history of every single empire that has existed since the dawn of time. Where is the Roman empire? The Greeks? The Ottamans ? the Egyptians? etc…. I’ll tell you where they went….into the trash bin of history…they also believed they were indestructable as most americans believe we are indestructable. You will find out the hard way thats not true (like many will) unless you pull your head out of your rear and face reality.

      39. still not out of moderation ? that post kicks butt ^^

      40. Posts are to share ideas, experience and a place to seek advice. Personality clashes and diverse opinions are not necessary. Be civil. You can agree to disagree. Political or religious name calling and or baiting shows one’s own lack of maturity and self control.

      41. finx, you can bet your ass that your belief in NDAA will end up being what will cost you your life. good luck sucka

      42. I do not know if it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing problems with your blog. It appears as though some of the text in your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before. Thank you

      43. I notice that the ratings agency “Fitch says it’s cut the credit rating of three of Japan’s biggest banks over concerns about Tokyo’s ability to support the financial sector, after the nation’s sovereign debt rating was also cut”. (News header quote).

        Wasn’t expecting that bit. See online news 21/7/12 (Australia date).

        More Spanish regions requesting funds….

      44. Finx undoubtedly is working for the NSA or CIA or some shit like that. He’s just baiting you people with idiotic nonsense that he probably doesn’t even believe.

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