As Hurricane Florence Approaches, It Sparked A Tornado Warning

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    A view of Hurricane Florence from space

    Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a category 2 storm, and while that certainly doesn’t mean that those living in the crosshairs are out of the woods yet, it does come with another added danger. As the hurricane continues to advance, a new warning has surfaced: be prepared for tornadoes.

    Hurricane Florence could spark a tornado watch in the coming hours as the storm makes its way to North Carolina. Fox News forecaster Janice Dean warning warm waters off the coast could strengthen Florence before landfall. Hurricane Florence is packing maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour as a Category 2 hurricane steadily making its way towards the North Carolina coast.

    “We could actually see a tornado watch in this area over the next couple of hours because of these landfalling storms we have the threat for severe weather, including tornadoes,” Dean said. “I expect it to at least maintain strength. It actually could strengthen further as it makes landfall, the water temperature is 85-86 F so that’s enough to strengthen the storm. Actually, when you have a strengthening storm that is making landfall it’s even more dangerous. Heed the warnings, it’s exactly as it was two days ago even though we are down to a [category] 2.”

    A webcam on the beach of Kitty Hawk, in the Outer Banks barrier islands of North Carolina, is recording the hours before the arrival of Florence which is expected as early as Thursday night. According to the Express UK, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper warned that “disaster is at the doorstep” and pleaded with residents and tourists alike not to underestimate the threat to life Florence poses.

    Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Copper said: “My message is clear: disaster is at the doorstep and is coming in. This may be a marathon, not a sprint. For those not under an evacuation order, finish your preparations today if you haven’t already. Move to safety if your home is at risk. Bring supplies if it’s not. Plan to be without power for days.”

    The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in its latest 10am BST Florence update: “On the forecast track, the center of Florence will approach the coasts of North and South Carolina later today, then move near or over the coast of southern North Carolina and eastern South Carolina in the hurricane warning area tonight and Friday. A slow motion over eastern South Carolina is forecast Friday night through Saturday night. Maximum sustained winds are near 110 mph (175 km/h) with higher gusts. Little change in strength is expected before the center reaches the coast, with weakening expected after the center moves inland.”


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      1. These hurricanes are fake news too.

        Goes from a life threatening Cat 4 to barely a Cat 2 in three hours? It will be a tropical storm by the time it actually hits.

        Fake hype for the climate change narrative. We saw the same thing with Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

        • Hurricane Florence Expected To Make Landfall As A Category 2

          I bet there is a mad dash back to Home Depots etc returning Generators and all those needless supplies. lol

          Meanwhile the real preppers are sitting in the titty bars getting lap dances half price and .50 cent drafts… TharSheBlows..and get good head on a cold beer. lol

          • Hurricane Florence Expected To Make Landfall As A Category 2

            I bet there is a mad dash back to Home Depots etc returning Generators and all those needless supplies. lol

            So what about all those who had mandatory evacuations? No Go now? And all the hotel room cancellations? lol

            This is why you are prepared way ahead of time and there is no rush to do anything when it comes.

      2. Why is the MSM and such so intense if promoting fear based panic about this hurricane?

        Even when it is downgraded to the point that all that “run for you life” fear stuff they’ve been promoting no longer applies, they are now concentrating on trying to involve other types of fear in relation to it (i.e. tornado’s, deadly threats from poisonous snakes invading everything, etc.) to keep the fear factor as high as possible.

        And why are so many people jumping on every possible reason to believe them in everything they are saying without taking a simple, calm, and reasoned look at their own personal situation to evaluate their own risk and take appropriate actions instead?


        Does this surprise me now that we are getting close to the mid term elections.


        • HCKS….drug mules(Mexicans) bringing in drugs. not reds but just as bad. Border Patrol can’t stop them,there are so many. national guard needs to be called up.

          • With cocaine & heroin in those backpacks the individual value per man must be 20 kilos at $20,000 per at that point (10x on the street) for cocaine. That $400K per mule. You don’t guard that with a .38.

            They ain’t soldiers, they’re drug importers.

      4. When someone is a proven liar no one believes anything they say. Which sometimes causes tragedy when and if they are actually telling the truth and no one believes it.

        Reports coming out that radar has picked up 83 feet waves heading straight for Carolina. There are twelve nuclear facilities in Carolina, two are vulnerable as they are in the ocean.

        Report says that rain can be seen as a wave by radar making it cause an error.
        Are they lying now or were they lying then?

        _ It has been raining on and off for a week in Texas. Supposed to stop tomorrow, coincidently right around the tim Florence makes landfall. We shall see.


        • Wonder how a spilling Nuke Plant would react in a 150 MPH wind Hurricane and spew the nuke Juice around for 1000 miles in diameter? Got your Potassium Iodide tables ready to deploy and for your pets?

        • Believe what you see, not what you told you should see.

      5. Some smart officials have elected to take down the grid so they control the extent of the damage. This seems prudent and that is rare. I applaud this but it is a genuine hardship for anyone who was trying to prepare and can their meat in their freezers.

        IF only a prepper would rise up and become a mayor or governor and then lead the People. Then an action plan would clearly communicate and tell people to can their freezer contents. Then after a window, shut down the power.

        This is not hard. It just means logical, rational, responses or good old common sense and frugality.

        We can do this. Our ancestors used to do this. There is no need for people to go hungry during short term disasters.

        A wise mayor would ensure that experts would give practical advice by hands on training in gardening, canning, rotating, planning, water purification, etc.

        We actually have a Master Gardener program I believe in all fifty states. Old timers volunteer for it and get certified and they in turn certify others.
        Some of y’all may be excellent future mentors if you would be willing to try. We could turn this darkness around.

        • excellent information

          thank you

        • Thanks from me also. Found lots of great information for my area.

          • Y’all are quite welcome. If you befriend some Native American elders, some are shaman and know quite a bit about wild edibles and medicinal plants but they are ornery and suspiscious of outsiders. It can be unpleasant at first until you get used to their style. The reason they are ornery is their own young people don’t care about learnin’ tribal lore.

      6. I lucked out,
        Our little hurricane Olivia degraded to a tropical storm and took a turn to miss my island, but went right over the top of Nailbangers island, I hope he made through with minimal damage.
        But we were under a Tornado watch for a period of time on Wednesday. We are still under a flash flood warnings.

        Florence, even if it drops down to a tropical storm will still make a mess. Hawaii can handle 40 inches of rain, in a very short period of time with minimal damage, but I don’t think the east coast has that kind of topography, it is too flat and they a have a storm surge 6 times the height of their normal tides. I hope everyone there does OK.

      7. Barrier Island, NC crashing 20 ft waves damaging homes.

      8. OMG !! Tornadoes that are part of a hurricane.

        GMAFB. This is NOT news. There are ALWAYS tornadoes with a hurricane.

      9. River in North Carolina overflowed.

        _ Homes have water coming inside. Trump puts out video says FEMA is prepared with food, medicine, everything. Warns that this is maybe the biggest storm ever. Love and God Bless from President Donald J. Trump.



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