At Every Opportunity, a Pound of Flesh: “Turning Whole U.S. into a Debt Prison”

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    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The

    Editor’s Comment: The system is invested in plundering its people. Most of them are suckers, ready to shell out. The rest can be tracked down, harassed with papers and debts, obligations and penalties. Above all is still taxes, and the U.S. government is interested in keeping everyone, even ex-pats, under their thumb as part of the herd of cash cows.

    Perhaps the most revealing line in this story is: “If you default, your financial life is ruined. You have to deal in cash for the rest of your life.” They hold all the cards, and the little people must jump through all the hoops to even qualify for participation in the system.

    Here’s How the Government Is Turning the Entire United States into a Debt Prison

    by Shaun Bradley

    Since the United States was founded, citizenship has represented a safe haven from oppressive regimes around the world. By preserving the principles of small government and free markets, those who were willing to work hard found success, and America became a magnet for innovation. But as the U.S. continues to erode personal and economic freedom, more people than ever before are handing over their U.S. passports to seek better opportunities abroad.

    The staggering amount of debt held by the American empire ensures the public will be working it off for generations to come. The government has already begun its campaign to make it more difficult to leave the country, and it has also begun to crack down on the finances of the eight million Americans living abroad. Regardless of whether you’re a millionaire with multiple foreign bank accounts or a recent college graduate with a boatload of debt, the status of being a United States citizen brings with it a burden that will only grow heavier over time.

    Since 2008, the number of individuals giving up their citizenship has increased by almost 560%, setting new records each of the past three years. Some of these expats are motivated by the extra tax load paid when working abroad while others are trying to avoid student loan debt. Others have just had enough of the encroaching police state.

    Every taxpayer left in the country now owes more than $149,000 of the national debt, so it’s no surprise the tide is beginning to turn. By hook or by crook, in the coming years, citizens will be fleeced of that money through higher taxes, savings that are inflated away, and an overall drop in their standard of living. Many can see the writing on the wall and have become determined to protect themselves from the years of economic repression coming down the pipe.

    Draconian steps have already been taken to slow the rate of expatriation. For one, the IRS has broadened its reach into foreign bank accounts through the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Through agreements with over 100 nations, the law is able to require all financial institutions abroad to report the account details of any American customers they have. With access to this new information, the IRS can revoke the passports of potential tax evaders and hinder their ability to travel using yet another additional power the agency was granted last year.

    The Internal Revenue Service is one of the most powerful agencies of the federal government and has a track record of persecuting groups for political reasons. The fact that they have now set their sights are expats shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    The Tea Party movement, whatever your views on it, experienced this first-hand during the 2012 elections. Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots spoke on the targeting scandal:

    “The IRS has demonstrated the most disturbing, illegal and outrageous abuse of government power. This deliberate targeting and harassment of tea party groups reaches a new low in illegal government activity and overreach.”

    While penalties are being levied against those with enough money to work around the world, the most impactful measures are aimed at those just making ends meet. The initial paperwork for renouncing citizenship used to cost just $450, but it has skyrocketed to $2,350, making it the most expensive fee of any country in the world. It may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but this additional expense directly targets the young and working class, creating a huge barrier to even starting the process. As an added bonus, the price increase has raised over $12 million for government coffers in just over a year.

    The $19.5 trillion in debt that has been amassed through decades of interventionist policies and clandestine operations can only be maintained by taxing the government’s human livestock. After all, the federal government counts student loans as almost 30% of their net worth. If the young and productive workers of the future are allowed to leave, U.S. power and wealth will go with them.

    The Millennial generation has been completely duped by the federal loan programs, pumped out to any 18-year-old with a pulse. The $1.3 trillion in outstanding student loans is akin to indentured servitude for those entering the dismal job market. And students themselves aren’t the only ones on the chopping block — 90% of these loans are co-signed by the parents, attaching the ball and chain further up the family tree. For those tempted to jump ship and disappear into another country, their families will be held responsible in their stead. It’s reminiscent of North Korea, where the families of defectors are punished.

    Noah Brown, president of the Association of Community College Trustees wrote:

    “If you default, your financial life is ruined. You have to deal in cash for the rest of your life. It used to be death and taxes were the only certainty. You can throw in student loans now.”

    Many are learning the hard way that these loans are unique and can’t be wiped away by simply declaring bankruptcy. Instead of the collateral being a house or a car, it’s future earnings that can be seized.

    Those who find themselves with no way out have been offered a deal with the devil — work in the public sector for 10 years and you will be granted your freedom. This has created a perverse incentive to work directly for the state, placing fresh cogs in the military, police, and bureaucratic machines. The policies seen so far are soft measures compared to what may be tried in the future as the government grows and the economy weakens. A new type of debt prison is being built in the U.S., and as the inmates realize their predicament, the rush for the exits could be chaotic — so long as people can afford to pay the fee to leave.

    Those who understand the fragile state of our economic and political system can see that when politicians start building walls, it may be more about keeping people in than out. Despite the brainwashing often conducted in public schools, many are realizing the future for U.S. citizens may look very different than the past. The freedom and opportunity that have been synonymous with U.S. citizenship are being transformed before our eyes. When America abandoned its core values and let loose the scourge of oppressive big government, the countdown to when citizens would pay the price began.

    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The


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        • Sean Bradley has written an interesting and informative article. Congratulations for something worthy of reading and discussing.

          Thank you Mac for this one.

      2. Check out the “Cleaner Man” over at The Daily Sheeple.

        Get ready Satori. Hehehehehe!

          • Boyo.


            • A quick lesson for anyone willing to listen to me.

              To add a U-tube link ( at this site and may others ), copy the original U-tube link, paste in the comments and then hit ENTER to start a new line. This activates the link as a hot link ( click to watch , with video displayed )

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              • sorry – add directly to end of the url string, no spaces…

                • Anon, Boyo, WhoWTF, LaManiac, Talon, (a few of the) Anonymous posts, et al., are one and the same poster.

                  Before you blast me over exposing your multiple accounts I have been contributing here on shtf for the past 2.5 years and only reading, not posting, for the past 6 months since I noticed you joined using multiple screen names (for the past 6 months) insulting as many posters as you can and can get away with, and then praising your own posts.

                  And going forward, if you want to reply to your own posts to strengthen your opinion/position and give the perception that you’re popular here, wait longer than your typical 5-20 minutes. Give it more like an hour or more.

                  For one example, your first post here is anon @ 8:42 and then you replied to yourself a bit too soon at boyo @ 8:56 … and then you had the audacity to reply again at anon 8:59, and it goes on from there. I don’t believe your first posts were immediately posted and then another poster came along and immediately replied, taking into consideration the time to type the post. Not buying it.

                  Don’t bother replying, I will not read your insane, defensive juvenile response. Time to grow up.

                  • CC, I have often wondered how many monikers one poster runs on.
                    Seems some need to argue with themselves and others.
                    Then some make predictions, like silver at 26$, wrong as usual.
                    Make one wonder what will happen when the internet is given over?
                    Spewing hate here might be ended, same with free speech…

                    • eppe, He’s got five monikers at least that I know of, and will occasionally also post under the Anonymous screen name, especially if the other poster who uses Anonymous is also on here posting. I noticed this earlier in the year, when he first appeared on shtf under Talon, anon and boyo and then two or three months ago added WhoWTF.

                      Maybe aside from having multiple screen names he has multiple personalities.

                      I noticed many of his previous posts, mostly those from a few months ago were replied to within a few minutes, maybe 20 minutes at the most, which is not realistic here on shtf, and the replies were of course praising his posts or thanking him for the link/post.

                      I’d say all totaled, he’s insulted, attacked and bashed over a dozen shtf contributors just in the past few months and if you disagree with him or don’t support his ideas he gets nasty and childish and hurls another insult or launches another one of his childish attacks.

                      I think that was one of the reasons HCKS left. He attacked HCKS and put him down using one of the monikers. He drove a few of the women posters away who were regulars. He’s also used others’ monikers to start trouble, so he’s an imposter too.

                      Satori, I am glad the missing piece of the puzzle fell into place for you.

                      He may have fooled some here, but I am not one of them. I was born at night but it wasn’t last night. CC

                    • You mean like eppe’s other 2 aliases, SallyJones and Whoville. He is so typical a dick. NO Weapons or BOL. You say the biggest whoppers on this site. Then whine like a baby when busted.

                      -WWTI… Re this article. The Nat Debt is not in anyway part of my debt. Like their debt is now our $147K debt each. F-you. Ill just stop working. So its not my taxes covering that fraud.

                      Its Friday so eppes home drinking and typing. His wife is out on a secret date having a great time.

                  • thanks for the info
                    very interesting CommonCents
                    certainly an interesting piece of the puzzle

                    • And Satori is a Hillary shill paid spammer. Never has any facts or links or proof. Just babble like a phony tabloid. Good to clear the air on that poster. Explains a lot.


                  • CC,
                    I’ve been in mental health for years. If what you suspect is true the poster is one of the most desperate individuals seeking attention I’ve heard of. If they are capable of creating such a deceitful sham then they are capable of any type of deceit. Text book personality disorder for sure. Very hard to get the personality disordered types to stay away. The only real way to get rid of them is to cut off all contact because any attention{positive or negative} is still attention to them.

                  • Commoncents

                    “anon” is one person and not a multi personality.

                    As with Nailbanger, I have changed my moniker but I am sure Braveheart 1776 and Nailbanger can tell by my wording who I am and who I was before.

                    Been a couple of “Other anon’s” but that is to be expected. Yet some names have been hijacked.

                    Just to clear the air.

                    • The Braveheart and the Nailbanger posts – I saw that and I get it. I’m aware he hijacked one of those monikers. His intentions are different and are destructive — to cause trouble and to take away from thread content.

                      Aside from all five monikers I mentioned, there are two with anon; one makes sense and doesn’t attack posters, the other is WhoWTF, boyo, etc., answering his own replies or using the ‘anon’ moniker to bully those who don’t agree with his views – another sign of a personality disorder.

                      See above comments #3616007 anon @ 8:42 and then boyo comment #3616016 @ 8:59… and that’s just ONE example of DOZENS throughout previous threads where he responds to his own posts.

                      I’ve been watching this pattern for months. But he’s not fooling me. The worst is when he uses the multiples to gang up on a poster because he knows strength/power is in numbers.

                      Now he’ll come back with a totally different moniker and be careful to stop posting his replies too soon after his original posts. Once a disordered person finds a site where they can get away with their schoolboy games they don’t just leave when they are exposed — they up their game. So you’ll still see put-downs and attacks if you don’t agree with his views because disordered people have no respect for others opinions and viewpoints. It will just be disguised under different screen names.

                      And thanks, you’re right, Anonymous @5:06, they’ll take any kind of attention, both positive and negative. The positive boosts and elevates their monster ego, and the negative creates the drama they crave and feed off of. So they’ll take either.

                      See now that’s exactly who you DO NOT want in your prep circle. Someone who initially comes across as safe, but who is really a screwed up in the head nut-job, who pits good people against each other and makes the good ones want to leave. That’s what they do – in real life and online as well. Be well all, CC

                    • CommonCents

                      Some good info has been exchanged here but it is getting crazier than a bed bug in a Louisiana Whore House.
                      The Bed Bug has it made for he has no idea what is going on in the world except what goes on in his Area of Operation. In the next 39 or so days, will make or break us if we don’t get in a shooting war with Russia or China.

                      We don’t even know how the internet transfer will work out for this site.

                      If Hillary Wins, I’m going to ground. Then somebody else can be anon.

                  • Sorry, but WWTI only uses one name. You must have a lot of other enemies or lie a lot like eppe clockpuncher, who is called out quite often for lying. I just like to keep this site honest.

                    -WWTI.. LET Er’ RIP!!

                    • WWTI – What CommonCents is telling everyone is completely truthful, to include what he stated about yourself. (In short, using a Linux (ethical hacking program)), IP numbers are either static or ‘varying’, yet always with (at least), the same three ‘sets’ of digits ((like 128.221.523.*** …it is normally the last three that change, if at all, . *What it means is one of them successfully logged in as you while ‘snagging’ (called: riding piggy-back) your ID # (this server (and site), which is perfectly fine in my book) captures and uses CANVAS to assist in ID’ing your computer upon EACH visit, whomever was not aware of this fact and while ‘taking your place’, gave themselves away unknowingly. Unfortunately, you’ve nothing but your word to solidify what is and isn’t truth, and I feel what you say is truth …period. After the 2nd sixpack all bets are off dude… 🙂

                      Besides, you would be low on the Totem Pole. One of our posters in an admitted Satanist, and delights in disturbing this site as well as calling attention to himself (though his wife has been posting for him lately, or (at least) a female).

                      …and I say LET US DUMP THIS SHIT right here AND NOW, and get back on how to deal with what is QUICKLY incoming (because aside from our appreciation of CommonCents “pointing this out” and saving me the (seeming) embarrassing expose there is nothing else to be gained playing into the hands of those openly seeking to disturb and interrupt our efforts, by changing PREPPING to HATE AND DIVISION. Fuck’em. There is knowledge to be shared and shortcuts to be given ….and we’ve only got ONE CHANCE at this so it must reign victorious in the name of The United States of America.

                      Dammit …somebody do something. Someone please start posts regarding the Mil-Dot system used in rifle-scopes. Give me “gifures” for a 168-grain BTHP .308 with a (nearly) dense fog at 800yrds. ht tp://

                      These are NOT as difficult as they appear at first glance, and could easily mean life and death. What could be more serious than that? Please learn them or purchase one (I’ve no address yet these ‘cards’ resemble a logarithmic slide-rule, giving you Mil-Dot accuracy with any properly stamped (and ‘zero’ed) rifle.

                  • C C ,don’t include me on that list!Yes been here about 6 months but I go by one handle only!Makes me wonder about what you don’t know! Oh and FU!
                    Maniac –Out

                  • Wow, I feel safer with Barney Fife on the job.

                    I check in and see a flame war for what?

                    There’s this strange function in many web browsers to have multiple WINDOWS open and not just tabs.

                    Learn to bang the rocks together guys….

              • thanks boyo, …i always knew there must be a way for a mortal to do that!…great tip.

            • REL Boyo’s Video – I think the Guy in the Video with Gray hair and Glasses that went up to Hillary’s Podium, stuck a stick type like object up his left sleeve jacket, then kept stiff arm when carrying the folder in his left arm. Like a Magician hiding his trick. (disappearing Teleprompter) The other guy comes up and it looks like a drink with a straw, he picked up below, like a mobil WiFi Unit and the straw was the antenna, and the reading bar the first guy picked up was a one line teleprompter that Hillary was cheating off of. Probably all like a Bluetooth device.

              We need a lock down, and full inspectors.


          • Nothing should surprise us with this woman.

        • Europe’s Dollar Shortage Intensifies

          “As the world wakes up to the fact that Deutsche Bank is not Lehman – it’s massively bigger, and massively more systemic, oh and it has depositors – contagion is spreading through global funding and asset markets.”

          “And that has crushed the European banking system… (with European bank credit risk soaring, despite the ECB’s bond-buying overlay)”

          ht tp://

        • LMAO !!!

          oh my good God

          I can certainly see how simple minded folks would fall for this
          certainly looks incriminating at casual glance doesn’t it?

          would you like me to dissect this for you?
          or is someone here intelligent enough to figure it out ?

          I have some BEAUTIFUL ocean front property in Tuscon that I’m selling cheap,I also have a bridge……

          I KNOW you think this was a gotcha moment
          not even a good try

          now figure it out for yourselves
          the day is young and I haven’t had my first beer yet

          LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I think that’s in a song. Beginning to show your age…..Lol, Any way have a great day, btw it’s too early to start drinking.

            • But it is always 5:00 pm somewhere…

              Be well all…

      3. Money. I’m taxed when I earn it, I’m taxed when I spend it and I’m taxed yearly to keep it..(car, home, land) and then if I haven’t paid enough yet I pay some more when I file it. (IRS)

        • Dawg, let me tell ya – I hear ya. And let me clue the government in on something – I don’t owe them a damned thing. Now or ever. As far as I’m concerned, they all work for me. I’m their employer, their boss, the big-guy they should fear. I am a free American regardless of what they legislate. My kids inherit that same set of rights that I did. Their kids do as well. So, let me make this perfectly clear, I don’t fear death or dying. I will not yield. I will not kowtow to their supposed mandates, power or any other threat. They can go “F” themselves anytime they so choose. Sooner the better. It is long past time we all stood up – individually and as a nation and just said ‘enough is enough’. And pay the price that might be demanded of us to resecure the principles we hold true and dear.

          • Go! Armchair Commando! Lead us into battle to free the masses from the grip of evil tyranny – one toothless, empty declaration at a time! HA!

            When badged thugs start dropping like flies at the RAID plant, and soldiers are deserting in droves, just to protect their OWN interests at home, THAT’s when the purge begins. With the politicrats left in the open and unprotected by their badge-toting assholery will the reversion to common sense life principles be realized.

            I’don’t love to see the next time you get pulled by a thug wearing cop cosplay and a real gun how bad-ass you act. Yes Officer, no Officer is all you’ll be saying.

            Move along sheepies, it’s just the farmer picking out another hapless half-wit to make dinner out of. BAAAA!

      4. How many have been in congress for decades?
        How many of the so called “representatives” have been screwing us over, 3 terms? 4 terms? 6 terms? More???
        These are the ones responsible for the erosion of our freedom and the total and complete destruction of any sense of responsible fiscal policy. All while they have voted themselves raises and lifelong benefits,
        But do you think the special average idiot americans will get that? Nope,,,,

        • “How many have been in congress for decades?”

          If there ever needs to be some changes to the Constitution, this is an area that could use some tweaking.

          No more long-term career & dual citizenship Politicians!

      5. This Is How Much Liquidity Deutsche Bank Has At This Moment, And What Happens Next

        “However, as noted above, the biggest threat to DB is not so much its hedge fund client base, whose damage potential is limited, but the depositor base.

        Again: while Lehman failed, it did so as a result of its corporate counterparties suffocating the bank by rapidly pulling out their liquidity lines. Lehman, however, was lucky in that it didn’t have retail depositors: it death would have likely come far faster as the capital panic was not limited to institutions but also included a retail depositor bank run.

        This is where Deutsche Bank is very different from Lehman, and far riskier, because if the institutional panic spreads to the depositor base, which as the table below shows amounts to some €566 billion in total, and €307 billion in retail deposits…”

        ht tp://

      6. “Every taxpayer left in the country now owes more than $149,000 of the national debt.”

        Unfortunately for them – this isn’t a Taxpayer’s problem.

        This is a Federal Reserve, Wall Street, & Politician problem.

        If they are really concerned about paying off this debt. Then they should reach into their own pockets to remedy the situation … it is the responsible thing to do!

        Passing fraudulent banking practices failures onto citizens that obviously had no involvement is not our problem.


        One of many, non-compliant U.S. (legal)Citizen

        • FTW, AMEN! We the people don’t owe SHIT. Let them go to the City Of London [ROTHSCHILDS] and collect it.

          • You know Braveheart, I really don’t care WHAT the shills for (((the juden))) say about you. YOU my friend get IT. WE the American people don’t owe ANY of the money to the (((Rothschild bank))). THEY are an illegal unconstitutional entity that was forced onto the American people in the middle of the night. Just like that oblowme health care b.s.

            • Ironic that after 20+ years of deep constant research of everything related to that Tribe of self chozens one can find info about.

              I have noticed that while the documented number of Nations/Countries that have finally awoken, and then booted out that Host nations entire population of self chozens residing within said Host nations. Is Numbered at, 109 different nations in total over the past aprox 2,000 years…With a grand total of just less than 300 Boot outs! Or an avg of almost 3 times they got booted per nation!

              Yet what I find so ironic is that in all that massive research study etc I have never as yet located even one single nation or time that those self chozens were actually Invited In to begin with!

              It has been an easy task to document exact dates and number of times such boot outs took effect with an actual Month and Year date. Yet it seems no such documented data exists or is even possible to locate as to when did that particular nation’s overall tribe invasion first start?

              What a legacy eh? To be so despised as nation wreckers and to then have been booted out of Every nation ever lived in, with most nations needing to Repeat a boot out again and again, always for same reasons. And yet have zero documented history of actually being Invited into said nation’s eh…

              I have also gone directly to many of actual self chozens members at various times to ask and inquire of such info.

              Yet in every such instance that I have kindly inquired of them as to just Why have they had to infiltrate and invade so many nations, only later to have proven themselves such a abject menace to nation and society as a whole, to have finally been booted from every nation they ever were in…

              Each time with every individual self chozen I have asked this of, their answers are always the same duplicate pat answer…That goes something akin to “oh That? Well you see, we too have pondered that very same question for longer than Time has existed it seems! And about the Only real valid answer we self chozens can come up with is.

              That we self chozens to a person/member, have never Ever done Anything wrong, never created nor been a problem, and therefore the Only answer we can tell you is that we as a whole peoples simply get booted and despised due to all others worldwide are goyim and Non-chozens, which then causes those goys to act as nazis and racists and antisemites. Which then ends up with our entire tribes expulsion from Every country we ever set foot into!…in other words…Every non self chozen Hates Us for No good reasons at all ever!! Then we get kicked out! only because of who we are!”

              And even yet more Ironic, even with internet ability to find and research facts and truth so easy today…

              The Vast Majority of american folks actually believes such an answer is good enough and fully accept it as a valid good answer/reason!…Then most, once so deluded, join with the group-thinker-crowd of fool’s, and become the self chozens best and biggest group of defenders and supporters to ever yet exist…While most also keep asking or wondering “Just what, why and How did america Fall so Low and so fast from its original status as a nation eh?”

              They give “Can’t see forest for its trees” a whole new meaning eh!

              • Them Guys:

                someone called me:

                Aunt E. Sea Might

                Does that make me a Marine, or a Sailor?


                • B from CA: i don’t know for sure about That per se…However i Do Know that you have proven self as a very wide awakened and wized up individual for certain.

                  Just too bad of all the worlds locations that contains humans, america has to be the one place that contains such a vast majority of royally duped and asleep at wheel foolish souls eh.

                  And it really make zero logical common sense, when one consider’s that here in usa we have far greater free speech rights, far more fast ability to locate and research every possible issue on every possible past lie or swindle scam we was taught as truth.

                  And also that when it comes to most every other thing or issue you can think of, the same foolish souls Do get it and do comprehend the many lies associated with whatever topic those many lies are about.

                  It is only a small few issues that act as a sticking point it seems eh. Unfortunatly for ameica as a whole, those few points Are the most important and most often lied of issues we ever heard of or seen!

                  Latly articles by pastor chuck baldwin have focused on the issue of apostate usa pastors as main problem for failures to preach real factual truth about zios etc…I rekon he is on to it now alright. For that is prime reason number one that so many usa folks remain so deluded on these important issues. They fail to preach real truth and instead teach abject falsehoods to get that Cash donations flowing like a flood! Oyvey!

                  PS: a Yutube Video shows an Female Israeli Top Official admitting that “Oh That antisemite word thing? oh That! Yes we J’s Always use that word, it is like a Trick we use against gentiles! So to Silence them!”

                  Indeed correct a huge TRICK used to stiffle and silence every Goyim that They so hate! Ever notice just One nation on earth is Demadning to be only a jewish state and also be called that by everybody globally? Plus they been exporting Black afrcian jews and still attempting to rid israel of another 100,000 or so black african jews.

                  They desire an only “white Looking” israel jewish state it seems. Imagiane if any usa whiteys demanded such for america the Howels and Screams we’d be hearing. Yet we constantly get called “sepperatists” and “racists”?

                  What can Possibly be More sepperatistic or racist than to demand a only white looking jewish state?! What about those millions of both christan and muslim Palestinians that dwelled there since Jesus walked the earth? Just keep killing em all off like done since 1948? While 99% world looks other way to defend self chozens?

            • Chauffer, thanks for that. BTW, I didn’t sign up for ACA and never will. I’ll take my chances. F#$% the feds.

        • the debit belongs to the judges, lawyers, politicians, bankers, corporations that stole the money not the american people,

      7. Till we get off our collective asses and start hemp parties on the nearest thick oak limb, this bs will not stop. People we have to take the bankers, lawyers, politicians,and those who think they have a say to tell us how to live every part of our lives and beat their asses, or more. Then and only then things will change!!

      8. They had kerry sign un small arms treaty to try and make sure citizens have less tools to “Take their own pound of flesh”back from the criminal,good luck with that!Can you see the top of your safe/closet ect.,you don’t have enuff ammo!

        • Yup, much easier for government to steal from its people if they have no means of redress,,
          We have 2A, its nothing to do with tyrant deer,,,

          • Nope,the tyrant deer just raid the gardens,better fencing cured that!

            • Those tyrant deer are nothing but dirty savages … how dare they intrude into our lovely gardens.

              Deer are the new ISIS – Obama needs to implement a drone strike on their sorry ass’s …. [sarcasm off]

          • Hey Nail,
            Right on.
            I’ve been found.
            I will lose Internet
            at midnight 9/30.
            I guess I insulted
            too many Democrats.
            You mainland people better
            realize how weak your
            systems are and prepare.

            • Why you losing internet? Other than bho giving away control,,, is there something im missing?

              • This Hawaii,
                They( Hawaii Telcom) claim that
                for the last 13 years,
                my Internet was not “legal”
                I wasn’t supposed to have it
                in the first place. I do live at
                the edge of the earth.
                The guys at this site talk about
                BOLs, I live in mine. I’m inches
                away from the 1800’s.
                You wonder why I hate Democrats?
                I’ll probably go to Satellite.
                pricey, but I won’t have to
                Deal with Hawaiian Democrats
                I will terminate my land line at
                that point. I hope the union
                Democrat bastards
                go broke and starve.
                If Hillary gets elected,
                I will also go off grid with
                10 kW of solar, batteries,
                and empty my credit union account.
                I like the credit union, as it really
                helps the community
                unlike major banks, but
                I’m going Galt, fuc< Democrats!

                • “They( Hawaii Telcom) claim that
                  for the last 13 years,
                  my Internet was not “legal”
                  I wasn’t supposed to have it
                  in the first place. I do live at
                  the edge of the earth.”

                  Strange, are they trying to censor you? Use a cellphone data connection. Works just as well as a land line most of the time. Just watch your usage. Most plans have a data limit.

                  • Already taken care of.
                    I’m an engineer. I’ll be on
                    line soon. The price is basically
                    the same. An Old Auntie in Hilo
                    has set me up. I hate to see
                    people that old working.

                    • Old Auntie Hilo. I find old folks like Auntie Hilo usually speak in some cryptic dialect. Once you crack through there’s a wellspring of information available…

          • Nailbsnger, those who come to me for a pound of flesh will get AT LEAST a pound of lead for their trouble.

        • Didn’t the Senate vote that treaty down several years ago?

      9. Thats the gov’ts debt. If you’ve paid your taxes, u dont owe any of that national debt.

        • Fatty, spot on. It’s not the people’s debt, regardless! It’s the govt. doing all that spending, not the people.

      10. Do you feel the yoke of tyranny resting on your shoulders? Your Freedom is being slowly vanquished by government proclamation or by your own addictive need of self gratification at any cost.

        Time is running out.

        Get out of Debt.
        Stay out of Debt.
        Put something away for a rainy day.

      11. Nope I don’t owe $149 thousand. Im debt free. And only pay real estate taxes and a bit of sales tax. Not my fault they ran out of other peoples money to spend and ran up debt.

      12. Ok… take a trip through my Metaphore… analogy.. nightmare…?

        The tide of taxes and waste have washed up to my yard, pumped in endless streams by my Lords in Government. I see the flood coming so I lay a row of sand bags around me and hope. The tide rises to the lamp post and I add another row of sand bags and hope. I save. I pay off the mortgage. I pay off the credit cards. everything I thought would turn off the Government pumps.. But the tide comes in all the same.. in.. never out. I lay another two rows of sand bags and hope. The City lays levy after levy and 3/4% income tax. The County raises my property tax and informs me my house is now worth more so… I lay another row of sandbags to hold back the flood but it has now reached the sand bags and it is creeping up them faster and faster…

        I sit in my house and read my utility bills.. cable bill.. phone bill.. There are a growing number of add on taxes and fees for the same product or services…

        I am out of sand…. I have the bags… but I am out of sand… I have dug a hole in my yard.. My Life.. to fill the ones that are failing me now but the system is still flooding me out.. I can not stop the tide… not with sand bags.. not with hope.. not with my Voice or my Vote!

        Now what… I look around me up and down the street.. and one then another of my fellows are swamped and ruined.. then I see one come out their door and take a knee behind the wall he has built and lay a rifle over the top row of sand bags … and waits…

        the tide does not stop… I am out of sand.. money.. hope.. but I also have a rifle and… do I also take a knee like my fellows or…. just hope and wait…

        • “I sit in my house and read my utility bills.. cable bill.. phone bill.. There are a growing number of add on taxes and fees for the same product or services…”

          The cable bill really is insane. We have to pay $5.99 for sports something or other and we don’t even have a sports package. Apparently everyone is paying for it who has cable tv. What a scam.

          Although most don’t realize that passing the buck to some other schmuck to pay for so and so services is and always has been the American way.

      13. In the words of Wimpie to Popeye, “I’ll glad pay you tuesday for a hamburger that I eat today”. Tuesday has to come someday but no one seems to know exactly when. If you follow this blog, it seems about to happen. This has gone on for years. Picking the actual date seems impossible. Things get worse. Maybe the end comes over a prolonged period of time rather than a dramatic collapse.

      14. American cowards could give two shits about the future of the children they should of NEVER had, and that is the main reason they get to spend eternity in hell with the psychopaths controlling the criminal US Government they support and worship as Gods.

      15. Who ever is interested. The company I contract with is hosting a pistol and carbine course in the Louisville, KY area. We are waiting for 15 people to sign up and then we will schedule. This is the same pistol and carbine course that SFODA are taught. You will need to have a carry permit or bring a back ground check that you can get from your local PD. Sorry people I know that will piss some and I get it, but company rules. For those who are suspicious of contractors, we focus our efforts in counter human trafficking.

        Thank you for your time.
        Director of Training
        [email protected]

        • Really the wrong site to try and get folks who going with “company rules”,all are tired of that kind of nonsense!

          • Socom,understand all have to make a living,there are though many folks out there with experience including combat that are volunteering to train folks,a lot of volunteers also introducing folks to firearms,hopefully you also do this on off time.

            • Warchild….every chance I can. We work with law enforcement and military. We just started opening our door to civilian courses.
              I usually run two hour courses at no cost to people who have just gotten their carry permit.
              I actually offered a pistol/carbine course on this site last year for free. No takers and was insulted by some. I’m thick skinned so I keep coming back. If you want to learn I’m here to instruct. This summer we are hosting a long range course and full sniper package. We have 3000 acres and a former sniper instructor from 1st Force Recon. Should be a great 5 day course. I’ll be posting on here once we have firmed up the dates. If we could do this for free we I assure you we would. We feel it is our responsibility to prepare the public to be able to execute a well orchestrated defensive response if necessary. As you stated this is our buisness. Plus we are all tired of deploying and are trying to stay in country with our families.
              Imagine being deployed in some crap show like Nigeria and things go south in the world and you are stuck there. Thats a bad day.
              Anyone who has a group of 5 we’ll do $250. A group of 10. $200.
              One person….I’ll teach a four hour pistol or carbine course for free.
              Have an outstanding day.
              Keep your head on a swivel people.

      16. Pakistan VS India is heating up every minute. Nuclear war about to be unleashed

        Good luck every one

        Breaking news dot com

        Be ready to see it happen

        • Santori


          I have seen two Pygmy Rattlers mate but never seen two different snakes fight.

          Both good size snakes and would put a hurt on you if bitten. Including the dog.

        • Hey Satori, where is this place. I could use the tin!!

        • Sat, per the Foxfire books, there is a small plant that will counteract the venom called pippaswea.
          They used it in making original root beer.
          The other 2 ingredients were sassafras and sasparilla.
          Pippaswea grows in pine tree areas.
          Bitter as hell, but could save your life in a snake bite situation.

          Be well all…

          • Eppe, which vol. of foxfire? Bought the first 3 when I was 12 ? Have a few of the others,just curious,thanks
            Maniac –out

        • Satori, thanks for that very interesting video. That video could have been me and a troll having at each other. LOL!

      17. I think TPTB thought Trump would be easy to dessimate. But, they were wrong. The harder they push Hillary, the better they make Trump look.

        The Banksters cartel is headed by a few people. The power base is the City of London Underground.

        That is why they put all those Middle Eastern people in London and pushed out the white English. That’s what they want to do here. Isreal controls these Middle Eastern people. The Israeli have been pretending to be MIddle Eastern Muslims then spy and dominate.


      18. To whom it may concern or not!A poster earlier (CC) said I was actually someone else’s alter ego,multi- poster.
        For your information CC yes my IP address is (phone) Will not post off my home computer,,and no its not my real e-mail address.Even though I’m sure the TPTB know who I am.
        Don’t remember ever attacking anyone on here,Satori doesn’t count!Think what you will,have a nice day!
        Maniac has been my handle over 30 yrs,ex truck driver!
        Maniac –out

      19. Yeah, outta here as well. They will reap what they sow. sobeit

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