Arkansas Woman Nearly Dies From Spider Bite

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 33 comments

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    A woman from Arkansas was left on the brink of death after being bitten by a poisonous baby spider. As she slept, Claressa Coleman was bitten by a brown recluse, and it almost cost her her life.

    Speaking for the first time about her terrifying ordeal, Coleman said, “I can’t believe a baby spider nearly killed me!” She felt a little “pinprick” in the night, and she assumed she had been bitten by a mosquito. She was unaware of the tell-tale symptoms of a brown recluse bite, such as the black mark where she was bitten and the bouts of vomiting. But the blood tests confirmed the doctors’ suspicions. Coleman was allergic to the baby spider’s poison, which caused her kidneys to fail. She also had convulsions in her stomach every five minutes, leading doctors to believe she could be pregnant.


    Coleman’s entire body swelled and she became almost unrecognizable. Doctors gave the 29-year-old woman blood tests and dye injections which indicated she had the poison from the notorious brown recluse spider in her body. The arachnid is one of North America’s three venomous spiders, alongside the black widow and Chilean recluse. Doctors believe that Coleman was bitten by a baby spider despite the fact that its impact on her body was far from small.

    The spider had bitten directly into an artery, injecting its poison straight into her bloodstream, so it raced through her body quickly making her much iller and more susceptible to its venom. She was also allergic to the venom, which made her month-long hospital stay agonizing.

    After her kidneys failed, Coleman was hooked up to a dialysis machine, sedated, and had the dead skin cut from her arm. She said, “By this point, the hole in my arm was growing. You could fit your pinkie finger in it.”

    Coleman said, “There has been a long-term impact on my kidneys. Now I am just recovering and thankful I am alive.”

    If you suspect you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse spider, you should go to the emergency room immediately. This is because, in the unlikely chance that you do have a complication, it can be a serious condition. These can include blood disorders, kidney failure, coma, or even death. Complications like these are more likely to happen in children and older adults. Not all bites are life-threatening, but they can progress quickly, as Claressa Coleman found out.


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      1. Unfortunately, eastern Kentucky is in the normal rang of recluse spiders. Some of these spiders were found in a home just 3 miles away.

        The standard advise is to shake out any clothing (coats, jackets, shoes, boots, etc.) that has been in a closet for a while, before putting it on.

        Dangerous brown recluse spiders found in unexpected place
        “A family in Michigan is scratching their heads after discovering unusual tenants inside their garage last week.

        The homeowner believes the spiders arrived with new kitchen cabinets the previous owner had installed before the family purchased it…”

        • I was bitten by a brown recluse during the night also, a couple of years ago. Fortunately, I wasn’t allergic to the venom like this woman. I made a poultice of tea, which is an astringent and applied it to the infected area.

          The tea sucked the venom right out in a few days. Keep tea on hand with your preps. 🙂

        • I was bit by a brown recluse when I was a kid. Tip of my finger and it almost killed me. I was very lucky.

        • my son wanted a pet spider, and i went down to the petstore….they want SEVENTY DOLLARS! so i said, “the hell with THIS, i’ll just pick one up off the web.”

      2. My Daughter was bitten by one of them about two years ago, she is still dealing with problems from it. They do NASTY things to your skin and affect other areas as well.

        • I was pushing troops at Ft Polk in La…I a solider bitten in Training Ex … before it was done…about six months later looked like he was shot with a 50cal in the stomach …drs said he was particularly allergic to the venom…

      3. If she was bitten by a Chilean recluse, she would be dead.!!!

      4. We get those brown recluse spiders in my area on occasion. I stumbled onto one a few years ago crawling in my driveway. I walked over and stomped the shit out of it. LOL! One less spider to worry about.

        • i was bitten by a black widow a few years ago, and strangely, NO symptoms at all, until i laid down for bed, it sent a dull pain down my arm. had to sleep in a recliner for 3 or 4 nights, until it wore off. i KNEW a guy about 15 years ago that was bitten about 6 times in the chest by a recluse….he literally looked like a woman, he was so swelled up….”shoulda seen me a week earlier,” he said.

      5. We moved to Florida from the north east. Up there only things with two legs and wheels are immediately threatening. Florida has a host of baddies from weather, creatures, plants and biologicals not of concern up north. Had handyman doing work who had an almost 1/2 tennis ball sized flesh removed from his leg. I asked if he got hit in the service. Nope it was the result of a red recluse that gives you an infection thats difficult to treat.

      6. That poor women had the worse case scenario. Arkansas has ticks up the wazoo. Spiders. You name it. No wonder real estate is so cheap there.

        • I live in NW Arkansas the brown recluse are everywhere they love paper bags and anything made of cardboard I was bit about ten years ago while sleeping in bed I still have a huge hole on my waist line from it they not to be taking lightly

        • Ticks Chiggers ,snakes, spiders ect all abound in the Ozarks. I use powdered sulfur. Add it to the washing machine a spoonful to every load of my work clothes. The insects don’t bother me. I add powdered sulfur & Diatomceatous earth to the livestock salt and mineral mix. The sulfur keeps the flies and ticks off them. The Diatomceataous earth kills internal parasites and any fly eggs that are laid in the manure. In summer you can mix Grass seed into the mineral and salt mix. Every cow patty will sprout and the cattle will not eat it when its growing in recent manure. and the manure feeds the grass letting it get established. Bermuda grass works really well in this manner.

      7. My son was bitten by one of them 20 years ago. Left a hell of a mark. Was sick but go over it.



        • Sarge, the only GOOD spider is a DEAD spider. I also kill every spider I see. They remind me of liberals, LOL!

          • There are these little jumping spiders that live in the crevices around the windows. We enjoy watching them as they stalk and catch flies. Many times we catch a female Trantuala when they are active in the fall.(The females travel looking for mates). We put them in a aquarium and observe them. They actually make good pets. Spiders catch a lot of insects. Those mud wasp lay their egg and pack the cavity full of spiders to feed their larva. No matter what it is if you will learn about it then its not nearly as scary. I was out back after dark and seen hundreds of small glowing spots on the ground. I got a light and investigated. It was little trap door spiders.

      8. Acid cloud in South Baltimore: shelter in place ends, ‘all clear’ declared

        “Residents in South Baltimore are free to leave their homes after they were asked to shelter in place due to a HAZMAT leak.”

        “cloud of chlorosulfonic acid leaked”

        ht tp://

      9. Where were this when Hillary was first lady? could have saved us all a lot of trouble.

      10. When we where dating my Wife was bitten on the calf of her leg by one of those Brown Recluse spiders. It was rotting a large hole out on her leg. It wasn’t getting better and the hole was about golf ball sized. I took her a new jar of ointment that we got way back then from the Watkins peddler. I removed the label first because it was for horse,s. It was good for wounds and harness abrasions ect. And Her wound healed right up. She still has a discoulored scar. It was called Numiltizine Cataplasim (likely not spelled correctly). When we first moved into this house there was a big infestation of those spiders (it had been setting vacant) We still find them occasionally.

      11. I am familiar with the bites of these spiders since I am an RN and worked in surgery for many years. What I do not understand in this article is that it mentions that the spider bite was directly into an artery. I would like to know how that is possible. The bites are very damaging to the skin and underlying tissue and a victim with allergy is more at risk for injury. Everyone that lives in an area where these spiders live should be warned about the consequences of getting a bite and what the symptoms are.

      12. Off topic but this week is the week I change the oil 7 filters grease and check the anti freeze in everything I always try and do it the week of the fall equinox. Some engines like the bulldozer and backhoe haven’t got many hours since the spring oil change so I just change the oil filters. I don’t change diesel fuel filters until they start getting plugged up. Its a good time to add anti gel fuel additive to the diesel fuel empty out the fuel tanks on everything that will not be used until spring and start them up and burn all the fuel out of the carb. Then remove the spark plug and add a teaspoon of oil to each cyl. Turn the engine over by hand to coat the cyl walls with a protective film of oil. then reinstall the spark plug. Between winterizing everything and paying our property taxes We will spend a hefty chunk of money this month. Then it will be time for cutting firewood and hunting. Ive got hogs to process corn to be picked and fences and buildings always need attention also. I long ago quit painting buildings. We covered the sides with used roofing tin and aluminum sheeting recycled from old house trailers. We installed that heavy guage colored metal roofing on everything including our house. No more sorry asphalt shingles.

      13. I wish I had me one of them there brown reecluse spiders, I’d name her Bitey, or The Spiderman.

      14. All spiders need to be exterminated. But it looks like God intended for this woman not to live/breed.
        Spiders steal food from the food chain that could be eaten by birds and the birds could be hunted and sold in stores. If ecosystems were engineered just to serve and feed humans there would be no need for farming. Every human deserves to live as a hunter, fisher, and gatherer. Not sitting in an office doing some useless job wiping someones ass to get some toxic food.

        • Someone is allergic to venom so that means they weren’t meant to live? Nonsensical comment.

      15. Guess I’ll add my two cents worth of my experience with a Brown Recluse. I was on a tug out of Orange,TX. several years back when I noticed a small bump on my right upper arm when I woke up to go on watch.About an hour later it started itching so bad I couldn’t stop scratching.Later the next day it began to swell and sting.One of the guys in the crew from Texas said it looked like a spider bite and I should check my room for spiders.I did and found a dead one in my bunk.I showed it to him and he identified it as a Brown Recluse.I was running Pilot.noon to 1800 then midnite to 0600,on that boat so the Captain asked if I wanted to get of at Industrial Lock and go to the Hospital,by then it had swelled to a large marble size and hurt like hell.I said “I’ll die right here on the boat before I’ll go to an Emergency Room in New Orleans on a Saturday night”I’ll ride her to Mobile that way you can call me a relief with a rental car and I’ll drive it home to NW.FL.and get it took care of the next day.I got home 24 hours later around 2300 I then showed my wife,who is a retired Nurse,I told her that I’d go to the Hospital in the morning.She took one look at my arm that had a golf ball size knot on it by then and rushed me to the local ER. The Doctor had to cut a large portion of muscle out to get down to what he said was a poison sack then he loaded me up with antibacterial shots and said to return the next day to see if it helped,if it didn’t I’d end up in the Hospital,thank goodness it helped.It took several weeks to totally heal.On My last visit to the Doctor he told me that if I hadn’t come in that night I might have lost my arm.So if anyone reading this ever gets bitten by one of those nasty little spiders don’t fool around get to the ER right away.Oh,the Company found that the spider came aboard in the stores because they found several more of them in the boxes ready to send out to other boats from their warehouse.

      16. I’d be dousing the bite with Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil was used by the military before antibiotics came along. Tea Tree Oil kills many harmful organisms, including spider venom.

      17. WHY is this article on SHTFplan?

      18. I think they are plentiful this year. I was bitten in the early 80s, then again in the 90s. This year I have had 3 bites. East TN has a lot of them this year.

      19. Ove at the woodpile report he quotes something to the effect that the Clintons are finished poitically. Chelsea will never get elected to any office. If she became a candidate the question of who her biological father is will emerge. She looks like she was drug out of Webb Hubbles ass?

      20. Got bit while sleeping over 3 years ago. Still having problems from the bite. Nothing seems to get rid of it. Trying something new now, looks promising.

      21. Another reason not to retire in the south. I grew up in Michigan and never worried about poisonous spiders. There are rattlers though.

      22. I was bitten by a brown recluse in ’08. It was in my towel when I got out of the shower, bit me on my biceps.

        It only itched for the first 12 hours then gave me terrible flu-like symptoms that night. The next morning my entire arm was swollen and purple. When I went to the ER they didn’t believe me that it was a spider bite. Then the doctor said “just have to wait and see what happens.”

        I ended up losing a patch of skin on my arm about 4 inches by 6 inches which took 3 months to heal and would become infected really easy. Still have a big scar from it.

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