As Yuan Rivals Dollar, U.S. Launches Ballistic Missiles Over West Coast: “Lit Up California”

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 78 comments

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    Still image from video by Justin Majeczky, Varient Productions

    The United States is apparently fuming over the recent blows to the dollar, as a strengthening yuan is rousing a heightened response. The world is now watching video from a stunning ballistic missile display over the U.S. West Coast that was timed with China’s latest currency announcement.

    China achieved another major stride in taking over the predominance of the U.S. petrodollar, and achieving global reserve currency status. With more of Europe embracing the yuan, this techtonic shift is rapidly rearranging global order and tilting status to the Far East. Bloomberg reports:

    China took another step to boost the yuan’s global usage, saying it will start direct trading with the Swiss franc, as the nation pushes its case for reserve-currency status at the International Monetary Fund.

    The link will start on Tuesday, the China Foreign Exchange Trade System said in a statement, making the franc the seventh major currency that can bypass a conversion into the U.S. dollar and be directly exchanged for yuan.

    It would seem that the U.S. has been posturing for war in response to loosing ground on the global economic stage, dramatically test firing two ballistic missiles with the yuan’s gaining status in mind.

    Seemingly, the missile firing was a demonstration of power to the American people themselves as well, demonstrating to them along with foreign powers that the U.S. military is ready for an excuse to strike. It stands as a potentially incendiary show of force to rival powers China and Russia as the monetary hegemony of the dollar faces its gravest challenge yet.

    The U.S. Navy just concluded a spectacular and subtly terrifying missile test off of the shores of Los Angeles and San Francisco that was captured on video by timelapse photographer Justin Majeczky (he stopped the timelapse and switched to video, the footage is real time):

    Missile launch over San Francisco from Justin Majeczky on Vimeo.

    Zero Hedge reported:

    Just after 9pm local time on Saturday evening, a dramatic white light lit up not only all of California, but stretches of Arizona and Nevada, in what was subsequently revealed to be an unannounced launch of a Trident II (D5) missile from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine situated off Point Mugu.

    Suddenly, the image of a full blown third world war creeps into the psyche. It somehow seems drearily real and within sight.

    It was initially reported as a UFO, or “like something out of the movies,” but the truth is more stark.

    It was an admitted missile launch test that reportedly lit up the entire sky over all of California, and also was seen in skies over Arizona and Nevada. They were fired from an SSBN sub; ultimately the missile was witnessed “disappearing far off into the sky on its long voyage to the Marshall Islands,” the targets of the test.

    The hysteria of the sighting to should include outrage at the attempts by the Pentagon to drag us into a wider war. It seems that if things are about to go bust, things will go boom first.

    NBC News reports:

    “Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted scheduled Trident II (D5) missile test flight at sea from USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class SSBN, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California. The tests were part of a scheduled, ongoing system evaluation test. Launches are conducted on a frequent, recurring basis to ensure the continued reliability of the system. Each test activity provides valuable information about our systems, thus contributing to assurance in our capabilities.

    The missile was not armed. Strategic Systems Programs does not routinely announce missile testing. Information regarding the test launch of Trident II (D5) missiles is classified before the launch.”

    That’s the official position. Behind that there are many covert operations going on across all sides, along with many of the largest full scale military exercises being displayed by Russia, the U.S., China and NATO ever witnessed. Arguably, we are on the edge of WWIII on any given day.

    Just recently, Obama sent a Naval Destroyer ship to disputed international waters, where China has laid claim to sovereignty around an artificial island it constructed.

    Industrial accidents. Explosions in Chinese factories, stealth moves and counter moves all go little reported and unconnected to larger events. But that doesn’t mean things are quiet. War is particularly good for business, but it would take a big effort to gain big returns. Regardless, the games are on.

    Billionaire global meddler George Soros warned several months ago that a currency war with China could go hot, and that the threat of a third world war was indeed real.

    Read more:

    “Threat of 3rd World War Real” – Billionaire Soros Warns Currency War With China Could Go Hot

    Elite Hiding in Bunkers to Escape War with China: “Intended Survivors Are Moving Underground”

    Report: Is China Preparing For a Land Of Invasion Of the West Coast Of the United States?

    This October The World Will Change: “China Is Preparing For Something Big”

    China Just Had ANOTHER Massive Chemical Explosion… But Why?

    It’s On: Obama Sends Destroyer To Chinese Islands, China Vows Military Response



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      1. Another ZOG owned military firing missiles. Looks like Bibi is meeting with his ape puppet to discuss how to save the Israeli’s owned reserve and the banks.

        Can someone please send the ICBM to the right targets….Hint two in ME and one in NA.

        • It has been the goal of the NWO for the Yuan to become a WRC in a basket of WRC since GHW Bush started transferring production facilities to China in the 1990’s.

          It still is, under the terms and agreement of the IMF which the United States CONTROLS by voting rights. China will NOT be allowed into the Club until its currency is established my market forces (that the FED can manipulate freely) and not the pegging mechanism currently employed by the CCP.

          It must be a completely free currency. Currently citizens are limited to send abroad, $50k USDE.

          China has suffered the loss of $500 million USD equivalent in cash outflows, this year alone. That represents a LOSS in national wealth. The FED is sucking China dry.

          The Yuan is sinking. It is not “challenging” the dollar. Pure fantasy from Alt Media. Its also about to take another REALLY BIG hit as the FED hikes rates in December or January. I am inclined to believe it will be January so as not to upset another Sheeple Xmas.

          I told this community in AUGUST that the FED would not hike rates until after the debt refunding was completed. Its in the archives. Now there is $20 trillion out there at a ZERO rate.

          Rate hikes do not require the USA to pay additional interest on old debt, only new debt issues. Got that, folks? 20 trillion in debt at nearly NO COST to the government. NONE. ZIP. ZERO. NADA.

          Justin has NO IDEA what he is talking about. Zip. Zero. None. Another dollar hater exposed by his ignorance. 🙂

          • Bingo!!!!!


            ..but ya forgot the…”ENGAGE PART”..

            -just pullin’ up your six, pal-



            **whisper** –yep, found the sites..will have an “MBA” soon (no joke)!!!!!

            • Mr Slavo needs to get educated. Read some Carroll Quigley and Antony Sutton to understand what the REAL NWO is and that neither Russia or China are our enemies despite all the public theater

        • Metamucil will help you







          • Acid I couldn’t agree more. I have been warning this community about “FREE TRADE” for 5 years. Its in the archives.

            No, its not China’s fault that the NWO in Europe and America were willing to send it their people’s jobs and means of production in an attempt to suck them into the NWO.

            It is China’s fault that the CCP was so stupid as to expose their hand to the NWO prematurely, before their economy and financial institutions were fully formed.

            China got greedy. An equal partnership was not enough and the “inscrutable” Chinese were not so inscrutable and very impatient to be top dog. It wasn’t long before the emperor had no clothes.

            Now the NWO/FED is crushing them, and will continue to crush them, at our expense. Things are going to get real ugly in China. I warned about that two years ago. 🙁

          • Up yours.








          • Acid, f#$% you, from this old fart. Time for Mommy to give you your meds and put you to bed. TPTB, i.e., Wall St., DC, City of London, put us where we are, NOT US YOU SHIT FOR BRAINS SO GO F#$% YOURSELF.

            • you are right brave heart. Last time I checked, it was Congress, and our useless executive branch , that has been passing laws that screw everyone—and I mean everyone. And as a retiree who has paid into the system all his life, the government isn’t giving me anything. That money they took out of my paycheck since I was 16 years old, is my money–not an entitlement. They took it from me.
              Now, they owe me. And I don’t really believe I will get these funds for the rest of my life. I will get screwed just like everyone else, including all these crybaby 20 somethings.
              Now hear this, crybabies, we’re all getting screwed. it just depends on where in the line you stand. Some sooner, some later.

          • You are one of the most brain dead POS that the world has known. How does your whore mom feel to you? You Pig Shit little pussy boy eats shit for a living and has sex with his family members. Do something worthwhile like offing your pathetic POS Brain Dead Faggot Suckass Life. You`re not worthy of breathing air you pervert! I`d shit down your worthless neck if I could find you Scumbag! QUESTIONS COCKSUCKER?

        • Was it really the U.S. firing that missile? Or maybe it was Russia/China firing from a sub off the coast, and the government told us it was the USA to avoid embarassment?

          Really, why the hell would we suddenly fire off an ICBM over Los Angeles without an announcement in advance to avoid scaring people?

        • Seems like the United States is now acting like North Korea. North Korea is always doing missile tests like this and making a public spectacle out of it as a way to intimate it’s neighbors.

          So why is the Navy intimidating California?

          • Mr. Stiner, an excellent post. I too came to the conclusion earlier today that Obama is beginning to act more and more like Kim Jong Un.


        • Its funny when you guys refer to blacks as apes when white scientists themselves admit all non Africans and in particular Europeans are 2-4% sub human neanderthals thus are not fully human… Your the monkey and no amount of name calling or catchy come backs can refute that fact.

          • Except that Negros are older in time than Europeans and evolutionists tell us that means they are lower on the evolutionary scale since Europeans descended from them as a more advanced form of human.

      2. Some of you people could see a conspiracy in a pin cushion. It just isn’t there, the navy has been testing missiles for over a half century. Any way if they had nuke California, what’s to lose. Grow up.

        • “Some of you people could see a conspiracy in a pin cushion.”

          And still others will never accept something as fact unless it’s announced on every TV station direct from the lips of Obama.

          Why would the US launch a missile over LA like that with no advance warning?

        • They don’t test missiles over populated areas. Grow up

      3. I can’t help but wonder….how they gonna FINANCE this war?

        • I cant help but wonder…where the hell it landed?


          Yesterday I copied and pasted your, in hindsight, prophetic post from early morn of the 7th. Seems like you nailed that one bro. Keep an eye out, lets hope the sob’s aren’t fixin to unleash hell just yet.

          • thanks dick, and bet yer ASS i will be posting here on shtfplan when i see sumthin’ s’picious!

        • A war for no stupid reason because the Yuan will not replace the $USD. The Chinese eCONomy is more of a mess than the US. Their Debt to GDP ratio has surpassed the US already and currently stands at 282%.

          • Think about it. Their lips are moving.

            Why would the US military fire a missile for Americans to see?

            Is a missile fired off the US coast supposed to intimidate nations thousands of miles away that didn’t see the missile? Do the US government’s enemies need naked eye confirmation of what their satellites “see” anyway? Or… was it meant to intimidate Americans? Or… are they just lying? Could the missile have been Russian, Chinese, or Korean? Could the closed airspace off Los Angeles be to allow intensive anti-submarine (anti-FOREIGN-submarine) surveillance to find the sub that really fired the missile?

            Think about this also.

            If you see a possible nuclear missile, are you supposed to stare at it?

            • Good Point. I wonder if there’s been a significant uptick in P3 antisubmarine sorties out of the Naval Air Stations near LA.

          • to Rodster: keep on telling yourself your neighbour is worse off than you are if that will make you sleep at night.

          • What kind of fear porn jackass writer would try to connect a routine missile test flight, to the money markets. Last week there was a excellent article on living in a van, now this shit.

            • Routine?

              If it’s routine then why the hell are there youtube videos circulating with people freaking the hell out about it?

              And what effect do you suppose a ratcheting upwards in the overall level of fear to the economy? Does that bring us closer to or further away from a crash?

              • because americans can’t feel “safe” with these things flying around…we want the nannystate to keep U.S. from ANY “danger”……trade safety for freedom and you end up with NEITHER …

        • With your savings and hard work

        • BOD: Read my post above. The US economy, as bad as it is, can service much more debt when there is little to no cost for debt service. Another indicator that a shooting war is to come in the next two or three years.

          US Intelligence has hard evidence of the true nature of Chinese and Russian intent. The dollar is the weapon of choice for the NWO as I have repeatedly stated to this community over the years. The NWO will go to war before it gives up the idea of One World Government controlled by its currency

          WE are in the economic portion of WWIII which will last for a couple of more years before it gets REALLY crazy. That and the US wants to deploy its laser weapons globally, first. 🙁

      4. OMG Stop!

        This is a normal test you fear mongering dupes! They did this exact same thing almost exactly 2 years ago on November 6, 2013.

        Starting to look like a bunch of chickens running around with your heads cut off. Sheesh.

        • “look down”…someone needs to make a countervideo to the “look up ” video that went viral a couple years ago….look DOWN, user, at your computer screen! spend a few minutes looking around, exploring the information highway. it’s all right there in front of you, all you gotta do is open yer EYES. type a few search words into google, and the world is your oyster. thanks to the internet, there’s NOTHING you can’t know. somewhere between “it CAN’T be true, I read it on the internet”, and “it MUST be true, I read it on the internet”, is the TRUE news….you JUST got to be smart enough to figger out which is which. so remember what mark twain said “if you DON’T read the internet, you’re uninformed, if you DO read the internet, you’re MIS informed”…..but your MAIN tool here when it comes to ciphering it all out, is to believe NOTHING that the gubmint says, as we all know, they lie pretty much when their keyboards move.

          • Thumbs up x 1000

          • The truth
            The people cant handle the truth

        • They don’t test missiles over populated areas. You dupe.

      5. Or was it a Chinese launch, meant to send a message to the U.S. Government that they could get in U.S. territorial waters undetected, at will, and launch? And that the U.S. is powerless to stop or catch them.

      6. BTW, to my fellow preppers in so cal, you still got 2 more days to get peanut butter for 99c at food for less…it’s packed with the calories you’ll need…no cooking, so no worries about somebody following the smell to your location…also macaroni(creamette, a good brand) for 49c a Lb….this is what you should be doing to get ready for the collapse, buying 5 or ten or 100 of the items on SALE every week. you SHOULD be watching the ads and stretching your dollars, and no matter how much you have when the SHTF, it won’t be nearly enough! it’s going to be back to the 1800’s before you know it. these psychopaths in power now won’t be happy until we get there….yes, my friends, I got food and ammo for you, but the prices will be drasticlly(now where’s my spellchick) higher when you actually NEED the stuff to survive!

      7. Hummm.. Rather than cause the big stir, why wouldn’t the gubnet announce ahead of time that there would be a test? They tell the enemy when there will be tests so there is no “over reaction”, so why not the citizens? Hummmm….

        • Probably because they don’t want to be overrun by citizens in boats trying to get a front row seat to the show, either to watch it or to demonstrate against it.

      8. Sort of reminds me of a scene from the movie “The Patriot” when some clueless bimbo sees a British supply ship explode and say’s, “Oh look, FIREWORK!”.

        Frankly, I don’t think that Obozo will go to war with ANY Communist Country, ever. Sure they’ll be some pushing & shoving. The thing is, Mad Vlad, Barry, and the Red Chinese are all brothers under the skin. Also they see we Tea Party types as their real enemy.

        Should war come, it will be race war and/or Muzzie savages invading.

        The Lord is our Shepherd/buy another gun today

        • False flag (to kick off the party)
          Martial law (for our safety of course)
          Continuity of govt (assures that the commy turds stay in power)

          • Yup, except Martial Law may lead to Civil War/ Race War?

            Is that what all of these “Kids” from Central America are here for?

            • Yup, except I believe the CSA will come out better than the last time.

              Many of us folks raised in The South have been waiting for this for generations and payback is a bitch, D.C.!

            • The USA i was born into was
              Hot girls
              Not hot tamale dinners and free shit
              They need to send the freakin spic kids back to the shit hole their parents created

      9. What a ridiculous article and grasping at straws trying to link the two together! Fucking lame!

        • Rediculous lame. Their testing missiles over your city and its no problem ? What if the test went really wrong like the challenger . And dropped on downtown frisco.? They never test anything over populated areas. Even they aren’t that stupid. But it seems that many Cali’s are.

      10. I are prepped. beans & ammo let the games begin!
        SGT USMC 1966-72,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      11. Seems like nothing more then a test. The idea that some other nation would actually attack the States is ridiculous. Maybe the American people can’t see it but the rest of the world knows they are already on borrowed time. Just need to sit back and wait for the country to implode all on it’s own.
        Of course when something does happen, regardless what it is, the “elected” officials are going to blame anyone but themselves and hopefully the American people don’t fall for it, yet again.
        With the BS going on in Europe and the escalation in anti-Russia/China propaganda coming from the talking heads I think we may be in for an interesting Winter.
        Stay safe everyone.

      12. I’m prepped. Let the games begin.

      13. Incoming!……….

        • I am ready. Do it!


      14. I am not a robot, posting random spam.
        I am just a poster, that is all I am.
        I came here to read the words, posted by you guys.
        I’m not here to spread no spam, or tell you any lies.

        When do I get off probation?

      15. No matter what or how much we don’t like something about our country and/or its finances we cannot allow any nation to replace us or our dollar as the first and foremost in all the world. WE are in the soup up to our necks: if the dollar is defeated as a base currency or replaced it could and probably will mean we don’t eat. The trip down to the third world is short but not sweet. We must maintain the dollar as we rout out lawlessness in our government and in our banking. It is going to be a trick to do, however we have no choice.

      16. “And the Band played on.”

      17. People should look up more often.

        The night sky is spectacular.

      18. Yu-an believe what China has in store for the US!!

        Certainly, most countries in the world are cutting deals with China for the yuan and for trade. Quietly, a new world order is being made and it is a smiling Chinese hottie who heads it, not a PTSD-rattled America.

        The US is fried and can’t fight anymore and that is obvious to all to see. I think it would be better to hook up with China and Russia and go after the real menace in the world: Islam.

        • It’s hard to win when you fight against the very things you believe in. I refer to the domestic war being waged against the American people. The foreign wars we fight are as immoral as the handful of degenerates that send us off to battle. Just wars are winnable. These unjust wars against humanity that we are involved in are tightening the noose around our necks. The only justifiable war I see is the one against the diabolical religion of “peace”, Islam. If we lose that one, we lose it all.

        • Islam ????

          So far as i know they are not behind importing immigrant slave labour to push wages down for the working class so that banker owned corporations can turn more profit.

          No sir and they are not behind pushing property prices sky high so the bankers make more money on interest repayments.

          I see no connection between Islam and Monsando GMO food killing us with cancer or fracking to poision the water tables.

          Sorry but i think the real menace in the world is jewish control over our banks, our politicians and our lives and we can deal with Islam if they carry on making trouble after a common enermy becomes defeated.

          Frank you are half way there but i felt i had to pull you up on the last bit of your very good post.

      19. Wow! Communist China vs. Communist Kalifornia? Why have a war, since everyone is already communist?

        Just curiousl

        • Not everyone.

      20. Read Federalist 11, the Navy original mission was to protect trade and build us into a great economic power

      21. First, “the Pentagon,” is a building. The US Military doesn’t do something like that without orders from the vermin-in-chief. Who takes orders from his power elite masters. Who are they? The few who selected him and funded his being there. The six figure donation scrum.

        Second, contrary to all the “we’ve got the world’s best technology in everything” yap yap indoctrination: we don’t. If the USG is stupid enough to pick a war with Russia or China, we are going to get our asses kicked. Millions of Amerikans would die, because this time we’re picking on nations that can, and will, give as good as they get.

        The Russian missile subs can sit at their docks and hit anywhere in the US. But they aren’t at their docks. Let alone for a moment how vulnerable our power, water, and other necessary infrastructure is to skilled hackers half a world away.

        Those carriers we’re so proud of are nothing more than high value targets, more easily taken out than we have been indoctrinated to believe.

        The internet is full of object lessons of bullies pushing perceived smaller, weaker people around. Who suddenly deck the bully and calmly walk away. It’s past time the warmongers in our government learned to stay out of other peoples’ faces.

        • Russia and China would only need to follow this strategy and America would come down in days:

          Phase 1: Civil unrest and public order breakdown. This is really easy to do. Stage race-based events all across the country and the multiplier of hysterical TV and race baiters such as Al Sharpton, and you would have rioting occurring in every urban centre.

          Phase 2: Shut down major infrastructure. Use emps, cyber warfare to mess with the major infrastructure of the country and disrupt the food supply. This would add accelerent to the rioting, caving in the ability of public authorities to exercise law and order.

          Phase 3: Overseas bases and assets. By this point, payment systems within the US are not functioning because people are not showing up for work. This starts to impact overseas bases as contractors and troops are told they will have to wait for their pay. Locals are encouraged by proxies to start attacking US bases. The TV comes alive with images of US troops and contractors desperately trying to hold back violent protesters. The image given? The US is falling apart domestically and foreignly. The markets crash as global investors panic and flee US assets.

          Phase 4: Rinse repeat until the US implodes.

          Phase 5: UN force is assembled to enter the US to restore law and order and a Governor is appointed by the UN to act as Pro Consul until the US is brought under control.

      22. These tests could have been used for a variety of different purposes. To be entirely honest with you all here, I had my tinfoil hat accidentally fall onto my head when I saw the first one go up, now there was a second. So you’ve all been warned to skip over this as nothing more than wild speculation.

        The missiles launched were UGM-133 Trident 2’s. They are capable of 14 warheads apiece, though we don’t keep that many on each missile due to the START 2 treaty. That doesn’t matter. What interests me is that we’re told that there were no warheads on the missiles. They went up into space, where they could circle the earth. What’s to say that the EMP attacks so many have been talking about haven’t been launched in view of the public and are just waiting for the right time to detonate? Everyone says the hardest part of the EMP is getting the weapons up into space. Well, this could have been the prepositioning of the warheads, with the rest falling back down into the Pacific near Kwajalein Island Atoll like so many of our other ICBM tests so people would dismiss it as only being a test. The US needs a way out of the debt disaster, EMP’s are the logical solution to this problem.

        Now that I’ve gotten all of that typed out, I’ll take off this tinfoil hat again and resume ignoring everything that’s going on. Have a great day folks!

        • 1Adventurer74:

          Your analysis rings true. If I were a betting, I would bet on it.

      23. “So! Where the hell was Biggles when you needed him last Saturday?”

        • Off Topic::::::….

          Hey “Passin’, this ones for you (sacr/ = off)..hope you like guitar solos:

          -(scrub the space)-

          ht tps://


          close…huh!!! (???)…

      24. If this is so Top Secret? Why does everyone know about it? And why do they do it right off the coast?

      25. I worry that all the money that they said they spent on missile defense they pocketed. And we are in big trouble. They can tell us anything and even show us pictures . But how can we trust them.

      26. But are they using this missile test as an excuse to keep everyone away from the area because something else is going on ?

        The fiat $US is owned by the FED, most players are jewish and the dollar is backed by guns and weapons but i don’t think a test missile being fired has anything much to do with the value of the Yuan.

        All that loand interest the bankers have taken from you as you try to buy a house is coming back to the USA as bribes for politicians because Israel wants to take control of parts of Syria and because Russia did not play along we got the Ukraine war and we now have the south China sea incident because China wont roll over.

        My guess is these tests missiles are a cover for searhcing the seas for Russian and Chinese subs in the area who are ready to rock and roll if the US puppets try using a sneak attack on other world powers using nukes.

        if bombs start to fly then look in the mirror and ask yourself why you didn’t deal with the criminals who did 9/11 when you had a chance.

      27. ACID ETCH are you on the man rag you ignorant piece of shit

      28. If this wasn’t so pathetic, it would be really funny! So the USA fires off a Trident missile, which do carry thermonuclear warheads when desired.
        They’re beating their war drums for all to see, as if Russia and China will run run run with their tails between their legs in awe! LOL, what a joke!
        Our government is actively seeking WW3, and most of the USA’s population cannot understand this!
        One watches a football game, and every other commercial is military-related, in order to pump up the WW3 rhetoric, as to make us happy about annihilation, happy about our troops all over the world illegally bombing small but sovereign countries, as if they have a God given right! Fighting for our hegemony and worldwide aggression! All the while NOT fighting for our country, but for our delusional and psychopathic murderers called our government.
        Not to worry, as WW3 is approaching rather quickly, the neocons and neoprogressives WILL have their war soon!
        And then they will have nothing left to spend their billions on if and when they can come out of their bunkers.

      29. I do not care if they do think china will take over with the yuan their in just as bad shape with
        Their economy as we are. The dollar, yuan, whatever just a worthless bunch of Toiletpaper.
        A missile fired and everyone saw it, they all lie so no matter who fired it not really a big difference.
        Make money from war, last one we had did not help us much. Best thing about all this is more
        People are getting a tinfoil hat! Everybody is having a conversation about the state of affairs
        Here everyday,awaken and poke the sleeping giant ,see what happens……

      30. Points for this one though.

        Dear anyone thinking of doing an EMP attack: it doesn’t work on submarines. Remember?

        Oh yeah.

      31. Water is the most important consideration. Make sure you have it. Three days with no water and people die of dehydration. If you have running water in your house, don’t take it for granted. Fill up empty jugs with tap water.

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