As Banks Seek Monopoly Over Economy, “Cash Is Being Gradually Taken Away”

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 62 comments

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    There is a war on for the extermination of cash.

    It is the ultimate monopoly game, but there are those who are willing to put up a fight to keep cash in the game.

    The powers that be on Wall Street and in the central banks are aiming to eliminate paper money in large part to continue “sustaining and even intensifying the central banks’ nightmarish experiment with negative interest rates” – a doubly dangerous effort for economic

    And banks stand to have all the control as digital transactions flow through their institutions, closely monitored and accumulating fees, penalties and charges that enrich the banks and hold customers hostage.

    As Europe moves to take the 500 Euro note out of circulation, former Treasury Secretary and enabler of past crises, has called for an end to the Benjamins – the celebrated $100 note of outlaws, gangsters and all those who would oppose the new world economic order.

    As Wolf Street notes:

    Those motives include sustaining and even intensifying the central banks’ nightmarish experiment with negative interest rates, increasing public dependence on big banks, destroying the last vestiges of personal financial freedom and anonymity, expanding government surveillance of and control over the economy, and in the case of credit card companies and fintech firms, doing away with their biggest competitor, physical currency.

    The powers that want to kill off cash already have vital technological and generational trends firmly on their side, as a result of which cash’s days as a commonly used payment method may well be numbered anyway. They also have the added bonus of widespread public ignorance, apathy, and disinterest.


    “It would be fatal if citizens got the impression that cash is gradually taken away from them”: Bundesbank President Weidman.

    As Don Quijones argues – the countries that have been quickest to adopt cashless societies in Scandanavia tend to be very well adjusted and relatively trusting of their governments.

    By contrast, Americans, developing countries, and even Germany and Japan have less trust in their government, and will likely put up a fight against attempt to disarm cash:

    All too often we hear about the countries in Europe and elsewhere that are furthest along the path toward a completely cashless existence — countries with high levels of public trust in public institutions such as Denmark, Sweden, Australia and Singapore. By contrast, we hardly ever hear about countries where public trust is low in government and financial institutions and physical cash is still revered. They include many of the nations of the Global South as well as two of the world’s biggest, most advanced economies, Germany and Japan.


    “Cash allows us to remain anonymous during day-to-day transactions. In a constitutional democracy, that is a freedom that has to be defended,” tweeted the Green MP Konstantin von Notz. Even the head of the Bunderbank, Jens Weidmann, criticized the government’s proposals, telling Bild (emphasis added): “It would be fatal if citizens got the impression that cash is being gradually taken away from them.”

    The right to a free exchange medium has been understated in Constitutional debates, as well as outlook to the global future, though gold and silver is mentioned in Article I Section 10.

    But the going rate towards the use of credit/debit, phone apps and other digital payments strips away the fundamental free exchange of currency that historically come with physical currency.

    Instead, it grants something pretty close to a monopoly for the handful of banks and online entities like PayPal who will operate the systems, decide the fees and surcharges, and freeze accounts for behaviors that could include things like trying to sell a firearm on a platform that has a policy against it.

    Cash transactions (as well as those made with gold and silver or historically utilized mediums) are practically anonymous, rather than scrutinized and available as evidence to creditors, competitors, prosecutors or those with an agenda.

    It will also make it harder for small businesses, who stand to be forced out of cash-only operations and onto the reservation of digital payments, where they will have to comply and qualify for status.

    If cash dies, they will control authorization, they will hold nearly all the power.


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      1. I have a friend who works for a company based in Denmark. According to her, the Danes have already done away with all paper money.

        The book of Revelation speaks of a time when you can neither buy nor sell with a “Mark”. The mark described on either the forehead or hand is where a Roman would brand a slave. Thus The Mark of The Beast is referring possibility to a form of economic slavery to the State.

        • Good comment Seminole Wind: Thus The Mark of The Beast is referring possibility to a form of economic slavery to the State.
          If I could add: to a person which will be the final system, The anti-christ system of worship. To buy, sell a person will have to have the mark as you said and the acceptance of the mark means this person is god and you accept him as god, creator of the heavens and the earth.

          • Heard about this a decade ago, a “chip” that generates energy based on temperature differential. This chip can be placed in a very small capsule and then put in you. It can specifically identify you, your accounts, and perform security checks for such things (as of now times) logging into your computer, getting through security check pts or logging into work for your time card. NOW here’s the trick: the two places which fluctuate the most in temperature are your forehead and back of your right hand. Lets add: cashless society; how will you buy and or sell? Lets add: almost every bar code startes with 6, has the double has 6 in the middle and at the end. Now that’s some wonderful prophecy we are seeing today!

            • Digital Angel.
              Lost money on that one…

        • I read where every economy that collapsed and paper money was gone or worthless, they find another system in bartering, either on top or under the table.

          Louisiana banned cash for used goods at garage sales, yard sales and flea markets if more than once a month. They have to log every customer with an ID # in every sale. It has created a thriving black market.

        • Long time aware. First post from danish man.

          We will never accept the loss of being able to pay with coins picturing our monarch.
          Do not underestimate our old culture. In our “constitution” called Grundloven only the monarch has the right to make our currency.

          When they take that away, the workers will revolt. (I hope, and believe)

          The politicians of EU made a great mistake of taking all the refugees. People are starting to wake up over here too.

          Best hopes for the World from

          Holger Danske (google the name)

      2. The pace seems to be picking up. Other than warm weather, I wonder what summer will bring. Next month the white and yellow perch will make their spawning run up the rivers and I plan to be there. I’m very fond of their roe (deep fried).

        • The best thing about Spring is that the dam Tourists/Snow Birds start going home, the Bass spawn and rainy season starts. March/April we often get fires started by lightening, until the glades refill.

          • Start withdrawing your cash from the banks. I am. 🙂

            • DK, I’ve already took my cash out. No ‘mark of the beast’ for me, ever.

              • I suspect that in addition to the carrot-and-stick approach, various “funneling” methods will be employed to channel the bleating masses in the ‘right’ direction.

                It is already virtually impossible to rent a car, stay at a hotel, or purchase an airline ticket for cash. What happens when banks refuse to hold accounts for grocery stores (from the largest chains right down to the corner market), major retailers (all of the big-box stores), and energy suppliers (petrol stations; propane dealers; heating-oil dealers; utility companies) unless they require their customers to join the digital brigade?

                The use of cash does not depend solely on how we choose to buy; it also depends on how others choose to sell. For the cashless plan to work, the banks will have to pressure businesses to fall in line in order to maintain the bank accounts that are vital to their survival.

                Simply removing cash from circulation is another funneling method that seems to be underway. The $1,000 note was withdrawn in 1969 due to an Executive Order issued by Nixon. (The $5,000 and 10,000 notes had disappeared long before that.) Noises are being made about eliminating the $100 note; is there any doubt that the $50 note will follow?

                The vast majority of people don’t use these bills, so they won’t care. When the $20 note and lesser values are all that remain, the funneling ploys will be replaced with incentives and penalties (carrot-and-stick) to motivate the public to switch over to digital… accompanied by a big PR campaign to “educate” us on the “benefits”, of course.

                From a Feb 17 story by Seana Smith on Yahoo Finance:

                There’s a war on over the $100 bill. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is going after the big buck, calling for a ban on its printing. In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Summers points to research showing that paper currency in larger denominations aids crime and corruption.

                And he’s not just after U.S. currency, Summers is urging the European Union to remove the 500 euro note from circulation.

                “A moratorium on printing new high-denomination notes would make the world a better place. In terms of unilateral steps, the most important actor by far is the European Union. The €500 is almost six times as valuable as the $100,” writes Summers.

                I consider Larry Summers to be one of the most corrupt and despicable public officials who engaged in rigging the financial system for the benefit of insiders. Anything supported by Summers is almost certain to favor corporations while simultaneously gutting the American public.

                The bottom line is that very intelligent people are being paid handsome salaries by phenomenally wealthy and powerful interests to engineer and guide the cashless future. Simply taking cash out of the bank is a good step for the short term; but in the long run, it is likely to be futile. The day may well arrive when nobody with an established business will accept that cash, because there’s nothing they can do with it. Their suppliers won’t accept it; the banks won’t accept it; the public won’t accept it. Once the digital program in fully in place, the government may announce a one-year window for converting cash to digital; after that year is over, cash will simply have no legal value. They won’t even have to outlaw cash when they can just declare it to be legally worthless.

                For the increasing number of people living hand-to-mouth, none of this will matter much. In fact, they will probably approve the new, easy method. And I’m sure that, as always, the wealthy will have various means of protecting themselves.

                But the digital conversion will be devastating for whatever remains of the middle class. Anyone who hopes to have a nest egg for their old age or who wants to leave something to their kids will see their life’s work reduced to electronic digits on a balance sheet. It will be steadily siphoned off with taxes and fees, and it will be made very difficult to convert it into anything of real value.

                I feel that PMs will face severe restrictions in the future. Not because of a money-grab per se, as conducted by FDR in 1933; but because of their classic attributes as money. When gold and silver are the only remaining means of storing wealth that can avoid the digital system, the laws regulating them will become draconian.

                Bank on it.

          • Wow, Seminole and PO’d, you guys make me want to go fishing. All the perch I’ve ever caught were puny little ones from a pond so I don’t know much about them. But catfish… now there’s some good eatin’!
            Take a few well-trimmed filets, roll them in a mixture of flour and fine-ground corn meal (add a tiny bit of salt but don’t over season the breading), then fry in hot oil. Add some home made hushpuppies and a cold beverage of your choice and it’s darned near heaven. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!
            I’ve had some great catfish from lakes, ponds and even the muddy Red river (though the river fish sometimes have a sort of mud taste to them).
            Note of confession** The best fish I ever had were caught in the freezer aisle at Krogers. I was using a $20 bill for bait and hooked a nice 3 pounder!

            • Okie, ever run a trot line for cats? I did when I was a kid and kept our freezer full, plus turtles for chili or Sauce Piquant.

              • Never ran one myself, but I used to help a buddy check his dad’s lines when we were kids. Don’t remember what they used for bait (whatever they could scrounge up I guess) but they always had fish in their freezer, too. Dinner at his house was a treat, to say the least.
                Those were poor people, though as a kid we didn’t notice things like that too much. They raised rabbits and a few chickens, grew a garden and hunted or fished. Plus the old man would barter for all kinds of stuff. Cash-wise they were definitely not the Rockerfellers, but their house was spotless and the kids (seemed like there were a dozen but that’s probably the exaggeration of memory) were well behaved and they never missed a meal! Ahh… the good old days, back when families were the focal point of life.

              • We always ran trot lines for blue crabs. Either chicken necks or salted eel for bait.

      3. 1 simple argument against cashban:
        you cant withdraw your money from the bank if there is no cash


      4. It was inevitable this would happen someday when computers were doubling their capacity every 18 months. I doubt you’ll see many commercial vehicles driven by humans in 10 years. It was always understood they would be employed to their fullest to keep an eye on the population at he first opportunity. Turning war into something to be controlled by monitor from thousands of miles away. I’m surprised cash and carry has lasted this long.

      5. Currency = Freedom. The ability to exchange currency for goods and services allows a citizen to do things without a written (or digital) record. This type of transaction allows citizens to travel freely (without scrutiny by Big Brother). Certainly the state has motivation to monitor all transactions so they can acquire a piece-of-the-pie (by taxation). What happens when they decide your activities need extra taxation or should be banned altogether? The result is less freedom.

      6. There will always be some type of money. It might be paper, it might be coins. Hell it might be shells, But there will away be some type of money to exchange for items.

        • Sex? (sarcasm)

          • Making change could get tricky…. LOL

        • Copper jacketed lead!

          • Do ya’ll mean bullets, rounds, ammo, hollow points, Silver Tips, and slugs? Heck, pretty soon you’ll need a background check to buy them too.

            Did ya hear about the guy who thought he had committed a felony because he took a crap without first getting a “Bathroom Check”?

            • I have a bunch of fractional silver and gold, pint liquor and coffee to trade. Also a certain skill set.

              • I’ve invested very heavily in ‘brass and lead’. That helps me to protect all my other preps.

      7. We are sorely unprepared for what’s coming no matter how prepared we may think we are.

        • Excellent comment and so true.

      8. Up until WW2, Pennsylvania was 1/3 German speaking.

        It gradually died out in favor of English with the stigma of being Aryan after the war.

        A movement is underway to revive the Pennsylvania Dutch.

        • Oh, are they including little sausage swallowing gay lil buckaroos like you?

        • Zehlet dihr mch Pennsylvania Deitsch schtudie?

          • Are you bullshitting me or can you really write in the original style?

            Because that doesn’t look anything like high German.

            • I would never BS you!

              You said “A movement is underway to revive the Pennsylvania Dutch.”

              I spoke to you in Pennsylvania Dutch, which is not high German.

              Penn Dutch is spoken by the Amish and Mennonites. Sometimes it is called Pennsylvania German.

              I asked you “Will you more Pennsylvania German study.”

              I am leaning it, little by little as I worship the Lord Jesus within the Mennonite Church.

              Wu hocket dihr in eier Gmee?? (Where sit you in your church?)

              • Grandee,

                They don’t want butt slammers and gay bucks like him in church, any church that would isn’t right in the head.

                • Ahhh! the Holy Spirit may capture him. He may see the error of his ways. It is my prayer for him.

        • There was a major Nazi movement in support of Hitler in The US prior to WWII,during WWII and after. Many probably know this.

          Something that I had often pondered was why The Roosevelt Administration turned away several ships from Europe carrying Jewish refugees and they had to return to Europe and many of them it is reported, perished in Labor Camps.

          All of a sudden, it seems, an interest in Hitler is rising, especially in Europe.

          Steve Quayle has an interesting book on sale on his site regarding the Nazis. I am reading it. Very informative.

          Interesting times we live in and will become more intereting.

      9. Thought you all might like this…

        The Death Of Common Sense


        Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.
        He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

        – Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
        – Why the early bird gets the worm;
        – Life isn’t always fair; and
        – Maybe it was my fault..

        Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

        Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

        It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

        Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

        Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

        Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

        Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

        He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers:
        I Know My Rights
        I Want It Now
        Someone Else Is To Blame
        I’m A Victim
        Not many attended his funeral because
        so few realized he was gone..
        If you still remember him, pass this on.
        If not, join the majority and do nothing.

        ht tp://

        • Great stuff as usual Eppe

          I used to think that “Common Sense” died when Jesse Venture got elected Governor or Al Franken as a Senator.(Both from Minnesota) But I guess it was only in the ICU for awhile.

          However, I am dead-dam certain that it’s “R.I.P. Common Sense” if “Crazy Donald-Comb Over” becomes President.

          (Lord help us)

          • Seminole Wind

            I’m still voting for Hillary. By the way her health is looking, she sure would be the one I would want with the launch codes. Forget about her temper. As eepe said there is no more common sense to which I say I don’t give a shit no more. Right on down from WW3 to Muslims running around killing innocent people. The last question you should ask yourself is.

            Are you ready?

        • Eppe, one of your best posts ever. Thanks for that.

          • BH, you gotta email me to get there.

            • And there are 12 of us on the plan email.
              Any others had any problems with the setup?
              Bcod sends some funny stuff.
              Just hit me.
              BH, you will like it.

      10. I will not give in I we’ll not shut up and I will not yield my natural rights and will continue about my business as I see fit.They want what is not nor ever was theirs and many will just ignore them that is what they can not imbid. They want to be worshipped as a god. Some will bend a knee not me I will stand then turn to walk away.

      11. The banks are doing everything they can to enrich themselves at the peoples’ expense. What you hear described is only the effects their actions have on the people. Everyone says the bankers are stupid. But they are not stupid. Everyone says they are stupid because their actions are ruining many nations. But they are not stupid, because to ruin many nations is what they want. Nobody is saying anything about this. They only say that many nations are being ruined. And that the bankers are stupid. The bankers are ruining many nations because they want to ruin many nations, and the fact they are succeeding proves they are not stupid.

      12. If only there was some other universally accepted medium of exchange which we could use, instead of Federal Reserve notes.

        Maybe some sort of shiny chemically inert metal, or something, that has been used for this purpose for thousands of years.

        I guess they have really thought this through, and there will be no unintended consequences at all.

        • I think we should have money made of plutonium. People wouldn’t hord more than critical mass, and the greedier you are the shorter your rotten life.

        • AC, I’ve thought the same. When the appearance of Bitcoin and other so-called digital currencies occurred, my first thought was, “okay, groovy-cool… how the heck am I to pay my utility bills with such?”. Answer – I can’t. And that is the Shakespearean ‘rub’. Until the everyday and not-so-optional expenses can be purchased with an alternative mechanism, we’re stuck. Lucky are those who have to only buy power/electricity. If one has water and a source of fuel for domestic purposes they’re in hog-heaven.

          Sure, it’s all nice to dream about living off the grid – no phones or any other utility. And some can and do. But the percentage? Very very very few. And by doing so, unfortunately they make themselves somewhat inconsequential to the rest of society. They have little say in what takes place. Worse, they become targets in the eyes of those they’ve shunned.

          Precious metals. Fine, but….. it’s still a booger to have to convert such to cash to pay for those things you need only obtainable with the coin of the realm.

      13. Underground economy and barter is alive and well here. Junk silver will prevail. All banks need to be burned down with the banker in them,

      14. I have to Rant!! Everything is manipulated! All the financial numbers, every stock, bond, commodity, currency, earnings report, government statistic, news report and there putting wood pulp in most of our food supply. Doctors try to say we need drugs because our numbers are not average. Religious leaders half truths and made up lies. Political leaders half truths and made up lies. All of history is told by the Victors. Only 10% of the people produce a product that 100% of the people use. I can not believe anything anymore. I read somewhere that 90% of what you read is a lie. Buddha is correct, its all and Illusion. The only way to true happiness is sticking your head in the sand, but I can not seem to do that. This is what I have learned so far. I am 57 years old and still kicking. Thanks for the rant.

      15. “I Guess It’s Food Stamps”: 400,000 Americans In Jeopardy As Giant Pension Fund Plans 50% Benefit Cuts

        h ttp://

        pension plans,both public and private,were DELIBERATELY
        underfunded for decades

        now its time to pay the piper

        • I REPEATEDLY warned this community for years that pension funds were next on the hit list before anyone in either LSM or Alt Media ever mentioned it.

          Its in the archives. Multiple times. 🙁

      16. We will have a cashless society. It will be difficult for the smallest transaction with cash.

        Many Americans are clueless. Many will wake up one day and it will be too late to really resist although many will and many will die. Transition will be bloody. Thus The Fema Camps?
        Considering the number of cameras, drones, traitors (include your and my families and our children) and other detection devices, it will nearly be impossible to hide.

        • Don’t hide. Organize !!! Multiple your power in a group. Magnify your voice in an organization.

          Create a FREEDOM CELL where you live. Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty. And who has been nice. In your neck of the woods.

          When push comes to shove: push back !!! 🙂

      17. Like I just said, but it needs repeating.
        My choice for the first bankster to catch a bullet (I hope it’s a big one) or a rope is Hank Paulson. (TARP bailout criminal instigator)

      18. If they do away with $100 bills, I guess the criminals will have to go to the gold standard or create their own currency.

      19. 400,000 Americans in jeopardy as giant pension fund plans 50% benefit cuts


        • 20 years of work, with better wages than the private sector, entitles that person 40 plus years of a paycheck and health insurance without having to ever work again. what a fkn joke!

      20. Cashless will come with RFID. It will make the accounting much easier. And the higher powers will regulate price and possession of all strategic materials; they won’t be open market items. What citizen needs gold or barrels of oil to live? Those will become state resources. We’ll all work for food and shelter through state subsidized programs. I think the strata will be similar to what it is now; from high to low – political/administrative, professionals, skilled labor, unskilled labor, welfare, migrant/poverty. I don’t think there will be open markets for consumer products; the state will define what you need and will produce it for you as it will own all the means of research, design, and production. And we won’t have personal savings accounts; not of any significant value; not like a trust fund; you will always depend on the state and will have to trade some part of your life in exchange for goods or service. Not a lot different than today; but limited; you won’t be able to set up your own little kingdom anymore; not below the political/administrative level.

      21. I like cash because you can go into a store, buy something, pay for it, and not owe anyone anything!!
        No bill in the mail (or online) no messy paperwork, no need for electronic funds transfer.
        What we need is to create a bank for the people, not the bankers.
        Kick them out of their rotten, evil, game.
        They can put THEIR money in THEIR banks, we’ll use OUR banks.
        Who do they think they are, controlling OUR money and enslaving us at the same time!!

      22. I don’t think cash will ever go away. You can earn it “under the table” so, it’s off the IRS radar….and there’s no way to track where you spend it. Much like Silver/Gold, etc. it has it’s uses. Anything from birthday gifts for the spouse to drugs or prostitution.

      23. I don’t think cash will ever go away. You can earn it “under the table” so, it’s off the IRS radar….and there’s no way to track where you spend it. Much like Silver/Gold, etc. it has it’s uses. Anything from birthday/xmas gifts for the spouse to illegal drugs or prostitution.

      24. Not that I have much faith left in the fiat currency Ponzi to begin with, I find the use of ‘eliminating criminal behaviour’ to justify the abolition of physical currency little more than a straw man argument. To say nothing of the digital tomfoolery that nefarious organisations and individuals already carry out (just look at what the financial industry and political class do on a daily basis), criminal behaviour and terrorism both existed long before physical currency was widely used and will continue long after its elimination.
        As the-powers-that-be lose control of the global financial system that seems to be reeling from the consequences of bumping up against the limits to growth on a finite planet (particularly the cheap energy that underpins it all and the inability of the planet to absorb any more of the various toxins produced from human activity), I expect we will experience increasing tyrannical behaviour by the political and financial elite. The banning of physical cash will not come close to eliminating capricious behaviour (especially when it could be argued most of such behaviour is carried out by those that hold the reins of power), but it will make certain actions by the elite much easier to implement: negative interest rates on all deposits; confiscation of wealth; monetary system reset; currency depreciation; tracking of all financial interactions; ‘redistribution’; ‘guided’ investments; etc.. This action is merely another in a long line of behaviours by the-powers-that-be to tighten their stranglehold on the planet and its people.
        We are witnessing the death throes of industrial civilisation and as Carroll Quigley stated in his book, The Evolution of Civilizations: “It is clear that every civilization undergoes a process of historical change. We can see that a civilization comes into existence, passes through a long experience, and eventually goes out of existence…
        Beyond recognizing that civilizations begin and end, historians are fairly well agreed that, after they begin, they flourish and grow for a while, that eventually they reach a peak of power and prosperity, and that they weaken and decay before their final end. The Stage of Decay is a period of acute economic depression, declining standards of living, civil wars between the various vested interests, and growing illiteracy. The society grows weaker and weaker. Vain efforts are made to stop the wastage through legislation. But the decline continues. The religious, intellectual, social, and political levels of the society begin to lose allegiance of the masses of the people on a large scale. This period of decay may last for a long time but eventually the civilization can no longer defend itself.”
        It seems to me that it’s a matter of when, not if.

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