Array of Things Allow Chicago To Spy On Entire City: “Wake Up And Realize We’re Just Servants”

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 83 comments

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    Chicago is launching a creepy new campaign to blanket the mega-city in more surveillance through its Array of Things, creating a network of (at least) 500 sensors devices that will be shared in a growing Big Data cloud.

    As The Chicago Tribune reports:.

    The first of a network of data-collecting sensors that could one day blanket Chicago are now live.

    The city installed two nodes containing computers and sensors including low-resolution cameras as well as air quality sensors last week. They went up on traffic light poles at Damen and Archer avenues in the McKinley Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side and Damen and Cermak Road in the Heart of Chicago on the Lower West Side. The installation marks the launch of the Array of Things project, which was conceived in 2012 and originally slated to start in mid-2014.

    The project is a collaboration between the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. AT&T is the internet provider for the project, which is backed by a $3.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

    The selling point is that many of the sensors will collect data about air quality and monitor traffic patterns for public safety.

    But in reality, Chicago is a failing, gang-infested and corrupt city that epitomizes the collapse of America. These sensors, and the thousands of other surveillance cameras and input devices are erecting an electronic concentration camp inside the nation’s most chaotic and unruly areas.

    Simply put, Chicago will quickly become one of the United States’ foremost police states, though they will be in good company with Seattle as a partner city, and most of the rest of the metros across the country soon to follow.

    Be warned, things get darker from here.

    The data will be publicly ‘released’ and also shared with city officials, “policy makers”, scientists/experts, law enforcement and (surely) government agencies, all of whom will process and analyze the data.

    By making data public, it makes everyone a participant in their own enslavement, making the ultimate ‘transparency’ the data invasion of your life.

    This article could go on for a while with in depth examples of how quickly the total surveillance society is taking over, and why we shouldn’t take it lying down.

    Suffice to say, wise money will be diversified into cash, assets and raw survival supplies. There are 1001 ways in which your wealth is being looted and, your activities monitored, and your energy is being drained on the grid.

    But soon, that grid will be almost impossible to escape from. Ever wanted to live life as a number?

    Here’s what the CIA and NSA have been drooling over, while they watch the world opt into data rape:

    Petraeus: “We’ll Spy On You Through Your Dishwasher”

    The new age has dawned. Tagged, traced, tracked. Nearly every member in society is leaving a huge web of footprints and electronic prints everywhere they go, which computers can automatically flag for eccentric behavior and closer inspection. Many have opted in for greater data sharing with heartbeat monitors, step counters and other biometric data tools.

    Even those who go to great lengths to pay cash, stay out of debt and off the radar and in the physical world stand to leave behind traces, and ping in the system of the Internet of Things (IoT) where all devices become smart appliances sending 2-way communication.

    As Brandon Turbeville writes:

    CIA Director David Petraeus made headlines with a speech given at the summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm. In this talk, Petraeus discussed the emerging “internet of things” and the implications it will have for increased levels of surveillance. Petraeus explained that, because of the rise of gadgets which are connected and controlled by apps, intelligence agencies will no longer need to place spy devices inside your home – you will do it for them.

    […] the fact is virtually every piece of electronic equipment (including appliances) can be controlled via apps and Internet-based systems. It is for this reason that Petraeus stated that the CIA will be able to read these devices via the Internet and even radio waves outside of the home. Petraeus further stated:

    ‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies.

    Particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft. Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters – all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing.

    It seems that only Phillip K. Dick could foresee how far this system is going.

    Still have nothing to hide?

    ‘We Live In Public’

    If you want to know what it is like to live in a world where all your intimate data is shared, then check out the documentary “We Live in Public,” about the rise and fall of an Internet entrepreneur who went Truman Show and put everything on the web, including an experimentally surveillance society housed in an underground bunker.

    His intent was to reveal how we are all going to live in the near future, where this technology is taking us.

    “One day we’re all going to wake up and realize that we’re just servants. It’s captured us.”

    “We built a bunker and showed people the future”

    Read more:

    Clamp Down on Cash Is the Ultimate Surveillance State: “Citizens Shouldn’t Be Under General Suspicion”

    Banning Cash “Necessary to Give Central Banks More Power”

    Creepy Tracking Tech Gone Too Far: “Police Surveillance Now Fully Automated and Integrated Into Wireless Networks”

    NSA-Proof Wallpaper: New Anti-Surveillance Technology Can Also Shield Electronics Against EMP Attacks


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      1. May we get an emp please.

        • Godsoldier
          You need a mental health professional

          • Leaked memos on George Soros plans to further “reshape” the USA.

            Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police
            ht tp://

            George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system
            ht tp://

          • Stupid sheeple gotta have your cell and internet and TV oh and electric light and a mental health professional would be even one up on the government ect watching where we go and what we do cus then they can pry into my mind and maybe cus I do not think like you or society pc crapping I could go to a fema reconditioning camp.. Why are you even on here

            • I told you so. Today, A neighbor lady complained her Facebook page was hacked and she opened up some link on an email and Bammmmmmmmm She was hacked. and they took over her email friends list, and the hackers started sending her friends using her FB link, to send the same malicious hack to her friends computers. She got various phone calls from these people saying what the hell are you doing???

              I just shook my head and said, “what the hell are you doing on FB???” How many other sheeple dopes on here using F*ckbook? Go ahead and Blow your OPSEC. Maark Zuckerberg and the Pope had a meeting about applying the sign of the beast of dopes.


          • why? Godsoldier’s point is valid in light what is said here..

        • I second the motion. Resets are gonna be hard no doubt but can’t keep going like this crap

        • EMP = Let The Games Begin!

        • we– all of us– really need to read about the French revolution!!! There are all these books about the French revolution, Joan of Arc, etc at the library– please read them… I can’t stand this shit!! we should be blowing up this shit (cameras!!)… they have no f… right to spy on us.

      2. Any ideas on how to convert adapt a guttering to work as a long water filter and

        • check out natural water filtering, by using potted plants and sunlight to filter and sterilize the water.

          folks use that very system now for home based natural swimming ponds.

          the water is crystal clear and potable.

          try to incorporate a aquaponics fishery into it.

          the fish will feed the plants and complete the natural life cycle.

        • You mean as the gutter channels the water off your roof? That will just back up your gutter pipes and flood them. Best is to channel the water into a holding tank and then filter it.

          First priority is to collect the water. Then filter it.

          • Yea after collection

          • Lots of places you cant freely collect water from you roof.
            This article is about Agenda 21 , yet never mentions the fact.
            We are there folks , just sayin , this crap is UN mandated , and unratified legislation going forward anyway .

            • UMM , unratified treaty , they use regulation and legislation to move forward with Agenda 21 .

              • yep…and all these trolls on here name calling and such because they refuse to face the facts….drives me batty…(short drive..i know..)

      3. Not much big brother slavery at all, out in the sticks where I live. You all have been forewarned for years on this site here. WHO listened..!!?? I read, learned and moved out of the Shithole city 18 months ago. Redlight cameras, to tracking over bridges, to facial recognition, to high taxes, pollution, traffic congestion, flood and hazard insurance, to barking neighbors dogs to dense areas of poor minorities and EBT Free shit army thugs and city corruption.

        ~WWTI… Had enuff yet? Get out of the cities far far away. Regain your Freedoms. I can target shoot on my rural property, fish, hunt, kayak, no drones out here spying on me walking around naked and free in the fresh air and sunshine.

        Going to go Vote in the primary today here in FL.

        • wtfk

          I bet there is a satellite on ya. 🙂

        • Exactly!
          We pulled the trigger on getting out of the suburbs even though we were in a financial and life situation that would cause most people to immediately dismiss the idea of buying a new home.
          We found a slightly run down house on some acreage out in the country, outside of any city or town limit. Takes us over 30 minutes to get to the nearest interstate now!
          We have a big pond full of bass, croppie, and turtles. Ducks fly in and out each fall and spring. Acres of hardwood forest, waaaaaaaaay off the beaten path.
          Peace, quiet, privacy, and a MUCH lower crime rate.
          Has it been easy?
          Nope. Allot of work, sacrifices, etc.
          Has it been worth it?

        • Yeah, I was “forewarned” and listened to some of you birdbrains and I regret the move immensely!! NOW, EVERYWHERE I LOOK THERE ARE CAMERAS AND SIGNS SAYNG I’M BEING LISTENED TO… and I moved to the mountains… way out in the boondocks!! National forests all over the place!! Farm lands everywhere– beautiful rural area!!! AND ITS OWNED BY THE GESTAPO!!

          In contrast, my hometown– small town up north, surrounded by a bunch of large cities– it had NO CAMERAS!! NO SIGNS SAYING YOU ARE BEING LISTENED TO!!!

      4. With all the hackers out there,this nonsense and perhaps allowing the UN ect. to control the net will be met with destruction,might as well take it all down if the net/tech is a total enemy of citizens,even it up a bit.

      5. And the blacks in chicongo are still killing each other every weekend over street turf and cred.

        last weekend 38 blacks were shot by other blacks in chicago and 3 died. black lives matter’s was no where to be found.

        this happens none stop in chicongo no matter how many camera’s they put up.

        black criminals in chicongo are like the honey badger, ‘they just don’t give a f-ck!

        if you are white or asian. watch your six when in chicongo.

        • And Republican Camden NJ has over twice the murder rate of Chicago.
          Exit the cities and find better places to live.

          • I would add that Camden is really just a bedroom community for Philly, and now that most of the manufacturing is gone, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it the armpit of NJ. Even lower than Newark, and that’s saying a lot. My apologies to those who live there. Get out as soon as you can. I still have relatives in the area.

            • Camden lost NY Shipyard in 1967, RCA a bit later and then Campbell Soup. This was all before Free Trade so in many respects Camden is a city ahead of its time. Its so bad that three decades ago Camden cops didn’t go to Camden and the NJ State Police had to take over. I remember our family shopping there in the early to mid 1960s. The only thing people shop for there now are hookers on Admiral Wilson Blvd and dope. The city actually makes north Philly look good and that ain’t easy.

          • Yo Rebecca… please get your shit together AND the facts…Dana Redd ( black democrat woman) been mayor since 2010…Ain’t no white republican been in charge of THAT shit hole in foever…????

          • Rebecca,
            Where do you get your information. Camden NJ has been democrat run for decades. An ocassional republican mayor is never a game changer.

            Camden has the highest murder rate in NJ. It replaced Newark NJ as the murder capital of NJ, a decade after a huge urban renewal program gutted and tore down the lead paint infested tenements on the most notorious crime ridden street in Newark.

            What are these strange politics you are playing Rebecca?

            • “What are these strange politics you are playing Rebecca?”
              Plan twice, just another drive by comment..hit and run trolling.
              Never anything to back up her statements is there?

              • Ketchup,
                I have a lot of respect for Rebecca and all she has contributed over the years here.

                I have a history of questioning what I see as bad ideas from anyone anytime. It is part of having a conversation, just like complimenting Rebecca for all the good she also does.

                Others have questioned me in the same way. It helps me grow.

                Condemning a single idea, is not the same as condemning a person.

                We are a community.

          • Well, I “exited the city” and came to a beautiful rural area in the mountains but it didn’t exactly turn out like I expected!! There are surveillance cameras EVERYWHERE!! And signs saying you are being listened to!!!

            In my hometown (a small town surrounded by all these large cities)– there were NO cameras, no signs about you being listened to!!! so watch what you do and don’t move your stuff until you are sure you’ve made the right move!!

            I feel like I’m living in GESTAPO TOWN!!! Furthermore, I know this is intended to be a green area (discussed in other articles)… this place has one huge highway running through the middle of the town– real large highway– and it would be quite easy to put some nazies at road blocks, saying, “papers please!!” And all these beautiful national forests and farming rural areas?? Just what the elite ordered, as they put barbed wire fence around various communities and turn this place into the ideal green zone… ;(

        • It only matters to Blacks when a fellow Black is shot by a White person in self-defense. How dare an evil White person interfere with a Black person making a dishonest living robbing, raping and murdering???

        • 38 shot and 3 killed. Must be either great emergency care or really terrible shots.

          • They shoot like people in the movies,or what they see in youtube videos of cops blasting away.

            • In any firefight the winner is usually the guy with better cover. Understand the difference between cover and concealment.

              The guy that went to the range more, or the guy who could shoot higher slow fire scores at paper targets will likely lose to the guy that gets to protective cover during the firefight.

              ht tp://

              • Bill Hickok and Watt Earp stood still and aimed. It takes gonads of steel but let the other guy run, simultaneously shoot and miss.

          • Skeptic,
            People in the slums often carry small caliber pistols, .22 to .38. With prompt medical care the mortality rate is surprisingly low. They choose weapons that are small and concealable because they are usually illegally carried, also firearms are not the death dealing monsters Hollywood and CNN make them out to be.

            In Orlando the death toll from the MUSLIM TERRORIST was massive because police delayed entry for three hours. LOTS OF TIME FOR PEOPLE TO BLEED OUT, THE POLICE ARE NOT ABOUT HELPING YOU. The police are why so many died.

            • I think the autoloading 380 and 9mm is the weapon of choice. Their ammo might likely be ball. Their aim is poor as the hold the gun sideways, “ghetto stance” at anything but point blank will generate a lot of misses. Those misses go somewhere and all too often miss the rival dope dealer (good riddance factor) and hit some innocent child.

      6. Finally, my 15 seconds of fame!

        The People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois – Stalin and his NKVD or the East German NKVD and their fellow socialists could only DREAM of this horse manure .

        Any impact on all the murders on the South Side of Chicago with all this 666 technology? Nah, didn’t think so!

        I agree we want a secure city, and that radical ISLAM (the Religion of Human Pieces) is a major threat. I also have very close friend who is a recently retired state trooper who worked on the South Side (he’s a Constitutionalist and as conservative as any of you here) – but as Franklin said, “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.”

        • EXACTLY !
          But there is no added security in this , only entrapment and some fines to be collected.
          Its simply about control .

      7. How does the Master keep his slaves happy??? From the moment a slave is born, pound into his/her head that he/she is “FREE”. Use slogans like, “We’re fighting for freedom” and “They hate us for our freedom”. The slaves will believe it!
        Slavery never ended, it was merely changed in the way it was administered. Now slaves pick their own occupation. The new “Cracker” is the IRS. The Masters take seventy five cents of every dollar a slave earns. 30% before the slave gets his paycheck. State sales tax. Gasoline tax. Tax to buy a tag. Tax on beer, wine, theater tickets, concert tickets, tire tax, property tax…..the list goes on…..and on…..and on.
        Now our government is setting up the slave population for mass extermination. There are simply too many slaves. War, starvation, and disease will take care of most excess slaves. Government bullets will do in the rest.
        Over 3,000 people/slaves were murdered in premeditated cold-blood in the World Trade Center by our own government and Israel so as to get the slaves into an Arab killing frenzy. It worked. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Masters care nothing for us goy cattle.

        • if world POP is at aprox 7 Billion now?

          When broken down to lesser amounts like Thousands aka 7 billion is “7000” Million’s right.

          so the entire world’s population when broken down into TWO seperate groups, as is done by the tribe and talmud.

          You have 15 Individual Tribe persons per every 7000 Goyim folks. Typical total globalwide tribe POP numbers at aprox 15-Million on avg.

          so in reality if one can just awaken maybe 5% to 10% of worlds total goy POP they would highly Out number the 15 tribe members Vs 7,000 Goyim members.

          it then would be a very easy task to turn the tables 180 degrees and switch side’s so Goys are the Rulers and Profiteers etc and those low tribe numbers can be allowed to remain as long as they agree with Goy agendas and policy.

          And the tribe entity can do nothing about it like it or not. they have just Two main options..#1 Call Goys haters and antisemites and #2 Push the Nuke red buttons for their much touted Samson Option event…But that option #2 would also result in their entire demise or an aka final solution that they themselves brought upon their own selves…Makeing the Goyim the true actual Victims of tribe nefarious evils…Or kinda like its always really been eh!

      8. Mr. Petraeus – the one who got outed a couple years ago – ought to know better.

        I just got a new furnace. “Oh, you will want a connected thermostat!” I was told – all for EXTRA money out of my own pocket.

        Thanks, I told them, but it takes me less time to just move the dial down by hand than it does to get to my phone, if I haven’t misplaced it or left it upstairs, find the stupid app, do the incessant updates and “improvements” (that do nothing but change where everything is and make money for the vendors). And golly gee, but when I get home if it is cool, I just turn the heat or AC up – take a few minutes… but gee, the SUFFERING is intolerable (sarcasm), so I’ll take the app that compromises everything.

        • Have you seen the TV commercial for connected refrigerator wtf why would you need your reefer connected??? In the commercial it shows them at the store doing grocery shopping and checking the phone app to use the camera in the refrigerator to see what they need. Talking about being monitored wow..

          • Those new Online Fridges and apps are so that with the New Digital smart elec outside meters being installed nationwide.

            The Govnt agency on what You are eating can be monitored closely. Then some fat ass mexcian mama Hillary appoints as top Head honcho of the “Foods folks eats agency” can contact You to Tell your family what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and how much More You need to Pay for that regulated madnated proper foods.

            Same for connected washing machine…Fed agency for “proper clothing maintanence and dispersals of body odours embedded into soild dirty underware and socks Monitorings”..Can then contact You to Tell you when and how often to Bathe and how and when You are Required to wash them clothes etc.

            And as time pases on those agencies shall increase till they number 10,000 seperate fed agencies with each haveing 20,000 high paid work force and all haveing full police authority to schedule a Swat Team arrmed Raid at Your crib whenever You fail to abide by such new law rules.

            HEY!! Did I just detect a Sneeze comming from Your House Mr.?!! Thats IT! Sending Two SWAT Teams asap pronto fast to deal with Your insubordinations! You filthy Individualist patriotic minded individual!

            And Your New style updated Driver Lic ID will Now have a Blue-SIX-Pointed Star symbol placed at Top Right Hand corner of driver lic. This is to show that Yes you Did cast a Vote For Hillary for usa Prez!

            Drivers stopped for ID checks or traffic violations etc that have NO Blue Six Pointed Star symbol as proof of voted For Hilary?….Will be SHOT Dead! and Vehicles impounded/confiscated untill a more Worthy Low Life third worlds illeagle immigrant mexcian or african or muslim can be given Your vehicle, and House too since You won’t be needing either any longer You Goyim Suckers!

      9. Hey Rellik, batten down the hatches homey

        • I’m working on it, but had to deal with a dead cow today. It up and got sick on us, first time I’ve ever had a cow get sick and die on me. She was dewormed, and had all the usual shots. There goes 400 pounds of meat( she was young), we only know the general time of death.

          • Stomachs twisted, or bloat .
            Lots of rain lately ?

            • I don’t normally deal with this seller.
              I won’t do it again. My normal selection is
              Charolais/black Angus mixes.
              For you guys that don’t raise beef
              this is the best.

          • Check your pasture for poisonous weed, any thing dumped in it, grass clippings,shrub etc.

            • Pasture is good. I usually raise one for the house, one for Calfing, and one for sale. I always have a years worth of beef.

      10. The doomed and damned American cowards whoring their children’s health, freedom, and future out to Globalist fascist genocidal psychopaths like the world has NEVER seen could give two shits about the COMPLETE LOSS AND DESTRUCTION OF THEIR CONSTITUTION AND UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS, because the coward boot licking disgusting dumbed down toxic dumps have “FOOTBALL, BEER, and ABOVE ALL GAMBLING to fill the horizons of their dumbed down minds, to keep them in control will never be difficult”.

      11. Every letter I have written congress on this to my reps has come back with – sorry it is about terrorism… While I was an IT data manager security was part of my job. I was involved in multiple projects to set up security servers. But the high light was going to a security conference a few years back. I got to see quite a few up coming techniques . But one session on bank building protection peaked my interest.

        In that session in 2007 the instructor stated “…we are only a few years away from tracking individuals…the main security obstacle is multi-point facial recognition software combined with electronic pickups…” Since that time Obama has spent billions based on terrorism building that system – the NGI system – installed it 2 years ago.

        The NGI system, which started as a pilot program in 2009 by Obama, was designed by defense contractor Lockheed Martin in a deal worth up to $1 billion. The facial recognition software was built by MorphoTrust, a Billerica, Massachusetts-based company that already does the biometric scans at 450 U.S. airports and DMVs in 42 states.

        Using a connect between the local and national computer the FBI can now quickly identify people just by looking at their faces, eyes, voice, palm print and walking stride. They installed in my state over my screams.

        The NGI system has the ability to identify a random person at a Trump political rally — and spot him when he shows up at another. That’s why the groups like I belong to worry the NGI system will get integrated with CCTV cameras everywhere — including at private businesses — and let the government track folks as a political dissidents without justification.

        The groups I am in are terrified of Hillary. She will hook this system up to gun stores, gun shows, political rallies, tea party meetings and she will fill the jails up with “dissidents”.

      12. It’s called “the unblinking eye”. They don’t prevent anything. When a crime happens, they start at the crime scene and work backwards to see where the offender came from. Same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Keep that in mind in case you know anyone in the resistance. Work in the dark and bad weather. Get through a place with lots of people moving in and out. Change outer garments out of view of cameras. No cell phones or electronic tollway passes. No license plates registered to you or anyone you know, etc. Or eliminate the cameras or camera operators. All just speculation, you know.

      13. when all modern devices have SPYING chips in them, it will create a new job, one for disconnecting the spying chips

        • Like the connected refrigerator they have now… Wonder if gynecology Dr could make and market a dildo that is connected and send him a worms eye view inside your hoo haa weekly.. Omg what is the world coming too

          • Dont forget about smart tv’s they are connected and hard telling how they use them against us

            • Years ago in England there were groups of people that would go around and shoot underwear at the cameras everywhere.
              Kinda like the tennis shoes on power lines.
              We’re going to need a lot of t shirt slingshots!
              BTW, what happened to Slingshot?

      14. Emp = problem solved and a whole Lotta others also and not only do we have cameras but also satellite that 10 years ago could read a license plate so just imagine what they can do now. Another far fetched paranoid view from the funny farm.. Or is it???

      15. CCTV in the streets along with bugging devices that track your MAC address in you phone because X-Boxes in your house switch on hot spots for a few seconds several times an hour using a hidden SSID and that just when it’s turned off.

        Windows uploading everything you type back to the NSA/CIA.

        “Let me tell you what else is comming”

        Got myself a 4tb Seagate ethernet drive and thought i would just plug it in to the rounter and away you go like it had been with external drives for the last ten years.

        Nope, not anymore and you have to browser to admin pages using the drives IP-address where it wants an email address from you just incase you feel the need to access your drive from the other side of the world.

        The I noticed this new Seagate drive was doing DNS request to my local DNS-Server and was trying to connect to everyone from to so i blocked it in the firewall from getting out to the internet and forgot about it.

        Now i just found out that this drive is making requests to all the devices on my local area network (LAN) so not only does this dumb device want to upload all the drives file names to everyone but it also wants to scan for files on the network.

        Yes Seagate that one big fuck you and i won’t be buying one again you wankers

        • I always get rid of all the software that comes preloaded on hard drives.

          First, hook up the hard drive to an old computer that can’t go online. Then delete everything on the hard drive, or you can create a directory and just move everything to it in case you want to put it back someday. Then you can hook the hard drive up to your main computer, and it won’t report anything.

          • Yes for a raw drive but not on these NAT drives because they use Linux to provide services like Webdav, Media Services and Seagate puts this software on the drive and not in a flash disk so if you break it then they can sell you a new drive.

            They have you by the balls unless you are good with the routers firewall and know how to block them.

      16. Hell even the stereo in my auto has serous satalite along with sync and all that crap can connect to other devices and internet ect.. EMP only hope now

        • My newest vehicle was built before the internet and satellite radio. It won’t connect to anything. It’s just an old pickup.

        • Schools in the UK are using something they call RAP (AP=Access Point) not sure what the “R” is for.

          if the kids turn on a hotspot using a 4G phone to share with other kids over wifi in the school then routers owned by the school bombard the 4G with some type of connection requests so no one can connect to it.

          I think we will soon see the kids hitting back using spark gap generators in schools if they carry this on because it’s a breach of human rights, school or not.

      17. The slum apes will use those cameras for target practice

      18. Don’t forget your shiny new car! Most models in 2016 and all from 2017 on will be able to be remotely tracked, and if desired remotely shut down! While this may thwart thieves if the cops make a mistaken identity and target you it could be really bad leaving you stuck somewhere! It has already happened to people! Innocent people!

      19. I have a GE dish washer. I often have a walkman on listening to the radio. Any time I go by that dishwasher it creates static, even when it’s off. I had read about this dishwasher spy before, and I’m sure I have one.

        • mark

          Wrap it in tin foil and see what happens.

      20. Hi all
        Your cellphone can be hacked then used to track you. Here’s how to stop that from happening. You can also put your chipped bank cards in the bag so they don’t get hacked as well.
        “Cell Phone Anti-tracking Anti-spying GPS Rfid Signal Blocker Pouch” Works very well.
        ht tps://

        Per the norm, criminals are learning tech and using it to commit their crimes.

        Its a brave new world…

      21. The Internet is monitored by Israel.

        Isreal is owned by Rothschilds who are collectively worth 500 trillion dollars.

        The Queen of England reported to have billions is actually worth 300 trillion dollars.

        There were Zionists living in New York who sent money to Stalin to pay for the murder of tens of millions of people in Russia. There were Zionists in New York paying the National Socialist Party and its charismatic leader.

        “If you want to learn who rules you, find out who you can not criticize.” Voltaire

        Isn’t it time we start monitoring the slave owners, OUR owners.
        There aren’t that many of them, and they certainly have given us the technology to do it.
        It would be fun. Follow them around. Video tape them. Talk endlessly about every crap they take. Not the magazine crap they put out. But just average Joes tracking them like criminals, recording their every move, the way they do us.


        • B from CA: Indeed good idea. For every 15 of them there are aprox 7,000 of non tribe Goyim globally.

          So you could have,about 466-Goys monitoring each individual zio tribe member worldwide!

          With Computer and cell phone tech now it will be very easy to set up APPS Goys can Load into phones etc to cordinate with the rest of their close by 466 goy group members. Goys can do Reg shifts like a real job!

          The “Follow/Spy on Skylock Shlomo APP” and its 100% FREE!

          And follow and take photos of and monitor each ziotribe member 24/7/365 eh….Then put all that combined info from all 466 seperate goy sources Online everywhers possible…..Boy..That would really cause the zios to yell and scream and Howl like a stuck swine with so many of the Hated goyim folk doing round the clock monitoring at a close up individual personal distance 24/7 no?

          Soon so much raw info on them zios will be online and so expose every tiny detail of their lives it will turn tabels so the goys of the world regain full control rulership and profit takings etc.

          This could be a very easier than sounds project if enough goy folk got interested in doing it. Very cheep costs too.

          they already pay for phones and internet services right…Why not incorporate a global spy on Shylock zios network activity as the new latest Hobby for goys globally!

          Kinda like Pokegoman or whatever its called…Change it to Pokey the zioboys! and maybe then them zios will Go and go bye bye for good.

          • Them Guys:

            We wouldn’t even have to convince the Goyim that in deed they are Goyim. Just point out the Rich people and the amateur poparazzi will enthusiasticly go to work. ?


      22. I guess the word prisoners, instead of servants in the title may have sounded a little too shocking. Thanks.

      23. Hi all
        Your cellphone can be hacked then used to track you. Here’s how to stop that from happening. You can also put your chipped bank cards in the bag so they don’t get hacked as well.
        “Cell Phone Anti-tracking Anti-spying GPS Rfid Signal Blocker Pouch” Works very well.
        ht tps://

        Per the norm, criminals are learning tech and using it to commit their crimes.
        ht tp://

        Its a brave new world…

      24. There are cameras in everything your smart phone your I pad even your desk top computer has a camera in the top of the screen facing you. People put cameras all over their homes inside and out. All gov hacks need to do is activate them for fbi cia and any other entity. You can be if police are trying to build an investigation on your ass they will use it to anticipate your next move. The smart phone link in your car links up all your travel information how much you drive where you go through the gps in your smart phone which is linked up automatically in you late model vehicle. People asked for this stuff and they got it with a huge loss of privacy. There is a microphone in all mobile phones which your conversations can be intercepted. Not sure if it’s out yet but a new door knob for your house where you can unlock the door from your smartphone. Smart criminals have never had it so good. For me I’m low tech I got a cheap prepaid phone with no camera. My truck is old and dont have capability to link with smart phones. I’ve debated getting a new vehicle but don’t want the spyware that’s standard equipment in all vehicles. It doesn’t suck not having a smart phone because I never had one and don’t know what I’m missing.

      25. Here are the two most dangerous streets in the United States. They are well known, but alas there is no law enforcement group in Ametica that can make them safe. Run by Democrats for 60 years. You still have about a 15 minute lifespan to becoming the victim of a major crime if you attempt to walk down these streets at night.

        Philadelphia, PA (N 15th St / W Dauphin St)
        Chicago, IL (S Pulaski Rd / W Adams St)

        Ohhhh we are all so helpless! There’s nothing we can do to stop the mass murder that we know exactly where it’s going to happen, where it happens daily. We can’t even stop it with all the high tech law enforcement tools on the planet, not even on one stinking street!

        Oh look, a butterfly!

      26. Well now you can watch all those people get shot.

        And still do nothing about it.

        Congratulations and sh*t.

        • TG,
          Actually the areas of the cities with the worst crime likely won’t get any cameras. They will put them in the rest of the city to support big brother watching everyone else.

          It’s not about stopping crime, its about spying on the people and businesses with money.

          Democrats that control America’s mega cities with one party rule, exploit crime to terrorize the rest of the population. They know exactly where the crime occurs, it is by choice the city and state leadership allow it to continue.

      27. ok
        So they can spy on the ENTIRE CITY
        If that is an accurate statement.
        then WHY Are there still so many criminals that are not behind bars?
        Why is there still record level crime in the Spied on ENTIRE CITY?

        I have a slightly different opinion
        Nobody is watching…
        the Lights and camera are on!
        but no body is home.

        Why? you ask?

        because without crime, the entire police state would collapse in on itself like a baloon that got loose before you tied a knot in the end.
        Pfffftttttthghyjhykyyk poof


        my bad
        did i do that?

        the Watcher

      28. It’s scary how many electronic places are asking for your cell phone number. Technically it’s not your social security number, but your cell phone is given out for airlines, utilities, banks, online shopping, etc. You also have it on you cell phone when you go anywhere in the Internet, along with a contact list of your friends (and vice versa). Another article today came out at how Facebook is using cell phone numbers to build ‘likes’ and recommendations – and even is using the ‘location’ information from your phone to match you to advertising, other contacts, and likes.

      29. Spying and control go hand in hand. There is always a chance that the info gained will be abused.

        • CHANCE? They always abuse everything. It’s just how far will they go…….the Clintons left a trail of bodies wherever they have been!

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