As the Middle Class Dies, Millennials Give Up: “The American Dream Is Not Really Alive”

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 83 comments

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    IF a great economic collapse is indeed unfolding, the condition of the up and coming labor force indicates a grave aftermath of grey listless population, a wondering generation of young people with no direction, and no vision of the future. Without a vision, the people will perish.

    Where will college graduates, working class debtors, small business owners and retirees find themselves a generation down the road? Few see good times ahead, particularly those looking for entry into meaningful careers and upwardly mobile opportunities.

    The Washington Times reported on the growing pessimism among young people entering into business and work environment. There is a widespread disillusionment with the system as a whole, and an increasing number of once well-adjusted white Americans stand out in the latest shift in the the standards of living.

    Via the Washington Times:

    It’s about as hard for a 20-something worker to find a job today as it was in 1986. The economy is growing at a slightly slower pace, but not by much. And yet young workers today are significantly more pessimistic about the possibility of success in America than their counterparts were in 1986, according to a new Fusion 2016 Issues poll reported in conjunction with the Washington Post — a shift that appears to reflect lingering damage from the Great Recession and more than a decade of wage stagnation for typical workers.

    That rise in pessimism among millennials is concentrated among white people. It is most pronounced among whites who did not earn a college degree.

    The Fusion poll replicated the questions from a Roper/Wall Street Journal poll of young Americans that was conducted in 1986… Both polls posed a series of questions about the American Dream: what it meant to individuals, whether it actually existed and, if it did, how hard it was to attain.

    In the three decades between the surveys, pollsters found, share of young Americans overall who said the American Dream “is not really alive” grew sharply from 12 to 29 percent. Among white people, it nearly tripled from 10 percent to 29 percent. One in three white non-college graduates now say it is not alive, compared to one-fifth of white college graduates; the increase from 1986 was larger for non-graduates than for graduates.

    The poll found no statistically significant change among young Americans of color over the decades. In 1986, they were about twice as likely as whites to say the American Dream does not exist. Now, the groups are about equally pessimistic.

    But among the respondents who said the American Dream does mean something to them personally, whites were far more likely to say the dream has become harder to achieve compared to a generation ago. Just over 6 in 10 white college graduates said the dream had become harder to achieve, and 7 in 10 non-college graduates said the same, while 53 percent of non-white respondents said so.

    With student loan debt saddling millions of Americans in their first years of adulthood, and a drastically rising cost of living there is reason for despair. Changes in global economic order and declining faith in the dollar are shaking the foundations of the modern middle class. Service jobs have replaced manufacturing, and high tech success stories contrast against the growing bottom of those who’ve learned to depend upon government paychecks, part-time work and benefits for their livelihoods. The United States’ role is increasingly challenged in the world, and wealth has concentrated to the hands of a just a few, while everyone else is just holding on…

    America’s best and brightest have been put in the backseat. Education standards have fallen. Overqualified applicants with degrees over-compete for increasingly menial positions. There is no clear hope for better jobs and a stronger America on the landscape, though Donald Trump stands out for his appeal to make America great again. But people are staring at the problem the system itself refuses to address.

    For the first time in several generations, young adults are living at home with their parents in large numbers. One poll found that nearly of third of those under 35 are living with their elders, showing signs that there are serious stresses on the system that will bear out.

    Frustrations are spilling over into social divisions along the lines of race, religion and culture, while frustrations with policies of bankers on Wall Street and bureaucrats in Washington are obscured.

    Even a modest economic collapse is poised to undermine the remaining fabric of civility found in today’s masses. How many have given up hope of a vibrant future? How many days are we away from empty store shelves, mass starvation, riots, holed up survivors and recovery under martial law and heavy federal assistance?

    What can you do? Many Americans are relearning the art of making do, and of of course, expecting less.

    Disaster may come on a much more personal level. Individuals can suffer catastrophe as surely as nations can. When they do, it can be even more distressing because individuals feel alone in their suffering. I am talking about personal financial ruin and homelessness. Thousands of people across North America, indeed the world, have already experienced it following bankruptcies and foreclosures.

    Whole families have been evicted from their homes, some quite forcibly. We see dozens of tent cities appearing across America, and more people ordering storage containers to live in. What we don’t see are the “hidden homeless” – those forced to survive by couch-surfing or moving back in with family. If 47 + million Americans now live below the poverty line, that means 47 + million who are either homeless or in imminent danger of becoming so. And the number is still growing. (MD Creekmore’s The Survivalist Blog explores a scenario wherein you find yourself and your loved ones homeless and “living off the land.”)

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      1. Far too many americans are living in a dream world and the common enery is bankers who are not just making off like bandits after pushing house prices sky high so they makes lots of money on interest payments but they are also bringing the USA to the edge of WWIII

        The war on the american public started on 9-11 and it’s time to end that war.

      2. I have no problem letting my girls live with us as long as possible, we raised them to have a great attitude…

        Rare these days…

        • Attitude will be the key.
          I keep telling them to concentrate on education now, figure out what they enjoy doing, make a business out of it.
          The gene pool of potential mates is dismal, so I tell them to not worry, the right one will come along.

          The next 10 years will be rough on everyone…

          Be well all…

          • eppe, same here. My son who is still in his late twenties has a good job but still lives with me. I don’t mind at all that he does. My daughter lives on her own and has a good job (teaches school). Both are still single. I’ve told them more than once that they don’t need to have young’uns for my benefit. I really don’t want to have any grandchildren growing up in this present world. If either of my children did have a family then so be it. The first thing I’d buy for the grandchildren (boy or girl) would be a toy gun to get them used to holding properly.

            • Amen POP.
              We have no idea what the future holds in store for us, so make the best of the situation at hand.
              Going to purchase 4 S&W Governors for all of us, any opinions on the firearm?
              Have only heard good reviews, so it looks good to go, who knows that might save thier lives one day…

              • Eppe, I just purchased a S&W Governor with the laser sight and I love it. The quality is of course excellent and with the right AMMO it’s an outstanding personal defense weapon. That means it outstanding at personal defense range (about 21 feet). It uses the .410 shotgun shell, the 45 Colt, AND 45 ACP. Love that versatility.

                Women will love this weapon because of it’s light weight, small grip and easy of use. Because it’s a revolver they don’t have to worry if one is in chamber ready to go or fumble with a safety. It’s point and shoot. Also, the tritium night sights are great!

                This is a great link that provides a detailed review regarding the effectiveness the the Taurus Public Defender which is comparable to the Governor (except in quality and price). It’s a two part review. The link will follow.

                • J.
                  Saw some reviews of the .410 zombie loads.

                  Seems to be the best to keep loaded with.
                  This might be thier best Christmas ever, in the weapon world….

                  Thanks, governers for all…

                  • I got a .410 single shot Winchester shotgun in Christmas ’70.
                    Still have it.
                    Many memories of that year.
                    May my girls have great memories from a revolver.

                    • Never thought I would be getting a handgun for a 16 year old, wow, have times changed…
                      But they WILL know how to shoot, same with thier kids also.
                      To all, always think of the future, we never can tell what will happen.

                      Pray for the best, prep for the worst…

                    • Eppe, your girls will love the Governor. Firing 45 ACP and 45 Colt rounds are very manageble with this frame gun, regarding the recoil.

                      The 2.5 inch .410 shell has more kick and (in my opinion) is the most recoil teens and girls can really effectively manage. The 3 inch .410 shell has significant recoil, like the 500 S & W or 454 Accula.

                  • Eppe, it looks like those links are never going to clear moderation, so here they are: They are Youtube videos on this channel ShootingTheBull410.

                    Judging The Judge: Public Defender Review, Part 1: Claims vs Reality

                    htt ps://

                    Judging The Judge: Public Defender Review, Part 2: as a shotgun

                    ht tps://

                  • Eppe, the Governor is the best night stand gun around in my opinion because (with the right ammo) it puts out 4 000 buck shots down range with every pull of the trigger. That 4 9 mm FMJ projectiles each round and 6 rounds in a cylinder. That’s 24 (9mm sized) projectiles. That’s a lot of lead.

                    I also think the Governor is the best car carry weapon. It originally got the nickname “The car jacker gun”.

              • eppe, haven’t heard of the S&W Governor. If its anything like the Taurus Judge I would say that I would pass on it.

                • Hubby just got the Taurus Judge.

                  Big gun.

                  • I own the Judge and it is a wonderful weapon. It probably does come in second to the Governor, but it is still one heck of a defensive weapon. People are way to critical of what they don’t know. The Judge or the Governor will kill what is assaulting you, so whichever you own, point and pull, immediately followed by, “I want a lawyer”. Not another word.

                    • THAT is a beautiful thing.

                      Wow. I didn’t know that existed. Me like very much.

                      Spendy for my budget at the moment. Actually extremely so. I had hoped to pick up a (POS) Hi-Point 45 and have that for a year or so until I could get a “real” one but of course… OF COURSE… like everything else it’s ILLEGAL in California. Whyyyyy.

                      That… is very… very nice. .45 long colt is it?

                      Plus .410 shot… possibly stick some non-lethal loads in there (why not)… how much more perfect does it get? Customized response.

                      Short, small, good for indoor use… yeah. I’m digging this. The 6 round top out on loads and the double action trigger I’m not a huge huge fan of but given you can’t jam the thing it’s worth it.

          • The next ten years will indeed be rough, its really going to be about getting back to basics i feel, barring a world war or some other catastrophic occurrence, i feel we are in for death by a billion pin pricks, i feel for the younger generation, there just is no hope truly. Watching what is going on and the level of distraction is mind boggling. The normalcy bias runs so strong in most folks that when the apple cart starts rocking it will be like a 180 degree change in direction and many wont be able to hang on.
            Its going to be a bumpy ride, keep your loved ones close if you are on good terms with them and while its best to not immerse yourself in all this negative crap its a real good idea to keep it in the periphery. Better to be cautious than blindsided IMHO.
            Be well Epps

        • I have wondered lately about the need for kids to necessarily move out from their parents. I did 25 years ago, and I do understand the wild need for young people to get out on their own. So if my daughter wants that when the time comes and finds the means to do it independently, I get it and I’ll wish her well. But I’ll never push her out of the nest. If she finds a mate who isn’t too lazy, treats her well and is willing to contribute to the household, he’ll be welcome in our home as well.

          My wife and I are now starting to think about planning for one of my (elderly) parents to move in with us and our daughter when the other leaves us…or even maybe both of them if they can’t take care of their house anymore. Both of them have wonderful talents (cooking, fixing things, organizing, etc.) and I’m at the point now where it’s sometimes hard to believe I was in such a hurry to leave their house.

          I guess I’m just thinking about how “back in the day” multigenerational households were the norm, often out of necessity, and how that necessity may be coming back to us and how it will affect our family and community. Here and elsewhere there are a lot of articles and comments that talk about what a bad thing that is…but as others here imply it all comes down to attitude. And I’ve got an increasingly good attitude about the idea of living with more of my family. If we had more room, I’d consider living with another family as well that over the last 10 years has wound itself into our family tight enough that the boundaries are getting a bit blurry. So I guess all of us could become a “clan” together at some point. Never hurts to have a tight group, right?

          • Jaxx there is a fine line between helping and being someones enabler. Everyone eventually has to set down to a plate of conquences.

          • jaxx

            Sounds like you have it together and it works for you.
            Don’t screw it up! ;0)

      3. Americans, you still have freedom of expression, unlike in Canada in a feminist city called Toronto.

        A female doctor at the Ryerson Medical Centre named Dr. Brooke Alexandra Hogarth (CPSO #101186) called the cops on a male student just because he narrated his dreams!

        The video he recorded did not show that he was threatening anyone. As a matter of fact, he tried to calm down the situation, but the female doctor wanted to use her feminist privilege to have him arrested, detained and injected against his will!

        Americans, just look up north to feminist Canada to see where your future lies if you allow SJWs such as Anita Sarkeesian to influence your country’s politics!

        Dr. Alexandra Hogarth was terribly wrong to have her male patient detained for no valid reason other than her exaggerated fears and bias with a bureaucratic law to justify her claim.

        Dr. Alexandra Hogarth and the Ryerson Medical Centre should be sued for allowing one of their patient’s civil rights to be infringed under the pretext of “mental health acts”.

        • RUS, welcome aboard, and we hear stories like that one out of Canada all the time. What kind of drugs were forcibly injected into him? So this Dr. Hogarth is also a feminazi? Sounds like she’ll have an ‘accident’ one day.

      4. When the moral decay of any society has reached majority status, the blame game begins. There is plenty of blame to go around, but it originally rests within the paternal family unit.
        Sadly, that parental moral decay that began in the sixties, has now manifested itself within the past three generational groups.

        The X Gen (early 60’s to early 80’s birthers), then the Millennials (birthed from the early 80’s to early 2000’s); to the possible last generation called “Z”, has all become the “me” generations. Aside from the small percentage of charitable givers, the evidence is clear.

        Choices and decisions, of the aforementioned groups, to side with the liberal establishment, (both dems and repubs), has led the nation into a dark period of decline.

        The events that come upon a deviant nation during the year 2016, will further cast a pessimistic outlook from those that have lost their moral and spiritual compass. The swirling of occupants into the cesspool is growing larger, however; there is a way out, if one wants it strongly enough, to believe.

      5. “Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address”

        yeah well i know that my IP has not changed in weeks and i always use the same email adddress so why is my post not been released at the top where it should be or is this place becoming like abovetopsecret these days.

        Lets have a level playing field please mr moderator

      6. Got a couple of nephews in their 20’s. No college, barely finished High School, took them both about 2 years to find work in the “Fast Food Industry”.
        Raised in a trailer in a single parent family. Don’t have a single skill, but they know everything about The Walking Dead/Stars Wars/The Hunger Games.

        Love’m both, but they are certainly on the “White Trash” train!

        No wonder drug/alcohol addiction is on the rise.

        • Know exactly what you mean.

          Was visiting a good friend during Thanksgiving. Her daughter that recently turned 26, was visiting from out of town. I was explaining about the First Thanksgiving celebrations in America, and she was ignoring me as she was more interested in the NYC parade.

          Suddenly she got excited when the Mutant Ninja Turtles came by and started talking about the originals and the new age MNT’s.
          She knew all about the differences between the two time periods and every name and wardrobe of each.

          I walked out of the room in disgust, and thought about how foolish and oblivious this girl was at the age of 26. These are the types that are walking (walking dead) into the voting booths and casting ballots for the likes of Hillary c.

          The girl is also a druggie, and on the white trash train.

          • “I was explaining about the First Thanksgiving celebrations in America.”

            Were you talking about the real Thanksgiving celebrations that went on in America or the fake B.S. version of events that was taught in public skool?

      7. The article states, “Frustrations are spilling over into social divisions along the lines of race, religion and culture, while frustrations with policies of bankers on Wall Street and bureaucrats in Washington are obscured.”

        We must remember who the real enemy is and has always been…Bankers. Conquest is done now with Banks not Tanks.

        How is it that this once great nation does not create it’s own money. Instead we allow a private entity to do it and then charge us interest for the privilege. That is crazy. The US could create its own money and not pay $100’s of Billions a year in just interest payments.

        We MUST destroy Wall Street and Banking or mankind will never be free. Investment is possible without these corrupt parasitic entities. Everything else is a distraction. We MUST not allow them to divide us along every other issue.

        • good luck with the “we MUST destroy” thing. It will self-destruct in time.

        • Justice, spot on. Take out the trash in NY, DC, Hollywood, City Of London, etc. and most of the world’s problems are solved.

      8. There are three thing that are never satisfied.
        The eye.
        The tongue.
        The grave.
        I would like to kill death.

      9. I was told just the other day by a young person in their early 20’s; we live for the day, because we have no future. The vision (the American dream) has been lost, and yes this spells the end of America. Why, America has run it’s coarse like all before it, and it will die also.

        RIP America

      10. Justice ,
        the banksters and the current politicians ALL must go, or we are doomed forever!

        • you are the only one i have read here that has a brain, most of the rest are fing idiots

          • charlie2dogs.

            A lot of Fing idiots running around these days. Hahahaha!

            • Slingshot, you forget, the only idiots that come here are trolls.

        • The bankers with the help of the lying liberal media have screwed the AmeriKan public.

        • As long as the hidden and unseen powers behind the bankers remain the bankers and banks will remain.

          The bankers are simply their minions doing their bidding, some fully knowing it but most probably not.

          An no one even wants to address that situation, most denying it even exists.

      11. Its all gone……….

      12. “What can you do?”— Along with making do & expecting less, as Mac has indicated in this excellent and thoughtful article, I am learning humility and being grateful for the little things. I try to help people too, in practical ways. I believe that we make our own Hell here on Earth, and whenever we can make a little less Hell, that’s a good thing.

      13. —————– ANATOMY OF AN ECONOMY —————–

        AGRICULTURE ———>

        INDUSTRIAL ———>

        SERVICE ———>


        When there is no longer a large enough agricultural or industrial base to support service an economy collapses.

        You eventually have a service economy with nothing left to service and no one who has a job to buy the services.

        This was laid out in 1972 with “Limits to Growth”.

        We are in the endgame now with a gutted industrial base and too many non producing .gov trough feeders for the tax base to support.

        • “too many non producing .gov trough feeders for the tax base to support.” and yet we are importing more takers from other countries like we aint got enough already!!!!

        • Yup, but we still got awhile ‘for it catches up. Just my thinking. That dollar will still be king until they say it ain’t and they’ll keep feeding the banks with it too. That is just only one of the ‘fronts’ that our handlers are destroying. It all reminds me of those frozen masses of ice that you see on TV that have large pieces sheer off and fall into the water.

        • The Limits to Growth is a 1972 book about the computer simulation of exponential economic and population growth with finite resource supplies

      14. Arrogance creates selfishness since the individual demands more. I mean, its only right they should have more. More for them comes from reductions from others. The reduction comes in all forms from less pay, lost benefits and finally offshoring the jobs all together. The above all starts with Godlessness since they only answer to themselves…signed-he who “use to have” one of those good paying mfg jobs.

      15. I think once the tree gets watered it will grow better. of course there is some pruning to be done as well for the health of the tree. There is a long train and it has been running for awhile now. Equal to and greater than the original train. Go read some of those documents again and see if they could not have been written yesterday, well maybe not most are not learning cursive writing anymore, maybe so they cant read those works? Well until the tree gets trimmed and watered there is no hope it will produce fruit.

      16. Trying to have a good attitude in a toxic environment is hard. I deal with this shit every day every workplace the help is disgruntled. This is the struggle. Do you see anything positive on the horizon in America I don’t. Not being negative just real. People are suffering and it’s undeniable if your eyes are open. I don’t make the $ I’m supposed to. This will leave me short and retirement will not happen most likely. It’s just the reality that people have to face. Obummer should’ve been impeached long ago but everybody said it would take too long. if you observe people’s behavior they are living like there is no tomorrow charging everything. a guy I work with his wife is a school teacher and she told him that every kid is getting free lunch. They are even giving them breakfast if they come in earlier.

        • Asshat, we’re both on the same page in the same book. It’s the same in my workplace and region where I live.

      17. My heart breaks for our childrens future. We as their elders should be an example to them and do what we can as a patriot society to not let their future be dismal. Keep the faith !!!!

      18. yet new car sales are through the roof, and those 500-700 I6 and S6’s are still selling, I bet all those kids at home have at least a Iphone or a Samsung smartphone.

        it’ll all keep movin along, what ever looks abnormal to us old guys looks normal to the generation that lives in their time.

      19. Once Americans were willing to accept doing a $20/hr job for $8/hr it was over from there. Once high management found out that workers would slave away for peanuts at 50 hours a week with no benefits, the American dream died. You can be whatever you want in America, as long as you want to be poor or in crippling debt.

        • I SO AGREE. They always told me, you need to take that low paying job, to get your foot in the door…but all it really meant was a string of low paying jobs & sacrificing my limited resources & health (cheap food)SO now my health is bad, everything is all used up! I used to use any money I got for birthdays or holidays for car insurance, never could afford car repairs, so I lost the car too. It actually costs too much, to work a low paying job.

      20. Most of our youth are educated in fields that are thin air. The ones that push lots of paper and do keyboard work. They do make the world go round but have no skill. No physical creation of anything. They can’t weld, drill or use a lathe to fabricate. How no understanding how items are put together and how they run. Like the difference between how a jet engine and a car engine. No theory at all only you plug it in and turn it on to work.
        So what I am saying there is no Back Up. No redundancy.
        All their eggs are in one basket. Limits your expectations in life.

        We all should have some, “Jack of all trades, Master of none” in us. It might help us all in the long run.

        • Slingshot, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie about that. I’ve done several different types of work in my life. Being in the security business is NOT the only thing I’ve ever done. I have a few other skills that should help me immensely in any post-SHTF scenario.

      21. So welcome… To the Machine…

      22. I understand that “Black Fri” was the biggest single day for new gun sales ever.

        Good job Barry, a least you can something for the economy!

      23. The American Dream was never anything but complete BULLSHIT, LIES, and FANTASY. The so-called American Dream is nothing but an insane NIGHTMARE designed to insure the slaves did the bidding of the Corporatist Fascist slavemasters in the collapsing fascist vile evil disgusting shithole of the world. Brain dead dumbed down INSANE coward pussy Zombie American trash are far, far, far more indoctrinated than any North Korean or any other totalitarian state we have had throughout history. The soulless coward Zombie filth of collapsing hellhole America also receive so much, much, much more Fascist State run propaganda than any North Korean or totalitarian country in history.

        • Ron, your description of the American dream sounds just right. George Carlin once said something similar in one of his comedy skits.

          • “The American dream?? You gotta be asleep to believe it!!

            George Carlin

            • George Carlin was the only man who could make me laugh to keep me from crying….

            • Duke6, that’s right. And there are still people asleep. Say what you will about Carlin, he always spoke the truth.

      24. As part of the “Boomers” I feel I made it out the door before it closed. You try and tell the younger people what they need to do to succeed but are ignored. Many of us worked hard,got educated, had skills and played by the rules. The rules today are out the window and each person now has to make his way with no guarantees. Get those skills needed for the future and can trade for needed services or products. Make yourself wanted.

        • Jim, spot on. I’ve always played by the rules and still came out OK. Not as good as I once hoped for, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles for me. I’ve been through a lot in life and still alive and kicking.

      25. If you can’t fix a drippy faucet or repair a commode that is running or wire a new circuitor unstop a clogged drain or build some servicable item in the shop or do minor repairs on your tractor and lawnmower or cook a decent meal or wash your clothes or grow a garden and perserve the produce or skin an animal and cook it or take care of minor medical issues you are a loser that is already lost. Your stupidity has sealed your fate. You will not survive in the world that is coming that will begin as a fincinal collapse and progress from there to a collapse of society. A gun is no substitute for stupidity either.

        • cowdoc

          Might not matter, “What’s in your wallet”, but What can you do?

        • Cowdoc, that is oh so true. The millennials are just royally screwed unless they wake up and start learning some useful things.

      26. There going to be some that disagree with me, but here goes.

        There is a middle class for two reasons. #1 you need that group to tax. #2 they are there, because they are the worker bees.

        The millanimals have been given everything they want. Look at this group, no winners or looser because it ain’t P.C. Can’t say anything because they get offended. If you say something or have to push your weight around you are bully.

        To become a class you have to work for it. Don’t work you become low class. Then the Guberment steps in and steels from the middle class, and upper to try to bring them up. But they are lazy and just multiply like rabbits because they don’t have anything else to do. The middle class just works their ass of and is happy with what the got, and would give you the shirt off of their backs if asked, but gets pissed when it is just taken away. Now the upper class. Sometime in history some one had worked for it and made it to the upper class. They have it and they do everything they can to keep it.

        In a good functioning society this is the making of success, Upper, Middle, and Low class. Even Jesus said the poor will be with you always.

        There is nothing wrong with hard work, and reaching for the stars. But a person needs to know his/her limitations!!!! Like me I wanted to be rich and I am. I don’t have a lot of money and would be considered lower middle class, but I’m rich in so many other ways. I’ll take what God has given me and I’m RICH.


        • Sarge, that was one of your BEST posts ever. All true.

          • Brave
            Thanks. I try my best.

      27. It may be as easy to find a job today as it was in 1986? However today that job will be part time. and low pay without any benefits. And our government and elected officials on purpose destroyed the USA manufacturing base. And that was the death cry of the middle class. And anyone with even a little common sense Knows those who Broke it have no intention of fixing anything. Its not surprising the college brainwashed white kids are stupider and more believe things are inproving than the non college white kids.

        • Old Guy, I only disagree with the first sentence in your post. In 1986, we still had a decent economy and there were jobs everywhere. That year I had to get a 2nd job for extra income and found that job in only 2 days. I kept that 2nd job until 1992 when I received a promotion and a pay raise that turned out to be more than what I made with the 2 jobs combined. Everything else you said is true.

          • I was referring to the statement in the article. I also question the fact stated that why I wrote it may be as easy.

      28. You have to ask yourself if you are doing O.K. If so, then everything is fine.

        At least for the time being.

      29. Teach them how to fill out a job application when they are in school. Knowing where they went to school and if they graduated or not is a good start.
        Most businesses want to know your name. It does not need to be written in red ink or sparkly ink.
        It is also helpful if you know where you live and how long you have lived there.
        The names AND phone numbers of 2 references who are not relatives; and, the length of time that you have known them is also not a trick question.
        Try real hard to fill out the correct application for the store where you think they can’t survive without your help.
        “Joe’s” in “Dallas” is usually not sufficient information when you are revealing previous work experience. “helping my uncle at his place” also falls short in this category.
        Get real–you are not going to make more than the store owner does when you are applying for your first job.
        We don’t care that you are a happy person and like people. This is not a job qualification.
        Knowing ALL there is to know about video games is also not going to get you any extra points. We are looking for an employee–not a genius.
        Look around before you go apply for the job. If it is not Halloween, does anyone else who works there have purple, blue, or green hair? Do you see any employee wearing shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt that says “F*** me. I’m good”?
        Be sensible about the tattoos and the facial piercings unless you are applying for a job where your choice of body art or self mutilation is an asset to the business.
        Remember that you are “asking” to be a paid representative of that business.
        You don’t have to have the personality of a game show host; but, for goodness sake, at least, have A personality. Arrogant, sullen and bored do not count.

        • ozarkanna

          Pictures of, The “People of Wal-Mart”, comes to mind.


          • Slingshot, the sad part is you don’t even have to go to wallyworld to find them. I see them everywhere I go.

      30. The dream is there if Millennials actually were smarter by being taught in schools, colleges, and MSM about individualism, instead they have been brainwashed into socialism and embracing Marxism which is a bleak outcome. They got what they voted for.

        I won’t let them bury me.

      31. All one needs to do is google George Carlin American Dream. Sums it up – perfectly.

      32. The American Dream. This never gets old.

        h ttp://

      33. Can somebody tell me how Vietnam vets got Hep C from vaccines. Was it tainted needles or tainted vaccines or both. Seems vets are being denied life saving Hep C drugs due to cost.

      34. The storm is coming, be prepared.

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