Are We Being Psychologically Conditioned To Accept Martial Law In America?

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End Of The American Dream.

    martial-law-prep-1Have you noticed that we are starting to be bombarded with images of troops in the streets?  Have you noticed that the term “martial law” is coming up a lot in movies, news broadcasts and even in television commercials?  In recent years, it seems like the solution to almost every major crisis involves bringing in troops.  In fact, it has already gotten to the point where when something really bad happens a lot of Americans immediately cry out for troops to be brought in.  And we are seeing the same patterns over and over again.  Just remember what happened in Ferguson – protesters were whipped up to a frenzy, when the riots began the police were ordered to stand down and not intervene, and finally National Guard troops were brought in as the “solution” to a crisis that had escalated wildly out of control.  This is the exact same pattern that we are witnessing in Baltimore, and as you will see below, National Guard troops all over the nation have been training for this exact type of scenario.  A couple of decades ago, many Americans would have regarded the notion of “martial law in America” as absolutely unthinkable, but these days the threat of civil unrest is causing an increasing number of Americans to embrace the idea of troops patrolling our city streets.

    The anger toward the police that we see in the city of Baltimore is very real, but there also seem to be a lot of signs that the events of the past several days have been orchestrated and manipulated.   This is something that I covered in my previous article entitled “12 Unanswered Questions About The Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us To Ask“.  But what we have found out since then is that high school kids appear to have been “herded” by the police into the Mondawmin neighborhood in Baltimore when school was let out on Monday

    When school let out that afternoon, police were in the area equipped with full riot gear. According to eyewitnesses in the Mondawmin neighborhood, the police were stopping bussesand forcing riders, including many students who were trying to get home, to disembark. Cops shut down the local subway stop. They also blockaded roads near the Mondawmin Mall and Frederick Douglass High School, which is across the street from the mall, and essentially corralled young people in the area. That is, they did not allow the after-school crowd to disperse.

    Even though most of the kids did not seem to have any interest in participating in the much-hyped “purge”, it looks like authorities were determined to get their “purge” one way or another.  The following was posted to Facebook by a Baltimore teacher named Meghann Harris…

    Police were forcing busses to stop and unload all their passengers. Then, [Frederick Douglass High School] students, in huge herds, were trying to leave on various busses but couldn’t catch any because they were all shut down. No kids were yet around except about 20, who looked like they were waiting for police to do something. The cops, on the other hand, were in full riot gear, marching toward any small social clique of students…It looked as if there were hundreds of cops.

    Another teacher seems to confirm the other accounts that you just read…

    A teacher at Douglass High School, who asked not to be identified, tells a similar story: “When school was winding down, many students were leaving early with their parents or of their own accord.” Those who didn’t depart early, she says, were stranded. Many of the students still at school at that point, she notes, wanted to get out of the area and avoid any Purge-like violence. Some were requesting rides home from teachers. But by now, it was difficult to leave the neighborhood. “I rode with another teacher home,” this teacher recalls, “and we had to route our travel around the police in riot gear blocking the road…The majority of my students thought what was going to happen was stupid or were frightened at the idea. Very few seemed to want to participate in ‘the purge.’

    This paints a very different picture than we are getting from the media.

    But once the violence and rioting did start, the police were nowhere to be found.  In fact, it is being reported that the mayor of Baltimore actually ordered the police to “stand down” and allow the chaos to spiral out of control…

    Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered the police to stand down as riots and looting broke out across they city, a new report claims.

    According to a senior law enforcement source, the embattled mayor effectively told her officers to do nothing as the city began to burn – raising questions as to whether the rioting could have been stopped.

    Finally, after several hours of madness, the order was given and the National Guard was brought in to quell the rioting.

    And it just so happens to turn out that National Guard troops all over the nation have recently been engaged in something called “civil unrest training”

    Many of the Guardsmen are trained for a situation just like the one in Maryland.

    It’s called “civil unrest training,” and it was recently completed in Tennessee with a local police department.

    Troops have also trained in Maryland and Colorado.

    “It really helped put it into perspective the person we are going to be up against – the rioter, the unruly person,” said one National Guard official.

    The training includes gas mask training and practice with shields and batons.

    Isn’t that convenient?

    There are so many instances in which “training” seems to eerily correspond with actual events.  That is one of the reasons why so many people are concerned about Jade Helm and all of the other very elaborate military exercises that are being held around the country in 2015.  In fact, there has been so much concern about Jade Helm that the governor of Texas has ordered the Texas Guard to monitor Jade Helm…

    Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Texas Guard to monitor federal military exercises in Texas after some citizens have lit up the Internet saying the maneuvers are actually the prelude to martial law.

    The operation causing rampant suspicions is a new kind of exercise involving elite teams such as the SEALs and Green Berets from four military branches training over several states from July 15 to Sept. 15

    Called Jade Helm 15, the exercise is one of the largest training operations done by the military in response to what it calls the evolving nature of warfare. About 1,200 special operations personnel will be involved and move covertly among the public. They will use military equipment to travel between seven Southwestern states from Texas to California.

    The following is a map from Jade Helm materials, and it designates Utah and Texas as “hostile territory”.  Yes, I know that this is supposed to be an “exercise”, but even so this is highly inappropriate to say the least…


    Lastly, I want to share with you an AARP commercial that appears to have a subliminal message in the background about martial law.

    Why in the world would a television commercial aimed at senior citizens talk about martial law?

    I have no idea.

    If you listen very carefully to the video posted below, you will hear the following message in the background…

    Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law.

    The President is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm.

    Authorities are working to contain the outbreak.

    Here is the video.  Watch it for yourself and see what you think…

    So what in the world are we supposed to make of all this?

    Please feel free to share your opinion by posting a comment below…

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.



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      1. They are getting me ready for Martial Law. TO FIGHT IT!!!

        • Sgt; Do you ever get the feeling that a lot of people have no idea what “out here” America is like? I’d bet on a return of the Glaciers before they could enforce any kind of Federal BS in Wyo. People here think the Gov of Texas deciding to stop trusting the Feds was kind of necessary because we never started..

          • “P”
            The folks in the South, West, Southwest have more or bigger BALLS than the rest of the country when it comes to standing up to the Federal Guberment, other than Commiefornia and the North.
            There are small pockets of true Patriots in every state that have a good idea as to what is happening. This can work to our advantage. While they are pulling off Jade Helm 15 in the southwest. The Patriots in our are can play games from behind and through off the B.S. the Guberment is trying to pull off.

            Hang in there!

            • I’m keeping the tomato plants in the faraday cage for now 😐

              • Maybe leave an air crack,,,

              • “G”
                Just put in my Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Radishes, Lettuce, Peas, and three types op beans.
                Going to dehydrate some of the Spuds, Peas, and Beans.
                Waiting for my other beans, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potatoes to come in from Burpee. Good friend has Red and white Cabbage, Tomatoes, Green Pepper starts coming. Going to dehydrate some of this too.
                Our weather is going to be in the 50’s at night and in the upper 70’s and low 80’s all next week with rain every other day. Should be good for growing.

                • Sarge, I brought the tomatoes in because of all the doom out there lol. Want to keep them safe ya know. If theres too much doom going on I bring them in to safety. It’s just a funny way of saying it’s doomy out there 🙂

                • SGT.
                  Where’s the beef???? LOL!;-}
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                  • Reb
                    In the freezer where else would it be.
                    It is there with the Pork, Chicken, Red Stag, Goose, Buffalo, Base and Crappie.

                    • DINNER AT SARGES HOUSE! 🙂

                    • I’ll bring my own mess kit, and wash my own dishes… 🙂

                • SGT.
                  just as FYI, we too plant a garden similar to yours only because of where live ( elevation ) we can’t plant until about June 1st.but we are ready this year because we would like to get it going, but it will catch a late frost, so we just have to be patient! hard to do when the weather finaly breaks

                  • I start early , inside

                  • Look into hotcaps, mini greenhouses that are cone shaped and made from wax paper I think. They will protect tender young plants. Johnny’s selected seeds has them

                • Hey sarge check out rare seeds dot com, all sorts of heirloom goodies

              • I’m eating my food and turning it to fertilizer while I have the chance 🙂

            • Sarge, you can count on Braveheart still preparing to fight martial law also. I will do my part any way and every way that I can. MOLON LABE ASMS Braveheart

              • Braveheart:
                Can I clam you as a brother from another Mother a Father?
                It’s funny how we think alike.
                I know what they can do with their martial law B.S.
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • Is marshall law related to marshall dillon lol?

                  • “G”
                    Second cousin twice removed.

                  • Genius:
                    No marshall law is Miss Kitties little brother!;-}
                    S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                    • Northern Reb,
                      DARN IT, i liked miss kitty! I’ll bet Festus will take care marshal law!

                • Reb.
                  You want him to be a clam. Have you got Sea food on your mind?
                  I’m going to try to teach you how to type. LOL

                • Opps!!! that’s claim, not clam. And yes, SGT., I’m having shrimp for supper!;-p

                • NR, I would be honored. Great minds do think alike.

            • I agree Sgt. I’m in NM and I was at the local rifle range that just happens to be by an old “airport” (basically just landing strips a few towers and tons of space) towards the outskirts of the city. Overheard a few military guys talking with the rangemaster about JH15. They said the airport is gonna be used most the summer for “touch and go” helicopter drills of some sort. This was a couple months back. There are definitely still some true patriots out there that know how shady the govt is. They’re not fooling anyone.

              Hang in there indeed.

              • Focus,
                hey, neighbor I live in the southern part of NM,are you in that area? might be good to know that there are like minded people in the same area. near Alamagordo,

                • Apache,
                  I’m not too far from you actually. Just a few hours north. I’m out in edgewood. There’s definitely some like minded people out this way for sure.

                • A54, I commented to you a few threads back, but don’t think it came through. Just wanted to let you know I’m still around. Always look for your posts, since, as far I know, you’re most local to me. Focus, glad to know there is someone else in the area, as well. I totally appreciate any local info of interest that you might hear of. A54, you were the 1st to tip me off about the camp outside of El Paso. Thanks for that.

                  • Donna and Focus,
                    Glad to know more of us out there, I have a few in my direct area that are waking up but, NOT sure HOW much,thanks for the reply, and keep in touch we may need it as this year progresses!

                    • Agreed. I have a few here starting to question things as well; but don’t know if any real actions are being taken. Too many factors are in play right now to know WTH is going on. It’s an awfully high tightrope we seem to be walking these days. We’re over here in the Energy Plex. Take care.

          • Q: “So what in the world are we supposed to make of all this?”

            A: That dissent of any kind is just and reasonable cause for the imposition of martial law.

            Now that’s where I call foul. Take for example Jeremiah Johnson’s recent recounting of what’s happening to water rights in Montana. What if the folks there had a civil protest at the Montana state capital? And they are not rioting, looting, or burning anything at all like the folks at Ferguson and Baltimore.

            But they are dissenting! So then the Libs in charge could or would declare martial law.

            And the good folks of Montana get lumped in, unfortunately, with the rioters and looters of Baltimore and Ferguson.

            Because the Libs in charge refuse to draw a distinction between the matter and the manner of protest.

            • There’s an unbelievable freedom in being completely f@ck3d.

              • That’s because at that point, you’ve got nothing left to lose.Here’s a clip from Fast Five, that perfectly states the difference between a democratic and a republican takeover.


                • Sixpack, that clip said it all.

                • a Portuguese zog amurikun. look at the shape of his little finger. he cant kid me.ZOG

          • My best bet is a Kim Jong Un to be our next president.
            At least he doesn’t bullshit the masses when it comes
            down to the way things would be run here, unlike the
            candidates now blowing sunshine up our asses while
            sticking a dirk to the hilt in our kidney.

            • Over at, “12 Questions Unanswered About The Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us To Ask”. Very interesting reading.

          • Not only Wyo,,
            I can just picture that being the straw that got the Hawaiian soveignty movement rolling, we have some wild violent people here who maintain because they have families and homes etc, if the government started trying to tell them they had to be home by z hour or couldnt go here or there all hell would break loose,
            I cant wait,,,,

          • The problem here is that most of you on this site are too young to remember the 60’s, if you even around then as I was. The riots that started in Watts (L.A.) and slowly spread over the years to other major cities across America were a sight to behold. The police were unable to handle the crowds and the national guard were often called in to help, but it usually took days to restore order. The rioters always stayed in ‘their’ neighborhood and didn’t venture into ‘other people’s’ areas. Few, if any, people in those were carried the weapons that many carry today. I’m not worried because there won’t be any problems in ‘my area’ ever, just as in times past because these rioters have always known that folks outside their hood carried more firepower than they could ever dream of. This claim is void in all pussyfied eastern/northern cities.

        • Do you actually have any serious and detailed plans for how you intend to go about it in place?

          My experience is that most -not all, but most- people talking about fighting martial law or military occupation have not thought beyond the idea that having a firearm is all they need.

          (Truth is, you really don’t need a run of the mill firearm all that much. In the IRA they were of secondary use most of the time, good to have but not the limiting factor for a lot of the operations.)

        • Third button down..

        • ALL YOU GUYS,listen up,they’ll hit america after the big asteroid comes down,thats what they’ve been waiting for,NOW remember,when they start losing and they will,NEXT they’ll use poison gas,viruses,and when they realize,the necktie party is about to start ,THEY WILL USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS,these guys don’t plan to be hanged for treason,even though they will be after their hunted down…and IF by chance you find a dead one,GRAB his night vision goggles,and his GO,NO GO BADGE off his shoulder,its for the drones to let them know hes a friendly,OTHER wise the drones will open fire on you with out it..LET me mention the supersoldiers,their haft machines,GUNS will not kill these guys,YOU’LL need a sword to cut off their head or they will get you,A BIBLE IN YOUR HAND wouldn’t hurt,GOD will always help his people if they call on his name for help..DO YOU KNOW HIS NAME..???….

          • YHWH YAHWEH

      2. Actually no. Here in Wyo same as ever went to the Gun shop today looked at stuff came home SOS. Anyone want to bet on Martial law here? Got a few bucks that says not for more than a few hours, if that.

      3. “They” probably are. “They” want a spark to ignite civil disturbances so “they” can put the practice into reality. Now if you’re Ethiopian you can get away with it.

        ? PEOPLE ON EDGE.

        EQUALS =

      5. I noticed a photo collage at AppleBee’s in Champaign Illinois this week that showed police officers from the past up to the present at the front door. One was a fella in camo swat attire with a child in each arm posing for the picture, all smiles. Is this being done elsewhere, conditioning of this nature?

      6. It’s called MANIPULATION! Law Enforcement has their hands tied. The situation now moved to Baltimore from Fergusson, and the lack of preparation on the part of the mayors in both cities, causes exactly what we see on our TVs. Manipulation of a bunch of news people creating more mess, the demonstrators who don’t demonstrate but destroy their very own neighborhoods. “What we have here is a failure to communicate”. Number 1, everybody be honest, tell what really happens. Number 2, if the police are called in let them arrest the “no gooders”! White, black, red, green, if they break the law, and by the way, looting, arson, assaults, are breaking the law, arrest them! Number 3, Blah, blah, blah,the poor, the uneducated, the down trodden. really? How about, look in the mirror, see what is there, and making a decision to do something about it on their own, how about all the rich athletes who make millions, looking in the mirror and doing something for their fellow man, and help those who want to help themselves, by being successful, role models, educate, and dah, maybe lead by example, other then looting, burning, and assaulting. Number 4, finally, please stop blaming others for the misery they have been nurtured in for decades, there are people who scream and yell about injustice, and make lots of $$$ off their evil tongues, some in the name of religion. Get Real. Really!!!

      7. YES!!!!! for some of those brain dead zombies/mopes that make up the vast majority of the population.
        The people that have no idea of what is going on with TPTB wanting to regulate everything, control your every move, listen to everything you say, tell you what to eat, drink, smoke, tell you how short your grass has to be in your yard, when and were and how you can defend yourself, and so on and so on.
        PLUS some good examples how they have brainwashed the populace, they have done it with abortion, same sex marriage, porn, lotteries, single parent homes, well-fair state, ECT. ECT.
        So as far as Martial law goes they are most definitely trying to brain wash the masses to think it is ok and the norm, they have been doing a good job so far!;-{

      8. The government never does anything to you without first telling you they are going to do it.

        • In this week’s “Person Of Interest” (the message is in the movie, or TV show) They had the date May 6th, and the word “CORRECTION” with a number 15-04738 by it, and the lady said “The world would burn”.

          Market correction? World correction?

          Let’s see if anything happens! There is the old saying “Sell in May and go away”, which could start a downward spiral in the markets.

      9. Without the right of dissent this life would not be worth living. Hang all those who dare to take away free speech for whatever reason.

        • Aljamo, I’m right there with you. “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” Braveheart

          • Happiness is a warm gun 🙂

          • Thanks again for the 500th time for that tired old movie quote you always use. Have you ever watched any other movies?

        • Al & Brave:
          You can count me in, Locked and Loaded and ready to Rock and Roll. It’s not for me that I’m ready, It’s for my Kids and Grandkids. And for all those how gave some and for the some that gave all. GOD BLESS THEM ALL AND GOD BLESS THE FREE U.S.A.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      10. Sure we are being brainwashed into accepting Martial Law.
        Those that give up Freedom for security deserve neither.

        People do not realized that you go from Civilian Law to Military Law. Another set of rules. All people think about is, Help me, help me, Help me. Instead you might, Get Fucked.
        So in the long run if you wanted your Little Bobby or Sally to become a engineer or a nurse. He or she might end up digging ditches in life.

        Two points about Martial Law. If you go out into the streets you become a Target for them to shot or arrest you.
        If you stay home you may outlast the term of the enacted Law. Otherwise you might get a visit to disarm you, search your home, take your supplies or take you to the camps.
        Having prepared and already acquired what you needed, you do your checklist. Do your final preps and wait. Hope I do not have to spell that out for you all.
        Listen to the news and be vigilant and alert to your surroundings.
        Then do what you have to do.

        • Slingshot, I’ve got another trip to the BOL scheduled for July, but that schedule might get changed the way things are looking. I’m not giving up shit.

      11. Have a friend with the National Guard he stated he is going away for 3 weeks training on RIOT CONTROL.

        ITS HERE

      12. Martial Law, don’t think too much about or it’ll make your head hurt. Maybe my tin foil hat is a mite too tight. Getting close to suppertime here. Time for a little adult refreshment.

      13. “Psychologically Conditioned”? Do TV commercials get people to buy their products? Yes,to both questions. I’m ready to walk again if anyone wants to join me. Leave a comment. It’s time the rest of us get into the streets to defend the U.S. Constitution.

      14. While I do not “believe” we are being “conditioned” to “think” martial law is coming, I do believe there are plenty of AGENDA-DRIVEN people preying upon, and trying hard to instill the unknown “fear” of life under martial law.
        It sells website hits, it sells political contributions, it sells and feeds into the anti-firearms hysteria crowd, it feeds a whole host of truly evil selfish people who are indeed agenda-driven.
        We should be looking at the mechanics of HOW “martial law” is actually put into place, through the Calling up of the state National Guard troops. Only the state’s governor can authorize a temporary mobilization order(read: temporary)for specific troops to be called up. Then, those troops have a specific amount of time to muster at their individual NG sites, get verified that they are supposed to be there, get their “kit” squared away, including food, ammo, and other equipment(like transport/fuel) and everything else they have to have to be mobilized.
        That takes a lot of time. For example, during the 1992 Rodney King Riots, it took the California National Guard more than 72 hours to call up their troops initially, then, they were not issued ammunition until FOUR DAYS AFTER they had been deployed in the streets of Los Angeles. Those magazines in their M4 rifles were empty. It took the bureaucracy four days to find the ammo,(for deployment), authorize it’s use, then load it onto transport vehicles, then drive it several hours to Orange County, where the NG troops had to go to GET their live ammo. Think it will be any different next go around? Nope.
        Thing that the PTB, have the capability to move troops quickly and efficiently to rioting? To protect our borders? To anywhere quickly? Nope, it isn’t efficient, quick or anything else. We are FALSELY applying the common sense of the private sector performance standards to the nonsensical governmental bureaucracy, because of fear-mongering shills of various ideologies and agendas. They, are just as bad as the pogue bureaucrats who DO seek total population control and revocation of our civil rights. Learn people, do your own research, and stand up to the fear-mongering idiots and the bureaucrats.

        • That will teach them to bring their own ammo!

        • This time it seems like they have the ammo already requisitioned, and the heavy assets pre-positioned. I doubt it will take 72 hours this time.

          • Sixpack, it would be nice to find some of that ammo DHS has bought over the last few years and put it into the hands of patriots who will put it to much better use.

      15. If you look at it from this perspective: Spark a conflict, propaganda to stir up the public, look at results on social media and texts, sway the herd where you want them.

        Then I would say yes Psy Ops are already going on….

      16. I think something is definitely afoot with martial law but I don’t think special forces could (not enough #s) or would (being thinkers and not cannon fodder) partake in that. A larger force would be needed and one that would be willing to fire on fellow Americans….fill in the blank there. My cousin talked to someone in the Nat. Guard and during the conversation asked him what he thought about being ordered to fire on another American and the Guardsman replied “well if they were doing something wrong and wouldn’t listen to what we said then yeah, I’d shoot them”.

        So flashback to hurricane Katrina’s aftermath and how the people were being disarmed by those “following orders”. I’m certainly not saying all guardsman are like that guy, but what I AM saying is that the time IS coming when we are all going to have a hard decision to make in this country. The time may come when they force your hand and it may not seem like the shit has hit the fan yet. There may be martial law only in sections of the country and completely normal life in others and because of that it may be confusing as to whether to take that plunge or not.

        • 3%R, welcome aboard, and I agree with your analysis. If some of those gun owners had resisted and inflicted enough casualties on those gun grabbers, there might have been a different outcome. I believe that eventually someone will force my hand and I will have to kill someone. I’ve already agonized and done soul-searching over this, etc. I made my decision long, long ago that I won’t surrender to evil. That is not an option for me. If any US military personnel or even law enforcement force my hand, well, then their deaths will be their own fault. I more likely expect to be confronted by Obama’s private army or foreign troops. Regardless of who it is, if they come to me with any evil intentions in mind, they had better be ready to die.

      17. Just how bad does it have to get here in the US in order to STOP THE ILLEGAL ALIENS?

        They keep coming and coming and coming…

        • future democrats all

      18. WE have ALWAYS HAVE BEEN brainwashed The mass of American sheep will accept almost whatever the government says and if they make an emergency the populace will comply

      19. Half (or more) of what’s on this article has already been covered by other articles On This Site. What’s the deal with that?

      20. I won’t attempt to address any issue but one here.

        People, you are being misled by the rabble rousers if you think that civil disturbance training is new in the National Guard. I did that 30 years ago on an annual basis. The “bomb throwers” who are shouting about this are either ignorant, or are deceitful.

        And last of all, what does being an attorney “who worked in the heart of Washington, D. C ” have to do with anything? I am an attorney who (unfortunately) works in the heart of Los Angeles. Come to think of it, now that I mention it, it probably does make me an expert on illegal immigration and traffic.

      21. Why do police dept. Not have water cannons for crowd control like other country’s?

        • Used to use ’em, but I think they are considered too potentially lethal now.

          I’d suggest the same thing at a lower pressure using K-Y Jelly instead of water.

        • Swamprat.
          LOL we have a water shortage. LOL
          They do have some water cannons in some Cities.
          They will us them when it gets out of hand this summer.

      22. I’ve never had any credit cards, nobody would ever approve me for anything on credit due to my income level, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will never go into debt to buy anything, I always pay cash, and it allows me to buy alot more preps at one time than otherwise. The PTB can have “accidents” just like anybody else. If they come near me with bad intentions I will serve them “lead and brass nutrients/refreshments”. I have a “ventilation team” .380, 22LR, 12GA, and .30 Carbine. Every man dies, but not all men truly live. In July I’m heading down to my bugout location on my cousin’s property in Georgia, But the way things are looking I may go sooner. Signed, Bravefart hahahahahahaa!

        • Oh Acid, I SO wanna be just like you. You’re the best.

        • Great! Now all you need to do is paste it in every thread here 10-20 times and you’ve got EVERYTHING covered!

      23. Acid missed his meds again.

      24. Welcome to the 3%R. You are right, they are going to fire on us. I have had soldiers who did tours that at least 50% of the national guard is going to fire in the American people..they said the reason is that they are a bunch if young stupid punks, that all they talk about is that they wait to have their first fire fight and they cant wait to get woman or any girl that they want, this is literally the crap that these punks are sitting around taking about what they plan to do our women and girls..try that in Texas, the result will not be a good one. If the Marines and national guard are taking like this, then what will the Chinese. Russian and Nato, Mexican military do when they attack doing Jade Helm..?..I predict that it will be a Concord Lexington repeating itself.

      25. I am still waiting for a black cop to shoot some white guy. Then we can go loot the local Cabellas!!

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