Austerity: Republican Leader Proposes Raising Retirement to Age 70

by | Jun 29, 2010 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    Just when you thought we had enough money for the Social Security ponzi scheme, it turns out we don’t.

    Republican Minority Leader John Boehner says we need to reform the country’s entitlement system, starting with Social Security:

    Eventually getting the retirement age to 70 is a step that needs to be taken.

    I think, secondly, instead of using the wage inflator, that increases in social security should be based on the consumer price index. I think it’s a more accurate reflection.

    And third, we need to look at the American people and explain to them that we’re broke. If you have substantial non-Social Security income while you’re retired, why are we paying you at a time when we’re broke? We just need to be honest with people.

    I think if we did those three things we would solve the problem.

    Good luck Mr. Boehner. It’s never going to happen, well, not until we get to the point where the entire system comes crashing down, then it will be forced on us by the free market.

    First, the wage inflator exists because we have an out of control Federal Reserve that prints money like a Hasbro board game factory. If we want real price stability, then we need to get the central bank under control.

    Second, we need to get Congress and the Executive under control, including you, Mr. Boehner. You continue to commit trillions of dollars to programs that are simply not necessary. Entitlements like social security, Medicaid, Obamacare and welfare are just part of the problem. Over-bloated, inefficient government is the real issue. You’ve been in Congress for twenty years. What have you really done to curb spending?

    Third, if you made a commitment to pay a retiree social security, then regardless of how much money they have, they should be paid what they’re owed. You, the government, seized assets by force, and are now reneging on your promise.

    Of course, this was to be expected. Social Security, unknown to most Americans, is one of those programs that can be eliminated at any time and for any reason. There is no obligation on the government’s part to pay you what is owed.

    Going forward, we should eliminate social security, as well as GovHealthcare and let the private sector handle these issues.

    By eliminating social security and current GovMedical care programs, working Americans would be able to keep in the area of 8% of their income which is currently sucked out of their paycheck every month. In addition, employers would be able to keep an additional 8% or so, giving them more money to invest in their employees and businesses. Those who are self employed would keep around 16%-17% of what they currently pay to government for these programs.

    As Mr. Boehner said, we are broke. Solution: Stop Spending.

    How hard is that?

    It’s either going to happen voluntarily right now, or it will be forced upon us in a catastrophic collapse of the entire system as we know it at some time in the near future.

    For those under the age of about 45, this should be a huge warning sign. Do not expect social security to be there for you, especially considering that the rules of the game can change at any time. It’s time to start planning your retirement without any government support. For those over 45 and depending on social security, we hope that the system can hold on long enough, but we’re not holding our breath.



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      1. Right on, Mac. Not only plan for retirement without the help of the government, but plan for EVERYTHING without them (emergencies, defending yourself, etc.) The only thing Boehner said that made sense IMO was “And third, we need to look at the American people and explain to them that we’re broke. If you have substantial non-Social Security income while you’re retired, why are we paying you at a time when we’re broke? We just need to be honest with people.”  One question I have for him, though: HOW IS POSTPONING THE RETIREMENT AGE GOING TO CHANGE THE FACT THAT WE’RE BROKE? “Broke” tells me that we can’t afford to pay anything out.

      2. Can you say, ” Political Suicide?”   

      3. Comments….. just peachy Mr comred, make you a deal put back all the funds that the Gov. has shifted and stolen from Social Security and put in worthless IOU’S . or quit taking this out of my check and allow me to invest It myself or by gold and silver, if you do this I promise I will not ask you for a thing  when I retire except all you folks to leave me alone.

      4. WHY IS IT , that republicans always want to shoot themselves in the foot with this kind of crap ? The libs are going to have a field day pointing out how bad the GOP is , and this bozo just gave the libs a big  gift . How stupid !

      5. These complete A Holes.  They have bankrupted our country and stolen from us (via social in-security and other taxes) saying we will have “guaranteed income” when we retire.  Social (IN)Security is a Ponzi scheme extraordinaire.   It is nothing less than theft of the middle and lower classes.  Most Baby Boomers will get next to nothing out of the Ponzi scheme.  And now these Masters of Deception have taken over health care and they have plans to confiscate all retirement plans.   Watch Out.

      6. Why not admit they never had the Constitutional authority to start this ponzi schemes in the first place…..just like there is no authority to feed your school kids, buy food, medical care, shelter, cell phones, and so on for “po” folk and all the OTHER SH*T lumped under “entitlements”. 

        There is no authority for the Depts of Agriculture, Energy, Education, and probably 1/2 dozen others. 

        There was no authority for CONgress to sub out the power to “coin money and regulate the value thereof” to a private banking cartel ( aka “The FED” ).

        Hell, why not just admit that about 90% of the Federal Govt is solely for corporate interests and nanny state liberals….and if you cut all that crap out, the PEOPLE would be a whole lot better off.

      7. Just eliminate this frigging ponzi scheme once and for all………….the government is taking YOUR money by force, using it FREE OF CHARGE, and then telling you THE RIGHTFUL OWNER of that money that you may never see it again because  they spent it on other things!  I’m in the under 45 group……and I’m sick of this shit. Oh and one more thing………..I tried to get my daughter a fishing license today and you can’t even do that without a Social Security number. Not an I.D. huh? You lying Sons of Bitches.

      8. If they raise the social security age to 70, then they should also delay any pension and health care benefits that Congress receives until they are 70 years old as well, or perhaps put them on the same program we are.  Oh jeepers, that would be too logical, wouldn’t it? 

      9. Great comments, all of you.  I couldn’t agree more.  The whole government and all of the stupid idiot morons in washington should be taken out in the gulf and thrown in.  Let them all sink to the bottom.   Each and every one of them….  The sharks can have them all.

      10. Andy….+100! Instead of screwing me out of MY MONEY that was taken from me without my consent for over 37 years they should first of all close down the Dept. of Energy. That POS agency was started in the 70’s to find alternate ways of reducing our Dependance on foreign oil. We are importing a helluvalot more oil now then when it stared…..IT FAILED….close it down. And that would be just for starters as far as getting rid of bloated, useless agencies. Of course that won’t happen, they are going to throw us to the dogs.

      11. Washington DC has made the United States a laughing stock to the world. Those who pull the strings of the puppet politicians ‘want’ to see riots and civil unrest in this country. Implementing martial law is the only way these dark souls can finally finish the job of destroying this nation and the U.S. Constitution. A war is coming, and most Americans are still blind to it.
        Search,,,,military prepares for civil unrest,,,,census bureau gps tagging front door,,,,imf chief warns of riots in response to economic crisis,,,,MARTIAL LAW,,,,.

        Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

      12. Shut the fuck up airborne 71…Are you still playing the repubs. good/demos. bad or vice versa game? You moron, haven’t you figured it out yet, man?  Well here’s a clue–the repub. and demos. are just two sides of the same coin, or if you prefer, two wings of the same smelly shitbird, and neither gives a flying crap about you (pun intended). People like you who perpetuate this two-party, democracy/republic farce really piss me off because you allow them, through your mindless drivel, to divide us over stupid issues like your  comment above.  This is not about one of these corrupt political parties “looking ” better at election time than the other.  This is not a football game you spastic bucket of ass sweat.  This is real life, with real consequenses.   Let me state this loud and clear so you can understand it–THERE IS NO “GOOD” POLITICAL PARTY LOOKING OUT FOR THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY, ESPECIALLY NOT THE DEMOS OR REPUBS.  THERE ARE SIMPLY ORGANIZED POLITICAL MAFIAS HELL BENT ON REDUCING YOU TO THIRD-WORLD PEASANT STATUS, IF NOT AN ACTUAL SLAVE. 
        Now piss off and go back to your rush limbaugh program.

      13. A drop in the bucket, IMO.

        You ain’t seen nothing yet.

        Mac’s right…

        At SOME POINT…probably sometime this decade…I think we’ll see a c. 30-40% cut in all governmental spending.

        It will happen either because “we” choose to do it or the market forces it upon us.

        It’s not a matter of “if” it happens – it’s “when.”

      14. Daddy figured that if I spent the summer of my 13th year backfilling trenches for him with a shovel that it would help to “build my character”. Social Security Taxes were taken out of my very first pay check.

        I am now within 8 months of turning 62. This means that I have now paid Social Security Taxes for over 48 years of my life. I have also had Medicare  Taxes deducted from my pay checks since the inception of this program.

        It really pisses me off to hear people refer to Social Security and Medicare referred to as ENTITLEMENT Programs. I didn’t have any choice in the matter, the money was simply deducted from my pay checks and forwarded on to the government. NOBODY  is ‘giving’ Social Security and Medicare recipiants anything. The money was taken/stolen from us and certain very specific PROMISES were made to us in return.

        Most of us figured out years ago that Social Security was a complete ‘crock-of-crap’! If it is such a great deal, then why DON’T the employees of the Federal Government or members of the Congress or Senate participate in it? Why do they have their own personal and seperate retirement plan; one that they haven’t stolen/looted the so-called “surplus” from? Their plan isn’t broke and they will receive lavish retirement benefits.

        Ain’t life great here in Amerika??? I do know this; before I  ever eat cat food because I don’t have the money to buy food, I am going over to Congfess Critter Boehner’s house for dinner!

      15. Republicans are no different then the Dems..this left wing rep. wants wealthier people to forgo SS even tho they paid into it for decades!  As for raising the retirement age it may have to be done; but if the person dies, the spouse should be able to draw the whole  amount, or  next of kin..just like an insurance policy.  My husband started SS over 6 years several years he will have received all he ever paid in since 1960 incl interest figured  in, if  interest was incl. over years.  People in their 80’s and 90’s  have drawn way way over what they ever paid in.  The system should really work like a 401k or IRA mmkt.savings acct (no stock mkt. inv.) with interest added since people wouldn’t save enough on their own and end up on welfare. This way in retirement they’d have a fat nest egg. Employers  wouldn’t have to match it but they could do so by choice.

      16. Uh…Markie, I hate to bust your rant, but  rank and file federal government employees have been paying into the social security trust fund scheme since 1987.  Contrary to popular myth, federal government employees (excluding congressmen and their aids)  since that time have been contributing from  their own salaries into a 401k-type program called the Thrift Savings Plan.  Look it up if you don’t beleive me–I don’t really care.  So before you go shooting off your mouth about shit you have no idea about,  do at least alittle fact checking.  However, I do feel you when it comes to the recent phenomenon of these ass-maggot, so-called elected officials now telling us that the programs we were made to pay into under threat of force are not obligated to provide the benefits.  All I can say is, “I’m gonna get mine”.  And you can too, but you gotta stop your incessant whinning on these comment boards.  For god’s sakes man, get up and get fired up.  Then go out and fire some more people up.  God willing, with enough pain applied to the right places with whats about to come down the pike and you in as many people’s faces as you can stand, telling them why, who, and how everything they worked for all their lives was taken away…the American people will wake up.   Then, the cleansing can begin…  

      17. “First, the wage inflator exists because we have an out of control Federal Reserve that prints money like a Hasbro board game factory.”



        That is TRULY hilarious! As soon as I get up, I’ll start crying again.

        Do these dishonest bastard-thieves think we are going to put up with this MBFM (Male Bovine Fecal Matter – Bullshit) for friggin’ ever?

        I’m ready! Lets hope this whole ponzi scheme (I mean the WHOLE one, not just the SS one…) grenades real soon. Its been 150 years since we had a real country and I, for one, am ready for it to come back.

      18. I read somewhere that SS is nothing but a loan you take out from the government.

        Why do I say that? Because apparently when one dies whatever is left of their SS balance is transferred directly to the Feds. It does NOT pass to next of kin. If SS were a “benefit” this would not be the case. You take out the loan when you turn 62, and the “credits” you earn up until age 62 are nothing but a form of interest prepayment on that loan (that they take directly out of your paycheck without your consent). When you die, the government collects the remaining balance. And they profit, since they collected all that interest while you were working.

        If this is true, then there is a logical paradox here. The government can never lose any $ on any of these loans, so how can they be running out of money?

        So who’s lying here? Even worse, we would never have agreed to these terms if there was full disclosure from the beginning, so how do we go about getting our blood and sweat back from them when it’s mandatory to pay into the system in the first place?


      20. The really funny thing about this is that Rep Boner and the ass wipe republicans, working in bi-partisan cooperation with the shit-brained democrats, are actively making every concession imaginable to our corporate leaders in order to ship every decent paying job off to china or india.  What does Boner want us to do, work in a fucking mcdonalds until we’re 70?

        I’m coming to the conclusion that every elected official is a criminal, and everyone who supports a political party or candidate (regardless of party)  is guilty of collaborating to commit treason against America.  Fucking scumbags.

      21. I once argued with a fairly older coworker about whether social security was a scam or not. He seemed to think it was good for some unidentifiable reason. I fortunately haven’t paid much of anything into the ponzi scam yet. Whatever happens in the next 5-10 years I can tell for certain there’s gonna be a terrible and dark transition for most people who depend on SS, medicare(aid), foodstamps,  and Federal Reserve Notes for that matter. Sadly most haven’t the slightest fucking clue what’s coming their way on a pale green horse.

      22. I’m sure raising the retirement age to 70 sounds good to someone who wears a suit and goes to dinners, meetings and rallies for his work; however, for people like my father, who works swing shift at a factory, in 110+ degree temps in summer and below freezing on winter, and has for 35 years, doing that kind of labor at 70 is difficult if not impossible (I know 25 year olds who can’t do it).  Same goes for anyone in extreme work conditions.  The answer is to quit giving away money to those who haven’t earned it (welfare recepients, section 8 housing, etc) and give it to the people who paid in, worked hard, and simply want to have the money they were promised to pay bills.

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