Armed Bystander Takes Down Gunman At Florida Children’s Event

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    An armed bystander licensed to carry a firearm shot a gunman who opened fire at a back-to-school event at a Titusville park, reports local ABC affiliate WFTV9.

    The shooting occurred at Isaac Campbell Park on South Street shortly after 5:20 p.m. when the shooter, whom police have not identified, returned to the park after a fistfight and began firing.

    A bystander licensed to a carry a firearm then shot the shooter, who was flown to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said. –WFTV9

    (full video here, shooting at 7:50)

    The bystander who shot the gunman has been fully cooperative with the investigation, according to local police. “We are extremely grateful that nobody else was injured in this incident,” said Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson. “This suspect opened fire at a crowded public park, this could have been so much worse.”

    A flyer posted on Facebook and Instagram said a back to school event called “Peace in the City” was going on at the park when the shooting happened. –WFTV9

    While we expect 2nd Amendment advocates will point to this incident as a “good guy with a gun” taking down a “bad guy with a gun,” gun control activists are likely to pretend it never happened – or that local police would have intervened.

    After all, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away!


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      1. I’m going to be taking a few Concealed Carry active shooter classes, to keep my skills sharp.. I encourage every one to get your concealed license and carry daily. Do the best you can folks. Its gonna get hairy out there, as wachos unwind their frustrations in public.

        Every class you take will help in your defense if you actually need to shoot. Headlines will read “Trained Carry holder takes down deranged shooter.” “NO Charges filed against Hero.”

        • Folks, go to Chicago’s eyewitness news TV,about shootings over weekend in Chicago (A sh__ hole city) where gang violence is ongoing unabated. Also please read three part article on gun grabbing agenda in the next decade because of demographic changes ( by leftist immigrants and younger Americans) after liberals control house and senate, and may win next Presidential election.

        • TSB
          This is a very good idea. Because the cops can’t be everywhere at once. When you need us we are 5 minutes away.

      2. Stories like this happen every day yet we never hear about them. But you will hear about a drive by, a home invasion, a murder. Only the ILLEGAL use of a gun is ever reported.

        • These stories are carried by the media locally but the anti gun stories receive national coverage. Its certainly selective and bias with the intent of fostering an agenda. While this has been going on for multiple decades an acceleration was the 1996 Telecommunications Act signed by Bill Clinton that for all intent facilitated a de facto media monopoly. We’re very fortunate that simultaneously the alternate media made its appearance born out of the womb of the Internet.

      3. We know it happened. Does anyone really think they are even capable of disarming tens of millions of people intent on remaining armed? Not a fucking chance in hell.

        • But I was wrong, it’s doubtful a fucking handful of men are left to fight.

        • Menz.
          If it was up to me it would be a law that states you have to carry a firearm if you wanted. Unless you a convicted Felon of a forcible felony, Like Armed Robbery, Rape, Pedophile Armed violence.


          • They’ve just infringed way too much and it seems like everyone is completely conditioned to accept it. It just pisses me off. I’m no felon or criminal but I refuse to ask for permission to carry. Much less pay them! Just take my chances.

            • What pisses me off is that in many states the penalty for carrying without that permission slip is a felony charge. A felony for disobeying an unconstitutional law. That’s outrageous. It’s not even a real crime much less a felony. If there is no victim then there is no crime, period.

              • M and I
                I’m with you 100000%. it pisses me off also.

      4. The best thing to do also is ignore the unconstitutional permitting laws for handguns. Many of you are brainwashed into believing this nonsense too. Proud as hell of your permission slip from your master. No arm that I posses has a paper trail, nothing.

        • you just left one.

          • They can come and get them.

        • I agree with you Menzo, but….tell that to the Judge who will convict you of a Felony for illegal carry if caught. Then once you are labled a Felon, then you loose all your guns. We all know these anti-gun laws are illegal as hell, but the pig minions that enforce them are traitors to the US Constitution. From the pig cops, prosecutors and judges. Only relief you may get is at your trial from patriotic jurors who understand jury nulification. So I’ll play their silly game and follow their rules because I dont want to waste my life away sitting in their jail cell. So good luck erasing these illegal anti constitutional gun laws. Dont like it? Then move to a more frirndly pro-gun state like FL who has issued 1.8 million gun carry permits. 1 in 10 persons in FL carry.

          • Bravo , TSB!

          • Our time will come. But until then ,Seems a pepper spray with serious backup. And an assailant with a record.Might be a no paperwork. Option?

          • Hey Blow Boy if this Troll might enlighten you just a little bit, many of those 1.8 million conceal carry permits went to nonresidents, since once upon a time when other States didn’t issue “Shall Issue” CCW permits, they could be obtained from Florida by nonresidents which many did. Sooo 1 in 10 persons in Florida ain’t carryin, Pigs and Cur Dogs excluded if you know what I mean.

            • What ever NGIC troll..

        • Kudos to that CCW carrier except he should’ve done a head shot on that mofo. Problem PERMANENTLY solved then.

        • Menzoberranzan

          Be found in possession of said firearm in many jurisdictions and your going to prison.

          • I’m pretty sure I’ve made it clear that when the time comes I will kill the ones attempting to arrest me until I’m eventually killed. I’ll die a man instead of a pathetic sheep. I’m surprised at the level of brainwashed people here and you surely won’t be able to fight them. You permit sheep will be the first ones shackled in the trains enroute to the FEMA camps.

            • If patriots are scared to death about breaking the fucking law they sure as hell will not oppose confiscation when it comes. This is disappointing and disheartening but not entirely unexpected. Hopefully there are enough men left to stop this shit.

      5. I live in Maine. You don’t need a permission slip to carry and their is hardly any violence at all anyway. If you want to know why, look up the demographics of Maine, NH and Vermont.

        • Now, now, Sean. You are contradicting the narrative that “whitey” is the source of all that is evil. Tisk, tisk. Shame on you. Better get up to speed.
          /sarc off

          • Lol, so true.

            You know what really burns me up is the gun grabbers twist statistics into pretzels to fit their agenda but they never acknowledge that the three states I mentioned have an extremely high gun ownership rate but all are in the top ten safest states in the country. The only thing they ever mention is their claim that people come up here to buy guns easy and bring them back to NYC and Masshole but they have no evidence to support that.

      6. ‘keeyids in da paf uh dose’

        I’m guessing that the responsible, pro-active, civics-minded hero of the story comes from a liberal demographic. Just guessing.

      7. Seems pretty simple, The religious affiliation that owns and controls our media, might have an allterial motive? And some ask why? John 8:44? But some still ask why?

      8. The Lame stream media won’t have this story!!!!

      9. We have seen in Berkely that Californians are way too violent to be allowed guns.
        News article Breitbart “Government Admits AR-15s Are Not Weapons of War”
        News article L A Times “U.S. appeals court says 2nd Amendment allows the open carrying of guns”
        They are semi automatic sporting rifles. And YES they are used for hunting. Bruce Mitchell is a gator hunter in Louisiana, just one, of many.
        I have done an exhaustive study on gun control & self defense from a Biblical perspective. Click here
        <a href="”

        • Don’t forget. Those are FULLY semi-automatic….

      10. I actually watched NBC news tonight to see if the incident would be mentioned. Of course it wasn’t. That’s why I almost never watch mainstream media. However, I did see a really cool petrol truck explosion.

      11. You will not see any such stories on the MSM. It doesn’t fit with their agenda so they will edit it out ‘for your protection’.

        Can’t have rank and file citizens believing they can defend themselves as they have done since we first stood erect (or whatever evolutionary belief you hold).

        Interesting sub-debate sparked by Menzo. I agree with all he says in principle and have followed his course at times but I also agree that the downside to those actions need to be measured very carefully. Becoming a pariah because you shot it out with cops does nothing to help the cause. The unconstitutional laws regarding weapons should be scraped away in one motion rather than the thousands of layers heaped on over the decades.

        Instead, following the ruling by the 9th circuit court, Hawaii was just slapped down due to it’s decision to restrict both concealed AND open carry. The court decided that while the state may indeed restrict who gets to carry concealed, if they go ahead and also restrict open carry then they are in VIOLATION of the constitution.

        By blocking both avenues they leave no alternative to the honest citizen seeking to defend their own life. Block one or the other is their message. Blocking both restricts those trying to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear…

        With this ruling, I’m hoping to see very quickly, states like NJ, CA, NY get a swift legal boot up the ass and amend their state constitution.

        Getting caught up in the evil legal system or shooting it out with the cops isn’t the answer here. Loading mags with vinyl gloves, keeping spare parts for your semi-auto and solid alibis are potent weapons in your own defense.

        And never wait around to admire your work.

      12. This was an anti-gun rally organized by “Enough is Enough” advertized as “safe for children.” Unironically, it attracted “gun violence”. Only because of the Second Amendment was an armed private citizen able to stop the attacker before he killed any kids at the anti-private-gun-ownership rally.

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