Armed Mother Foils Armed Robbery At School In Sao Paulo, Brazil

by | May 14, 2018 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Proving that there is such a thing as a “good guy (in this case, gal) with a gun,” a mother in Sao Paulo, Brazil foiled the robberies of unsuspecting parents at a school.  The woman was an off-duty policewoman carrying her gun near school grounds and stopped the bad guy.

    Dramatic school security footage shows a suspect named as Elivelton Neves Moreira, 21, approaching the crowd with a gun outside a private school in Sao Paulo.  But it’s safe to say Moreira wasn’t expecting one of the mothers to be armed as well.

    Off-duty military police officer Katia da Silva Sastre, 42, pulled out her own weapon and unleashed three shots on the would-be assailant. The video shows Moreira, who later died in hospital of the gunshot wounds he sustained, fall backward and clutch his chest before Sastre shoves him on to his front with her foot having thrown her handbag aside on Saturday morning.

    Officer Sastre is being hailed a hero for her act of bravery and was honored in a ceremony by Sao Paulo Governor Márcio França on Sunday. But it doesn’t always work out for the good guys.  Great Britain has even taken to punishing homeowners for defending their own property from armed robbers.

    *The following video contains graphic video footage of an armed woman shooting an armed man.  It may not be suitable for all viewers.  Watch with discretion.

    Moreira can be seen pointing his gun in the direction of parents and children.  One little girl, in particular, can be seen in a pink vest in the video. Sastre potentially saved the lives of several people with her quick actions and by simply carrying for protection.

    The Daily Mail described the turn of events as follows:

    Pointing the firearm at the school’s security guard and reaching out to grab the man’s wallet and phone, the suspect suddenly stopped in his tracks by the officer, who had her gun at the ready after being alerted to the danger by another woman seconds earlier.

    Pulling her police-issued weapon from her bag, she loads the gun then reacts with speed, stepping forward and firing off three rounds, shooting the assailant in the chest and leg as he tries to fire back.

    The armed man falls backward onto the zebra crossing and releases two shots in the process as he hits the ground. The first one ricochets off the ground hitting no one, and the second jams in the weapon.

    Sastre quickly backs away out of the line of fire then goes over to the injured suspect who is rolling around on the ground in agony crying out for help. She kicks away his weapon before picking it up. –The Daily Mail

    Sastre, who had gone to the event at the school with her seven-year-old daughter she had no idea what the gunman’s plans were. “I didn’t know if he was going to shoot the kids or the mothers or the security guard at the school door. I just thought about defending the mums, the children, my own life, and my daughter’s,” the hero mother said.

    Public security secretary, Maggie Alves said Sastre also pushed children out of harm’s way. “She pushed the children out of the way and approached the thief. She shoots, the boy shoots, the boy tries to shoot at her leg. She immobilizes the boy and calls the (emergency services). It was a perfect procedure from a technical point of view,” said Alves.

    Governor Marcio França lamented the fact that the gunman had died was “sad and regrettable.” He added: “It is not ideal that the suspect died. We would have preferred this had not happened. But it is a warning to those who take up a gun that they could be killed because our security professionals are well trained to protect the public,” he said.

    Maybe this story will help liberals understand just why it’s so important that gun ownership exists.  Had this off-duty policewoman had not been at the right place at the right time, who knows what would have happened.  Luckily, there are good men and women with guns in the United States to help defend even leftists from thugs.



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      1. What a gal!!! Kudos, praise and ‘damned good shooting lady’.

      2. Tuff chick. She’s feeling her oats.

        And has my respect.


      3. What a heartwarming story. I just love to see the efficient administration of justice in real time.

      4. …..and she didn’t have to wait ten minutes for the police to show up!

      5. That gal definitely knew her business. And she made sure the scumbag died. Kudos to her many times over.

      6. The only comment I have is, were it an American Cop,or
        non-cop concealed carry person, we would probably
        have hesitated a little more than she did.
        She acted like a soldier would. From what I’ve read and seen
        in videos of Brazilian cops, if a perp has a gun
        you start shooting without warning or trying to
        Works fine for me, but our laws, don’t allow for that.

        • If it was a mother here, it would likely have turned out quite similarly assuming she was trained. Also, never discount the strength of maternal protection; it’s alive and strong in many of us. We’d move mountains to protect our children.

        • rellik

          ” if a perp has a gun you start shooting without warning or trying to
          de-esclate. Works fine for me, but our laws, don’t allow for that.”

          GTFOOH, where have you been? US cops shoot even if the person doesn’t have a gun and in virtually all of those cases the officer is cleared. If the bad guy is armed, “forgetaboutit”. Its a myth that cops hesitate in the US. They have an us v them mentality.

          • K2,
            I don’t totally disagree with you, but I’ll stand by my hesitation claim. I don’t like nor will I talk to cops.
            Most cops will get a paid vacation, be investigated and get off, for murder. But that lady got an award right away( which is fine with me). I’m sure she did not say a thing, before shooting. A cop will at least say something before they shoot you. Ergo hesitation.

            • US police officers often shoot a black perp. Assuming armed, 100% clean shoot they’re scared to publicly praise them because of the backlash if they do. He / She is “high fives” at the station and on they go. Their accolades are private among their own but regardless the super benefit of the doubt / leeway is in their favor even if the perp is not armed as many cases show. Because they shoot so many unarmed that they “thought were armed” I’ll stand by my lack of hesitation. Civilians on the other hand have a lot of pressure to hesitate as the benefit of the doubt goes with the perp. The “I thought they were armed” doesn’t wash and it likely shouldn’t (in either case). The standard is entirely different.

      7. That juicy ass aint fo no muzzie

      8. Kevin2 – good point about how civilians are treated differently from police in this situation.

        There was a security guard and the fact that there was a photograph means there were security cameras. It was a private school and the criminal probably figured that the parents would have money. Despite all the precautions, the criminal tried it anyway. This was a dangerous person willing to do what it took. Never mess with a mother when her child’s life is on the line! (especially when she is armed)

        • Brian, she is not or was not dangerous, just realizes what she needed to do and did it !

          There is a very big difference. Most here would never do the same or even close because our government and courts have most of us beat down into submission even though our laws are in fact in our favor ! As well it all does matter largely to where you live and the municipal policies in your locality. Here are two rel examples.

          Lat summer a Mexican decided to burglarize a home here and did not realize the owner was at home. The owner confronted the burglar with his pistol, a shoot out ensued and the owner shot him on the way out the door and then followed him outside and fired two more shots as he was fleeing to his waiting crew in a get away car. The burglar died right there and all were arrested and eventually prosecuted. The local police chief went on local radio and stated there would be no charges filed as a message to “would be” home invaders. So the DA had to be good with that or it could not have happened !

          Also a few years back I was headed home and stopped at a 7-eleven and bought some brewkies. As I left I crossed the road and saw two guys running in the parking lot and I knew one of the guys. It was Billy the cop and he was chasing a Mexican from the Safeway store. We made eye contact and Billy yelled, “hey chase that guy down with your pickup and hold him for me”. So I did and pinned him up against a fence at the Credit Union after chasing him a block and around the building for three revolutions. A police car showed up within seconds and apprehended the guy who they knew as a criminal and druggy and of course an illegal alien ! And I got kudos and a get out of jail free card from all of them as well the CO Police !

          So it does make a lot of difference where you live and realizing how that municipality will react. It also makes a huge difference to know your own states laws very well , like citizens arrest laws ! This link clearly shows the laws where I live are in fact amazingly very much in the citizens favor ! Some states are very vague and some not, so find out whats up to protect yourself. We will see the need for citizens arrest going forward, guaranteed ! These laws clearly state the right to use force and deadly force if necessary !

          I doubt Kawleefornya is as straight forward and many other places as well. I was shocked at how Oregon laws actually are quite good ! But I would not trust any of it in any place on the west side (I-5 corridor) for a second ! Also realize video is always your friend if possible in any given scenario!

      9. Just goes to show that a good guy with a gun will outdo a bad guy with a gun every time.

      10. Not all libreals are against guns. I support the NRA and license gun carry laws. I dont care how many guns you might have as long as your law bidding citzen and a sane and mature one. This lady was trained and thank God she was there.As I explain to people if you don’t like guns your dont buy one. But respect the people who do

      11. Pay attention you “Gun Haters”. That could have been your Kids in the firing line.

      12. She’s so kewl. And he was the big loser. L

      13. (Unfortunately, the age restriction has interfered with my gif generator, for now.)

        paraphrased —
        *The following video contains graphic video footage of an armed womyn minority member. It may not be suitable for conservative viewers. Watch with discretion.

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