Arkansas School District Arms Teachers Because Hiding and Locking the Doors “Is Not a Plan”

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Headline News | 234 comments



A Clarksville, Arkansas school district, backed by a little-known state law, has begun a rigorous training program so that members of the staff can carry concealed at school.

…more than 20 teachers, administrators and other school employees in this town … will carry concealed weapons throughout the school day, making use of a little-known Arkansas law that allows licensed, armed security guards on campus. After undergoing 53 hours of training, Dougan and other teachers at the school will be considered guards. (source)

Staff members will receive 53 hours of training that is geared towards responding to school shooter scenarios from Nighthawk Custom Training Academy, a private training facility in northwest Arkansas. “That teacher is going to respond to one thing and one thing alone, and that’s someone is in the building either actively or attempting to kill people,” explained Jon Hodoway, director of training for Nighthawk.

The decision to arm teachers has not made everyone happy. One mother, Sherry Wommack, is removing her son from the school. “I think police officers are trained to make those [life and death] decisions, not teachers.” There are other vocal opponents to the decision.

State officials are not blocking Clarksville’s plan, but Arkansas Education Commissioner Tom Kimbrell is opposed to the idea of arming teachers and staff. He prefers to hire law enforcement officers as school resource officers.

There are other dissenters, too. Donna Morey, former president of the Arkansas Education Association, called the idea of arming teachers “awful.” The risk of a student accidentally getting shot or obtaining a gun outweighs any benefits, she said.

“We just think educators should be in the business of educating students, not carrying a weapon,” Morey said. (source)

According to a report on USA Today, the school will be posted with warnings that armed guards are present, but the armed staff members will not be identified and the weapons will be carried concealed.

In recent years, schools have responded to school shootings like the ones in Columbine and Sandy Hook with various kinds of safety and lockdown drills. Not everyone agrees that this is an acceptable plan, and that is why this Arkansas school district decided to arm members of their staff.

Many parents would agree with what Superintendent David Hopkins said when explaining the decision. “The plan we’ve been given in the past is ‘Well, lock your doors, turn off your lights and hope for the best’. That’s not a plan.”

In the horrible event of a shooter at your child’s school, would you feel better if your child was crouching under a desk or being protected by trained, armed staff members?

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    1. California Resident

      Smart thinking, Arkansas.

      • Iowa


      • Swinging on a star

        The teachers at my kids school are trained and armed, that would be Mom and Dad, we homeschool.

        • durango kidd

          A little common sense goes a long way.

          • durango kidd

            53 hours of training is enough. That is more than a 40 hour week. As a Marine I spent a week on the range “snapping in”. It worked well enough for Nam and I had no previous firearm training, if you dismiss the hours I spent as a kid in front of my mother’s vanity mirror seeing if I could outdraw myself. (Hey I was only six!)

            That practice can stick with you because I out drew Black Bart at the OK Corral in Tombstone after putting in my quarter, 20 years later.

            Muscle memory, I guess. 🙂

            • Smokey

              Black Bart got me two out of three! Next time I walk in the door cocked and locked and blow that machine away.

              • durango kidd

                I got him first time! Raised the eyebrows of the clerk behind the counter. LOL

            • Mountain Trekker

              DK,Yeah that 53 hours of training, is probably more training than the cops on the Clarksville police force have. Trekker Out.

            • JayJay

              Living up to your name we see. 🙂

        • Man on the inside

          Thats how we did it and my kids are raised and all leaders in there feilds…. oh and they all carry…

          • Blip

            With luck, they carry the “spelling and usage” gene. You certainly don’t. Arming teachers is a recipe for disaster, nothing more, nothing less. I’m paid to teach, not to be a rent-a-cop.

            • Man on the inside

              We will put that on your tombstone….

            • Stephen

              Blip, as a Teacher you should know only a good student can become a good teacher. You have failed to learn from the past. God forebid anything should ever happen, but you will run to that teacher YOU know which does carry. It should be enough to let killers know your school is armed and not willing to lay down like lambs for slaughter. Be thankful some teachers do not take your passive view and as they may share your thoughts are still willing to protect their students.

              • t-zulu

                amen, and i’m not even religious

            • THETRUTH SPEAKS

              what do think a child’s life is worth. soldier’s were also paid but they paid a heavy price so you could teach. just thinking.

      • two2wisper

        off subject Mac but here is some tyranny. youtube Chief Kessler. So long 1st amendment

      • Omegaman

        It’s a school in Arkansas, not the state itself.

      • j Stuart

        And the mother that thinks only police officers can protect her child is living in fantasy land. Wait to she dials 911 someday and waits 30 minutes.

      • cllo

        I agree with action taken, but I wonder how many teachers would hesitate in shooting a student that they see every day. even if it was justified.

    2. PO'd Patriot

      You don’t just PLAN for this type of event. You TRAIN for this type of event. Two very different approaches. You can’t give teachers a gun and just a little range time. This type of training takes weeks and must be simulated with different scenarios. I don’t think this is the right approach. JM2CW.

      • California Resident

        @ PO’d Patriot

        I agree that you “fight like you train, and train like you fight”, but for now I think they are on the right track.

        You have to start somewhere.

      • YH

        PO’d Patriot,

        It’s a good start though. I wish more schools would adopt this solution. True, tactical response to active shooter scenarios must include ongoing periodic academic and practical firearms training to maintain proficiency.

        • PO'd Patriot

          In my opinion its a no-start. Its going to take more than 53 hours of training. Most of these teachers are women and some of them don’t have the hand strength to pull the trigger with one finger. I was a firearms instructor and a certified firearms instructor trainer for several years and know this for a fact. What will the state do with the teacher if they have tenure(several years on the job) and they can’t pass the firearms course? Fire them? The teacher’s union lawyers will have a field day with the state at the taxpayers expense. To me this is just a knee jerk, half baked, moronic idea. If they want firearms in the schools to protect the children, that’s great and I think they should, but only by those dedicated trained individuals who know when and how to use them. That means an armed security contractor(s) who will periodically train with the teachers in a mock drill on the same schedule like that of a fire drill. The teachers would then know what they have to do as far as securing doors to classrooms and what they could expect from the security personnel.

          • JayJay

            PO’d are you really this damn stupid?
            1)More than likely only those accustomed to AND familiar with firearms applied.
            2)I doubt seriously any one was ‘forced’ to take this training.
            3)tenured teachers not pass the course?? Not even worth the space, cause you just don’t get it
            4)thank you Jesus, his child was NOT in one of my classes because if the child gets dad’s DNA, you can’t fix stupid
            Geeze. I am amazed at the stupidity on this forum lately.
            Did common sense(problem solving and critical thinking) just not get taught the last 20 years??

            • JayJay

              I would apologize, but damn it, I’m so fricking tired of stupid in this country.

              • yental

                JayJay, YOU are so “ON TARGET”…full pun intended. Advertised “armed resistance” will stop the “lone looneys”. As for “Sandy Hook type” false flags, we shall see.

                No, I don’t but the “Sandy Hook BS” story. Way too much “wierdness” and already exposed LIES.

                • JayJay

                  I was at church one morning and a man brought his child in(I didn’t know the family), seated him, and left and he was armed.
                  Not one member or guest in that congregation said a word.
                  But that’s Ky. 😉

              • Canadian Vet

                Maybe have a quota of new hires who already have CCW and pass the training to maintain a desired minimum ratio of armed teachers?

                Make those qualifications a “desirable” point on teachers’ resumes when positions open up? There are so many ways to decrease the cost of training for the taxpayer here, too.

                • Canadian Vet

                  And to add to that, how about pay incentives for these trained, armed teachers?

                  Or, as a further cost-cutting measure, how about seeking to recruit volunteer parents with CCW and only pay for their training?

              • braveheart

                Good evening, JayJay. While I can support the concept, there are some other things that must be considered first. First, how many teachers and/or administrators are willing to go along with the concept? they’ve got to be people who have NOT bought into the anti-gun, anti-selfdefense hysteria. I know not all teachers are brainwashed idiots; there are a lot who recognize what’s really wrong in the schools but are powerless to do anything about it. Every potential candidate for the program needs to be interviewed and screened very thoroughly for this program. You don’t want just any old Tom, Dick, or Harry being armed and responsible for your child’s safety while he or she is in school. Plus, one other good thing can come out of the program. The poor kids who have been brainwashed to believe that fighting back against a bully is wrong, guns are evil, etc.; if a positive image of properly trained teachers can be shown using guns for a positive purpose, i.e. defending the kids against a nutcase/nutcases, maybe we can start undoing the brainwashing the kids have received about guns and self-defense and teach them the truth about those subjects. I’ll gladly support sych a project as long as it’s carried out in the proper manner. TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN; train them until they’re so good they can do it in their sleep. they’ll need a helluva lot more than classroom time and range time, but I think it’s a workable concept as long as you have the right people with the right attitude for it. braveheart

                • Canadian Vet

                  Exactly. You need the right people. And maybe they need to attract and retain the right people too. The district won’t be able to spring for much more than the active shooter basic course and occasional refreshers, but there are other ways to maintain proficiency in cost-effective ways.

                  Say, pay incentives to help offset the cost of range time? Or maybe pay the staff back a portion of money they spend taking other threat response courses, assuming they pass? Or ask local law enforcement firearms instructors if they could volunteer their time, the district paying for their ammo?

                  But in another note, the students have no business knowing which of their teachers are carrying, and if they have to find out then something dreadfully wrong is going on.

              • PO'd Patriot

                JayJay, How many firearms instructor school have YOU been through? I’ve been through three. I can tell you this, arming teachers is a bad idea. They’re responsible for teaching readin’ writin’ and arithmetic, anything else a child should have to know should be taught by the parent. Teachers don’t need to be armed with a gun in school. Where are they going to keep them in the classroom? Up under their petticoat? I know! lets let them lay it on their desk next to their apple. You are such a fucking bimbo! You want to see stupid, go look in the mirror. Some of you fucktards here think this is going work, well it ain’t. Go on and let the pendulum swing back 180 degrees and see what you get.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  JayJay, Ok we arm the teachers, how many are going to pass this training? You never did address the issue I brought up about what do you do with the teacher if they didn’t Will the teachers take the guns home? No? Well then the school needs a armory to keep them secure until they open the next day. We’ll have to supply uniforms to the teachers and retention holsters, SB belts to hang them on. I know! lets go ahead and authorize them to make arrest too. Just because someone tell you they have a plan doesn’t it make it a good plan. Some of you guys on here get all worked up and show just how asinine you really are.

                • Canadian Vet

                  It sounds like the plan is to use teachers who already have CCW for this, so they already have their own guns, know how to carry them safely and how to retain them, and being their own guns they will be going home with the armed staff. The only thing that could cause any issue would be how to keep an identifying garment out of sight in the classroom in case they do have to take care of some maniac.

            • Be informed

              Which one is better if some freaken nut tries to kill a bunch of innocent children in some school?

              A teacher with a little or even no training armed with a firearm that can at least offer a chance of stopping the psycho?


              A bunch of unarmed teachers that get to use their bodies as shields for about one or two seconds to give the kids an opportunity to run before they fall to the ground dead with bullet holes in their bodies.

              A firearm is not only a deterrent to a predator, but just the mere fact that someone is firing back can stop the coward. The mere fact that if the maniac is hit even with a non fatal shot, this can stop or at least slow down the nut. What you are trying to offer here is a chance for the kids and the teachers. Without some weapon, the teachers become sacrifices for no purpose as the children are likely going to be shot anyway. You would like to see an armed guard that is experienced, but the way I look at it is something is better than nothing.

              I can’t stand when the anti-self defense creeps want people, every last person to roll up into a ball like a pill bug and stick their thumbs in their butts, I mean mouths, and hope that the lunatic won’t hurt them. This european style of pacifism is exactly why the Russians and Chinese will roll over europe in one afternoon. This is the reason that violent criminal activity is several times higher in europe than that of the U.S. Give the criminal the advantage and every time they will say thank you to piers (bumface) morgan, ogress feiensteinless, BO, chuck e. cheese schumer, (yes his middle name starts with an E), nosense pelosi, and the rest of the anti-gunners, the very best friends of the criminals. Without them the criminals might go out of business.

              • Piper Michael

                Amen BI,


                How well are the bad guys ‘trained’? Usually, not so much. Doesn’t take much training to open up with a semi automatic on a crowd of kids.

                Having a good guy with a gun, is the only way to stop bad guys with guns. Otherwise, why do we have Police?
                The training issue is a good one, and should be a monthly activity, agreed.

                But, matching a good guy with a little training, that (if they have a CCW, then you are assured they can pull the trigger and hit a target at 5 yds.) is matched up against a thug who is holding his weapon sideways…

                I’ll go with a partially trained person vs, the idiot with a gun, anytime.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  PM, first thanks for being civil. First a good guy with a gun has usually has been around and handled a firearm or had training. Scenario…. In school, classes are changing, hallways are mobbed with kids opening lockers, the shooting starts, teachers pull leather and open fire upon glimpsing the shooter. How many dead kids are they gonna find with teacher’s bullet in them and not the outside shooter. About the only way this would ever work is if the classroom doors were locked, all the kids were inside, and the shooter was known to be in the building and trying to force a classroom door open. That said, what about recess time, and as I said before, during mass student movement at class change?

                • Canadian Vet

                  PO’d, when I took the Canadian Forces Gunfighter Course, we were training to snap-shoot in nasty conditions, but a key point was to take only the shots you can make. I can only assume their active shooter response course taught that too. And the staff who would step up to that plate would most likely have the common sense to wait for a clean shot and not shoot if they’re not comfortable with the shot they have at the time and they would wait for their opening.

                • Piper Michael

                  You’re over thinking the problem, with a touch of fear mixed in.

                  Even though I agree about the training, the first element of any training, at least, any training I ever received, was to IDENTIFY and ISOLATE your target, and, what is BEHIND your target… right?

                  So, if there is any real training involved, by any professionals, then that will be the first thing they teach them… do not just go off half cocked pulling triggers at ‘bad guys’, first take charge of your class, get them all laying down on the ground. (At least, I would.)

                  Then I would tell my best student to lock the door behind me, and go hunting for the source of the sound of the gun. Hopefully, to be joined by other like minded hunters/teachers.

                  Emotions and mental toughness are a major factor in any gun play, at least in my experience. Getting shot at tends to focus your mind, or, send it off the deep end into catatonic inaction. We don’t need those types with a firearm, and I don’t think they would be grabbing their weapon and walking towards the sound of gun fire, do you?

                  But, you are correct and it would behoove the school to have some surprise drills, live action drills, with real guns and blanks, and a LEO as the Shooter. To create the necessary fear and chaos, then have the teachers drill, drill drill. That is the only way to save lives. There are always going to be those who want to place our lives in somebody elses hands, but at the end of the day, WE are responsible for ourselves and our ‘charges’.

                  There are only two ways of handling it. Handle it, or run around in circles crying and shouting “There oughta be a law!” trying to push it off on another, because, we’re afraid.

                  Part of being an adult, is handling it yourself, and part of handling it yourself, is acquiring the knowledge. I think it was Robert Heinlein who said “specialization is for insects”.

              • braveheart

                Good evening, BI, PM, and PO Patriot. All of you make valid points, but I had to carry it further in my reply to JayJay. PROVIDED THAT YOU SCREEN THE PEOPLE FOR THIS PROGRAM THOROUGHLY AND MAKE 1000% CERTAIN THEY WOULD HAVE THE RIGHT MINDSET FOR THE PROGRAM, GIVE THEM THE RIGHT KIND OF TRAINING IN CLASSROOM, ON THE RANGE, AND THEN THE CONSTANT DRILLS, PLUS GOING TO THE RANGE AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH TO KEEP THEIR SKILLS UP TO PAR, THE PROGRAM CAN WORK. As a bonus, maybe the kids can finally be taught the truth about guns and self-defense and start undoing the communist brainwashing they’ve been receiving. As long as this is done 100% right, I think it can be a real winner. braveheart

                • Be informed

                  @ braveheart. What is so upsetting about all of this is how the anti-self defense slimewalkers walk to destroy the 2nd Amendment and the right to defend themselves. These pro anti gun radicals will talk about how they want to make everyone safe, but in reality it is for one purpose and that is to disarm those that would put up a fight to preserve freedom. The anti-gunners know that a disarmed population is a very easily enslaved population. All of this with these anti- 2nd Amendment politicians is about control, they don’t care about any citizen or any child. This is nothing but taking the horns and teeth off everyone so they can herd them into full blind obedience. True rotten evil intentions are in the “minds” of the anti-gunners.

              • tired of ny bs

                I agree b.I.,but didn’t Eric holder say that we have to retreat and not stand our ground?also if I read the article correctly they were running active shooter the teachers will be critiqued on their said parents were worried about a child getting a gun from a teacher,but if their laws are anything like tx’s they won’t even know who is carrying.

                • Jeff

                  There is a second part of the anti-gun/self denfense agenda; conditioning of the masses to be unquestioning sheep to the state. It is the safe fall back position of “I was only following orders” mind set. An example of this stupidity is when you go to buy some alcohol and the store has a policy of 100% ID check. The bimbo will ask to see your ID even though you are well over the age of 21, and you have the wrinkles and grey hair to show it. But that is the policy to card every one, no exceptions. And there is the TSA security check points. We have become a nation of very stupid wimps.

                • Piper Michael

                  I will NOT bow to some gangsta thug. Period.
                  I will not run away, I will stand my ground.
                  I will not give up a legal weapon,
                  so that the gangsta thug may keep his illegal weapon.
                  F* Eric Holder, and his boss.

                  Molon Labe

              • W69


            • Forrest

              PO’d did NOT make a stupid comment; whether you agree with his statement, or not, that is one thing. However, to make a disparaging remark to someone just because you disagree shows your own ignorance. I think he made a very good point. However, as stated, its not a matter of agreeing or not agreeing, its a matter of respect and he has a right to his opinion!(And his writing and logic were actually much better than yours!)

              • Omegaman

                Shut up moron.

          • PenCRNA


            in Arkansas, as in Mississippi where I grew up I would be willing to bet that at least 25% if not more of the women have been shooting since they were kids.

            My 12 year old niece can skin a deer with no help. Last year she was at a friends house. they took a ride with the friends dad out into the pasture. Grace asked if he was gonna take his gun. “why?” he asked. “well, you may see a deer” she said. And so he did. Well what do you know, he killed a deer, but didn’t know WTF to do with it. she helped him load it on the 4-wheeler and get it to the house. she called her dad and asked him to bring his skinning knives over. Ben helped her hang the deer then proceeded to video tape her teaching the man and his daughter how to skin the deer, and get the “sweet meat” out in one piece. My niece kicks a$$.

            PO’d, city slickin southern women may not have a clue, but please, never, ever underestimate a southern woman! :-]

            • YH

              Awesome 🙂

            • Man on the inside

              Sounds like one of my daughters. Amen to your niece… she had good parents and a good uncle.

          • Gonetoolong

            Trigger pull? Are you serious? Sure some handguns are stout, but I think they would have enough sense to get a smith after the trigger or buy a gun that has an easy trigger off the shelf. Hell my second grade daughter could pull the DA trigger on my Sig 239 when it was brand new. She weighed 45 pounds. stupid argument against women’s hand strength.

          • sheptical citizen

            Po,d your full of shit.

            • PO'd Patriot

              Your just smelling your upper lip.

          • JustMe

            You presume they don’t already know how to use a firearm? They are probably using people who already have a CCW permit anyway. It is a far better plan than doing nothing.

            • JustMe

              You also presume none of the teachers are Veterans.

          • Man on the inside

            Jay Jay I get your point but after the 53 hours there will be follow on training. You have to start somewhere and I am glad they have the balls to try this. Just knowing that they are armed will deter bad actors from coming to these schools. And as for a Woman being able to handle a gun… Do Not F%^k with my wife.. all 5’2″ of her. She will show you that women can make excellent tactical shooters.

          • t-zulu

            I agree with pod’pat 500 saves by teacher giving the scenario, and if 1 kid gets itlof and hurt, then that’s what the media will report.

          • j Stuart

            Too complicated. You must have worked for the government.

        • Guesty McGuesterson


          I agree with you that training should be a continual exercise, and I hope that these “guards” take the opportunity to go to the range several times per year, and take a tactical refresher course annually.

          But that being said, this is still a good idea, and a good start. If my children were attending this school, I’d feel much better off knowing there is a (trained) individual (maybe more?) who is prepared to immediately respond to a life-and-death situation. As long as there is full communication between the school staff and the local LE so that the teacher/guard is recognized by responding officers, then the plan is sound.

          In any case, it SURE beats the heck out of the out-of-control anti-2nd Amendment cuckoo hulabaloo going on here in the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia.

      • just me

        PO’d I agree fully! A good plan assuming everybody knows what you know is bound to fail without letting them in on your secrets/training.

        • notjustme

          I noticed a JustMe above and that is not me and I’m sorry. I did not know the name was in use.

          • JustMe

            Your’s is spelled differently, and not capitalized like mine, so no foul, no harm done. All I, or anyone ask, is do not use our username as is, and/or post erroneous posts in our usernames. That has happened before, it upsets everyone. It would be nice if there were some kind of password to our usernames.

            • brown bottle flu

              thanks for the pass! sometimes I don’t get my thoughts across clearly. I can just imagine teachers crying tenure with no need to hit a target. I hope the whole thing is well supervised and doesn’t become a new propaganda message. notjustme anymore!

      • agent provocateur

        Your a dumb ass!

        • SpellingBee

          “You’re” just dumb and show it as you don’t even know how to spell.

      • Canadian Vet

        I just hope they did teach them to let go the gun, drop to their knees with hands on their heads when they encounter the cops though. Cops are jumpy enough as it is, and even more so in an active shooter scenario and it would be a hell of a waste for a teacher intent on protecting his students to get gunned down by the cops because he didn’t drop his gun. Not to mention the old adage: amateurs are dangerous.

        Perhaps a good addition to that program could be issuing vests to qualified staff identifying them as such to reduce so-called friendly fire and perhaps save some lives if they do catch a round.

        • PenCRNA

          cops definitely have to know who in plain clothes are carrying guns in those schools. and the teachers how to react in return. great point.

          • Canadian Vet

            Hence why I mentioned the qualified staff should have a recognizable garment on hand, like body armour of a highly distinctive colour instead of the standard fare of blue, black or dark green as well as marked with “staff” along with something unique and harder to duplicate like the school or district crest. That way it would make it easier for the cops to recognize friendlies without having to rely on memorizing faces or anything else, and giving them that one second’s pause they’d need to identify themselves, confirm they’re dealing with one of the good guys, and therefore minimize blue-on-blue incidents.

            • troll killer

              Hell why not just wear a shirt that says I HAVE A GUN !!! and let every one know

              as far as letting the cops know ahead of time who is carrying and who is not that kind of info would be in the news paper faster then you know.

              we have too many liberal anti gun nuts in schools and in the media and they would love to print those names and addresses

              THE whole idea behind a CCW is too NOT LET others know your carrying

              maybe that is lost on most ( but not all ) Canadians after all Canada and England have spent most of the time since WWII giving up there rights.

              Troll killer

              • Canadian Vet

                What I meant was for something the armed staff to throw on only WHEN an active shooter start doing his thing so they can be idmetified quickly as friendlies when the cops/SWAT respond and come across that armed teacher in the hallway. And you will notice I didn’t say anything about publishing a list; would be impractical for the cops to memorize it anyways, not to,mention a gross breach of privacy, OPSEC and PERSEC.

                Until then, that identifying garment stays out of sight. And guess what, once the active shooter shit hits the school fan, everyone in that school will know which teachers carry a gun anyways. What I was suggesting was for only one purpose: so the good guys don’t shoot each other when adrenaline is pumping by the gallon because they’re all hunting down a maniac or more shooting up their school and cops will be coming in with a “if it got a gun it dies” mindset.

                Just thinking of ways to save the lives of these armed staff members if and when they actually do need to put that training to actual use.

      • Red Leader

        The vast majority of these active shooter incidents are over before the first responders arrive, with the suspect commiting suicide.

        This is not a perfect plan but it is the only viable one. The only way to prevent the murder of kids or limit the number shot, is to have a trained and armed staff member engage the suspect right when it starts.

        In these last days, few schools have the money to hire armed police officers and when nothing happens for a year or two they would be laid off. Normalcy Bias sets in.

        Locking kids in a room is like shooting cats in a refrigerator for the suspect.

        Increasing the level of training throughout the year for the armed staff members by professionals would answer some of your concerns.

        I have attended a lot of active shoother training im my law enforcement career and the sad reality is that by far the shooting is over and done before the “professionals” arrive on scene.

        As DK says, Engage!

        • sixpack

          Since when do we have to be “professional” weapons specialists to protect ourselves and ours? That kind of reasoning is what gives the anti-gunners hope for a gun-free america.

          Common sense, restraint and a little practice goes a long ways.

          • Smokey

            Remember Zimmermann? Part of the leftist rant was that he had no police training, nor the law.

            So we need granny to train for SWAT Team, and pass the bar, before she defends herself?

            The power to compel training is the power to eliminate the right of self defense. Think you’ll carry a pistol if it costs you $495 for a course, on top of taking a week off work without pay, or use half your two-week vacation time, every two years?

            • durango kidd

              Very good point Smokey. One we all need to remember. The lefties will try to “infringe” upon our rights anyway they can.

      • SilverSax

        I’m torn by your response, Patriot. On one hand, I fully agree with you, because one could argue that teachers don’t have the mindset to make brutal, tactical decisions.
        On the other hand, it doesn’t take much training to step up behind a shooter, put a gun to his head and pull the trigger.
        If the only choices are armed teachers with a little training, or disarmed teachers, I think I’d opt for the former.

    3. Prepper

      PO’d Patriot – I have some good news for you. The teachers DID train for different scenarios. Finally… a rational approach to a difficult and growing problem. Signs that proclaim “This Is a Gun Free Zone” do absolutely nothing to keep out the bad guys. I hope it catches on.

    4. Spook89

      The very reason nut jobs target schools, is that they know everyone is disarmed. Now that the word will get out that those teachers and staff are armed, the shooter will pick a softer target. “Staff members will receive 53 hours of training that is geared towards responding to school shooter scenarios from Nighthawk Custom Training Academy, a private training facility in northwest Arkansas. “That teacher is going to respond to one thing and one thing alone, and that’s someone is in the building either actively or attempting to kill people,” explained Jon Hodoway, director of training for Nighthawk.”

    5. JayJay

      Follow Israel’s lead:

      add http:// and www. to avoid moderation 🙂

      • sd mule


        Follow Israel’s lead?? I thought you were tired of stupidity in this country. I wouldn’t follow those rat bastard Israelis to take a dump!! You know what I”m tired of?? Ignorant, programmed, knuckleheads who can’t think for themselves.

        • SilverSax

          @ Mule – You know who won’t survive the coming apocalypse? People with ignorant, prejudiced attitudes like yours. In what will be an horrific situation, you will already have one strike against you because of your blind, ignorant, regressive mindset.
          Too bad.

          • sd mule

            Well SilverSax,
            You are welcome to your opinion, time will tell who survives and who does not. I’ll take my chances based on my ability and intellect. If you choose to follow the Jewish victim programming, that’s your choice.

    6. SJ

      I think it beats “Gun Free Zones”. In most cases the perp kills themselves as soon as they are confronted with force. In this case only 20 out of 360 district employees have agreed to CC, taken the training and agreed to take periodic training refreshers.

      Lot’s of teachers are closet recreational shooters, you would be surprised. This program may not fit the big city schools but I think it makes sense in more urban and certainly in more rural settings. Don’t MAKE a teacher carry, but ALLOW those with the inclination, character and training to concealed carry. Common sense.

    7. mikeincanada

      It may not be a perfect plan but it is a good start in the right direction as far as I am concerned. Even if it just makes a gunman think twice before entering a school where teachers are packing. Or I guess you can wait for the police after the damage is done because people are stupid enough to post this is a gun free zone. mmmmmmm got to make some kind of a stand and choice. People can criticize all they want but apparently what is in place is not working.

      God bless and ya’ll have a good day

    8. Forrest

      When a country has become lawless, as the US (some above the law, some are still held accountable, depending on amount of money in your checking account), THE PEOPLE have no choice except to make their own laws! And that means going back to the good old days, when most people had guns and knew how to use them!

      My grandfather pulled out a gun and shot his best friend in the foot for insulting his (grandpa’s) sweetheart. This was not considered that unusual. In the old days, that’s just how it was…

      • troll killer

        one part of the story that was left out was the leftest commie rats at the NEA wanted to hire school resource officers and paid security officers.

        first off what the hell is a school resource officer and what do they do ? and why in the hell would you want even MORE paid adults wandering around in the schools.don’t they worry about one of these alleged resource officers being a child molester ?? aren’t the schools strapped for money now ? or is all the talk on the news about budget cuts just bull shit and the school districts just a wash with money?

        most of us know you cant trust lame stream media and the propaganda camps are just as bad at lying. but where i live there already running news stories about the poor poor teachers and how there spending $200.00 to $300.00 per school year for supplies. well sorry but NO YOU DON’T have to spend that money!! these brain washed teachers all want to feel good when they go home so they spend there hard earned money for crap that the little bastards parents are too cheap to buy. IF YOU want to have your children educated then BUY them what they need and stop smoking crack and squirting out baby after baby.

        IT IS NOT!!! the teachers fault your illegitimate children don’t have the necessary supplies for the school year. but these guilt ridden teachers are so afraid they might hurt little Jose’s feelings that they will do with out.

        and now the school districts and unions want to hire resource officers ? what the hell ??

        Parents do you want your children’s schools to improve ??
        then take back your children’s schools and KICK OUT THE UNIONS. then do like California has. in one small town
        and FIRE ALL the staff ( don’t remember what town did it but it worked ) they fired teachers and staff including the janitorial and put in all non union teachers.

        KICK OUT ALL THE Leftest teachers and the Known liberal staff.

        and if that doesn’t work then get off your ass and Home school your own children. Teach your own children what you !! want them to learn and then you have less to worry about and most important NO CRAZED GUNMEN wandering around your children.

        troll killer

        • JayJay

          troll killer–you went and drunk some of my peach tea didn’t you?? 🙂

          • troll killer

            Nope just my single malt 15 years in the wood

        • braveheart

          Good evening, troll killer, and AMEN to all of your comments. We have the same situation in Memphis City Schools all the time, plus on July 1, they were officially consolidated with Shelby County Schools here. It will be interesting to see how that turns out, not to mention the recently announced budget cuts for Memphis Police and Fire Depts. Going to have some “interesting times” in my neck of the woods. braveheart

          • troll killer

            i feel for ya brave heart in las vegas its a lot of bull shit in the school system there solution is to just run and hide and screw the kids that cant get too safety fast enough

            our school system is full of illegals and there piss poor parents that WONT learn to read or write. were a city of about 1.5 million ( give or take )and over half is fresh from the border illegal. the city is drowning in debt and were closing fire stations and police sub stations fast but you can bet the County Council wont take a pay cut. and they wont close the libraries and Rec centers that costs Millions to keep open. Cops here are stretched thin it takes 20 mins for a response and they WONT respond for some calls such as Breaking and entering Car theft Minor accidents unless theirs an injury. BUT they WILL sit and run speed traps at the top of a hill or around a corner.

            All these illegals do is fight on Fri and Sat night and then end up in the ER rooms where they clog up those so really sick people cant get the medical service they need.

            and now on the TV the news is full of “Its back to school time so teachers are needing your help with Schools supplies so just drop off what you can at the local grocery store and Staples or Office Max etc. which i might ad is a nice little scam for these stores they know most people don’t keep extras at home so they run to these stores and buy the stuff. they jack the prices up just for these So Called Sales and donation Boxes

            our schools are basically run by Unions the head of the school system Just quit (about 3 months ago ) claiming he had family to tend too
            More likely he was getting kickbacks like the one before him and he figured get out before it hits the news service.

            i tell my friends who have kids and have them attend the local schools that they need to get active and take back the schools from the unions and if they cant just Home school them most of there wives don’t work now.
            Schools now are nothing but propaganda camps teaching gay behavior and liberalism

            there is a private school here called Maryhill school and there proud about how there students are ” Good stewards and Citizens of the world and how they teach Friendship and Inclusion” and not just letters and shapes and numbers. i am sure its important but if i had a child there i would want them to learn how too read and write first then decide if they wanted the rest.

            Brave heart are ye a Scotsman ??

            Troll killer

          • Man on the inside

            braveheart… this is why I left Memphis 5 years ago. Stay safe and get out if you can.

    9. Anonymous

      Those who want to block this,ask them after their kid gets killed….
      Would you rather have had a trained teacher possibly stop the shooting,or should they have waited the ten to twenty minutes for the police to show up?

      • sd mule

        That is simply an asinine post!!!

        • Canadian Vet

          I’ll agree the first part of Anonymous’ post is asinine. However, he does have a point. When life expectancies are measured in seconds, the police is only minutes away and the current lockdown procedures only turn the classrooms into barrels and the students into fish for an active shooter.

          A good guy with a gun already on the premises would be a lot more effective than waiting for cops who might be a town or two over because the school is in a rural area.

          • sixpack

            This might be kind of callous to say, but I’d rather have an active shooter engaged by an armed, even untrained teacher, than have him allowed more time to corner my unarmed child in the minutes it takes for police to arrive.

            Even if the best we can get is stalling for time, IMO it is worth it.

            • Canadian Vet

              Hey, I’m with you here. And isn’t there a minimum proficiency that one must achieve or maintain in order to have CCW? I personally wouldn’t know because legal CCW is a pipe dream for us Canadian gun owners.

              And besides, active shooters typically pick their targets because of the lack of effective resistance. Any resistance, even by a teacher who just got his CCW and barely passed the course and/or proficiency test, could be enough to startle the shooter, or make him blow his own brains out as is common whenever active shooters realize things aren’t going according to their plan.

              Resistance, as you said, even if it only a play for time while someone who will take the shooter out gets there, is better than letting him walk around and opening up at will. Or maybe even give him something to shoot at he can be tunnel-visioned on while someone else blindsides his ass.

            • Kevin2


              That is just a one on one. Several firing or capable of firing is defense in depth. Lets face it anyone armed and shooting back is well preferred to no one armed and shooting back. In an ideal world I would want Seal Team Six but I’ll take Mr Smith and Mrs Jones in the absence of the alternative.

              • Ga Doc

                Agree that anyone armed and willing to fight back is better than sitting there hoping the police will arrive in time. Having armed “resource officers” on campus may sound better than having the principal packing heat but you have to remember: The money for these officers has to come from somewhere. What kind of person trains to be a “resource officer”, a wannabe cop that couldn’t make the cut? A resource officer would be an identifiable target that the shooter would likely make his first victim, then you’re back waiting for a police response. And of course, keep in mind the video of the two NYPD officers blasting away at a guy on the streets with bullets flying down the crowded sidewalk…trained professionals?
                Would there have been a different outcome in the Sandy Hook school shooting if the principal and assistant principal that ran,unarmed, to the classroom when they heard the gunfire start were carrying?

              • sixpack

                Absolutely, K2.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you can vet, that was what I was trying to say…
            I chose the wrong way!

    10. Satori

      quote of the day

      “”The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”

      Ernest Hemingway, The Next War

      The Financial System Doesn’t Just Enable Theft, It Is Theft

    11. smokey

      Weeks of training? Different scenarios?

      OK, a shooter enters a classroom, alone or not. Crazed civilian, or a raging student, ex-husband, or Arab terrorist.

      What is the different action the armed teacher should take besides shooting at him or her?

      Even if the shooter has a child in front of him, what changes?

      • Ray Scheel

        If they have a child in front, aim a bit higher than center of the chest to be sure of missing the kid, otherwise, the solution is still going to be to neutralize the active shooter as quickly as possible, listen long enough to verify there are not more shooters in the building, then put your firearm away so it would not be in hand when responding LEOs arrived.

    12. CWinOR

      I think the point is, whereas they had NO plan before, as Superintendent David Hopkins pointed out- now they HAVE a plan. But it is of course just a start. Now they need to TRAIN. It takes over 1000 repetitions to develop muscle memory- let’s hope they train appropriately. I would fully support my daughters’ school doing this and alot of other parents there have expressed that as well. As long as it’s implemented properly- I hope they do it. In our area, patrolled only by the County Sheriff’s, response time could be well over 30 minutes, depending on which part of the county they were dispatched from.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Barack Obama has a plan too. Just because he says he has a plan don’t make it a good one.

    13. ed

      They should advertise the hell out of this. Shooters don’t normally go somewhere where they could be shot. An ounce of prevention goes a long way.

      • OutWest

        Ed— I agree with that

        I would like to see one well trained private
        security guard on every school payroll the same
        as a teacher, janitor, or school bus mechanic.
        When classes start, all entrances but one would
        be locked from the outside (not inside), and the
        officer would be posted at that door to monitor
        further entry. Simple.

        • Canadian Vet

          How about a “paid duty” cop? Don’t know how it works on your side of the border, but up here in Canada it is possible to “hire” cops on their days off for various functions. They will be uniformed, have access to uniform and cruiser and will be paid at least their regular wages to act, well, as an on-duty cop. Except that will all be paid for by whoever is “hiring” them and not cost their regular jurisdiction a dime.

          • sixpack

            No matter how you break it down, we need to move away from the mindset of putting our lives ONLY in the hands of law enforcement. We need to avoid the idea that ONLY cops should have guns and ONLY highly trained officers can protect us from bad guys.

            This is the thinking that the globalists want their sheeple to use…TOTAL DEPENDENCY ON AUTHORITY.

            You don’t need “muscle reflex” to stop an attacker, all you need is some personal resolve and enough guts to get the job done. There have been several articles of CHILDREN stopping attackers with guns…I’ll bet not one of them had trained their “muscle reflexes”.

            I can’t walk, but I don’t need to, to hit my target.

            I was 12 and home alone when a wild dog got into the hen house. I didn’t have ANY training when I dropped that dog with a .410.

            My point is, we need to stop selling competent people short. We don’t need to be LE or military or SWAT trained to stop an attack.

            SELF DEFENSE is for EVERYONE.

            • Terrco

              Police enforce laws and investigate crimes. If they are called to respond this means the crime is either taking place or has already taken place (past tense). A shooter can take out an entire class room in less than 1 minute. So the argument of police protection is absolutely invalid, self defense is the one and only solution.

        • OutWest

          And furthermore, since the government has a forced
          policy of mandatory school education, then I also
          believe the onus is on them to provide adequate
          protection for them as well at their expense.

    14. JayJay

      XXXX“We just think educators should be in the business of educating students, not carrying a weapon,” Morey said.XXXX

      Oh, hell nah, she didn’t just say that!!!
      As a former public school educator, DO NOT let me near that b**ch!!!
      Does that b**ch know how many duties I performed most days ‘JUST educating students’????
      Oh, heck, let me cool off here with more peach tea…;-)

    15. Faith of the fallen

      I say go for it. I would rather see the good guys with guns instead of cowering like cattle waiting for slaughter. That said, I hope they train and train and train some more. It took me years of 3 gun shooting and IDPA shooting to say I would feel comfortable returning fire in a school full of kids. Hope for the best, train for the worst.

    16. Anonymous

      I’ll bet the teachers were all repubs.

      • agent provocateur

        So what if they are? The 2nd Amendment applies to them ” DEMS or RE-PUBS as well ! What a moron!

      • yental

        I’ll bet YOUR ABILITY for CRITICAL THOUGHT, is ALL DEMOCRAP pre fed talking points-less.

        • Anonymous

          just wanted to see who the dims or innocent repubs were here.

          • yental

            Neither “side” is innocent or displaying anything resembling “admirable qualities”.

            However, UNcommon sense is still capable of “negating” both sides of the same coin. WE THE PEOPLE need to have our voices/opinions/threats heard in every corner of this fascist/communist/dictatorship. The sooner the intended values of the Republic are restored…the sooner “Gooberment” will FEAR THE PEOPLE, as intended from the initial draft/intent of OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights.

            TREASON still carries the Death Penalty. The most concentrated mass of TREASON exist within the current executive, legislative, and judicial branch of this farcical government.

            FEAR MUST once again be appropriately placed WHERE IT BELONGS and provides the useful “boundry/limit” of/to Federal Government Action as intended.


    17. Mal Reynolds

      I taught history for several years in a school in VA. The history department had a retired Navy Commander, a retired Army Colonel, a retired NY City Cop, two avid hunters, and myself. We were all familiar with pistols and rifles. But we weren’t allowed to carry. Oh, and my school had quite the gang presence, especially MS-13. It’s just plain stupid not to allow teachers to carry. Schools are targets precisely because the @ssholes know there are no weapons present.

      How many parents of dead students from Columbine or Newtown wished a few teachers had been armed the day the shooters showed up at their kid’s school?


      PS On another note, anyone else hear about the massive solar flare that just missed the Earth?

      As Maxwell Smart would’ve said, “it missed us by that much.”

      • Be informed

        @ Mal Reynolds. I read that about the solar flare, and every single near miss of a solar flare or a hit has resulted in a brilliant display of aurora lights. It has been months since the aurora kp index has been even close to 8 or 9. When you get to 9 you start to see fantastic lights even in Colorado. The further east you go the lower south the lights can be seen. I think the highest the kp index has been this month is 6. I think this story is not real. Since JustOneGuy left for the safety of the north I watch space weather everyday and there was no mention of this from any sizeable flare, as they would be going crazy with this trying to get people to come to their website with all the excitement that astronmers get with something like this. I sure wish JustOneGuy, the super expert on space, was around to talk about this, that would be interesting.

        • tired of ny bs

          B.I. could you refresh my memory there is a site where you can see images of the Sun,but I lost the address if you have it please post it so I can check out the site again

          • Be informed

            @ tired of ny bs. Here is a couple links to look at the Sun.



            What I just can’t stand about this “government” and especially the european states is that they want to make people as helpless as possible. They call it a nanny state, I call it a police state. When freedom is waning, so is the safety of everyone’s lives. The very first course of actions that a dictorship does is to take away everyone’s protection, namely their guns. When I see some terrorist gun down a bunch of helpless people, I always say to myself at least if someone had a firearm the number of people could have been reduced or the whole situation could have been avoided.

            These predators are such cowards that when someone shoots back, most of the time they run away. Before the police they get there they usually shoot themselves instead of taking on the police and going down. There are exceptions and this is when a teacher or other untrained person is going to have a problem, but still there is that chance of stopping the maniac. That eric holder anti-gunner and others don’t even want the innocents to even have a chance to live. Just like in police state george orwell england, those bastards over there don’t even want someone to have a chance to stop a vicous dog with pepper spray.

            True evil disarms a person and makes them helpless. Like pulling all the teeth and claws, and chopping the tail off a lizard and then watching the lizard get ripped apart by a predator, giving the predator all the advantages. This is what upsets me so much is how these monsters what to take away people’s self defenses and make them as helpless as possible for the criminal predator to have easy pickings. These anti-gunners have such warped sick minds they won’t take away someone’s gun to shoot a rabid animal that is going to maul a child and infect others with rabies. Anti-gunners, on the false premise of wanting to protect people, are the pinnacle of truly hidden dark evil.

        • Norse Prepper

          I agree BI. About JOG and how is it we who monitor solar activity didn’t hear about this until it showed up on Drudge?

          There is currently a coronal hole that is emitting and should light up the northern sky on August 3rd by the way.

          Keep your ears to the ground people. I’ve had a weird feeling lately.

          God Bless,

      • Red Leader

        This article is very confusing. It mixes up Solar Flare and CME. It takes about 8 minutes for the effect of a Solar Flare to travel to the earth from the sun. A CME takes 20 to 40 hours and consists of charged particles not radiation like a Solar Flare. The CME is the one that could really hurt us.

        The big question is will the Government gives us the 20 to 40 hours of warning or not say anything to avoid panic?

    18. BlackDog

      So you want the Police designated as School Resource Officers? Are you going to provide them with a uniform with a TARGET on it, because the whole purpose of concealed carry is so that the bad guys DON’T KNOW YOU’RE CARRYING. How hard would it be for a shooter to target the good guys first, since WE ALREADY KNOW WHO THEY ARE?!

      You go, Clarksville. Your idea is THE RIGHT idea. Just change the Rules of Engagement a bit — KILL THE SHOOTER, don’t try to arrest them.

      • Canadian Vet

        I don’t know how things work in the US, but up here, the police protocol for active shooter intervention is for the first officer(s) on scene to go in and actively seek out to engage the shooter without waiting for backup or SWAT and the goal is to end the threat as quickly as possible, and typically active shooters wind up dead instead of arrested, either through suicide (either by self or by cop) or from return fire.

        Arresting an active shooter instead of killing him is pretty much considers icing on the “saving as many innocent lives as possible” cake.

        • Smokey

          CV, it’s the same here in the US. It took Columbine to teach the cops to engage immediately, solely or in pairs.

          Our training at work for active shooter events is now to resist and fight back with any means, to delay and hinder the rampage and keep them away from the others.

          Would be nice if CCW holders could carry anywhere, sucks to have to think about your piece being locked up in the car while you’re in the office upstairs.

        • Paranoid

          Sorry but Icing on the cake is a dead shooter that’s no longer going to do any damage or cost the taxpayer a Million dollars to try and put in jail

          • Canadian Vet

            I only referred to it as icing on the cake because of the sheer rarity of active shooters being taken alive. Think of it as bagging a 20-point buck on the last day of the season as you’re about to climb down from your blind when you are tired, cold wet and miserable and haven’t seen a single deer the whole time you’ve been up there.

    19. yourmotherwaswrong

      Great… That’s just what we need… more government employees (teachers) with guns.

      Why stop there?

      Why not give them SWAT training and an NSA authorization too.

      Shit… make a Federal (Stasi) Agent out of every single one of them.

      You’ll just love it!

      • Canadian Vet

        So you’d rather your kids be like fish in a barrel for an active shooter, being considerate enough to be low to the ground under their desks so the maniac’s shots will be less likely to damage a window?

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          My kids don’t get shot at, at home.

          It’s only in government schools kids are “like fish in a barrel.”

          Ever notice that? Or is that above your pay grade??

          • Canadian Vet

            Not all of us have the option to homeschool or send our kids to expensive private schools with top-notch private security. Not that school security would ever be allowed to be armed in Canada.

            Either way, these educational options ARE above my pay grade. But make no mistake: being strapped for cash doesn’t mean I’m stupid either. Clarify your position before you start insulting people.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

              It’s about priorities.

              If subjecting your children to government schools is NOT an option, you will find a way to make it so.

      • BlackDog

        And your solution to this problem is?

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          BlackDog says:

          “And your solution to this problem is?”

          It’s called HOMESCHOOLING!

          Ever heard of it?

          Sending your children to government schools borders on child abuse as far as I’m concerned.

    20. Roadrunner

      The ONLY effective response to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I would hope that good guy was proficient with his gun, but I fail to agree that lack of proficiency means he no longer has the right to self defense. If your child was threatened by a mass shooter, would you be glad the teacher was unarmed because they hadn’t “qualified” or would you be glad the teacher WAS armed regardless of their ability? It’s a no brainer for me.

      • braveheart

        Roadrunner, AMEN to your comments. you still have the natural, God-given right to self-defense even if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn. braveheart

    21. mkwtwg

      Proud to be from Arkansas! Hoping more of the school districts here follow Clarksville’s lead.

    22. buzzfix

      Realistically teachers need pepper spray and body armor. I respect and admire the Arkansas school boards willingness to make safety changes but guns are too dangerous. A kid or kids will rush the teacher and or overpower the teacher disarming the teacher. Schools need a armed police officer or security guard in them. A designated professional to counter violent situations. The best school safety strategy is having education, training and, professional protection personnel. Teachers need to worry about kids knowing how to read not whether the kid will get a hold of the teachers gun and use it.

      • Canadian Vet

        I thought the whole point of CCW was that no one would know if you were packing? While I agree that in some places, a teacher armed with a deadly weapon isn’t the best idea it isn’t the case across the board.

        Say, a teacher with a gun in an inner city Detroit school is a bad idea, but in West Nowhere, Nebraska, where the nearest sheriff station would be in East Nowhere 60 miles away? It’s more of a case by case issue than a blanket one.

        • Rick:)

          Western Nebraska. Police responding to a call from 60 miles away. Driving 60-65 mile per hour. Response time, about 58 minutes.

          Detroit. Average police response time…58 minutes!

          Well of course this has been all over the news lately, what with Detroit attempting to file bankruptcy.

          Just couldn’t resist pointing this out. C Vet’s comment tee’d it up too well!

        • Paranoid

          The only reason a teacher with a gun in a Detroit school is a bad idea is the possibility the gangs could shoot each other, and he might stop that.. The scum is in charge of that city. The teacher needs a gun for himself. I don’t even drive Michigan Ave without one close.

          • Canadian Vet

            I guess my Detroit analogy wasn’t the best. I was thinking of the whole “gun in a jail” thing, not the teacher stopping scumbags from performing a public service by eliminating each other.

            If anything, teachers in those schools should be behind bulletproof glass, or even better, delivering their classes via telepresence instead of risking their lives for the savages in their classrooms.

      • troll killer


        and just who the hell is going to pay for a bunch of armed security officers? YOU ?? what liberal program would you like to cut ?? how about welfare ? EBT cards ? school lunches for the wetbacks ? how about music programs for Mexicans in the south west to teach them about mariachi music. so they can play there GOD awful Tejano music from there cars.

        or your other idea have Armed cops on duty well i bet the liberals would just love that ” hey my little Johnnie is being watched by some jack booted thug cop for 8 or more hours” “its an invasion of his rights !!!”
        don’t we have enough problems with Law enforcement watching us do we now have to have cops in the schools making lists and checking them twice for possible Raids after hours ?( hmm little Jose smells like Pot must remind others to check his house and bust poor dad)

        and where will these magic cops come from ?? most cities are cutting cops jobs to save money and keep under budget. Las vegas laid off something like 200 officers and North Las Vegas Fired its entire Jail staff 150 plus employees gone never too return.

        and from what i have seen being in situations where Private security is being used ( construction jobs ) Most of the contract type private security are nothing but old retired wanna be cops and idiots that should never be trusted with a flashlight let alone a gun.we had one guy die of a freaking heart attack one night and was found the next morning.

        and most county and or state run schools would go with private contractors who would be the lowest bidder.
        so god only knows what or whom they would hire to save money. and would they even be able to speak English ?

        Clark county NV has a school security/ police force and there nothing but wash outs from the Clark county metro police force and people that could not pass Metros tests. BUT THERE given a badge a Gun a shotgun and patrol Car and the right to arrest and ticket any one with in a 3 block area of the schools ( three blocks wide each side of the school ) and on weekends they have parties and invite underage kids to drink with so they can have Gay sex.

        they pull people over and write tickets and even haul off cars for impound

        Just F*&%ing crazy

        so hey Buzzfix when you come up with a way to pay then let us know. i bet most here would love to hear your plan

      • JayJay

        Wow, buzzfix, you just took the ‘don’t take a knife to a gunfight’ to an all new level.

        Pepper spray against an AK-15.

        See folks?? This type of thinking is what we’re dealing with.

        • JayJay


          • buzzfix


            I think most teachers could use M16’s and frag grenades. Those would come in handy on a daily bases. Where do you draw the line? I’m in Cleveland, Ohio I’m sure my perspective of the world is quite different than yours but, again I’m trying to be sensible here. If school staff can safely carry pistols and prevent take aways I’m all for it but again I’m in Cleveland.

            • troll killer


              what are Teachers from cleveland idiots ?

              the whole idea behind a program like this is YOU just don’t tell any one who has a gun and who doesn’t

              i would hope at least a few teachers have good common sense but i know better as that’s one thing that’s gone in America

      • braveheart

        Buzzfix, a teacher with a can of pepper spray can be shot and killed by a nutcase before she or he could get close enough to spray the bastard. pepper spray does have a very limited range. If the local school district has the money in their budget to hire a trained professional, then OK, go for it. Otherwise, a plan like Clarksville’s should be allowed to proceed as long as it’s done right. Clarksville’s situation seems to me to be a question of economics as well as school safety. braveheart

      • sd mule

        I think your solution is BY FAR the best solution.

      • Red Leader

        How does it work out well when a teacher brings pepper spray to a gun fight?

        • troll killer

          Red Leader

          i guess the poor teacher gets shot and the school district does not have to pay retirement.

          and i couldn’t agree more with slingshot below
          STOP giving these sick freaks air time first off it might slow down a few that just want there name in the news and second it will stop the Liberal Lame stream media and there anti gun rants.

          it would make it difficult for the WH and any DEM that needs yet another tragedy to get reelected.

    23. slingshot

      The first thing I would do is bar the news media from releasing the gory details and movements of past killers.
      Second if the killer was apprehended I would never sympathize with his past or upbringing. He is a killer and a coward and must be made to out to be one. I do not care if he was an Honor Role student or a dead beat in class. How much info is past to those thinking of the same atrocity and all they need is a figure head to look up to. Why is the massive firepower broadcasted across this nation in fine detail as to which type of weapons, high capacity magazines, types of rounds and how they carried them into the building. Then the FEAR and the over and over showing of children or people running from a Mad Man. It all empowers the Next One in the wings. All for News Ratings!

      There will be another and the News Media will dredge up Columbine, Sandy Hook and the shooting of the Senator.

    24. Sowhatstheplan?

      Instead of arming teachers we need to stop making education mandatory. Enter the public brainwash facility at your own risk, just don’t lock me up for not sending my kid. Let me and my family be free!!! I can teach my own kids Damnit!

    25. Sowhatstheplan?

      And fuck homeschooling too! I don’t want to have to earn the states approval by educating my kid by their standards.

      • Swinging on a star


        Depends on what State you live in, look up homeschool law in New Hampshire, you do not answer to anyone, you teach what you feel in important. Our curriculum is Christian based with an emphasis on history, the real history of this country and the world.

        • Swinging on a star

          Sorry, didn’t proof read, meant to say (you teach what you feel is important.)

          • Swinging on a star

            Road Runner,

            Thanks for the link, shocking!!!

      • Road Runner

        In this entire article and all the post…not one sumbitch stated why we have this bullshit in this country…the fucking lying gobmt.

    26. 3Fitzgeralds

      Isn’t 53 hours a lot better than no training at all? Not every teacher will be armed. Kudos to those that have chosen to be! If I had a choice whether my child was to go a “more secured” vs. “not secured” school, you better believe he’s going where he is safest! I don’t have any formal gun training but I know which end is which and if anyone comes in my house I will find the strength to pull a trigger to protect my family. You would think the morons that plan these hideous crimes wouldn’t choose a school with armed guards or teachers, but most don’t survive so the idea is probably not a complete deterrent.

    27. Forrest

      I’ve often wondered why schools don’t have security guards stationed at the entrances of schools and perhaps metal detectors on the floor as you walk in? With all the violence now days, its really weird that schools are left so unguarded! Heck of a lot better than abolishing the second amendment!

      Its not like in the old days when you could go to sleep with your door unlocked. These are very dangerous times! Anyhow, our children are our most precious assets and for schools to be so careless is ridiculous to me.

      • Rick:)

        Magic Money Tree is starting to wilt, that’s why.

      • Smokey

        They do. Visit any large urban junior or high school.

        Grade schools were thought to be immune from this kind of senseless violence.

      • Paranoid

        Absolutely, lets also take out the windows, make them wear uniforms, bar the doors and windows, close the grounds, put up fences, have year around schools, and all the rest. That way when they go directly from school to prison the won’t even notice any difference. Yup, punish the kids and treat them like criminals because the adults are too stupid and cowardly to do their jobs. That’s the ticket.

    28. Iowa

      My name is Justin Paul. Those who are willing, please pray for direction in my life. Thank you.

      • Swinging on a star


        Prayers coming you way from my Family to you, God bless you and keep you safe. My 2 cents worth, if you look within your heart and you are honest with yourself then you will know the direction that you were meant to go. It may not be easy but if you believe in God as your savior then you will be saved. Look to the Lord for the path that he intended for you to travel. Put your troubles and your fears in his hands and he will most assuredly guide you and hold your hand in his so that you may never have to walk the uncertain path alone.

        Trust and believe in the Lord and then trust and believe in yourself, you know what is right and what is wrong, now go do the right thing. Remember, God loves you because you are one of his children.

      • The Lone Ranger

        Hi Justin,

        Thank you for your post. I have just a few suggestions for you to consider.

        One, seek out a spiritual director or a minister you can trust, or, seek out, if need be, low-cost/no-cost counseling at your nearest community mental health center.

        Two, if you seek career direction, check out

        – The Lone Ranger

      • JustMe

        You are not alone.

      • W69


        Like JustMe said above, you’re definately not alone. Here’s one of my favorites-

        Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

    29. Free-n-Happy.

      A 9mm in every teachers desk!!!!! Now thats more like it!! Come-on the rest of the 48, join in!!

      • Paranoid

        BS a gun in the desk is like a rubber in the drugstore not useful. Hip, shoulder, or hand.

    30. slingshot

      Armor plated Segway’s and run the SOB over.

    31. ScoutMotto

      Sherry Wommack isn’t thinking. Has she heard what police are doing with life and death situations lately? Everything wrong! At least training the teachers sends a message to any potential ne’r-do-wells not to cross paths with this school’s staff.

    32. Watchman

      @BI: The new moon awaits!

      Keep the FAITH

    33. anna

      Good job, Clarksville! I just wish that every other school around here would follow your lead. Most people who are not familiar with this area would probably be surprised at how many men and women (teachers or not) in Arkansas are quite familiar with how to safely carry and properly use any number of firearms.

      No more hiding under a desk. It is past time to do whatever it takes to protect our children from the crazies in this world.

    34. Watchman

      The key word “SURVIVAL” is an acronym to be used as an “immediate action
      drill” to be performed at the outset of a wilderness survival situation. Use
      this simple phrase to plan measures that will assist you in surviving in the
      wilderness and returning to civilization. The Key Word “SURVIVAL” will
      provide you with two of the most important survival skills–the ability to
      organize yourself and the ability to stay calm.

      A. “S” stands for “Size up the situation.”

      (1) Consider your physical condition and perform any first aid required.

      (2) Concentrate your senses on getting a feel for the area.

      (3) Conduct an inventory of the equipment you have.

      (4) Begin planning.

      B. “U” stands for “Undue haste makes waste.”

      (1) Reacting without thinking or planning can result in faulty decisions and
      could result in your death.

      (2) Acting in haste, just for the sake of action, will make you careless.
      The natural tendency in a stressful situation is to run. You must overcome
      this tendency and think of your objectives.

      (3) If you act in haste, you may lose or forget equipment, you may not make a
      survival plan, and you may become disoriented and not know your location. As
      a cultural group. Americans have little patience. Know this weakness if it is
      your own particular Achilles’ heel.

      C. “R” stands for “Remember where you are.”

      (1) Always knowing where you are on the map and how it relates to the
      surrounding terrain is a principle no outdoorsman should violate.

      (2) If in a group, always know the location of the maps and compasses.

      (3) Guard against the natural tendency of allowing someone else to be
      responsible for navigation. Always be aware of your route, regardless of the
      mode of travel.

      (4) Whether you are in a base camp or on the move, you should always know the
      following things:

      (a) Direction or location of the nearest populated area.
      (b) Direction or location to the nearest major transportation artery
      (river, highway, railroad track, etc.)

      (c) Location of local water sources.

      D. “V” stands for “Vanquish fear and panic.”

      (1) Fear and panic are two of the greatest enemies in a survival situation.
      These are not unusual emotions. The secret is to recognize them and control

      (2) Fear, panic, and anxiety take their toll on the body. They divert needed

      (3) Many people have never been alone and without diversion. This could
      subject them to anxiety.

      (4) The best way to control fear in a survival situation is preparation,
      prior planning, and training.

      E. “I” stands for “Improvise.”

      (1) Make the wrong tool and do the right job.

      (2) Make an object do more than one job.

      F. “V” stands for “Value living.”

      (1) A man’s will to survive, to endure, to live, is the key to survival.
      Maintaining a positive mental outlook and a desire to live will allow an
      individual to overcome tremendous odds.

      G. “A” stands for “Act like the natives.”

      (1) Many situations we would consider to be “survival situations” are dealt
      with on a daily basis by primitive peoples all over the world. To them, these
      situations are a way of life and hold no specific danger. Read about these
      people and our own ancestors. They survived in a world without electricity,
      stores, or fast food; you can too.

      H. “L” stands for “Learn basic skills.”

      (1) Learn to put together a survival kit that will meet your specific needs
      and probable survival situations. Learn to use your survival kit.

      (2) Learn to make fire in different environments with different materials.

      (3) Learn to build shelter from natural materials.

      (4) Learn to find and purify water.

      (5) Learn first aid and the treatment of most common survival dangers such as
      insect stings, snake bites, climatic injuries, etc.

      (6) Concentrate on “doing” as opposed to “knowing”. Many people know how to
      build a fire, but cannot build a fire in a rain storm with damp tinder. That
      is the fine line between surviving or dying.

      Physiological and Psychological Aspects of Survival

      The physiological and psychological aspects of survival and their significance
      on an individual in a wilderness survival situation is very subjective. Know
      your mental, emotional, and physical limitations and prepare for their impact
      on your ability to survive.

      A. Fear is a normal reaction to a threatening situation. Acceptance of this
      fear will lead to purposeful rather than random behavior. This way will
      greatly increase chances for survival.

      B. How a person will react to fear depends more on himself than on the
      situation. Timid and anxious persons may respond more coolly to fear than the
      physically strong or happy-go-lucky.

      C. Two factors frequently reported to decrease or help control fear are:

      (1) Having confidence in your abilities and your equipment.

      (2) Concentrating on the situation at hand and the job to be done.

      D. The seven “enemies” of survival are pain, cold, thirst, hunger, fatigue,
      boredom, and loneliness. They are mental distractors and difficult to

      (1) Pain is uncomfortable but in itself is not harmful or dangerous. It is a
      symptom of underlying problems and should be monitored. It can be controlled
      and can become subordinate to efforts to carry on.

      (2) Cold numbs the mind, the body, and the will.

      (3) Thirst dulls the mind. Serious dehydration may occur in a survival
      situation even when there is plenty of water available.

      (4) Hunger lessens your ability to think rationally.

      (5) Even a moderate amount of fatigue can materially reduce mental ability.
      Fatigue can make you careless and promote the feeling of hopelessness.

      (6) Boredom and loneliness are two of the toughest enemies of survival to

      E. Everyone has experienced pain, cold, thirst, hunger, fatigue, boredom,
      and loneliness, but not to the extent that their survival has been threatened.
      The more you know about these and their effects on you, the better you will be
      able to control them, rather than letting them control you.

      F. One of the most important psychological requirements for survival is the
      ability to accept immediately the reality of a new emergency and react
      appropriately to it.

      G. Much of the available evidence demonstrates the importance of having a
      “preparatory attitude” for whatever emergency may occur. Knowledge and
      rehearsal of survival and emergency procedures bring about a feeling of
      confidence and preparation for survival. While you can’t prepare for every
      situation, you can prepare for the most probable situation.

      H. Survival may depend more on personality than upon danger, weather,
      terrain, or nature of the emergency. A person is more prone to survive if he
      can make up his mind; can improvise; can live with himself,; can adapt to the
      situation; can remain cool, calm, and collected; hopes for the best, but
      prepares for the worst; has patience; can take it; and knows where his special

      fears and worries comes from. The will to survive, along with a positive
      mental attitude, are key ingredients to surviving.

      I. In summary, development of self-sufficiency is the primary means of
      protecting yourself against the physiological and psychological stress that
      could affect you in a survival situation. If you have not learned self-
      sufficiency, it is not too late to begin.

      Keep the FAITH

      • Connor Kenway

        Such a wealth of info, thank you watchman. I for one needed a refresher with the survival acronym and low and behold you post it! I was just thinking about it the other day and then got side tracked. Thanks again bud, it is much appreciated!

    35. Connor Kenway

      I like this idea and agree with it. An armed nation, as in you don’t know who is packing what, is a respectful nation. If I were a criminal, a real one, not one labeled as such by our esteemed leaders, I would specifically target “gun free zones” and would steer clear of any place that could possibly have anyone carrying concealed.

      That said, Kulafarmer, you doing alright? Hope all is well with you and yours given the storm that was rolling through.

    36. Ted Kennedy

      Slow down George.

    37. 2nd

      I bet the kids will get their homework done now.

    38. Watchman

      We Are Ready For The Collapse: US Under Undeclared MARTIAL LAW, Fed Moves To Create Frightening Hyperinflation, 80% Of Adults Living At Poverty Levels, Rely On Welfare, Or Are Unemployed
      July 31st, 2013

      US Under Undeclared MARTIAL LAW Democracy Being Suspended News Cover Up
      Fed Moves To Create Frightening Hyperinflation In The U.S.
      On the heels of news coming out of the Fed, today a legend in the business warned King World News that the Fed is actually going to dramatically increase the monthly stimulus figure from the current level of $85 billion per month, and that this will lead to an eventual collapse of the currency. Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, also spoke about what all of this means for the gold market . Below is what Barrron said in this powerful interview.
      Barron: “We have seen gold rally off the lows after the Fed news. With the current reckless policies in place we should be seeing the largest boom in recorded history going on right now in America. It just shows how dire the situation is that even with throwing all of this gasoline on the fire, all they can manage is a stagnant economy.
      But aside from the meaningless Fed comments, demand for physical gold is still very strong, especially from Asia. In fact, the sovereign buyers are shoveling up all of the available physical gold as fast they can….

      Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.


      Keep the FAITH

    39. VRF

      Well Im glad someone has their shit together
      This was one of the major sticking points in why our child is not in a public school system..most of them have no intent to protect your child, and if the subject is brought up and they don’t agree with your position, they look at you as if you have a their eye growing out of your face.

    40. PO'd Patriot

      Well I guess I started a little shitstorm in the early comments section. I still stand behind my convictions as not allowing armed teachers in school. My belief has always been that every law abiding citizen is allowed to carry a firearm, concealed, in the open, more than one, without having to apply for a permit. But teachers allowing to carry in a school? No!

      • sheptical citizen

        and your still full of shit. Back when I went to school in arkansas in the late fifties & early sixties. Lots of folks carred guns to school. I drove my 55 ford pickup to school with a gun rack in the back window it usually had a 22 rifle and a 12 guage shotgun. Almost every male had a very sharp pocketknife also. For a FFA fund raiser we raffled off a 30-30 rifle and a fattened hog. We commonly worked on guns in the school shop class. Never a stabbing or shooting of any person. quite a few fist fights. The only thing ever shot or stabbed was probably the fat pig.

        • PO'd Patriot

          That was then, this is now. Having a gun behind your seat parked in the student parking is a lot different then having all the staff packing heat and……. go fuck yourself pecker breath.

          • sheptical citizen

            And you and all your opinions are still full of shit. I do carry. However If Im someplace and I see you or someone else being robbed molested or even shot. Ill not do anything. Im not the police its not my job to save anyone. Its your stupid fault for not carrying and being able to defend yourself. If someone attacks me and Mine that is when Ill pull my gun. and I will be cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger. If im not justified and willing to use deadly force Ill not pull my weapon.

      • VRF

        I get what I think your saying

        they ( teachers) are mostly liberals and probably couldn’t hit shit, or would be too busy thinking things thru to be effective in a fire fight.
        and 90+ percentage of them fear guns for all the wrong reasons

        Having skilled and trained people having armed security as their ONLY job is the way to go , period

    41. possee

      PO’d Patriot

      While I respect your opinion and comments justifying so..I find it absurd that other here are attacking you and not your argument..

      We all here have the right to agree to disagree,but address the argument..not the commenter.

      Personally, I applaud the direction that this particular school is taking..but up here in moscow east(Mass.)I would defer to your only less than 10% of our entire state are licensed gun owners..hunting ltc fid … combined!


      • sheptical citizen

        Licensed gun owners? theres the Rub! The second admendment Dont give anyone any right,s. It merly outlines and puts on paper one of our inalienable rights that are god given. God Given rights cannot be legislated way of be infringed. Ill never agree to a permit or licience to practice any counstitional rights. licenencing & registering is the first step to gun conficscation 7 oulawing guns. Ive concealed & open carried for more then 40 years. I dont need no stinkin permit or license. Any local state or federal law that is uncounstitional can and should be ignored and disobeyed. Maybe Next you will need a license to post on forums? And when I think someone is full of shit its perfectly OK to to tell them! Thats a first admendment rght. The same as and equal to their 1st admendment right to post their bullcrap opinion. Licensed Gun owners?????

        • possee

          Try purchasing any ammo or weapon here without a license..ain’t gonna happen!

          I agree we shouldn’t be required to be licensed at all..but given the situation.. I prefer being armed (concealed carry)..

          Every single gun shop in this country is federally and state licensed..get over it..


          • sheptical citizen

            Almost ever gun I have has been bought without any paperwork. Can you saygun show or buy from an individual. Ive bought ammo at walmart andnobody asked anything. I did buy a marlinmodel 60 22 rifle at wal mart and filled out some paperwork but there wasnt any license requirement. I had to show ID. I bought the rifle as a gift for a friend who lost all of their guns in a house fire. I also boght a 550 rund brick of 22 ammo through the checkout line and nobody asked for anything.

            • PO'd Patriot

              Bet your wife(also your first cousin) taught you to do that.

      • JayJay

        In your case Possee, then the tranquilizer guns are the best course–in all cases of an intruder, this can be managed.
        Every time I hear of a 95-year-old in a nursing home killed by a swat team for threatening with a knife??
        That is nothing but senseless murder.
        Justify any way you want you macho men in swat gear, but you will answer some day to your Creator.

    42. Kevin2

      I figure that the smart play is not to re-invent the wheel and learn from the masters of real security Israel regarding this matter. They arm their teachers. This being said I’m sure their students are a lot more well behaved than certainly those in US inner city schools. The possibility is much greater here of a thug student overpowering a teacher and getting armed. Therefore one must follow more than one segment of the “Israel Plan” before arming the staff.

      Neal Knox (may he be known for good) the 2nd Amendment activist and founder of the NRA-ILA wrote a column two decades ago tracking the incidence of nut case mass shootings and pending Federal Firearms Legislation. It showed too many coincidences for the open minded to ignore.

    43. sheptical citizen

      I know an individual who went and took the training and got a concealed carry permit. In the state of arkansas when a LEO call,s in on your vehicle licence plate all of your info is radioed back. Who the vehicle is registered too. any traffic violations, insurance info. and if the person has a concealed carry permit. So this person gets stopped in a large town for no apparent reason. the first thing the LEO asks for is to see the weapon. the driver states he dont have any gun. The LEO gets upset. and calls for backup. three more cops arrive They tell the driver you better produce the weapon or you will be arrested for not complying with an officer. The driver tells them again I dont have any weapon its at home. They then drag him out of his vehicle and cuff him up and search his person & vehicle. They dont find a gun. Its at the persons home. And they still charge him with resisting arrest. He hired a lawyer went to court and The judge sided with the four lying cops. The lawyer stated give me $5000 and we can take it to a jury. That individual never renewed his permit when it expired. He now hates cops lawers & judges. He likely carries without any permit.

    44. Norse Prepper

      I do believe it to be a good idea to arm people in schools. Those who are armed better make sure they are prepared for what may come next.

      What are you going to do when you have an adolescent who is bigger than you trying to overpower you to get your gun? Are you ready to shoot the kid and be the next George Zimmerman? Effectively ruining your life?

      Most of the cowards who shoot up schools and malls give up at the slightest sign of resistance by either committing suicide or giving up. Having people armed to provide that resistance is a good thing in my opinion.

      God Bless,

    45. Boss Hog

      Well this got passionate didn’t it! Arming teachers, its a good thing in a bad time and place. The very need to discuss this is sickening, but, here we all are. We have an epidemic of mass murder occurring in our land an it seems to allways happen on ground that has been dedicated to the young and innocent. Any of you hunters, naturalists, survivalists, military, and cops out there know that preditors stalk prey that is weak, old , young or helpless to defend its self. We all recognize the problem, I hope.

      What to do about it? No more gun free zones, not in hospitals, not in churches, not in schools or colleges. No place on American soil should there ever be an open invitation to a preditor.

      Should we arm teachers? Should we arm nurses? Should we arm pastors? Why not? The very act of removing the sign on the door that says “gun free zone” would be a start. It would plant the seed of doubt in the mind of the preditor and steer them on to a weaker victim. Keep removing the weak and the preditor is left to face their own weakness.

      We are stuck on victimhood in this country and this guy has had quite enough of it, for crying out loud stand up for yourself America. People are killing our kids and we are having an argument about how we are to stop that?

      I dont care if it requires each teacher to haul a Bengal Tiger around on a chain if thats what it takes to ensure my kids safety when they are entrusted to the care of the school. Safety comes first or their is no trust.

      I hear both sides of the argument but let me give you a little Hog philosophy. My buddy Mike has two young daughters just like mine and we live on the same street. Mike is an ex cop hes also my hunting buddy, Mike allways carries a 45acp, hes partial to Glock after his kimber started stove piping on him. Mike knows I allways carry at least my 380 and my 45 is never too far away.Our kids walk, run, skip, bike and scooter all up and down our street. My other buddy Kreg hes got trigger time in the Stan also has kids that visit and do the same thing between our houses, he lives across from Mike.

      We do not fear letting our kids loose on the street. Its a bad street for anyone with evil on their mind. There are 18 houses here and I can only think of two that are not occupied by a gun owner with children. Can you imagine what would happen to anyone that came onto my street with bad intentions? Game over very very quickly unless your immune to lead.

      What Im trying to say is this… the genie is out of the bottle and we can not return to the mentality that landed us here in the first place. We must take back everything we have lost and it starts with our kids. If we have teachers willing to arm themselves in order to ensure our kids safety we should not only embrace it we should applaud the effort they are making and encourage it. How about buy a teacher some bullets for the range day? How about a bonus for expert marksmanship? How about tax deductable clause for weapons needed to secure what the govt FAILED to secure? How bout that instead of arguing if its the right or wrong thing to do. I can think of a lot more teachers I would feel better about with a gun than some clowns I knew in the Army, thats no exageration either. Teachers are able to learn as well as teach, teachers are in that bussiness because they value our children, lets help them do what they do best without fear.

      • Canadian Vet

        I did come up further up with ideas to reduce costs as well as incentives to attract and retain trained armed teacher as well as help defray the costs of regular range practice.

        Say, making CCW and active shooter response training “desired skills” points to add to a teacher’s resume when positions open up? Or pay incentives for these qualified teachers?

        Other ideas I mentioned were subsidizing further training courses, or trying to enroll local LEO firearm instructors to volunteer their time to provide more training. Or volunteer parents with the right credentials, and the school district springing for the instructor’s ammo.

    46. Watchman

      My take on; Snowden’s asylum in Russia.
      1. Russia knows that what he has is worth a gobb and a bunch.
      2. Thumb their nose at Obama, now what are you going to do Big Boy!

      Keep the FAITH

    47. KY Mom

      Update – 372 cases of Cyclospora outbreak (commonly linked to fresh produce) spreads to 16 states.

      Cyclospora outbreak in Florida – 7/30/13
      “As the cyclospora outbreak reaches 372 cases in 16 states.”
      Orlando Sentinel

      Cyclospora case count climbs to 353, outbreak’s source still unknown – 7/29/13

      “Cyclospora infections can cause diarrhea for up to two months.”

      Previous cyclospora infections, known as cyclosporiasis, have been linked to fresh produce.”

      The CDC said it is unclear if all the current cases are linked to the same outbreak. But the overall case count appears to be growing.”

      CBS News

      Stomach bug linked to produce sickens 285 people in 11 states – 7/26/13

      “The symptoms usually manifest within several days of eating the contaminated food, and include diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting, body aches and fatigue. If not treated, the illness may last from a few days to a month or longer and patients have been known to relapse, the CDC said.”

      “As a precaution, she encouraged people to thoroughly wash produce before it is eaten to minimize the chance of infection. The CDC also recommends that anyone with cyclosporiasis-like symptoms seek medical treatment and ask to be tested for the parasite.”

      “The good news is that the infection is easily treatable with readily available antibiotics…”

      Yahoo dot com

    48. slingshot

      How does one defend a school from an armed intruder?

      They are always calm and in control as they move within the building. Destroy the calm and incapacitate.
      Restrict movement. Drive the invader out.

      What I am about to state is extreme to some people.

      I would make it as hard as possible to have the intruder carry out his plan by disruption of his sight, hearing, mobility, and being able to withstand a harsh environment.

      The use of the Fire Alarm or high pulsating sound to irritate his thought process. Movement of students to safer areas are concealed.
      Tear Gas to disrupt sight and breathing. Hard to hit a target under those conditions. Even if he has a gas mask, it lowers target acquisition. Contains, denies or drives him back.
      Smoke canisters. He would have to carry all his gear and require to concentrate on its location once he lays it down. Decreases vision of surroundings.
      Stun Grenades. Screw his hearing up some more.

      I wanted to provide some alternatives to an armed school with non lethal but disruptive devices to deter a shooter. Training and a plan is needed. The best solution is never allow the invader to enter. In order to do that is to make schools like fortresses.

      • Piper Michael

        All good ideas, until, the shooter walks in the classroom. Then its Katey bar the door.

        If I was the teacher, he wouldn’t get off but maybe one shot or burst, and he better shoot me first, because I would see his gun first.

        Last line of defense, is always to meet force with force.
        Anything less, is suicide.

    49. braveheart

      BI, good morning, and once again you’re right on target [pun will be intended from this day forward]. The ultimate goal is to disarm all of those who would stand up and fight for freedom. They will disarm us ONLY IF WE ALLOW THEM TO DO SO. If that happens, we simply sign on our own death warrants and open the door to US govt.-sponsored holocaust. My rights are not negotiable. I don’t give up anything, PERIOD! NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

    50. San Diego

      My child will never go to a public school as long as they are “gun free zones”. The people that oppose AR school’s decision to do this are idiots. How could you possibly oppose this after what happened in CT? Don’t people know that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away? You can’t fix stupid I guess. And to the teachers that oppose this; you are one of the main reasons that you and teachers like you will NEVER see my son in your classroom. Way too many liberal teachers out there that are afraid of guns. If you don’t have the balls to defend your life and the lives of children in your classroom then fuck you. Find a new career. Excuse my language but that’s exactly how I feel.

      • VRF


    51. Jason

      I got 80 hours in the police academy but that was one week with handgun and one with shotgun.

      • VRF

        And don’t take this the wrong way , but in a fire fight you probably ,just like them.. couldn’t hit shit.

    52. JayJay

      Why can’t tranquilizers be used in those guns?
      Would work for all these arguments against arming teachers.

      Hell, I know once in surgery I never got to # 96. 🙂

      • VRF

        Tranks require knowing the weight of the perp, also tranks take time to work, a lot of innocent people could be shot and killed in the time it takes for a properly administered trank , let alone one that hasn’t enough in it for say a 200 pound perp, or one that doesn’t hit quite well enough to act.. a trank is a gamble , and takes too much time

        now a well placed 200 gr hollow point or 240 gr,or 1.5 OZ of shot gun pellets 000 buck or so, now yer talking..and it also saves on litigation, and housing the jackass for years at tax payers expense..
        It should also come down to this, if anyone gets killed in the act of terrorizing a school, hosp. etc.. there should be a monitary reward for the person who had the guts to pull the trigger and end the rampage, rather than a fuckin trial where only the dirt bag lawyers of this country benefit.

        and I still think a nice .44 is cheaper than a trank

        • yental

          Precisely, this is not a “wound/stun” scenario that cost US more money housing, lawyering-up, and trial. KILL THE SOB AND BE DONE WITH IT.

          The “political correctness” in this pseudo-country is worse than a video of “drunk-girls-gone-wild”.

          If some ASSHOLE, whether planted or not, shows up in a school with a gun…DON’T STOP SHOOTING UNTIL THE ASSHOLE IS HAMBURGER MEAT!

          There is no such THING as OVERKILL in this situation, PERIOD! Cop says “why did you shoot him/her/it 15 times?” Response: “Cuz that is all MY magazine would hold”.

    53. KY Mom

      I bet DHS is very unhappy with this Arkansas school district. They are not following their advice.

      Remember this…

      Advice for confronting mass murderers from the new ‘helpful’ instructional video by DHS

      “Is your workplace getting shot up by a crazed gunman?
      No problem — just grab a pair of scissors and fight back!”

      NY Post dot com

    54. KY Mom

      NY Proposes Museum of Political Corruption.

      New way to spend tax dollars…
      There could be one in every state. Many would be employed just to build them. They would need constant updating too.

      Drudge Report

      • Smokey

        Of course, the museum curators will all be cronies of the current administration…

        And the contract to build it, large amounts of graft will be needed prior to award.

      • Canadian Vet

        Why spend all that money when you have perfectly good State legislatures, Congress, the Senate and the White House? Just hire some tour guides.

    55. km

      Hymmm – I smell the government using this school as the last straw for gun confiscation. Quick scenario: student for whatever reason, lunges at teacher – teacher feels threatened and shoots student – or student gets ahold of teachers’ gun and starts shooting – big media blitz – gov. confiscation fixed and set! Not a good plan I must say. Time will tell what happens.

    56. JayJay

      You really don’t give teachers much credit, do ya…oh, scratch that!!

    57. Defend

      The Mooslem’s goal is to attack America and to hurt our children, which they know would wound us the worst.

      It’s in their manifesto.

    58. NC joe

      If our society has degenerated to the point that we feel we must have armed teachers in out schools, then we have a sick society that does not deserve to exist. Would we not be better off fixing our society so this perceived need did not exist? I doubt anyone here will agree with this statement since you are all brainwashed boobs who have bought into the gun and ammo industry’s propaganda that a gun cures all ills. Remember, the gun and ammo industry gets money for the gun the good and bad guy used and the ammo the good and bad guy used. The gun and ammo industry does not care about your safety, they just care about their bottom lines. And supplying guns and ammo to both the good and bad guys is very good for thier bottom line.

      • sheptical citizen

        Just How do you propose to fix our society. None of the measures the anti gun folks have enacted are working. there have always been bad people that do bad orrible things to innocent helpless folks. remember the famous Archetict Frank loyd Wright. A bad person barracaded his wife & children inside their home and Lit it afire killing them. Was society so sick back then as to does not deserve to exist? gunsare not the problem bad people are the problem. Many bad people are released from jail and resume to to bad things. Shoot and kill a bad person and they never do anymore bad things.

      • Smokey

        I suppose you are willing to ride in on your white horse and save this sick society? Start by riding up to your local school and personally guarding it from all those who would enter with evil intent.

        Until then, save your hot air and sanctimony. The proposal was a concrete solution to a specific problem, and you oppose it by tilting at windmills off in the distance.

      • Smokey

        Uncle Joe, please tell us another story about the bad guys buying their evil guns and ammo from gun stores.

    59. VRF

      Until enough parents grow some balls and say were not bringing our kids in to your public slaughter house , not a dam thing will be done to any magnitude about this problem of school security..

      Money taxes and funding is all these school systems care about, until that is cut off, not a dam thing to protect these kids will be done on any large scale..

      just like about everything government run

    60. Jordan

      Court says arming teachers is illegal in Arkansas as of today. If they want to hire armed sequriy it is okay but armed teachers are agin state law.

    61. Alfred

      I’ve brought this idea to different people, including two police officers ( one of which looked at me like I was an idiot and the other one thought that what I had to say was a good idea ) and that idea is to arm/equip the teachers with tear gas/pepper spray/cs dispencers, like the ones that you can buy in your local convivence stores. buy and equip and train everyone there on how to use them. I know that this stuff works, I had training in the 60’s and 70’s with it. I happened to be a dance one night when the bonucers used it on a couple of guys. The dance floor and surounding area cleared in the matter of minutes. So, yes a child could get sick and be discomforted if there was an accidental discharge, but better to be that way than dead or severely wounded by a mentally sick person using a firearm. Equip and train everyone in the building on how to use and when to use it. Hopefully, somebody out ther will at lest think about this as an alternative if they don’t like or care for teachers and other personal being trained with firearms. thank you

    62. jack nichols

      srmed teachers have an equalizer with an active shooter. This is a good idea, more armed citizens less gun crime. I would much preferred being armed when confronting an active shooter.

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