Are You Ready for the Everything Shortage?

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    This article was originally published by Robert Wheeler at The Organic Prepper. 

    For several months, many of my articles covered the global shortages and coming shortages facing the worldwide economy. My articles warned of food, chip, fuel, and commodity shortages. I also wrote about inflation, crop failures, and scarcity of any goods that consumers may need or want. 

    Some readers may feel it was a bit like paranoia and overkill at the time. 

    Guess what?

    MSM now reveals my writings on global shortages are, in fact, accurate

    Many articles found on MSM corporate outlets report on global shortages. In fact, those articles seem like I could have written them. (Not the general hack stenographers masquerading as journalists today.)

    One such article: “The World Economy Is Suddenly Running Low on Everything,” by Brendan Murray, Enda Curran, and Kim Chipman. This piece sums up many of the issues I’ve written about for several months, albeit much later.

    To start, Murray, Curran, and Chipman write:

    A year ago, as the pandemic ravaged country after country and economies shuddered, consumers were the ones panic-buying. Today, on the rebound, its companies are furiously trying to stock up.

    Mattress producers to car manufacturers to aluminum foil makers are buying more material than they need to survive the breakneck speed at which demand for goods is recovering and assuage that primal fear of running out. The frenzy is pushing supply chains to the brink of seizing up. Shortages, transportation bottlenecks, and price spikes are nearing the highest levels in recent memory, raising concern that a supercharged global economy will stoke inflation.

    But, wait, there are MORE global shortages to report

    The writers also mention the global shortages of raw materials, crops, and other essential commodities. The effect of the current supply disruptions is seen not just on the economy but also daily life.

    They write: 

    Copper, iron ore, and steel. Corn, coffee, wheat, and soybeans. Lumber, semiconductors, plastic, and cardboard for packaging. The world is seemingly low on all of it. “You name it, and we have a shortage on it,” Tom Linebarger, chairman, and chief executive of engine and generator manufacturer Cummins Inc., said on a call this month. Clients are “trying to get everything they can because they see high demand,” Jennifer Rumsey, the Columbus, Indiana-based company’s president, said. “They think it’s going to extend into next year.”

    The difference between the big crunch of 2021 and past supply disruptions is the sheer magnitude of it and the fact that there is — as far as anyone can tell — no clear end in sight. Big or small, few businesses are spared.

    And now, adding to the global shortage issue, we have all this…

    Of course, we have to mention COVID-19 economic damage. This prompted governments worldwide to engage in medieval-like tyranny levels and launch wars against their economies.

    Don’t expect global shortages and price spikes to end any time soon

    Take a look at the US economic indicator known as the Logistics Managers’ Index, a gauge built on a monthly survey of corporate supply chiefs. Information collected reveals where they foresee transportation, warehouse expenses, and inventory. You see, the current index is at the second-highest level in records dating back to 2016. Nor does the index show any respite in the next year.

    “You bring all of these factors in, and it’s an environment that’s ripe for significant inflation, with limited levers” [for monetary authorities to pull], said David Landau, chief product officer at BluJay Solutions, a U.K.-based logistics software, and services provider.

    Food prices are rising dramatically too. A United Nations gauge of world food costs climbed for the 11th straight month in April, the highest rise in seven years. Mismanagement of agricultural commodities in the US, weather issues, and a “crop-buying spree” in China led to more continuous price spikes than seen in over a decade.

    Global shortages, price spikes, mismanagement, and more are all part of a “plan”

    The economic crisis (and it is a crisis) is not simply a matter of corruption or short-sighted politicians. The fact is this is one step of many in an agenda that hatched long ago. It is a plan in which the bottom 99% of the world’s population lives under a complete tyranny with virtually no comforts. Their basic needs met by a government-controlled UBI payment controlled by cashless credits that can be cut off at the first sign of dissent.

    This is what the Great Reset is all about. The failures of Free Trade combined with the coming Great Reset will make humanity wish they had given their all to defend their freedom.

    We still have the chance to do so. Instead of sheepishly giving away our freedom out of fear and conformity, it’s time to step up.

    How are you preparing for the everything shortage?

    Are you producing more? Are you adapting to live with fewer choices? Do you have plans to produce more? Have you established a trusted barter network? Let’s discuss it in the comments.


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      1. I have not take the poison mRNA injections. Recently I received a 5071c letter from the irs and I have not yet received my stimulus money to buy goods during this difficult time in history.

        Per the website below.

        “What does this mean to me?

        To protect you from identity theft, we need to verify your identity before we process the income tax return, issue a refund, or apply the overpayment to next year’s estimated tax.”

        So I went to verify my identity and they wanted:

        My mobile phone number.

        My email address.

        Permission to access my credit report.

        Student Loan information.

        Mortgage information.

        A valid credit card number with my name. (Visa, master charge, or Discover).

        And all the normal stuff like ss#, address, name….

        So just to get my check I am supposed to give all this personal info. Does this sound reasonable to just electronically transfer my funds into My bank account.

        • Sounds like a scam to me…

        • Treasury Dept. would never ask for these.

        • Total Scam, do not provide anything. Thats not the IRS.

        • Just call your local H&R Block and tell them that you have not received your stimulus money.
          H&R Block will tell you what you need to bring with you when you visit.

      2. My drivers license expired last summer. The state in which I live has a two tier caste system for driver’s licenses now. The top tier license I believe allows people to fly on airplanes and even enter federal buildings. The second tier drivers license is not satisfactory for airplane travel and is unsatisfactory for use to enter federal buildings. So I went to renew my license and I brought

        My old license which was still current at the time.

        A utility bill.

        My current bank statement.

        Voter card.

        Auto insurance card.

        And birth certificate.

        With all that identification I was not able to obtain a first tier driver’s license and my impression is that they are absolutely obsessed about knowing where I live. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe that I am me. It was that they wanted to be fully satisfied about where I live.

      3. I’m hoping for a shortage of government. I could live and suffer with that.

      4. Charlie don’t surf.

      5. In a global market, or even in national markets, supply chains don’t just collapse, shortages don’t just suddenly occur, resources, materials, and energy don’t just disappear. Maybe on micro-scales, but definitely not on macro-scales. Markets on their own do not and cannot function like that, and work hard to avoid these disruptions. There must be something, an entity, or entities, outside of the markets that cause it, and that is what is happening. Same goes for food production.
        It is true that gov’t policy and interference in the long term only causes more and worse problems, but it is not so simple as that. Additionally, there are powerful and secretive individuals and entities at work to disrupt free markets and free societies.
        Anecdotally, I know an individual who has worked in a hardware store for years, mostly in shipping and receiving. He says there are currently no problems getting many items, but other items are becoming more difficult to get, and he noticed some items he can’t get in the bulk like he used to, and lead times are becoming longer. As if there is a gradual drying up. He can’t explain it.
        Many shortages are apparent, yet real. For example, you can see photos of thousands and thousands of newly manufactured vehicles parked in huge parking lots, but aren’t actually finished yet because there is a chip shortage. Another example are that the food shelves in stores are stocked for now, but now farmers and growers are receiving gov’t recommendations if not orders, and getting paid higher than market rates to not plant this year, sowing the seeds (no pun intended) for shortages next year.
        The question for all these is why. Why are there shortages, delays, etc.. Why are the so many non-related market shortages happening at the same time? For example, there is a severe shipping container shortage, gov’t policy is shutting down pipelines, inflation is beginning to really take off, and there are serious official proposals to limit the travel freedom of Americans (likely a measure being formulated to control and isolate populations) to prevent the ability to unite and challenge the State and nameless and faceless entities. This comment has only scratched the surface, but you can safely assume something is brewing.

      6. Shortages? Really? There is a difference between ‘shortage’, and ‘unobtainium’. Superpower? Really? I was unaware superpowers were places that can’t produce underwear, socks, shoes, toothbrushes, oil refinement chemicals, etc., etc., etc. I think the actual description of the USA today is ‘extraordinarily dangerous psychopathic schizophrenic cornered rat bastard’.i know one thing for sure – the disgusting sloth grotesquely obese (monumental fat ass lazy pandemic) is coming to an end soon and fast. Don’t worry all of you fat pigs, you are going on a forced diet soon, as you starve to death enmasse. Bye bye.

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