Back On the Grid! Governments Ban “Camping on Your Own Land” Displacing Residents

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 85 comments

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    This article was written by Jay Syrmopoulos and published at Activist

    Editor’s Comment: Unfortunately, zoning laws across the country have made it more and more difficult to go off grid, despite a growing movement of people who are both economically challenged and also more in tune with the environment. The freedom and security, in times of emergency, afforded by off grid retreats, tiny homes and RVs alike are being regulated and are no longer a viable option in many areas.

    This article underscores the moves to push us all back onto the grid.

    “Camping” on Your Own Land is Now Illegal — Gov’t Waging War on Off-Grid Living

    by Jay Syrmopoulos

    Across the U.S., local zoning officials are making it increasingly difficult for people to go off the grid, in some instances threatening people with jail time for collecting rainwater or not hooking into local utilities.

    As zoning laws have increasingly targeted the off-grid lifestyle, many have moved to the Southwestern U.S. as an escape from overzealous zoning officials.

    In Costilla County, Colorado, there has been a major influx of off-grid residents to the San Luis Valley. The combination of lax zoning regulations, cheap property, and an already thriving community of self-reliant off-grid homesteaders has led to many new residents.

    The off-grid lifestyle, enjoyed by an estimated 800 people, is now being threatened as county officials have recently made moves to essentially regulate and license the lifestyle into oblivion.

    Tensions boiled over during a county commissioners’ meeting in San Louis, Colorado, devolving into a shouting match between homesteaders and police. One of the major points of contention is the county’s attempt to ban camping on your own property, in an effort to force the off-grid homesteaders back onto the grid.

    “We are residents who have come to live off the grid. It’s all our land.” … “These are harsh economic times. We have nowhere to go,” twenty-year resident Paul Skinner said.

    “We’ve been regulated out of life,” homesteader Robin Rutan told Colorado Public Radio. “I came here because I couldn’t live by the codes [in other regions].”

    The county, which requires residents to have a camping permit to live in an RV, “small house” or other camp style home, has started to simply refuse the renewal of these permits.

    This is obviously a major problem for homesteaders, who often live in such accommodations while building their permanent residents.

    “They started enforcing the changes before they were actually made,” resident Chloe Everhart said.

    Everhart said she performed due diligence prior to buying her land, with one of the most important aspects of the plan being a 90-day camping permit. Without a 90-day permit, camping on residential plots is only allowed for 14 days per every three months.

    But just as Everhart was arriving, the board of commissioners instructed the planning and zoning commission to no longer issue camping permits.

    In spite of her best efforts, Everhart is now an outlaw.

    County land use administrator Matt Valdez disputes the claims that the county is trying to regulate people’s lifestyles out of existence. He says that his office has discretion to deny camping permits under existing code and claims that too many new residents were habitually renewing permits meant to be temporary.

    “We’re not trying to drive people off their property,” Valdez said.

    Valdez said he simply wants to make sure already established rules are followed for aesthetic and safety reasons.

    The vilification of people who choose to live an alternative lifestyle is extremely commonplace in modern America.

    While there may be legitimate issues that need to be addressed, people have a right to use land that they own in the manner they see fit. To use the technicalities of the law to essentially evict people from land they own reeks of tyrannical overreach and oppression of personal liberty.


    This article was written by Jay Syrmopoulos and published at Activist


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      1. Our utopia and thier utopia are 180 degrees apart…

        • YAWN, this is a redo of an article published here on September 27, 2015.

          • Thinking the same thing W

        • If there are enough of these people living there in colorado, They should form their own city. Tell the county to piss off.

          • If you knew some of the types of people who live in the area featured in this story you wouldn’t waste the piss.

            • Then pour another slab that should be great for the environment . The more cement and asvalt the better . Let’s cement everything in . So you can live in luxury. They will be gone and leave nothing but a camper . You will leave a cement slab that we will have to deal with. Mr enlightened.

          • city or no city – they should tell the county to piss off anyway !

      2. So America when will you stand up for your rights?
        At what point will enough be enough?
        Will it be when the muslime are raping your wife and daughter?

        Please God tell me I’m not the only man in America that is willing to fight and die, if necessary, for what you gave us.

        • citizen, The MSM has done a good job brain washing the Americans over many decades.

          For example, what is the relationship between muslims and the laws abusing the majority of the Americans? Was the standoff between BLM and Bondy caused by muslims? I didn’t see a single muslim with M4 and military gear rather a typical blond, blue eyes armed American agent. The same with the county supervisors in each and every state.

          The rapist among the so called ISIS has done more rapes and killings with the other muslims and kurds and yazidis than any Americans. You seem to be an intelligent but frustrated American just like me and I ma sure you already know who is the creator of the satanic sob’s named ISIS.

          Enemy is within and unless the Americans ignore such fact we’ll be losing more freedom each and every day. Don’t let the money exchangers to use and to abuse you. We already lost so many of our young folks to their fake wars in order to protect their interests and their empires and wealth.

        • I AM WITH YOU BROTHER ….AMERIAN people are to stupid to realize there own fate

        • THE FINEST EMAIL in history IMHO

        • Well if you’re so willing to fight and die, DO IT ALREADY!

          Oh that’s right, you are the commander of the armchair army – lots o’ talk, no action….Now hush your sabre-rattling, and be a good little sheep come back to reality with the rest of us, with something to lose, and fear of death, knowing your inaction is the only REAL action you are capable of…

          • We are prepping . Our time will come . Patient is the hunter. Our window of opportunity will open . And we will be prepped for it. How about you?

          • C.R.C.

            I got a laugh out of your post, it’s true, nothing but large talk on this site, these guys have been talking for YEARS about all the fighting they’re ” gonna” do ” someday”. Translation: ” I’m not gonna do anything but it sure sounds good when I strut my fighting feathers around for the crowd to see”. They’re a joke, they’re aware of it, but can’t bring themselves to admit the only battles that will be fought are with their keyboards, when fantasy is all you have it’s hard for them to let go, reality isn’t quite so nice.

        • This is why they ban civic in the school so American would not know how to confront the courts or government. And as we all know if the Americans of today are not told what to do and how to do it they are helpless. Even when you tell them they refuse to believe anything but what the people who are doing the damage tell them. The last thing that will ever come to their minds is to help themselves by investigating any issues. Or anything that not related to sports or some other meaningless entertainment. This make it’s so hard on those who will do the work, because those who do not are supporting traders. Normally I would post a link to the remedy But it would be preaching to the converted. In other words a wast of time!

        • Exactly, citizen– these MFers need to be exterminated and they will be. they may commit genocide against us, lock us away for good and assassinate good people like JFK, Putin or whoever… but what they are really dealing with is the Great Spirit and he will not allow their shit to go on forever… Indeed, it is all changing now. In Greece, MILLIONS were in the street yesterday/today, protesting Austerity and other shit by the bastards at the top. And the courts recently ruled here in the US that it is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the government to spy on us…. Putin finally got the nerve to confront the US and thanks to him, brought in the Light in the Mideast, to the chagrin of the corrupt US officials.. things ARE changing for the better. It is not a matter of us versus them (the “elite”); It is a matter of the Great Spirit versus them and so their crappy assed dinosaur days are numbered… the Light and Truth are coming through…

      3. Sooooo, now living “GREEN” is not acceptable? These politicians need to get their shit straight. I’m sure it’s not about taxes or anything like that or they would have said so, riiiiight?

        • They went there to become Potheads.I saw a special on TV about it. There are issues with sewage, garbage, and people not working, taking gov’t handouts. I knew when they legalized pot, hoards would be going to Colorado, even homeless wanderers for the drug. It is a state problem, so let them figure that out…

          • The problem is you cement slab pouring asvalt road building luxury greed rats lets turn everything into a cement city . We can roll a camper on it and roll it off . How do we get rid of the cement you poured. Things can grow under a trailer . How about under your cement slab . You selfish rat.

      4. This is BS, about 5 years ago I bought 2.5 acres off the grid to homestead in Colorado, now I read this. Big Government will do anything to put money into their pocket, through the threat of throwing you off your own land. Here we have peaceful Americans, wanting to get away from the hustle & Bustle of the rat race, and Government want to start trouble with Peaceful Citizens. This needs to stop before the People finally comes to the conclusion that force is the only option. It’s OUR Land, NOT theirs, get out of our Life, and Keep your Minds off us.

      5. You’re not off the grid if they can find you.

      6. Governments Ban “Camping on Your Own Land” Displacing Residents

        Though I find this to be completely wrong, especially when you live in a country where you are deemed ‘free’.

        Being “free” in America is an illusion.
        We don’t have rights, we have temporarily privileges.
        They are not rights, if a Government can remove, change, or alter the meaning of “said” right(s).

        Unfortunately in this scenario. You own no property, slaves can’t own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)

        Mortgage paid off? Good for you and job well done, but you still have to pay your property taxes. Don’t pay, they will confiscate.

        People can argue the fact that we have a Bill Of Rights and a Constitution in this country all they want … but if the Government refuses to follow the laws of this land and simply sidestep the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution altogether – then we have no representative form of governance in this country.

        • FTW, Another nailed down comment by you. Thank You.

        • It is replies like this that re-enforce American Stupidity! Just parrot what been said by the power that be! Senate Documents are not laws along with code,rules and regulations. But people quote them like the Bible. If this is The American’s best answer then we truly need help. It’s sad how stupid Americans have become!

      7. Doesn’t this sort-of contradict the Federal Gov’s push for people to live more “green” lifestyles and offering incentives for things like installing solar?

        And also wouldn’t laws like these discourage people from wanting to own camping equipment and RVs, etc., which would affect the companies that make those items, further contributing to a worsening economy?

        And likewise, don’t these regulations also make it more difficult for people to live affordable lifestyles and within their means, essentially forcing people to take on more debt? And more debt means more bills, which means even less ability to purchase goods and falling more into poverty.

        Eventually these regulations that cause this chain reaction come back to bite the local governments in the form of a declining society, more poor people, declining real estate values, and ultimately declining tax revenue.

        Stupid short-sighted idiots only see the immediate $$$ and fail to see the eventual cause and effect of their actions! And that’s a big part of why America is failing.

        But alas, I understand that this is probably exactly the plan. To squeeze as much money as possible out of the people, put everyone in complete crushing debt, make everyone completely dependent on the system, and and funnel all the money to the elites. But the thing about this end goal that seems completely ridiculous is that when that is finally achieved (which may be pretty soon by looks of things), the elites will simply be ruling over a destroyed and ruined world. Why the hell would anyone want to rule over that?

        So much contradiction in all of these idiots thinking.

        • Inexplicable, right. Keep in mind that the elite are psychopaths and read the Georgia Guidestones. Note that it takes a lot of money to set something up like that on a blind. Once you accept the premise that they want to reduce the population from over 7 billion to half a billion…not much is a surprise anymore. They are living as if we are already gone.

      8. Land of the free. HAHA!

      9. Are you mad as hell?

        If you are not an Oath Keeper, then you are just complaining. Stewart Rhodes’ Oath Keepers are our last best protection against tyranny. Join them NOW.

        • I joined Oath Keepers 2 years ago. My favorite Jefferson Quote is”The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first” Another is ” I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them”

          • Yea, I assume you are speaking of Thomas Jefferson, the so-called “patriot” for the people…..the same Jefferson that told the Cherokee tribes that the gov would not take one inch of their land.

            Then the Cherokee wake up one day to find troops, ordered by that same gov, through a brokered deal made by Jefferson, holding them at gun and bayonet point, and marching them out of their homeland on the Trail of Tears. approximately 5000 of them to their deaths.

            The gov/99.9% of the congress/senate, would/will, do the same thing today, if their is a dollar to be made off of it.

            gov is ruthless/ heartless/evil. The demonic entities have entered into the so called “halls of justice”.

            • Then we all agree all gov. Employees cannot be trusted .

              • Most gov employees are scared to lose jobs like the rest of us. They do what baas hawg sez.Kim Davis pretends to stand alone against gays but she is a tool of the elite causing divide and conquer. They will leave her life destroyed. Beware big Boyz help. Why do you think baas hogg allows police officers to go on steroid rage rampages? Terrorism.

            • That was Andrew Jackson who did that. Not Jefferson.

              • Please explain how you are more correct than Wikipedia…

                From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                Routes of Southern U.S. Indian removal operations
                Thomas Jefferson was the first U.S. President to propose the idea of a formal Indian Removal plan.[1][2]
                Andrew Jackson is often erroneously credited with initiating Indian Removal, because Congress passed the Indian Removal Act in 1830, during his presidency, and also because of his personal involvement in the forceful extermination and removal of many Eastern tribes. But Jackson was merely legalizing and implementing a plan laid out by Jefferson in a series of private letters that began in 1803, although Jefferson did not implement the plan during his own presidency.

                Further investigations explain that Jefferson made a deal to remove all Indians/Cherokee, from the State of Georgia, in an exchange for their rights to the Louisiana Purchase.

                • Sakajuwea was kidnapped by one tribe and sold to another . This was common with most tribes . Not all . How do you deal with people like that ? Wipe them out? Or pay them off? All through history we have been fighting savages ,cannibles . Do we tolerate cannibleism? Do they have the right to their beliefs? Do we turn the other cheak. Wish I could spell better. Sorry.

                  • Cannibalism in the US? We invade occupied land and won. It is done and dirty and we benefit from it. The Europeans that took this land were pretty sorry specimens but they won by numbers and bullets. And slaves. I am glad I live here but I don’t pretend it was anything but a land grab that worked.

                • Why don’t YOU get a life and quit trolling people at 2.30 in the morning, damn, what a loser.

                • I put up a painting of pilgrams and indians having thanksgiving day feast and labeled it. “The last supper” History repeats itself just look at todays society of diversity political correctness and immigration. America as we know it is changing just like it did for the indians.

                  • True. Most of our immigrants come from totalitarian societies. Makes it easier on the elite to get rid of democracy. It is moving fast now.

        • Yeah they’ve done a bang-up-job “Oathkeeping” so far….lol

        • It’s a great idea. But they don’t seem to be making much of a difference. Oath keeping seems to be something new . How did that happen?

      10. This is all about property taxes the county is not collecting. Campers and RV can’t be assessed for property taxes, because they are not permanent structures. It has nothing to do with off-grid living.

        My vacation/BOL house in Vermont is off-grid, in fact it’s 3/4 mile from the nearest power line. It runs completely off a large propane powered generator. Do I have any problems from the town, No, Why. Because the house is sitting on 10 acres and is assessed for $275K and we pay $3,100/YR in property taxes. The town loves us. They provide us with no services, we don’t have kids in the school system, we even maintain the 3/4 “town” road ourselves.

        EVERYTHING in this country is about money. Period.

        Follow the money people.

        • While most all of what you’re saying is true, the fact remains that .gov is trying to retain control of it’s “citizens”. Think about what they’re doing in Oregon to people that are trying to capture rain water.

          The signs are everywhere if we only open our eyes.

          • User, I’ve read about that previously. If they try that shit in the Appalachians, they’ll become some bear’s next meal.

            • If “they” come a-knockin’ at our doors here in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, they’ll find out that shotguns aren’t used just for Civil War re-enactments. We are armed to the teeth and we WILL FIGHT for our families, our land and our heritage!

              • Yeah that worked SO well the last time…PEOPLE, stop talking shit, there isn’t a person on this blog who is going to do a god-damed thing to anyone in the govt. If there was, you would have done it already, which would be subject to a “Waco TX” styled cover-up by the media…

                • We are doing something . We are getting ready.

                • Lost in the C.R.C.- You are a very angry, opinionated person, are you not? Even if you believe that some people on here are deluding themselves about actions that they might take against on oppressive government, what business is it of yours? So you love your liberal government. Good for you! Not everyone has your ability and desire to submit. Now be a good little drone and get back to kissing the boots of your oppressors…er…I mean your Government. Seriously, why do you waste your valuable subservient time with the poor rednecks on this site? Shouldn’t you be out making a Ready for Hillary sign or something?

                  • Snark enough to impress a teenage girl. I left the Republican party when they started giving our country away to corporate goons. I am okay with social services that keep human beings alive until we get a handle on the elite that gets massively more welfare than the sidelined. It will be your turn soon… just ask my boss who is losing his stores. His whole life was dedicated to building them up. Bless his foolish heart, he self identified with the 0.01 percent. Jokes on him and us lowly employees.

                  • Seems to me if you REALLY wanted to engage his in conversation you wouldn’t be waiting 4 plus days to respond to his comment, that’s kinda chicken shit ya know?

          • I would also point out what they are doing in Florida. It is now illegal to go off the electrical grid because of “international building codes” (UN, anyone?). This in a state that has an over-abundance of sunshine and is perhaps the most ideal place in the continental US to go 100% solar. Plus, why does some international body get to dictate US building codes?

            It is also illegal for a homeowner to do repairs on their own house if they are not a licensed contractor. (I am not certain if this is in all jurisdictions, but know that they will go after you in some places- like Sarasota- even going so far as to patrol people’s garbage to look for construction debris.) This wonderful bit of legislation was passed ostensibly to keep people from getting scammed by unscrupulous people who come in after a disaster and prey on homeowners but has cast too wide a net. Because of the low income nature of many Floridians, this law has made it financially unfeasible to fix a home in many low income neighborhoods as the cost of repairs can easily exceed the value of the home.

            I was considering the purchase of a bugout location in Florida, but the hassles are simply not worth it. I don’t want to pay to connect to the grid at some remote location when going solar would actually cost me way less initial investment. About the only things that keep me here now are family and a lack of vehicle inspections.

            • There are people in Florida living off the grid. The attitude of Floridians and self sufficiency depends on the area you reside in. The farther north you go the less bs you deal with. I have a friend that just completed a new modest size home in north central Florida and utilizes solar to run his entire home. The system cost about $95,000 but runs the a/c and all other appliances. The county approved this because it was the same amount to have electric lines run to his property.
              Sarasota is just another examples of yankees moving down and trying to bring the taxes and control mechanisms they enjoy in the northeast US.

            • I just discovered that I cannot turn the water off at the street to make a repair. I have to get it done by the water company or a certified plumber. They will not turn the water back on without an inspection. The area is shifting from mobile homes on five acres to McMansions. You cannot do the smallest thing without a permit, like changing out skirting. Our days are numbered and counting down.

        • It depends upon your location. We have to pay property taxes every year on our camping trailer which is used for recreational camping.

      11. This is simply about MONEY. They want a structure on the land so they can RAISE PROPERTY taxes. Hang all of them. ALL OF THEM.

      12. What Grid?!!……The small acreages these people are buying and living on do not allow the drilling of wells, (Colorado says you must have 35 acres to apply for a water well permit)…There is no power lines with miles of lots of these parcels, and it is extremely expensive to bring power to these properties, and it’s done at the property owners expense…Even the zoning on these properties mostly prohibit livestock, so you can not even homestead…And, the San Luis Valley is a high desert, try gardening with less than 10″ of precipitation a year….That land is cheap for a reason, couple hundred down and less than a hundred a month, until people realize what they’ve gotten into, default, and then the property is sold over and over again…As always, follow the money.

      13. Two issues at work here. First and most importantly, Colorado is filling up with rich yuppy puppies from the cities and they want all of the codes that go along with it. Second the power companies are big business and call the shots and they don’t want anyone living off the grid. We saw the same thing in a lot of the hot locales in Maine. Big city richies moved in and started shutting down businesses that had been there for years and pushing the cost of land and taxes out of the reach of the local residents. Many of the old residents were forced to sell out and leave, because they could no longer afford the taxes on their property. Every state in the rocky mountain region is at risk of this same thing, as more and more people move there from the cities and pushing for big zoning changes.

        • Hello fellow Mainah! And you are totally right….

        • JAS, those yuppie turds will never get away with that shit in the Appalachians. The people there would run them out on a rail. I’ve had family living in the Appalachians going back to the War of 1812 and still have the same land to this day. The BOL I just got back from is located there. All my family live very close by. they have electricity but all of them also have solar systems for backup and can make the solar the primary source of power easily if/when that move becomes necessary. They all have either woodstoves or the fireplace inserts for primary heat and are surrounded by a lifetime supply of firewood. They all have wells with electric pumps and Flojak hand pumps for backup in case of power failure. the BOL I’m going to is on a 30-acre parcel with a year-round creek bordering on one side as backup water source. It has good water in it and also the fishing is good in it. No way they’ll get forced off their properties. Once I bugout, that place will be my final home. If it comes to it, I’ll fight and die right there with the family.

          • I don’t think it will happen there, but anywhere that they really like (Rocky mountains skiing, deep water harbors of Maine, beaches of Florida) they move in and start slowly changing the laws. building multi-million dollar homes that drive up property taxes and pretty soon the local residents wake up and have lost everything. I no longer live in Maine, but during the 35 years I lived there, I watched the old processing businesses slowly forced to close and property taxes wind up costing more than the original families paid for the property. You know how it goes, you can’t have some old fish processing plant near where I just built my mega-home, they stink and I don’t care if it has been there for 150 years. Before long, everyone is layed off and the plant closes down.

            • JAS, normally outsiders are not really welcome in the Appalachians, but the fat that I have family there makes an exception in my case. The Appalachian people can spot libturds a mile away and won’t let them stay there. There’s nothing there to attract the libturds anyway.

              • Oh braveheart… most of those running folks off their lands are jumped up Republicans. It is happening in NM right in my town and I assure you no libs among them. They are pushing for rules and regs to run anyone out who owns less than a McMansion.

      14. Not trying to drive people off their property? Yea, Mr. Councilman or whoever you are YOU ARE A LIAR.

      15. Yep….follow the money. can’t catch your own water,keep chickens, in some cases can’t grow food or have solar panels. there are no more options, you are a money source for the government.

      16. “you are a money source for the government.”

        Jim in Va. – Yep, that pretty much sums up of what America is all about these days.

        Pertaining to Government Standards:

        Slaves (legal citizen or not) must work, contribute to pay your masters and consume useless commodities – and if you can, die off well before retirement age, that would be very much appreciated – thank you from the United States Oligarchy


      17. I saw one of those off grid idiots on TV the other day. He had a pickup truck running over everything sacred out in the desert: Cactus, bird nests, gophers, a small seasonal stream. His home and place looked like a reject from Sanford and Son. If the bastards want to be off grid then turn off the generators, park the damnable combustible engines, throw away the modern conveniences and live like the Native Americans did. The one cell animal in the video is no more off grid than the local homeowner. Hang them, one and all. Idiots, idiots, idiots.

        • Yeah.

          Cuz you should be able to tell EVERYONE how/where to live.


        • There’s always at least one off grid idiot. But to claim they all are ? He might run over a plant . You will pour a slab of cement over it and call yourself special. You will pour asvalt over a dirt road and call your self enlightened. They are making a nonpermenent impact . You are cementing asvalting and permanently altering the environment . Who is the idiot here?

      18. Opsec camping….

      19. I bet if the were Muslime or Water Waders from down south, they wouldn’t say a BLANKING thing!!! If they try to throw all of them in jail they just might have a problem.

        Maybe they don’t want them living off the grid because if they get thrown into a FEMA Camp they would survive it and take it over?


      20. This is nothing but UN Agenda 21 and 2030 being imposed.
        Getting Humans out of Nature.

        • Bingo. That is exactly what it is.This is our illegitimate government trying to impose foreign regulations on Americans. I hope they continue on and ignor authorities until the authorities do something stupid in front of the camara for all patriots to see.

      21. I see that as of today the site no longer even puts up my name and fake email address. I’m way ok with not being a beloved daily poster. I am not known for telling people what they want to hear.
        Just an observation but I have seen the video of the guy in the cowboy hat and beard some time ago somewhere on the web. If you are going to go do battle with the county on land use issues would a beard trim and a sport coat and tie really be too much trouble. Yea, yea, I know this is America and we can dress like we please but I think that it is pretty well proven that doing business with the court house you will be better received looking more business like. Charlie Daniels could pull this off but I sure as hell couldn’t. Seems to me you need to have all the arrows in your quiver that are available to you.

        • A hundred dollar suit . Or a five hundred dollar suit? A Brioni or JC penny? What works the best?

          • What works the best? Well, anyone with common sense knows whenever you have to appear in a courtroom, you take the time and effort to look your best. Whether the suit is 100 or 500 dollars isn’t the deciding factor to your overall appearance. Skeptic is absolutely correct, you don’t show up in a courthouse with a long beard , blue jeans, and a cowboy hat. Unless you’re looking to have every possibility there is decided against your interests, that is. yeah, like it or not, you ARE judged by your appearance, this isn’t news by any stretch either, it’s ALWAYS been this way since the beginning of time.

      22. Same thing happening in the small N. Florida town that I’m from. Lots of 1-2 acre mini farms with doublewide trailers on them that were not there 5-10 years ago.

        Seems like almost everyone has goats/chickens/rabbits too.

        Buy another gun tomorrow/The Lord is my Shepherd

      23. Uh Hog,why wait till tomorrow?!

      24. Also Walmart camping…….

      25. Right on angry white guy. You pay your fair share of taxes like me. Why should these people live tax free on their wooded lot just because they live in an rv not a structure up to code. Make a new tax code for other living habitats. At least it’s fair and they can live how they want. Problem with a lot of off grid types is they are broke and are living this way because of it while others have $ but choose a simple life. The people with $ have their septic pumped yearly the broke dig a hole to shit in cover it up and repeat.

      26. Would you want some dirty hippies living in a tent next door to you? Didn’t think so.

        • That’s why they move out to the middle of nowhere . Your fair share of taxes..How high will my fair share go? There’s maybe twenty percent unemployment .But you gov. Employees have big pay checks .You taxed us for, now you want more. And now we can’t even Iive on pretty much waste land without you demanding more. Where can we go to get away from you greedy rats?

      27. America needs a civil war. Drive all the scum out of office, and start again. The last decent president was JFK. All since have just been products of the evil globilist, elitist system.

      28. Fairground camping ……..

      29. As someone mentioned earlier, there is no “Privately Owned” property in the USA. You can only be a “renter”, because if you don’t continue to pay alms unto Ceaser (Gov’t), men with guns will eventually come and remove you from your property.

        I don’t join ANY organizations or “clubs”. I may agree wholeheartedly with the tenets and positions of those org’s, like the Oathtakers…but to be truly ready to live off the grid in the SHTF situation, I don’t want my name on ANY lists that could be acquired by the government. No Facebook, or Twitter accounts either, thank you.

        I’ve took an oath when I joined the military. I still live by it now long after leaving the military. I WILL defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic! I am prepared both for my family, and in concert with my future potential compatriots. Guns, Bullets, Food, Water, Power, and Toilet Paper. Some will rest on their laurels, and others of us will step up and present the battlefront when the time comes.
        “The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage.” – Thucydides

      30. Go green, reduced your footprint, recycle etc. Oh wait these people dont use as much goods and services and the tax revenue we generate off these people is not enough to pay goverment employees. Consume or be consumed that is the question.

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