Another Summer COVID Wave

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The ruling class and mainstream media are trying hard to control and panic the masses through ongoing COVID fearmongering propaganda. They are now warning of “another summer wave” even though the brainwashed lemmings have already gotten their four doses of the mRNA injection to supposedly prevent the disease.

    According to a report by the Detroit Free Press, the rise in cases reported in the Northeast in recent weeks appears to have peaked, but upward trends continue in at least 21 states, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Johns Hopkins University data. Health experts said cases are likely higher because of underreported home tests.

    So the “sixth wave” of COVID is here even though most of us haven’t even experienced the first wave. In the “age of the vaccine”, more people are dying of COVID now than they were this time last year, USA TODAY admits. 

    There are about 350 deaths reported per day based on a seven-day average, which is more than a hundred deaths less than this time last year, according to Johns Hopkins University data. 

    Although many people are at least partly immunized against the virus, reinfections occur regardless of vaccination status.

    Dr. Stuart Ray, professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University said that after more than two years of preventive measures, “pandemic fatigue” has set in, health experts said, and more people attend social gatherings and travel without wearing a mask.

    Just because monkeypox and the Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever outbreaks have made the headlines in recent weeks does not mean the rulers have given up COVID.  They were able to panic the masses into getting more than two mRNA shots for the common cold. Some of us knew this was about the vaccine from the beginning, and it does not look like they are willing to let go of the obviously false narrative they keep pushing.

    CDC data: Fully vaccinated kids are more likely to get COVID-19 than unvaccinated kids


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      1. A couple of my sayings…

        In the greatest information age the world has ever seen, people choose to be as stupid as fkn possible!

        Mankind is too stupid to be free, he never has been and NEVER will be!

        • It isn’t entirely their fault.

          The public schools have taught them to be that way over the last three generations.

          And are intensifying the effort now along with deliberate suppression of anything not part of it.

          So if you love your children, don’t put them in public schools.

        • I am living proof of how stupid people can be!

          • Eventually you will be banned Darwin douchebag….

            • Who said that!?

      2. Spider25 and I had our first “meeting” last night. It was magical. Contrary to the comments on his ⚣ dating profile, he’s a kind, generous lover. He only hit me a couple of times, which is ok cuz i like it a little rough. If yer in the mood for some dude, hit him up. He’s not hard to find.

      3. Monkey pox was my creation I did that!

      4. Makes perfect sense,
        because as we all know:
        Summer is peak flu and
        cold (aka covid) season. sar

      5. pandemic fatigue has set in, health experts said

        I think Plandemic fatigue
        would be more accurate.

      6. Darwin repeated 12th grade three times.
        I’d say our public school system is working!

      7. I repeated 12th grade three times.
        I’d say our public school system is working!

        • darwine repeeeted 12 grade 12 times…

        • doooreen puputed 21th grad 900 tymes!!!??

      8. Back in the early ’80s (remember those?), I used to work for a chain of print shops in Oregon and Washington called “PrintRight”, now known as LaserQuick. PrintRight had about 29 shops back then, and a skilled “offset operator” like myself could work in just about any location he chose. (Getting paid decent money, now that’s another story.)

        After a particularly bad experience working for an incredibly incompetent manager at a PrintRight at a mall, something possessed me to transfer to one of their many locations in downtown Portland. Actually, what happened at the mall was I had this irresponsible idiot chick manager and I ended up running the shop myself. One day, after I had just chewed her out again, she walked into the back of the shop and just fainted dead away. Had to go to the hospital and everything. She lost the shop about two days later, two execs walked in and took it away from her. Practically another Unspeakably Stupid Story on its own. Anyway…

        Downtown Portland could be a little scary, there were lots of homeless panhandlers and people talking to themselves walking around. Also, Portland is well-known for its near-total lack of competent law enforcement. I had to park five fucking blocks away, so I got panhandled on a daily basis as well as the occasional confrontation with the shopping-cart and bag ladies.

        Not surprisingly, some of this human effluvia, and those prone to its influence, entered our shop regularly. We had a couple of very interesting customers who came in regularly to make copies. One was a large, filthy woman who wore a huge, heavy coat in all weather. Fine with me, except… THE COAT SMELLED JUST LIKE CAT URINE. Ours was a very small shop, and the place would fill with the odor of cat piss seconds after her arrival. Eventually, my boss, Mike, got around to asking her why she was making so many copies. She told him she was trying to win the Nobel Prize for medicine.

        But nothing tops the bad-customer story of a strange little man we will call El Hombre. El Hombre stood about 5′ 6″, appeared to be of Central or South American descent, had greasy black hair parted on the side, appeared to be about 40, and always wore these thick leather gloves, which he would sometimes gesture with, while putting them on, after he was finished making copies.

        El Hombre could NOT be taught how to use the copiers no matter HOW many times my boss, Mike, would show him. He also tore up copy after copy after copy, sometimes standing there and shredding 90 out of 100 copies he’d made, and dumping them in the trash. But El Hombre’s most annoying quirk was snapping at the other copier users. We only had two copiers, and sometimes someone who needed just one copy would ask to cut in on a person who had a whole stack. Well, El Hombre always had a stack. When any one would ask to cut in, he’d snarl loudly, “NO! And stop trying to read my copies!”

        Well, the first time Mike and I heard that, you can bet we were running for the trash can the second El Hombre was out the door. We got out the old scotch tape and put together some very interesting nonsense, including a letter addressed to then-presidential candidate John Anderson, in which El Hombre expressed being so concerned with the state of the country that he was going to go off in the woods of Montana and blow his own head off with a shotgun. There were also incomprehensible ramblings about drugs and Central America (El Salvador was a big issue at the time).

        Another El Hombre letter of his we taped back together told a story about him getting questioned by a couple of cops while just walking down the street one night, and giving them so much unnecessary shit they wound up arresting him and taking him to jail.

        Anyway, this nut was just agitated all the time. He came in about a dozen times, until Mike finally came down on him about being rude to the other customers. El Hombre blew up and started yelling and we nearly had to physically throw him out the door. He vowed never to return, and we were thankful.

        Then, about two weeks later, he shows up again. Looking very calm. He apologizes to Mike, and explains that he was now back on his medication and everything would be fine from now on. And would Mike please, just one last time, show El Hombre how to use the copier? Mike showed him, and El Hombre thanked him politely. A female customer came in, and El Hombre, spotting the single document in the woman’s hand, offered to let her cut in to make her copy! She did this as Mike and I looked at each other in utter amazement. He tore up nothing, politely paid, thanked us and left!

        Another week passes, and El Hombre shows up again. This time, he is not quite so polite as he asks Mike to show him how to run the copier, but after Mike shows him, El Hombre thanks him as his copies begin to come out. “Oh, and by the way,” he asks Mike, “could you call me an ambulance? I’ve been stabbed”. Mike walks back to where I’m printing. “This guy wants me to call him an ambulance, he says he’s been stabbed.” I roll my eyes, visions of finally having to physically throw him out onto the street filling my head. Mike walks back up front, where El Hombre eventually convinces him to call an ambulance. Mike dials 911, and of course the dispatcher wants to know if there’s an assailant still around, did he see anything, etc. El Hombre rips the phone from Mike’s hand and yells “He doesn’t have to answer that! You just send the fucking ambulance, god damn it!”

        So then El Hombre steps outside, and begins pacing back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the shop, waiting for the ambulance. The first thing to arrive is a news crew from the local ABC affiliate. They go to work trying to interview him. Then two cop cars show up. Then two ambulances and three more cop cars. A crowd forms.

        Finally, one of the ambulance guys takes off El Hombre’s shirt, revealing a four-inch stab wound in his abdomen! By now, the news crew is interviewing Mike and I’m still inside the shop watching it all. My penis is so tiny, even I have trouble finding it. Thanks for reading.

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