Are You Prepared to Vote For ‘More of the Same’ to Stop Obama?

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Do you LOVE America?


    We have not been alone in suggesting that the nomination of any Republican candidate other than Ron Paul would essentially amount to a second term for President Obama.

    One of the key reasons for why Ron Paul has consistently won over 20% or more of Republican voters during the primaries is because he is considered to be unlike any other candidate out there – a rebel, a true maverick. For Paul supporters, the thought of having a President Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich is no different than having another four years of President Obama. These views are shared by millions of Americans who see no difference between the tax and spend initiatives, foreign policy, and liberty restricting legislation supported by republicans and democrats alike over the last three decades.

    As such, these millions of Americans, many of whom were involved in the original grass roots Tea Party movement prior to its annexation by the broader Republican Party, refuse to be tricked again by a politician who talks a big game with promises of limited government, tax cuts, spending cuts, and a return to Constitutional values, but fails to deliver anything but more of the same once they are elected.

    This presents quite a conundrum for Republican Party candidates and the prospect of removing President Obama from office come November. Ron Paul supporters, many of whom have adamantly refused to vote for anyone but Paul for President, have unequivocally and en masse put the establishment on notice: Either you join us and make Paul the nominee, or Obama wins in November because we’re staying home on election day.

    In a recent Ulsterman Report interview, a long-time DC operative and Obama administration insider shares his insights on the matter. Among other things, Insider argues that Romney, Santorum and Gingrich are nothing like Obama, and that rather than focusing on destroying the credibility of republican primary candidates, the focus needs to shift, fully and completely, on removing President Obama from the White House.

    I’ve read the comments by people sayin’ they are conservative.  If Romney gets the nomination…or if Gingrich gets the nomination…or if Santorum gets the nomination…whoever gets the f-cking nomination – they are sayin’ they won’t vote for them because “they’re just like Obama.”  Really?  Is that right?  BULLSH-T.  There ain’t nobody “just like Obama” people.  Believe me.  You ain’t got a f-cking clue if that’s what you really think.

    This country ain’t seen anybody reach the White House like Obama.  Or more importantly – the people around Obama.  The ones supporting and pushing Obama.  Giving him the agenda, the words, the whole f-cking plan.  So shut the hell up about not voting for the Republican because they are “just like Obama.”  That kind of talk is comin’ from somebody who either is dumb as f-ck or is working for the campaign.  The Obama campaign.  And they are crawling all over your stupid Facebook thing.  And leaving comments on your stories.  I warned you about that.  There’s gonna be more of it.  A lot more.  You hear somebody saying they won’t support the Republican because they are ”just like Obama” – you ignore that sh-t.  It  ain’t worth your time.

    Any of these Republicans – ANY OF THEM, are a hell of an improvement over Barack Obama.  If it’s Santorum, or Romney, or Gingrich, or Paul…you fall in line and you support that candidate and you vote Obama the f-ck out.  That’s the goal.  That’s your motivation.  PERIOD.  Because if you don’t do that…if you give this administration four more years…I’ve already said enough on that, right?

    It’s never going back…the country…this version of America is finished and I got no real idea as to how different it’s gonna be.  We won’t recognize it – I know that.  I was talking to a fella last week about the Senate…plans to take the Senate.  Republicans.  As a stop-gap, right?  You know what he told me?  Looked me straight in the eye and said – “It won’t matter.  He has pushed executive authority so far already…it won’t matter.  Give him a couple more Supreme Court nominees…it won’t matter.  If he gets the White House again…IT WON’T MATTER.”

    Source: The Ulsterman Report: Read the complete interview

    While reports have emerged over the last couple of days that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul may have formed a partnership against the other candidates, potentially setting up a Romney/Paul ticket for November, there are serious doubts that Obama can be beaten without the full backing of every conservative, republican and independent in the country.

    It seems that Ron Paul’s often marginalized supporters will be the ones responsible for determining who the next President of the United States will be.

    Primary results and the latest polling suggest that Paul will not be the republican nominee this year, which means either Romney, Santorum or Gingrich will be going head to head with Obama.

    In that situation, at the eleventh hour, will Paul supporters remain steadfastly opposed to voting for another candidate, and by doing so handing the election to Obama? Or, will the prospect of four more years of a President who has lived up to at least one campaign promise – that he will fundamentally change America – be enough to drive them to the polls in support of any republican with a heartbeat?

    The answer to this question will be the single determining factor in this year’s Presidential election.


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      1. ANYBODY BUT ODRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Agreed. But look at this way. When you look at all the foul, morally corrupt candidates up against Obama, it’s like the powers that be are putting the worst against him to ensure that he wins. And sadly, Paul has basically been black listed.

          • salvadordaly

            “Anybody but odrama”?

            With that attitude you’re going to get the same shit, all over again, just a different texture and aroma.

            You’re telling us that Gingrich, Santorum and Romney aren’t in the same pockets that own Obama?

            Until you and all the masses realize “they” are no different, then it makes me wonder, are you really cognizant of what is taking place right before your very eyes?

            • Look I hear you and I know. Dr. Paul is not going to be the winner. With all the tricks the GOP is pulling (Ballot counts, and such). It’s all rigged!!!! I just know one thing for sure, and that is I know what we have in there currently will get even bolder and more blatant than he is now. Maybe, (wishful thinking, you know hope)that it will not be any worse. Who ever from the GOP will try to win over the public (ease the masses fear) by overturng some of the things this POS has put into place. The world is about to change and soon!! I think a GOP candidate will slow down the machine and give me more time to prep if anything. I hate Mittens, I hate Gingwinch, and i hate Insanetorem! But I REALLLY REALLY REALLY without a shadow of a doubt, Hate Barry!!! You do not want to see a second term of Barry. Hear that loud and clear! You think he is bold now? Unless you are fully prepped, which I am not. YOU DO NOT WANT BARRY TO HAVE A SECOND TERM!!!!! He might just go ahead and declare himself as King before the next election any way. You might not even have a chance to vote, and if he had his way you wouldn’t. If he can drop this nation to it’s knees before election time, well thats a game changer and he suceeded! To sum it up I will stick to my original qoute from above ANYBODY BUT ODRAMA!!!!!!!!!

            • Gingrich, Santorum and Romney are indeed politicians but they are not even close to as bad as Obama. Obama has already done numerous things that are likely to destroy this country. Probably his runaway deficits will hit us first. While I agree we need someone far better then the current crop of candidates the simple fact is there isn’t going to be someone capable and willing to correct all the mistakes and crimes of Obama and return us to a constitutional Democratic republic. Until we find that kind of leader we need someone, anyone who will at least save us from a total collapse that Obama is setting us up for. So yes I will vote for anyone but Obama.

            • European American……BINGO! This is a game. You have hit the nail smack on the head!!!! The most effective prisons are the ones right in front of our eyes with bars you can’t see. I only wish we could all realize and just say that the emperor is stark f@cking naked. The robbery is happening right under our noses and so few of us can even see it. Keep it up, E.A.!

              This is Gold Leader standing by.

            • I am not voting. If he gets back in and it all falls apart faster, so be it. EUROPEAN AMERICAN is right. The others are same shit different day, and I like Ron Paul but he does not stand a chance. I am not voting. Fuck it. Let the cars fall where they may, and may God look over us, the innocent.

            • EA, You are 100% right. No difference at all!

            • European American is correct.

              We have heard this line of BS before. All the establishment candidates represent is more of the same BS. All they represent is a slower pace to the end result. Placating those who don’t buy the socialist line just yet.

              “The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, is that it will take the Republicans a week longer to accept communism.”- Mike Reagan

              If Gingrich, Romney, or God-forbid, Santorum are installed, we may as well hit the reset button anyway.

            • Got it. One silver lining to Obama part II, if you believe there is any difference between him and his opponents, is bring on the crash. FIFO (First In First Out). Delay will only make things worse, like an infection. None of us want to live it, but it is enevitable.

              We are beyond “taking back our country”. There are too many parasites, and they are outbreeding the producers. Divorce is the only solution. They can be pushed to the other section and revel in their socialist utopia for its entire short life.

              A reunification may be possible later, but is unlikely.

            • Barry is already guaranteed a second term by the Trilateral Commission. He has an agenda to screw this country up even more in the coming years.

            • Please, no more Obummer!! True the repubs are not any better but like you salvadordaly. I can’t stand Obummer. He gripes my ass with that smug, arrogant look and I just assume to pick the lesser of 2 evil… whether it’s Mitt, Newt or Ron Paul, I just want the Chicago thugs out of the White House.

            • @buz614,

              Them’s fighting words! Ok, so you believe that libertarians will never succeed until they realize morality is tied to liberty? I believe that anyone who believes that morality and social issues should be a key part of libertarian philosophy is not yet ready to be a libertarian.

              Who, in your mind, decides what is moral? If you pose that question to ten people, you will get ten different answers. Senator Santorum seems to think he is best qualified to decide what we do in our bedrooms. The ass-clown-in-chief has a different view of morality that finds expression in taking from my wallet to pay for what someone else is doing in their bedroom. Her Highness Princess Pelosi defines morality as taking from my wallet to give to someone else to destroy the results from what they did in their bedroom. I, and my fellow libertarians find great danger in attempting to legislate morality and make decisions for others that are best left for themselves to decide. I believe in live and let live, in eliminating the criminality of victimless crime, and in giving the responsibility to the individual, along with the consequences, to choose how they will live their life.

              The America the founders lived in was no stranger to immoralality as defined by the likes of Sen. Santorum. Prostitution was common, and brothels did not have to be hidden. Many of the founders grew hemp and undoubtedly partook in the (gasp!) smoking of it. George Washington was the largest distiller of whiskey in the colonial states, and gambling was a common pastime of many citizens at the time. With all this immorality going on, the Founders did not feel the need to include an amendment stating how often one must go to church, or outlawing prostitution, or even authorizing a Cabinet level agency to go after the growers and users of hemp. If they, with all of their wisdom could live and let live, then why are we not able to follow their example? I will give you a hint; those advocating laws in support of morality do not have morality as their goal when they do so.

            • Moon, very well said!

            • @ Moon

              I seem to have hit a nerve.  You are correct that I am not yet ready to be a libertarian. I am not at all trying to stir anyone to anger but only point out where Libertarianism strays from most of the remaining Americans who revere the Constitution and would love to see a return to constitutionally limited government. The following is from Joseph Farah of WND found at the link referenced. It expresses my sentiments so well that I will cut and paste and move on to other things for the afternoon.

              “Libertarians make a fundamental mistake about the nature of man. Man is not inherently good. Man can only learn to govern himself when he understands there is a higher accountability – a higher authority. Ideally, that higher authority is not the government, but God. Government can only demand good behavior through force. But when individuals understand they are accountable to God, and that He requires certain kinds of behavior as defined in the Ten Commandments and the totality of scripture, there is a chance for man to maximize his freedom here on earth.

              Freedom can only be experienced and maximized, though, when it is accompanied by personal responsibility. Personal responsibility cannot be legislated. It cannot be forced. It cannot be coerced. Libertarians generally understand this, but too few of them comprehend a laissez faire society can only be built in a culture of morality, righteousness and compassion.

              Libertarians who expect to build such a society through politics alone make a fundamental error. In a sense, they are utopian dreamers like the socialists, ignoring the importance of human nature in shaping communities and nations.

              I don’t want to be too hard on the libertarians, because of all the political activists in America, they may have the best concept of limited constitutional government. That’s a big start, but it’s only a start. We cannot ignore the flaws in their positions. We cannot ignore the fact that they don’t have a complete picture. We cannot ignore that a libertarian society devoid of God and a biblical worldview would quickly deteriorate into chaos and violence.

              Would this country be better off with more libertarians? Absolutely. Do they have all the answers? Not even close.

              The truth is there’s more to life than politics. Much more.

              Here’s the way the father of our country and, as some have described him, “the father of freedom,” George Washington put it in his inaugural address:

              The foundations of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality, and the preeminence of free government be exemplified by all the attributes which can win the affections of its citizens, and command the respect of the world. I dwell on this prospect with every satisfaction which an ardent love for my country can inspire: since there is no truth more thoroughly established, than that there exists in the economy and course of nature, an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness; between duty and advantage; between the genuine maxims of an honest and magnanimous policy, and the solid rewards of public prosperity and felicity: since we ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the external rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained: and since the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the republican model of government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American People.

              When the libertarians add such a provision to their national platform, let me know. I’ll be happy to consider the new label.”

              For more on where I and many would be libertarians simply cannot reconcile see the rest of the article:

              see also:

              I hope that soon we can somehow unify in order to be able to stand together in fighting the Islamic fascist, international elitist, and pinko commies that are seeking to destroy our way of life.

              God bless.
              John 10:10

        • Agreed. Plus a Romney/Paul ticket would at least get Dr. Paul into the equation. And you know he will be a squeaky wheel unlike Biden.

          While you get more of the same with Romney – you will get a more responsible government with its’ money.

          Some Paul is better than No Paul.

          • you wanna bet ???? KING OF BAIN … it grasshopper !

            • Bain or Bane?

          • Assuming voting made a difference, the parasite class will come out in droves to oppose Dr Paul. I know some here worship him and he may even be exactly what USA needs to survive, but if the parasites think anyone is going to mess with the “gimmes”, enough of them will make the effort to vote. They will even be ferried to the polls.

          • Bullshit. Ron Paul will not play second fiddle to that fake non-conservative billionaire gameshow host called Romney. What good will that do the country? Ron Paul won’t be able to do anything as VP.

            The truth is – Ron Paul IS the front runner, and they’ve been lying, committing ‘irregularities’ at all the caucuses, losing ‘trucks with votes’ in them, overlooking entire counties in Maine, you name it.

            This country is headed for revolution, as I’m sure most people on this website are already well aware.

            I’m voting for Ron Paul or I’m writing him in but IT DOES NOT MATTER who wins if it’s not him. We all get what we deserve – a police state run by the next Hitler, I’m not kidding. The Constitution is dead. Bush shot it up, Obama is working hard at finishing the job.

            GIVE UP LEFT vs RIGHT, PEOPLE!!!! Both parties are lying scum selling us all up the river of war, death, imprisonment, and destruction.

          • nope… Ron Paul and the Judge

            • Ron Paul and the Judge: Now wouldn’t that be an idea?! They have no international experience but at least they are both patriots and not bent on disassembling the constitution!

          • Agreed Survivor Mike, it gives me some HOPE over the last few days to see Romney and Paul cozying up to each other. I am a supporter of SOME of Ron Paul’s ideas, but not all of them which I won’t get into here. However I think if he becomes VP, some of his ideals will bleed through. He brings balance to the office and he wont sit there and do little to nothing. I feel the worst item in all of this is there is no clear front runner, none of them I can truly back 100%. That being said, I’d vote for Bill Clinton before I would Mr. Obama, maybe even Jimmy Carter, maybe not.

        • Anybody but Obama? Really? I believe the current options with the exception of Dr Paul are just a reaffirmation of the status quo and TPTB equivilent of “good cop, bad cop”. At the end of the day they are all working to destroy the country either through active, conscious intent in the case of the current assclown-in-chief, by the inability to form a consistent conviction in the case of “Mittens’, and by actively working to impose religious theocracy and intrude government into every aspect of the lives of individuals in the case of Sans-Scrotum.

          What good does replacing Obama do if the replacement fundamentally believes in the supremecy of government over the sovereignty of the individual? Now I despise Obama as much as the next person and I would love to see him join the ranks of the unemployed – my problem with voting for Romney or Santorum is they will do just enough to buy more time for the powerful and the well-connected to continue to loot the wealth of the world as they tighten the screws on the police state formerly known as America, and when the powerful have finished dumping their positions in fiat they will pull the rug out from under the rest of us. Obama is a socialist who is working to rapidly collapse the system in order to bring on the workers paradise.

          I would propose that those of us who love liberty would do better to ignore the election if Dr Paul is not the nominee because if he is not the nominee it will not matter which monkey sits in the Oval Office because at that point the system WILL collapse, and it should be in our interest to bring it to a conclusion rapidly instead of a long, dwindling twilight of our country during which we are forced to use up our stockpiled resources, our metals, and our youth while we are waiting for the end to finally come.

          I have always felt that it is a shame that the voters who voted for Franklin Roosevelt at the beginning of the expansion of the federal government and the creation of the entitlement class, never faced the consequences of their vote. Those who voted for Lyndon Johnson and the expansion of the entitlement class never faced the consequences of their vote either. The Bible in Exodus mentions the sins of the father being visited down to the third and fourth generations. The country we are inhabiting today is the proof of this; the debt and loss of liberty, empire and endless wars to enrich the wealthy and the powerful, the mortgaging of the future of generations unborn to satisfy the spoiled whims of ungrateful Boomers, all is proof that we are bearing the consequences from the failings of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. For once I would like to see those who foolishly indulge their present desires by stealing from those yet unborn face in full the consequences of their stupidity. If Obama’s voters face the consequences of their vote, if they are forced to die of starvation when all the food is gone, when they see their wives and daughters gang-raped by police thugs in FEMA camps, and when they are worked to death in some slave labor colony then it will only be right because they will have brought upon themselves the day of reckoning which they had hoped to shift to their grandchildren.

          • Hello MHM,

            A very passionate comment/post!!!

            Your third paragraph says what many have said not only now but before in other stories Mac has put up.

            The fourth pragraph brings to light a concept many may not have thought about.

            Thank you MHM. Look forward to your future posts.(MM)

          • You know how to say it gurl..and your post states my sentiments in lady-like terms…but I still say, same shit, different flies..
            Not my can take the Tennessee farm girl out of the country….blah-blah.blah..

            • I would love to always be a tenessee farm girl.
              I want Paul to get the nomination, but lets be realistic,
              They (TPTB) will do everything that they can including lie and cheat to keep him off of the ballott. We need hom to start bringing this cart around and headed into the right direction before our country totally goes down the toilet. But , with that said, We Can Not Afford Another Term of BO!
              Our choices are extremely limited. We can only vote for who they put on the ballott. If we are to be rid of Obama, we have to vote for whomever they offer us. It is what it is and yelling at each other does not change this fact. I will vote republican for the election. I can pray that it will be Paul, but we all know that is not gonna happen.
              The only thing we can do is prep, prep, prep. Keep our families and friends as safe as possible or move out of the country. Frankly, I love America and refuse to leave the home that I love. There is not another place on thes planet that is better. I agree that “anyone but Obama” is all we can do for this election. Support Paul and pray that he does not give up! Pray very hard on this one.
              Stack the preps high and deep. learn all of the skills that you can. Band with other like minded people. Buy books to learn how to do things and protect them as reference manuals for when we no longer have the luxury of electricity and the internet. Buy seeds and learn how to grow what you need. foood and medicinal plants.
              This is no game. our lives may very well depend on it!
              I have every intention of seeing my kids and grandkids live! survive! and try to make our broken country great again. We need to teach skills, honor, morals,and hard work to the young ones in our lives. Playstations,and xboxes will not save thier asses in hardtimes. Teach them problem solving. Teach them how to fix things in a non traditional way. teach them to survive. this is not a short term thing. Our once great nation is in trouble. we put it there along with the greedy and the politions. Now we have to fix it!
              Love American and do what is needed to move in the right direction. a direction that would make your granddad and greatgranddad proud. or get the hell out!
              Each American has to be part of the solution, not add to the problem.
              I pray that it is not too late to make America great again.
              God Bless us and God Bless America

            • Tn,

              If, as you say, “We can only vote for who they put on the ballot”, and “It is what it is.”, then you must realize, the fix is in. And your “vote” is not even real, and means nothing. That means you have accepted Joseph Stalin’s terms of how elections are conducted.

              “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin

              Why then, do you presume “voting” for “anyone but Obama”, will change anything? All BO is doing, is his masters’ bidding, and in large measure following up what GWB started. This is likely the last chance to “vote” for a real candidate who actually cares about the US Constitution. All the preps in the world will not help you, if this country descends into tyranny.

          • It’s just idiotic to say that Mitt wants to impose a theocracy. No point reading any further than that.

            • @Barn Cat,

              If you had attempted to apply your no-doubt public school aquired reading skills, you would have noticed that the aformentioned sentence was a reference to His Holier-than-Thou-ness Santorum. Who in their right mind would think that Romney would want to impose a religious theocracy? Who instead never ceases to shut up about how religious they are and how all our problems are due to what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms and in the privacy of our doctor’s office?

              Seriously, if you can take the time to write a reply, you can take the time to read and comprehend what you are replying to.

            • Barn Cat, I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass. Even if I could I would run out of oxygen rather quickly, which may explain your brain dead response! Crawl back under your bridge and let the adults talk!

          • Moon – Wow… I totally agree 100% with you. I wish more people realized this.

          • I WILL vote in the election…for whomever the Repubs put up there…because I’m NOT ready for the collapse yet and I DO want and NEED more time! The country IS going to collapse, but with a Repub in the White House, I feel it will give us more time.
            My family and I plan on voting for Ron Paul in the primary, and we are encouraging others to do the same…
            BUT we refuse to vote for Obama…and by staying home and NOT voting..YOU just did!

            • With all due respect, if you “vote” for any of the vermin the establishment shoves down your throat, you are sanctioning thier takeover, and your demise. What makes you really believe you will “have more time” to prepare for anything. The agenda is in motion. Do you not understand the Hegelian Dialectic, Thesis vs, Antithesis?

            • Ma’am,

              Voting is a sham given to us by those with power to provide the illusion we actually choose our leaders. When you vote, you give legitimacy to the outcome of that election and provide TPTB the illusion that they actually rule by the consent of the governed. That is precisely why Ron Paul is so marginalized by both parties and the media. He represents a true choice, one that is outside of their control, and as such, he is an existential threat to those who pull the strings of our “elected” representatives. I will vote in this election for Ron Paul if he is the candidate even if he has no chance of winning. I will write his name in if he is not the candidate. I will do these things because I believe in what Ron Paul represents; he is the last gasp for freedom in the police state being built before our eyes. None of the other candidates represents such a threat to TPTB precisely because they are all part of the same beast. I repeat – if the occupant of the Oval Office is anyone other than Dr Paul, it does not matter because the system WILL collapse and I would rather have the collapse happen sooner rather than later. I want it to collapse so those in this generation responsible for electing our warden experience the full consequences of their stupidity in their lifetime. I do this because I will not be responsible for mortgaging the future of my son. I want him to have those opportunities which I will purchase at the expense of my blood and treasure because it is the right thing to do. Our decline as a nation began when we started deferring the consequences of our profligacy onto the shoulders of future generations and if we do not wish our descendents to curse our existence, then it will fall to us to stop passing the buck and do what is necessary to correct it.

            • Amen! by not voting, he will be back. Please dont let that happen!

            • This statement excludes Dr. Ron Paul, who isn’t going to get the nomination anyway. Americans, and Republicans especially, really don’t want to support any one of the other three nitwits running.

              I’m wondering about a “Brokered Convention” and the Republicans drafting a centrist, someone like Jeb Bush. If they keep fighting and bickering amongst themselves for very much longer, then they waste valuable time that could be better spent promoting a candidate in a national effort.

              Ya gotta love it!!!

          • Exactly. The writer forgets the warning of Ben …..those who sacrifice liberty….
            Using scare tactics doesn’t frighten those of us who refuse to compromise their values
            . We know the cost already.
            If your not prepared to accept it, you shouldn’t have the right to vote.

            • Obama is being held up as a Boogeyman for the republicans. George “W” Bush was a disaster, and would have been much worse if Obama had come first. We are on a very slippery slope, and each successive president has been worse than his predecessor for as long as I can remember (since Reagan, at least).

              It simply does not matter who is president, with the exception of Ron Paul, or some other outsider. The best we can hope for is to get the disaster over with so we can start again.

              That was what we decided for California. We voted for Jerry Brown in an attempt to finish off the state.

          • R.P. or Hell… your choice america

        • So sorry, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the pubbies and the socialists. NO DIFFERENCE.

          They’re two sides of the same corrupt coin.

          You keep believing the Kabuki theater, if that’s what it takes for you to sleep at night.

          I know better.

          I’ll vote for Ron Paul, period. If he’s not on the ticket, I’ll write his name in, AGAIN.

          In every way that matters, we’re heading for a police-state, and RP is the ONLY candidate that would stop it. If he doesn’t win, then we’re finished *anyway.*

          • Capitalist Eric -I’m right there with you. I see that we are living in the “early” stages of a police state now.

            I’d like to say it is all Obama’s fault (credit for expanded Patriot Act, NDAA and other BS), but he just expanded what Bush set out, and I’d like to blame Bush (and I will be happy to give him credit for the Patriot Act and other such pages of liberty robbing crap) and I’d like to blame… you get the picture.

            The errosion of our nation has been going on for generations and to each puppet the credit for their part. I’d also like to send out a big pile of smelly steaming poo to all of the members of Congress and the Senate for the roles they have played in erosion of our nation.

            The only way we are going to see anything resembling the America Land of the Free that we all desire is if Ron Paul is running the show. It seems we will be writing in his name yet again, as if it somehow matters and the elections aren’t rigged from start to finish.

            • If you write him in, you will be wasting a vote against obama.
              he will get in again and we can all meet down at the local FEMA CAMP!

          • If you believe there is no difference then you are a moron. In his next term Obama will seize all power. I would not be surprised to see him arrest the opposition. If you cannot see the differnce in Parties you will truly be getting what you deserve. Seemingly the majority of posters on this site are more at home at daily Kos. Why do you clowns even pretend that you are preppers.

        • I come here for SHTF news. This site has gotten WAY!!! to political. I’m out. Have fun right-wingers.

          • Since this is your first post, at least that I have seen, who do you have to blame for the directions of the conversations? I am glad that those of us who do post have kept you entertained as you lurked here, but if you want things like conversations that occur here, or the articles that appear here to take a different direction then you must post a cognizant (Thank you EA for the word of the day) thought and be part of the community. If not, piss off, who needs another worthless lurker, who complains and does nothing to help themselves. Rant off. Peace and love to my friends here, even if I don’t agree with them all time.

            • That was for bsbkeys!

            • Right, because “alternative” views are really encouraged and well received here… LOL

              Thanks for peace and love though, same to you 🙂

          • I thought we “were”, talking about how quickly the SHTF and just so happens,”bsbkeys”; that right-wingers aren’t all that bad. There is a difference between a “conservative” (me), and a right-wing repub.

        • Same shit…just different flies.

          • But let me clarify how I feel…
            it’s not about the same incompetent shit being presented by the elitist cabal for us to choose..
            it’s not about me holding my nose(again)…
            it’s about that elitist cabal controlling even something as personal as our choice..
            with those damned contromised election machines.
            Anyone that still believes the bastard won in 2008 is still smelling the same shit, just different flies.

        • Ron Paul must win the Republican Primary to win the national election. Join your State Republican party and vote for him in your State Primary.

          That is OUR solution.

          • Ron Paul ain’t going to win. Get over it. He is a flake. There is not a candidate running that will beat Obama. So quit worrying, the dictatorship you want will be yours.

        • Expensive gas will vote out Obama. People with less to spend every week see those big signs daily reminding them of just how much worse off they now are after three years of Obama. They will vote accordingly.

        • that’s the worst. you don’t have any clue as to what you are talking about. you’re very wrapped up in politics, which is physically and spiritually exhausting (by design).

          collapse is here, and it doesn’t matter a bit who gets “voted” in (as if your votes have ever mattered…). nothing is going to stop the collapse of industrial civilization. nothing. and nothing is going to alleviate any of the bad shit coming our way…UNLESS you make a conscious decision to change the world by FIRST changing yourself. until you change what’s within you, nothing without you changes.

          did you get that? as within, so without.

          voting is meaningless. any argument FOR voting is meaningless in the face of collapse.

          history is repeating itself yet again. open your eyes and see it.

          • Citizen Ron: I am neither physically or spiritually exhausted. On the contrary I thrive on conflict and challenge. Its stimulating.

            Otherwise I am just cruising.

          • look at you….. vote american….god damn….. last chance to get it right…..RON PAUL

        • So let me get this right, are are voting to change the puppet, in the hopes that it improves the puppeteer?

        • Sorry, Obama isn’t the problem, it’s the immoral system and it’s masters. Obama is just the figurehead, changing the face of a fascist government isn’t going to change the outcome. What will changes that everyone who opposes the current direction will suddenly be ok with it once “their” guy is running the show. Just like Obama supporters were anti Bush policies, until they got the figurehead position, then suddenly those same disagreeable policies were just and good. The only way to derail this this train wreck is at the ballot box, by NOT voting. Displaying our loss of confidence in the system by refusing to participate is the only way to enact change. Can you imagine if they had an election and no one came? Or just 10% voted? That is a clear vote of no confidence. Of course the alternative is to vote, thus,legitimizing these criminals. Then your only choices will be resist by exercising your 2nd amendment rights, or capitulate and shut the f up. The founding fathers understood this w/out fancy degrees and 24/7 cable tv. Why can’t we?

      2. Curios to see any thumbs down on the above?

        • Curiuos, sorry!

          • *Curious*. Sorry, my ocd made me do it.

        • i gave you a thumbs up on
          the above-Thanx for not saying
          the ‘F’ word.

      3. I SO want to vote for Ron Paul, but absolutely agree with this article. We have to vote for whoever is the Rep candidate, regardless. It’s the only way to get the big ZERO out of office…

        • stormbringer

          We then trade a big zero for a slightly smaller zero. That slightly smaller zero attacks different parts of the Constitution. When the public is fed up with that they swing back to the other party that goes after other parts of the Constitution.

          Due to the above we loose gradually and therefore continuously. Gradualism is their strategy and it’s predicated upon settling for movement in the wrong direction sacrificing direction for velocity.

          • Exactly!! So why not give The One another four years just to get it over with? RP can’t turn this thing around even under the best of circumstances muchless as VP. RP as VP just throws a crumble to his supporters so they continue to believe the system isn’t totally corrupt.

            • I think the Republicans may have already lost the election. the current candidates have their own group of supporters but they are not pulling in the independents and the swing voters. These voters are also losing faith in Obama but the Republicans have not created a compelling alternative.
              Obama has been manipulating the media and building his standing while the Republicans squabble among themselves. Just like four years ago, Obama is building a strong foundation while the challengers are tied up in busywork.
              I just suspect that, barring any major unexpected change, the election has already been decided by the PTB.
              I know my vote doesn’t count- my state always goes Republican. I will vote for Ron Paul even if he is a write in.

            • Because if Obama gets another term it will embolden him to go after let’s see now: The 2nd amendment! Illegal immigration will be Amnesty and wait for it, wait for it. The full Implementation of Obamacare. Which is nothing but ultimate control of your life! I’m talking life and death. And yes there are DEATH panels in that 2000+ page HELL spawned bill. Remember grandma has to take a cynade pill if she is determined not worthy of life by some gubmint hack a thousand miles away. It’s like Prego IT’S in there! So YES you will have to close your eyes and hold your nose to vote for mickey fucking mouse if he’s running against this wanna be dictator!

          • But a Repub in the White House gives us more time to prepare for the SHTF…Can’t y’all see that? I just this week got word that my family and I have a bug out location, with 5 other families…and we need TIME to get it set up!
            Yes, they’re ALL the same, I agree with that, but for goodness sake, just to sit home and not vote IS voting for Obama and SOONER rather than later collapse!

            • We all need more time….and always will. We will never be 100% ready for the worst possible scenario…but at least we are more prepared to be self-sufficient than those that live with their heads down grazing.

          • Very astute, and well articulated.

        • I’ve always done it that way. But, after this last election my eyes were opened. I fully believe that if John McCain had won, we’d be in EVEN WORSE SHAPE than we are now. The explanation for this is complex but it has to do with trust and redirection and political skill. No, Obama was the “better” choice. My fellow faux-conservatives scream at me for saying this, but I do.

          Obama was the best over the republiCON choice this time for all the wrong reasons but mainly it boils down to this:

          Do you want an unskilled muslim American hater that no one trusts in the white house? Or would you prefer and highly skilled, highly experienced NWO proponent that has the same ideas that KNOWS how to get them done in the white house?

          I rest my case. In my opinion Obama will be a better choice than Romney or Gingrich. My jury is still out on Santorum. He’s a shapeshifter. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

          Just vote for Ron Paul. The guy will not go back on his principles. He never has.

          • Thank you Net. My feelings exactly.

          • Net Ranger

            Very cleaver thought process; my hat is off to you. Points well taken.

          • Net; if McCain had won, we’d probably still have both houses dems. We were only given a choice (McCain vs Obama) between 2 liars.
            I’ll still vote to remove Obama’s staff more than to vote on the Rep’s nomination.

            • DRD, I disagree on the both houses still being dem but realize that you could be correct. But, we’ll never know. Its true that McCain vs Obama is liar vs liar. So, you think that Obama’s staff is more damaging that McCain’s would have been? …and, say, Romney’s would be better than Obama’s? Probably true but I think the overall downward spiral would have been the same. Maybe just not as fast.

              We don’t need a pause or a slow down. We need a reversal. A reversal back to constitutional principals. A slow down lulls the sheople to sleep and then the spiral continues. While its better, its also insidious in that it makes us think things are getting better.

            • Net, Obama’s staff are avowed marxists and ex-cons. Remember Obama had said you can know him by the people he surrounds himself with. Mark Levin has said (the only thing positive he has said about Romney) Romney isn’t a marxist. Obama hasn’t set the policies, his staff has. Obama doesn’t write his speeches, his staff does. Obama didn’t write the health care bill, his staff did.(get the picture?) He has been too busy playing golf and vacationing/traveling.
              Obama is only a front man and a puppet for what’s happening behind closed doors. Heck, I’d vote against just to get that wife of his out of the WH.

            • OK, well, it just goes to show you that even when you think you’re right you’re not always 100% right. Thanks for bringing these issues up. I’m not going to say you’ve changed my mind but you’ve given me something to think about that could change my mind.

              I’m still stuck on the issue that a Romney admin would be socialist lite and would be much more skilled. Even if they were 10% as bad as Team Obama they are 1000% more effective so you’d get 100% of the socialist, fascist, government expansionism.

        • stormbringer

          you get what you deserve with that attitude. Other than Paul, the rest are pure shit. You want shit? Whether it’s “Zero” shit or one half shit, shit is shit. Yeah, vote for shit if you don’t mind the stench.

          Other than RP, when was there a difference between the two parties? There is no F’ing difference.

          Those who want to stand up for the Constitution, for Freedom, for Justice, will vote, one way or another, for Ron Paul. It’s that cut and dry now. Anyone who votes for the status quo, THUMBS DOWN!

        • I agree, anybody but Obama ….. except for another Bush. They keep making noises about a deadlocked convention turning to someone else, but the only name that pops up is Jeb Bush. No eeefing way. I guess this the party establishment attempting to keep their own in the power seat. Bring in some other choices such as Paul Ryan. I don’t see much unity for another damn Bush.

        • And you still think your vote won’t be stolen? Amazing.

          • It’s the vote “inside” that one makes that matters most, and living with it, inside and out.

        • WOW, you totally missed the whole point of the article. Ron Paul is our only chance. Many will be voting for him. Where will you be?

        • So basically what you’re saying, stormbringer, is that you prefer to have the big blue dick jammed up your ass rather than the big red one?

          Wake the f#ck up, people. I’m going to build lifeboats. If some of you want to stay and bicker about Dems vs Repubs, you can go down with the ship. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

          This is Gold Leader standing by.

          • Gold Leader,
            Hand me that hammer, My life boat is closer to being built.
            I agree with you. Arguing about the result is taking time from stacking the preps in. No matter who makes it in, it may be too late to turn this around fast enough. It will definately take more than 4 years to fix. We will be needing the BOL and the preps.

            I heed your warning Sir!

            • Bingo, farmgirl! I’d be happy to lend you that hammer! Both sides are based on fascism and human farming…. again, big blue dick or big red dick? Which do they prefer? I’ll take free will and sustainability instead, thank you all very much.

              Ron Paul is about the only chance for any change of destiny. Many things though, and Dr. Paul knows this to be true, cannot be sustained and are, in fact, destined to die off. He’s the only candidate actually saying anything close to reality.

              Happy lifeboat building farmgirl! All the best to you and to all who champion the causes of freedom and sustainability…. meaning REAL freedom from the matrix of the juvenile political game playing. Freedom isn’t thinking outside the box; freedom means questioning the box itself.

              This is Gold Leader standing by.

        • Stormbringer,

          You are absolutely right. The dear leader will be shown the door along with his million zars. George Soros, Jeffrey Immelt, Richard Trumpka, all the socialist, progressive, nazi pigs, including Hillary Clinton, will have to scatter like the cockroaches that they are. So I say, anything is going to be better than them.

          Also think about the possible replacement of Supreme Court Justices during the next term. Who do you want to pick them?

        • again, this is sheer stupidity.

          wake up, please, and see that voting has never done anything for any of us except keep us in chains.

        • Hate to break it to everyone, but Obama will get re-elected. Not that I’m voting for guy, it’s just the reality of the situation. So plan accordingly. On the plus side, things will be similar to if one of the republicans were to be elected, so no great loss. Stop believing these lying thieves and think about it. Has liberty increased or decreased each year, regardless of the party in power? Has govt debt and corruption decreased or increased over time? Has govt intrusion into our lives increased or decreased? I’m not talking the last 5 or 10 yrs, but past 50, or even 90 years. It is trending steadily worse (and unfortunately accelerating under Obama, but each new regime wants to step on the gas with regards to trampling our freedoms) for our liberty as time goes on. There is no righting this ship, because both parties hate liberty and by extension, the Constitution. Government (really their sponsors, corporations, unions, banks) wins, we lose. It don’t matter if it’s a donkey or an elephant, it still hurts when they kick you in the nuts, repeatedly.

      4. voting is a waste of gas,air and energy . besides theyre probably looking at or nuking your weasel while your in there.

        • “nuking your weasel”

          What the heck is that?

          Please explain.

          • NetRanger- I think Grandpa is referring to large doses od radiation directed at the male genitals. Or maybe it’s something else. I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe!!

            • I think he meant “sucking” your weasel”— reason? look at the entire sentence– LOOKING AT or SUCKING… your choice of explanations. I took it as a hit on TSA.

            • LMAO! That there is funny!

            • ~Sm-Okie~


              …LOL…me too!!!

        • ‘nuking your weasel’? Is that worse than microwave popcorn? LMAO!!!

          • I’ve had deep fried weasel on a stick but never nuked weasel.

          • Better then nuking you poodle!…LMAO

        • omg. coffee spurting out the nose. weasel. “All around the cobbler’s bench, The Monkey chased the Weasel. The Monkey stops to pull up it socks…… lmao.”

          • POP !!!!! goes the Weasel..!!! LOLOLOL that’s right – I SAID IT !!! what the unsuspecting Weasel DID NOT KNOW was that the Monkey had strategically placed a Weasel-nuking Ray Emitter in anticipation of such a circumstance… now THAT’S prepping ;~)

      5. I have never made any political donations in my life. Except this year and that was fed to RP. I did not or do not think he would win but merely hang in there as long as possible to keep fighting. I know now I am on a “watch list” but oh well, that isn’t the only thing I’ll be on there for. Also I encourage any one who likes RP to do the same, even if it is a small amount.

        • Salvador,

          Ditto here. And, now, I just keep spending it. I’m up to over $300 and I’m putting in another $100 in a week. Its a last ditch effort to possibly turn this thing around.

          There is only one republican candidate that is not a crook and a liar. Will he be a puppet like most of the rest of the criminal bastard theives? I hope not. He sure looks different IN EVERY WAY.

          I’m hard core Ron Paul. Come hell or high water, he gets my vote. I’ll carve it into the back of the damned voting machine and flll the grooves with my own blood if they won’t let me write it in. I’m tired of these mealy mouthed criminal bastards. Can we just elect ONE HONEST MAN to the position? Please? Just one?

          So far, there is no alternative to Obama but one. The other candidates are nothing but Obama Lite. If thats the way you want it, punch that pin or that button but if you don’t just vote for Ron Paul. He can’t save us but he can make it hurt a whole lot less.

          • NetRanger,

            I am still trying to reconcile your Obama / Ron Paul comments. Obama, who probably isn’t legally authorized to be President, is an America hater. He has done almost everything imaginable to destroy America’s image and economy.

            Is it possible to say BHO was elected to destroy America from within so as to allow the NWO to then come in and reset America as they demand?


            Please go back an reread in the “Are your serious” story, ‘Clark’ and my comments starts around 10&11Pm.

            Again ‘NetRanger’, I appreciate your current comments and look forward to those in the future. (MM)

          • I wrote in Ron Paul last time, and I will of course do it again. I do not expect him to win, nor do I see this fact as any more a waste of a vote than trying to parse the lesser of two evils from two very comparable choices.

            So Ron Paul write-in it is — but bring your own pen! Last time around, when I asked for materials for a write-in, I was handed a pencil. The apparatchiks working the polls seemed genuinely surprised (as one would expect good Kool-Aid drinkers to be) when I insisted they locate a pen.

            By all means, write in Dr. Paul but don’t lose sight of the fact that Dr. Paul or not, the train has left the station and is barreling toward us. Make up your mind on voting and get back to focusing on your personal and community preps, and do what you can to chip away at the problem: use cash, kill debt, convert FRNs to PMs, don’t fund television, use credit unions too reduce the amount of $$ banks have on deposit; if you get a ticket, pay a lawyer to get you a reduction – even if you wind up paying a bit more – rather than funding government through fines; make legitimate tax-deductible donations to your local CSA, etc. In short, to the extent you can, flow the minimum legally required amount of your earnings toward government and/or big banking/financial houses.


        • Thumbs up for you my friend!

      6. Unfortunately, I will vote rebublican down the line…….I hate all these bastards with the exception of Dr. Paul….but this article is correct….If Obama stays…..we are all F U C K E D !!!

        • drillerman09 says: “.If Obama stays…..we are all F U C K E D !!!”

          Drillerman, you are mostly likely F U C K E D in any event. All the mainstream candidates are bought & paid for big government fascists. When the boot of government is on your neck it doesn’t matter if its the left boot or the right boot.

          The choice is no longer btween right vs. left. Its between more freedom or less freedom.

          When you look it it that way, it RP vs. everyone else.

        • So let me get this right. You’d vote for a “bastard” you “hate”? Seems rather condescending voting for someone that represents “YOU”; represents who and what YOU are. With and attitude like that, no wonder, as you said, “we are all FUCKED”.

        • people like you with no guts should have their voting rights took away, you stand, but you stand for nothing.

          • When, if ever, will those with more that a BB bouncing around between “their” ears finally realize…voting in this RIGGED, BOUGHT OUTCOME, PREDETERMINED RESULTS system IS AN ILLUSION. A fabrication…a LIE to keep YOU participating and placated by a mirage.

            N O T H I N G changes until this phoney system, and how YOU continue to support IT…STOPS!!!

            What part of this now OBVIOUS and PROVEN fact can you not understand?!?!?

            • Every additional day that the organzied crime syndicate that openly operates under the guise of “representative government” is “tolerated”…is one more day lost/wasted towards the goal of ending THEIR treasonous criminal enterprise.

              Truth, Justice, and The American Way. From THEM, there is NO Truth. Justice, only for the “just us kleptocrats”. The American Way, has become a tribute to the ideal that “ignorance truely is bliss”.

              I can find no validity in the premise that “more tolerance” is what is needed. Tolerating willful ignorance hasn’t worked out very well for us, IMO.

              Another round of rigged election cycle antics will not address the cause of the disease. But it will redirect the attention of the “hopelessly hopeful” for just a little longer.

              Anyone but Obama…how about Anything but this system continuing as it exists! The “blueprint” is still there…at least today.

          • Not everyone is as brave as you are, so cut people some slack.
            More tolerance, people, let’s learn it now, BEFORE the manure hits the blades.

            • Well said, Zen Monk!!

            • ~Zen Monk~

              Yental’s analysis is correct! While I understand your request for additional learning time….like all tests…there’s a time limit to everything!!!

              The definition of “tolerance” = to put up w/ something, one finds repugnant!!!

              My advice to those adhering to your point of view is… prepared for some serious OJT….soon.

            • Gunsmith, my reply was to the survivor, not yental.

        • Jeff Kuhner has called Obama, “America’s Lenin”. I think he is spot on. We are already in the midst of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” our nation. If he and his crew get another four years, you will be living in a nightmare. Just wait until “America’s Stalin” shows up.

          • Hmm… is it karma?
            Americans financed Lenin, helped Russian revolution take place. Now we get the taste of it as well.
            I pray we didn’t do anything to help Stalin.

            • Hilter’s Nazi Germany signed a non-agression pact with Stalin’s Soviet Union in the summer of 1939. It was labeled the Ribbontrop-Molotov Pact.

              When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union Stalin asked for military aid from the West. Stalin was provided military arms by the U.S. via ship convoys.

              Later FDR at the Potsdam and Yalta Conferences provided even more assistance and set the stage for the Russian take over of Eastern Europe and finally allowing them to take East Germany and Berlin.

              The biggest disgrace was Stalin’s insistence that refugees from Eastern Europe countries who made it to the West would be returned to Stalin’s control. So I will let you determine if we helped Stalin or not. (MM)

            • Thank you for the history lesson, Montana Mike.
              I’ll just add that Yalta conference was in Feb 1945, three months prior to the end of WWII, so it was more of a European pie dividing ceremony IMO.
              I am also aware of what happened to those who returned to the Soviet Union after the war from Western countries.
              Stalin was a paranoid psycho. I hope the world will never see his likes again.

        • dillerman….wake up and smell yourself.

          This is Gold Leader standing by.

      7. It will have to be a Paul/ Napalitano ticket or nothing at all.

        Or better yet I may have to vote for the big OhNoooo, just to hurry along the end result all know is there.

        This is a 900 lb gorilla in the closet that nobody wants to tangle with.
        Damned if we do , damned if we don’t.

        I wish you all the best. No prepare to defend yourselves !

        • WHY do you wish collapse on all of us?? Yes, it’s coming…but PLEASE, show some common sense! A vote for Obama pushes us closer to the edge..and some of us are trying as hard as we can to prep and we NEED MORE TIME!!

          • Because, the longer it flounders, the longer the criminals have to position themselves over us again.

            The faster it goes down the more uncontrollable it is. There will be less deception and the criminals will get crushed.

      8. “It seems that Ron Paul’s often marginalized supporters will be the ones responsible for determining who the next President of the United States will be.”

        Then get ready for 4 more yrs of Obama, plus 4 more years of complaining by said RP supporters …. if the country lasts that long…


          • So you’d rather have 4 more years of O-Hole? That’s nuts.

            • I agree. He will vote RP even if there is absolutely no chance he could win. If that happens to be the case, it will be a waste of a vote. Look at 1992. Ross Perot siphoned votes away from George Bush SR. and we got Clinton…. I hope history does not repeat it self.

              1992 Results:

            • Nuts? Really? I can’t believe most neo-cons don’t want to vote for Obama. He has just been a 3rd term for Bush.

          • Netranger says: ” We are not backing down”

            What exactly does that look like in action as opposed to the bleating like a sheep?

            • Because, instead of blithely following the neocon, republican agenda and the establishment pens and fences, we’re supporting our candidate. There are republicans. There are democrats. There is Ron Paul. Frankly, he’s already a third party and I support that third party. A third party that supports common law and freedom instead of police state, war and socialism.

              Call it the libertarian party, the TEA party or the freedom party, doesn’t matter, its a departure from the status quo and that is what most republicans are afraid of.

        • I’d rather not have four more years of “hope and change.”

          No more Ovomit.

          • We got the “Change” that he promised. But we forgot to ask what kind of change that he had in mind.
            The change that we got was not what we were looking for.
            This was the only campaign promise that he kept.
            He changed this country into a food stamp collecting, umemployeed mess!
            Vote anyone but Obama. We do need more time to finish up preps.

            • Like it’s going to make any difference…

      9. As White Sox announcer Ken (hawk) Harrilson would say HE GONE!!!!!!

      10. Read this on another blog Tuesday:

        “Gambling with supreme court justices longevity. That’s about the only reason these elections matter. A Romney or Santorum will otherwise be indistinguishable from an Obama.”

        My reply:

        It makes me cringe every time I hear anyone say anything like this.

        ANYONE would be a better guardian of our freedom and our country than the current occupant of the White House. ANYONE!! I am firmly convinced that a second term of Obama and his hench people will be the end of this country as we know it.

        Supreme Court, Ha! Multiply Fast and Furious by a thousand – think about that. This president has already openly defied both of the other branches of government. He has flatly shown his willingness to trample the Constitution. You think the Supreme Court is the only difference? The only thing that is slowing down his insanity now is the fear of losing this election. In term two he will slice us to pieces with Executive Orders. He will tie Congress in knots with attacks on hundreds of fronts.

        All of the Republican candidates have flaws (yes, even your beloved Ron Paul). But, when this primary mess is over, all of You need to get Your heads out of the clouds and get behind whoever the process picks. If we don’t defeat this madman in November kiss you civil liberties goodbye.

        • thats why we are in this mess, always voting for the lessor of two evils… R.P. or hell, your choice america

          • It’s interesting, I.c.w.52, by the number of thumbs down to your comment, shows how fucked up those people are who disagree with your message, by voting for evil. Any wonder why America is becoming a cesspool? No integrity.

            I’m proud to give you a thumbs up!

            • +1!!!

            • Integrity? I’m usually in agreement with you but not sure on this one. It’s a really hard decision for me personally. I’m trying to make the best decision I can with the knowledge I can find and with my heart and guts… Integrity? Why does that make me “fucked up”? BTW I didn’t vote one way or the other.

            • Me too EA, You and I both know that those votes are by the lurkers who se their way of life coming to end. Thumbs up for you Icw52.

            • An amalgumation of compromises is somewhat like a cesspool. In the case of the United States Federal Corporation, its even smellier!

        • When Ginsburg was up for confirmation, didn’t she get about 93 yes votes? How many “right wing extremists” were there in the senate? When it realy counts, two heads of the same serpent.

        • HELL yes I”d Like to see Ron Paul as POTUS but because of the MSM and the Stoopid Gutless Rebublican”ts, we are gittin Phyked…We gave the asswipes a shot in 2010, and we end up with a Crying ass Speaker…WTF…they roll over at every chance for Little Lenin…The only way to win anything is Tear it all down..Third Party…Possible or Brokered Convention?
          We are Screwed..only by voting Republican we could buy a little time to finish prepping, but as one poster said, its already started….Civil War II is our Future….

      11. this is nothing but the Republican party trying to buck up the Romney campaign effort.

        notice how Ann Coulter turned completely around and is now backing Romney to the hilt????

        this is Animal Farm. they’re all alike and the Republicans are no better than the Dems. with the Tea Party having been taken over its obvious. its all about power for these guys. they all want to play with our lives and steal anything they can.

        sorry but i’m not convinced by this guy.

        • Ann Coulter is a nasty looking whore. Who can’t speak right.

          • Actually eddie, it is “speak well.”

            • I think he means she speaks to the left, right? Oh well!

          • Aw c’mon, shes not nasty-looking…

        • Two legs good! Four legs better! – Animal Farm

      12. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

        Ron Paul 2012 or no one at all.

        • Those who vote for anyone other than Paul will get exactly what they deserve.

          When a weak politician is elected, it’s a reflection of a weak collective that voted that politician into office.

          Other than Paul, if this is the best our country can do; Barry O. in office and the 3 stooges running against Paul, better be prepared for dark times.

      13. I think the whole thing is one giant show. I think that no matter who is in the White House, you’ll be lucky to keep your house. That whatever person, even Ron Paul gets in, the debt will not disappear and the total credit and derivatives number of almost 800 trillion, isn’t going anywhere except up, up and to the moon, until finally we get a massive crash. I think the presidency has become so irrelevant that no matter who wins this dog and pony show, we’ll still end up with the same corporate oligarchs pulling the strings behind the scenes. So, Obama, Romney or Paul, makes little difference, we’re screwed because we drove off the cliff a long time ago.

        While I really would like to see what Ron Paul can do, I know better than to hold my breath for any positive returns until we get the crash that has been building since 1971. Thumbs me down, cry all you like, but deep down inside, you know what I say is the truth. The house of cards is stacked too high and the winds of change are blowing at the foundation.

        Again, “When the shit hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

        • Agreed. The bus already went over the cliff. They are trying to hold onto the steering wheel as we go into the ground like a dart.

          He is correct about one thing; they are not like Obama. They are like Wilson. However, they are on the same page on the same agenda.

          Can you hear Kruschev laughing in the background?

          • I saw a comment on some site that once you have gone over the edge, it really doesn’t matter whether you stomp on the brake or the gas.

        • JoeRepublic -Since our country is in a “state of emergency” since time imemorable, IF Ron Paul were made president, he could, by executive order, eliminate just about anything he wanted within our country’s structure.

          I believe this would include all of the pointless legislation, alphabet agencies etc. that he sees fit. If this is true, he could also tell the Fed to pound Quick-Cret up their fanny and vacate the premise. He could also tell them to take their so-called debt and shove it in with the Quick-Crete.

          Someone correct me if I am wrong here please because I may not understand this warped system of corruption as well as others.

          • Sure, he could do all those things. However, consider the repercussions of such a dramatic action.

            1) Every alphabet agency dismissed = a few million unemployed added to the already unemployed.

            2) Abolition of the Fed in a day = No paper to transact with and will grind the economy to a halt in a day. Not to mention our credit around the globe would be over as well. We’re heading this direction anyway. Maybe it’s like taking off a band-aid; better to rip it off quickly than to peel it slowly and agonize over it.

            3) Undoing every tyrannical act, perfect, I can see no harm coming from that, but others may want to argue that point. Especially those that get off on controlling others. There are plenty of them.

            So, while I agree with getting rid of all the alphabet soup and eliminating the Federal Reserve Cartel, these things cannot be done overnight. They were not installed in a day and you cannot dismantle them in a day either.

            Also, no matter what a hypothetical Ron Paul presidency does or does not, we’re still heading off the cliff. In my view, there is nothing anyone can do to prevent the inevitable crash. All we can do is let the crash happen and rebuild this country on our founding principles. With Ron Paul as president, this would be a lot easier, but I don’t count on him becoming president. Without him, I think DC will end up becoming irrelevant in the near future post collapse.

            When the collapse finally gets here we will be at a crossroad unlike any other in human history. The human race will either wake up completely and reject tyranny, or the sheep will demand more of it. So I don’t look at fixing a broken system, I look toward what happens when it comes flying apart. This will be a dangerous time of radical ideas. A time when either great leaders rise to the occasion or the most wretched tyrants seize control.

            Yes, what you say is true, but either way, there is no escaping the inevitable crossroad we are rapidly approaching.

            • Hello J.R.

              Great post! For me it is difficult to see the ‘crossroad’ just the ‘end of the road. Just my opinion (MM)

            • JR,

              You make reasonable points. I would add that Ron Paul ahs introduced legislation to abolish the Fed within one year’s time, so that they can wind donw their affairs. Meanwhile, the reserve board can be arrested and prevented from causing problems during the wind down time.

              If you shut down the Fed and the IRS, there is no more need for federal income tax. You would immediately infuse the economy with over half a trillion dollars and people would spend like crazy with all that extra cash. They would buy a new whatever, demand would go way up, prompting the need for more supply, including laborers. Those people laid off from the cushy alphabet agency jobs would get new jobs in the private sector.

              In a way, I’m for letting it crash as well, provided it is a controlled crash and we call the shots. However, this is not my expectation.

            • JoeRepublic -Your points are well taken and the likely path our nation is headed for regardless. The system is broken and indeed, will eventually come apart. If an establishment puppet continues to get in the seat of power, they may continue to find ways to kick the can down the road while the average american suffers for their desperate attempt to stay in control and maintain all power.

              I would rather rip off the band-aid, let the crash happen and hope we don’t end up going to way of the Roman Empire. I believe if we had a leader or many leaders who are like Ron Paul to rise to the occasion the transition would be hard, but not as hard or chaotic as if those who currently stand at the podium are there.

            • JR, Ron Paul will not stop the plummet. He can, however take the jackboot off of our collective throats.

              You make valid points. I just want my freedom. During this collapse it will be nice to be able to survive without having to worry about an additional danger of getting shipped to a FEMA camp or federal prison.

          • If RP, by some miracle, was allowed to participate and the election was honest (huge miracle), I would hope he is at least given as nice a funeral as JFK. He would never be allowed to take office. The bastards would kill him.

        • Unfortunately, I agree with your thoughts most of all. No election is going to solve our problems. I’d prefer to have a can of food for every boisterous word written here. We are now at the finish line and we are finished as a country. I am done with the whole political system. I prefer to spend my time getting ready for when it all falls apart.

        • joerepublic..


          The Presidency ,and Congress,has always been a dog and pony show for the ill informed and ever faithful expecting a better life from the false promises issued by their respective candidates on both sides.. .

          The agenda ,Continuance of Agenda,remains in place always.. and always has been..period.irrespective of who wins.

          Although I highly regard Ron Paul as a lone voice in the wilderness..I am surprised he’s even allowed to speak the truth as he does..after-all..he’s completely marginalized in the debates and by all the MSM as a fringe candidate..and likely so by his so called colleagues in Congress..

          Perhaps he’s a token for all us Constitutionalists to hang on to a false sense of hope in a government so corrupted to the core.

          I will vote for Ron Paul in a futile attempt to believe that my vote does count…if nothing more than my way of protest..

          Only God or some divine intervention can save this Republic now..


      14. This is an off topic post. Sorry Mac, just felt the conviction.

        Many of you have hammered me for my very beligerent position on our armed forces. Justified or not, I NEVER knocked the common soldier. Just the opposite! While our military is used as a tool for the powers that be in illegal and treasonous actions, our individual soldiers are the most honorable fighting force on planet earth. They comprise the most powerful military in the world and I would like to say once and for all, that they do a really admirable job wherever they go. Its the top thatt I have a problem with, not the forces themselves. In tune with that, I’d like to pass on a bit of info.

        To all the veterans that visit this site I just want to say that while I bitch and complain about the userous taxes I have to pay, your pension and your benefits make it a little less of a bitter pill. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did, what you’re doing and what you will do. -NR

        Now read this, a weep a little and be disgusted a little. At least you should.

        WITH REGRET…

        We idolized and memorialized Whitney Houston, yet looked the other way concerning her well known substance abuse and tumultuous life with singer Bobby Brown.

        Charlie Sheen is 45 and his story is all over the news because he is a substance abuser, an adulterer, sexually promiscuous and obnoxious.

        Lindsay Lohan is 24 and her story is all over the news because she is a celebrity drug addict and thief.

        Something as frivolous as Kim Kardashian’s stupid wedding [and
        short-lived marriage] was shoved down our throats,


        Justin Allen 23
        Brett Linley 29
        Matthew Weikert 29
        Justus Bartett 27
        Dave Santos 21
        Jesse Reed 26
        Matthew Johnson 21
        Zachary Fisher 24
        Brandon King 23
        Christopher Goeke 23
        and Sheldon Tate 27…

        Are all Marines who gave their lives last month for you. There is no media for them; not even a mention of their names.

        Young Men who most likely came from rural America seeking a chance to better themselves and to serve this county.

        Honor THEM by sending this on.

        Rest In Peace, and THANK YOU,TROOPS.

        • God damn the media

        • NetRanger,

          All I can say is WOW!. That is a very thought provoking post. Who is the jerk(s) with the ‘thumbs down’? Thank you. (MM)

          • The thumbs down jerks would be our “Trolls”. Otherwise known as those who probably fall into the lower 50% of the I.Q. scores in the gene pool and lack basic empathy.

        • Thank you for sharing that, Net. Most excellent.

        • I don’t know where you live, but in my neck of the woods, our local news does a good job of covering the sacrifices, homecomings and really any event involving our soldiers. Any soldier who dies from NC gets a lot of respect from our local news. It makes me proud to live here.

          As far as celebrities go, I guess the last one that even crossed my radar was Elvis Pressley. Whitney Houston was no Elvis Pressley, just my opinion.

        • Net Ranger..many will not respond, but I will and as soon as dh gets home, I plan to read this to will mean a lot to the old man..of this I’m sure.
          I also received that email..disgusting and tells us just what our nation is about and why other countries ridicule us.
          Peace, all you veterans. God be with you and yours in the coming hell, here on earth. It’s on a fast track to our neighborhoods.

        • Very apropos. Thank you NetRanger.

        • Dude, sorry man but I had to copy this – posted it to my facebook page, hope I did not offend

          • Nothing I could ever do would make up for the sacrifices of these young men and the sacrifices of their families.

            Again, I’m no friend of the way the military is used. However, my heart swells and my eyes tear up when I think of the honor and amazing bravery these people show. Were they fighting legitimate wars and were exposed to the truth, I believe they would be invincible.

            TPTB’s half assed attempt to use our military for their own fun and profit most assuredly DISGUSTS me.

      15. The Ds and Rs have destroyed this country, it’s economy, and our liberties for long enough. Golman Sachs owns both of them. It’s time to bring the republican party back to its roots with a Paul nominee or 3rd party president. If you care about the America your children will grow up in, vote Paul no matter what.

      16. I’ve put a lot of thought into this lately.

        This is not simply a Clinton vs any Republican. Or Kennedy vs any Republican.

        We are talking about removing the most radical President in US History from office. A man, an administration and political backers (including the media) who are intent on destroying any semblance of life that is American. Intent on destroying our healthcare system. Intent on destroying our religion. Intent on destroying successful American’s morale & desire to work hard. Intent on doing things “his” way and ignoring Congress.

        So for this year, yes, I’m afraid I will have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Because the evil that is in place is very, very, very bad. We are not dealing with a normal Democrat here folks.

        I will vote for Ron Paul in the primary. If he is not the Republican nominee, I’m afraid I’ll have to vote for whoever is. And honestly, I think even Ron Paul knows that it would not be smart to run as a 3rd party this year. I don’t think he’ll do it. Eradicating the mad marxist should be our goal.

        • only if R.P. quits and says to support so and so will i change my vote to so and so.

        • Mr. B:


          I’d also like to point out that the next president is going to get up to three appointments to the Supreme Court. You guys think it doesn’t matter if it’s a re-run republican or the marxist-in-chief? Three more Elena Kagans and you can kiss the second amendment good-bye. If you like your guns, please read the liberal dissents in the Heller case… It’s enough to make your blood boil, and hopefully enough for you to hold your nose and pull the damn lever for whatever-republican-wins. Obama MUST not be re-elected.

          Societies don’t change over night. While I agree that Ron Paul is the best candidate for the presidency, the simple truth is he’s not going to be the republican nominee. But what he IS doing is making libertarian ideology more mainstream. That’s GREAT. If the Republic survives the next decade (a big if), maybe the momentum will continue to shift toward small government libertarianism? I hope so.

          There could never have been a Ronald Reagan presidency without Barry Goldwater.


          • Hello MAL,

            Agreee absolutely, There are ‘Supremes’ who want to retire. The Heller case needs to get more visibility. That case will do more to remove gun ownership in America.

            Supreme Court decisions will do more to take away gun ownership rights faster then the ‘Brady Bill’.

        • I totally agree with you Mr. B!!

      17. Nope. Do not agree, not even a little. The “GOP” has stolen the elections from the people’s choice, which is more than obvious. And we think that we need to make other/more countries emulate ours? AYFKM ?

        The GOP is as criminal as Stalin; don’t even pretend that this is NOT true. F(*&K it all, I am sick and tired of some pinhead in some party somewhere making this choice, FORCING us to choose from the person that they have selected.

        And the Biggest thing is another preemptive war, that action makes US the aggressor; correct?

        This one will include other “super-powers” are you ready for days like 6/6/44?

        Are you really prepared for causality counts surpassing Iraq in a single day?

        This war is going to be a ‘real’ war, no pulled punches, no playing, is you REALLY ready for this? It will break us, therefore we had better win – and be willing to reap the benefits of winning.

        Who are you going to appoint to lead this war, compare this to WWI or WWII, this ain’t going to be fun and games, the homeland will suffer, there will be a draft, kids from 18 to 27 or so, unwilling going to fight on another continent for what?

        To prevent a war?

        I frankly think that you are ALL NUTS!

        It is time to stand up and be counted, either we stand for the Constitution and the country as founded or give in to the party. There is little if any difference between the two parties. The only person that will not compromise and will follow the Law of the Land, the Constitution is Dr. Paul and you KNOW it!

        Vote foe whoever the hell YOU want to, I am standing on principle and will go down with the ship if I have to, you are doing EXACTLY what you are expected to do.

        Baaa Baaa Baaa I am tired of bending over –

        F*&K OFF with the Romney Santorum crap!

        • Thank you.

      18. Unfortunately we are probably going to be forced to vote for tge lesser if two evils yet again. I sure hope Paul (or his son Rand) end up as at least a VP on the ticket. I could live with that. At least there would be a voice of sanity near the white house. I would rather cut my arm off than do anything that helps Obama get reelected. If he comes back into office we are screwed ten different ways to sunday. Especially since he wont have to worry about reelection. We have only gotten a taste of the real Obama…if he wins we will get the full monty!

        • 2nd american rev. war… hate the thought… way too old

          • Yeah, as Danny Glover would say, “I’m too old for this s#!t!”

      19. Gingrich 2012 and beyond!! I want to live on the moon and pay only $2.50 a gal for gas while drinking my unregulated contaminated water.

        • Come on folks, he is being sarcastic.

          • They didn’t get it. Must have missed the “moon and cheap gas” speech 😀

      20. dont blame R.P. supporters for obamas next term. blame the retards who support more of the same old shit and you know what that is.

        • ^^^ THIS ^^^

          • NR:


            If you can step onto the slow train to hell, take it. It beats the fast train and gives you more time to alter the way society thinks. Honestly, I think we’re screwed. And I think there’s going to be blood in the streets. But I’ll ‘play the game’ to the end.

            I know it sounds utterly disgusting… But Romney is a better ‘choice’ than Obama… etc… etc…

            I’m the ultimate pessimist. (Why I prep.) But I’ll play the odds to the end. I guess, in the end, it all depends on how you look at politics.

            You do anything but vote for the republican, you might as well cast it for Obama. I honestly think if Obama is re-elected, the Republic is, finally, over. Please review my post about the Supreme Court above…


            • Mal,
              While I can see the logic on the one hand about more time to prep with a slower descent into the inevitable, on the other how do we neglect an opportunity to alter the way society thinks by making it OK to vote for a non-formulaic candidate such as Dr. Paul, who does not conform to the “R/D” routine?

              Obviously, I’m all for prepping, but if we’re not also being the change we want to see we’re not prepping to build something better than what we’ve been saddled with to this point.


            • But, what if the slow train to hell looks like a slow train to heaven? …and the conductor says, with an eveil smile, “All Aboard! Departing to heavens gate in 7 minutes!” when, in reality, the engine is on the wrong end of the train. So, you step on, not knowing. You then, confident in your decision, fall asleep. when you wake up, its too late.

              The RP trains says we’re going to tell but they’re going to give you a backpack with water and a firesuit. They also won’t throw you out into the flames. You know your going to hell, regardless but at least you’ll have a little better position.

              All trains lead to hell from here. Its just that the RON PAUL train doesn’t have conductors that will throw you under the wheels on the way.

              I believe that anything other than a Ron Paul win worse for this country, in the end, than Obama.

              I agree with your points, but, like I said, falling asleep on the Romney Line just means you get there well rested but you still have no defense and it gives the police state more time to position itself to dominate.

              Sorry, Captain, I can’t go with you on this one.

      21. I’ve heard enough of that lesser of two evils Bullsh*t all my life. No more. Fox News will never again pick my president. And if enough other people got their heads out of their @ss and voted for the right guy regardless of party affiliation this country might survive. Unfortunately, I’m sure everyone will continue to pick the lesser of two evils until this country collapses.

      22. Here’s how it’s gonna go down. Months more of the ongoing mud-slinging by the Republicans, and people are going to be even sicker of it than they are now. Meanwhile all o’drama (lol) has to do is sit there and be a nice guy. The repubs eventually settle down on Mitt Romney (who in the world names their son Mitt? What the hell is that all about?) who is the most bland, cardboard cutout of a man they can get. Obama wins by a fair margin, and we settle in for 4 more years of rule by Obama, which is the same as it’d be under Mitt, “The Newt”, Senor Butt-Juice, etc.

        The only real change would indeed be for Ron Paul to get elected, except that it would mean the death of the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us of, and they won’t go quietly. If RP got even close to being elected, I have a feeling the old boy would have a stroke, or an accident on that bicycle of his.

        If we could get someone in who would take us partway where RP would, and then another guy who’d take us further, and over the space of several presidencies, get where RP would try to in one go, we’d have a chance. But it doesn’t work that way. In fact looking back over time, whether they have an R or a D in front of their name, the growth of government has been steady, bigger and bigger all the time. The trend of starting and continuing world conflict has been steady. An Empire’s gotta grow, and an Empire’s gotta eat.

        • An empire!? I’m appalled by that comment sir! lol

        • His name is Willard – you are correct – his parents named him Willard, I would rather be catcher, mitt or bat-boy over Willard too.

        • In very short order, to know where this country is headed, all you have to do is reverse the order of our country’s initials. (Hint – S.U.)

          • We are soon to become a proverb and a by-word.

        • same ones that wasted J.F.K. for stepping on the fed.

        • That’s for for DT… If I were Ron Paul, and got elected, I would for sure be having someone ELSE start my car everyday!

        • domesticterrorist..

          Well stated..

          If by some slight of hand Ron Paul did win..he would surely be taken out by any means before any executive orders were signed..

          When JFK attempted executive order to dismantle the fed..well..we all know how well that worked out..right?


      23. Ron Paul is our next president – pass it on!!

      24. Just about everything I was saying 2 days ago…..I repeat, a vote for Paul (or staying home) is a vote for Nobama…….Thanks for nothing…

        • And a vote for anyone but Paul, is a vote for Bigger, more tyranical, debt ridden, liberty crushing govt … thanks for everything …

          • Seriously, has everyone already forgotten how Bush gave us the Patriot Act with it’s roving wiretaps, warantless searches, and a basic repeal of our 4th amendment? Or how he increased the debt by trillions? And now the media is trying to sell us an Ex-Democrat who doesn’t know what he believes, a moon-man, and a religious nut who thinks the gov’t should be in our bedrooms. Paul is the only sane one, and they act like he’s the plague. At this point, I’m not so sure the republican leaders don’t want to keep Obama in charge. He didn’t do anything he promised, but he’s damn sure grown the empire and got us into more wars.

            • Yep, a republican bitching about obummer has to be some of the funniest shit going. Man I hates me some neocons. I’d like to punch the mouth of every one that utters the words “Ronald Reagan.” Yeah, you mean the “lower taxes once, raise them eleven times Reagan?”

              The only things worse than obummer could be.. Oh, yeah… an ex-dem, a spaceman, and a religious nut.

            • I thought you were appalled at the use of the word empire, and now you use it?

            • Many are suffering from selective amnesia, they either don’t want or simply cannot think objectively, thus, it is easier to blame BO for everything that is wrong with our country right now.

            • Jackie,

              I am convinced that the two parties are actually ONE party and you are correct they really don’t care if Barry remains in office. Way too many things like not challenging his “Natural Born” status and appointing Boehner was the biggest slap in the face of the TEA party which has essentially given the Republican party a second chance at life.

              To further bolster that opinion examine how Ron Paul has spent approximately 40 years being adherent to constitutional and pro-freedom values yet he regularly finds himself in direct opposition to the ideas of the political class of his own party. Therefore it is imperative to that establishment that Paul not be allowed to win the presidency. The political establishment does not want the American people to hear Dr. Paul let alone win, hence the blatant ignoring him on stage and on the news.

              When the establishment has a governor of a state tell the media “if Dr. Paul wins my state ignore the results and watch who places second” that should embarrass the entire country, the world is watching!

              When you hear spokespeople for the ‘GOP’ say that Ron Paul can’t win, what they are saying is not that he doesn’t have a chance of winning it is simply that he cannot be allowed to win – like read as fearful and terrified “he CAN’T win” or we lose power!!!

        • @ Jeff

          Yeah, we remember what you said “2 days ago” (it’s still ringing in our ears), and we were hoping you didn’t bring it up again.

      25. More of the shame. The lesser of two evils. 900 lb gorillas busting out of the closet. White Sox announcers, mitts, catchers and bat boys. A bus over the cliff. And….nuclear weasels!
        Damn! It took this thread just one hour to become the funniest of the year!!!

      26. Sorry, we are tired of being shit on by the republican establishment. Its Paul or we stay home. fo.

        • You’re right about the goddamn republican establishment. That can change over time. The republican party can be re-established as the party of small government… in time. Keep the pressure on by continuing to support libertarians like Ron Paul.

          You stay home and allow The Marxist to get re-elected, you can kiss your guns and your republic good-bye. When you live in a republic, ALWAYS choose the lesser of two evils. It sucks. I know. I had acid reflux for two weeks after pulling the lever for McCain… But it was the right vote. Obama is a f*cking COMMUNIST and he HATES the our country. Get the traitor OUT of office… NOW!!!


      27. I’ll decide with my absente ballot two post office days before the deadline. Polls don’t move me but there is changes coming. I’ll even put a stamp on it and extend the US Postal System for another micro second.

      28. Paul turns out to be as bought-and-paid-for as any of ’em.

        In case the Internet won’t let you look at that link, look for a site called “exiled online”, and look up the front page article by one Mark Ames.

        • What you say does not jive with Paul’s legislative record or lifestyle. Why would he introduce legislation to get us out of the UN, or to abolish the Fed, if he is bought and paid for? Why does he live in a house that is low-cost compared to the other candidates if he is bought and paid for?

      29. Looks like I’m in moderation now, that’s what happens when ya get all “truthy” lol

        Just look up a site called Exiled Online and look up their presently front-page article, by one Mark Ames, about a certain Ron Paul.

        Grab it and bookmark it and read it and send it on, I expect this post to be disappeared quick.

        • Just a super pac. Supposedly, the campaing doesn’t coordinate with them, so i wouldn’t read too much into it. Better than being backed by Goldman Sachs.

          • Just a super pac that supplies toys to the CIA, and apparently Paul’s political platform is the same as that of one of the Koch brothers back in the 70s.

            It’s an article well worth reading, as always with the bright shiny new Internet, I can’t tell you where, I can only tell you where to look.

            Hints: Exiled Online, Mark Ames, Ron Paul SuperPAC

            • I don’t have tv and support any LSM liars, but online videos and online headlines presented a racist newsletter a few years ago that slipped by mediator Congressman Paul and was mailed…OMG!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!(insert sarc icon here)
              Is this the best they got??? Just saying.
              No affairs? No pork barrel projects to family and friends? No insider trading?? No salary-enhanced appointments to friends and family?? No delivering of mixed-race babies of wives in distress and just ‘forgetting’ to send the delivery bill to papa??
              Ooops–scratch the last one!

        • Oh, so one guy that supports Ron Paul is a dirty bastard so that makes Ron Paul a dirty bastard too?

          Wow! You have a vivid imagination.

          …and a SuperPAC that doesn’t coordinate with the campaign?

          Like all the dirt that people manufacture about Ron Paul:


          Sorry, people do what they want and support who they want. Try to smear Ron Paul because a few of his supporters are “unsavory” won’t work. Jerimiah Write, Bernadene Dorn and a host of other criminals that OPENLY SUPPORTED and have DIALOG with the current president doesn’t seem to be a problem. But this does?

          F A I L. Sorry, weak, very very weak. Guilt by association fails.

          Look at Ron Paul’s voting record and why he voted that way and why he always votes the SAME WAY. Consistency is golden. Ron Paul is golden. He’ll do what he says unlike that last few presidents and most of the congress.

      30. anyone but obama PLEASE!

      31. If the people are stupid enough to not vote for Ron Paul, they deserve everything they get, the few will have to suffer the ignorance of the majority.

      32. Hello Mac, “Are your prepared…” has truly brought out many sides to the next election.

        Hope readers will consider how and whom to vote for in the House and Senate races. True Conservatives are needed in Congress.

        Thanks again for all your work bringing to us. (MM)

      33. If pauls not on the ticket i hope obama does win… BECAUSE at least you know hes openly a dictator with the others you may never see cards theyre playing. I still wont vote though. Either way i dont see us making it to the elections in tact as a country anyway. All one can do is pray for paul and for the world

      34. I love to see all of this passion. I too believe Ron Paul is the only choice. BUT, my vote will be cast against the incumbent. PERIOD. If you want to keep your rights to gun ownership, free-speech, etc., you better do the same.

        • LOL.

      35. Ron Paul in the primaries on Super Tuesday – Period. Make the rest stand up and take notice at the convention, give Ron some fighting stance.

        That’s my approach.

      36. Dang, RP brothers and sisters! I could have sat this one out!

        …again, I’m tired of this bullshit. No more “stategic voting”.

        In fact, I’m damned near to the point that if we get a “Mitt” or a “Newt” I may just vote for Obama just to piss karma off. Honestly, if I’m going to vote for the “lesser of two evils” then that is what I would have to do.

        But, like I said in an earlier post, if the only way I can write Ron Paul in is to carve his name into the voting booth table and fill the grooves with my own blood, I WILL DO IT!

        Write him in. Insist on it.

        Its take no prisoners and stare down the torpedoes time. This country has got to go the Ron Paul way or its going headlong into tyranny. If its impossible to go up, then we’ve gotta push it all down as fast and as hard as we can. We’ve got to get to the bottom so we can rebuild it. It can’t stay where its at. We are devolving into tyranny.

        You can yell at me all you want. If Ron Paul goes third party I’ll vote for him just the same.

      37. You want to stop rising ripoff gasoline prices.Let’s all no purchase any for the next 10 days and see what happens. I challenge all of you to do this. We can beat the greedy monsters if we do what they think we can’t unexpectedly. No more gasoline purchases for 10 days!

        • sorry, but i dont think things work that way…

      38. exactly Jack lowrey said on here that I will not have fox news or any news agency pick my president. I dont believe any of the polls and you should not either. tell people who are stupid that they are lies which they really are, big groups of people who pay off the media. So many movies show some true parts of how the process really happens, Like part of the manchurian cantidate at the beginning going with a particular group etc. I like ron paul I really do but mitt romney is a complete fake. I have to go with gingrich somewhat or rick S. Dont give me thumbs down im just saying and not trying to tell any of you who to vote for. Just one thing Please for all our sakes we cant have obama is office with scranton boy vice president.

      39. Romney dislikes assault weapons,made it clear in 2004.Govenor of a state that breaks balls on gun owners,yeah vote him in.Super NEO CON Rick,another gem,Newt just an old establishment type,another winner.Ron paul cannot serve UNDER Anyone.Ron cannot serve two masters,one his advocated beliefs or sit under someone who opposes those core Paul beliefs.Sooooooo,I see garbage in/garbage out cycle as usual.CFR bought and paid for Globilist.

        • good call on romney on assault weapons. they are not assault weapons and I hate that terminology about them. Thanks for posting that info. He is a coward and a POS in my eyes. I’m prepared for all of this to go down, they will not stop us. We have the upper hand in the long run, without their system and idiots that set laws, if all hell breaks lose its a free america again

      40. Love Ron Paul also, but if Obama gets in again we won’t have to just put up with him. He will likely get to appoint two or three Supreme Court Justices, witch will mean we’ll be stuck with that bastard for decades. My dog is a better choice than Obama. Please, use your head for more than a hat rack!

      41. There’s only so much that I can do as an individual. Yes, even me! I’m more interested in making the right (pun intended) decisions at the crucial forks in the road to life. Stock car and combat tandem seat aircraft drivers have a hard time turning right quickly. Okie probably just leans into the turns and has multiple cup holders. Will be interesting to see what metals do depending on who gets elected….or re-elected.

      42. I admire and respect Ron Paul greatly, although I wish he was a little younger and could convey his thoughts a little better. I mean the man is so smart and full of good ideas and insight he sometimes stumbles over his words a little bit and to his haters it makes him look like a mumbler. But hey, nobodys perfect right? This whole Fakestream media report about a Romney/Paul alliance is nothing but a bunch of horseshit. Ron Paul would never sell out and I don’t know why the fuck Rand would even consider being Butt Romney’s VP. His daddy taught him better than that. I cant stand that MF’er Santorium. Does anyone else notice during the last debate how Santorium kinda rolled his eyes and had that smug fuckin look on his face when Ron was talking? I hate arrogant pricks like that! Nope if Ronny boy dont get the win Im writin him in!!! And if he sells out (which he wont the Paul name will be forever tarnished!!!

        • I get a chuckle out of the stumbling part.Well, he doesn’t need a teleprompter and he never changes his beliefs. OTOH my wife says he reminds her of Mr. Magoo…..

        • RP is not mumbling, he is just having difficulty relating his thoughts to slow and ignorant viewers, you know, all the simplifying he has to do, never enough time for it in debates 😀

      43. The apathy and fatalism I’m seeing from some people on here is really disappointing. Actually it’s more than disappointing – it’s infuriating! This is a time to be passionate about a cause, not sighing deeply and saying, “Yeah, well, we’re screwed.”

        Some of you need to give your heads a big resounding shake – you are talking like quitters, like the deed is already done, boohoo….there’s nothing we can do.

        Fight for them. Be the squeaky wheel. Boisterously insist on being heard.

        To back down now is to die.

        It’s not over until we all give up, and I know most of us here aren’t ready to do that.

        The negativity and the ACCEPTANCE of the way things are – those characteristics make you just as bad as the enemy.

        You folks that say there’s nothing you can do – you need to take a stand or get outta the way. You need to stop naysaying the people who are fighting for their own rights as well as YOURS. If you aren’t part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

        • God save the queen.

          • Eloquent as always, Rich99.

            • “It’s all I can do.”

          • You could have told her to come home rich. The Canadian dollar is stronger then the US dollar, and is seen as a safe haven to park your money these days. True patriots are living the American dream / nightmare and fighting the good fight here in the US. It is easy to say rise up and fight when you are hiding behind a Maple leaf. Publish your blog, have your say, but in the end you are no better than the cowards who ran to Canada during the Vietnam war. Come home and fight with us or don’t. We know where you stand at this point

            • It’s easy to be judgemental when you know nothing about my personal situation. People’s lives occasionally have limitations and boundaries for many different reasons.

              I’m doing what I can which is more than some and less than others.

              What, CHBQ, are YOU doing to “fight the good fight”?

            • I’ve got your back Daisy. Bloom in place.

        • Daisy:

          It takes a lot of momentum to overcome $16 trillion in debt and crack whores that vote five times in each election. Because TRUE patriots won’t back down, it’s going to get ugly down here. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m in a position to know I’m right. Lock and load. It’s coming in a year or two… We’ll make Greece look like a picnic in the park.


        • Daisy: What you have failed to realize that there are many “plants” here. Not the potted variety, but propagandists spewing defeatism, discouragement, and despair.

          It is a blatant attempt at psyc ops, easily discerned by the loser mentally they project. It is pure propaganda.

          Don’t be disheartened. Recognize your enemy.

      44. As much as I would love to see Ron in office.. I will vote for whomever is the Rep candidate.. I don’t want Obama putting another Judge on the Supreme court. If that happens you can say bye-bye to your second amendment rights! As Michelle O said, “they only need one more.”

      45. Hello Montana Mike from the central region of the Big Sky Country!!! The wind is not the only thing that blows out here but wouldnt want to be anywhere else but in this state!!!!

      46. I was to sad/disgusted to even read all the other comments and I apologize if this has already been said enough. But I’ll have my 2C worth. Sorry to say this; but just what do any of you think can be done? Yes, there are dozens of small things that could be done,but in reality I’m afraid it’s to late. If Mr Paul was elected he’d just get the blame. I don’t think he can fix anything.
        Sorry I’mjust tired of it all.

        • @Paranoid, I think the idea behind voting for Ron Paul is to stop making things worse, not fix everything.

          Goes with this saying, if you find yourself in a hole and you want to get out, the first thing to do is to stop digging. All the other candidates want to keep digging.

          • Most want to rent a trackhoe.

        • @Paranoid, your comment reminded me of this other comment, you might agree with it, eh:

          “Recently, we’ve indicated that we don’t think there is a pro-active solution outside of mass civil disobedience. We think the sooner the current system collapses the better. The ultimate solution is devolution. Small communities interlinked voluntarily within the context of private commerce, private money, private education, private justice, personal spirituality, etc. Nothing fancy. Just smallness rather than bigness. Local power. Human action.” – DB

      47. I thought this portion of the listing was kind of funny, maybe some here will too:

        you might be a libertarian if…

        * If you’re proud you have enough supplies to last a year… you might be a libertarian.
        * If how to store gold is an issue for you… you might be a libertarian.
        * If bullets, car parts, cigarettes, canned food and zippo lighters are viable forms of money for you… you might be a libertarian.

      48. I bet that if everyone in this country voted for anyone but Obama..we’d still get Obama..Or the exact same policies.
        faith in any of that system is a joke..any of it, and any of them.

        until I start hearing REPUBLIC being a part of their speaches, and REPUBLIC being the descriptive term for our counrty and form of government, thru out our congress, senate, and house. and president..until I see it run as a republic, than its all a sham.
        every one in this 2 party system need to be locked in a room togeather until they rip each other apart. But in the mean time we the people have a country to run, and they are no longer invited,,go fight among themselfs..just go some where away from us while we get the job done. Your Fired!

        • Most still do not see that two parties are just an ILLUSION of choice.

        The Greek military are about to take back their country!

        Please US citiizens – as the largest nation in the Western World this is your LAST chance to halt the juggernaught on the highway to hell.

        If Ron Paul is not on the ballot paper – write his name on it!

        Fox, and the MSM are not supposed to decide upon your leadership. You the citizen choose, (while you still can, this may be your last election for a loooong time).

        The sand has slipped thru the hourglass.

        • And these are the Days of Our Lives. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. My mom watched that show for 30 years.

      50. it’s time to john galt the whole damn thing. vote for obama to bring about the collpase. let’s stop kicking the can down the road.

      51. LMAO…”the Insider”… Has anybody read any of this guys interviews? This guy is supposed to have deep inside connections. He never says ANYTHING concrete. Just vague references to this no name guy or that no name guy.You can get more reliable information on MSM. I personally think he’s more of a Maxwell Smart than an insider.As for the “the lesser of two evils” I will write in Ron Paul rather than vote for any of the other NWO puppets.

      52. To Paranoid, The only thing we can do is express our disgust with the establishment candidates and no matter what vote with our hearts and minds on one man who has the moral dignity to be president. That man is Ron Paul. I dont care if he wins I will vote for him no matter what because I want to go to my grave knowing i didnt settle for the lesser of two evils. Other than that i think it will take an uprising of young people much stronger and unified than OWS to send a message to our parents and the govt. that we want REAL hope and REAL change! Our futures are at stake here, not just people that are retiring and want to keep the status quo going on indefintely with the ponzi schemes that are SS and medicare. I personally as a 31 yr old man am sick of paying into a system that I have no hope of sharing in on one day!! I think that the folks that have paid into it by having their wages stolen from them all these years need to be paid back but for us GenXers and millenials we need to have better options. Whether that can happen or not I dont know, but I do know we are getting more pissed by the day and we are tired of the bullshit!!! RON PAUL 2012 OR BUST!!!!

        • Hello C..M

          Can we all shout the following in unison??:

          “I am mad as hell,and I am not going to take this anymore!!” ….from the movie ‘Network’ 1976

          Boy,I feel better. I hope all of you do! (MM)

      53. Why would I vote for mit? He’s a bag of shit from taxechuettes (home of the drunken boot leggin’ kennedys), closet anti-gun, supported obama care.

        Newt? Another bag of shit. Supported NAFTA. Wonder where all those manufacturing jobs went? Idea man behind “contract with America” (FAILED). Closet globalist. Part of the good ol’ boy republicans. Acts like he has new ideas but tows the party line.

        My take on the democrats and republicans: Democrats are not democrats, they are bomb throwing Bolsheviks, whittling away at the US. Democrats want to make communism succeed at any cost and show the world they can make it work. History shows that it did not and will not, look at the USSR. Democrats are rabid on tearing apart the Constitution, by hook or crook. They do not care. Good democrats are ones that no longer vote and have been placed 6 foot under.

        Republicans: they “used” to fight for the American Dream but now strictly support multinational corporations. Republicans went where the money is, deep pockets of corporations. Republicans compromise with the communists day in and day out. There is NO compromise with these pigs. Compromising and letting the reds have their way without a fight is not strong leadership to me. Republicans attempt to be the good sheriff riding the white horse with high moral values and fortitude. Give it up, shoot “bad bob” in the back and get it over with. Taking the moral high road is not doing them any favors.

        We’re tired of both parties scamming We The People. The American people have been ponzied and scammed to the point that a french style revolution is looking better and better every day. Throw the bums out by elections? Sounds great, until you start figuring out how much their retirement packages cost us. And then they come back as lobbyists for government contracts for big corporations.

        No, I’m done with both parties. They are not representing We The People’s interests anymore, they simply throw out the scraps and tell the little people that’s the best they can do. It’s because their deep pocket handlers are telling them to do that.

        My vote for Ron Paul is handing both parties a big “F*CK YOU!”. No more “you should vote for Mr. X because he’s a republican and that’s all we got to defeat the left”. This excuse no longer works. You keep throwing bags of shit out there and telling us it tastes like ice cream. It’s all or none, I refuse to take 50-60-70% anymore.

        • Hello H.Nelson’

          Your post is the type I enjoy reading. A strong personal opinion for a candidate with a lot of punch (backup/backround). Again great post (MM)

      54. Guys we will be darn lucky if we make it to a real election without a complete collapse of the dollar, complete and total civil disorder, starvation, and pestilence. When the dollar collapses our consumer economy dependent on imports paid for by freshly printed dollars will vanish overnight. No fuel, food, medical services, power, or defense needs. People of good heart will have to band together to survive. We are talking about a tribal society, not a national one. The choice of occupant of the WH won’t make a difference. The Military members will go home to protect their families or band wbith others to take wbhat they need. Sorry to be so gloomy, but I’m an economist.

        • Lord I.

          ADD..’realist’..’pessimist’..and ‘fatalist’. Hope you’re are strong Prepper too. The dollar collapse will certainly bring about “TEOTWAWKI”. TKS, Lord I. (MM)

        • I believe you Lord Insidious. I’ve been hearing this for almost three years now what is coming. I’m hoping we have a little more time to get ready but now that the price of gas that is going to push everything we buy so much higher, its not going to be easy for a lot of people. Hard times are coming.

        • LI:

          I fear… You are right. I will participate in politics, but my SOCOM 16 is never far from my reach…

          God bless,

          • Browncoats Forever.

      55. Excellent post NetRanger, this country is far too obsessed with celebrity and not enough with the heroic sacrifices that our troops make everyday. I mean who gives a shit about Steve Jobs and Whitney when our guys and gals are getting shot up everyday? Everytime I see my friends that I used to go to middle school with that went to Iraq to get almost killed in a humvee and now suffer PTSD, facial injuries, and drug addiction I curse the bastards that sent my friends over there to die for globalist greed!!! Fuck them and go Ron Paul the only voice of sanity in this election!!! No More Wars For Globalist Whores!!!!

      56. With stupidity like some of you have, it’s good that we prep. We’re going to need it. Bad!

      57. if i thought it really made a differance who was elected i probably wouldnt be a prepper i’d be in politics

      58. If it was up to Ron Paul all drugs would be legalized and Iran would be allowed to have nukes. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for a nuclear attack on the US. That’s not an exaggeration.

        • Ummmmm….if we got out of Iran’s business they’d have no reason to nuke us. Who are we to “allow” or disallow another country to do anything?

          Ron Paul 2012.

          • Canada? Does close count.

          • Not likely Daisy. Islam is too radical for co-existence. This is a clash of ideology that would come sooner or later anyway, as it is in essence a clash between good and evil, prohesied long, long, ago and far, far, away.

            This is the PLAN of the One Behind The Curtain. Better for it to come now than later. All of the pieces are falling into place.

            WE know the outcome and can look forward to that victory which has already been won. Lots of time people but keep prepping.

        • @Barn Cat,

          Wow! You paid attention for once! Yes, if Ron Paul was elected he would pursue a policy of increasing the freedom and liberty of the individual at the expense of the power of Washington DC and the police state embodied by the “War on Drugs”. If you have a problem with drugs then don’t use them. If you like militarized police forces, SWAT teams kicking in doors at the wrong address in the middle of the night and shooting homeowners attempting to defend their families, and like having to produce ID and give address info just to be allowed to purchase Sudafed and cough syrup, then keep up your bashing of decriminalizing narcotics. As for me, I will choose liberty with all of its messiness and explicit personal responsibility over the tyranny of a police state put in place “for our own good”.

          As for your other objection concerning Iran, I submit to you the story of King Canute of England. You may not know this story as I suspect you had a public school education. I had one too but they were not able to kill my curiousity and love of history. Now King Canute commanded the waves to retreat while his courtiers and noblemen watched. In some retellings he even grabbed a broom and attempted to sweep back the sea. The point of his doing so was to show his followers that even a great king had limits to his power. The point we should take from the story is that even a imperial power like the United States has limits to its power. Do you suppose that we will be able to keep Iran from aquiring nukes in perpetuity? How about other countries? Will we forever be forced to increase our imperial overreach into every corner of the planet and stomp our jackboot into the face of every last person in every country to “ensure” our security?

          You want to know what would happen when Iran aquires nukes? Make no mistake, they will with or without the leadership of Dr Paul. With our provocations they certainly could not be blamed for wanting to strike at us or our surrogates. We have a long history of interference in Iran going back to the 1950s and the push to aquire nukes is as much about keeping us from doing to them what we did to Iraq and Afghanistan on either side of their country. If we had no history of interference and they nuked us out of the blue, you can be assured that a Paul administration would come down on those responsible with the full might of our country until every last fundamentalist mullah had assumed room temperature. A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for further provocation around the world and an eventual nuclear attack on the US.

          • Well Said Mr Heinlein !!

            • I am sure that somewhere, somewhen, Lazarus Long, Adam Selene, Pixel, Dora, Friday, and the Bard himself are all smiling!

          • ~Moon~


            That’s precisely why I’m voting for him!

          • Well-put.

          • Has any country determined to have nukes been deterred from obtaining them?

        • Holland has all drugs (hard included) decriminalized. Not legalized, just decriminalized. They have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Something to think about when “war on drugs” in shoved down your throat.

          “A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for a nuclear attack on the US”. Are you repeating after Rush or Ann? Or after Faux News maybe? Do some research and form your own unbiased opinion. Don’t just blindly believe everything you hear on TV and radio.
          Good luck and be safe.

      59. doea ANYONE really think that the cabal that runs this country
        indeed the world
        really cares all that much who is in office?
        Republican or Democrat or even Ron Paul ??
        I dont think they do
        they buy who and what they need regardless of political party affiliation
        they’ve donated tens of millions to Obama,who supposedly hates big business (stock market at 13,000,companies making record breaking profits)
        and they done the same for the Republicans

        it isn’t Republican vs Dem
        or even liberal vs conservative
        its US vs THEM
        and we are losing and always have
        time to dust off the guillotine

        • ~~~they buy who and what they need regardless of political party affiliation~~~

          And if they can’t be bought, there’s always a slippery bath tub….or a heart attack.

      60. Can’t remember where I read it – was it here???

        Anyway, it goes:

        No matter who you vote for, the government gets elected.

        • Classic!

      61. Quotation by Carroll Quigley, historian for the CFR.

        “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

        Now comes an anonymous person called “Ulsterman” who tells us that we must vote Republican to get rid of a Democrat. Mac Slavo, why are you posting this garbage from this mouthpiece for the “two” party cartel?

        I don’t give a rat’s a__ whether it’s Obama or Romney or Santorum in 2012. If Ron Paul’s not on the Republican ballot, then I’ll vote for a third party candidate. The Republican Party can go DIE.

      62. I have been lurking in the shadows of SHTF for over a year ~ reading, learning, often thinking that blood might just actually start shooting out of my eyes.
        With this political post I paused, gave it a good thinkin’ and in my humble opinion ~ what the heck has happened. This has become such a machine that we are debating ‘who is / what ticket is’ electable. How voting for Dr. Paul based purely on the fact that he represents what I desire, as a citizen of the USofA, to be my president has been degraded to mean nothing. This because the machine churned on, we become constipated on what we have been ‘told’ will fix IT ~ else you will live with the consequences. The very privilege of voting has become vote buying because of obscene amount of $$$ and political influence has the voter casting doubt on why he even goes to the poll. We are in sad, sad shape, folks. I am sickened to have my choice be “do I participate in the mockery” while my one wee voice says “I will vote for who will be represent me” because that what VOTING is for; and if the rest of the sheeple screw us to the wall then at least I know my vote was mine – not based on what might get us out of this unfixable mess. The debate is good until it becomes no debate, just a pre-programed decision.
        And the crowd goes wild without knowing the ‘fix’ has been baked in. Personally, I’m just gonna keep prepping. It is really the only thing I CAN control.
        /// rant off/// thanks, Mac, for the opportunity to do so.

        • Weevoice, thanks for joining the conversation… I’m with you – all we can do at this point is prepare for the worst. Even if Ron Paul was elected President I believe we have passed the point of no return. That, and Paul’s ideas would completely turn this system on its head, and the transition would not be pretty.

          • Some aspects of the transition would be pretty (maybe even the majority of it?) and that’s the ball People need to keep their eyes on.

            Kind of like how it was for many of our ancestors, the boat ride across the ocean and the accommodations on shore weren’t pretty,… but it was often better than where they came from and once they got settled in things became great. People need to focus on that imho. Otherwise, why prep?

            • Maybe I didn’t word that one just right? What I meant was, the day after the federal war against some drugs is ended and lives are no longer ended due to the support of the fascists,… and families are no longer torn apart for victimless crimes, that day will be glorious, more so than any fireworks display I’ve ever seen.

              If some states want to continue the pointless bloodshed and spending time tearing apart bits of society in their state, that’s on their end,… but not everyone will go along with the same old, same old and some states will be nice to live in.

              When the troops come home and are reunited with their families and the war drum stops,… that too will be a pretty thing to behold.

              Warmongers everywhere tend to disagree,… hopefully they will change their minds someday.

            • Clark: If you are alluding to “illegal immigration” as being a “victim less”” crime, tearing families apart, you are wrong.

              Illegal Immigration is not a victim less crime (as the statistics of crimes committed by illegals show) and it is a strategy by the PTB to undermine the Sovereignty of America, replace the US Constitution with the North American Union under the UN, and LEGALLY implement Agenda 21.

              One cannot support either illegal immigration or the managed trade of the GB’s and be either a Patriot or a believer in personal liberty.

              Both are strategies of the NWO designed to destroy America and the personal liberty that the US Constitution champions.

              They are anathema to individual freedom.

            • Yeah, we know, DK wants to set up a police state here so the illegals don’t help to create a NWO police state here. ? Yeesh.
              No, I wasn’t alluding to “illegal immigration” as being a “victim less”” crime, can’t you read?

              Criminals are criminals, doesn’t matter if they’re illegal aliens or not, the question is was there a crime? If so, there are ways to deal with that without turning the country into a large outdoor prison.

              If a Person wanted to they could look up this article and see an accurate description of the types of People DK likes to demonize.

              The Illegals: Another Angle by Fred Reed

              “… men and women who will claw and save for a coyote, and ride that godawful train, at dead serious risk of being raped, robbed, tortured and beaten into medical curiosities left beside the tracks, who will cross into a hostile country whose language they do not know, and live in constant fear of being caught, all to feed their families and just maybe give them a better life in a better place – I think they deserve other than utter contempt.”

            • Clark: If you were not such a bleeding heart liberal ALWAYS defending the invasion of America by ILLEGALS, I would not have mistaken your rant as referring to someone, other than ILLEGALS, as you failed to specify the group you were talking about.

              LOU ROCKWALL SUCKS!!! 🙂

        • WVITW

          …”I’m just going to keep on prepping. It is really the only thing I CAN control.” No rant just the TRUTH.

          A thoughtful first post. Let’s read more…. (MM)

      63. Listen folks keep your eyes on the bouncing ball and that is Barack Hussein Obama… Getting yourselves all lathered up over Rick, Ron or Mitt…oh yeah and Newt is utterly feckless.

        I think everyone can appreciate that passions run deep and largely because we all love our country and we see this “Coward and Chief” run our economy and national security onto the rocks.

        Speak to your candidates strengths but more importantly look for common ground where together you can direct a collective focus on President Obama, his policies, his cabinet, administration and politics.

        No matter which one of these four men get the nomination, it is important to remember that we will ALL need to lock arms and support the Nominee. This is one election where sitting out in protest, or poisoning the well; does nothing but ensure your own demise.

        I am an AMERICAN and so are you! So let us remember that it is we AMERICANS that must win back our country’s future. Have a great weekend everyone and may God bless you and our country!

      64. Fuck the Republicans! I’m voting for Dr Ron Paul, even if I have to write his name on the “Write-In” Line.

        Disclaimer: Registered Republican

      65. Will provide y’all a series of documents from a good American. I sent an email to Daisy and if she does report on what I sent, she will let y’all know and what we will post. What are your thoughts? – VOTE –

        Y’all Beware!

      66. I would not vote for anyone other than Ron Paul or a Libertarian or Constitution Party alternative. I consider the Republican and Democratic Parties to be no different than factions of the Mafia that vie for control, both intending to continue the criminal enterprise that the federal government has become.

        I would vote for a Romney / Paul ticket if I knew Romney had fast acting terminal cancer.

      67. if ron paul is on the ticket, he will have my check mark. if not, the checkmark goes to anyone whose name is not obama..just imagine the crap that a new president is gonna have to deal with and clean up after matter which one gets the job, he is gonna have one big hell of a mess on his hands to deal with, and it will take some time to do it too. and in the meantime, we should continue prepping cause we are gonna be in for some tough and lean times no matter what happens or who gets voted into office.

      68. Ron Paul plots with Mitt to fix the election what a duche bag. He stands for nothing………….

      69. The vote is a meaningless joke because its fixed! The only way to become president is to be seriously compromised in some way. The weakness is useful to the puppet-masters and is exploited to achieve their aim. Obama was selected to dismantle the USA through collapse of the currency, the economy and any remnants of the Constitution. His first term was only a preview; the second term will be the finish of what we know as America. The difference in America between 2008 and 2016 will be astounding! We already see the parasites feasting on the rotting corpse with the banksters, the war dogs and security culture.
        Good Luck

        • Sad to say,J_Ct. But I must agree. Except for the 2016 date. I don’t believe we will ever see that date as USA intact.

      70. I was about to go with my friends here that say,”Ron Paul all the way or no vote at all”… Butttt.. After reading Michelle Malkin’s article on “4 Billion dollar Slush Fund via Obamacare” I just kept mouth pukeing and the bad taste of the scams the “Green Energy Companies” have pulled off with the Kenyan faggot, just keeps me gagging. Remember: Solyndra-$528 mil.,Beacon Power-$43 mil., Ener 1 $118 mil., and all are now belly up with US taxpayers paying interest payments every day on the $689 million loss. Now I say, If a thrice peckered billy goat could get elected, I’d vote for it.

      71. Tell your friends and family to register republican so they can vote for RP in the primary. I too, am a registered republican. Even have the concealed carry permit and a loaded republican in the shoulder holster at this very moment. Don’t make me unholster this thing! It might go off!

        Most say Ron Paul doesn’t have a snowball’s chance. Well, that’s enough of a chance for me.

        Snowball/Flying Pig 2012 pass it on

        • Why? Change your affiliation to “Undecided”. Doing so allows you to pick which party’s ballots you’d like to vote for. I don’t get the junk mail and phone calls from either party after changing.

      72. if the GOP would rather screw over ron paul then fix the country then they deserve Obama.

        • You have a good point Rachel, but the reason that they are screwing over Ron Paul is that he represents a threat to the established power structure. The GOP prefers Obama to DR Paul.

          Globalists flock together.

      73. My consideration is the USSC as the next POTUS will get the chance to replace probably 3 Judges and this could severely damage the 2nd Amendment – lets not forget how closely we almost lost the right of gun ownership – just 1 (one!) vote. Obama will make sure the Supreme Court hears another 2A case if he’s still in the WH – after he’s stacked the Court with anti-2A Judges.

        Apart from all this, we have concluded it does not matter at all who wins, the FINANCIAL trajectory that America is on is TERMINAL – there is no saving it. Shame yes, but empires come and go and most of the population are too wrapped in computer games, iPhones, un-reality TV shows and busy trying to make ends meet to see it coming.


      74. Obama and the repulbicans are equally bad for this country

        I will vote for RP even if I have to write it in

      75. what if we had election day come and NOBODY showed up to vote>>>>> what if we all drove to Washington left our cars on the highways and bridges and took busses back home…….I seriously believe we will have some DISASTER >>>>natural or man made well enough ahead of time>>>so TIME is running OUT Prep Prep Prep

      76. Ron Paul 2012 !

        and I hope he ain’t jivin me too.

        Do we have a plan B, incase Ron Paul does not get elected?

        • ~Joe Rocker!

          *(quote)—Do we have a plan B, in case Ron Paul does not get elected?—(unquote)*


          Yes sir, we do!

          Its called Civil War-II or the 2nd American Revolution!
          ….& its going to be FORCED upon us if we aren’t irradiated via WW-III, prior to the election!!!!

          • Gunsmith , you remind me of that guy who stood in front of the tank in china in the square . How many RPGs do you have to stop armored vehicles ? How many Seals , Special forces , Rangers , Paratroopers, Marines are you going to be able to stop ? Face it ,you can’t this is just going to be another BOHICA moment that will last a lifetime . For all of us .

            • Airborne they haven’t got enough military to control our population. The don’t have enough armored vehicles. Besides, the military are us. Our military will not fight against their own.

            • Airborne71,
              If you know people in the Military you would know that most of them are on our side and WILL defend the Constitution against ALL enemies both Foreign and our Government!

            • Nam Marine,

              Sarting when? The Constitution of the USA has been getting trampled on for years, where are all of these protectors and defenders. It all sounds great, but words without action are just words. Why do we, as Americans, always fall for the words and never look beyond them for the actions that almost always never follow? I guess that says alot about who we really are as a people and why we are at this crossroads in our history!! I don’t think we are going to be able to talk or type this into a “happy ending”.

            • ~Airborne71~

              Well sir…notice I used the word “FORCED”…which, in the context of this debate, implies that the goobermint must either kill or disarm myself & the millions of Americans who possess (light) weapons, courage, a deep commitment/love of the Constitution & faith in their Creator.

              I command no army, no heavy weaponry, no armor…I have no SF A-team or Ranger back-up…nor close air support of any kind. In short…I’m “shit out of luck” when the balloon goes up!
              But then again…so were the people of Afghanistan…& they’ve managed to fight NATO’s “gizmo-weaponry equipped” military to a stand still.

              I’m +50 & quite aware that I’m not a physical match for a 20 something Marine rifleman…nor are my skill-sets on par w/ a young Army/Marine (+1km) sniper….

              Yet, I can still sprint 200yds…I can put one in their chest @ 700 & I’m intelligent enough to understand my priority target is the guy w/ a scoped rifle & his spotter….and the second priority is the OIC(officer in command)!

              There are 100s of thousands of middle aged men(+40 & up) in this country, who know how to…”do things, make stuff & read between the lines”….they understand that in an insurgency scenario, you never attack the enemy’s strength head-on.

              You go after his weaknesses…you make him spread his resources thin…you overload his intel w/ false data…you deny him raw materials…you sabotage the infrastructure he deems strategic… force him into a “GREEN-ZONE” mentality/defensive mind-set……
              ….& above all, its imperative that you force HIM to become the primary recruiter for your cause!!!

              A revolution/civil war situation in the USA(should it ever occur), is not something that will be a month long affair…its duration will likely span years…w/ a corresponding death toll vastly exceeding all US wars to date….& the enemy knows this!
              Which explains their oft repeated mantras about…”population control”


              With regards to the current active duty military…..I have some serious reservations with their leadership(generals = starred cowards)….they did nothing when congress expanded the # of career(MOS’s) open to females…now we have them serving on Navy boomers & fast attack subs…& in Iraq, a few years back we had 7-8-10 KIA’d, captured & tortured/killed…..WTF man???
              IMO, women/females are to be protected, not used as cannon fodder!!!!!!

              Recently, the Joint Chiefs surrendered to the open & out of the closet “homo-sexual” brigade’s demands, to serve w/o retribution via the UCMJ……they abandoned their “men/troops” on a political battlefield…for the sake of their own careers!!!
              Such cowardice, does not inspire confidence to the rank & file grunts!

              The regime’s “command legislation” is designed to undermine & ultimately destroy the unit cohesion of America’s combat arms soldiers…..& still the generals have done nothing!!!

              Naturally, resistance is to be found at the E-5 to E-8 levels…your mid/senior NCOs….many are retiring/refusing to re-enlist.
              In reality, its an ideological purge, writ large….& the consequences bode ill, for this nation’s future!
              They’re politicizing the military, sir!


              I could go on for hours pontificating on this subject & analyzing its tangents…so for the sake of brevity, let me say this:…

              …I don’t expect to survive a confrontation w/ the goobermint. But I’ll do my level best to make it expensive for them, when they come for me!

              I am sick & tired of their shit. I understand “Joe Stack’s mindset & his motivation”, yet deplore his target selection abilities & modus operandii.
              I get the impression his effort was an impulsive decision, a (near) spur of the moment thing….he could have done a lot more damage w/ a little planning & there’s a bunch of smart folks here, who’ll agree w/ me in that regard.

              In the end Airborne71….should we find ourselves in a Rev #2 or Civil War-II scenario…

              I hope, that those Americans who refuse to resist tyranny will, at the very least…surrender their weapons, their ammo and their balls…………..

              ……… someone with the guts to use them!!!!


              Airborne71…do not take the above personal. I am NOT defaming you in any way.
              I do think many of my countrymen will roll over w/o a fight….& the above final comment is aimed at them!!!

              —Peace dude—!!!

          • Perish the thought, but Gunsmith may be right.

          • Gunsmith,
            You are right on Brother…….SEMPER FI !

        • Plan? There is no plan pig killer.

        • Ron Paul will never get elected.
          Media alienation has made damned sure of that.
          If he does, I doubt he will make into the WH…
          If he gets lots support but not enough to win, he becomes the 1st “Ross Perot” of the 21st Century and guaranties Obama the next 4 years in office.

          The is no Plan B.
          Its just reality and it depends on how much you hate Obama and what his real agenda is about.

          How someone with no validated birth, eductional or early life historical records could have become the most powerful man on Earth without being vetted by historians and media is beyond me.

          There is alot at stake here, choose wisely.


      77. Picking between Obama and any of the three Republicans (with the exception of Ron Paul), is like choosing between a sudden death (Obama) and slow wasting away (Republicans). The end result is the same. You’re dead.

        Maybe what we need, as Thomas Jefferson suggested is needed every so often, is a good old-fashioned revolution….which would of course imply a second civil war.

        Yes….it would be devastating. Yes…this country would never be the same.

        But perhaps it’s what’s needed. Because I’m betting that if it happens, it won’t end up like the Russian Revolution. I’m betting there are enough freedom loving Americans left that we could bury these leftist tyrants once and for all and return to a free republic.

      78. Oh….by the way…..If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal.

      79. blah blah blah, it’s the same garbage every four years.

        you have NO say in anything, it’s an illusion. voting is a sham. stop wasting your time, energy and resources.

        • you type all that by yourself?

      80. People, let’s all remember. The POPULAR VOTE does NOT elect the POTUS. The Electoral College does. Thats right. YOUR VOTE IS AN ILLUSION. IT DOESN’T MATTER! And basically, it’s a numbers game. Voting tabulations are easily manipulated…after all, can YOU really know how many of your fellow Americans voted a certain way??? HELL NO! And, WHO has control of the voting statistics? Well, let’s just say it’s nobody you know and trust. So, anyway, it doesn’t matter who the People want…..the globalists will jam whoever they want down our throats until we can no longer reasonably exist.

      81. I Don’t think we will see an election , when this president attacks Iran its over , Iran will hit back with terror squads here in the USA as well as abroad and this president will declare Martial Law ,that dis-bands congress and the supreme court and ends any chanch of an election , obama becomes supreme ruler of the nation once known as the United States of America . He can with the stroke of a pen sign anyones death warrent, force anyone into a detention camp , impose any law he sees fit to foist on all of us . He will be backed up by the Military that is duty bound to follow his orders like them or not . Mark my words its going to happen .

        • I don’t know about you, but I have no plans of getting on the trucks headed to the “re-education camps”. As to the orders, the oath is to the Constitution, not to any one person or group but to the document and values held in it. All US Authority is derived from this one piece of parchment. As to the military. Do the numbers, US forces and law enforcement combined are outgunned 300 to 1.

          Officers in the military that are “politically connected” would follow right or wrong orders, they’re in it for themselves and would be ruthless to attaining their goals. There is a small percentage that would not and split off or covertly assist.

        • NO ONE is “duty bound” to follow an “unlawful order”. I don’t care WHO issues the unlawful order. In FACT, all are duty bound to REJECT/REFUSE any and all unlawful orders.

          Iranian “terror squads”…try watching and researching something not “reported/created” on FUX NEWS and the other lame-stream-cohorts.

          The scenario of suspended elections and implementation of martial law may very well playout as you describe. Just not for the reasons you suggest. “Iranian Terror Squads”….really?!?!

          There will no doubt be “terror squads” operating and “Iranian” will not be the appropriate label for them. Don’t become an unwitting propaganda agent for a gooberment and media that already have more than enough.

      82. I GOT THE PITCH FORK READY, SEE YOU ALL IN HELL BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      83. Fuck it, vote for Ron Paul. All this “you’re throwing away your vote and handing the election to the incumbent” shit is what we hear every time, and every time we get nothing but a clone of the last guy, but with a different name.

        If EVERYONE “threw their vote away” on Ron Paul, they wouldn’t be throwing their vote away, would they?

        So that’s what I’m going to do.

        Do you know why?

        Because all the other Republican candidates are ALSO Obama. Just like Obama is Bush. I am now 100% convinced of this.

        So voting for anyone other than Ron Paul definitely IS throwing my vote away.

        I’m hoping there are enough people just willing to stop thinking about all the fricking statistical angles and Paul’s “chances of winning” and just vote for him blind.

        Because rest assured, it will make zero, and I mean absolutely zero difference if Obama or Gingrich is in the White House.


        I mean if it wasn’t for Ron Paul I wouldn’t even vote. Why bother.

        So when they say a vote for Ron Paul is a vot for “more of the same” because it will dillute Republican votes, I say a vote for ANYONE except him is a vote for more of the same.

        What have you got to lose?

      84. If we’re ‘lucky’ enough to get to vote in November, the ballot will already be auto-filled. I’m so glad we don’t need to think anymore.

      85. Ever notice how America is not even eluded to in the bible quaran Torah ect. We are very effectively destroying ourselfs I don’t think it’s old Barry or Iran or Russia that is our doom I think unfortunately it is we the people who have already allowed our country to be destroyed. I hope the new country after this experiment is over is a free one that my children enjoy I only fear it is with patriots blood it will be brought about. Keep the powder dry and watch your six as well as the man standing next to ya, were not close folks the collapse has already started.

        Aim small hit small

        • DD; We, as a nation called America, are eluded to in the Bible. Not by direct name, but by God’s words and promises to the ten tribes of Israelites that were scattered around the world. If your ancestry goes back to western Europe, you are from that area that the ten tribes settled into after crossing the Caucasus Mountains and became later known as caucasians. The majority of early American settlers were predominately caucasian- Scotch-Irish,English,Dutch,etc.etc… the masses of other races came after the country was well established. That doesn’t make them any less American, so you liberal retards back off; I’m not a racist. We are all God’s children and creation. He said he would rejoin the “two sticks” again in the last days to become one again. God is still in control and these things must happen for a reason. America (not USA as in the government) is still the most blessed and free country in the world. Granted it is dwindeling fast, but it is because of the new generations of spoiled,Hollywood inspired,self-indulgent,liberal minded,lacking of spiritual truths peoples, that seek political correctness over common sense approaches, that have become the voting majority. It is a battle that goes back to the basic core of humanity, good (or what we presume to be good) over evil. Our leaders, as told in the word, will have the “minds of children” in the latter days. They are basically greed stricken and that is in itself evil. It doesn’t matter how many church doors they walk thru, it is how they negotiate and waste the taxpayers $$$ that makes them liars and frauds. Taxation without representation is what we have left.

      86. Quite possibly the whole social issue disagreements between liberal and conservative like abortion and gay marriage is fostered to split the voting block in two different camps to fuel the illusion of self rule. The body politic are given issues to fight about and rally behind that in the major scheme of things are unimportant. Issues like real money, global military intervention, balance of trade and government debt are bypassed as issues for nonsense.

        • You are absolutely right. They push people’s buttons and, let’s admit, most people don’t even realize they are being manipulated. So certain voters just get infuriated and blinded by hate, they forget about any other issue and they vote with their emotion not reason. Just the way TPTB wanted. Mission accomplished.

          We need to start teaching critical thinking in schools (again), so by the time children are old enough to vote they will be able to think for themselves and make independent decisions.

      87. Quite possibly the whole social issue disagreements between liberal and conservative like abortion and gay marriage is fostered to split the voting block in two different camps to fuel the illusion of self rule. The body politic are given issues to fight about and rally behind that in the major scheme of things are unimportant. Issues like real money, global military intervention, balance of trade and government debt are bypassed as issues for nonsense.

      88. SHTFPlan Unauthorized poll: Thumbs up if you did or will vote Romney…

      89. SHTFPlan Unauthorized poll: Thumbs up if you did or will vote Gingrich…

      90. SHTFPlan Unauthorized poll: Thumbs up if you did or will vote Santorum…

        • You know what poll I’d like to see?
          “Mandatory” voting. I would like to see what the poll would look like if ALL eligible voters participated.
          It would be interesting to see how people really feel and how informed they are.

          • Someone faithfully follows my posts. It doesn’t matter what I write, I can always count on one thumb down. Thank you! 😀

          • @Zen, when you say “eligible” is that for LIVE votes or DECEASED votes or both? This admin. can get you both if you like…HA!!

            • Hmmm… I forgot about dead people voting… LOL
              Can be a real game changer 😀

      91. What would it take “for yourself” to realize when it is too late? Another 4 for BO? All guns getting rounded up? FEMA vacation? Forced papers and three x-ray pass through and a pat down in the back room for your beautiful spouse? Swapping for a “coin” that says “In God We Trust” or a picture of Lady Liberty on the front and when you exchange it, you have to pay a tax and you’re not even sure what percentage of tax it is? A youth secondary police with initials on their uniform with no education requirements? Free birth control, free section 8 housing, free phone, free electricity, free food stamps? Free health care? Farting cartoon bears to explain it in layman’s terms?

        • When you say “too late” to what are you referring to?

          The spiral started with creation of the federal reserve. That was made possible 50 or so years earlier by the declaration of martial law that eventually led the to the corporatization of the government.

          It is never too late. It just take more pain and more will the longer it goes.

          I would like to rephrase your question as “What event would make you realize it is time to wake up?” instead.

          Since it is never too late, IMHO, all we have to do is wake up enough people and take the pain. People will die. People will hurt. People will be poor. But, in the end, people will be free. Unfortunately most people are not willing to sacrifice for freedom. They work themselves to death for a dollar but they won’t even read a few paragraphs for freedom. Its not a matter of if its too late, its a matter of misdirection and brainwashing.

          I will always fight for freedom. Its never to late to fight for freedom and liberty. Evil is always there. I wonder if the saints ever told God, “Oh, its too late to send Jesus. They’ve gone over the edge! They’re unredeemable!” I doubt it because they knew what God is capable of.

          I know what the American People are capable of. Given good information and incentive, it is never too late. Will get get those? I don’t know. I pray that they do.

          • Too late for your family or yourself? Do you have a plan?

            Has Germany pulled out of the Euro yet?

            • Rich, I have a plan. I have a massively broad skillset that most people could only dream about. I’m teaching it, as much as possible, to my kids.

              To late for my family? Nope. Like I’m the go to guy for so many things in my community, my children will be also.

              If we can stay alive long enough for the zombies to be dealt with, then I see the rest as a challenge but not insurmountable.

              We’re studying the movie Collapse by Michael Ruppert. While I don’t believe everything he says I do believe that, for one reason or another, oil is going to become somewhat scarce.

              Better learn to deal with it. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. When the fans starts slinging, I’ll be ready.

            • WE DONT NEED OIL

        • Free birth control is not such a bad idea.

          • absolutely
            money well spent
            for every $ spent on birth control
            the savings to society in preventing UNWANTED births
            is in the hundreds of thousands

            • Oh sure, super idea…meanwhile back in the real world, std’s are exploding due to the lack of morals and eduction because now one can have free and guilt free sex without protection. Not to mention all the side effects of bc like hyperfeminization and such.

            • I see you feel passionate about this.
              I hope you agree that STDs and unwanted pregnancies (often leading to neglect and abuse of children) are two different things. And btw, birth control does not imply one should not use protection.
              Nobody here said that there should be no sex education or that morals should be cast aside.
              The problem is (and I am speaking from experience, as someone who actually counseled and treated STD patients): our society is very hypocritical nowadays. We expect “kids” to abstain from sex until marriage, yet, our TV feeds their hearts and minds with sex messages/images all day long. Look at the clothes sold for little girls, they are mini images of grown up clothes. The real values are being deliberately destroyed.
              There is no consistency in education (if one is even provided), they hear one thing and see another. There is often lack of communication at home, and certain school district (often the ones that have the highest teen pregnancy rates) do not allow any education on the subject. I can go on and on, this is a great subject and maybe one day there will be a topic where we can discuss it at length.
              For now I’ll just say this: dear parents, please talk to your teenagers, because if you don’t, they will get all kind of stupid (yes, stupid!) info from their peers and later end up in the clinic like where I used to work.
              If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them yourself (which is fine, it’s not for everyone), ask a friend or a relative that knows the teen and who the teen trusts to do the talking. The peer pressure is very strong and it is difficult for a teen to withstand it alone. The more knowledge they have about the way things “work”, the less are the chances that they will make a mistake.
              It is a wrong assumption that sex education CAUSES teens to have sex. OTOH, no education is proven by statistics to cause teen pregnancies and STD/HIV infections.
              Take care of your children.

          • For thumbdowners: read “Freaconomics” and learn.

            • Since so many here are against welfare, I really don’t understand all the thumbs down. Make up your mind: you are either willing to support unwanted children or you’d rather pay for a birth control.
              I am for birth control – a much cheaper alternative on multiple levels.

            • ZEN MONK

            • Thank you very much for your insightful scream, Eeder.

          • ~Zen Monk~

            *(quote)…Free birth control is not such a bad idea…(unquote)*


            You know, taking your idea one step further……one could reasonably argue that “retroactive abortion” is a valid option, w/ regards to politicians & TPTB!!!!!!

            • I like the way your mind works 😉
              Thanks for the laugh.

        • RICH 99

          • WOW eeder….What happened to all the RP 2012 posts?

            • jrs
              it appears that wont happen, unfortuneately… i think we need to prepare for the worst as a certainty.

      92. SHTFPlan Unauthorized poll: Thumbs up if you did or will vote Paul…

      93. Compromise at the expense of principle is COWARDICE!

      94. Like Judge Napolitano asked, is the 2 party system there to offer you a choice or restrict your choices? By asking the question, he answers the question. I agree with the Judge. When I watched his 5 minute speech, it was as if I was watching myself. The result of all national elections is a predetermined. It makes no difference who wins. The only candidates on the ballot belong to the bad guys. And they let you choose your poison.

        • totally agree with you but not poison but prison, whoever we get its a prison, back in the 50’s 60’s 70’s you could do whatever you wanted. Now they passed so many laws cops used to pull over people and there you go on your way, now its checking your license plates, registration, tags,you been drinking, have anything in the car, where are you going, any drugs stc. this is not freedom and they really are slowly chipping away at them. Does MADD mothers against drunk driving the founders make any money or get rich out of their organization I dont know, does any of you? Id like to know. Id like to see a group Damn, drunks against madd mothers. Im for responsibility but too many laws is the point, Im curious how they are going to try and take away our guns, ammo taxes etc. id like to hear your point friends.

          • Eric, all of the financial records of NPOs or NGOs (non profit or non govt) can be examined. Each of these has a calculated ratio of their overhead (donations and operating costs) too. Non profits are not ‘equal’ in how they conduct their financial business and some are paid whopping salaries. One could argue that many of these organizations are like corporations.

      95. I’m scared for our country… God help us all! We cannot have another 4 years like the last!

      96. don’t vote.

        • Citizen Ron: In what country are you a “Citizen”? “Don’t vote”? That is piss poor citizenship.

          It is also the propaganda of the NWO.

          They do not want US to vote. They do not want US politically active. They FEAR a politically involved citizen. They are afraid to lose their political power.

          These traitors in DC use their political power to legitimize their TREASON; oppress US, trash the US Constitution, and erode OUR liberties.

          Vote America. 90 million gun owners in America can turn this country around without firing a shot. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote!

          Engage your managers or be enslaved by them!

          • durango kid…. its been tried… it isnt working….you are part of the problem.

            • No eeder: You are the problem. You are a fucking LOSER! Americans must have NEW political structures to represent the will of the people, since the major parties are controlled by the (NWO) politicos that run them, create rules to stifle dissent, and give power to a few at the top.

              That structure must be destroyed.

              Want to drop out? Drop out of THAT structure by creating a new one. Otherwise, bend over, kiss your ass goodbye, and expect the green weenie.

              Check your history. Americans have created new political parties before that have become very successful Where do you think the present parties came from.

              Engage your managers or be enslaved by them. They do not fear guns. They have the most powerful collection of military might ever assembled.

              What they FEAR is a political coup, where the people rise up, take the country back and turn the US Constitution and that military power on them!

              WE can make it happen.

            • ZM: I will check the link when I have time. I am aware of the short comings of the present system and understand how it is controlled.

              Egypt was controlled. Russia was controlled. So was the Philippines, Tunisa, Libya, East Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, China, and the list goes on and on and on. Syria is controlled, but that is changing too.

              No country has a better chance to establish their Constitution and reassert themselves and their personal liberties than US. NO ONE.

              It happening. It won’t happen overnight, but it is happening. United WE are invincible.

              If you are truly a “Zen Monk’ then you understand the power of the collective mind, the power of that spirit, to manifest that reality from consciousness to reality.

              Where the mind and the heart and the life are ONE; miracles occur. WE can make a miracle happen here, again.

              America belongs to US, not them.

            • dk, thank you for the reply.
              I do “understand the power of the collective mind, the power of that spirit, to manifest that reality from consciousness to reality” and I do my part 🙂

      97. “Ex-officer Edward Pascucci says he robbed bank to get benefits for ‘severe health problems’ in federal prison”
        Friday, Feb. 24, 2012

        I think this is only the beginning, on the bright side, it may help to end the prison industrial complex. I wonder how many inmates are doing this already?

        Do you suppose this is how the FEMA camps will get filled too?

        H/T: I found the link to this story on infowars.

      98. We need to get the senate and the house. Those should be the priorities. The president is not the most important piece of the pie. We do need to remove Obama, but we need to get the statists out of the congress. Congress passes the laws and spends the money. The president “should” only have veto power and not be passing law.

        Sorry to say it folks, but a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the democrats. Any of the current Repubs and a republican(Tea Party) congress is our only hope.

        • James, if you haven’t been paying close attention, I’ll remind you that Congress has become irrelevant. We don’t have a 3-branch system any longer. Through executive order and tyranny, Obama even declares that he will do as he sees fit and bypass Congress. And he’s still the President??!

        • James: You are absolutely right! In fact, We only need 20% in each: the Senate and the House to change the direction of this country.

          WE have the numbers. WE have the power. WE must exercise that power in NEW political structures that empower Patriots.

          America First!; The Constitution Party; The Patriot Party; are examples of that new political structure.

          Join them. lend them your voice. Give them your vote. Donate your time. Give them a buck.

          Two bucks, if your liberties mean anything to you at all.

      99. PAUL/NAPOLITANO 2012 !

      100. Our Forefathers would have already begun the shooting

        • Nam Marine, All due respect (and I say that, meaning it.)

          Our founding fathers tried every avenue before taking up arms. I think they would be horrified by the state of the country these days, but taking up arms was there last resort and I hope ours as well. Thank you for your service. Peace

        • ~Nam Marine~

          Ain’t that that TRUTH!!!!!!!!

          • Agree!

      101. who was it who said
        “if voting really made a difference they would make it illegal” ?

      102. Has anyone looked up the definition of the word “romney”???


        Three words: “Defecate In Terror”

        In other words, to “scare the shit” out of someone will make them “romney”.

        Hey Mac, why did my other unauthorized polls get deleted?

      103. This is truly a sad article to read. You are encouraging people to discount Ron Paul and vote for *any* other candidate, when it is a FACT that Ron Paul appeals to Republicans, Democrats, AND Independents. RP can acquire votes from across the spectrum and is currently ranked in 2nd PLACE in delegate counts.

        If your readers abandon Ron Paul, “in this eleventh hour,” YOU are helping the establishment Neocons win.

        Santorum does NOT have a chance to win, and neither does Gingrich.

        If you want Obama defeated, you have to vote for Ron Paul. Do you know of any democrats that would vote for Santorum? Romney has the money to potentially win, but short of that, Ron Paul has the grassroots support to take the entire country, especially the Republican nomination. Perhaps you don’t realize that delegates are ultimately what matters, and we have taken over the primaries and county conventions in many states.

        Kevin Hayden

        • Unfortunately this also applies to Ron Paul…

          So get ready for another 4 years of Obama or a Romney Admin that will suddenly turn against Conservative Values about 8weeks into 2013.

          He’s RINO thru & thru and complete UNTRUSTWORTHY.

          We already see Romney now pushing Social Security back a few more years. This wont help SS from running out or the massive unfunded programs either. It just means many people will never be able to get back what they have put in for decades and have to work much longer their final years. And its going to get worse when you factor in high inflation, dollar decline and growing massive US debt.

          I was in Australia this January – guess how much 4gals of gas and a pack of cigarettes cost me? $50 AUD or 53 USD !!
          I could NOT afford to live there..!!

          Its also worth noting that gas in the UK hit $12/gal back in early 2008.

          I told family, co-workers and friends to buy gold more than 4 years ago. At $1773.60 it may still be a good asset to have. 1oz Silver Dollars are also good idea but these are over $39. See

          Dont believe the Media and Market hype – the Greece Deal is not set in stone yet, and the Market has been talking itself up for the last 2 weeks now and the BLS has been playing Unemployment “Fun With Numbers” bigtime. With an Iran event or Greece deal fails, Oil will go to $190, but gold may dip to $1580 for a week+ and then jump skywards as high oil will cause the US economy to crater taking the dollar will it. This is not the time to use the Strat Reserve as a band-aid either.

          Get ready for the Roller Coaster ride.. it wont be pretty.


          • How did ANY of that apply to Ron Paul, as well? You are talking about Romney, the white Obama.

            Ron Paul is a whole different caliber, my friend. Under RP, this country might…just *might*… survive and turn things around.

            Kevin Hayden

      104. Funny. My comments are getting censored and I can not use the thumbs. Farewell to this website I like my info uncensored. Thanx for the 1+ year of info.

        • dr detroit…. agreed…. i think the time has come for us all to choose what side we are on.

      105. Ron Paul 2012

        But I’m not going Ron Paul or Bust…It’s the Bust part that scares me.Think about Our kids and grandkids,do you want them growing up in a Communist society???



            • Or live long enough to action their mandate…
              Heart attacks are popular in some regimes.


          • I know we’ve been brainwashed A LOT about communism, but let’s not just repeat after McCarthy, but look at the definitions.

            Communism is a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of a classless, moneyless, stateless and socialist society structured upon common ownership of the means of production.

            Fascism is a radical authoritarian nationalist political ideology. Fascists seek rejuvenation of their nation based on commitment to an organic national community where its individuals are united together as one people in national identity by suprapersonal connections of ancestry, culture, and blood through a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through discipline, indoctrination, physical education, and eugenics. Fascism seeks to purify the nation of foreign influences that are deemed to be causing degeneration of the nation or of not fitting into the national culture. Fascism promotes political violence and war, as forms of direct action that create national regeneration, spirit and vitality. Fascists commonly utilize paramilitary organizations for violence against opponents or to overthrow a political system. Fascism opposes multiple ideologies: conservatism, liberalism, and two major forms of socialism—communism and social democracy.
            Source: Wikipedia.

            And since fascism apposes communism they cannot coexist.

            Now please stop saying we have communism. You wish.

        • Clark Kent,

          I share your fears and agree with your statement. Sitting home and not voting because your favorite candidate is not in the mix, is giving this country your stamp of approval for communism, socialism and total collapse of our freedoms and possibly the end of our future.

          A silent voice will never be heard. What will you tell your kids when their future is no longer in their hands?
          Well kids, don’t blame me, I didn’t vote.

          Your non vote is just the same as voting for what you don’t want. This does not make sense and regardless of how much you detest anyone but Ron Paul, no one in this race is as evil and diabolical and the Osama running this country now.
          With this kind of attitude, God help us all. (My vote doesn’t count anyhow), is an old lame excuse. Get out and vote like your life depended on it. You may be surprised when the ballots are counted. They want you to stay home, that is why they show their phony polls every day.
          I think this dangerous dictator is on his way out and I am going to help push him out of our white house, by voting for anyone but him.

          • I wholly disagree.

            My vote will not be given to anyone that does not deserve it. A Non-Vote IS a vote, in my books.

            And I will tell my kids and grandkids that I have spent the last 5 years of my life campaigning for and spreading the message of Dr. Ron Paul and individual freedom.

            My life will NOT be summed up by who I did or didn’t vote for, it will be graded upon my principles and integrity.

            And your vote DOESN’T count. Unless you are involved in your local delegate process, your popular vote means nothing. It’s the electoral college that chooses the President and when people say it’s rigged, or paid, what they are actually saying is that people like Romney have multi-million dollar delegate campaigns that are not publicized on television. He pays for people to be bussed into precinct meetings, county conventions, etc, in order to secure DELEGATES. That is all that matters, ultimately.

            So, I will be PROUDLY voting for Ron Paul and no other as a county convention delegate. I hope to go on to the National Convention and secure the spot for Ron Paul.

            I stick to my principles, and to what is right, instead of flip-flopping like Romney and some of the lovely commenters of this page.

            • I will tell my kids that I voted, win or loose, I voted.
              All or nothing attitude will get you nothing. Ron Paul can not be elected because he does not have enough support. What do you think Ron Paul would say about your attitude? Do you think he tells his Son not to vote because his vote won’t count?
              I stick to my principles and want my kids to know that I did what I could, by voting.
              You alone will not secure the spot for Ron Paul, not voting for the alternative against the current administration, is a vote for OBAMA.

              It is truly that simple.

        • Clark Kent wrote: “Think about Our kids and grandkids, do you want them growing up in a Communist society???”

          If my only choices are communism or fascism then yes, I would want them to grow up in a communist society.
          Before you argue, read my other post with definitions of both societies. Many here throw “communism” and “socialism” around without really understanding the meaning of those words.

          I have a feeling that many think Communism=former European Eastern block countries. Not so. They did not have communism. They had communist party. They we “BUILDING” communism but never succeeded.

      106. Come on sheeple ,pull your head out of your Mylar bags,the [expletive] perpetrater of [expletive] perpetrations and the[expletive] horse he rode in on has got to go.Iv’e been reading on how Billy Bad Ass is Going to this, and Billy Bad Ass is going to do that,but when it comes down to it he caves.If your satisfied with 4 more years of ODUMBO ,Then you [expletive] [expletive] get what you deserve.Grow some[expletive] balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Grow a brain.


        • i meant flapping your fucking GUMS not guns.. im sorry .

        • Please, eeder, tell us how you really feel 😀

        • Sorry eeder, I won’t be seeing ya. I am not a saint by any means, nor have I claimed to be, but “ain’t” goin to hell for you or anyone else. Lived in HELL as a kid because of stupid,greedy and abusive parents. The Vietnam draft ended just months before my number came up, so I avoided that living hell. Many gave all and are still giving all for what they believe in; Freedom from dictators and terrorists. I salute them and appreciate their sacrifice, even if they really don’t know who they are fightin’ for. I am not alone in my priorities for freedom,life and survival. God,family,and country! Our country may get sucked down to the sewers along with the “evil” bastards that say they are a “government for and by the people”, but in the end (coming soon), we win if we stand for what is right, or as close to right as we have at hand. As bad as I hate the two-faced,lying,bilker of taxpayer $$$, Newter Grinch; I’ll cast my vote with dying hands for him,if thats all we got. So, call me f’in’ stupid if you like but I won’t make the same mistake I did in “08 by staying at home. Replacing the devil with another un-holy angel won’t get you a ticket to hell, and it just might save a few souls. Go RP and hope you get the nomination!


      109. Tell’em, eeder!!

      110. Anybody who WANTS the fighting to start, has his head up his ass.

      111. It’s sad that we believe we need these people to function. We are not children. Our way of life and government or finished. Doubt me if you wish, It doesn’t matter. We are all paying the price for doing nothing for the last 40 years.

        Memo to America: Stop waiting for Democrats and Republicans to save you. It’s bad for your health and your future. Can’t you tell? You have another choice – use it!

        “WAKE UP PEOPLE!”
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )


      112. Greeting Everyone!
        THE CHANGE is almost upon us and it looks like everyone’s arguing who’s the best choice for captain of the Titanic AFTER it struck the iceberg…..Personally,I don’t trust Mit,(far too shady a past,and he’s a baldfaced liar to boot).As for Dr.Paul,(I’ll give him at least a nod for his stance against “foreign adventures”!)he looks a bit old for the job(shades of Regan).Ol’ buddy Santorum(way too hung up on birth control and Satan)may love Jesus,but talks like a “home schooled” idiot who lies like old Scratch himself.Especially to deny his way out of the many tactless and unfounded statements he loves to make.This leaves us the current CIC,Mr.Obama.Didn’t exactly do the things he promised either,AND he is letting the Bankers off the hook!Dr.Paul looks like he’s is being railroaded out of the picture by TPTB.It won’t matter anyway,the whole thing is rigged with Debold pee-loaded voting machines.However,the economic tsunami we all expect is truly coming,on time and on target.If I were Obama,I’d LET Mitt win and let Mitt try to deal with the coming attractions.
        Just my thoughts…
        I’m sure everyone else has some too!!
        Hope you can keep warm and fed

      113. The election probably is rigged from the start and that’s why O-bum-a-ho has already said he has another four to get her done. But, aren’t you all as sick of seeing his lying,goober smooching mouth, on the tube, as I am? Everytime I see anything about to come on about these obummmer clowns, I change channels or go back to loading bullets. If the Shit hasn’t hit the Fan by Nov. and these cracker heads are still in office; I’ll have to take all the TVs out back and target practice to keep from snapping.

      114. You surrender monkeys are the reason there is a problem in the first place. If you had been playing attention, pick your point in history, the elites would not be as powerful as they are now. The parasite class will always be there and they will do as they are told to get their checks, but we still have a constitution as weakened as it is.

        Join a TEA Party or whatever pleases you, get involved! BUT GET OFF YOUR ASS AND VOTE! Use the republicans to get rid of the democrats and their astronomical corruption then promote more political parties. Why in a nation as big as the US are there only two parties?

      115. 1. As much as I like the man, a write-in vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.

        2. No one person has the answer. The next President will still have two houses in Congress to contend with in getting things done.

        3. It is in my opinion, too late to get out of this mess we are in. A major reset is headed our way.

        Hope for the best, change what you can, prepare for the worst, and live today as it was going to be your last.

      116. Holy cow, now somebody touched a nerve – over 400 comments. And I think the air needed to be cleared on this subject. There is really only two options on the horizon: conserve what you got (establishment), or liberally change it (anti-establishment). There is no lesser evil. Ron Paul is as liberal as Jesus was, and for nearly the same reasons – morals above political/religious laws. It’s not about how fast can we get to the collapse; it’s how fast we can get to recovery. Ron Paul 2012.

      117. An Observation:-

        I feel that the Nov event will be a pointless exercise too. But lets says only 100million bother to vote out of the usual 150million… Obama will get his 2nd term.

        When the US debt increases to all time impossible levels like $20trillion (2016?) and under-handed financial dealings become obvious and pointless too, then the USD tanks, inflation gets us by the throat and the folks that didnt vote get very pissy along with the ones that did. More so I dare say.

        You now have the flashpoint we are all afraid to speak of. Riots, heavy-handed govt crackdowns, NG in the streets and massive gov-media hype against everyone complaining. Basically you have a disenfrancised population that will make itself heard one way or another. And I would expect firearms to be confiscated along with gold assets.

        This is the time to be hunkered down far far away from any major metro areas.


      118. Don’t stay home on election day. If Republicans don’t run Paul, write him in! This will get the message across.

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