Armed Patriots Prepare to Defend Against Federal Encroachment: “This Is The Beginning of The Revolution”

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    bundy ranch cowboys

    It seems that many voices within the federal government are quite concerned about the growing patriot movement throughout the country, and especially in rural strongholds where land and liberty go hand and hand.

    More events like the Bundy Ranch standoff seem likely to occur, as the BLM and other agencies show no sign of changing policies, and more and more individuals are waking up to the abuses and tyrannies taking place.

    It is isn’t just hypothetical – environmental regulations and bureaucratic land management continues to undermine ranchers and farmers who are, in many cases, forced out of business or taxed & penalized to death.

    Many are refusing to take it lying down, and groups across the country are training and preparing in case of the worst – a standoff with the feds over land and their very way of life.

    According to the Washington Post:

    Deep in the heart of a vast U.S. military training ground, surrounded by spent shotgun shells and juniper trees blasted to shreds, the Central Oregon Constitutional Guard was conducting its weekly firearms training.

    “The intent is to be able to work together and defend ourselves if we need to,” said Soper, 40, a building contractor who is an emerging leader in a growing national movement rooted in distrust of the federal government, one that increasingly finds itself in armed conflicts with authorities.

    Those in the movement call themselves patriots, demanding that the federal government adhere to the Constitution and stop what they see as systematic abuse of land rights, gun rights, freedom of speech and other liberties.

    Law enforcement officials call them dangerous, delusional and sometimes violent, and say that their numbers are growing amid a wave of anger at the government that has been gaining strength since 2008, a surge that coincided with the election of the first black U.S. president and a crippling economic recession.


    “It doesn’t say in our Constitution that you can’t stand up and defend yourself,” Soper said. “We’ve let the government step over the line and rule us, and that was never the intent of this country.”

    That virulent strain of resistance, despite being the very stuff the country was founded upon and which much of its character is made up of, has the government and its supporting voices quite worried.

    The powers-that-be are downright freaked out that so many individuals are willing to put their life on the line for principled reasons… and recognize the historical dilemma between quelling a rebellion and creating martyrs that can, in turn, inspire more to stand up.

    The Washington Post spent thousands of words on the growing conflict, which organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League see as a “second wave” of the violent militia movement they say characterized the atmosphere surrounding Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma City Bombing:

    The movement received a huge boost from the 2014 standoff at Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada […] Bundy’s supporters claimed victory and were emboldened to stage similar armed face-offs last year at gold mines in Oregon and Montana.

    In January, dozens of armed occupiers, led by Bundy’s sons Ammon and Ryan, took over the headquarters buildings of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge…


    Shortly after the Bundy ranch confrontation, two of Bundy’s supporters who had been at the ranch, Jerad and Amanda Miller, killed two police officers and a civilian and also died in a Las Vegas shooting rampage. Police said the couple left a note on the body of one the officers they had shot point-blank.

    It said: “This is the beginning of the revolution.”

    Of course, it is important to note that the SPLC and groups like it love to conflate together radical individuals like the Millers – who were suspect to the Bundy Ranch crowd and asked to disassociate and leave the site long before they ever carried out their Bonnie and Clyde-like massacre.

    Most people lumped into this category are nothing like Jerad and Amanda Miller, who sought conflict.

    But one thing that is common to nearly everyone is a sense of being fed up. People recognize that there is a problem, that tyranny is taking place, and are on watch for potential abuses from the government.

    Whatever happens next, these constitutionally-minded patriots are prepared. They are training with guns, survival skills, communications and working out scenarios.

    Everyone in the group keeps 30 days’ worth of food and emergency supplies on hand. Group members learn gardening and raising livestock. They go camping and learn survival tactics, including how to fashion a shelter, find food and water, and make a fire.

    McNeely and Lisa Soper are taking an emergency medical technician class to learn to treat wounds, including combat trauma. They all are working on getting ham-radio licenses to communicate in the event that the cellphone network fails.

    But a bedrock of their mission is to be an armed and trained paramilitary force. Soper said group members train on “basic infantry” skills: “working a patrol, patrolling with a vehicle, arriving at ‘contact’ and how to protect yourself and escape from that.”

    “We are not soldiers,” Soper said. “But we know the basics.”

    B.J. Soper, who was heavily profiled in the Washington Post story, typifies the sense of disillusionment with how far the federal government has gone, and how important the role of complacency among the populace has been – until now:

    “I was very disappointed with myself,” he said. “I realized that we’re here in the predicament that we’re in as a country because my generation, and my parents’ generation, have done nothing. We let this happen. We got used to our cushy lives where everything’s easy. We have forgotten what’s really important. We’ve forgotten what liberty and freedom really mean.”

    It was like being shaken out of a lifetime of slumber, he said: “Before 2014, I was blind. I wasn’t awake. I wasn’t paying attention. But Bundy Ranch woke me up.”

    Suddenly, his weekends watching the San Francisco 49ers or the Portland Trail Blazers seemed like anesthesia numbing him against real life.


    Soper, who carries a pocket Constitution with him everywhere, said he thinks the Constitution does not give the federal government the right to own land, and that the government’s increasing emphasis on environmental regulations is putting ranchers, miners, loggers and others out of work and devastating local economies.

    “We need to be able to raise and grow food,” Soper said. “Wealth comes from the land. I want to take into consideration endangered frogs. But at the same time, that frog can’t be more important than the survival of the human race.”

    In past years, these media outlets and so-called “watchdogs” have relied heavily on trying to make those in the patriot movement appear “crazy” and “deranged”… but that really won’t work anymore. Ordinary people everywhere can see what is going on through streaming video and information on the Internet.

    Not everyone is perfect, but there is a real honest backbone of genuine concern about the direction things have taken in this country.

    The federal government has amassed incredible centralized power, and there is an attempt to undermine liberty.

    There are many who are getting prepared and staying vigilant, for whatever may come.

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      1. How would Civil War 2.0 play out….????

        • Just be careful what you wish for when it comes to public land that is controlled by the Federal Government. Many people that live near these lands, and people that travel to these lands to recreate won’t be all that happy when the likes of Ted Turner buy it up. Many Western ranches are not owned by some poor old rancher, but by wealthy people or corporations that sure ain’t going to allow you in. A lot of public land is land locked and the friendly rancher will do all he can to keep you out. Even now you can’t go into some remote country without getting to enjoy the sweet aroma of cow manure in the summer when these ranchers have their lease. If the day comes when the Fed sells off public land, you won’t be able to buy that little dreamed of parcel, because it will sell in 50000 acre tracts and you’ll still have to be a millionaire to buy it. Yes I do have my issues with Big Brother, but you better enjoy We The Peoples Land while you can. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • As I have said before, once Federal Lands are returned to the State in which they are located, the local PTB will sell them or lease them to their crony capitalist friends and the American Taxpayer will be screwed even worse than they are now.

            The corruption starts at the state level and the numbers get BIGGER as it moves to the Federal level. This is why politicians will spend $100 million for a Senate seat and $1 Billion for POTUS.

            Current management practices in the main are adequate, but need local elected citizens to oversee locally based federal managers at BLM and the Forest Service under existing laws that need to be enforced.

            Rancher Bundy owes the American taxpayer more than a million dollars. He belongs in jail for theft and other charges. Ammon Bundy is no hero. He was absolutely FUCKING stupid and by hios por leadership, got a good man killed (who was also stupid) !!! 🙁

            • for DurangoKidd, MtnTrekker, others – what you are missing, from the Organic Documents of the U.S. of A. – there is an “Equal Footings Doctrine” given to us by the Founders (July, 1787 – the Northwest Ordinance) by the Gov’t of the U.S. – Congress, in both Houses Assembled, pursuant to the Articles of Confederation – the Law of the Land, just before our current Const.of the U.s.of A. It holds that as each new Territory would petition to become one ofthe several States (principals of the Agent) it would be admitted ON AN Equal Footing with the Original 13 colony-nation-states that had brought forth the culture of FREEDOM which we once knew & understood, or thought we did. Then, Cl. 17, Art. I, Sec.8, about the strict limits on how the central Gov’t could acquire land within any State, was seen as a critical limit to any ‘Empire Builder’ at the District of Criminals from encroaching on the public lands of any State. Indiana had to seek a SCOTUS ruling, upon being granted State-hood, to prevent Wash.D.C. from claiming dominion over properties in Indiana (circa the 1830’s, I think;) someone with time and talent to do Law Research could explain the ‘legal’ precedents as found – Indiana v. U.S. Gov’t. Point is, BLM, Forest Service, other federal non-constitutional agencies exist today as part of the duplicity that was foisted on Americans after the Bankster manipulated ‘Civil War’, Era of Misconstruction and ultimately the Incorporation of the United States – it has been superimposed over the Constitutional America brought forth by the Founders, some 80 years earlier.
              “None are more Enslaved than those that think they {we} are Free!” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 400+ yrs. back!

            • Damned straight durangokidd.

              • Merf,. you are also a douchebag Libturd!

            • Durangokid. You are obviously a moron! Do your homework, and quit spouting the federal Communist Party line, dumbass!
              Harry Reid and the DemoCommies in Clark County have run off 53 Ranchers in a few short years! Funny how all the land stolen ended up in the hands of just a few major contributors to the Democratic Party. And, the fact that the BLM has become Dirty Harry’s personal jack-boot thugs to destroy all those ranchers. Almost all were done the same way, find an excuse, reduce water allocations, herd numbers, available acres, and raise the grazing fees exorbitantly! Just ran all those families right out of business!
              I don’t blame Bundy one bit! He does not owe that much money. That number is including the exorbitant fines levied against him!
              Fucking Libturds like this idiot make me laugh! They have no clue about anything, but when prices go up, all they do is whine!
              Well, I know that the Bundy stand-off was just the beginning, because everyone out here is fed-up with this federal bullshit; and the people of the WEST arte done putting up with these thieves!!!

          • Mountaintain Trekker
            True that the Bill Gates of the world will buy that federal land up in massive chunks and most of us will never have access again. No matter what I think of the current system… amillion times better than selling the land to foreign entifies.
            A worse note… TSA pushing for “prechecks” before flying is not a popular new program (shocking that Americans are not eager to have a background security check just to hop on a domestic flight). We live in the former Soviet Union… and here I thought I lived in New Mexico, USA.

          • when the big ranches are broken up and sold, they become subdivisions and have property owner associations and rules placed as covenants etc… i certainly do not want to buy 20 acres at over $1,000 an acre and have to follow the rules some asswipe wants to impose as to what i can and can not do with or on my own property. there is no privately owned land in america, just refuse to pay your yearly rent (property tax) to the county and find out if it is actualy yours!!
            as for the millionaires buying up the land there is always “adverse posession” laws and these are absentee owners so how are they going to know if someone is on “their” land? as for isolated parcels of public land surrounded by private land (or reverse)you can always fly in, or just travel covertly. i think citizens should find a piece of blm or forest service land that is a good location for them and put their bug out location there. dig in deep and scatter the food plants “gurella gardening” so it is not evident food is being grown.
            and those who take an oath to protect the constitution and campaign on their promise to attack said constitution, should mean a death sentance fo any idiot that is stupid enough to vote for them as well as the oath taker. any leo or any other that takes said oath needs to be tested to see if they have ever even read that document they pledge to protect.
            yes, i belive the population of america needs to be reduced drasticly, but now you see who i wish to be first in line to be removed. and since my ancestors came on mayflower to further the Kigdom of JESUS CHRIST i say we butcher some hogs and stuff them with dead immigrants of certain religious beliefs that make them want to kill us if we do not convert to their religion!

          • Just came across an interesting book called, “War Against the People” at the book store– discussing things we read about here. No money to buy it!! 🙁

            • It’s BS anyway. all it is about how the JEWS are ripping us off…just antisemitism w/ a catchy title…remember you can’t judge a book by it’s title!

        • All of the Patriot groups and preppers would implode from all of the infighting over everything from race to minor points of constitutional law, and the federal government would win.
          It happens here every day on the internet, all the dick-swinging, I’m right, you’re wriong nonsense… what makes up think for a moment we can seem to get past THAT to offer a cohesive front against the fedgov..????

        • Watch sanderson 1611. To see who we are fighting.

        • The American Civil War was responsible for more American deaths than all other wars COMBINED. Death from Famine must also be taken into account.

          The War of Northern Aggression was extremely costly in human life.
          The next one would be Much worse. No sane person wants that.

          The Treasonous Anti American, Anti Business, Anti Family, Communist Tyrant, currently OCCUPYING the office of USSA Amerikan president WANTS a civil war. Wants civil unrest. This vile BEAST has done EVERYTHING possible to INTENTIONALLY PROVOKE a 2nd civil war. That is what they WANT. Deny the enemy that they seek.

          That is why you good people MUST stay Cool. Be Calm. Remain Peaceful. Do not allow yourselves to be intentionally Provoked. Wait him out.

          Stay cool. Use your Head. Don’t be Provoked. Remain calm. Remain Peaceful.
          NEVER allow yourselves to be drawn into a kill zone or fire fight by emotion or ego.
          War is foolish. Civil war is more foolish. Peace only sane option.

          Only an Idiot, a Politician or Banker wants war. Oh…I already said that…”Idiot..politician/banker…one in the same. IDIOT.”

          • Yes you are right that is exactly what they want major chaos.

        • All I know is the corporate oligarchs got the Government by the balls.

        • What Alaska citizens get should be done w/ Fed assets & put towards Health saving acct

          Need 2 get Fed asset dividend toward our healthcare savings acct be4 Clintons get it all & hide it in Swiss Bank

      2. Thanks for posting this Mac, I think I pasted this a couple of times in previous threads … as Far as Hilarys encroachment on our 2nd amendment rights i have this to say to her

        If you are not planning on doing something to harm me, than why would you want to mess with my right to bear arms ?

        • I also posted about where Trump calls her out on her hypocrisy
          on our 2nd amendment right as she is surrounded by SS and a bunch of guns

          that post is also on previous threads here

          • I’m curious as to why Jeremiah Johnson doesn’t write these types of articles. Compare this article to what he normally writes. I’m sure you’ll see the difference and why I think he’s a fraud.

          • Correct me if I have it ‘wrong’, but wasn’t it Hitlery that (no so long ago) stated she was going to “go for the ammo” too? (of course, on the premise that a firearm is no good without ammo, and eventually it would deplete).
            That’s some ‘bird-brain’ thinking (at best)…
            Once our weapons have been taken (and us six-feet under as a result of it), THEN other ‘whites’ over the globe, like Australians, will experience a war like no other, upon and against them, just as will happen if America ‘falls’ to the tyranny being imposed illegally upon us.
            Again, I state “why in hell does anyone adhere to all these insane and illegal laws they make against us, NOT them?”
            I guess the article above, which is a copy (edited) on another site …speaks a great deal of truth, and of course WE OURSELVES are the ones at fault, not the government. That’s exactly what the Medias are tossing at us as well. “…just turn in your weapons to the authorities and that will be the beginning of a long and peaceful life!” Yeah, and Santa Claus is real cuz The Easter Bunny told me so along with our POTUS.

            Signed, totally pissed off and pissed on American veteran….I don’t give a damn what names they slander me with, as it’s obviously “taken from the words of The Constitution itself” …and THAT, my friends, either takes ‘balls’, or is the greatest and most foolish ‘step’ they have yet to take. Over-reach is one thing ….running a’foul of We The People wasn’t such a hot idea and will, given time, bite them in the arse.

            I am of hope that matters can be NEGOTIATED (in some manner), as compared to a revolution. Perhaps this will be their justification for ???? ….because they are “scared” of us and our firearms? No. They wish to instill fear into the hearts of those too dumb to realize what is really going down and how long it has been in descent….

            • Before you compare Hitler to Hilary see. Evalions. video The most antisemetic video ever.

          • IMHO This is all unnecessary. The Gov is going to keep growing and pushing the people around until it falls apart under it’s own weight. Look at it right now: It has passed OB care but keeps postponing it because it cannot possibly pay for it, it cannot raise interest rates ever, because it hasn’t got the money, it lies about inflation for the same reason. On and on it’s getting itself into worse condition. Our problem is trying not to get crushed when it falls of it’s own weight, not fighting it. No one had to overthrow the old USSR. DC will crash due to it’s own stupidity; none of us can possibly be as powerful as that.

            • Paranoid
              Valid point. No government can afford to control its citizens to the level our government is trying to control us… imprisoning us in our own homes. Computers and checks and folks to review checks and 10 supervisors per worker bee. Get real. It has to collapse. I agree that we have to work to protect ourselves from the fall. There is no money for all this bs. Soviets fell from their combined arms race and control of citizens… sound familiar today?

        • Because you’re too dangerous and neanderthalic to not hurt some poor innocent gang-banger with your assault rifle. He’s just hungry and needs what you have, he’s not breaking in to harm you.

          • Please help me out here – are you just kidding, or are you sincere in your comments? I have a very hard time with trying to read facial expressions (and / or) or verbal inflections into ‘written’ words on a blog… thanks

            • It’s called sarcasm Jerry.
              You will find a lot of it here.

            • I read that as sarcasm and laughed.

              • Jerry C – – please remember that we are demented and crazy as loons, oh …and domestic enemies (yet I cannot figure out how they came up with that one). Another misinterpretation of The Constitution no doubt. Hillary says The Supreme Court got it wrong TWO TIMES. Lying bitch… As president she CAN NOT TRUMP IT. (Just as no prez before her has been able to do either).

                This time, there’s a new ‘element’ we were not aware of before. Moslems, illegal immigrants arriving “by invitation courtesy of The POTUS.”

                The other “lie” is about organization. Very, very few out there are “seriously” organizing small or large groups “just in case” …the greatest majority are JUST PREPPING AND PREPARING FOR CHAOS brought on by our own government. While they stand there smiling in denial with pathetic ‘feedback’ that makes no sense…writing the scripts for tomorrow for dissemination via The Media. (They are as bad as Big Pharma)!

          • Licketysplit, I hope for your sake you’re just being sarcastic, If so, OK. If you’re trolling, then move along.

        • The gun owners like you and i are law abiding citizens, i take my ARs to the range, go hunting with them, have them for home protection if things go way sideways, but they are not out causing any problems.
          These leftist turds want to take them away?
          The more they try to remove them the less i give a crap what they want. The less i am likely to listen or go along with their decrees. Im 50something, i know i wont live forever, ill be damned if im disarmed and certainly wont be giving up anything peacefully. You take them you better just lock me up and throw away the key because i dont need guns to be your worst nightmare. My best weapon and quite frankly my most frightening weapon is my brain and all of the knowledge i have amassed in there over the years, just like with my carpentry skills i can make icecream out of dog shit

          • Very well said

          • Right there with you man

            • I fully intend on burning my attackers to death long before they reach my door. Bullets aren’t the only weapons out there. A brain, a plan, an execution.

              • Amen brother!

              • AMEN brother!

            • It just blows my mind the 180 reversal i have seen in my life, from me target practicing with my Marine dad with his carbine and most people denouncing communism and socialism to now even touching a gun is frowned upon, being patriotic is frowned upon and being a socialist/communist is main stream, WTF!
              Im not interested in living like that thanks, so come n get em otherwise leave me the fork alone to just enjoy the rest of my life, dont worry, when im gone you can do whatever you want but dont ever expect me to embrace your backasswards progressive crap

              • This change in attitudes toward gun ownership is the result of MANY years of deliberate anti-gun propaganda.

                Eric Holder Admits He Wants to Brainwash Americans – Against Guns (Video from 1995)

                “What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we’ve changed our attitudes about cigarettes.”

                “At the end of this clip, Holder says anti-gun ads should run every day, and we need to “really brainwash people to think about guns in a vastly different way.”

                Venezuela bans private gun ownership – June 1, 2012
                “Venezuela has brought a new gun law into effect which bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition.”

                “Under the new law, only the army, police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state-owned weapons manufacturer and importer.”

                Venezuela Opens ‘Disarmament Centers’ to Take Guns from Civilians – September 22, 2014
                By April 2014, “two years after Venezuela initially imposed a gun ban–the nation had the second highest murder rate in the world.”

                  • The American view of gun ownership has changed, and this scares the pinkos and communists.

                    A few years ago concealed carry was a wet dream to gun owners, but due to diligent anti gun attacks the eyes of the public are opened and both concealed carry and open Cary are at record numbers.

                    After Hurricane Katrina local, and state police tried to confiscate privately owned guns. Gun owners held their cool and sued the crap out of the thieves wearing badges, and won.

                    Now there are gun laws in dozens of states specifically outlawing the confiscation of firearms during national disasters.

                    In the last twelve years the anti gunners have becom the best supporters of the second amendment we could have ever hoped for. And the best salesman for firearms and firearms training.

                    The potential Amercan Militia has grown by tens of millions, thank you Obama!

                    Obama thought he could pick a fight and then have an excuse to murder gun owners. But alas, gun owners turned out to be responsible, smart Americans, who stop crime, protect their families and in general have the respect and support of law enforcement.

                    Who’d a thought Obama was such a jerk that he’d try things like “Fast and Furious” and get caught in a blatant criminal act, and the lie to the American people about it. Obama is more of a crook than Nixion ever was. Then he’d murder American Ranchers for the crime of putting meat on our tables, because they asked the Federal government to honor life long agreements on land use. Too bad Obama cronies like Harry Reid were caught trying to sell land rights previously owned to the Communist Chinese!

                    Obama’s fall back, exploiting ignorant African Americans and silly women in Democrat one party controlled cities by having police kill blacks, and calling the outrage a popular uprising! Of course ignoring the lead poisoning that causes mental retardation in those communities, i.e. Flint MI., yes it’s happening in inner cities all across the US, especially Democrat controlled cities. Yup you black folk, you just keep eating the lead and voting Liberal or Democrat, that’ll fix everything! It’s worked so good for 30 years……. A definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over with the same results! They call it racist to attack Obama’s policies, since when does Federal government policy have a color? Suckers! I hope this insults some, I dare you to prove me wrong? Stick with logic and facts.

              • Kula,
                I am there with you and it just floors me to see the changes that have happened to peoples way of thinking is the few years! they have just become idiots, the brainwashing must be working on them. makes you want to hide out in the remotest areas until gone!

                • Agreed Apache

          • Kulafarmer, if you really want to know how bad the left wants to take your AR15, and do us harm, you should read the comments from the very Washington Post story that Mac’s talking about. I sat and read the whole Washington Post story over the weekend, then i read all their comments. I’ve got to tell you there is a whole lot of hate for people like us coming from the left. They think we are all crazy, but what they don’t understand is if push comes to shove, they’ll be most of the dead body’s people will be stepping over.

            • I know, i did,
              I have been banned from posting there, never used profanity or threatened anyone ever but they moderate and never post my post.
              Typical. I have these people in my neighborhood and i fear even closer, but thats why everything i need can be dislocated in a few minutes. Hopefully i have that long.

            • I dont really get the leftist, i remember those mental Alynski peeps and how my dad and his friends viewed communist.
              I would love nothing more than to not be under constant attack from the left,
              to just be concerned with if I got enough charcoal for my grille for the summer and if my pool water is got the right PH, or if i should use the 308 or the 300 to bang a doe or two out on the backside, or if i have enough squid for bait for the next fishing adventure, my rights dhouldnt be under constant threat.
              I always was a firm believer in live and let live, but over the last few years my view on this has taken a decidedly troublesome detour because of the absolute bullshit coming from politicians, government bureaucrats and these damn so called progressives or liberals.
              All i can say is WTF!

              • Kulaframer, all i can say is this will all come to a head soon, it’s got to. You’ve got our government spending levels of money that our great great great grand kids won’t ever be able to repay. So it’s only a matter of time until it all comes to a STOP!

                I just went out this weekend and bought another 100 pounds of rice, 50 pounds of beans, 3 Gal. of Olive oil, 50 pounds of flour, and another 10 pounds of salt. The other customers in the check out line just looked at me thinking to themselves what does this guy know that i don’t. The funny thing is this, even if i told them why i was buying the extra supply’s they wouldn’t believe me.

                There was a time that i use to feel sorry for them, not any more, they have eyes in their head just like we do and if they won’t, or can’t see what’s coming then that’s on them, their family’s are the one’s who will suffer.

                I look at it this way, I think of my group kind of like Noah and his building of the Ark, when the good Lord told Noah to prepare, he listened, I’m just doing the same thing.

              • Kulafarmer, I love how you and I always end up on the same page. I used to go beyond live and let live and tried to ignore a lot of things. But starting about the time of Ruby Ridge and Waco, I couldn’t ignore things anymore. When I saw Mt. Carmel burning on TV, that’s when I decided right there and then that I will eventually be in conflict with DC. That day is coming much sooner than anyone thinks. I’m tired of my rights being threatened all the time also.

                • Rights threatened? Seems to me they intend to shred The Constitution entirely and go Sharia Law (remember)? THAT is the direction they are aiming for as it fills their pockets, empties ours, and rids them of billions of useless people (in their not so humble opinions). That’s called murder and so I have every right to “shoot on sight” if I fear for my life …and since I’m far from being the only one with a similar mindset, perhaps it DOES scare the shit out of them. (Perhaps they felt we were more “conditioned” and “trained” via all the tricks ….well, SURPRISE! Our minds are quite intact, as are our intentions.

                  • Bud, the only laws I’ll follow are ones that meet constitutional guidelines. Anything else I stopped following over 20 years ago. I’ll also shoot on sight in self-defense.

                    • Gentlemen,
                      You are so all so correct. A bit of solis, Obama has but 241 days in office, and the lying commie crook is gone.

                • Brave,
                  when that sniper shot the woman on ruby ridge holding her baby was when i have had enough, then the BS that was done at Waco and from there it has been downhill more and more!! never would ever thought scum like that could get into office and do things like that AND get away with it!!!at least i can still shoot the mites off a flea at 1000 yds. might come in handy one of these days!

                  • Apache54, congratulations on your skills. I’m doing good just to hit anything at 500 yards. I’ll still be joining the fight all the same.

                    • Brave,
                      the only bad thing about some of my skills is that “they” already know who i am and will be prepared to deal with my potential, be really hard for me to be ahead of them, BUT possible! IF THEY EVER COME LOOKING!!

                  • The sniper Lon Horiuchi ? A Hawaiian ? Not dead yet?

                    • some one posted his address and i don’t remember where it was, but it was in the states and mid eastern area i believe!

            • BINGO!!!! Why would a bunch of tofu eatin’ PETA types want to start a fight with 90 million gun owners??!!! They clearly want us to be defenseless and they are happy to use government agents of tyranny to make us that way. Insidious bunch of cowards.

            • Colt M4, and that’s ok. I got knee and hip boots if necessary, maybe even some chest waders, (have to check). Hell, all those dead bodies might make it easier for me to reach higher ground. Hate don’t concern me. But I’ll meet action with reaction. I’m the ‘ol dog up on the porch layin’ in the shade. If you come up on the porch and pass on by I’ll wag my tail. Try to pet me and I’ll growl or bite. Best to pass on by……

            • I wouldn’t be worried about AR’s and AK’s if I was the fed, I’d be worried about precision rifles. Yesterday I got out the 338 lapua and 260 rem. 1200yards ringing 12″ gongs with 260 then backed up to 1500 yards for the 338. Fear what you can’t see.

              • If you heard my shot you werent the target

          • “As we have often pointed out, man fights with his mind; his weapons are incidental.”–Cooper

          • Kula, ever try gettin a job at Ben&jerry’s?

            • No but they way i like icecream i definitely couldnt be trusted working in a joint like that!

          • Kula, BRAVO! I’m the same way.

          • It all comes down to where the Rubber Meets the Road. Had a nice talk with a Biker dude this weekend. He said, the Feds ain’t seen nothing yet, if they even try taking away our guns. He said the biker gangs will go full throttle against the gun grabbers. Many are Ex-Vets and are armed to the teeth. There are thousands of bikers in my area, from 2 wheelers to tri-cycles and they can cover a lot of territory on Motorcycles in a few hours. Shoot and scoot.. The photo above with the Cowboys on horses, ha.. these Steel Horse riders are pumped and ready to go.

            So add those biker groups with the armed American hunter. Then, Florida here has like 1.4 Million Concealed carry permit holders and probably about the same number, carrying with no permits. No force will be able to take on the entire country at the same time, and it ain’t gonna happen here. Word travels fast, and just plop a half dozen armed Patriots at every exit off the highways. Any Gun Grabbers coming into our area, will be shot all the way to their graves. Maybe those Liberal pussy states up in the NE may fall for this tyranny.

            Washington DC just was told again by a judge to start issuing carry permits in the DC area without infringement or any more delays. Those Traitors issuing these illegal Gun Grabbing policies will hide like cowards while their puppet gun grabbing dopes will be mowed down like grass on the public streets. Send that message back to your leaders.


        • @Enemy of the State:

          exactly. All you have to do is read through their comments in articles like that and leftist Communists and useful idiots are always calling for violence against gun owners and Patriots while at the same time demanding disarmament.

      3. In January, dozens of armed occupiers, led by Bundy’s sons Ammon and Ryan, took over the headquarters buildings of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge…

        I was in complete support for these people … until … they made the wrong move.

        Occupying a Federal Building … whether the building itself is legit or not … does not matter … what matters is … and the last time I checked …

        Two Wrongs Does NOT Make It Right!

        If a Group is to make a Stand … then do it! … don’t tuck your cock and balls between your legs and submit to the tyranny!

        Have some Follow Through – or don’t even bother – waving your queer ass American Flags, riding horses in a lame ass peaceful peaceful protest … only amuses the Establishment and does absolutely nothing for progress.

        …again … Fk The Dumb Shit!

        • you should have gone and showed them how

          • The News Headline(s) would of been different it that was the case … as noted above in my post … 2 wrongs does not make it Right!

            Regardless – these men should of known they were facing Federal Charges for occupying a Federal Building and it was not going to be a slap on the hand Fine w/ Probation.

            What would a person in this situation rather face?

            Prison Time … or Standing up for what you believe to be right?

            Always Stand Up for what One Believes & have some damn follow through … regardless of if one survives or not.

            These MEN … if they are even considered that … had no follow through. No different than 90% of dumbshit America … it has become the absolute Norm these days.

            Federal Land Grabs is nothing new … in fact … it is illegal per State Laws for Federal Government to seize land … if there is no Federal Building on ‘said’ property … but nobody does or had done anything about it.

            It’s a continuous cycle of stomping on our nutsacks and pushing us backwards … nothing changes … just more recycled tyranny on top of tyranny.

            • Feds don’t own shit bro , it’s OURS!

              They were “occupying” a place that is ours , and had written permission to do so ( much like our permission slips to bear arms)

              Like I said , you should have been there , I’m sure it would have turned out differently

              • Feds don’t own shit bro , it’s OURS!

                Precisely right!!!

                It’s an Illusion … much like the rest of Government power/control. It’s only there and enforced because the majority of people comply with their rules and regulations.

                Their Rules & Regulations fall into my “FK The Dumb Shit” Trash Bin.

                • FTW and EOTS, spot on. The money the feds have is the PEOPLE’S MONEY, TAXPAYERS’ MONEY, NOT GOVT. MONEY. THE LAND BELONGS TO WE THE PEOPLE.

            • FTW… all talk and no action. So, FTW, show us how you are taking a stand against tyranny rather than being the keyboard commando that you seem to be.

              • 1 person acting alone … = foolish
                Not only that … it gives folks such as yourself a bad image if One was to go and pull off a “lone wolf” mission.

                Use your Head … think things through … timing is everything.

                • 101 reasons to just quietly remove yourself from the fray, one person cant do anything, so i would rather just stay the hell out of the way, but that also goes with the caveat that they need to just leave me the hell alone, i aint doing nothing, and wont be doin nothin and dont want nothin from you so

                • Actions speak louder than words.

            • They went into a community where pretty much EVERYBODY works for the govt or law enforcement, and took over a federal building – lemme see, how many locals supported them? NONE. Not even the victims they were there to support.

              THAT should’ve been the clue.

        • Just hand your guns over coward and STFU

          • Ron
            Are you posting from jail or did you flit on back to Canada?

            • I am posting from hell on earth psychopath controlled fascist Police State America. I would not dare miss the complete collapse and fascist takeover of this dumbed down boot licking society of toxic dump cowards. This is epic history in the making, and as a lifelong historian watching history repeat itself with coward boot lickers handing over and whoring out their children to criminal Corporatist Globalist psychopathic monsters like the world has never seen, it is PRICELESS. What is going to be more amazing is to watch the coward boot lickers of collapsing fascist Police State America turning in their guns and handing their children over for RFID Chipping and sterilization with vaccines, another priceless but disgustingly horrifying coming moment in human history.

      4. ht tp://

        as if a useless blank gun is going to save them

        ridiculous , but they gave up their guns and now Karma is coming for Krouts

        Venezuela gave up theirs in 2012 , now look at the mess they are in


        Got Guns?

        • What the hell good is a blank gun?
          Be better with a bottle of gasoline and a lighter

      5. My son in Japan just had a conversation about guns with some English speaking Japanese. They were astounded that my son had exposure to and first hand knowledge of firearms, telling him they were accustomed to only police and military wearing them. Noting their concern, the conversation proceeded with a few suggestions. They said, that the Samurai had been disarmed in the Meiji Restoration period and asked why the same could not be done in the States. My son smiled politely and said that it would not work out so well in the States to try to do that.

        Attitudes about American gun ownership are changing right now, especially in Europe.

        • Sadly though, it is much harder to get a right back than it is not to lose it in the first place. The Europeans were conned into disarming themselves and now look where they are. They are at the mercy of politicians who want to feel good about letting in hordes of people who will not culturally assimilate and who will not respect the laws and customs of their host countries. They are defenseless and have given up the right of revolution for empty promises. Hopefully they will elect more reasonable leaders who see themselves not as Eurocrats, but as proud citizens of the countries they seek to preside over. My hope is that Merkel gets thrown out on her ass in the next election cycle and I would also love to see Marie Le Pen take over in France. Doing so would put the two largest economies in the EU under a more nationally focused leadership and, along with the Brexit, lead the the end of the EU.

        • Um, the samurai were disarmed and subjugated because the government used………………wait for it…………….yup……………….GUNS!!!!!! Exactly why our Founders intended the 2A to include the private possession of firearms. An armed society is far less likely to be faced with tyranny and if they are………….

        • That is because, in part, these folks are looking to us (preppers or patriots, call us what you wish) to reign victorious and NOT make the same damned mistakes as all the rest have been shoved into doing. I will NOT hand over shit. It will require my death or dismemberment. (I don’t really care which …though I would rather it be neither, as I’ve done nothing amiss at all). Our leaders certainly cannot say the same, so what they get will be what they have set themselves up to receive.

      6. FTW is correct. The Bundy idiots where stupid. They went looking for trouble and they found it. Every So called group will have a government agent planted in it. And every move would be known by the powers that be. I always think DTA. Don’t Trust Anyone. A revolution and guns in the hands of so called patriot groups will not fix anything. Like the political or ballot box. that isn’t a viable solution. Nothing short of Divine Intervention will actually be effective. We are headed toward a break up of the USA. Maybe a secession? maybe a division caused by race ethnic cleansing and civil wars.

        • I dont know about a breakup, but whatever it is will be a mess.
          I really dont know what those folks were thinking, that there would be no consequence to their actions? Thats pretty ignorant, the reality is if you fo something you will get to deal with fallout, may not be instant but thats because these guys will try to minimize impact on their own gorces and collateral damage.
          Thats also why i dont think we will ever see an all out assault against gun owners. Its going to be a creep that will take generations

          • That is what I’ve been ‘deeming’. Just a ‘tad’ at a time, so as to be imperceptible to the greater numbers ‘not tune in’?

            The exception would be somewhat on the scale of an EMP. Then it is SHTF bigtime…

      7. Since the feds are monitoring this jabber i want to send them a big middle finger salute to greet them today,,,,,,
        Some of us dont give a shit anymore you dickheads,

        • I’ll help:

          ……….(‘(….´…´… ¯~/’..’)

          Courtesy of:
          ht tp://

          • 🙂

        • Kula,
          Something I was taught in the military, If the troops are bitching, it is OK. You start to worry when they become quiet.
          The Feds don’t worry about us. I certainly would not worry about ANY anti-government groups talking to the Washing Compost newspaper. They worry about guys like me using the TOR browser to learn how to build a better Molotov cocktail using Tampons. This is for research for my book, on how to eliminate an invasive species, namely Democrats, from Hawaii.
          (Monday morning prepper humor)

          • You know what really chaps my ass
            One of our local news sites now moderates every ingle post i make,
            I dont use profanity
            Dont threaten,
            But by God you point out the truth or the obvious and your a black spot to them.
            I cant wait for the ships to stop oming and the planes to be grounded.
            These stupid idiot democraps need a bitch slap
            Who is John Galt!

          • Now im even getting moderated here,
            Just tried to post something and it went to moderation, and it doesnt even compare to Acids putrid rants

      8. I’ll believe the article when I see it come to pass. My biggest concern right now is my home turf and events closer.

      9. It’s great that they carry a pocket version of the federal Constitution.

        However, the document they need to read is their STATE Constitution if they believe that state’s rights trump federal rights.

        Apparently, the Bundys did not read their Nevada state Constitution. If they would have, they would have read the section that cedes management of this land to the feds. It also states that federal law supersedes Nevada law. It’s right there. Blame the people that ratified this…or change it. They should have jumped their state rep for giving away the ground and their rights to ownership.

        There have been attempts to change it in the past with no success. It needs an amendment or two added.

        • No state can cede rights to the federal government that the federal government has no authority to possess. That is EXACTLY why the Founders enumerated the powers of federal jurisdiction……………well, one of the reasons.

        • Well, isn’t it true? Isn’t it a truth that Constitutionally it IS THE STATE that tells the feds what they want done, and expect it to be done correctly. Well, the bottom fell out and need to be replaced with a new one is all, since the feds have overstepped every last existing boundary they were supposed to remain within.

          THAT “trips my trigger” and it’s ‘quite enough’ and has gone on far too long. Guess us old farts see it a different way, being raised in a totally different mindset than the foreigners coming in to change it all around to suit THEIR asses. To hell with that bs…

      10. The international Zionists are the enemy of all enemies. They have used communism as a tool. They created it. They have used psychiatry as a tool. Part of their agenda which resulted in their ability to win is that they help one another while suppressing everyone else. They put themselves in key positions such as judges, doctors, almost all psychiatrists, publishers, propagandists through television, movies, now the Internet. They infiltrate and subvert their opposition. Every patriotic group will be mislead in this way. The enemy is a small group of highly organized, highly motivated individuals of the strange race of chameleons. They pretend to be one of you in order to destroy you and yours.

        • Did you read the msm article that inferred that Mad Max has been blacklisted for 10 years because he called the Jews purveyors of all wars?

          • Watch. Evalion The most antisemetic video ever. And Sanderson 1611. To see who the real enemy is.

      11. Wonder how peeps will react to the not guilty verdict in the Freddy Gray case?

        • Kula we should see the natives looting and rioting again because of this.

          • Natives?
            I thought that was Choctaw or Crow territory,,,,
            None o those other folks look like the natives if my memory serves right, a more apropos description would be imports, or invasive species.

            • Kula, My daughter lives in Baltimore city. (Iknow, where did I go wrong). She grew up in the country, got her first BB gun at 4 years old. Could hit a soda can with it on the sliding board when she was five years old. she went to college there(Baltimore) During the riots over FG, I damn near went up there with the pick-up and tools. She did stay with a friend whose husband served in Afghanastan and has some tools in his safe. Those people have move away now so its up to me. Folks think that hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn…. Well they ain’t seen daddy’s yet when it comes to his ‘little girl’.

              • PO’d Patriot, your daughter needs to leave Baltimore if at all possible. Next week I head back to the BOL for a few days. Can’t come soon enough.

            • Kula, you are BRILLIANT! INVASIVE SPECIES! Call Orkin Pest Control and let’s rid ourselves of them. That would freak out the secret service. lol….

      12. These types of patriots will be the first to be blasted apart by drones on American soil. My glocks, rifles, stored food, & trapping abilities don’t mean anything to an unmanned aircraft that can blast my cabin apart from 1000 feet in the air.

        • Trotterotter, if we’re hit by an EMP, no drones will be flying. all electronics will be fried. Your guns and everything else you have will still mean everything to you as long as there are no electronics in them.

      13. The washpo piece was a patriot hatchet job! No one should be talking to national media for anything! No one! The federal media should be driven out of business! Period! They are nothing but modern day book burners, censors, and liars! That is all they are about now! Just like the fascists of the 30s/40s!

        • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, The Library of Alexandria, Egypt was torched, and it is still thought to have been done on purpose to rid the world of tech, truths, and all of the other “things” that we most certainly would have benefited from – – yet all was lost (and it had info from ship’s captains who sailed and gathered info FOR that library. The Early Church Fathers, (Roman Catholics now), were blamed for it (true or not), and not that long after “things” started going awry no differently than they are today. Some things just never change. Once we learn someone is deranged that badly, they should be made to swim in chains…

      14. Eyes open
        Rifle clean
        Magazines loaded

      15. I’ve wondered about the reasoning of joining one of these groups and then allowing your name and profile to become public. Aren’t you just asking to be placed on a list, picked up, tossed in jail without warning? I mean, wouldn’t be more intelligent to keep a low profile? Don’t get me wrong, I understand where they are coming from and perhaps it is not too late to take a stand and hope others will surround you…..But I, personally, think it IS too late and that you are only placing a target on yourself, your friends, and your family. Is it worth it? Is it smart? I just don’t know.

        • Do not make a target of yourself, if you are not already. I KNOW I am …hell, a 21yr combat veteran straight out of Special Forces? No that long ago The Pentagon had a HUGE document that stated ALL VETERANS HAD THE POTENTIAL TO BE EXTREME DOMESTIC TERRORISTS (and on that wise they were intending to deprive us of our weapons).

          THAT failed miserably too… Obama went after disabled veterans on the premise that if they can’t balance their checkbooks they can’t handle a firearm. Say what?

          Even so, and ON HERE, I was once told, not all that long ago that I should have died in battle rather than have made it back alive, or something to that effect. Nothing I haven’t heard before (like baby-killer, murderer, rapist, and so on).

          Ask me if I care?

          • My hats off to you Vets,

          • Bud.

            They always want to put a mark on the Vet to take away his rights but the V.A. clinics are not getting any better. Drug them up and send them on their way.

            In the beginning I would be concerned at what Congress and past Presidents were doing to our Constitutional Rights. This branches out to what have they been doing to the country as a whole. So I have moved from concern to worry if we will survive as a nation.

            I do suspect that our problem is not being able to shift the worry back on to the Government. Even with Trump, the establishment does not fear us. I bet they laugh at us. Peasants is all we are that fund their lifestyles that they fight to keep each election. Wonder how much one of their suits costs, plus a pair of shoes so they can sit on their asses and pontificate with such noble facial gestures.

            Some older advice.

            I lost 12 pounds and was firming up other muscles when I pulled some muscle lower abdominals lifting weights.

            The advise is take it slow and steady. I’m out of commission for a stretch for adding weight sooner than I should have.

      16. Some humor for Monday..
        Something’s missing here..

        Same shit, new day.

        I remember hearing that in Army boot camp umpteen years ago.
        That’s how old it is.
        Gee, My Atrophied Failing Brain
        Grant Me A Fricken’ Brain

        What can you come up with? You must only use GMAFB!

        • OOoooo fun with words!

          Geriatric Man After Friendly Beaver
          Gosh My Ass Feels Big
          Genetic Mutant Arrogant Fat Bastard
          Gnat Man And Fart Brain

        • I have assumed it meant, “Give Me A Fucking Break”.


          • that’s his intention, it just get old seeing it’s all he ever writes.

            • It is true though, ya gotta admit,,,,,,,

      17. The only person to cast a legitimate ballot since 1865 is alleged to have been Lee Harvey Oswald. Don’t forget to vote legitimately this time.

        • I get what you mean and do not understand why not one patriot in government or near the top hasn’t started the freedom balling rolling…

          • It may be fear of assassination….

        • I get what you mean and do not understand why not one patriot in government or near the top hasn’t started the freedom ball rolling…

        • Observer:
          True enough. Alleged is correct.
          Oswald was killed by Jacob Rubenstein. The press never reported his real name but identified him by his nick name. Everyone knows that all lowlife gangsters are Italian. Not this one.

      18. As a patriot, Oathtaker, and lover of freedom and liberty I understand our movement is too little and way, way, way too late. The cowardly dumbed down American people are way, way, way too far gone. At this very moment hundreds of millions of fascist boot licking American cowards are going about their lives in a complete state of insane delusion about what is happening to their country and the psychopaths controlling their collapsing fascist nightmare. They do not even know what fascism is. They believe Donald Trump is going to bring fascism to a country that has been fascist for a long, long, long time. History shows us time and again these same reactions and inaction of cowards in collapsing nations, and nations like Germany that became fascist psychopath controlled Police State hell’s on earth…Now it is cowardly Corporatist Fascist psychopath controlled America’s turn. We will now get to relive Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s, we get to relive East Germany under the Stasi, we get to relive Russia under Lenin’s Cheka Police State. Our Fusion Centers staffed by treasonous alphabet agency fascist boot licking cowards will now get to carry out and perpetuate mass atrocities against the America people, as all the soulless cowards who came before them did, and are now burning in the pits of hell, and so shall the treasonous members of the alphabet agencies and Police Forces of America who carry out orders of the psychopaths controlling collapsing America. The engineered and programmed cowardly boot lickers in the alphabet agencies of treasonous evil have to know the psychopathic monsterous genocidal filth they support by now. The evidence against these treasonous Globalist Corporatist Fascist psychopaths is too overwhelming, and therefore they have to know they will burn in hell with them and face a day of Judgement they are not going to like. They have to know the “just following orders defense”, or “I was more interested in my pay and pensions, getting drunk, thinking about my next motorized toy purchase, playing violent video games, playing golf, going to the gym, screaming like a deranged mentally ill coward at sporting events, and planning my next trip to Disney World”…all those insane cowardly delusional defenses and distractions the fascist boot licking cowards in hell on earth Globalist Corporatist psychopath controlled collapsing America…those are not going to work for you American fascist cowards not standing up to this vile disgusting filthy evil that has hijacked our government and is now in full control of the cowardly slaves of America and their children’s health and future.

        We now know the American cowards are more than willing to hand over and whore their children out to Globalist Fascist psychopathic monsters like the world has never seen before. We also know with 100% certainty the American boot licking cowards will gladly hand them over for RFID Chipping. The American cowards, following the advice of criminal Big Pharma shill whore doctors, will also happily pump up the children they should of NEVER had with enough vaccines and toxic metals to make sure they are dumbed down and submissive to the will of their New World Order Globalist fascist psychopathic slavemasters. Since we know the American cowards could not give two shits about their children’s health and future, not with all the distractions and entertainment available to them, we have to conclude that this evil that has overcome America is purely demonic and psychopathic.

        The only thing that will stop this kind of monsterous psychopathic evil at this time is DIVINE INTERVENTION. The American cowards are just too possessed with the same demonic force to do anything about their children’s health and future, and that includes the cowardly Christians and others who believe in a good and just God, while they hide out in their churches praying while not speaking out, as millions of other cowards who came before them did when faced with this kind of psychopathic demonic evil. For cowardly Christians and other believers in a good and just God, the day of Judgement is not going to go well for you.

        • I’ll “see your demonic forces of evil” and raise you one Guardian Angel and the Faith of Saints. You lose…

      19. “You never let a crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” -Rahm Emanuel

        I believe pedophiles and other criminals will USE this new bathroom and now dressing room situation.
        Parents, I would STAY CLOSE BY the public restrooms and dressing rooms (at malls, stores, etc.) when your children are there. I see preteens and young teens as the most vulnerable.

        Chicago – Man chokes an 8-year-old girl unconscious in WOMEN’S restroom in restaurant
        “The girl was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital for treatment.”

        Pennsylvania – Man Accused of Peeping in Women’s Restroom Also Faces Child Porn Charges
        A 10-year-old girl reported a man in the women’s restroom holding his cell phone over the top of her stall.

        “Quarryville, PA, resident James Thomas Shoemaker, 19, was arrested when he was found hiding in a stall of the woman’s bathroom in the Sheetz store on Manheim Pike. Police said he was taking images of young girls on his cell phone.”

        Florida – Police: Man attacks 6-year-old girl in women’s bathroom

        Man Allowed To Use Women’s Dressing Room In Ross Store
        Ross store employee, “he was representing himself as a woman today.”

        “Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls allow customers to decide based on gender identity, according to customer services.
        Representatives from Kohl’s say their store require customers to use facilities aligned with their biological gender.”

        • KY Mom, There’s coming a time where there’ll be a killin’ over this. There’ll be those who won’t tolerate it. And I for one will cheer it.

        • I used to take my lunch breaks at that sheetz store on the Manheim pike. Small world.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

        • Ky Mom, I believe I told you yesterday the pedo’s were already “at it” …and I am sorry that they are. If I catch’em they are dead.

          • This is how powerful the sodomites have become so far? We all know how this will end? There will be roving gangs soon taking what they want . As in the days of lot?

      20. These guys didn’t get the memo on being the grey man.
        Oops here comes the federal first.

        Smiles everyone Smiles!


      21. Apparently false flag incidents produce the desired effects in keeping the majority afraid and towing the line towards their own early demise. No wonder the average lifespan is becoming shorter, the slaves are getting restless, look what has been built off their hard work and suffering, a threat to the entire world population.

      22. In the end of this discussion .. it is Us funding our own means to an end .. stop that, and we are back to a Republic with all our rights intact .

        starve this current Oligarchy and its funding base .. everyone stop sending in taxes and watch this corrupt government crash over night

        • I know quite a few on this site that get where I’m coming from with this
          KY Mom
          Rebel Son
          Many more get the fact that if the best isn’t starved , there will be no peace .. For anyone

          • * best = Beast

            And I believe Warchild gets it too

        • ARGH! I’ve been screaming that for months, or at least since March.

      23. I as many wondered why any would allow a wash post rag interview them.Thing is,the preppers are becoming mainstream and a few who read that rag actually might be on the fence about a lot of things.Articles like this while ridiculed by majority of commentators probably has brought a few more folks to look and actually act in prepping ect.,the more the merrier.

        The majority of folks are silent about prepping excepting folks on net/local groups ect.I say being on mainstream just adds to #’s but more importently lets folks know they are far from alone in these ideas/actions,we are still at the beginning of interesting times!

      24. I am not knocking the Patriots ideals but….

        One would do well to notice that everyone associated with the Bundy standoff and the subsequent BLM office takeover has been rounded up one at a time and arrested.

        Every single one of those “come and take it” badasses.

        None of them fired a shot. In the end, none of them stood up.
        This is the way the disarming of America will happen.


        • Yep. Every one of them who gets a felony conviction is legally DONE for the rest of their lives, and you can bet they’ll all have no choice. They’ll never legally touch a gun again. THAT is what I said YEARS ago. That’s how they do it.

          • Six,with all the bull shit laws soon no one will “legally”own a gun.Hence,ignore bull shit laws/corrupted courts ect.I love the constitutions bill of rights according to it ALL can own a firearm but if destroyed by the courts the bill of rights a affirmation of born rights.Hence,folks will always have guns,that said,the firearm is just one of many weapons one can use.This article is actually a weapon as it opens more peoples eyes and folks sitting on the fence may start prepping a bit.

      25. I’d like to remind everyone black brown and white that no matter what the colour of your skin. The bullet coming at you DOESNT GIVE A SHIT.
        the whole damn world sees a race war coming too many are itching for it. And you’ll get it .I think it may be for the best to purge this hatred on both sides. The ones who hate the most will be the most aggressive and be the first to die. You won’t see your vision come to pass the rest of us will eventually get sick of the fighting and declaring an end to the fighting and in the end neither race will be wiped out black and white will carry on.

        • Angry:

          “In a war between black and white” you must first eliminate the Zionist. Why?? Because it is because of Zionist instigation that the black people have come to see white as their enemy while their true enemy, the Zionist, deceives them into attacking the Zionists hated top competition, white European man. The Zionists are pressing for a CIVAL war. Zionists will arm both sides. That is what they always do. Then they disappear while the carnage takes place. So if you are under the impression that Zionists will not arm blacks and Muslims, you are wrong. As others have explained here before; we do not need a CIVIL war, we need a REVOLUTION. There is a significant difference. Use a dictionary if you are confused. Civil war is not in our, or anyone’s interest, except the Zionist Oligarch elitist Supremists.

          • As I said the bullet don’t care what race religion or colour you are. Call it a revolution or a civil war (I’m pretty sure bullets and bombs are indicative to both) I don’t think the terminology used will make a difference in the death toll either. Odds are very high that you and others like you will not even see the end result of a revolution/civil war. You won’t get to judge the outcome.
            Don’t forget while your out lining up that perfect headshot on some black Jew Asian or whatever some one is doing the same to you. And in reality when your dead your opinion don’t add up to dry flaky shit

      26. It’s not only going to be a revolution, it’s going to be a Civil War, race war and quite possibly an invasion happening all at once. With our wide open borders, massive illegal colonization and now Obama’s so called “refugees” many who want to kill us. They all want a piece of the American pie after we are gone. After the dust clears the survivors will all have nothing except starvation and slavery UNLESS we can stop this insanity now. We may have already passed the point of no return but our country is still worth fighting for.

        • One big problem i see is that too many people peg all this crap on the president, i got news for ya, the bigger problem is these dumb ass house and senate bullshit bandits who have been elected to office again and again and again sometimes for decades, these people are the ones who either did nothing or were complicit in creating all these problems, all of them. Until people hold the crooks in DC accountable nothing will ever change.

      27. Troll Copper and Old guy may be offended by this post..

        Same is still the same. Molon labe bitches, kizz my ass.

        Being white and American does not mean that’s extremism…

        Hey Beaver I have to back you on that one because nobody wins this one.. what a cluster phuck of and end..blood and guts all the way..


        • HCKS Not offended in the least. Im proud to get a mention in your comments. Unfortunately, there is a majority of whites who are compelled to feel guilty about “white privilege”. They set the bar lower for everyone but themselves.

      28. The Southern Poverty Law Center is the very definition of the word Communist! They have been investigated by several organization and they follow the Communist Manifesto play by play..!!! But BO and the Lame Stream Media gives them a voice to make them sound legit…BUT THEY ARE NOT..!!!

      29. go ahead and run you will only die tired

      30. good for them. I pray to god that they become a powerful force to recon with.


      31. I was reading the net while someone had the TV on, I wasn’t paying attention but I heard a white guy say under interrogation by Judy that “I was watching a stupid show called Judge Judy”. That was classic and well deserved. She told him to sit down and turned vicious towards him until the case was over. Bravo!

      32. The fuel is on the wood. Its only going to take a tiny spark!!!!!

      33. Sold all my guns except a .22 single shot to some drifter passing through town. Those 5 gallon buckets? They’re full of sand for weight in the rear of my pickup to get traction. I’m just poor dumb country folk. Don’t know nothing about the 2A.

      34. NPPH, that was some nice sarcasm. But I DO know about the 2A and fully intend to keep, and when necessary, utilize my “liberty tools”.

      35. Failing to do to government what government did to Finicum is what will spell doom to them as it did for Finicum who expected the “patriots” around him to fight instead of surrender.

      36. Flying their enemy’s flag is the first sign of their insincerity and naivete as to the nature of their enemy.

      37. Where were the patriots when the Feds killed finicum. The patriot movement has no teeth. No one has avenged his death. Fuck that bullshit I’ve stuck my neck out for the guys once and no one stepped up to support me. You patriots are on your own. Finicum died for nothing people. It’s as if he didn’t exist no one mentioned him. Ron is right the globalist fascist corporate slime wants to destroy us all and people are just happy to sell their souls and their kids to the devil for another paycheck sports motorized toys or whatever material shit people live for that distances them from the truth. Moral of the story is don’t stick your neck out for spineless patriots you will end up like finicum an example of what not to do. Patriots are a divided collective when it’s time to get violent. Scared gun owners who talk hard will turn and run like boot lickers. Tired of hearing about spineless patriots who just want someone with balls to set shit off while they run away.

      38. There comes a time when societies and cultures through the natural process of growing and developing cross a line. This occurs as part of the expansion and growth, greed, increased technology, need for resources, social interactions, religions, increased knowledge,financial development, trade, and the positive and all to prevalent negative repercussions of human nature.

        History teaches that short term solutions when problems occur are resolved through violence which the common citizen pays the highest price and pace may flourish for a time but then the cycle continues.

        Long term solutions can only be achieved from within the minds and harts of citizens and in particular their leaders. History again teaches that we fail and the cycle continues.

        Conclusion: Human nature is at the heart of the problem and nothing will change until it begins from within.

        I have elected to participate and do what I can using long ranges solutions. Will I be called a traitor? Maybe, however I am fully persuaded not participate in the cycles of hate, deceptions, greed, lust for power, suffering, death, and madness that has repeated itself throughout history.

        Each must make his or her own decision and make their stand. I have made mine.


      39. I read that article in the washington post; and there are thousands of comments. There was so much mud slinging with little facts being discussed. Really made me think about where we’re(USA) heading. On sites like shtf, daily sheeple, etc. etc. I have to say that for most part i really appreciate the intelligent conversations and comments. I find most talking about the facts; and making suggestion that can be helpful. Sincerely

      40. They may just be prepping up the public perception to justify murdering/imprisoning a bunch more people. Today in another place, one of their spooks called anyone following the story part of “a cult”. That’s code word for murder, it doesn’t have anything to do with reality.

      41. Finicum Waco Ruby ridge. Watertown . Are waking more people up . Getting geared up. Without that we wouldn’t be ready to last very long? We all hope there is a higher power in charge . As is written . To help us destroy these evil rats. If so he must have a plan ? That we can’t understand. Keep the faith . It is written . We will win in the end.

      42. It will keep happening till someone arrests Obama and throws his A in jail.

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