Assignment: Design a Flag for a New Socialist/Communist America

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    american_communist_flag(Image Credit: Americas Last Days)

    Parents and educators are outraged over an electronic curriculum system being used in Texas public schools after a recent classroom assignment called for students to design a flag for a new socialist/commuist nation.

    A lesson plan for 6th graders reads as follows:

    Notice socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system. Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating a flag. Use symbolism to represent aspects of socialism/communism on your flag. What kind of symbolism/colors would you use?

    The CSCOPE curriculum is used in 875 school districts across Texas. At a recent Texas Education Committee meeting, Senators and witnesses questioned the effectiveness of the program used as a primary tool to educate millions of impressionable minds.

    Committee Chairman Dan Patrick, R-Houston, called it “a mess.”

    One witness compared the system to “mind control,” and an algebra teacher wept as he described quitting because he felt he was “aiding and abetting a crime” by using CSCOPE in his classroom.

    A string of witnesses before the Senate Education Committee criticized the program for promoting liberal values they said are anti-Christian at best and openly socialist at worst.

    They also complained that it is hard for nonteachers to get a look at the program.

    “Discontent is rampant across the state,” said Peggy Venable, a frequent critic of public schools and the Texas director of Americans for Prosperity.

    Source: Ft. Worth Star Telegram

    There exists a double standard within the halls of the American indoctrination centers we refer to as public schools.

    A hearing impaired three year old was recently suspended for violating a school weapons policy because the hand sign for his name resembled a gun. Just a few weeks ago, a six year old was expelled from a Texas school when she brought a pink bubble gun to school for show and tell. Administrators justified the expulsion by claiming that her actions constituted a “terroristic threat.”

    Fundamental bedrock American principles protected under the US Constitution, such as the right to bear arms, are vilified by our government sponsored education system.

    Yet, promoting Communism, a system responsible for the democide of hundreds of millions of people over the last century (ironically, by way of the gun) is perfectly acceptable.

    Children most certainly need to be taught about the dangers of socialism and communism, but our education system needs to use some common sense when doing so.

    How many of the educators giving this assignment to their students mentioned the fact that the economics of Communism leads to strife and loss of liberty? That the laws within those systems are implemented through violence and much suffering?

    How many of them explained that the only way to prevent such systems from taking hold is to have an armed populace that can fight back against the tyranny?

    This is what we’re up against in America today. Sixty years ago we were holding Congressional hearings in an effort to identify Communists in this country.

    Today, we’re electing them to the highest of political offices.


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      1. If that’s not a call for home schooling, I don’t know what is!

        • The public schools are a joke. My brother and sister in law are both teachers, and sent their kids to private schools just like the politicians.

          But even the private schools are run by sheep, so are they really any better?

          The best school is life itself, and the best teacher is the parent.

          For most, letting their child attend public school is like turning them over to the enemy for 8 hours a day for mind training.

          Take back your kids. Teach them about freedom, liberty, and God. Teach them to read, then let them create their own academic plan.

          • Public schools are generally a reflection of those who live in their district and while that means a lot of pathetic ones there are still some very good ones in smaller towns. I’m a graduate of a public school that is currently fighting the ACLU for the right to keep a picture of Jesus that has been hanging in the same spot for eighty years.

            At least where we live public schools are the recipient of most local tax revenue. When that income stream dries up they will too. Although my wife and I are capable of homeschooling, our state has one of the lowest literacy rates so many parents are not. We hope to start a “Saturday School” where we combine the three R’s with practical skills taught by those most qualified within our retreat community.

            • Why aren’t there pictures of Buddha, Moses, and other great religious figures also hanging up in that school? Or are only Christians allowed to celebrate their faith?

              • @ sharonsj,

                Hmmm, I dunno, maybe because none of ‘our’ pictures hang in any of thier’s?

              • If the people in the community want Buddha, Moses or other religious pictures hanging in the local high school they can vote on it. What? Don’t you trust democracy? Oh… only when it’s convenient for you. I get it….

                • Sharon makes a point.
                  When I was in High School I distinctly recall prayer sessions being allowed. A group of Christians could congregate in front of the clock tower and pray or hold discussions about their faith. This was allowed only before and after school was in session. But no other religions were allowed to do this even though there were Muslims, Hindus and other people of certain faiths in attendance at our school. At one point there was even a petition (which I signed) that would allow other religions to practice freely at school. But it never got enough signatures.
                  I can’t recall if it was a violation of school policy or not, I suppose it must have been to get some kids suspended or held in detention over those 4 years.

              • Maybe its as simple as there are no Buddhists in the small school he was talking about. Lol The beauty of this country is we have freedom of religion… For now. That was really a silly question… Moses? Really!? Moses isn’t Christian? Moses is a new God in a new religion?! How interesting… WOW!! This country is being torn apart by people who want to say something but have no idea what they are talking about…

                • “This country is being torn apart by people who want to say something but have no idea what they are talking about…”
                  Could not have said it better!!

              • Don’t (as in Do Not) feed trolls… it’s pointless, counter-productive and diverts energy).

                Do Not Feed Trolls. (that’s a period) Focus and don’t be drawn in to the ‘debate’. Don’t reply. Read, and reply simply with a thumbs down if that is your response.

                bread crumb dropped. It is very grand to see so many new readers / comments. Suffer the misguided and move past them – it’s been definitively determined they only distract… from what must be the focus!

                `..` TG.

                • They love to derail the topic and get everyone riled up. Don’t bite the baited hook trolling behind the canoe….

              • Sharonsj,
                You are a typical example of what this article talks about…namely, the imposition of stupid upon our kids…

              • sharonsj, you don’t even know who Moses was, do you?

              • We are a Christian nation….get you own.

                • Not my country.

              • Sharonsj needs to return to her village and her rightful position of idiot.


            • Indoctrination is the objective of the New World Order, public schools are the perfect place to start when our children are young and impressionable. They are and they will get away with it because they can. Drug the trouble makers, praise the ones who agree with the teachers over their parents, shuffle through the ones they deem as stupid or hopeless. Tell them what to eat, what to say, what to think and how stupid their parents are if they don’t agree with them. They have your kids for more awake hours than you do, how perfect for them to brain wash your children.

              Why is anyone surprised any more, this is the new normal and for the ones in control, it is a cake walk. This country will go down in history as the once great America and how easily she was toppled. We will be an example for all of those who wish to demoralize and diminish the importance of the human soul.

              We as a nation have given in, given up and all but put the noose around our own necks. What our country will look like ten years from now, I don’t think I want to know but I can imagine. The good old days are gone forever and the bad new days are ahead of us and our children. Conform and be good little sheeple or be gone.

              This is not a far reaching scenario, no, this is reality and we are living it right now. You are living in a time where you are witnessing first hand the complete demolition of a once free and growing society. The ones in charge believe we are on the precipice of a new and better world but in fact we are now experiencing the death throws of a dyeing society.

              Hitler was a psychopath, the ones in charge now are psychopaths, they are pure evil and also blinded by ignorance and greed.

              If you can, homeschool you kids, teach them real history and above all, nourish their hearts and souls with love, fairness, integrity and faith.

              • Only here, in America, could we relish in the fiction of soviet spies on our own nation and make those who’d catch them out to be the bad guys and them (the spies) out to be the good guys.

                “Americans” on whatever stupid network.

            • February 5, 2013

              Bill Would Require “Behavioral Health Assessment”

              Imagine if state law required that every 12, 14, and 17-year-old undergo a behavioral health assessment – an invasive and comprehensive “review of physical and mental health, intelligence, school performance, employment, level of function in different domains including family situation, and behavior in the community.” Imagine if the law required the assessment for every child, even if there have never been any indications of behavioral issues.

              That is exactly the situation Connecticut parents – those who home school their children and those who send their kids to public school – will be facing if Proposed Bill 374 is adopted this session. Although the bill states that the test results will only be disclosed to the parents, the health care provider must submit a form to the State Board of Education verifying that the assessment has been completed.

              Before dismissing this as a localized issue, the reader is urged to consider two things: First, if their fundamental parental rights are not enough to protect their children from such an intrusion, what are your fundamental parental rights worth?

              Second, courts have already weakened the role that parents play in deciding whether their children face similarly invasive evaluations in the public schools in other parts of the country. The Ninth Circuit held in Fields v. Palmdale that “a psychological survey is a reasonable state action pursuant to legitimate educational as well as health and welfare interest of the state.” This is a parental rights issue; it is a liberty issue for all of us.

              Every year lawmakers introduce legislation that would trample the right of parents to make decisions for their children. The Supreme Court once held that “[t]he statist notion that governmental power should supersede parental authority in all cases because some parents abuse and neglect children is repugnant to American tradition.” Parham v. J.R., 442 U.S. 584 (1979) Instead, today’s lawmakers quip that “If just one child can be saved, we have to pass this law.”

              But is that correct? Are we getting better or worse at understanding the role of good law? It was an even older Court that wrote, “A desirable end cannot be promoted by prohibited means.” Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390 (1923)

              The problem is, in too many states the violation of fundamental parental rights is not immediately recognized as prohibited means.

              That is why states like Virginia, Mississippi, and Missouri are taking up Parental Rights Acts that would preserve this fundamental liberty as a matter of state statutory law.

              And it is why we are promoting the Parental Rights Amendment in the 113th Congress – to stop these intrusions all over the country.

              As a matter of fact, it is not okay to violate the inalienable rights of countless Americans just because policy makers arrogantly believe that they, through government, can end all ills. We need to protect our children – but we need to do so in a manner that protects our (and their) liberties as well. Otherwise, we end up with a country safe, sterile, and enslaved.

              • No gov can legislate morality. And while the population as a whole must be considered at times, taking away the rights of parents to make the ultimate decisions about what is best for their own children is an abomination.

                If a parent chooses not to teach morality and good decision-making to their child, that child will face the consequences of that failure through the legal system.

                Too many parents (and families) in this country have abdicated their rights (or have depended on the gov and schools to provide the teaching)because they neglect even basic lessons in right and wrong, good or bad choices. Or they pay so little attention that they have no real understanding of who, or what, their child is becoming.

                • TXGranny,

                  If there was ever an argument for God given right then it certainly must apply to parenting ones own child. It is an abomination to even attempt to take the right of a childs own parents to raise their child in the way that they deem fit. We are talking about the average american Family, if there is drugs or abuse going on then yes the child must be helped but they want to put us all in the same category. That is why they despise home schooled Families, they have practically no control over these children. It is all about control.

                  • Read This new article at newswithviews site. It is a const lady retired lawyer who REFUTES the many prof’s and David Barton(wallbuilders) nonsense at their saying State 10th ammendt Nullification of fed laws etc is not allowed!

                    She also has her Own website(a link to it is in article) with everything you can think of related to us const and Our Rights etc…

                    And a article by her at her own site shows Proof solid the DOI and US CONST were based upon God and christian ideals of Freedom etc.

                    By Publius Huldah
                    February 5, 2013

                    This is The Age of Ignorance. Our “intellectuals” can’t think. Our “scholars” parrot each other. The self-educated fixate on idiotic theories. Our People despise Truth and disseminate lies.

                    Continued at newswithviews dot com scroll down for her article link. She quotes founders and proves naysayers are wrong and shows correct method to Nullify fed crap from State gov levels…This will work for TX school crap also!

                  • @Angelo,
                    “self educated fixate on idiotic theories”…
                    anybody in mind with this left handed compliment?
                    BTW, oh most wise and noble educated pharisee, I have two degrees. Them and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee… maybe.

                  • Sorry… AM. It wasn’t you, but the link.

                    Even though there is much truth in the article.
                    Sounds like you though.

              • Amen LFoD.

                This is the Tower of Babel problem.
                Everybody has to be a brick of sticky emotional clay, all alike. With all the bricks looking at their fellow bricks for compliance. This potential law is a dead giveaway of the inherent malevolence of government…
                This is anti-freedom, in your face.
                So few people of iron constitution of mind left.

                Sickening.(Where’s the barf icon?)

            • Communism ,under newer monikers, has already taken over this country for quite some time folks.
              Great Society,Progressive,and Forward come to mind.

          • You can serve on the school board. This board is often referred to as “THE grass level” for public input. Yes, in anticipation of your question I did serve on the local school board, we home schooled our children (not a guaranteed cure for all of society’s ill), and one of our children grew up to be a public school teacher choosing to work with high risk kids in the inner city. Occasionally we volunteer our time in her classroom and see the reality of a tough situation. Did I mention that last fall one of her 4th grade students came to class and threatened to bring a 9mm pistol from home, shoot her, and stomp her brains all over the floor? I’m not making this stuff up. She now works at another school.

          • Well said!

        • Texas is the target for the left. They concentrate their efforts on one victory at a time. They have claimed that Texas will turn into a blue state. If that happens then Obama types will rule this country for ever. The constitution will become a memory then forgotten. Texan’s need to make an example of the pos that created this assignment and then dissolve the agency that this pos worked at. It agency has too much power.

          • The missus thought I was asking for trouble flying the US flag upside down, so I tossed my US flag and replaced it with a Texas flag. A man has to be proud of the flag he flies.

            • There are at least 2 patriots in my town flying their American flags upside down. One of them has been doing so for about 8 years. I’m hoping to install a flag pole this year, and will be flying the American flag upside down. I’ve explained to all my grandkids what it symbolizes. And actions speak louder than words.

              • I have been placing postage stamps that have the US flag on them upside down on the envelopes I put in the mail for well over 10 years. I doubt anyone notices this, or understands the message, but I do it anyway.

          • Texans are cowards, like many in the rest of the USSA.

            • no they are not, Texas regularly stands for liberties granted in the constitution and against the creep of the state; but they are subject to the same problem of everywhere else; losing the demographic war.

              like it or not, 40 years of immigrants from the south are changing texas into the more socialist value of their home countries like california has already done.

              the time to put a stop to this was in 1970, its too late today. 20 years from now, utah, wyoming, idaho and other low immigrant states are going to be the only ones left to resemble the america of reagan, ike and jfk.

              • Utah and Idaho are low immigrant? You ever been out to West Valley or Magna Utah on the west side of Salt Lake City?

                • …or Boise?

              • Maybe not, in the 2012 election Texas repubs was 57.2% and dems were 41.4% of the vote. Interestingly in 1980 repubs were 55.3% and dems 41.51%. So it looks like the immigrants are slanted toward repubs in Texas.

                However, there has been a big demographic change in Texas from 1980 to 2010. In 1980, whites=66%, Hispanics=18% & Blacks=12%. By 2010 this had changed to whites=45.8%, Hispanics=37.2% & Blacks= 11.5%.

                So maybe there is hope for Texas.

              • Sir,
                It breaks my heart but I must agree with you. But as for me I say Not one more inch !

          • I have been saying the exact same thing for a few years now.

        • My flag design would include the actual photographs of traitors to our nation with their heads chopped off and stuck on pikes. The entire flag would be covered with disembodied, traitorous scum’s heads.

        • I support Sterling’s post.
          I taught public school in the 80s.

          Why are we surprised or caught off guard with any of these tactics???


          17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.


        • It is not a call for home schooling. It is a call to wake up and get involved and influence how taxpayer dollars are spent.

          The reason the communists have been successful in spreading their agenda (21) is because they have organized, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

          They also encourage your NON participation in government so that they can control that government, claim they are the legitimate government, and then impose Rules, Regulations, and Laws that are unconstitutional.

          When they succeed YOU wonder how they did it. Its simply really; they ENGAGED! Get busy WE are running last in a small field.

          Washington’s Vision.

          • DK…I have voted locally on tax and zoning issues.Collectively we have defeated local initiatives to raise property taxes for things that should have been addressed in earlier budgets. Example: A 30 year bond floated for a roof that wears out in 15 years. Where is the fiscal responsibility in that? I voted for a third party candidate in the primaries. When the delegates for that candidate were given no say and the convention rules were changed to give them no say, what do you suggest can be done? I think voting on a national scale is a lost cause.It is a rigged game. I am done with it.

            • Yes, It has been rigged. From the inside. Get inside. Work to make changes at the local level where you live. Create a Freedom Cell.

              At the very least you will be able to discern between the Patriots and the Traitors when push comes to shove.

              Make a list, check it twice. Make sure you know who has been naughty and nice. Do your homework. All politics are local.

              WE are Seal Team America. NOMI

              • Get inside???? The damn national election votes were tallied in Spain??

                • JayJay: My point exactly! How did that happen? Someone, some group, on the INSIDE made that happen. How? They organized a group. They became aaaaaaaaaaaactive. They worked within the system until they controlled the system. Then they put their stamp on it.

                  Don’t whine! Infiltrate!

                  The American Revolution did not happen overnight, and once begun, took 12 years of hard, bitter fighting and much sacrifice.

                  This Second American Revolution to restore American Liberties will require that WE engage at ever level and by every means possible before its over.

                  WE have Washington’s Vision to embolden US.

                  WE know that Divine providence is with the American People. What more do you need to motivate you and generate some resolve? Each of US doing OUR part even at a local level can turn the tide and halt the march of communism.

                  WE must be as dedicated to Liberty and self determination as they are to domination and One World Government.

                  Engage. NOMI

              • WHO FARTED!?

        • “One man with a gun can control one hundred without one”- Vladimir Lenin

          “The only real power comes out of a long rifle”- Joseph Stalin

          “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas”- Joseph Stalin

          “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun”- Mao Tse Tung

          When I saw that flag, I was po’d, and saddend, but not surprised. This is the inevtable result of letting your mortal enemies in, and handing the country to them. Oh, wait, I keep forgetting, they are our “good allies”, and another thing, we still get to “vote”…Maybe, if we just keep voting for the menshaviks, I mean “republicans”, Amerika will be saved!

          “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.”- Joseph Stalin

          I hear a lone bugle playing in the distance…

        • 50 angry white men with baseball bats breaking knees could fix much in this country.
          And middle aged too…. pissed off enough.

          Maybe it’s time we get a crew of white men together and watch all of America panic. ha

          You know I’m SO joking here…
          But folks worry about what we can get done.

          I’m just saying. ha
          Gents…we still have it.

        • Were they “promoting” socialism/communism, or were they simply getting the children to THINK about the components of socialism/communism? To create a symbol, you must first understand what it means. If it was MY CLASS, we’d be discussing the issues first, like the redistribution of wealth and the horrors of a police state. The bad things that happened in every other socialist/communist state in the world.

          World history would be a priceless tutorial in this case, an eye-opener for sure. We need more information about exactly how this was APPLIED, before I’ll condemn it.

        • You forgot to put Obamas picture on it.

      2. This is why we home school our kids…

        • As a former elementary teacher, I must say this curriculum symbolizes the sad state of our public schools.

          The same curriculum, CSCOPE, also includes a lesson plan that calls the Boston Tea Party an act of “terrorism.”
          (The Blaze)

            • Yes it was. The terrorists in the middle east are fighting against the American occupiers. They had every right to attack us on 9-11. We should learn to mind our own business.

              • “They ” didn’t attack us on 911. The lies believed about what happened on 911 is what is allowing the destruction of America. You wanna take this country back? Truth about 911 would be a good start.

              • Well, E…where have you been for 10 years??
                Hint, hint—it wasn’t the Arabs from caves with box cutters.
                Wow–you are how old??

      3. Had enough yet

        • yep

        • Absolutely.

        • My God – I know I sure have! Every day it’s something new with these fucking assholes. So sick of it. Leave us the hell alone!

          Each day it is becoming more and more of a challenge not to just check out and stay drunk all the time. I wont do this because I know that is exactly what they want!
          All the BS just really does a mental number on you if you are awake politically speaking. Trouble is, once you are awake, you can’t turn it off and go back to sleep!

          Tell you what, if they push this amnesty though it will be the final nail in the coffin for us. We will be under a democrat dictatorship for the rest of our lives and likely our kids and their kids too. To me, it is the single most important thing to have stopped as our economy (jobs/wages), freedoms, etc are all tied in to this. People that come from 3rd world cess-pools do NOT vote for freedom. They are sheep like in nature, LOVE big govt, and will vote to take our guns away as long as they keep getting their freeeebies.

          The open borders wackos have capitalized on white people’s fear of being called a “racist”. As a result they are trying to run roughshod over all of us that value this country. We will not recognize this country in another 5-10 year if this is not stopped. The border security is already being stripped from the bill, there will be millions more coming across to “get theirs” and then there will be chain migration….

          I beg of you all – please join Numbers USA and send those faxes they provide. It literally takes a minute or less and can be done with a click of the mouse.

          • The Numbers USA site is great, I just went and sent off 6 faxes to my congress creeps.

        • Yes. The line was crossed when the TSA started groping people, using naked scanners and putting their hands INSIDE people’s pants. Now they’re continuously over the line. They have really gone too far.

          Really, if people can’t draw the line at being coerced to have someone see you naked or put their hands on you when you’re not guilty of any crime, where will they draw it? When the government busts their door down and literally rapes them? They’d probably call it “Freedom Raping” for our safety.

      4. Already exists…….it’s the obooma ‘O’

        • Or as I like to refer to it: the raped asshole, since it is red and blue resembling a sphincter that has suffered trauma.

      5. And the answer is:

        Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, Longhorns, ten gallon hats, Big Bend National Park, chili, Mexican heritage, the King Ranch, cattle and sheep, cowboys, the Alamo, oil, farms, boots, Socialism.

        • commies everywhere.

      6. Soon the word gun will be censored and banned.

        • @ Dyran,
          I was thinking my flag would include a rifle with a bayonet. This would signify the power of the tyrants. And about 15 minutes after I turned the assignment in I would be getting EXPELLED from said school. SARCASM

      7. I believe that we should have the right to homeschool, but I also believe we should be able to send our children to the schools that our tax dollars support without this kind of garbage.

        This is where the parents absolutely must engage their local school systems. It’s likely no surprise that I’m not exactly the favorite parent at my child’s school and that is because I refuse to tolerate this. I have found that if you refuse to back down, and continue to take things to the next level, generally speaking the school itself will back down.

        We have to advocate for our children – this not only holds the school system to some standards of accountability, but it also teaches your kids to stand up for what is right. It teaches them to be persistent, think critically, and argue effectively. It teaches them to be the kind of person who will not be pushed around merely because someone else is “in authority.”

        • Daisy…OT but I heard the islands have been cut off from the mainland for a week now. Heard anything?

          • Hi, JRS -no, I haven’t heard about that. Do you have any links?

            • No, sorry, it was a Reuters story on Zerohedge on Sunday. Greek sailors are on strike and there is no shipping going to the islands for a week now.

        • Daisy – I have been finding the same thing with my learning disabled son. I always thought the school was looking out for his best interest, but I am discovering they only care about shuffling him through, not helping him. He is in 4th grade now, but reads and does math at the 1st grade level. We have special (IEP) meetings every year with all the teachers (regular and special ed), and they put on a good dog & pony show, but nothing is ever done to help. I just recently found out there is extra testing and are special programs he should be in, but that costs the school money, so if the parents don’t bring it up, neither do they. The final straw was that for his IEP meeting this Thursday, the paperwork the school sent us said that it was recommended to us that he should be kept back in kindergarten and first grade, but that is an absolute lie. I am going to let them have it on Thursday.

          • I have been thru the same thing with my daughter. Yes, they put on a good show at the IEP meetings don’t they? It seems her school is more interested in teaching the kids there spanish then the 3 R’s.

          • MXLord,
            You have to keep fighting this stuff. One of my neices has cerebral palsy (identical twin born 3 mon. premature) and my sister had to fight to get her the services that the state by law must provide.

            She wound up getting her state reps involved and won a suit against the school district. By law they were not meeting their obligations that we tax payers pay for. You have to really do some research and learn the law in this area.

            My neice is now a Junior at Texas A & M so there is hope for a bright future…just gotta fight for it.

            • Just started researching it this morning. It is amazing that they can act so concerned for your child, then turn around and laugh at you because they pulled the wool over your eyes. Well, no more. I’m going in tomorrow guns blazing, figuratively speaking of course.

          • My youngest had an IEP for several years and one very important thing I learned is that it really helps to know someone in the system.

            The wife of one of my co-workers was a resource teacher at a different school. She informed me that the school gets additional money from the school board for children who are on IEPs and that the money is earmarked to help that child get caught up. It is there to pay for special equipment, additional classroom time, and the like. (I don’t know if it is like this in all school boards, but it was in ours).

            Imagine the surprise of the teacher and principal when I asked them from an accounting of where that money had been spent, because it certainly had not been spent on additional resources for my daughter. It was after this very uncomfortable meeting that they began to sincerely assist her and help her through the difficulties she had been having.

            Before this meeting it had been suggested that the school “just let it go” and not give her additional assistance because it “might damage her self esteem.” Nope, I’m not kidding. And now I’m perfectly clear on how children graduate from high school with the equivalent of a grade 3 achievement level.

            • The school recommended that my son get vision therapy to help his eyes focus, but they did not offer it, and did not offer to pay for it. I just found out that if the recommend it as an appropriate course of action, they are required by law to pay for it. They also said that the recommended keeping him back in kindegarten and first grade, but that we refused. This was an outright lie. What a bunch of slime.

          • Is this serious? Out one side of your mouth you condemn the commies for taking over the country and out the other you condemn the commies for not caring enough about your child. Complain about the taxes then go out of your way to ensure the state spends extra money on your child. Complain about the laws then talk about how they are legally requireed to give special care to your child. Can you really not see how you are part of why America is the way it is?

            Look in the mirror. Change that persons “the state owes me” attitude and you will have helped the cause of freedom. Or put on the red star and stop pretending you are on the side of freedom.

            • Really??? We are already paying the taxes, nothing we can do about it. We just want the services the law says we are owed THAT WE HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR!!!!

        • I agree but…Ive been very active in politics for years and tried to do something a few years ago about the school system…see I get to pay taxes but I have no say and since I dont live in the city I am not able to vote or run for school board….same with income taxes to the city…I dont live/work in the city but Id have to pay taxes to them on any income…they seem to have it very well sewn up…and because I speak out against them they look for any reason to try to get me…its a real mess!

        • One Step Further daisy. Always be the one to go the distance.

      8. 2013: Take America Back

      9. No one is probably going to agree with me on this but I think this is making a mountain of a molehill on this one. Part of being educated is knowing a wide-variety of information and cultures. I really don’t think the point of the assignment was to promote a socialist agenda- no matter how ironic it might be that public education is ground zero evidence for the destined failures of public programs.

        • I have to call BULLSHIT on this article and corresponding website it is attributed to. Sure the schools are bad, but this is not going on other than in the hopes and dreams of the propaganda promoter.

          This is no different than MSNBC declaring we are a center-left country.

          It’s just not so and a liberal wet dream.

        • “””I really don’t think”””

          Mclovin, I agree. You don’t think.

          • wow Gods Creation, why don’t you just admit you are a narrow-minded asshole who can’t tolerate anyone else’s point of view? Guess I wasted my time risking my life for that right when I was a M240B Gunner in Iraq.

            • McClovin….Thanks for your service to our country. Sometimes you just have to over-look at things being said. Keep blogging because you probably have stuff to offer thru your experience. You have seen what the other side looks like and we don’t want America heading down that road (probably too late though?)….

            • A response consisting of name calling and a claim of entitlement for service to the corp? Cut right from the corps molds, are you?

              There are two kinds of people in Iraq. Iraqi’s and war criminals. Which were you?

              You can say what you like and I have no problem with it. But it is sad when you defend the propaganda and indoctrination process that is destroying the same country you believed you were fighting for when you followed the orders of war criminals in Iraq and DC. The same process that lead to selling yourself to war criminals.

              But, it’s all good…

              • I wish I could give this a 1,000 thumbs up GC, thanks for never being afraid to speak truth

              • Well I am going to take the high road and not tell you what an absolute fucking cluelesss son of a bitch you are. did you ever serve your country in combat???? huh motherfucker? Well guess what? I didn’t go to Iraq to fight a war based on what my commander-in-chief ordered me to do. I spent 15 FUCKING months in 135 degree weather with a full combat load and all I cared about was keeping myself and my buddies alive so I could go to college and make a future for myself and my family. so go fuck all of your stupid asses if that is what you call a “war criminal” fucking moron.

                • Are you saying you went to war to get free collage?…Thats not a war criminal…More like paid hitman except paid in school vouchers instead of cash like sammy “the bull” Gravano who was paid Cash$$$ to kill others he didnt know.

                  • Angelo I did more in my life than your sorry ass will ever do- so go fuck yourself. You obviously don’t know anything about the honor of a veteran and never will.

            • Mclovin,

              Thank you for your service.

              As far as tolerating a socialist’s point of view, why should anyone tolerate a view that a select few should have power to use government force to take what is not theirs and give to themselves and their henchmen. It’s like asking a father to tolerate a rapist’s view that he has a right to his daughter.

              Socialists worship a covetous philosophy. Idolaters.

              • I’m not defending socialism i’m just saying it was just a freakin’ 6th grade assignment in a b.s.textbook. I remember in the 4th grade learning about the Soviet Union and Communisim but that was just social studies unit for a week. It didn’t make me want to raise the hammer and sickle over my bedroom door and sing praise of josef stalin or castro. I’m all about being a prepper but you people take this crap way too far sometimes.

            • You did waste your time…you weren’t fighting for any rights, yours or mine. You were fighting for the bankers and the corp

              • fuck you BJ you have never stood for anything in your life- go die of testicular cancer since your balls are worthless already.

            • While I’m not a real big fan of the military actions, the military service members don’t deserve what you guys are dishing out.

              Lots of people join the military when they are a still rather clueless 18 years of age. Did you understand everything you understand now at 18? At 18 or 19 were you quite literally putting your life in danger every single day?

              Whatever my thoughts are on the military leaders and the unjust wars, I’d never disrespect someone the way you guys are doing. It’s undeserved, judgemental, and offensive.

              McLovin, I don’t always agree with your comments, but I always feel that your perspective is beneficial. I’m sorry to read what was said to you here.

              • Thank you Daisy, I apoligize for the profanity that is not what I am about 99% of the time but when someone questions what my buddies and I went through and also has the audacity to call me a criminal for it I lose all sense of respect and decency. For the record I was not a big fan of the War in Iraq either- but opinions don’t matter when you are in a combat zone. We were just the same as any other war veteran- we weren’t fighting for Bush,Obama, Cheney, Gates, or Rumsfield. We were just doing what we had to do so we could come home to our families alive. And anyone who can’t respect at least that much obviously never experiences 1/1000th of a percent the hell we were forcedc to endure.

                • You were not forced, you volunteered.
                  You may have been dumb enough to believe you were fighting “for freedom” but some vets recognize the truth of what they did and accept that despite their intentions their actions were without honor. What you should hold yourself accountable for are your actions. There are veterans who can accept the truth that murdering people because some guy told you to and being afraid to suffer the consequences of disobediance deserves no applause, respect or honor. When a veteran can man up to the truth about their service I can respect their integrity but I will never respect their service.

              • Possible Duplicate here,

                Whew, that went bad quickly…didn’t it?

                For honorable service dutifully given please accept my humble thanks…I wish I could offer more.

                That said, Mclovin expressed an opinion and GC responded in the ‘ad hominem’ mode, subtype ‘smart-ass’.
                For what it’s worth, THAT don’t EVER sit well with those who have served, just sayin’ here. Mclovin’s response was ‘colorful’, that can be viewed from a couple of different perspectives, none of which are right, none of which are wrong, they just are. When you’ve been to BAD places you frequently respond to ‘things’ a tad more rapidly than most; you learn to or you don’t make ir….

                These days there’s more dividing us than there is joining, No? Maybe that’s the lesson here for both sides of this altercation. I pray you, one and all, stop, think…this IS what THEY want…are you going to give it to them on a sliver platter? PLEASE find the ‘place in the middle’ from which we will become strong….there is not much time left, look around you, make it right.

              • daisy is right…none of us knew then what we know now, both the korean and vietnam conflicts were suppose to be about keeping communism out of our beloved usa and that is why we stepped up to the plate…little did we know the same gov’t that was feeding us all that line of bull s..t was at the very same time sneaking that same style of communism that we were fighting against in the back door right here in dc…also there is nothing wrong with that flag so many have sacrified so much for, the only problem is we swapped one tyrant across the ocean for a few hundred down in dc.

        • I agree, they don’t want a socialist agenda, they want a commie agenda with commie bommie their stalin.

          • The ultimate goal is to establish a government in the model of China’s.

            Difference is, we got guns….

        • McLovin: Every nation has a flag. Every flag has its own symbolism. Why teach the symbolism of “socialist nations” when you can teach the symbolism of Old Glory?

          The Stars and Stripes forever.

      10. Was there any explanation as to WHY they would need a new flag?? What propaganda did they fill the kids minds with about the U.S.A.?? It’s important that they design a flag, but did they tell them why their own country is failing!?!?!

        20 years ago a public teacher told me that if she got 40 minutes of real teaching time in she had had a good day teaching (that’s 40 minutes out of a full day!). By now it’s probably 10…

        We homeschooled all four of our children – all successful and productive members of society and all have their eyes wide open…

      11. when my kid tries to correct a teacher she gets told to shut up or get in trouble..she has teachers bitching to her about how much they get paid, one even went as far as to say..” I already got paid once to teach the class this, if you want it taught to you again you should have to pay me”
        their union mantality is ozing out of every pore in thier body.
        My kid even witnessed a teacher bully another student..and due to fear of paybacks said nothing about it, like who would she tell, and who would believe her and stand in her corner other than her parents, and the schools do not stand by the parents at all.
        schools are regurgitation centers..if you regurgitate everything they teach you exactly how they teach it to you, you will be given a gold star, if you think for yourself or are a critical thinker and have an opinion you will be shunned or shut out, or worse yet..made to look bad infront of all the other parents or students that are already full on brainwashed.

        the schools will use the tactic of using your kid against you, or twist your words and intent to be going against the core values of the school system, therefore you must be a bad guy because its “all for the betterment of the kids”

        Cant wait til my kid is out of this lost and fosaken system, Mom and I are teaching her real world life, and survival..and the fact that if you dont make it happen, it doesnt get done.
        in otherwords if you dont earn a trophy in real life you wont have a real life..none of this “awards for everyone shit”

        be careful teaching your kids to argue effectively..because they see any “argument” as an unwillingness to follow along with thier program, and you will be chastised for it or your kid will. yes even if the teacher is wrong, or should I say especially if the teacher is wrong.

        One of my kids english teachers went on last year to preach religion for an entire two days, even saying “I can teach what ever i want, its my class room and my time”

        yes parents have voiced thier dissaisfaction..sure..but nothing has ever come of it or changed…but if their kid ever needed any help you can bet they would never lift a finger to be sure that kid got what they needed to succeed..

        we have contemplated recording every day, but that would become very difficult and some devices wouldnt last an entire 8 hour teaching day, day in day out, also there can be weeks or months in between “events” so it would just be my rotten luck that the day one jackass teacher decided to have a brain fart and say something stupid, it would just be my luck that day wouldnt get recorded

        good luck out there, the shit you see at your local municipalities as far as job performance is the same lack of performance you will see in your schools..if you dont see it on the surface, than you need to dig a bit further..its there

        • Home schooling is the only answer to protect your children.
          Sometimes I hear the argument that private schools are better. No, they are not.

          I have a few memories of a catholic school beginning in first grade involving a crazy catholic Nun. There are many of us with these same memories.

          Her violent teaching method was to strike us if we so much as used the wrong color crayon.
          Out of the blue she would just crack you in the head, or whack you with that horrible pointer.
          She forced little boys to stand in the corner all day holding all their books. All day.
          Some kids would throw up.

          Spankings across her lap in class. No joke. It was just her…..and us. We were terrified of her.
          This was condoned behavior behind closed doors back then. Before the days of cell phone video.

          My Dad fought toe-to-toe with these people. Telling them that his little girl was having nightmares and refused to go back to school. I was one of the bad kids who colored “out of the lines”..and still do.

          This nun had some obsession with pulling hair, and digging her nails into collarbones.
          I came home with marks. I know lots of us did.

          This was way back when, and things were handled differently when it came to catholic schools and the church than they are now, Thank God for
          awareness, and the ability for us to communicate today.

          Had this happened now, criminal charges would have been placed against this nut job.

          It took a phone call to the Monsignor’s office–demanding that the Mother Superior and this
          psychopathic nun stand accountable for their actions. I remember my Dad screaming on the phone. Plans to take me out of the school.
          They were not aware that a family member of ours worked with the Monsignor. That changed everything.

          All hell broke loose- in a panic, the Mother Superior called my parents and pleaded that ‘we shouldn’t air our dirty laundry in public’ etc.

          Oh really? Things changed for the better after that, Sister Psychopath moved away to another school…and her lunacy probably continued, until another parent complained again. That’s the way it works in ‘good’ Catholic schools.

          To those parents who believe that by sending your child
          to a good catholic school, please don’t do it.

          These people will crush your child’s spirit,creative abilities and ultimately their ability to always question authority.

          • @greyowl, thats the way the jesuits (catholics) operate. crush you until you no longer question anything.It is ludicrous and is the root of many of (most of) our problems. It must be defeated.

          • If you talked in my first grade class, the nun would tape your mouth shut with 2″ masking tape. My fourth grade teacher in public school would do the same thing.

          • I remember when I refused to become an alterboy for Sunday Mass. I became the “Devil Incarnate”. I made it to become a Freshman in a public high school. Thought I was just let out of prison.

      12. Over the past few months especially, I’ve come around to the position that the current state of the country cannot be sustained. Sounds obvious as first blush, but I’m going in two directions here, and please bear with me.

        1. The trajectory and velocity of events isn’t going to be maintainable. For example, demographics based on current inputs–immigration and such. The party system, which relies on passing money around. Things like this.

        2. The two concurrent systems operating in the USA. One the foundation, hwich we all know of and want to keep. The other the entitlement socialism, hwich is now trying to spread out to become a full socialism.

        I don’t know what day it’s going to occur on, or maybe it’s already started. But the subject of this article is just one more thing that seems to pushing the country to some event. Broadly speaking, one which will alter current trajectory and velocity completely. I think it will be very sudden, and even those of us who have been expecting it will be taken by surprise with respect to the speed in which it takes root and the totality of change it brings.

        I really see a complete loss of confidence in the dollar, and with that the COMPLETE breakdown of current political dynamic.

        So therefore, I would surmise that all of this craziness is being pushed out there intentionally. The collectivists/NWO types want to close this cycle and raise somethign new as quickly as possible…

        Seems also that the longer the wait, the more will become aware and prep/etc. And on the other hand if they act too soon, their control grid won’t be set up.

        I foresee them driving the country into the ground, but not having the ability to keep things in their control afterward. So that’s about a 20 year period of very difficult times for us, minimally. And with massive civil disorder (to say the least) probably not seen since about the 1860s. Sorry to say it.

        • Neoisolationist – Regarding your point #1, check out an article that was on American Thinker the other day called Amnesty=Extinction. Our idiot congress creeps are probably going to grant illegals in this country amnesty soon, both parties want their votes. They claim it is only 11 million, but everyone knows it is more like 20-30 million.

          What they don’t say is that this will allow each immigrants entire family to come into the US with them. Do you know what another 100-120 million low skill, non-english speaking mouths to feed will do to this county? Game over…. I hadn’t been paying much attention to the amnesty debate, but that article really opened my eyes.

          • Numbers USA – join up with them. They are over a million strong and growing. Free faxes that literally take less than a minute. If you only do one thing for your country, PLEASE let your voice be heard on this. La Raza and the other Tan Klan organizations are very powerful, but we’ve beat down amnesty before and can do it again.

            …But then again previous POTUS’s were a bit more prone to actually listening to what people were saying….

          • I agree with your assessment, and if this were to occur, it would satisfy point #2.

            Not sure if they will actually pass that. I think the awareness is getting to the level where the progressive noice machine is starting to get shut down.

      13. this is so off the wall it reminds me of the “black Panther coloring book” where coloring books were mailed to white people depicting blacks in a bad light…It turned out to be a flase flag event to enrage the white people. This sounds like that.

        • rachel you hit the nail on the head. Obamanure wants us hating other races, its so obvious..just watch commercials, if you can stand it, and see how the white man is portrayed to black people.

      14. The Texas public school system is completely out of control. The administrator are the biggest bunch of idiots I’ve ever had to deal with. They make life-changing decisions based entirely on emotion. They allow gangs to run the schools. They are scared of EVERYTHING. And worst of all-they don’t educate the kids. My son graduates in 4 months and we can’t wait to get him out of this insane environment.

      15. And than some kid gets kicked out of school for either putting the outline of a gun in his or her flag, or gets a golden ass kissing for putting the image of Obama on thier flag..instead of teaching these kids a bullshit lesson on socialist/communist nations why dont they teach them what really goes on in that type of government.

        yeah teach them something real..what a fuckin concept

        • communism is alive and well in Texas.

        • My freshman daughter got suspended for 3 days for drawing a hair dryer, the teacher said it looked like a pistol. Nothing I said would change their decision.

          • Shit in a bag and leave it on the teacher’s porch.

            • haha this is a awesome plane Idont know why anyone would thumb down u

          • MXLord ~

            My daughter once got suspended for taking a folding camping tool with a spoon, fork and knife on it – a table knife, not a sharp knife. They caught her *gasp* eating her pudding with it and called me to come and pick her up, saying she had brought a “weapon” to school. I raised high holy heck to keep it off her permanent record.

        • @VRF…speaking of getting “kicked out of school”,my 16 yr old grandson called me from his school this a.m. He asked me to come and pick him up as he was being “suspended” from school as he couldn’t prove that he had his last immunization needle….

          When I got to the school office, I asked what this was all about?? Principle told me that it wasn’t the school, but the Dept of Health that called the suspension…. I asked him if this was a mandatory shot, and he assured me it was….

          Off we went to the medical center in our town (10 miles away from the highschool) My Grandson explained the problem to the receptionist, right away, she said “I’m positive you had all your needles, but will check”……You guessed it, he had all his shots….

          She ran a copy of his immunization record on the Medical Centers’ official letterhead and told him to give that to the school and that would get him back in!

          I was really peeeeed off….GRRRRR, as it was GRAMMA who drove over there and back TWICE… gas!! I will be calling the Health Dept tomorrow to see if they will cover the cost of my gas for their stupid mistake!! Take care, CC.

          • Hi CC,

            Yep, Beaurocracy is a REAL female dog, isn’t it? 🙂

        • A good lesson for kids about kommieizim would be for a dozen or so parents to dress up like kommie officers cops or military. Then without warning bust into classroom and grab teacher slam against a wall and shout at teacher that he/she is Under arrest for spreading falsehoods about the dear leader and his kommies.

          That in 5 minits will teach kids why kommies is no good at all. And scare teacher into normalcy perhaps.

      16. Americans and Preppers, I do have some very good news. In 2016 there will be elections to determine our next President of the United States of America. The ballot will look like this:

        o Barack Obama (Dem)
        o Barry Sortero (Rep)

      17. I wouldnt be surprised if one of the students turned in a copy of the american flag as it stands now. After all, that is what we are becomming or have become in some eyes.

        It is what i would instruct my kids to do.
        They would probably be kicked out of school for this and i would laugh all the way to the bank.

      18. I hope there are organizations out there that are keeping a naughty Santa list
        of all these commie pig fuckers that are rubbing this kind of propaganda in the face
        of the American people.
        That way we will know who to give a stern talking to after they have collapsed the
        Naughty progressive, no Utopia for you!

        • Isengard,
          How is my spelling and grammer on this post?

          • “talking-to”, not “talking to”

        • “to whom”, not “who”

        • Yo Slick,

          Yeah, ON EM Brother…on em GOOD….

      19. Get rid of the Dept of education. They are a bunch of Commissar faggets.

        • “faggot”, not “fagget”

      20. On a sidenote, did anyone else get offended during the Super Bowl when Jennifer Hudson turned America the Beautiful into an R & B cover song complete with the dancing Sandy Hook kids (which I also did not agree with them being there to me reaked of political exploitation) and showing players on both teams bee-bopping on the sidelines like they were all up in the club working on their 2nd bottle of hypnotic? What happend to showing silent respect in this country???

        • This time you are thinking…..

        • Its just a song. I have no care at all for the country or the flag. If Russia was the freest country in the world, I would move there.

      21. On the 4th of July (last year)I asked my 2 daughter’s aged 13 & 14 what the Constitution of the United States is. They both looked at me with blank stares… I asked them what the 4th of July represented to the people of this great country, again nothing but blank stares. I asked – who wrote our National Anthem, again the blank looks took over their faces. I was dumbfounded that they know nothing about our great country or how men and women have died for our freedoms. I asked when is the next gay, lesbian and transgender meeting at your school and my oldest said “next week daddy, I saw it posted on the cafeteria bulletin board. To me, it seems easy for the current government to take away their rights when they have no idea what those are or how important these are to them and to all of us. Run your own test and see how little our youth know about our country and the rights so many died for to protect!

        • why dont they know anything at their age? Is it becouse u never tought them anything or becouse u were absent their whole lives. it is parents responsibility to take care of their children IF u spend any time with your kidds they should have a good basic knowlige If all your Douthers know is when the next gay meeting is try being a better parent

      22. The Stars and Stripes are a derivative of the old East India Co flag. If you were to superimpose the Union Jack where the hammer and sickle are in the above photo you would have the East India Co flag. The Square Mile is still in charge to this day.I suppose a good socialist flag today could be the Golden Dawn flag. It would go well with the fasci that are on either side of the podium in the US House of Representatives.

      23. “Since 1959, spending on public schools in the U.S. has increased from around $2,000 per student to approximately $10,000 per student. The bulk of the money to pay for public schools comes from state property taxes, with donations also helping. The federal government, for its part, contributes less than 10 percent of the total amount needed to run the U.S. public school system. In contrast, private schools are paid for by the students’ families and private organizations, such as religious institutions.”

        “On average, it costs $10,615 to send a kid to public school for a year. (That’s State, local government and Federal spending combined.)”

        Federal, State and Local Government means “out of the tax payers pocket”.

        Personally, I hated school when I was a kid. My heart and mind were not at all into being indoctrinated into The Program. I got by, academically, went on to college to get away from home (authoritarian father), “party” and stay out of Boot Camp. I really didn’t come out of the “socialist fog” (college life) and wake up to the real world until I graduated and found myself working to stay alive. I used to day dream in high school of buying a Triumph motorcycle, tying a sleeping bag on the front handlebars, aka “Then came Bronson”, and heading to Mexico (it was a little bit safer in ’69). My English teacher, who was very cool, said, “Go for it”. Imagine that, a teacher suggesting I quit school and learn life on the road. One of the few things I regret.

        What is the function of School other than a way to send kids to an all day “baby sitting” institution so parents can work 9 to 5 as the malleable minds of their children are molded by a Bolshevik, fear based, brainwashing system. IMO it’s one of the greatest scams of all time. What a F”ing” waste of good brains.

        Imagine after 6th grade there was no “traditional” school. That $10K plus is paid back to the parents and they have to prep the young teenager for the real world. Maybe neighbor hood charter schools or home schooling. Not sure how that would work out, but when I was 13 I was competent enough to stay out of trouble and be productive. I don’t know if the most recent generations are capable of functioning without some form of codependency on “the system”, i.e. cultivated by lame parents. If a massive social collapse does a occur it’s going to be the school of hard knocks for a clueless generation.

        • EA…I think most kids of that time had the same dreams. Mine was a Norton. I went to work at 15 and had no way to go to college.I guess I went to the school of hard knocks.I did own an old panhead for a time, but drinkin took care of that and I hopefully am older and wiser now.I don’t think most youngsters see a way out in today’s world where opportunity is hard to find and the internet opens their eyes to what a farce today’s economy is.My sons are older and have had a chance to find their way before things deteriorated so much.

          • No Triumph for me either, but a 1974 JPS 850 Norton off the showroom floor; a bit over my head, at the time. Didn’t take it to Mexico, either. Learned a valuable lesson on “buying over time”. Nowadays, if I don’t have it in my wallet, it doesn’t go home with me, whether that be a Vespa scooter or an AR.

      24. You see the cartoons with the commie red star lately?

      25. Does anyone know why I keep on getting a 404 error message while trying to post info?

        • grey, apologies for the problems. there is an intermittent issue with these… it happens every so often. did you, by, chance, use any ‘non standard’ characters… maybe dashes, stars or something else in your post? we’re trying to isolate what may be causing this.


          • Thanks for the reply Mac.
            I eliminated the links, just added the search terms and it went through. 😉

      26. Missed a good shot here…. If all kids just put obamnations face on it,that woulda sent a clear message!

      27. Trying one last time to post this.

        Search terms:

        (Los Angeles Police Dept. Web Page: Reserve Police Officer Program)

        (In Las Vegas Review Journal: Las Vegas police may put reserve officers on streets)

        Armed volunteers positions with NO salary.

        (P.S. Daisy: you are spot on)

      28. Out with the old…

        I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

        and in with the new…

        I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the Fema Regional Authority of Obamanation, and to the Peoples Socialist Republic for which it stands, one World United Nation led by a satanic g.o.d.(gold,oil,drugs), divisible, with liberty and justice if you got the money.

        Their ain’t no half way stupid. Gotta be all the way stupid. New BS Flag and now a new BS pledge to go with it.

        • One nation, under communism, with bommie sucking commies for all.

      29. I suppose the “Communist Manifesto and Mein Kamph” will be their next required reading assignments. The dirty bastards!!

        The depths of their depravity knows no bounds. Innocent
        children becoming their target of choice, because they
        know we as informed adults will never buy into their
        sleazy bullshit agenda. Stand firm, my friends.

        • if hey read mien kamph then they will learn why kommies are so bad. Most of what I read of it is exactly whats occuring today in usa and by same kommies as germany had then.

          gen george patons diary says we fought the wrong enemy in WWII….he was correct. We should have wasted the bolshevik kommie russians instead of white christian germans.

          • Well….

            By the time, Gen. GEORGE PATTON found out the “REAL agenda of WW-II.”, it was already too late.

            His famous quote was: “Take it from the nazis and give it to the commies.” That’s why he was not placed in charge of Normandy battle.

            Gen. Patton said he would testify to congress, but he never made it home; I believe General George Patton was assassinated in Germany. 🙁

            Gen. Patton studied and knew military tactics very well.
            Gen. Patton was very outspoken and a gifted general; and that got him into alot of trouble with F. D Roosevelt’s administration.

            • World War II: Germany’s Generals said,


              World War III: The four Horsemen (general/PM/head of a state) of the Acapolypse have decided the FINAL BRUTAL BATTLE of WWIII.

            • Patton was assasinated because he was ready to start a war with the Russians…you know what? Patton was right…in one fell swoop we could have kept going and we would have had PEACE for the last 60+ years. The socialist liberals within our country failed to look out for the country much less the planet when they brought our boys home! The rest you know is history!

      30. Gentle Reader,

        Manipulated much?

      31. I tried my hardest to keep from posting, but I couldn’t help myself. As I am individual, I can always be wrong.

        I do not see enough information about the assignment to cast judgement. I will say the wording is horrible for the assignment. Have the students already covered socialism and communism? Is this an intro/interest project before covering government methods? Why is the student forced specifically to design a flag for communism or socialism?

        It would have been better written as: ‘Many nations use symbols on their flag to represent aspects of their culture. Design a flag for a country of your creation.’ The constant reiteration of communism/ socialism is horrible.

        CSOPE appears, as I cannot find enough information to discern anything viable, to be another government system to control teachers. Forcing the hand of teachers is what is driving our education system toward bedrock. Public education has become baby-sitting due to mismanagement of funds, politicians without an education background writing policy about education, and welfare parents that look at public education as baby sitting.

        I view our public education system like our two-party political system: broken and in need of a reboot. Let teachers teach how they want to teach, eliminate standardized testing, and build more schools. Not that I’m advocating public over private/home-school, but public school was the way to teach general education to every child, regardless of background.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never thought a country could have too many educators.

        • We don’t have to many educators. We have too many indoctrinators posing as educators.

        • The Disappeared,

          Your right. My senior year, early 90s, in a Central Texas high school debate/speech class was full of commie spawns. The department head and her spawns would go on and on about how a democracy would inevitably become a communist state so said karl marx. That was her last year as a teacher because she was promoted to politburo administration of the teachers. The money is not in teaching but the administrating of teaching. Bet you have to be a commie bootlicker to get in with the top heavy politburo.

          • That’s why you need to run for school board and get rid of the flippin’ commie bootlickers in your school district!

      32. i like it. i’d put one up if i thought it would actually make people wake up and help to keep this country from being run over like its going to be by the all consuming state.

      33. So will there be goose-stepping 101 instead of gym?

        Perhaps we should have all the kids line up for a few days to see who gets THE loaf of bread, you know give em a good feel for thier future, keep it real,

        oh yeah you only get to stand in the line if you rat out a patriot.

        Stand in line, do what we say, hand over everything you posess, remove that nasty sovreignity along with your pride and repeat after me “I am free, I am free”

      34. Public schools are nothing more than a reflection of the larger society. If the schools suck, then the large society sucks. And, from reading the ignorance spewed on this site, it is easy to see why the larger society sucks, because you people suck in the ignorance-based propaganda disseminated by this and other similar sites.

        • You seem to know a lot about sucking.

      35. @ BI,

        Howdy Griend,

        My, multiple ‘polar bears’ within hours of each other. Balleny, Visokoi, Reykjanes and as aside anoter 5+ near Lata. Sheesh, what up, Mi Amigo?


        • I was just about to post the same thing. +1 JOG!

          God Bless,

      36. Honestly what are we as americans going to do about it? Are we going to vote in another POS like we have now? This country has lost its balls and you can see that in todays youth. Everything has gone down hill…

        • people will not do squat about it. It is going to happen. It has been happening for years and no one has done anything about it. Just prepare yourselves for a life under socialism and get over it.

      37. And it’s not only the school-age children they want to indoctrinate:

        From the article:

        “… at the top of her to-do list, she says, will be ‘doing for child care what we did for health-care reform’ — pushing comprehensive change.

        …Congress did pass such a bill, in 1971, but President Richard M. Nixon vetoed it because he thought it would undermine families and force them to put children in government-run centers.”

        Total indoctrination from cradle to grave. And for some of us it looks like that might be an early grave…

        That last link is off topic, but relevant to each and every one of us.

        We need to start taking some inches back.

      38. VRF, what you said in #1110431 really hit home with me. When I was in public school in the 60s, What I was taught there was supplemented by “home schooling”; learning true American history, Constitution Bible, etc. The teachers we had in those days were a totally different breed from what there is today. I learned critical thinking skills, personal responsibility, how to do for myself, etc. It was a far, far cry from what we have today. When I look at kids of today, I can’t help but think, except for the ones who have been homeschooled, they’re just going to be losers for life. They’ve been taught so much propaganda they don’t have the first clue about reality. in a way, it’s better that I didn’t have children; I would’ve been in fights with school officials all the time. I especially couldn’t tolerate anyone telling me how to raise them, either. braveheart


        “The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Jan. 9-13 among 1,502 adults, finds that 53% think that the federal government threatens their own personal rights and freedoms while 43% disagree.”

        and its not just “liberals” destroying the Constitution
        its so called “conservatives” also

        Bush got the ball rolling
        Obama picked it up and ran with it
        and very few voices against the attacks on the Constitution
        are being raised by members of Congress

        damn few…

      40. some kid should hand in that schools flag…Hahhah

        • +1 You know VRF you may have something there, maybe some kid should turn in NY state flag with the note “well Ma’am it appears your assignment has allready been done”

      41. Texas has been ready for this for a long time. Let’s see if there is any Oath Keeper LEOs still in Texas. It should be felony if the article has merit.


        Sec. 557.001. SEDITION. (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly:

        (1) commits, attempts to commit, or conspires with one or more persons to commit an act intended to overthrow, destroy, or alter the constitutional form of government of this state or of any political subdivision of this state by force or violence;

        (2) under circumstances that constitute a clear and present danger to the security of this state or a political subdivision of this state, advocates, advises, or teaches or conspires with one or more persons to advocate, advise, or teach a person to commit or attempt to commit an act described in Subdivision (1);


        Sec. 557.021. DEFINITIONS. In this subchapter:

        (1) “Communist” means a person who commits an act reasonably calculated to further the overthrow of the government:

        (A) by force or violence; or

        (B) by unlawful or unconstitutional means and replace it with a communist government.







        • Amen! Amen I say to you!

      42. Possible Repeat…

        @ BI,

        Howdy Friend,

        My, multiple ‘polar bears’ within hours of each other. Balleny, Visokoi, Reykjanes and as aside another 5+ near Lata. Sheesh, what up, Mi Amigo?


      43. Something’s got to give… How long can this keep up?
        God help us!

        Also, the earthquake map looks like it’s cooking up another nasty recipe.

      44. Did anybody else catch the N.Korea video on the drudge report?


        Ps My 8 week layoff ended today… YEAH

      45. Howdy NP!,

        How’s it goin’ in your neck of the woods? Hey, wanna see something ‘odd’? go over to the USGS main earthquake page and ‘dial down’ the ‘age’ slider to just 1.0 day, then select for ‘US’ in the tabs across the top, then scan over a little bit to the west to center on the west coast.

        Doesn’t THAT look EXACTLY like a ‘line of rivets’ popping, like what happens when you see an above-ground pool start giving way? Wouldn’t bother me at all except for one small thing…look up at the northern extreme of Cali, where the fault turns abruptly west, see that 3.5 off the coast. THAT makes me nervous in light of the other activity further south….all the way to the gulf of Baja…I’m thinking that THAT ain’t Reeeeeel good. We’ll have to wait on BI though, tis true…siesmic ain’t my field, i just have an interest. Stay strong and Righteous Bro, and Oh,



        • JOG where is BI? A 6.3 Bellany Islands been shakiin everywhere today!

          • oops!!. Soloman islands!!

            • Hi Thinker,

              I’m not SURE where BI is today, BE ADVISED!!!

              An 8.0 just hit the Santa Cruz Islands with BIG aftershocks…I’ve already ‘Shouted Out’ at BI…head for USGS….

              • Hey JOG Did you dose off for a minute?

        • Is that antisiesmicisim?

          • Angelo; Thats funny! Maybe presiesmicisim.I have that with the wife once in a awhile? LOL

            • That was funny, both of you.

        • Got this alert from a survival newsletter today:

          February 5/6, 2013


          Potential Tsunami West Coast of USA.
          NASA to Hold Press conference On Asteroid

          Mag 8.0 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS

          Plus 6.6 and 6.4 right after this big one. More to follow?

          Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013, 5:24 PM

          NWS Banner

          NWS-WCATWC Tsunami Information Statement
          WEAK53 PAAQ 060122
          522 PM PST TUE FEB 5 2013
          * MAGNITUDE 8.0
          * ORIGIN TIME 1612 AKST FEB 05 2013
          1712 PST FEB 05 2013
          0112 UTC FEB 06 2013
          * COORDINATES 10.9 SOUTH 165.1 EAST
          * DEPTH 21 MILES

          • @ LT. I have seen even 8.3 and 8.5 level quakes at this distance to the west coast and very small rises in water levels have occurred. Nothing to worry about this unless you live within about 500-1000 miles away from the quake. This quake was nearest about 6000 miles away to the west coast. At this distance it would have to be near 9 to generate any sizable wave. Distance makes a huge difference with an tsunami. Even a 10 pointer at 6000 miles would only generate a 20-40 foot wave. WHEN the Cascadia fault goes, that is what is going to be horrible for the west coast, similar to Japan in size, and maybe a little bit bigger.

      46. JoeinNC, you need to get off this site and go make love to yourself, if you know how. Nobody wants to hear your BS!

        • @ braveheart. Joker in NC needs to be locked up. Jo(k)e(r) in NC has firearms and the government knows this and if they need a patsy, he IS the one. All they have to do is tell this frog face that he will be a hero and they got him. Anyone 100 miles or so within the joker in NC should be on alert, this nut case is ready to crack.

          By the way, they are thinking about putting BO on the trillion dollar coin, they would really like to on the new flag. Imagine having to say the pledge of alliance to the flag with BO on it. Isn’t that a sick thought?

      47. with all the big talk about texas i woudnt believe that could happen,,,CALLING ALL TEXANS WHATS UP FOLKS,,,,HELLO HELLO


      48. Sick & twisted…….this will end in war. The only question is when will they push to far before they half of this nation who sees Obama for what he is? A terrorist.

        • Gorilla – It’s coming…it’s just around the corner! We need to have our plans together. If we wait for them to make the next move, it may be too late for us…the overall strategy would be instead of Battle Los Angeles, it would be Battle District of Columbia! I think these idiot politicians would clammer for their jets to get the hell out of dodge. We really need to have a plan for what we as a nation replace these douche bags with. That should be all of our assignments. The final ammendment to the Constitution should be the one that barrs congress from making any law for the people that doesn’t equally apply to them and the President of the United States. As well that same amendment should strip them of all of their cushy benefits. Term limits of no longer than 2 terms in any office.

      49. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

        • Ted, I want you and the Senator beat the brush and curry comb the countryside…we’ve got to clean up this country!

      50. HEADS-UP!!!!!!


        An 8.0 in The Santa Cruz, MOW!!!!…gogogogo!!!!!!!

      51. Born in 1964, as a child we moved around a lot, like every year or so i would end up in a new school,in 1974 i
        moved into a progressive school district, the first day in class i listened to the homeroom teacher for hours about the coming school year.

        After a bit he finally said get out the notepad and paper, let’s get started, i shot up my hand and asked a question. “what about the pledge of allegiance” as we hadn’t said anything about it.

        Well he answered ” We don’t do that here ”

        For a 11 year old kid who had said the pledge of allegiance first thing in the morning for almost half his life it was quite a…. shock?

        No, more of a disturbing revelation, as the thoughts that next swirled around my head were exactly this.

        Which, is if you think about it quite a serious thought for a 11 year old but easily explainable, i had relatives
        and neighbors who had fought in WW2,cousins that fought in Nam,i had many a person even teachers,the old school americans tell me what would happen if Communism or Facism took over the US.

        Nam had recently ended and Pol Pot and Cambodia was just starting… I had a great grandmother who lived to be 113, a german jew who emigrated from europe and had relatives who weren’t so fortunate and didn’t make it. On top of that it was still the Cold War…

        And to my knowledge at that present moment one of the few thigs standing in the way of those things happening again were American values our freedom and our Constitutional Republic under God…. at least that is what i had been led to believe by most of my life previously, to deny the pledge was almost treason and unheard of in my world.

        And if that wasn’t bad enough that school was teaching
        “social studies” aka how to make foreign culture seem good and western culture look bad, instead of american history and the metric system. I think it was Woody Guthrie who said our problems won’t be solved meter by meter kilometer by kilometer, they will be solved inch by inch mile by mile.

        It didn’t take to long to begin rebelling against the system. Just wouldn’t do the homework, played the idiot and slacked for a while. It didn’t help when you have uninvolved parents.

        Fortunately i moved out of there after a while and ended up going to 3 more schools before i got out in 82 when i turned 18.

        Indoctrination and subversion has been going on for quite a while in our schools,i probaly went to 8 schools in 2 different states and it varies by location, i found the closer you are to minorities the more likely you will have this sort of stuff going on, sad but true.

        For the better part most were old school true blue
        but things were a changing, cutting out of school hunter safety courses,shop classes,let the kids watch movies,some of it looking back i can see it for what it was, low key propaganda. Sending the boys to Home Ec,

        And 30 years later here is what we have, the propaganda has worked out well enough to have this going on in Texas.

        Let us hope the kids and parents rebel against this sort of stuff, if not, by the time they grow up they will most likey be card carrying members of the party. Or sent to a far away work camp never to be heard from again…

        • This thing needs an edit option…it didn’t catch my one sentence. errhum to wit,an edit of my above posting.

          For a 11 year old kid who had said the pledge of allegiance first thing in the morning for almost half his life it was quite a…. shock?

          No, more of a disturbing revelation, as the thoughts that next swirled around my head were exactly this.

          Did i just end up in Nazi germeny or Soviet Russia.

          Which, is if you think about it quite a serious thought for a 11 year old but easily explainable,

          • Butterknife–I haven’t read your previous post.
            Just wanted to say I was in the public classroom when they took prayer out of the schools.
            We said the Lord’s Prayer for years.
            Imagine going from that to a 60 second moment of silence.
            First graders did not understand all of the Lord’s Prayer but it may have been the only spiritual reverence those children experienced all week or ever–but a moment of silence??

      52. Blame it on the Foreign chinks that are getting shipped here daily and the green card thrown at them.

      53. Just asked my son, senior in small rural high school in Oregon, yes they say the Pledge of Allegiance each day, both at the jr/sr high school and at the elementary school.

      54. if my memory serves me correctly, when Ellis Island was in full use the hopeful immigrants were screened for ties to Communism… if found to be they were held, placed on the next departing ship and sent away… now they’er appointed to the highest levels of our .gov

      55. On my Socialist / Communist flag, I would have a storm trooper with the barrel of his assault weapon pointed at the head of a kneeling farmer covering his young daughter. The storm trooper / defender of the Socialist Taith, would be holding the weapon in one hand, and with the other he would be holding up his middle finger. Beneath that calming scene I would have the words “Tyranny Bitches! Get used to it!”. This entire scene would be a very subtle ghosted / watermarked image of our Dear Leader because, you know, we need to be tastefully subtle about it.

      56. A design for a commie/socialist flag for North America?

        How about in the middle of a “bleeding heart” red flag a lone stick figure with the commie sickle cutting off the head and the commie hammer being stuck up the unfortunate stick’s arse~

        Sums that pathetic philosophy up rather succinctly eh?

      57. WTF- We need to start hunting down teachers and curriculum directors who abdicate bullshit assignments like this. The first sign of outward socialist behavior in my community is going to be met with physical violence…the gloves are coming off!

      58. americas last days i drew this flag and this page stole my art of this communist flag

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