Author Of ‘Trump Prophecies’ Reveals TWO NEW Prophecies In Interview

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 61 comments

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    Mark Taylor, the author of The Trump Prophecies, claims God revealed two new prophecies to him, and he’s sharing them publicly.

    Taylor predicted Donald Trump would win in 2016. He also said after that historic win, “there would be military style tribunals to prosecute massive crimes in Washington, D.C. With recent revelations of widespread corruption at the FBI and DOJ, could Taylor soon have his second prophecy proven correct? In an interview with USA Watchdog’s Greg Hunter, Taylor explained that prediction.

    “The whole push right now is people are screaming ‘release the memo, release the memo.’  When you have Congress that has read the memo, and they are saying this is going to be a nuclear bomb, that’s bad.  It’s worse than most people would think.  I have been on record for the last year, year and a half saying that when this stuff starts to break, they are going to have to be careful how they handle this because this could take down parts of government. . . . One of the objectives for the ‘Army of God’ is to start praying now because when they serve these arrest warrants and start rounding these people up, there could be some civil unrest.  It’s up to us to blaze a trail in the spiritual so it doesn’t manifest in the natural. . . . We are on the precipice or the cusp of all this taking place.  When they release that memo . . . I am not saying there will be civil unrest because it’s our job to pray against that stuff, but there could be some hot spots in some areas of the country.  We  just need to be prepared for some of this stuff because we are crossing a threshold in this country where we have never been before.  I said a long time ago this is going to go global.  It’s not just America that is involved in this stuff.  You are going to see other countries involved. . . I think the pin has been pulled on the grenade, and this thing is about ready to explode.”


    Hunter then asks Taylor’s take on the mainstream media and the obvious desire those people have to cover up this scandal.

    “The mainstream media is…corrupt. They can’t be trusted first off. They’re in the pockets of the globalists.  They’re being told what to do, they’re being told what to say. It’s scripted out. It’s a known fact thet they’ve got scripts that they send to each one.  From my understanding…there’s actually CIA operatives assigned to the mainstream media.

    It’s psychological warfare. They know how to do this where they are manipulating the people. They are decieving the people.

    I just know that God’s gonna clean out the news media, and the news media’s gonna take a hard hit. At some point, the spirit of truth will come back to the news media.”

    Taylor’s first new prophecy revolves around the national debt. He goes on to say that Trump’s decreased regulations of the oil and gas industry will help slay the debt.

    “There could be many things that will slay the debt, but one of the things that kills the debt or slays the debt will be oil. The energy boom that is fixing to take place right now in this country is like nothing we have ever seen in the history of our country.  The energy is fixing to explode.  Here’s what they are not reporting on mainstream media. . . . All of these oil rigs went to . . . all these other places under the Obama Administration because he had the permitting locked down so tight.  Trump has released the drilling rights and given the permits out. . . . All these rigs that have gone overseas, they are picking up all their equipment and drilling rigs and are on their way here, as we speak.  We are fixing to have an oil boom and an energy boom that has never been seen before . . . and I believe that is what actually slays the debt.

    That’s basically [the prophecy] in a nutshell, right there.”

    But Taylor has yet one more prophecy he reveals to Hunter in the interview. “It’s called ‘The Evil Crew of 32,” says Taylor. He then speaks of repenting and asks the leaders of churches and the United States to understand that this message is for them.

    “The spirit of God says ‘two will be taken and three will be shaken. While I will remove two from the evil crew of 32, and the other three shall be shaken to the core. The 32 years they have altogether served and empowered that entity called Bael, and the covenant they had holding up this house with the Illuminati and the New World Order shall come crumbling down. For when the first one is taken, it will be a sign that the New World Order shall die. When the second one is taken, it will be a sign that anyone calling himself ‘mine’ but comes against my Israel, sympathizing with their enemies will not be tolerated. The three that will be shaken will be a sign that no one is above the most high God, not even those that hold the highest offices in the land.

    Yes, even the Supreme Court will be shaken. Do not fear, America, when you see these things manifesting, for these things must come to pass. I will clean up the darkness and it will usher in my light. For I have America in my hand.”

    The 32 represents the 32 years the five former living presidents of the United States served as “leaders.” Taylor’s prophecy is interesting, to say the least – take from it what you will, but he says two will be removed from the face of the earth and the other three will be “shaken.”


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      1. Meanwhile 1,607 children are aborted per day in America. Yes, God loves America so much for killing their own kids that he is going to clean it up and bless it! Haha! You are on the precipice of extinction. God Dam America!

        • Abortions save the planet and the taxpayers zillions of dollars! Without it we would be at probably 1 billion worthless jerkoffs in this country. Sterilize em’ all! Or YOU pay for them and feed them and house them on YOUR property.

          • LOL – and you actually believe that crap.

          • Gotta point there. We (if you are white) would be a minority by now as well if not for abortions. Just sayin.

          • Yet you YOURSELF weren’t aborted, Genius. Ever wonder why?

            I guess your parents were a LOT smarter than you? God bless them for having you. I sincerely mean that.

            By the way, your logic is way off. In point of fact, we no doubt have killed the brilliant ones who would have cured all cancers and done much more.

            Also, in case you didn’t know, when a country’s quality of life improves, the birth rate recedes = goes down.

            But the only thing abortionists seem to “plan” is the death of more of God’s babies. They certainly don’t plan families.

            In fact, they never have planned ANYONE’s “parenthood”!

            If you don’t wanna take the responsibility for raising a baby, then don’t take the responsibility for MAKING a baby.

            Lastly, I just don’t know what PART of ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL!’ the pro-death people don’t understand!

            Let’s pray for ALL God’s children– those aborted, and those brought to term. That’s you, that’s me, that’s everybody.

            – the Lone Ranger

            • If I was aborted I wouldn’t even know it would I? And my IQ is higher than my parents. And naggers are the highest of abortions and the lowest IQ. The cure for cancer has been suppressed for decades because there is no money in cures (medical mafia). And why would anyone sane have kids when it’s a predetermined FACT that they will be suffering a hell of a lot more than we are? Thou shalt not kill is buybull BS because buybull believers kill millions of innocent people all the time in BS wars in the name of fake patriotism and propaganda to enrich they’re slave master’s! Like I said, if abortion was illegal (they would still do it) this place would be one hell of a lot worse! That IS A FACT JACK! Humans need to use logic more and BS less. The mathematical FACT is that at the current rate (with legal abortion) this planet will be a living hell in 100 years. Without it maybe 50 years. Your logic is not very long term but based on emotion. My parents were no where near as intelligent as me (I know, I lived with them) and they were both teachers. I was the black sheep as I was trouble and questioned shit. Good day sir….

              • I read if it wasn’t for gov. Paid abortions , America would have double our population and be 65% black? Just saying?

            • Lone R, genius: These W women need to be sterilized, the males if they want to run w/ these trollops. condoms fail and women forget the pill. If couples are done w/ having kids, then sterilization is available, not rocket science, yet the moron low IQ riff raff keep breeding like rats here and o’seas like animals and we end up paying to feed them in schools here because parents are drug addicts and can’t afford food or too lazy to fix meals. I know some white folks on snap cards w/8 kids because their religion says to breed. father works wife stays home.

            • Ever worry about Iraqi babies? Syrian babies? Yemeni babies? Palestinian babies?

        • Many characters in the Bible were murderers but Yahuah still blessed them.

        • Kate: I will add: legalizing gay marriages, forcing businesses to do cakes, photos and flowers against their religious beliefs, gays and transgenders in military making the military an utter disgrace. Having military based in 200 some odd places world wide now. Drug addiction worse, The disgrace of the Marxist dems acting like jerks at the speech last eve. Failure of churches to stand up for anything other than fish frys, potlucks, rummage sales, scheduling musicians and entertainment and fund raisers. Apostate 501c3’s, apostate church members and clergy (modern day pharisees) will be cast into lake of fire. Folks lv these churches and home church or meet in small groups for Bible study, etc. I am retired and see country is sliding faster than a NY minute into a hellish abyss, Trump is doing all he can w/ much opposition. Small ind. churches are ignored as “old fashioned” old hymn singing, real preaching. So called patriots I know refuse to lv these phony churches, because all they care about is a social club. All we can do really is warn others.

        • no, don’t damn America. Damn the satanic globalists who use everybody for their satanic agenda. (but they’re already damned because they sold their souls to Satan to “achieve” what they’ve “achieved”)

      2. there would be military style tribunals


      3. “military style tribunals”

        The mere mention of that is frightening. We have laws that must conform to the US Constitution and nothing else for any reason is acceptable, period.

        • Kevin, I gotta meet you someday. My first thought when I read ‘military tribunals’ was similar. I liken history to a pendulum clock – swinging back and forth. We’ve gone so far left – the complicit media, our political class actually thinking they are a class apart and above the law, the general level of distance between citizens caused by the wonderful communication technology that has separated one from another, the loss of family and the values it used to represent, the murder of children called reproductive planning, the general ennui of society as a whole needing more and more violence and stimulation to just feel …. anything. This Mark Taylor I don’t fault for seeking to get his voice ‘out there’; but, his swing-setting on the pendulum notions will take us too far right. Me? I’d be happy to just stop the weight from swinging for a while. Let us check the clock, adjust the workings back to the way it was built.

          • Amen! We must be careful it doesn’t swing too far back to the right, but back to the constitution.

            Son of Liberty

        • Unlikely. I’d still wager nothing will happen. The swamp will continue to fill. People will become even more diverted and apathetic, as the corruption around then deepens. We will be swamped by the third world, and the bankers and marxists will laugh.

          • Trump signed an EO on 12/21/17 declaring a National Emergency because of Human Rights Abuses and Corruption. The military is now in play. Do you think that any of these crooks will receive justice in front of a rigged jury and a corrupt judge appointed by a Clinton or an Obama? It has to be a Military Tribunal. Do you believe that Trump decided to run for President and live in a 200 year old house with his billions? The military pressured him to run. It was get Trump to run or else a military coup on Traitor 44. Trump ran and the chosen one (Cankles) was cast to the side, just like the 16 Republicans. I believe Taylor is right.

          • But not physically around the actual swamp, Washington D.C. There is too much money pouring into those counties around the swamp for people that provide nothing but swamp improvement policies.

      4. It is entirely possible to have tribunals AND conform to the law of the land.

        Stop being a ninny.

        • More buybull BS. Gee he got 2 things right (kinda). I can predict shit a lot better than that….

        • pipes

          Certainly not.

          The 6th Amendment

          In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense

          The 5th Amendment

          No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

          • If you like the 2nd ammendment and reload you might be frustrated that LEE has a new model autoprime that is a piece of shit. I have the old model and love it but alas it is getting worn out. They are going for over 100 bux on ebay now (used with holders). Lee fooked up discontinuing the old model but wait…. There’s a new kid in town with great ratings and very heavy duty with adjustable primer depth! From midwayusa dot com and Frankfurt Arsenal 44.99 with a set of shell holders! Check it out 🙂

            ht tps://

          • So Kevin2 if the President declares war on N Korea could the swamp monsters then be tried in a military tribunal, without abandoning the constitution? Just asking.

      5. ” deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

        I guess Trump didn’t read that part?

        • “I just know that God’s gonna clean out the news media, and the news media’s gonna take a hard hit. At some point, the spirit of truth will come back to the news media.”

          It would be nice, but God won’t do it.
          IT doesn’t work that way.
          A human might, or lots of them, but He won’t.

      6. The bs about the drilling rigs is flat out wrong

        If you want to find out where the rigs are……..look on marinetraffic(dot)com, go to a map area off Grand Isle LA, the good ones are right there, the rest are stacked across vasrious ports in South America and a few in South Africa.

        I hope the do bring em all back, my paycheck depends on it.

        But no, they’re not working over seas, they’re STACKED overseas.

      7. Order out of chaos. When all of this corruption and madness comes to a head world-wide a “leader” will be put on display. He will offer to bring the world together and end the corruption/madness. He will go out conquering, appear to die and be risen, go into the temple of God and declare himself above all called God. Make all worship and take his mark or be put to death. He is a liar and false savior. Jesus, God come in the flesh is Lord and the only way.

      8. Alright; let us see.

        Carter (1)
        the two Bushes (2)
        Clinton (1) however we were told two for the price of one?
        Obama (1)
        = 5 no not common core math.
        from article: take from it what you will, but he says two will be removed from the face of the earth and the other three will be “shaken.”

        It appears that two of the five living presidents will say in a strong public statement or threat which could be considered over the top blasphemy and as a result of that these two are stricken in a way that everyone will know that there no doubt what they did caused their deaths.

        This is symbolic in that in The New Testament, one of the Herod’s proclaimed himself to be God and was immediately stricken with worms and he died.

        In the Old Testament one Priest two sons took what was considered Strange Fire or an incense not cultivated for Temple use as prescribed to Moses by God and they were consumed in the outer part of the Temple by fire.

        Have to be something significant if this is true.

        Well, he wrote it?

        Just speculation on my part.

      9. There will be NO military style tribunals of any people outside of the military UCMJ.
        Anyone that thinks that is delusional.

      10. Here is where you know this guy is a false prophet:

        “anyone calling himself ‘mine’ but comes against my Israel, sympathizing with their enemies will not be tolerated.”

        The Zionist State of Israel is of Satan.

      11. Israel did 9-11. Is God the devil? So confusing.

        • TPTB did 911. To who and where they subcontracted were likely several.

        • Theirs is.

      12. Don’t pay attention to the man or men behind the curtain…they’ll get theirs soon enough .

        As for me….continue prepping and as always…buy more ammo .

      13. All those mid-easterners they have brought in to San Diego County are popping out babies like rabbits, and most all at taxpayers expense.

      14. God’s had enough of human’s evils on earth.

        So God sends His Prophets.

        Through the Prophets, God calls each and ever person to CONVERSION, to true repentance.

        He or she who turns away from sin and who repents, accepts God’s unfathomable mercy.

        He or she who does not, will receive God’s judgment.

        The choice is mercy or judgment. YOU choose!

        But God WON’T stand for the destruction of His creation or of His children. Hence, the purging of evildoers IS coming.

        According to the late Abraham Heschel, the Prophet articulates the heart, mind, and will of Yahweh.

        So each of us has a choice: mercy, or judgment.

        Judgment IS coming.

        What is your choice?

        – the Lone Ranger

        • I beg to differ, The universe is under natural law not some man made up heaven and hell BS. Ya maybe a type of judgement based on your karma as to where you will go next. The buybull was written by man NOT the creator. We are in a school of sorts and what you do dictates what your next lesson is. Do bad, go to a bad place, do good go to a better place. This goes on for a looooonnnngggg time. Ever evolving on a cosmic scale. There is no heaven and no hell that is all made up BS to give the more intelligent elite power over you. Religion is a form of govt. like it or not. No christianity or whatever required, just your evolvement of your being. Jesus has NEVER been proved to exist and the buybull has been edited and rewritten by every ruler since it was made up. Any intelligent person could write the buybull, all you have to do is understand the nature of man.

          • Answer me this… What happens to all the people that have never heard of jesus? Do they go to hell? How long has this been going on? Hell must be pretty damn full!

            • I read a few years ago that some higher up in the catholic church said on record… “there is no hell”. Religion will only fuck your head up, get over it. You don’t need all that shit to tune into the real god….

              • Dammit,why doesn’t anyone disagree with me? I love a good arguement lol.

                • I wonder if a big reason for a all powerful God , Is to tell rich powerful evil people that they won’t get away with it?

                • The reason is found in the 26th chapter of Proverbs verse 4:
                  Never argue with a fool….

                  …and further in verse 12:
                  Do you see a man wise in his own eyes?
                  There is more hope for a fool than for him.

                • Lol ok I’ll bite
                  What you wanna fight about lol

                • Genius, it would be pointless to disagree with you, for your mind is already set to think you know the answer to everything. I read several of your comments, and the nicest words I could use to describe those “rants” are “ad infinitum and ad nauseam”!

            • The answer is what we call the “anonymous Christian”: people who never heard of Christ but have lived lives of goodness. They do not go to Hell.

              I think, Mr. Genius, that the possibility that you might be wrong is so frightening to you that your terror comes out in many of your absolutist statements.

              It’s easy to blame “God” for the free will decisions of humans whose behavior has caused massive pain and suffering, even death to others. God cannot interfere with a person’s free will or they are not truly free!

              If you want to know if God exists, then in a quiet and Sincere tone, ask God to show you a sign that He indeed exists. I cannot guarantee when you will get your answer. But you will get an answer.

              Put more simply, if we take the responsibility for asking a question, then we must simultaneously take the responsibility for “hearing” the answer!

              – the Lone Ranger

      15. “military style tribunals” wouldn’t this mean a catastrophe / break down in government has taken place, and civil unrest, probably martial law of some sort?

        When does the military hold trials of Americans who aren’t in the military? They don’t!

        To be fair “military style” are the words used, but still …

        • I think at most, it will be more congressional hearings where nothing comes of it.

      16. If even one thing a Prophet says is of God, does not come to pass PRECISELY as that prophet said it would then that man is NOT a prophet of the Mist High God, but is serving himself and by extension, sawtawn ( how “Satan” is pronounced according to scripture ).

        “My people perish for lack of wisdom, they seek high and low to find me but will not invest themselves in my Book. They claim my Name but have no understanding of Who I AM, this saddens Me greatly, for I am Love and they are without looking inward, their door remains barred against me, though they thought they had thrown it open wide.
        Whoever loves Me has My testimony AND keeps My Fathers commands. Unless you do both you are not Mine. Thus sayth the Lord “

        • Sawtawns children at play? Revalation 2:9, 3:9 John 8:44.

      17. A lot of these so-called prophets are nothing more than shithouse lawyers trying to sell
        a book. I’m not saying that about this guy, but there are quite a few people out there
        making money off the name of Jesus. Religion is a business for some.

      18. For every abortion there is a Mexican to take their place

      19. I hate to tell you this Mark Taylor. You have no idea what is going on this planet. They are not going to get arrested, TOTAL BULLSHIT. Trump is part of the deep state. You are delusional.

        These are the facts and verified by my source. This guy is 100% on the money. This is out future. Total destruction. Listen to a man who hangs out with Paul Volker and other elites and what they have planned. You thing these people can get arrested. bullshit.


        • There he is ????
          You done pouting

      20. HCKS… Everybody has to have some Earthly authority figure to believe in… well not everybody I guess. I don’t either.

      21. The Council on Foreign Relations control the media with an iron fist. You have to control what the people hear see and read to maintain effective overall control. It adds up to a near lockdown on the actual truth. Outside voices are ridiculed and relegated as conspiracy fringe lunatics. The CIA do oversee what passes as news.

      22. I believe the responses may have strayed from the point of the story. It is time to beg for divine intervention. Humble yourself in prayer and ask that gods will to be done,(as it is beyond our ability to foresee the best outcome). Also pray for confusion of the enemy and for mercy for us all. All other actions are secondary. This is a call to spiritual action not pontification (to speak in a pompous or dogmatic manner). Oddly this will be asking too much of many.

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